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MONDAY. APRIL 18. 1921
MITK'i: TO (0TIIA(Tll.
S.aU-.l Olds v..'; 1 p.
Che piattsmoutb lournal j! CHILDREN PLEASING ii
Entered at I'OstoTice. F'att sinoutr.. Neb., as see--r.-i-cla.s mail matter
BATES, Publisher
i I I !!: t of I'll I,.
!5iow i . ! i 1,;,, X
Jii.i,.iav. Mav 1'r.d. for
jfi-trui tij,(f ,-ai verts and 1:1- I
o'k the i:aK!-M',r-!.vk ?
1 1 "Spring-'s Awakening' is the Title of
j t Offering of Cclunitia School
i Young People at High School
I The young people who are attend
I ing the Columbian -cli ; ,1 pre. en'.ed
a wry :ntt-rc-?nn aau pleading lit: i c ! - i n. t; v .... - - r .aji.i
i oDeretta on Thursday eve-nine :it the ! ' " ,iH'r"AII:,:-1, .u.iruiiie
I aiiiJit-.Tiuii! of th. high school ! -.-''" , . ',
fr! ti'led. "Spring's .v aU-ni:u:" ami!,;,-- -i:
ll t i - v a i
' "I I. i t,.'. ).;.! i I ll;. t of I'uli. V
.: !.s, ' I ' ! 1 Hrow i .!! 1,;., k. '
.'.in1 -fill. i i ; - ;.a. u:iti! .. in o .-i-k X
. or) ilniiOdv. Mav I'r.d. J'jJl. f
lint, nil
I . ;lf-r.ta: w
1 ... . . . ...... . X- . - W
'- ' - " - - I . I I''rV i . I . i . , - M
-iifi-u' Aid !:... ! -I
Uid will I.- j., (i... s.-nat- I
i ! '-r in t;,.- Stat.- t."ap.toi ..n ..r
..oir ti.e l our .. J iu ,.V .M- . ni..
l'- 2nl !. of May. l'.Ji. County
Iln.-ir.l art- h-r-l r-i nr-at -! to
Iir--nl or r-jir-n tr.l. l:..-.d. is i -t
i i. d t'l I -. t.t.
I I ' f.f.,j...-. work o:..-:j-t ..f -m -
of 2ir peed t ion.
:p l- t::e imp
M- mb. !
" : ' j v. Jiich proved m.? of th" ititj-1 !-
..f t... M.i-,I,n l.,ci!P li-'htfu! r:ittTtai:.i:H nts that ha -. n ' 1 ;''V" ',:1 ,.
,. . iVCIl ;lt!V it hCliurtiy Ol HI''
..n. to r taai tt-ipcr- !.:ty ;(n,j thf; ,If!,e f(,:ks ;.ll:in:. ,.ar? ' .
-;i i !.i : - ii .i i
-; !;! v . t i it,
i.t ! .i ! i r
--"1-l-rJ- t'f" --.l.
Some FACTS About
: c :
A kin in thv :;'avt- i- ' r:a lay
in Switzerland.
Nebraska ah- i j it
looks. lcok5 ahead.
I'in mrney zaust be ::-e kind you
irtick tome one for.
: n
ant" in specn j.-
-: o : -
Prw-Geraianira -e-u,any
lives a.s a cat.
:c: -
Kv:i (
thinps are .-! l-.-m v.-
I: takes a pretty -n;ai t-i
hi:e behind a v.-o:;un'.- skirts thes-e
da Jr.
iien mink tiiev have c:r.-
pltted a hard day's work when they
chalk the cue and put the nine ball
' in the corner pocket.
A carload of red liqucr shipped
from Florida lu Coh.rad was billed
;.- '.oriiatLiC-;. At lea.-t. the eon-iun-r
were not color blind.
tio riht ahead and s;et sniircl
on the world if you want to. the
world doen't car", ami will move on
yif. the same without you.
If Greek were ;h- u:.iv. r-
'Hie Chri.-tian Daily Standartl. a
, t . Chicago newspaper, lias t-u-p' iided
Tin lit ?r-n t irvri I'-ri:iri if -vv null-
guape the Turk-? wu lid go deaf and " ' '
, lisntd m the wron'4 place,
dunb. i
: o :
:o: ; The Kun-as Indu-:r;a!i-t is s'i!!
, tinaDie to un Jer.-tan.l whv (. lara
to pay. ince .-he ivia t i:.-ecd to .
