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Act Now!
Every day you delay opening that
checking account is a detriment to
your own best interests. Act now.
Open an account today. Checks
save money and time. They are exact
and are most convenient.
Eva Shackley was :i visitor j
in I.iwoln last Sunday. ' j
l.fin.i-1 I-arr't was a gncjt st his;
home here over Sunday. .- I
Tliere will be services during t li e j
ent ire day at th' Methodist church j
thi coming Sunday.
The attendance at the various ser-,
vices of the Baptist church last Sun-;
dav was unusually .
James Uteres and family spent
Sunday at (he home of friends in
the Wyuiiiinff neighborhood.
John SlcCarroll purchased a new
Ford to'irinff car throunh the 1'ropst
& Uur'iee agency this week.
J-)ln IFobscheit. of near Murray.
v;u called to l'nion tt ltok after
nrfi'e business matters last Montlay.
.Mrs. Robert Willis was a ffuest. at
he lu;iue of hT dauffhter. -Mrs. ('.
A. Vallery, in Louisville, last week.
Miss Laura Willis was visiting
with friends in Nebraska City last
Friday, making the trip on the
Earl Merrit is doing some re-decorating
at the Union hotel, which will
add greatly to the appearance of this
popular hostelry.
li. I). Stint? was looking after
some business matters in the coun
ty seat last Tuesday, making the
trip on the train.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. ("leghorn, of
Louisville, drove over in their car
and spent Sunday at the home of L.
G. Todtl and wife.
Edward Midkiff of near Avoca was
a visitor with friends in anil about
l'nion. coining over to look after
some business matters.
.. 1 V 1 ft
Economy the Watch Word!
Yes, it is true economy to purchase your imple
ments of the Farmers Co-Operative Elevator company.
We purchased an exceedingly good line of John Deere
farming implements some time ago in anticipation of
this year's needs and can save you money on them.
We carry a good line of horse drawn implements,
which we are offering at a very narrow margin on ac
count of the prevailing high prices. We can supply
youn needs in plows, (walking and riding) harrows,
discs, cultivators and listers.
If you want power machinery we can also furnish
it. as well as home power plants.. Let us know your
wants we'll do the rest.
Farmers Go-Qperalice Elevator Company
L. G. Todd, Manager
UNION -:- -:- -:- -:- NEBRASKA
A Big Hold-Up!
Has Been Broken in Building
Those who have not started building are planning
to do so in the veary near future.
Considering freight rates, building material is
now on a pre-war basis.
Remember, you are robbing yourself the longer
you postpone those much needed buildings.
How about a screened in porch or a new roof or
some new floors?
A good floor will cost less than a new rug and will
last indefinitely.
Get our prices and be convinced.
e appreciate your patronage.
Frans Bros'. Lumber Co.,
Fred IJorne was a visitor at Ne
braska City, where he was looking
after some business matters for a
short time last Monday.
Miss Angie McCarroll. who is
teaching in. the Syracuse public
schools, was a visitor at the home of
her parents over Sunday.
Miss Grace Bogenrief, one of the
teachers in the Union schools, was a
visitor at the home of her parents
'near Elmwqod over Sunday.
I). It. Lewis, of Ashland, was a
visitor in l'nion last Monday, driv
ing over in his car and spending a
few hours at tbe home of M. Lynde
and wife.
Misses Eva Hathaway and Flora
Olarrison were in Nebraska City Inst
week taking the examination for
teachers certificates to teach during
the coming year.
Sheriff C. P. Quinton and County
Attorney Cole were in the city for a
short time last Friday, looking af
ter tbe mattery of the robbery of the
l'nion postot't'ice.
A. L. Heclcer sowed four acres of
alfalfa last Monday before coming to
his work at the store. He must have
either got to work late or began the
sowing mighty early.
John Van I lorn of near Murray
delivered corn to the elevator here
the first of the week, for which he
received 42 cents a bushel, the grain
grading unusually high.
Daniel Lynn and W. II. Porter, of
l'nion, attended the district meeting
of Odd Fellows in Xehawka on last
Monday. They report a large crowd
and a very plea.'-ant time.
Miss Bonnie Ellis speift last Sun
day with her parents at Weeping
Water, returning to take up her
work as a teacher in the Union pub
lic schools Monday morning.
Dr. C. M. Schwab has purchased
one of the new style coupes through
the Fropst & Uurbee agency. A good
many of the Universal cars are being
sold by this enterprising firm.
