The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, April 25, 1921, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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inn." uegUMU'jiu.nui ih wiLiim.
-i . in i ii it i - 1 Mil 1 T- r TT-Hl- III I II 111 I ll ' BIT -1
;i: - mi o.n !; rm.i :
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Prepared in th- in'erests of the People of Nehawka and Surrounding Vicinity Especially
for the Journal Readers.
ii -' 7 1 i ;ti;i : ci; nv
' ::- X. . i.a i .: ;
;-; H i nd ; o I ! a .
I '
no: a! -rviee. : A 1 va y furnishim?; yon courteous . improved home v. hen the work i:tid-.r !
s rviee and willing to cio anything j v.;.v is completed, j
nd sa:- as i -r t : oest ir.ifrt.-K oi uic town .Ars. . r. Car", ot ilo.oroe!-:. wno
has li- ii spending: the w inter at the
home of Ji'r son, H. F. Case, in :
G tievn. arri o.i ai Neha wka u short
time ato and i-- .-i d t i r-:r at the home,
of i-r dau;;her. .Mrs. H. F. Kropp
I t a short T i !.. .Mrs. Case -will rc-
of the Met !io- j fi several wi-ck-' before ret i: r ri iti -'
t Wed to ;'!ay af-ito h r home at Ilolbrook a:: ! will
: ; , .- -a. kf r.-:ik. , or nd i vi:li:: i the .Nehan ka Hank.
F if t !. i--t iii"; r: f est ':na:.o:;,i ''har-vs Adams v as a visitor in
inf-.rrna: bus and advic-- consul! th- ; 'a: t ' snn n t h 1 u . t Tuesday I'vcnih;,
.'. I .. kit '-. drivii.iT i'p with liis family at-
:'..:..;.-.--- :;;:..: .!,,;! P. Hud! H. :? o :'.e .-how . i the I'annH-
.'.'. a i . !,.-' V. '-d m -da y . uh-re .'. ; ' f.
i i ,. da v. ?'':'!?.::" li.iin- in The '.my Work
i . ,. , -I el.ur. i.
C-..v S: :' . vr Vi.rr.ay. w.:- : t.. ve..-n ;it the bom of .Mrs l'".-unk j endeavor t renew !i r oid acii'mii:-
r i- .. .: v '..a hi-- n day !'. Sh-Idon. vdiftc t ' !!jovcd :i j 'ic'.ck- in arinuid .""havka our-
:: ir r: . f ' ; - :it t :i-i- -; ; ;it li:;it-. Mr:!, ht-r stay h r-.
.,. ') ::! . I'a:i jmkI ;i'ii WliitoTitat! j Iioili tli- subordinate lo.iat of the
. . I --.-s H;'-: .riii !!:;:! '.r,fi:, . -. vi'iilnu in I'.'ai tsru-iut h last I. O. O. F. and 1 he' I a !i t crs of K"
: i - ; ! ' r irra .: ;: r- '. -ricsda v. dri vi,:?.r ov r in t h'.-ir oar boooa have bfti ,uy t !f p:-st ?'"v
.- .J ;,. ('''.:' i- ! v ii'-. of i imi'i :!''-r s'.;i- S"j-;!fss !n..ttf-rs vf-ks rna"ki:i.t; prrpurat ions for th"
I'm--.!.. i; i tin f r-;io-ii. uistriot fronvviiti-m which i to hi
;. A :. v .'"okiiij.- :.."t r K-v. K. '. Io.:-. j.a.-tor of the held in N-!:avku today i .Monday, t
: i. '. ;., - rn.-:-:.- .VcIt;-. Moth'dist ciiurch of Nehawka. was Much enthusiasm is in - id-ie' and
.. : y, . . - : ti isitin-.' wU h fri-nds and looking af- - I r--.- i!p:si:er of otic--!:.-.- arc :--
. ., -ir- i : -r so:ii' isiisiticss matters in Nehras- p-Med to ! iv auendani--. The f-s-
f-.a ("iiy last Vedn'sday. tiviti- will 'dose loniiht with
i' W. i 'ii risu t-is; i-r ha 1-
! . i : ! i t-s . e.ike and fruit ati,(:. wnich fary W'ecK.-. v.
' was r,!iJe.i bv e erv nimher of ..f -. .i;c-- r e.err !