" .r:iith Hamon basn t sued Mrs. I ii
S'll'man for felonious eclipse.
an way.
Here's a tip L,'-: Tiie
hen that fioesn't caec!e. has no
to advertise.
: c : -
An hon'-st. h-'art and a iot
h'Kitcn are oft con.-.-aled b--r.trat:i a j 11
rat'"d ve.-.t. I
Th'i Creitrhton ..ews wonders if
trie negro who admitted he could
u:j-crew the inscrutable might not be
;f. Ti;c f..-l!ow winds the watches of the
About the ii;ly tiling in tl:i- wi.rbi
that i-s r-aily w'Ttt it is cracked aj
K be. i i U e.
And now congress 'mm go ahead
with a full he.trn of steam lor what
ever its head is full of.
o : o
And now th -y are trying to I.;: ..'
the movie-? for everything that u-ed
to he blamed on sabnns.
o : o
"lllue laws are t lie- propaganda of
t':e evil on-. What we n-ed is the
awakening of personal consien' ."
M i-s Alice Robertson, congress
woman. . ; o :
essential a-, -.ran ': t -d t h -i-ltc; will- hiiih !!'.':-
u: s in the arious parts in which they
were ca-t.
The pleasing little tory ee!:tfred
arotinJ the Jack Frost an. I North
Wind who had delayed the return of
spring and disappointing the child
ren. Father Sun and Spring com?
to the rescue and bring happiness
to the little folks. As 'Jack , Frost,"
George C:.!dwe!l appeared in the cast
and the North Wind was played by
Elizabeth Glass. whil George Olson
appeared as "Fa'hr ."sun'" and Har
riett Hurt'er as "Spring." Bernard
Klinir appeared :t the "Gardner."
Alire Petersen a- tho "frost Fairy"
and Laura Hiialak as th- "Sun Fairy."
The children supposing the prin
cipal characters wer .Mary Aia!iis.
Teresa. Libershal, Violet Lamphear,
and 'irtrin:a Gouchenotir
Ona G
Miiire.l Kiliott, Fonda Trivaly. Ida
Ki'enherger. Irma Mayfb-Id. .Miblr
Sh'Idon. Kleanr Fanaek. Hilda
Johnson. The animals were r pre
sented by Harold Jennings. Gu.-tav
Gla.-s. Gilbert Clark, and Norman
Wo? then.
A number of the young lads im
personated the birds o: the fure-t be
ing Robert Hrittain. M -rl" Mca rury.
Wood row York. Klward Read. Gl-o.
Reuchka. R jy Turner. Harold S-ay.
Robbie Adams and Harobl Connors.
The flower dance, on' of the at
frartive part.s of the- ojeietta was
taken .art in by Jean Caldwell.
Miidred Alien. Porothy Hunter anrl
Fbiren'e S'-hutz and one th::' was
most li.i rm in to the auditors.
I)esjite the unfavorable weather
conditions a large number were- p-' s-
etit ai:l tii'- event one mat v.i.i long
be pleasantly remembered.
Mill'- I
flowers were represented by j
Graves. Margaret Vitersnik.
;-1 .1 . .-. .-I
! 1 II 1 O-i l-il .)!, . ! . t .
I : .
51.1" i -il.ii- :.,ir.; i i-i ri f u'i 1 i..;.,r. t ..
1- - i.ix '.-;-. !v.
!.ma! f .-t " i.rn I -l- . ;.-
J - l;.M ! Ii ' i J ! " -.!,. i .-ti- .:!.. .
-I-' liri'-ul M" (i ii ii-'(. f.;.-.
" 1 ! f' ,-t .' " ...riirt'- .:,
.-..rii-i-re !.t. i . : ..-ks.
:;; l!;n iil f-t j,:i.--s a rf.l 1 .; I-',
i: M. lurnb-r a:.-l spikes f.-r j.jar.k
'erti::eil '. k f'.r .,', of t!.- ';,.:
f ti.i- iiiU w;:i .- v'ji i red wit!: -;i ..
.1 1 1 ever v I'M r -( ;. . d.
l'!a;:.-- nt-'l s,..i ' at ems for tie wnk LSJ
Iti a , l-e si-. ;i a fi.l ' '; f..; rn t !i.-i ,t - f3
.' ii! forms s.-. ;..ii .-,t ij... i,;r.,- ,,f i T
t I I -i . i I T v- I ! . - I. . , 1 I - . V
!.:-.k'.l. "I" i)t Jl Till- of t
I i-p.i i :?;-r.t of J'.,!;.- W'niks .if I
. . I-,. N-l r.isk;-.
