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    Nebraska Stats Histori
cal Society
VOL. NO. xxxvtl
NO. 6G
From Monday's Uaily.
The observance of M others' day was
rjult.- ext-n-ive in the city y-srerday
ami there was no one in the city
t!.ar did not in sume mantu-r pay
th-ir trihu'e to the mother, wliiufctf
living .r dead and the beauty of the
c u :n was strikingly sh'jv.:; in t!e
church'-.-1 and homes.
At The churches there 'err quite
extensive --rvi--es in honor of the
nurht-rs of the land and the able
m-mlers .t the ministry in the city
had prepared very able sermons fjr
the day an I which were enjoyed by
ery larg- ci; ions.
The First Methodi.-t church had an
exten-ive ulis-Tvance el" the day with
a hrt mothers" day program at the
Sunday school li-jur given by the
niemb-rs ,.f ;he school and whi.-h
wa- Vr-ry impressive. A: th young
men".- class the flowers of memory
w'-re ;ivrn i u! to the young nun tr
wear in honor of the day. The at
tendance a: the Sunday school hour
was the large.- for several years 22
1 eing regi-Teie.'. at the service. The
tii'ining worship hour was marked
by a -;e :al Mo; hers" day sermon by
Urv. A V. Hunter in which he pail
a blowing tribute to mother and the
les.-ons 1-arned from the pure chris
tian ir.other that lifted the boys ami
Kirls up to The high standard of liv
ing and .-erved them ;s a guide
tii i "Ugh life.
At the First HresLyterian church
lie,-. H. G. Mi-"Ii:-ky delivered a spe
cial sermon i n 'ae' lessons of the day
at the n. rr ir.g services an.l which
ua- enjoyed by a Very large congre
gation and was given in the tt-'uul
aloe manner of the eloquent minister.
The Christian church Sunday
school held a special program in the
m ruing with numbers by the mem
bers of the school, which proved a
very pleasing feature and at the eve
ning service Key. A. G. Hollowell de
livered a special sermon. '"Lessons I
Learned From .Mother", which was
one of beauty and f irci!f ulness. In
the morning Hev. Ho'.Iowell held ser
vices at the .Murray e'nrch where
he spoke on "Thoughts of Home and
The day a-ide from the churrh
services was observed as a day of
memory and love by t Tie residents o
the city in trenral ar. 1 where possi
ble the mother enjoyed the oppor
tunity of a visit with her loved on--:,
many coming from nearby cities to
spend the day with mother. The
beautiful flowers v.hi-h have been se
lected as a symbol of the day were
worn extensively by the men and
wrmen of the city in lienor of the
mothers who were living as well as
those w'r.o-e weet faces and render
hands h;ve .,ng since vani-iied in
the sh.i b ws ..f the gr-at K-vond.
ladies cf DegTee Team of Daughters
of Rebekah of This City to Ap
pear at Omaha.
The degr-e team of the local lodge
f f the Daughters ,,f Rebekah are to
appear on ihursday at the district
meeting cf the order and exemplify
the mem irial service of the order.
This is a very pleasing recognition
of the work ( f the ladies who have
been organized only a short time and
who under the direction of "ol. J. It.
Short have secured s-me very pleas
ing resuits in their work as a drill
"am and their foor work at initia
tions has receive.', the u;ost far .rable
comment from all who have witness
ed it.
The ladies feel well pleased with
the fact that they have been called
upon to appear before the' district
meeting and the members of the or
der can rest assurred that they will
se the degree work put on in a very
clever manner.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wilson of
Omaha are spending the week here
at the home of Mrs. Wilson's par-
nts. Mr. and Mrs. Lambert Lister,
and enjoying their hnoeymoon of a
shi rt time before returning to their
fu'ure home in Omaha. Mr. and Mr.
Wilson were married at Lincoln on
Wednesday last and the wedding
came as a distinct surprise to the
relatives and friends here, allthojgh
the marriage is the culmination of a
romance covering several years and
dating back to the time when the
groom came to this citv r, member of
Co. C. 4th Nebraska infantry and was
tationed here for several months and
where he met the charming ladv- that
was later to be his bride.
Since his return from the service
Mr. Wilscn has been employed as a
bookkeeper with the Swift Packing
company cf Omaha andwhere he is
now employed. The bride, formerly
Miss Alice Lister, has been employed
in the Federal Reserve bank in Oma
ha up to the time of her marriage.