''i.e pa'rt v. ami the m renaders !;k- I 'i -siden? I;; rd ;i:
' i :!..' ;:ieir de;;u-tur- j-in-d in wishes : The opposition to nr. ii,;t '. :
1 of a loiii; ami iri:-".-ro;i: ried I.'f.- "1 t-tieral iid wa ri - w as -aid i ha v- j
th" hapyty co'iple. ii n ha --d ti pon l;is Military r-e. r-:.
, althoii1! Set-re; a rv We.-ks Miid : he ;
var d ti.. r; M'-;: ; .': ' : s . ir.t :.!: v." !
.i, n:ni.v :a n.e cv,,-;; -. :n .-on:.'. m::
Vi B iki V S filial
Io csg3ret!o r.::s
Che s2mD de.ic:.oGi
t.avcr as Lc;-:y
Lucky tf &E:e it ih
At ti e Iilethodist Church
iwi'V :;iv a' t.'o- ,M-'t ;kh:i.:! ciinrc
there wen i.el-1 son:1- very in fere: t
i:: serviees. it eeinR thf occasion of
the r"' i;'.;.: r r.j.:rerly n:--:i:iu. The
i:T .- r .' r. nd '.' -d by
lie I.-'-.! t o-. ll'. v. F. ('. .Voore."
l;erv-d a very appreT riat
a:.d ':;! -. d;-'. i:irs- arei ti:- i.inl-
f ir ol i;!: iloer .ved;;.!" le, :";;- ; e -
ios ''"' a) o ve!i a t : leit- .
'."!! c !.:.- servic v.-as f-mii:; t-
.1 1 h
c ;r .-i a ;
; ae i : v i n . ..a
list ice. A :! r.
ji or
.-'.ary v. a i -r ;.'-; -!
l ei r:ia t:-n r w i.
i :.nn-:.!: . : .'. ti M.
. wa- : :!. ..
c : e. :
:. l..-e
; '
.) .
A', i" i .-i; t r
: t . ,. ho :.
aire-:-. :-'.-.
T ii
:' :; ': ;
;.; rti : t I t rvt l. and
: e - ; cL: p.- 1 ;. ;s "!,;: I11C
to .;) lay v.ori: 1'ioter.
z J'ovlr?;. ZxcRvati':c-. Iie-Si!l-ir:-
II'.T,vy I'acLinc:y.
...... jrA . , , , , f, p f. .
r? ?? ft ft
r i U t A
r ? 2 f -
5 --! f . ' t-
ibleat Market FT;
"i . vl ! : a . ill f : 8
kept ban'jii't for t!;e deleirates
id vi.-if-
:': re !..'. '. ' li-j!.V
JCK:.t 0??. Tr-.r.
rir: -I- -
re;iped ; filil iilid v. ' ' I 'J'-d sh'-a.'"
T ! : - T .. T i : TI . t' V t .': I CO ' , i ', : ' i i ' ! -
prtf.y huv of late working Avith it.- :u rubers of ; he order. , ' , , . , ', (l :.. . , . '
rs. district mnnaper. .f i, ,. , i. .,, e . . i . ,,-
ronndin- up of in-o-r- Makes Trade of Land ',. ,..,.. V,- .v'r 'vU'-.,..,!
a:.c- prospects over the country. Through the ia-:i.-v of m-.nk iae t.-noor,' ho ;.)- i.eiri: nai-i :i- o t; -
Mi?s Edith Frans and erna Har- :,ik. Nehawka land de;.ier. a v bv t he presence of a !, r-- t -ot.
ri- w re over Sunday visitors at th" trad- v. .s e-ec ted the ,-arlv pari of f adnr rinc friend--,
hotiie ot their parents :n T'nsoTi. re- i..t ,vi.,.i ,,-),..r,.),v iii!...-. it - ., -. .- i .,... .a.,,.-
..en t.
- --of
: 1 ' i a .
Y.7;j: 1 51, "m Acccman:ud L-y
-Pi-eve Ti-;uMc i.i Vitin- "
i'y -.f -rcbrf,5k? City.
: . -o . .' :' I A lor-
i .- .. - tiii ; i u. i -
ve. .i-.-d t:.i
f . ; :.a ; i f ' " . . ( . a .'i '
i.' O
. h;a .
line impic-
r. lifi-Tti.-iry v. I r io.v t'f.c.'.per tlinn later
. or a
h- r-
il:'Ci'f'-' ):'-;.
e tj;-:ce a'.'vrtntf; on wr can save von
:vjo:;i in j-Iock. Impairs, ;i!-o.