(! .-i::-. i . i : i ?i t v r -!'.- ti:' tt
!.:". tv v.-..;'..- ;,! t.-.-Mii.-alit ;-
i -i t a ti v ' '; ' : . j?
',: ii. s. vi. i-:s. 3
t mi Tit. r!;. ';;.- i r ,
; !! ' K. .IDH.NSi N.
.. 5i-:.w s.i'v ..;,t. of I 'uli. Wink-'
I lore are authentic figures front the Ford frcto.y at Detroit. I liey show
you just how rruiny Ford ars and truck:, 'nave been built each month s;nce Jan
uary !, 1921, and how many have lx;en
old to retail customers in the United
V. rn'iu ,-(!
. '. ill C
Tiie ioiularity of his new word
"j'.orma'.cy" encotirag-d Pre:ud'-nt
Harding to use it aain in his in
augural address. It Mill sounds
good. We are for it.
There is general agreement cu the
.r ;i trap for the ri'h." :-i;. siibjec t of tariff intere.-t.; that is
Howes Monthly, "and tin- rub- il'bey believe thir own proriu-
that a poor man i- cauglit in it." j
Sometimes you e ;. girl so vi-j titles,
vaciotis that, b'-r rnouth is never '-rlllj
long enough to be properly ki ed. j "A t n ;n
houhl be prMi-cteil but tiijf i!;cr
ild be free liade in all other a r -
walk I'vcrv morning
:o: I is coinl for the liver." f.iy- on- .f
Political plum pudding for pud-1 the mdi -al sharp.;. If the average
ding-head politicians seems to be t !i " i:; ;t ti had take ten-mile walk every
chief output from trie Whit.- lb. ; Inr r nii.g he would prefer not to have
:o: j a liver.
The fool new.-papers, have already! .Q.
said too much al out i-h. r; skirt-. "Wli'T 'otif Income Tax Goes"
and now ihcvan- akitiLr iNin 1 , the caption of an arti b- in ti'.--
tr. i Atl.ini i Joiiinal. It i.-n'i where it
o:..i ' i-s. or why i' ;;. s. i.ijt the fact
Haw- you had any , re i- t :; ' , , t,,..t ,lnt;s us .,
-hoi tcake yet? You get one m ire bite hoi brand.
i!-iy as April a 1-j .n.
Minn: i u i umiim nni
s'a'i.l l.i-ts .";;i t --! -. i ;i i t ':
..f ti.i- S!..r. I i. ..i i t n, i J i.t ' i.
I Wmkv. iti :"!.... i- loowmii i:;.,.-k.
! I.;iic'ii. N-'-re-ka. uiit !l '..'i'i So. k
;.. i'i.. on .Pi:.!a . May ''::!. 1 f.,.
:.' ;. '! : : i o . . s 1 1 ; . t : r iiilvi-its a tiU i ti -'
i ii-i.tiil Wei k oil t iie Ne.raka ir -I.
in "in i";-'! i." '"ass u :r,l. iTirw-i
.v.. 1 Ke.jer;.! .f.J Koa.l. Ti.i- nr.,-
I'..-;-.! f ': r:i -- i-ov. :' t:.!s xi-n will 11
a!-., i ' v i -r st-'liu:: ' !:" in ito- o.'ir.'.v :r-r
: . . . i . . I ... I '1 ' . : I tl i ' ' T( n
' ar.i'.r in t;i- .-iat- 'a;..t! i r. ''!' !: j
I 'ai t I '.'.r ..' 1 ,' !o k v.i.. ..t, f J
C;.! da;.- . f Mv. 1 aj 1 .
strawberry eac!
1 You will be n memb I pleasant
:o: j ly for your indiscretion long after
No (ifendoliiie. Re;K :viani. w o , your -agacity and ben .olence are
i.s vi.-iting this ciuntry. is not tiie forgotten. People will sav: "He
latest Parisian dan' r. ll" i.i mer -' was so human!" meaning that you
Iv a statesman.
-: o : -
j w ere foolish. For w iiicii they will
i love von.
John I). Roekcf' iier pays hx ir-,
ome t j. of ?:; .'oiO 000 this
G'.-n. C'uttley Dawes, h'-ad of the
Oh, gasoline, what wonder.-, are com-1 ornm i . ion to inve:-;gate conditions
mitted in thy name! relative to wounded and disabled sol-
j die.--, says that the commission is go-
ing to "get togeth'r, get omewl.ei c.