From Monday's Dally.
Til is afternoon C. C WescotT of the
firm of C E. Weseotf s Sons, departed
for Kansas City. Mo., where lie goes
to attend the meeting of the I'nited
Clothiers association." which is meet
ing at the Hotel Baltimore in thaf
city this week. Mr. Wescott is one
of the most prominent and active
members of the association in the
state of Nebraska and will join the
delegation from the different cities
of the state at the Missouri city and
remain there for the w-eek.
Miss leVaHghn Lchnhoff. 'Grand
daughter of Mrs. F. D. Lehnhoff
Married to Ernest Nordin. Jr.
A very quiet home wedding oc
curred Saturday evening at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. George H. Lehn
hoff in Omaha when their daughter.
Miss LeVaughn. became the bride of
Mr. Ernest Nordin. Jr.. a member of
one of the prominent Omaha families.
The rooms of the hoe were very
elaborately arranged for the occasion
and the ceremony occurred in the
parlors where a bank -of sweet peas
had been arranged and to whi.-h ca
thedral Candles added a pleasing
touch. The Rev. Titus Lowe, pastor
of the First Methodist church, read
the marriage lines.
Ernest Nordin. Sr.. father of the
groom and Arthur Straw n. played the
Lohengrin wedding march as the
bridal party entered the parlors for
'he ceremony that was to join their
lives as one.
The bride, who was attended by
Miss Jane Hansen, wore her travel
ing suit of navy poiret twill, with
w hich she wore a blouse of contrast
iiig shade and a corsage of sweet
Pas. The best man was Leslie Bar
ry, an intimate friend of the groom.
Mr. Nordin and bride left imme
diately for an eastern trip and will
beat home afttr June 1 at 1 : 1 1 Haw
thorn avenue.
The bride is a granddaughter of
Mrs. V. I). Lehnhoff and a niece of
Miss Tillie Lehnhou of this city and
was Lorn in Plattsmouth. but has
spent the greater part of her years at
Omaha, where she graduated from
Central high schoil and has been
very prominent in the younger social
set of the metropolis.
Result of Damage Suit Against Bur-
lir.gton at Slaton. Minn., is
S35.0C0 Verdict.
The trial of the case of Clarenc
Dea! against the Burlington railroad
for damages as the result of the ac
cident here last summer that result
ed in the loss of one of the Iowr
limb. ot Mr. Real, was closed the
last of the week at S'.aton. Minne
sota, pnd the jury rendered a ver
dict for the sum of $35,000.
This case was first tried several
months ago at Slaton and resulted
in a verdict for $3 0.0ort for Mr. Real
and the railroad company secured a
r.c-w- trial of the case in the district
court and which has just been closed
by a larger verdict than was given
at the first trial of the case.
The many friends of Mr. Beal in
this city will be pleased to learn of
the result of the verdict and that the
young man has been granted a just
compensation for his injuries.
The case will in all probability be
appealed by the railroad company to
the higher courts before it is set
From Morday'g TaMy.
Henry E. Schoening. S3, pioneer
farmer and retired business man. died
yes.'erday morning at the Mercy hos
pital in Council Bluffs of general de
cline following an illness of three
weeks. He was born in llolstein.
Germany, and came to this country
at the aee of 19.
For 40 years he was a successful
farmer and stock raiser in Mills
county. Iowa. Until recently he was
identified with the Petersen &
Schoening Furniture company in the
Bluffs. He wa.5 a member of the
Mills county school board for 2S years
aid had held many other public offi
ces there, including township clerk.
('assessor and trustee.
He is survived by three sons. A. W.
Schoening and M. C. Schoening of
Belgrade. Neb., and Charles E.
Schoening of Dumfries: la., and three
daughters, Mrs. William R. Allis of
the Bluffs, with whom "he made his
heme; Mrs. Emma Swanson of Bel
grade. Neb., and Mrs. Henry Tank
of the Bluffs. Funeral services will
be held Mondaf-'at 2.
The decead was the father-in-law
of Adolphjpeise of this city, who
with his daughter and son-in-law.
Ray Harrold. attended the funeral
this afternoon.
Extra eariy white seed corn, with
red cob, for sale. Telephone 4022.
The first re:?l session of the r
ci'y council was held iast evenina
ihe city hal! with a full attend
of the membership present and
s-c -sjon covering belter than an ii
was taken up with the co:i.-idritio!
of the various jobs of stree: work no!
tae reports of the various ci'y i fa
cials. A petition from Mrs. Barbara P.o-k-meyer.