I. i i! u r, a i v-t-t- u j
-:- -:- NEBRASKA
t::r! i!;.r t-i their worn m thf Shel- r,,,.-,
ra to r. '-'.nipatij':- c'Ticos h-r- .'dorday
Every Loaf Guaranteed
; iii' ; tract oi ia::.i : .; at the horn- where !e- has li-.-:
t'K t'rin--' ! i "ot ;!--. of Fi-ior. rec-i'.- . - .i "e-inv .-ar. -ujo'!:! ii! hot-
j:"-r'. j ;r,.i j-j:yin.'i' Tl-eref..- tii. ,,r :, r d respect of his i:;a::v frier' i
:- K: h'd (- er::". win ha- oeen ' hrh.s b".il.lin--' in v:!c! the Farmers r ...j n.;.i-hh.,rs. Mr. i'oili.rd ljV"d :-.
p.-i.-.-i: mi,,;. rn."- "! i lie uti.iif oj -.-., ra I l ' . , fan n;e:V .s ': .. . . ,,.,-.1 ,.f "en.! .
.11 ( , :
! !.;.
: 1 i A-, ;
s. .!. i!. ()-.b.,rne and, frni
on. returned to l'erwork
h cat-ri.
vith l r sid.T. .Mrs. H. V. (irifl'n. at
t!ie hotel.
I!. V". CIriffin and family, t ie.eth
f i !. ivshin. and thi)s.- d i. v i'ii how-
- o-i loads witnesr-. 1 the '-oi:-it.nieL' of
Purchased More Western Land 'ire to its last re.--i?.- p!--u---.
.;:st we-k Joe Fvett-Tt pun i;a-! i. nowledued the f ultillni of a noM--
throueh the aencv of Charles T.ow- ii'e o! an honored mar,
Ex F. T II ff - i - r . i- i- i throueh the ajjencv ol ( har es i;ow- .'i:e o: a.i muiorei ma;..
i L f t"tc KSI'ffC vi . h;s f"tht r. 1-.. W . C rift in and , , , , . . . i;-
5 s.r r. .Mrs. Matur. o l uisa. , set.Ii(,M j .,,, Arr.!U. ; Kcnrv F.ropp Scm Letter
( homa. spent the dav last .M n- . . . , 1 11 , ...
v- , 1 , .... , ' , ( o-orado. .Mr. l-.yer.-tt has ha-i i:u;d liei'rv 1- wi.o bee:: 1 ' !
V rtCB5SI ZVl '," -V':,ra7a ( "y- xvlM''"e llUv'in that port ion of the country for'-; iiis i,.,Ii:e for some tin.-, ami
c f 1 ; r Let -a -'-e 1 00 k i 1 ' : 1 1 -r - o" 1 e 'T- ; t ' r-', o! ' ;
v - .. . K"'-- . time and knows the value '. :T;i eenfined to his !. is r'porte.i ,,
Like V
- are h;ai.
:;.! i a- r ;
. ;:'v of ?d. Ii. !. .!
A. a 1 !:
" ati'i luee e A' !
! . a a t i o .. e
.1. 1
S'- 1 In-
tier;. h-:injj
-av.niiH is v: on
rued op a number o:
t lit1 sol'
". 1 crclwo
in nr.hin t ! is uddi'i r:i! innn- eonsideraVy i n--v,-!.
h.e is actinti on hi-- know- v.vittr i-itel v.;'h hi:;: ' :..-t
Wed.neydav and been busv
e of what i'armi.ii: h;fd there it
and fo
Lad Weighs 2 1 Oz.
1 , r t f 1 At T w. I : - 1 1 ic '?, r i n
. -r 1 I" V . ;rt exceptional bargains in west.-m land
native oiniens-on l'tmber. A. ( . ?i:;iiii . . .
is in eharu' f 'h outfit and is uet- ."'
Sold at
' full of hope tlr.A h'-
' a'-'e to be mi; y r.ain !i tl e
nidtion Mr lirono pas for v.-. :-v, ;
' !.-. itldeeil d iff if iilt t" he. to C'M.-
Thpv TTnniv Their "Biisirtpss hned tc his bed un ihi-. ; accotafdi:-.'