George Hastings, of Qeneva. was a
visitor in Union a few days last week
being a guest at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Dan Lynn, and of other
relatives anil friends while here.
Mont Kobb, who spent Sunday at
Iris home here, departed Monday for
points in Iowa to look after the pur
chase of grain for the Haynes Grain
company, of Omaha, which he rep
resents. W. L. Hoback and daughter, Leila
were passengers to Omaha Saturday,
where they consulted a specialist re
garding Mr. Hoback's eyes, which
he had operated upon, and which
are now improving.
John Banning who was here to at
tend the funeral of his sister. Miss
Carrie Banning last Friday, return
ed on Monday to his home at Lind
say, Nebraska. Mrs. Banning will
remain for some time.
The second patrol of the Boy
Scouts of Union went op a hike last
Saturday that led them out into the
open. They ate their supper in the
wooded past tire of R. D. l'orter and
enjoyed a very pleasant time.
Del Irwin and wife visited in Xe
hawka last Monday. driving over
with a load of gasoline for distribu
tion to Mr. Irwin's customers there.
While he was busy with his work.
Mrs. Irwin visited with friends."
Harry Todd, of Lincoln, was a
visitor in Union for a short time last
Monday looking after some business
and visiting with his brother, L. G.
Todd and sister Miss Jessie Todd,
I who accompanied him to his home in
j Lincoln.
Last week there were a number
of people from l'nion in attendance
at the meeting of the Order of East
ern Star at Plattsmouth, among them
being Mrs. Olney Easter. Miss Mary
Becker and Mesdames John Lid gelt
and W. A. Taylor.
LeRoy Miller, of Peru, accompan-i
ied by Miss Grace Lee. also of Peru.!
spent Sunday at the home of the
young man's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Samuel Miller, of this place, attend
ing services at the Baptist church, of
which his father is pastor.
! Emery Bauer and wife arrived a
few days ago from their home in
Florida, having made the trip in
their auto, and are visiting for a
few days with friends in and around
Union, being guests at the homes of
Frank and Joseph Bauer.
The boys on the road maintainer
are doing their work in good shape,
and the effects can be seen on the
roads over which they travel. Messrs.
Glaubitz, Eaton and Keckler are men
who know the business and who are
not afraid to put in the work to makei
the roads riglt.
Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Finney were,
rassengers last Monday for Lincoln,
JAVA V- v T II II ' - J in u vact.
in which Otoe county is being sued
for damages arising from the deaths
rf a child from an alleged defective
bridge, and which resulted in the
little one being drowned.
Among those atending the baseball
same at Dunbar Sunday between the
Union and Dunbar teams were T. E.
Hathaway and family, Loy Hatha
way and family; A. W. Propst, Dean
and Sherman Austin, Blair Porter,
Emery Bauer, Frank Bauer, Eugene
Roddy, Howard Taylor and Veltna
Orville Hathaway has purchased a
new Ford roadster for use in making
his' daily round of the mail route.
He traded in his old one, the deal
being made through the enterprising
firm of Propst & Burbee, local Ford
dealers, who by the way are selling
a good many of the Universal cars
just now.
The Woman's Home Missionary
society of the Baptist church met
last week at the home of Mrs. II. A.'
Chilcott, where a most enjoyable
time was had, and much work for
the church was accomplished. There
was a discussion of the question
"What we do and how we do it," af
ter which refreshments were served.
Loy Hathaway and George Ed
minston shelled and delivered their
corn to the elevators at Union last
I Monday, the price being a little bet-4
You Have (he Right
to expect your dollar to buy
one hundred cents worth of
goods. We are here to fur
nish you the goods full value
for your money.
Here are a few samples
picked at random from our
stock :
Corn, 2 cans for. . . .25c
Peaches, apricots . . .30c
Spring Line of White Keds is
Now In Rubber Soles
to the extent , of nearly $700. That
the safe could be blown and no one
hear the explosion, with people liv
ing so near to the office, is the won
der of everyone. The matter of se
lecting Union for robberies seems to
be gaining in popularity. Numerous
local stores' have been touched and
now the postoffice comes in for a
second visitation within a fortnight.
Federal officers are working on the,
case and it is hoped they will be able
to run down the guilty parties.
ter than formerly. Charles Ilatha
wnv also shelled and delivered his
corn to the local market last Satur
Dr. C. M. Schwab, who has been
visiting at the home of his parents
at Washington, Kansas, during the
past week, returned a few days ago
to resume his practice, which has
been interfered with for some time on
account of Mr. Schwab's illness. He
is now improving and expects to re
gain bis former good health.