I! aii'l get through." i.uat sonuds like
, a : bir- ine:-:-;.
jWXL TIIOE (' Pi-e.-.ident Harding made a nofor-
jy.t- i ioii.-i ii. in si le-oioii ir :ppoiniiiig
rff rJigi r,,i- Harvty, amba:, -ador to
I Gr"at K'rj,ain- a"fl an exceptionally
iaJtti . I y,ori one in r.amiig Mvron T. Her-
gG J'frlP I r'k as ;t-iba:-alor to France. Oh,
KjL L-JkJ M. jflLO I well, Harding is only a .,0-50 pres-
The price of our dry clea.nir.g
cuts down the price of clothes.
Dainty Dorothy says that she
I has found out that we take
most excellent care cf the gar
ments entrusted to us ir.d that
our charges should make friends
for this house. Our dyc-iag
proves satisfactory, as we use
the latest approved methods and
the best dyes.
jdei.ty, any v. ay.
; An Oregon wife i-" vears old v.ish
to sin- her lo-yc-ir-old liu-band for
divorce, hut cannot, a.-; he is a minor
'and has no guardian or nt.xt friend.
(And, of course, she doesn't dare to
1 wait until he attains hi majirity,
.owing to the danger of learning to
; lik" him in Ihe meantiuie. Dear!
; dear!
Goods Called fcr and Delivered
w j 1 mm . i ii j v m ti m w
With more than 100.000 abb-bod-ieii
men tramping the streets of Chi
:.g(i vainly looking for work, and
-imilar conditions reported from all
olher large center of population, it
does seem that iabor organizations
would wake up to a realization of the
! fact that there no longer an exces
sive premium on labor.
The Houston Post say? thai Texas
w afermeiot, crop this year will be
worth fully 1 1 .".,000,000. A man
who attempts to re'-anijre a watermel
on crop in mere dollars is an unmiti
gated ass. The value of that lucioin
fruit can . expr. e. onJy in eiio-
Tbe fine down-town residence
known as the Walker home, located
at the corner of Fourth and Oak
streets-. This is the last of the de
sirable down-sown properties that
"an be secured at a price that will
to'' big returns on th" investment,
o-.iy h ilf block from library, court
;,!'-e. pi friu.. ce a;ni lu ittest- dis
t ri : .
Four line b-ts. high and :-a!iibary.
One shade and lawn, good well, ci--t
r rn . City water, good ban;, brick
house partly modern, polished oak
fours in living rooms, some repairs
nf-i I; d. Will make a splendid home
for .etiring farmer, or any one de-.-irin
a high class residence prop
erty, or for investment, would make
fine, high-class rooming home; close
o city restaurants.
Out of-town owners of tin's prop
erty have refue-t-d me to dispose, of
it at once. I will therefore ofYer ir
for oiio-tourth of its replacement
valt: . and nominal amount of cash
down will take it.
Plattsmoi'.th. Neb.
il-n'rl nrr lir-b rfitu-tt-l t
tir-iil r r-iirf--tii.t!. !'.;.;! ;s
II.'. 0-, to ... j., . if
Ti I'' ' ' i 'I wi-i k consist s of i 1 1 ;i - ! Jt-
i t ii ir ?:!.-- of .-:i-ti i
'!' - .iT;.i'. : rri.i .- ijua tit : t - at- - i Vs J
J inOii- '.a;-U i-artii m a vat tui i p
.il.ii- : i its . ' a i. o I a va ''!!.! f
; i.n.i .-!' i.i i a v i 1 1" p. I
. !- - :r ,r
: .:) - ol..' . : s sj, . v. a ...ti'.:., ! rrj
!'.:.:. ,-. i . ; - t . -: - t t .r- ! i m -
lit-. I - " - I mix. ! . i 1 1 1 v i t s .
' i i oil'- aii- i i-i n fori '!. t'.-,
mix. ! .'-ad -.v.i : ' s.
til feet ,'. i-. o- : ';..
" ioo-a! fe.-t ' I " ' n--i . t,. ;,-,...
' - fM-t ...!,. I . t .- j ! I i-
:fO ! . '',- k .". ' ; ' l' t '..- . ; , :
if t:-- - i'i wo! i .(,!! w;t 0 f
a ! .-vi-rv i ---- . iv.-d
J 'I .IIs- aod ' :':-:tUr. for t ! ..- w o; k
Total Production 127,074 Total Retail Sales 206,032
sliowinp: that actual sales for thr- (irsi tiice mouths of 1921 exceeded production
by 80,958 Ford cars and trucks!