Mrs. Lillian Freeman and Mis
Marie Bookmeyer for grade on w-st
Marble street was received and re
ferred to the cr.mmittee of Council
man Rtacek to wrestle vith along
with a great many other jobs of
street work.
The r-.signation of Dr. R. V. West
over as city physician was also re
ceived and placed on file.
The matter of locating a light
near the new crossing west of the
Mason:-? home was brought up an
referred to the light ci ion
investigate for acth n.
i 1 1
J. R. Kellv a gleet
o l.avt
a sitte
rtv on
s fixed
walk placed along his pr
Marble street if the gratb
and established and this
placed on file by tha dads.
Another of the petitions in regard
to sidewalk that from
er. Mrs. Emma lVa-i-Freeman
for a walk
and this also will be
the streets, alleys a:
and .Mrs. Lillian
on Tenth street
threshed out by
:d bridges com
A petition was presented tJ
city council signed by Fred la
son. G. W. Homan and l-"'"1 .ther
dien's cf the city a-king for the ;:p
pc intment of J. F. Clugy as the street
coninusr.u ner but this v.-as p ro
file and the matter passed ever
later in the meeting.
Teh application for licenses ;".
privilege of operating 1 illiard
lors was pre-ented from. F. II.
bar and A. M. Arries accompani
the amount of the license fee.
r-u on
r the
I Min
ed bv
and on motion of Howe seconded by
Schnlhcf the license was ordered
The fire
matter of
stalled on
truck and
costs only
insure niuc
r.ien the :
department presnted the
having a searchlight
the new chemi?al
as the light and Lattery
he y l'A cf 577.40 and v oi
i better work for the fire-
lig nt
w a.-
ordere 1
In regard
cf the Burl
was presr.te
:.p.d .1. K. Ma
ley way be p!
to the alleyway west
;ngton p:irk a petition
d signed by A (I. Bach
son asking that tin's al
icp! in proper condition
fjr travel and on motion of McCarthy
seconded Ly Bestor. City Attorney
Rawls v.vis authorised to draw up
an ordinance to create a paving dis
trict of this alleyway.
T. II. Pollock. Ic.-al representative
cf the Ford company asked that the
city allow p. demonstration of the
Fordson tractor in road work "und
which demonstration was .-ef for to
day. umlT the supervision of the
streets, alleys and biidgcs committee.
The tractor that is demonstrate is
one that will cost the city $07". and
is one that it is claimed will give
the best of results in all kinds of road
Chief of Police Mar.seaker report
ed that during the month of April
thirteen persons had become tangled
up in the machinery of the law and
arrested in cur peaceful little city.
The report of the city clerk to
date showed the sum of ?117.6S had
been collected and turned over to the
city treasury.
'The report o fthe city treasurer
show ed a net balance of $ S.." 4 . 1 "
in the city treasury at this time a-id
also the fact -rhat it had been impos
sible to locate the holders of $11. too)
of registered warrants ordered taken
up and it was decided to stop interest
on these warrants.
Chief cf the fire department. Dr.
O. Sandin. gave his report of trie
Herger fire showing a loss to Mr.
Herger of $40 with insurance of
$1,000 and to the building of $100
with insurance of 5.00. For the
first quarter of 1921 the chief re
ported eleven fires. This report was
sent to the fire and water committee
to look into and report as 10 its
c orrectness.
Police Judge Archer had had a
very profitable month judging from
his report -or the period as he re
ported fines of $:1S9 and with costs of
$39 making a total of $428 which
had been turned over to the city
It was decided by the council that
hereafter the bond cf the city trea
surer be carried by a surety company
instead of a personal bond as at pres
ent and the city to pay the cost ot
the premium. $100.
The zhost of the Pnc denarted
light contract appeared at the meet- knewn and familiar figure here dur
ing in a communication from the inS -be time he made his home here,
light company stat ng that the con- ! Mr. Salee was a sufferer from cancer
tract had expired nine months ago. and his last days were marked by a
and it was decided that it was about great deal of suffering as the disease
time that some action was taken in msde ifs increasing ravages and it
regard to the matter and accordingly as a relief whn the final summons
the'light committee and the city at-'me to call him to his long rest,
torney will wrestle with the matter body wa- taken to Scotia. Xeb..
and see what can be reached in the'wlere he funeral services were held
way of a satisfactory contract, it Friday.
was requested that the committee i
complete their work by the next meet- Blank Books at the Journal Office.
ing in order that the levy might be
Biade for the coming year.