John Morse, formerly a resident of
Union, but lately of Laurel. Nebras
ka, where he was married some
time ago, is attending an auto school
in Lincoln at present, he and his
wife making their home in the capi
tal city temporarily. They came to
Union last Sunday for a visit, being
guests at the home of Charles Board
man while here.
Struck Popular Chord Here
'The Plattsmouth boosters out to
advertise the American Legion's in-
, , . . ,
ioor carnival me lasi inree nays 01
this week, were in Union last Friday'
afternoon and livened up the town j
for a half hour with the excellent,
music of their twenty-piece band,
which was greatly appreciated by i
those who gathered to hear it. As
they continued to play Uncle William
Chalfant who has seen more than
three quarters of a century cut a
pigeon wing and did a few more pop
ular steps of the Civil war period,
saying to C. L. Graves that was the
kind of music which makes one
young again. Much interest is evi
denced in the carnival here and if
the weather remains good a large
delegations from here will be in at
tendance during the three nights of
fun and frivolity.
Card of Thanks
We desire to express our thanks
to the friends who so kindly minis
tered during the late illness and
death of our beloved daughter and
sister. Miss Carrie Banning, and for
the flowers and expressions of sym
pathy and kindly acts of all at the
funeral. Mrs. W. H. Banning; Miss
Pearl Banning; Joe Banning and
Family; W. B. Banning and Family.
Have Secured Ball Park
The Union baseball team has se-'
cured a place for their games, this;
action being made necessary by the1
disnosal of the former park. The
same grounds used last year, and j
known as the Wesley Woodard pas
ture will be the scene of action this
season and some good, fast games
mav be looked forward to.
See the Picture Saturday
There will be an excellent show
Saturday night at the M. W. A. hall,
given by that rustling young man.
Albert Willis. Better drop in and
see what a fine production is offered.
"Hunting a Husband" is the title of
the feature picture and you will
almost laugh yourself sick at the
amusing circumstances in it. In ad
dition the Fox news weekly will he
included in the program.
Will Leave Union
Mr. and Mrs. 1L A. Smith, who
tame here but a short time ago to
engage in the cream and produce
business have been assigned by the
company to a town south of Lincoln
and will take their departure as
soon as someone can be secured to
look after the business here. The
Smiths have made many friends dur
ing their brief stay and Mr. Smith
has built up a good business by his
si raight forward dealing and friendly
disposit ion.
To Observe Mothers' Day
Services at the Baptist church a
week from next Sunday are being so
arranged as to permit of special ob
servance of Mothers' day, which is
generally observed over the nation.
Young Folks Have Picnic
The members of the Epworth
League enjoyed an outing last Thurs
day evening, going to the beautiful
home of George Everett, where they
had a very enjoyable time, spending
the evening in games and with a
delightful weiner roast in which all
took part. The invigorating outdoor
air and the exercise stimulated the
appetites of the young people until
they were able to do full justice to
the roasted wei ners and trimmings.
Lose Game at Dunbar
The Union baseball team went to
Dunbar last Sunday, where a game
was played with the Dunbar team,
resulting in a score of 4 to 1 in favor
of Dunbar. The Dunbar team was
there and over when it came to play
ing the national game and although
our boys fought against great odds,
they were unable to win. However,
the spirit of the home team is not
daunted as they expect to win fully
as many games as they lose and be
lieve it better to play with the ahrd
teams and lose occasionally than to
pick the easy ones and win constant
ly. The line up for this game was
as follows: Davis. 2b; Keckler. c;
B. Wolfe, ss; Earl Wolfe. 3b; Rob
ert Eaton, lb; A. Eaton, If; Derwood
Lynde. rf; Rice, cf and John Ho
back. p.
The Postoffice Robbery
Mystery still surrounds the post
office robbery which ocurred last
week and which resulted in the loss
of stamps and war saving certificates
Lynus Reynolds Very Sick
Lynus Reynolds. who has been
living in Omaha, where he was em
ployed as a telegraph operator, ar
rived home Saturday a very sick man
and has since been confined at tbe
home of his parents with an attack
of influenza, that gathered in his
throat and required lancing on one
side, by the family physician. Dr. W.
M. Barritt. It ii hoped that he will
get along nicely, as he may be ex
pected to do, having the best of care
from his mother as nurse and his
physician as well.
Will Give Supper
The Baptist ladies will serve the
Junior-Senior banquet which is soon
to be given. Members of the Sopho
more class will serve.