April requisitions already specify 107.719 additional cars and trucks and
the estimated April output of the factorv and assembly plants combined calls for
only 90,000!
These: facts clearly show that the demand for Ford products is growing
much faster than manufacturing facilities to produce and were it r.ct fcr the deal
ers' limited stocks, which are now being rapidly depleted, many more customers
would have been compelled to wait for their cars. !t will be only a matter of
weeks, therefore, until a big surplus of orders will prevent anything like prompt
If you would be sure of having your Ford car or true!: when you want
it, you should place jour order now. Don't delay. Phone us or drop us a card.
f&k a n3 g
i . n. mmmL mm mmm
PHONE NO. 1 -:- -:- -:- -:-
i J
i. I - yt-i-t. an! i n forma t ion a-.l : will ivrwiiti ot"-n one hour,
-a' f..:i?;- s,.,. jr... at ti.- ..ft f l'ati.d Hun ila.v of Mar'
;,.:: ''oil: ,.t I '! a 1 1 s i- i; i : -. NV. i U'-l.
(aid lecordr.. .'at t.-reof. Said sale
i. A. 1'.
,;.--r li'-cr re t ion for at least a part
if he far-- and all if possible.
f t!..- Stat-
Wo: ks at
This morning -Mr. and Mrs. Wil
liam Raird i"urn'-il home frori a so
journ of several months in the sunny
s-uth. a greater part of which time
v.a; spent a' .Miami. Florida, where
they enjoyed the balmy climate and
tiie delights of that piiy g n ; t: i of
the southland. .Mr. boird ;md v.iie
are both feeding mu'-h impro'-d ov
er their iutlng and the condi'io:: ol
.Mr. IJ-iiri in paribuiar ha- been ;n.-pro-.ed
by tlir- -tc-f 'n the mii-lcr r !i
;:ate of th" .-oij'ii. Ttie;r m a n y
t'ri'n'ls are ,(,i-.--i to .-'-e th'ti back
home once more a;;d they are equally
pieased to be back in the horn" cir
cles .
Liberty Boot!
rcO. 5S373
'I ; - k;. ir at He
' .- .:, i : i-:. - t .'' !i '
. . ' . N i . ..
T Sr.. t.- and ' ' m r,t v I . t
i i -lit ! o Wi;ivi- .! t ! ; n ji a 1 i I i' - a :
. i -"t an." i. r ;M In!-.
: i.'i i:. s. vi.',:s.
' i i! t v '! . i k . ' ass i i 1 1. 1 .
;i:. t: .ionxs".
ill-.: -v S. . v I .t of IMll.. W.'iic-
u iii i: ki I it i "M it
-..:..! 1 ;.!s -.. i ' r-eeiv.-.l .. t tl ..
-.' i ' ' f t!. Stat.- I'"!i;tllli!(-l:l of I'n!.-
0 Wo s-s. Iti t". ill HV!i-l Hindi.
- t :.: .. . Ir.. V. mask. i. ut.ti! ..' o' J... k
i ::! . on Men lav, .nd. 1 ' 1 1 . f..r
-id Mr. i "iimi:;- ti' ! '--i T.- and in-
' ';!! w : k i ; ; ;' i ) -1 '..:! o
:- o ".' - ( . . ; ' - . --i -1 N . l'lT
. I i i o jd i:...o' I'". i! f..i :ns
nU ! !- - I . -.V i I I l.ts.1 . ....(
. - . ' : "It" in .,.;.,. I . i , , j li t a I. . I
."' t .... ' i " if Sa r :; .i,i!it
I : ' - .. i" t : .- S . 1 1 . I
" . . - I ; St a ti- jot o o,-i or
, . : I-, i .!.- ..-' !.. vi .,', ,i k .. in. on
i. id dav- -'f .Vi:. . t''.'!. 4 :
lloiir;! art- lirn lii ri-iin -"Iril t lit
jir '! ir r-prn-ii I t-il. I'.icid. i s aM
irs-- ---! to i.-' !!. ll t .
Ti t'l'l'lms d WO! k 'olls'sts of l oll-
. t'O'liiig mj.i s of l artii road.
T- a :: : ': n;a t - ; a n 1 i t ii-s are:
I .". ." 1 into- vards -.iit!' i-m .iMdimi
. 07."- i -old.- yards s;.-. ial i-. aation,
i ' ;'. t.a.