At the close of the meeting a lar.
number ot siuewalK res. .1 at 1 ons were
presented to the coniivil and all re
ferred to the street, alleys and budg
es committee.
Mavor C A. Johnson announced
that he would present f r the con
eration ot the city coin: -:i the name
of Jess Elliott as street omaiiss-jne
ant! the vote was unanimous on th
conformation. The name of
J. Flvnn as city physician w
Dr. I
as aiso
confirmed by the counci!.
The ghost If the !.ng departc
rolice iorce in tae stna m ?.oc ea--u
wi re tei-i and approved by the c ,un
c:!. Tiie bond of Chief of Police AI
vin Jones was sivned by John M
Xuriin while that of Oflcer lit-nry
Chandler was r-itt: '! 1-y L. B. Egen-berg-r.
Councilman Matter urged the city
to get busy on the xoing clean up
;-nd have the city lij.ll cleaned and
the extencr painf-o up in proper
shape for the summer and on motion
Clerk Duxt.urv was authorized to go
ahead am! :dverti.?e f-r bids for the
It was also decided that it would
ho necessary to have special counsel
for fh'' citv in the law suits cover-
the le-tition of r
ank Bticacek
ii drawn from
to have his property, v
the -dty limits as City
liaw'.s has been engaged
;!oev for Mr. L;:c:..-k
At torr.ey
s the at
for some
follow in
ere exan
Z Ct:l!
i)v th
o.a :ti.-
t iu.-ir
t th'
e 1 1
to it
. e;
raska Cas & EU
C 1..
reef lights
lelty iC- Deposit Co.
ty treasurer
Iter Gouchonour,
Tinkling :-
10 0
t reet
0 0
Lincoln Tel. Co.. rents
r. II. McMaker.. mving ;.ife
Nebraska Gas e Electric Co..
reading meter
M. Archer, sary '
K. Mat-speaker, salary
CO o .
. . . .J -
4. U7
1 0 .0o
Aiviti Jones, -silary
S-:ctr t Pickrel. taxi to police
Aogu-t Stout, sireet work
E.1 Trively. same
James Iurrows. same
Ci Lutnter Co..
E. J. Ricliey. mdse.
J. N. Elliott, street commis
sioner Carl Egenberger. s're t work
WaTtr GoucheiK'rtV" street
O L. York, same
John (Vhal. same
.Ichr Maurer. same
Bestor Scatck. mdse.
Jcim Ccchai. street work
John Maurer. same
Mike Lutz. street commission
er 7fi
4 ; . 7 5
. 7
-.4 0
From Tnes-day's Da fry
Yesterday Edward Gradoville. who
has !i"p;i working out as a catcher
with, the Rrantford. Canada, team Of
the Michigan-Canadian league, re
turned to his home in this'city. Mr.
Gradoville. who is one of the most
pror.-i-ii'.g young players that have
been turned out by this city, made
a very favorable impression at Rrant
ford and is still held by the manage
ment of the team there under con
tract, hut will in a!l probabilities be
farmed out in the Dakota league
this season for a little more experi
ence in faster company. The Drant
for 1 loam has a large string of young
pitchers this season that requires the
services of old head catchers and this
was one of the main reasons that Ed
was allowed to go to the Dakota
league for the summer. Ed enjoyed
very much the trip into the Cana
dian country and his association
with the team during the fewr weeks
he was there working out.
From Monday's Dany
Once mere the weather man dash
ed the hopes of the base ball fans
and the members of the Eagles base
ball team yesterday when the water
works opened up shortly after the
noon hour and continued for the
greater prt of the day and made nec
essary the postponmenti of the game
scheduled with the ThiAeenth Street
All Stars of Omaha. The visiting
team arrived in the city on the 1:12
Rurlington train, but were disap
pointed in their game and returned
home on the next train. The last
two Sundays have been very wet and
disagreeable and it is hoped that the
coming few weeks will bring settled
weather and a chance for the locals
"to get going for the season.
Superintendent W. F. Evers of the
Nebraska Masonic Home has received
w ord of the death and burial of L. F.
Salee. for some 'fifteen years a resi-
t dent at the home here and a well
Annual Election of Officers Held and
Present Officers Re-Electetl to
the Various Positions.