T!ie Nehawka Hank, which is a'.- .his desires. We trust j.,. .; ,.v ;-.-.i-a
v.iy on the look out for anything ' ' : i 'e to re.-:; me his pirc- iti tl,
of inte.-e.-t to the cotrrn un it in m-n- t'ttil 'ctivitie., of comm i-n ! ; I if-,
era! and it:' pr- Irons in pariiceiar 1
e . . -"HT-l-.-. T- .. T . . 1
be rite- modern Tl.ev are capable lu,s rs sori ui ""sf' ; . .aKirg; rrosrresb iu x-Uxicur.-
of do in;: the work in first class man- IP valve of the financial condition-.' The new hoes b-i-r -eis; 1 ect d
it oncers are :n a ;os:-!en ami p.- y,e.-rs James AiiiUr and M-nry
. .. : 1 ' : - ....-11 ... 1 -.. ... .. . ... .1
Frank P. Sheldon and Yat:r v- '".- s wen 10 io,,h umu in.- uruf.-r lor renin: mo-po oi.e- t- .--v.-etiderio.j,
' ivere vbUtitio- in Onvih- el fa re of Nelia wka people ami stand Tlmoni.-! of the faith f t'.-, e rcnlh-
i ; 'i . aioni; nicely with it. )
.-A-'t;'er brothers have been busy
::t..:'- wit It the installation of a fur-:
tutor in the new home which I.oni"
Ko's is building, and will stxui i e ;u
v oik on the pl.imbin-. whicli is to
- . . a:- ;
and t u : '
. ' ::a; ; :;c
;.;,d au
at .?. !'. I
Fatra I
..:r. m.
i'.i . 1 'dov
- -f Ii . i
l a: m i ! !.'.;-. - !)! .r.-di;:.: Jo Ira ;
n: a t . o titiies a - of ! ) eu i. -. !
liarr and : : d,- :-:mi oA, r btn.dia.'-. :
i..n:..:ii: t .. . -.-s ..inp" -. ii. t ' e J
A - e -! of 1 .u; - . ;
iii r.- who ii ! i i da !!! a e A ;
! -mi proj.ei ty .: .'A! Fred-n.!
;.:: tnie'. s.mli: if Ft:a t!i: !: tl
.;. 1.. .-e..-. u ;: han hi- 1 t ::rn
:;!: iaiiy ce-d ri-; d 'he t ,v i - . r;
( 1. a a -. Io-ett j a--'. :. -. ol 1 he
i . t.a : ; .1 r.n .
'j":.-- f.. i ! :' pur: .K-d an mt. :; u htf
(or-.. S;... Lit::!- .-ay la.- i ! v. a I
1 -ar ::ied i'-er i;iib- we-; I ut:l:! ;
. r;. !; i ai. n.uil ,;r;. i in" j
genawKs meter company
are cc'ur.rnd to c.a: :-r ; buf:inc.hs intrusted
a i;s and v iii vv(-.!cr.r.:-c and j.pprcv::.t.; year palronnce
tf. bc-1 o! v.-oiluiiTti and reliable'
parts ar.c' rapi!e.. ccra"! 'd .viLIi cotirtcoiis trc-atmnt.
r.ff T CP O 1 PI
! v ; . .
, t -1 A -
f. ri.i
e: l ea I
;i;-n. strik-
h-s: Wednesday, v. here they went to
fter some purchases at the
ready at all times to remit -r service i-.rn in Nehawka
I - o..:
-1 t
that is worth whib
'onsr,lt then
1 t n'lr iovnl: v to t ,ie t
b.-sx: 1" l:ouses atid h-rouuht home
. -p thel:: s n.:e ol th' .uoods pur
. (I a e :. h: vi: -;.; made the trip ir. a
i .rt""i.-.
1 1 . a -d i nt; your financial interea;
and ytui will find their advice to b
Well founded.
Plattsmouth Boosters Here
mom-' ra t
Ahev !a:t
r -.Ii .
'.' laiiort '. it. mad. 1 his '
excel!. -nt town i; is. With the ad
i;on of t'la-e ? .va law tio d-re h"'ir.t
Nehawka will he i,'-;; ;.- e niipp
:an ei-r to lock ait.-r the want-: c
-Tv -, .x ,-v. Durizr,' a part of the dav last Wed- x'Jattsmouth .Boosters Here ever to .ook a.i.-r tr.e wa
ft-'yrs-''- iA'V-'jf ; t;esiisv wl ib- th" Nebraska ami A deb-cation of I'lattsn'.ont h boos;- ti:o.-e who ihire to make their
, r ' V. 'I , Klectric company workmen wen ers out ; udv.rh.-c the Amem.:. e.n,.-.. . ' : o 1 . ton
- . V"'' - "'-'-'-! j I' s-ftm" ; 1 : -rat ions in !h" h 5 th !.e'."n'- int!'.ir carnival ami fa i r th" .'"'- 01 one tat-.dy 1; -v t
AVir-'tV 0 wer tr-t: --mission line at I'latt -- h . t three days of this week came in- in Fnien. wh.iit the head of the
rZVr iV.i.u. :. it was nece-t;.ry for the 10 Nehawka s-hortly after noon Fri- i employed in Nehawka and a
C-T-f- "p.-. r. A" e
'.A- :: ' . N. h.. :: .' :' i -.