1 i':ii- -.aids -.n.eial Xi a a t i m.
''.!.! Is.
1".."7C. i nl.ic vard- Sta. o : t r i i a ii ! .
' i-o;.o vai.i- r -: ti f o f i-i-d .-oriio ! '-.
'. - .' - t !: i x . ! .i i n ! -. i -.
"nut ', : I , : . - a i d s i , f ' 1 ' 1 1. ' I ' I -.
: i . ' -a.i'.va i -
lineal fci ' 1 " "Hi'-iil'. I'.'.--.
! ' .' One;..' f . ' l" i or i i i .i ..-.
- ':' Ii id - . k fo: .". ' . of tie a i.,o.; n '
-.f ' ' . i ..i v.-! ! . .. lit ed v.-ii I i .i-i.
a nd -. ) : ,.i ) ... . , . 1.
1 : - ; r.d s ; '-' : ti- t i n - f "I I .'."! k
ma . . . n :.nd ma I iofi .and iro
'...; ' i i-i a i t l.l- olfii-.- or
'-.,. tv r:,.( at I Cat t rrioi t !. '.. -o;
.! 1-. a . o i a I ' - o r: i- 'if t !, i- Sia I
1 i a I m -ti : of i'i Id;- W'oiKs- at l.i.n
'!.. N.-l ta-ka.
Tie Stall- ''- -ri'. t -- . -.-- t!i
to wat'.i all ). n i a 1 . 1 1 s a.nd
; i t a ti v or a : : i -id
;i:-i. i:. svr.t:s.
Omntv I'li-tk. ''a-s '..ii?.ty.
;j. :. .iohnson.
id !-:.'..' S". e -.- of I 'uli. Works
l:. l:. WINDHAM.
Admit, ist rator "f t!.,- K-i;it" of
( ; i a I ' n V i nd i am,
; - I ,- 1 1. i cast d.
GROSS COUNTRY TRIP A big surprise when
lllllllll M MliUllM.
l-litiou for iMii 1. 1 iim-:iI of
ilmi nisi rn lor
r; -.:t.- of .v. i r.,.-ka. , .-
I'li-ilories Project at Noon-Day Lun
chcon Yesterday To Take
Place Nest Friday.
i -
.it i;.,
; : i-ti:
!' I1.. C..i:n:. '-. "It.
In il.- :-i;ii of t . -
. : . n- 1 I :. ket. .! -. a
i i". r.-ad i r. tr a ti ; i :
of i'i iliji T. P..-l k ( I ; .i ': -
::i,r' r;d:":i of A: --'.it- :r...
"i ant. d to I'!.::.!. T. !: ' k.r. a
n. ir.i-t i a ;or :
I ii ed. flat I';- :,"f , - of
I 1.1 Jl. at t. -l 1 a '
.i i .: .. ! for i.-ar n ii I '
, .-:, ; - 1 1 j i i - ii ii . i r i ' i s r . i i n
: i 1 1 ! . i tit. :, ; . i a ' a I a ''','!
t . i i- 1 i id in aid for -a i : . i t -.
-ti.W ..-O'si- hiV t!:.- j.l.lvi! of o.-l
. i mild ! I.i- irianlid: and r
t..a ..f f.r- I'.-ii'ii n. - of said ! till-'ii
j On; day tecentiy Ran 1 1 ll IT Iti a n who
i- fanning the Hear farm ha! a w-:;.
. w b. .-;; had been d'lg something like
A t;.e-r i!i-Mii-:iay .uth: eon vs- .". years. .:z c:iUfd out. The well
" ".';;-. io.robfrs of the Ad club an-had bren waib.l up with r-uk and
I-cared enthusiastic over th- bcoster ' he thought that :':i order to punfv
.... !,i In- staged by" th"? American it he would nut a ciart'tv of cc !.-
'o t::e v.ll. H-? did .-o and
. I.cgn.n next I- rn'.av. Arr:! 22nd. ad-: f !:n
- c-i!--; u ir:cir t!;re' ucy no' ur car- ; wnen :". b:t the woter it fi.rnif i a tra
, l.ivai t-.r.d fair April 2: -2L-.;o. liifi an '. this c.;;i-oi a rather I'-ar-on
t te
f s-'"i:ring v. large rt presen-' s r. in a short ti
ti.ti.,;, (,i' hm-ii;
a-, many ,-nakts
in' n !' t iie CI'V iivgan t- .kt'g t r .f i ' t t- o
'' at ci -fJMIiy the l.egion iioys ;rs in It.-- 1 wePn ,.; r,i(i,"-. Th
. i i:i.'i'---cd and a r ..: H ioii .-.dop;'.l . w ho s-j -..- ihls s:o.;., frty ,i.(, sn;i
'.-,: rt i :i g tto. matter favorably to:
i.i. -
lu bt-r el ( 'ononerc
a v.-rag d mcnes t.