"Torn Tuesday's Daily.
Last evening the members of Eon
teneWa chapter of the Daughters of
the American R'- oiui ion held their
meeting a the- charming home of
Judge and Mrs. W. 11. Xewell as the
guests of iloir daughter. Miss lier
nice. and an unusually large num
ber c f the Iadi s were in attendance
at the meeting.
The chief business of' the session
was the election of the officers for
the ensuing year and the present of
ficers were re-elected to their re
spective positions as follows:
Mrs. Wilbur S. Leete. regent; Mrs.
George A. Dodge, vice regent: Mrs.
Earl A. Stanfitl 1. secretary; Mrs. H.
Ii. Cole, treasurer; Mrs. William
Raird. registrar: Mrs. L. O. Minor,
historian; Miss Berr.ev Newell,
The holies enjoyed very much the
review of the D. A. R. magazine
given by Mrs. H. R. Cede, as well as
the topic of the evening which was
in line with the review of historical
characters. ' Benjamin Franklin" be
ing the subject of this meeting. JMrs.
E. II. Weseott presented the sketch
ot t:;e great .-American statesman.
At the close of the meeting the
hostess served veiy dainty and de
licious refreshments which were
much enjoyed by all the members
of the party.
The D. A. R. will hold their an
nual social meeting on the evening
of June tird at the home of Mrs. E.
II. Wescott and. at which time the
gentlemen of the members will be
guests of honor.
Frora Tuesday's" Dally.
Rain reports for yesterday indi
cate that the fall of moisture was
eneral over the greater part of the
state as well as at IMattsmouth.
Lincoln had 1.79 inches; Auburn.
2-07: Ashland, I CS; Broken Bow.
1.74; Omaha. 1.2S: Xorth Platte.
02; Grand Island, ..IS; Hastings.
."4; Holdrege. .64. All through the
outheastern part of the state the
rain was very heavy, exceeding two
nohes in many places.
At Atchison and Kansas City the
rainfall was also heavy, but prac
tically no rain fell in western Kan
sas, which section was visited bv 'a
good shower less than a week ago.
All along the lines of the Burling
ton rain fell in various amounts
up to two and a half inches, and will
be the means of refreshing the pas
tures and giving the corn a chance
to sprout and grow.
From Tuesday's Dally.
This morning Herman Spies de
parted, for Trinidad. Colorado, where
lie gees for a short visit there at
the home of his son. Edmund Spies
and family and after enjoying the
tay in Colorado expects to leave for
Long Beach. California, whsre he is
to make a more extended visit. Mr.
i-p;es will spend some time in rest
ing and looking over the situation
on the coast with a view of locating.
Mr. Spies leaves this city after a res
idence of forty-three years and a
large number cf his old friends were
at the station to bid him farewell on
his westward journey. It was not
without regret that he left the old
home and stated that he more than
appreciated the way that he had been
treated by the good people of Platts
mouth during his residence here.
The rains of the last few days has
caused the work that the overseers
over the county have been putting
on the highways to be practically
wiped out as the wet and soggy
weather has made the reads hard to
travel and undone all the good that
the road bosses put in on the roads
during the few days of dry weather.
It has had a tendency to retard all
lines of trade and business as the poor
traveling keeps the average farmer
at home even if the weather is such
that they cannot look after their field
From Monday's Dallv
The workmen today commenced
work on the remodeling of the resi
dence of William Baird at the corner
cf Seventh and Main street and the
work will be continued now until the
home is ready for the return of the
family. Mr. Baird will have a very
neat and modern home when all the
improvements are completed.
From Wednesday" Dally.
The reports from the bedside of
Mrs. Florence Newton at Omaha in
dicate that the patient is now show
ing some improvement although she .
is still a.uite weak from the effects!
of her recent operation and it will
be seme little time before she is able!
to leave the hospital. J
From Wednesday's Daily.
The ladies of St. Mary's Guild
were very pleasantly entertained yes
terday afternoon at the Gering home
on North Sixth street with iliss
Barbara Gering as hostess and Mrs.
L. H. Cushman as assistant hostess.
The ladies spent the afternoon in
the usual sewing and social conver
sation that served to pass the time
very pleasantly and at a suitable
hour daintv and delicious refresh
ments were served that added to the
enjoyment cf the event.
Bom and Reared in Cass County He
Was a Gentleman. Pcssesser of
a Large Circle of Friends
Samuel Tubbs. sen of Mr. and Mrs.