Rests in Wyoming Cemetery
The funeral of Miss Carrie Ban
ning who passed away last week, was
held at the Methodist, church at
Wyoming, the Rev. Samuel Miller
delivering the discourse. A large
number of friends of this good wom
an were in attendance to pay the last
sad rites of respect to her memory
Miss Banning suffered much during
her last illness, the malady to which
idie was a victim being that of a can
cer, and although it was known she
could not be cured, she continued
cheerful to the end. her suiTerinss
being greatly alleviated by the kind
ly ministrations of her family and
friends. Many mourn her departure
and cherish the memory of her ex
cellent traits of character and dispo
position. The remains were con
signed to their last resting place in
the churchyard cemetery amidst the
rcenes of her activity during the
years of her life, there to repose un
til that great day of resurrection,
when she will be gathered home to
Him who knows even the number of
the hairs in our heads.
Her's was a splendid example to
the community and may well be in
culcated by those who remain in this
world of strife and turmoil.
Union School Notes
Vera Upton and La Van Frans
entertained the assembly with a
reading and a piano solo last Friday
The twelfth grade English class
is writing stories. Some of them
sound quite promising. The members
are working very hard to finish them
so that they may be read next week.
Did you see those posters in the
windows of local business houses?
Don't they sound fine? Do not for
get, Saturday. May 6th. That will
be a big night. The Seniors are all
working hard to make it a success.
Come to the schoolhouse everybody
on May 6th, at 8 o'clock A good
time is promised. Following is the
program: Music, Minstrel Show,
Fortune Teller, Great Wizard, Wrest
ling Match, Senior Pantomime repre
senting the Four Years of H. S.;
Popcorn; Drinks; Maypole Dance;
Crowning of May Queen and Re
freshments served by Domestic Sci
ence girls. Moderate prices.
Members of the eighth grade with
their teacher. Miss Bogenrief, enter
tained the Freshman class -and high
school teachers Friday night. Games
were played in the gymnasium, and
after all had exercised enough, re
freshments were served upstairs. A
general good time is reported.
Good Show for Saturday!
This is a playwith many thrilling situations and
mirth provoking climaxes. You will more than get the
worth of your money in real, honest-to-goodness hearty
laughs. Eileen Percy is the noted star.
In addition to the feature picture there will be
shown the Fox News. Don't miss this.
Remember the place M. W. A. Hall, Union
Saturday Night Usual Admission
Here Yon Are!
We have several good used Fords and also new ones
as well, for immediate delivery. Three good used trucks.
Better get those cars attended to before the rush of Spring
We Do Aceieline Welding!
The Willis G
See the Prices HereJ
These are only a few cf the excellent bargains
we are offering in the grocery and dry goods line.
Raiscns, 2 1 5-oz. pkgs 55c
Corn, 2 cans for 25c
Peas, 2 cans for 25c
48-lb sack "Letter Roll" flour $2.45
Ginghams, fine quality, yd 18 to 22c
Calicos at . 12!2 an 15c
Percales, bed rock price, per yd 18c
Cocoanut, 2 15c packages 25c
Good grade bulk coffee, per lb 17lzc
Certified breakfast bacon, per lb 47c
We are offering many other gcod bargains at this
time. Come in and see where your money goes the
UNION -:- -:- -:- NEBRASKA
30,000 A
Lincoln county, Colorado, farmers harvested an
excellent crop of wheat the past season.
Come, see land where in many instances one crop
will pay for the land. We are making trips every Sat
urday. Call and see L. R. Upton for arrangements and
particulars. The best land in the west and at a price
which anyone can afford to pay.
Box No. 11 - - - Union, Nebr.
atfery Series Station!
I am prepared to look after your battery wants,
in the way, of recharging, repairing and furnishing of
needed parts, as well as providing you with new bat
teries. All work has my personal care and will be given
the minutest attention.
W. H. DuBOi
Here !Ss Your Chance5
Having recently sold my farm, one-half mile from
Union, I will offer at public auction on s
Tuesday, April 26th
commencing at I o'clock sharp, the following:
Sixteen head of choice dairy cows, all giving milk.
Most of these cows fresh recently. Eight of them are
high bred Holsteins and four are Red Polled. Their
ages run from 2 to 6 years.
One pure bred (not registered) Holstein bull, 16
months old.
One team of horses and all my farming machin
ery will also be sold.
J. M. Patterson, Clerk
Bryan & Hall, Aucts.
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