! there were
; !
. . . . - . ... i : . i . ii;..iai t 1 , 1 ' 1 s
A band of from twelve to lift ecu i t f snakes in th. wt'.l. Tiie -naW-.
in.! Ill in-. ii in- ti'.ioo! I- -;!'' t
:it; ,.. i s-ons niie: -ti-d in -am matter pie-.-es w . 1 1 a-ton;pany tt;e ooi e-t rs. . :. a d ret-o
I ' ! 1 ' ' i s i . i fl il i. "i"' "f t : is
this wo;! f,
w ? n t f r
! oi.' ;i lei"- o. tni.- "i". : 'a s;,,Tls w i i 1 h n, ade a ' jtianv Cass' quarter.- a r.d the s. s ha.i - udden ' -
-';,.k,!"1;,n Nebraska 'arous.d them. The ' well had not
ii. i:.-.;y. for ti.i-. sii -ssi iv w -!.- . Ci; y. fh-1 it:nt-ror ot the trtp has ; be.-n in list- f.r some time and now
-., iot to said dav ..f i. arims. ;Kt ben compjet-d. bin it is planned' it is thought best to have 't filbii
lo.i.d tlis .,t!. ..ay ot A pro. j fo U-ave about 8 o'clock so a.- to al-J up. Flm wood Reader-Echo.
AM.K.V .!. i:i.'l'oN. .low ample time for stops in all thej .
( Si :, i i ii 7- " '
C.iMv .Im'.gi
m iglit.oring town. I .'''''.s..; .
Shotild weather conditions prevent !.' wf
the trip being made Fri-Jav. it isi V
Plai.r e i to srage it :.U -y instead. V W fl RflPPRKOV
All those having cars who wis;- to .' - " IIUCLIM OUJ.
Oassiu.; Carer, member of the local jowi in c ross couniry run. vtn'... r--tr: P'o.V c..M(i vi .
pot of the American Region, donated nb-a'se comm-nir.-te -ith n,. Hdiy.; l K.... .?"J.r-dTJ COf T
ihe nrvices of himself Saul a team chairman 1 the Legion's committee.! j J t ' 1 u
yesterday and plowed up 1 Region's It is planned to have banners and -I I 21--!!'i!Kj-I2
Topular copyrighted fiction at the
lournal office.
' v.
Mn m ti i ki:iitoic
Staf- of Noli! ;iska, l.'ass conn
This celebrated Percheron Ktallion
was Kired by Coprin, No. 91043. and
his dam was Victoria, No. 6147.
Liberty Rond is a coal black Per
cheron. weighing about ir,00 pounds
and was three years old April 4th.
He will make the season of
it my borne, every day in the week.
.-talc of Kmily
I II lie ' 'on I, t V I'm;
l.u t hi- mat t' t "f t I.
. 'i 1 1- v, ii i-i-i ;i s f d .
To ti.e or.-.'itoi-s of said slat.-:"
Vim are 1 ir. Iy not i tool. Tint I will
it i;t ll. i' iVmnty I'o.irt riKiiu in I'iatts
"iitii in said riiirilv. on Aptil L'.'th.
I'i.!. H' July :'ii!li, l!i.'l. at 1 o'lork
;.. m. if c;n!i tlay, to receive unfl e.
iteifi' Mi! iaiiii-i ai;:i:tit said estate,
wild ji-'.v to their nd just men t and
-liOiv.i-n' e. 'i lie- time lim.ted for the
;u 'so ntat ion of i laiii'.s against said s
fiite is thii'- T.i on 1 1 : from tlur1 ."th dav
f An lib A. It. KtJl. and tie time llm
i'"i for iiayi'H ni of delits is one year
li"ii said J'tlt liiiv of Al'iib 1 f g I .
Witness in. Land and tin: seal of
aid lo'ir,'-.- V...rt. this 1-Htti da v of
Man!,, 1VJ1.
Al.hbN J- RKi:S'iV.
I si-;i I i in.' -j '.-. County Judge.
mit it i: or inniM-i'iiMToir-s i.i:
Iti tt.e District Court of Cass coun
ty. Nebraska.