a . 1 'Ad 1 h ' e 1 - a " a ' - f : a . a !' -
. t- ; farm ;: . -:.;.
A I of - o.u:.ty : ; -1 : ; '
;:f;er'.f n. i" I.e. a :" d
a: : r.mi l ur hi'drcn a
A ,-' f..T''li ""::'.- and v, her
.,s on 1 : t .... . ah r . V'i'
'rntti:re ami cbdhin -.. Th;
V. u b ..J L J V $1 G & ut W - U
' 1 '
1 c-s, in- c.
rcci to lork afit-r yc
season :.s new at W' are pre-
r won; i i Uic Oairiiini', papering
t i c dt.coi :i:ii?A line.--. We ca.i t;ive you hand .-ork or
co yen p.:.:.:t -r.; with the DeYilbi air bru.sli. All work
i-'a?mr.ierd i-3tiiir.':'. arv.
I : e if ii:--.
Sheldon company to close down un- nay with flairs tlv-n- and ba::m-rs !'..s mot to mov to f p-ince s.m
fi! the juice was apxln turned' .0:. 1 waving and pro -ceded to entertain f "nree mile-- r.crt h-ast of town in "rd
our citt.ens for a time. white th - er to ::nu a place 0. r. ,-n.e. 1111 a
ad vi rt isin:; committee- lm. few more homes like iio-. Peine cu.-liistr-.btitincr
t-i!ls of the event. Ttiey : trite' ed by ..'es-rs .Miikr and C ru
nt, in i"d bv a tire -T.-T.ioc- : ,-r this condition c nld !e er.tir.d-.
: T-
1 hutlur Turner. of Plat: 1 rnout h
1 v.ho is in the employ of th' N"hr;i-h.
f'-.s and Illettric ciurtur.v wti - dt--
! A-..a 1 ..1 ,., .1 .i... .v..r'., wi re acco
J.of ,'; Hint; "eb-ctric lights a. the ''" a quartet and -her enter- cm nemo. ho s m xt .'
homes of Crandma Si. John and C tamment was m-ton appreciated On -
1 t !,. i. iron ,ltrt ..f 1 1,0 unvt baviii-r here th'v journey to t 1.0. :i. . Is !Sltli5r in the East
t 1 tjiri f, m I i ' - -
-en -a ! a
-. T;o- fan-ily w t
.- oa ! di-T l!lf (- ft
, e '. a :i a ' ) flit
1 to --
L.le: :'
fa rm
: . o
:n rn
1: .
t ' . -
Remember, we liave nr de a cilscenint of 25 per
c r t. ? xi c-ider to rn??'. th'- l-u ered prices of mate rials
t.'.id labor in cur lines.
if T -Oi f;: r I"--" viiJ n fTfc 0
r:u ' i.
Ti e r.
, . . -1 .
.'ere. le- has le-in as.-isted by Ii. YV
Two ? fhs Bssf Bresu
Kf4 Q(-r'U"fte tn tfr. 1 i''d ! the hitter's moilit-r. Mrs. Rtc
b V-li-lliUkJ iU liiod I ;. 1 1 . ami Mrs J. J. Pollard were p:
nd from Un-r" to Nehra-kii "itv,
Hon. 11 M. I'd!
o was a passen-
(;rii'i:i i , : ''." " , ' - t hist Tuesdav v-nm- f,.r th -
1 . - tieole the return j mrm-v through a . .. , ...a,,,, , , . .. . ; ,, -.. . ,a...i
V. P. Sheld.n. ami wife, aoeomi.uu- . .A,.. . " ' I ' : f-P'-al.
, " ilS.hincton. i). I . wnere lie l;.:s
.' the party were a merry bunch and . hlla, n!,.r. ,., i,v .lf,(l.
f Ira IFo
i . : :--.:.::i:.n. imd
i: ph .(. the k
a : !a'. ! en. Th
t t; . ; : ai 11. . vi-;'.
t; ;-.t rio :.d
to i i v- until .-Fit:
Cal! b
M fe. i
-r- to
Omaha la.-t Wednesday in
as n red us a :;reat time is in store
for evervone attenditm the fair.