Joseph Tubbs. was born near Murray,
Neb.. April 5. 1SS1. and his entire
life was spent in Ca$s county in the
Lome of his parents. He was lovrt
and highly respected by all who
knew him and although his illness
had extended over a period of a num
ber of month, his death came as a
sad shock to the community. He
passed away about noon of May 6
1921. being 40 years. 1 months and
1 day of age. His father, mother,
and four sisters mourn the loss of a
loving son and brother. Two sis
ters. Mrs. Lincoln Church of North
Cve. Washington, and Mrs. C. W.
Jones of Tecumseh. Neb., arrived be
fore the en dcame. The other sis
ters are Mrs. Ed Wilson of Spear
fish. S. D.. and Mrs. Morton Coch
ran. Hulett. Wyoming. Th-j parents
and sisters have the sympathy of a
lust of friends in their deep sor
row. The funeral service, in
ducted by Rey. E.. H. Pontius, were
be!d at the home on Sunday after
noon at .1 o'clock.
Words fail to express our 'deep
appreciation for the many acts of
kindness and helpful words spoken
duirng the illness and death of our
son and brother. We also wish to
thank Dr. T. P. Livingston for his
many favors and loving sympathy to
us. We assure you all these kindly
administrations will never be forgot
ten. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Tubbs and
From Wednesday's Daily.
The Queen Esthers society of the
Methodist church held a very inter
esting session last evening at the
church parlors and which was very
largely attended by the ladies.
The chief business of the evening
was the election of officers of the so
ciety and the following were chosen:
Mrs. John T. Lyon, president; Miss
Velma Elliott, vice-president; Mrs.
Will Heinrich. recording secretary;
Miss Elorenee Balser. corresponding
secretary; Mrs. Hallie Perry, trea
surer. Following the business session the
evening was spent in sewing and the
enjoyment of the social conversation
of the ladies.
Your ad will carry punch if you
write it as a plain "selling talk" in
stead of trying to fuss it up with
frills and exagerations.
'EE ' '!! " " '
- :t
After all, marriage is an incorporation of
family responsibilities.
Both parties to the contract share in the
profits and 'losses.
Many married women, however, main
tain separate bank accounts and to these, the
First National Bank extends a cordial invita
tion to make use of our facilities and service.
! ill
The First national bank
Reader fc the Journal Makes Sug
gestion a to Needs cf Citj"and
What Shculd Be Accomplished
The Journal editorial department
has received from one of the read
ers a list of .-u?ges'ed improvements
for the uty and v.hi-h has been in
spired by the genera! spirit of get
together that has been inspired by
the merchant and citizens of the
community. Each one of these car
be accomplished if the proper tn
edavor is put forth and all are very
commendable public improvements:
Better street lights.
Lower light rates.
More permanent sidewalks.
Eree city mail delivery.
Children's play ground.
An automobile club.
A booster's picnic.
Support for base ball team.
Municipal tennis court.
More paving.
Eree Platte river bridge.
Better ferry service.
Repaying cf Main street.
Larger city park.
New City hall.
Boulevard system.
Home Coming Day.
Fair and stock show for this part
of county.
Better support for the band.
United work for bigger and better
Manager Jack Lewis, Finds Cass
County Man is in Demand
With the Fighteis.
The Cass county boxer. Andy
Schniader is growing in the fight
game as indicated by the statements
cf Jack Lewis of Omaha, who has
charge of the clever young boxer.
The manager says that Andy is will
ing to meet all comers but the pro
moters do not show the disposition
to kick in with the "Jack" in suffi
cient sums to make the dates attrac
tive enough to take up as the amount
is not large enough for the Nebraska
heavyweight to consider.
Mr. Lewis states that one of the
offers was for a ten round go with
Billy Miske at St. Paul and another
from South Bend. Indiana, promot
ing for a match with Harry Grebe,
the Pittsburg sensation. One of the
Chicago promoters has been attempt
ing to arrange a match between Andy
and Bob Roper, the fighting soldier.
From Tuesday Dally.
The infant son of Mr. and Mrs.
Edward Gobelman. passed away last
evening after a few brief hours of
life and bringing to the parents a
great grief and sorrow in the loss of
their loved one. The funeral servic
es will be held from the home in the
south part of the city today and in
terment will be had at the Oak Hill
If you have anything to sell, or
want to buy, don't overlook a want
ad in the Daily Journal.
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