In the ina'ter of tie a ludi-a t ion ?
It. H. Administrator, for
liiiiri' to sell real estate.
Not'ce is 1 i-ieiiv nivn tbat. in pnr-
mi.-ii.i of n n oiilt-r or tii. iionoiHiii'
memoriiil plat in the local cmet'-ry.
wbic(. after being double di.-ced and '
raked to give if :: even .surface.)
will be seeded down in th'- near fu- ;
ture. The plat comprises nine lots j
in a r-iOior uneven part of the n v.-j
c met ry' grounds and on the ;nlvice
of .. H. McMaken who has had ex-i
t'n.-ive experience in resoddir g and
leveling, it was decided to plow up;
the plat and seed it down anew.
This is but one of the many im
provements I hat will be made during
the coming year, and when complet
ed the lots will present u most beau
tiful appearance, especiully during
the summer .season when the plans'
of a land -cape gardener will be work
ed out in detail.
These lots are not to be m-ed for
burial purposes, but in Ihe years to
com" will provide the post a place j
for holding it- memorial exercises
and be a lasting tribute fo the boys'
who gave their lives in defense of
ihe country during Ihe world war.
Several hundred dollars will be
spent in this work, including a part
of the money realized from the in
dor carnival and fair the Legion will
hold the last three days of this
1 -'v:-" ;.:
Ottawa. April 14.- Marly fiiis
morning the house of commons, vm
ing under cloture rules, sustained
the Meighcn government in its rh-ii-
li,nns T. McL-ifv. jinkf of the district ' building program and granted the
coint iif I'as-s cmifitv, NehtBskH. made adrnin k-trat ion an interim supplv
on It.- i:.t'i .lay of Marcl:. A. I . 1 1 . , . riving oil nuilli" rxn-tldl-
. .... - . . iitfi&jt.'.ii. .Fi.n-.;ii-vri4irfi-rf'
wrvice l-e will i,e SIO.OO to insure j,,;, f ,. , .U-v, il,.',!. tl.ere will be sold at lures for the first part of the pre-ent
tnrjHH oi.rrtC- OOSUt
colt to Htand and nick. Parties dis- pi; t.ii.- vendue, to 't he highest bidder for fiscal year. The vote stood 101 to
posing ot mares or removing from eai,. ..n.-inud therenr to t.e pant r, for t)H. governnunt. Thedhi.iun
the community, service fee becomes 1 ,:f.fii1 l.1'"" in the house brought to a close one
-!. . ,. . .. . '..i.i P.11U ,-dlt l l-illllll lll'-'l " "I" i"ii".
idue and pjyablo immediately. Care at the so,,ti, fi.,nt .!.. r of the court of the bitterest fights in the Cana-
- 'i jwiii be taken iu prevent accidents. hens.- n. ihe fjiy of riattsmouth. iti ,jiin p;i rliaruent since 1 1) 1 :i. when t he
ignate in dollars Ihe value of the but owner will not be held respon- ..'r'T.t 'W-i nulllr opposition, ohst ru.M ing the plan of
crepe jamine bios joins, the joug of Bible should any occur. of ..Viuck' a. ' m..' the following de- Sir Robe.'t Borden to give h'r,anci tl
ith mockiagblrd. or the starlit eve- nnnir
umu 5ijjArtH, uwnsr
-, ..jy-., ,',-. v. :- .iiuro! - ' . .
: . w ' r s- -mt - - -----
:fv:.,i'-A-.-'' ; -jA -- .- .
- j.TV- -
v try
Jiov.' desolaie 'r looks. -
Of ccYirse yoi expect io erect a
y rirMm nY W . z.: )
n.w.iuun. iiV-Ci-C OUIl illlVc
Ovf service isaiyovr riisuooaJ-KW-'
V::g fcr co'ibhfXQ cxA ccrrvp-eiz
,V ii' .t:
i . . . wt.
nings in s-uuiiiier.
scribed rea ! estate : Lot nine it in aid to the British navy, kept the'
ioo-ch. nt: ui in me oiusumi iti-.n i iin,ltfi J ronfli'iinus mi-;sio'i for two
Plattsmouth. Cass county, Nebraska, as i'OUfee ill COin.LUOUa faesio.i ioi lo
tbe eaine is eliowu on the published weeas.
A ' 1 '
At . I OL
1. I '
i ...' . h i. .
S .' . J 'V:,Ji'jii1
Ii' -