1 .
on r ni : : -..
f Ai! -d
liiied o?i j
: family, j
'he : e 1
a r ;idh
'.;:. -.nent
iit'uri-;!. .no p- ' - -n- h.".ve
" !, ft ported i.i. ft :ts t v. e it iter !.;-
1 1 a ' i . .- u.'e -.nhddtn; warn:::;; of
! . .--"in ;. nd l to- people i:. t !e -1 u.
. i -a i: r? "A' 1 t : ie Ir 1 Pars.
Fro ..-.::!. -.w punts an i stripped
f r.;i: J " es .-in- rep -r; t ti by ferm.- in
the p..Th of ;: ' .-tor.ui wln. d: i n f
atff-" n:.-r .--erion damage.
A evf'i't- hail s'.ttrn: raued '' Fm:
di!!:i. T-ie nrennd w as whir-
ami epe
ted hi : m-nd
veral iljv.
on t :
The Exception Not the Rule
.'dr. Pol'ard is one o' the representa
tive Americans living in Nehra-'r:
;.:! har the c.'iifiil'-i.c" am1. e.-.tee:e. t f
t 1, -.;
.'dr. Sheldon's car. fiointr up to vint .
..- ii-ii- -itti frif-Tiit 1 r Stev.-
1 'A .i iA- i . .r,-i.i n did not accon; r:i n v them home. ;
v . - ' j'.".: will remain in the metropolis! We have heard of our first instance the majority of '!, people it
"' ' ' f.,r some tini" as a guest at the honi". 'wh-re lam: lit or ami inerrinier.t l;as .-date.
'ir.i' -o 't-i J)--r- of her Son. ie.-uneu uiNiMam: i. i;oeei. nil
t . J" .norO- ttui i.vfirn i.ii, -., i1 rl ,r.t 11.
i -n.,.-m.- I'.-itr.c lin wa :i ilele'ate ...v.... ... . .....
i f'-
Sehool Notes
from tlm local lodpe to the Woodmen -y"; , X, " Ieb.:ie :;;.r; o-a -.'.; , in by th
.-.pain.-di : .-(. World convention at ( oltstn- .-..,.--."- ' ..,...-1 . a -rtv-uP ura.I class "i the Nehav.k.
b'alij :he nrst of l-y, we are offering our entire
aire- ot casi:i;rj: ai a I 0 per cent redvic'.ion from ii-1 prices,
tivs lo iiicitice a.! cur stock, but cornpinf d to oods on
hand, which comp.:?e a full asso"im:nt cf sizes in Fisk
r.r.d Rcien ff-.brics and Royal mid Silver! ov.'ii Vords.
i i.ese prices are tcr ca-li only.
j '.: 1 , j let-; 'i-,. turned atomhiv nitrht from the invariably happier tnan the ones, who ,atns.,iidated schools ho t wc-k. va - "to - ha." as la'-.uc :s a Im.n :'
fe.'ti-,- and reports a Iart;e crowd in ri'rse a -rouch. so un not b- alarm- ih ,.r th. ;ahis-,i,,!i,v of : tine- it -' i'.-; .rt F.u it v
"" " !a:t"iid:ince and a most enthusiastic ed at th- case y.e are about to relate. , ,.t.)infr a t-,v shtH.t OM f;,rm. v. t st. m in rh-ir rveoi
-'"vi'" P.-. -in to cunr-;tjIIM. With .mphasis on the 'enthmd- .ncli of itself m almost enoimn to Ti.0 ,Hs( us,iin was amm.tod and :: ' -rancer;.-.-e. "1 he h :' : I 1 1 , ;t 1 p re-ae
irom any ot he ' ...... ic i fact there was enotich en- !:,""'"!"' AV,t 11 " ' irreat n.anv points of inter,
i ::..-:e, heeoaas .1 r.e , j, lish, , n:ake two conventions. ''"' sri'd it brought to one of our .r.., C;;n w.'re 1)ro.J2ht oUt.
ret p
r .-;.- were rm su
-tAi'er much hnrni.
ot.. n part ito-' with mare;..,,,, .n lhPV iust wt.t j:hea-I and held V!;a.'K;1 vou"5 '-""V' '1 i',u' xvt-eKS The home economics eim--s. nti--' -'"' v.'no .-aw t;,e tv.idor ...rm
In-Mi the count v !., " afro the ciieertui miss tell over a .1 (f p.4-1- ,;.. -,,ut. 1 '"n :-i his home in I nauilla s:.:d ihui it
'.ir i i" d '.''i t i n t '! ro ni nt n r- . . .... . ...... i . 't-.-- .. 1 .1 j
. i ,.1. l 1 ,,a" '...' j.-'i lit. w.t.n-, on 1 , .i.n,ic; i-t?i httl 1 ;H" I !,( tm fliu i!l i - l iir-t ai.
In ord -r to r-t tne orh op aa-' ,,-,(,,.,- fracture few of .. . , ' . .. ' ' '
e 1. r, -r.oa -il,,(. ,i,iOTilr r-jin V li Dull- :. . .. . . . ill i i ui 1 1! 1 1 . usinir lines oir veparao.
; them.
t of cafe v. ,il P.- e- i
r -p.m.-ibie A.f n ' h rea t en : v. K rain,
' VI:
Id-nt rctar.
r- ,-iir ! n m
iee !-. j.;Ad
Julius mwm,
:id off from his work at the Shel-
z.d;d.o:i store and asri-ted with the lay
in:: of the wall for a cellar af !;'
home. liad the rain come before
t'.ds work w;is completed it won!-!
, undoubtedly have caused the let,.
; : rive wav. and made much e::"'
Nebrc.sU a v"rK- -Nlr- ,,al" vviU h:,v, ,l 1:1,1
lor rios. iiccessoaiiiiK ner oeins put r,.ls. .,,,.1 i,ich :,r- heiac decora:.
s' r . w i
fi:" ("Hn i::.'; out ;it th.e toil, j
1' fumed en the LM'o--.nd. iv'd liydii-;
iv a siraiKin j.icKei oy nor pnysician. v( hl,ih iIlside am! o,,t. Ti'e v.ork tun;, aniii ti .1 j en i 1, tJp.o. r.aati-. ,
v.ho taped and plastered her tomth- ap..() iuciudes the a-" in-emeu' of T t- ' b'd t!- forn.-.e. n n t he i rnnal. j
r in a way that would insure heal- furilit .,, ,ls XV..H :is solutioim of 'be wd;n -s saw it at tir-t wh-.-n it;
in- of the fracture. All went wel: , ho jj-pti,, :,nil ,.. i!u; probb ms. . ' ::,:'-l- I: '"'"'l -row in
outil last week when an invitation fo:re,(u,r win, otlor f";Aures that -.o T reper; i' ti as it pas,;,i 1:1 the diie'-I
ame to attend a part v. To m or ,., ,.,.,1... ,1,.. 1 i.-m. aon of noughts.
'ot to was the -iuesinn. but it was l-:it.i Trnm, ., i:nilf,, onde..t , f
inallv decided in th
itfi'irmat i vr
Anon ,ne ie: 1 1. 1, les 1 mo:en we;. f w js ,.,.,1;;,.., 1;is ,oni,
under way. everynouy joined 1:1 a ti ,.t. 1. .i ...,,n,,o- n,a no.n ii"!u h-.
ciiool tiiere. was a visitor in Ne
hawka In si week, takin- some sup
a t
ki 5 B f
are now running and ready to take care of the trade.
CjAs we do not have anyone on
the road at present, we ask you to
please phone jrour orders at our
expense or send them in by mail.
G; Chicken feed at all times, both
for sale reasonable or exchanged.
We are rendy to take care of your needs now and will
see 3ou some time in the near future.
leartv huivh at some particularly
Heavy wind struck ao four ,
"die- :ou':i of here at 4:I'0 p. m.. 1
InimT the house f.n the Ia.vis farm1
ft ur.dai inc. The ikice i ; .
oeeiinien, iaerm:in .-.'ant-r. Ai-
I ii
P . if-. jS. i P-t. fV 0t. T l-L.
will be so-d for CASH c.fter May let.
We cannot carry accounts to the end of the month
in which they may be contracted. All accounts now
made will be due on May ist, and after that date the
rule will oe strictly cash.
Business is ver- rjood but wc cannot afford to do
a credit business after the first of the month..
We have competent mechanic-' to handle all re
pair jobs as well as do your electrical wiring- 1 he b:sl
cf service guaranteed at all time.
W. C. HODGE & SONS, Props.
fam.dv was in the hau-o
The Nehawka EViiJSs
C. D. ST. JOHN, Prop.'
deluded. In fact, so' funny was the Omental work in the airricultura! :- -''-' v-'- h;i;"'' ',!t' :'-ru l", 1
nccurance and so hearty the cla?i! rerardinir lb" nature and pro- !- V,ZX U'nn Co,;i!Uv!,y I i
'hat almost ere she was aware, the ductiveness of different soils. lie re-! wr,1i1f"t k....nv two hor.-es. F.msu l-
liandatres were broken loose and the nir!((,() heme Sunday. ; erahle property damage wa s done m- I
bv h.til t!:a fello.v.'d. Hail the
rmn nail 10 i.e resei. .now site noes M5ss (;r!re Ljnviile was ab-el't :
-iot want another party until they fr. w1llirt n,.t ...;,
shall have entirely healed, for she v. , ; o bavin- Uc- eve-V tested a"d r,f'or ,?"'' :;::-r,!J-
is of a merry disposition and cannot f-: 1 1 t-fi
deprive herseit or laughing with tlie
rest. I.ut. as we said before, thisj
is merely the exception and not th.e'
rule. Lauch and be merry.
Interesting; Services Held
At the Fnited Itrethren church 1
j Nev.!:-ka City. April -1 . - oru ,
t.a- r veil in this, c it y lat ;
thit :: sc:ivy wind, radi ami hail;
-ei vlsite:! the northwestern i.nrt !
,Chappcll ouietly sliptic-tl away ft) ,)Ae cnuntv during t!ie evening.!
.Lincoln, where they were united in j,-..rni huii.iin?; on the farm of John)
iimi 1 iHJte :asi 1 u,Miai, reiu:itii,;t 1 . ,,,,.n . ,ist rcve.-i le the tie t .-r
Were Married in Lincoln
Fred I-inville and Mrs. Myrtle
home the same cenin."d Th.e many xve,, . ,;f rn.olilla and northeast
last Sunday the Bible school, which X,h:iVvka frk,H;, o1- lhe ;ouple de- Vo'e ' Ki , on i" i e i pr -n d
isMn a most healthy condition, at- H u-ouI(1 be weil to ive the -i...l.ub v .sde roved
tracted a larj?e number ol the young I!Pwlyweds a roval reception and ac-. ' '
T.eoTde. and a lUOSl interesting llOtir eordirrdv . cBrnnmltti" nnrtv v-aa r,r :
1 . . . 1 -r-i . , orumij a serenauin-, Pctrty . as or- ,T,T , Tr,TT rT, t t t t t a c :
was spent in study. The other serv- eanf7f.,u coinr. tpat evening to the i'OAAliv,. 01 uAjjz Ao
ices of the day were well attended. cnuntrv fum'e nher" the I invilb-s BrGADIEE GEIJEEAL OPPOSED
able discours.s heins delivered by arp to' llve bt 0win to tlie fact ' f
the pastor. Rev. Jaoobson. Those tha( j G Wunderlich. v hen he Washington. April 1'2. S;rong op- ,
who for any cause are absenting moved to town left a strenuoimlv in-' resit bin on the part of democrats'
.themselves from these services are cine( hnU doj; on tbe piaee. i" was 'was voiced at a meetinp: of the senate
missintr much that would he worth rnt until .,,(f,r Lester Wunderlich miii'arv committee t- confirnv.tion of
whPe to them in this life and more had had an animatel interview with the n-iinatiir. of Pr:-. Gen. Fhir-
in tbe hereafter. Fetter drop around his doshii. that the charivari could ence It. K-1 wards, first con: in an der -
to the services occasionally. proceed with harmony. The newly- '--ent of the llti'h (New'ind
'weds appeared. acknowledged the N.diouai Guard 1 d: virion, to be a
' Honor Nehawka Pioneer honor and provided their friends ma; .r to neral. Tbe subje -t was dis-
j With his cycle keen. Father Time with a fine luncheou of coffee, sand- cussed at a coonfercnec with JJ'ccre-,1
We are making the best burial vault possible to
produce. Constructed of reinforced concrete, it is bet
ter and more durable than s'.cel and has the advantage
of costing less. Most undertakers over the country
are handling our goods.