The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, March 31, 1921, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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Murray Department
Prepared in the Interest of the People of Murray and Surrounding Vldnity Especially for the Journal Readers
It lay of the re !Jt r. of the
Jouroui knov of s-vird
eTert or l'eru of : i. r-s: In
this vicinity. HD" n.aiJ
sire to tins ot"J -. U v ill r.;
pear UDlc-r this iituiiit g-. We
WbUl all D'-'Waltaia-f.IiITOB
Protecting otir
Keeping the wolf from your
door is often taken too
figuratively. But it is not an idle
joke, to be ridiculed or ignored.
To keep the wolf from your door
requires weapons more powerful
than implements of war. It requires
a defense that cannot be bought or
-r borrowed it is gained
Vwxfc through practice of thrift
To save is to insure yourself
and your family protection.
Every man owes himself and
his family the protection of a
savings account in a good
substantial bank such as this
one. There are other ways in
which we can help you protect
your family. Investigate.
Make This HanfUour 'Best Servant
Open an Account buiih Today VOW !
Four p-r ce::t interest ol. time deposits. deposits are protected by the State Guaranty Law.
All business transactions held in strict confidence
Ycur Personal Bank.
'".!:.-s K- ".. . :. 1:!.
Cif visi'or ;.! i:
M i. .- a la.":.
Kv.' rvn t . -.-n'J
i.-:tur in M
last Sat'.ird;!'
Mr. and M
Ciif-t- of Mr.
M ( r. i; .-i v v -.
Mr-." ,:::!!
Mr, k.i.
K i - of I'lat;-!.
;ay v
"d Mr
..- 1 -e
Wm. Carper and wife of near Ma:i
were visiting with friends and
looking ;.fter some business as well
in Murray last Monday.
Call tis for price- and auyii;ii;s you
mey --vant to know about cream and
country produce including poultry.
The Murrav Cream Station,
-:ck folks
home "i
wt i.
Mr. ga---' -
W ed: -Ken-!
iaht -;
pro 'i ti--"
v. a- a
in- '!:
It-ni.- v
;i n i
r.t .M:
.' : r-
: ' li ! .i '.
,.i e:
H f-
w it!:
-f':.n v.
: -. i
il.i: i
i a -1
i. th .
ill. : s--I
yir.s th"
, ;; ;i ; ry
. Slut
s T -1 . ' i i ". : :
: v.'v. !.
MauiS id . A.
"ifnas in
: v! n rr ov-
:. 1' til'
' . v. j a
r 3 ?
Alv-sys Ready lor Sale
Dstcs far c;r near.
Telephone 42S Plattsnouth Exchange
at t!-
Vhrrca? lin'iy re rfporrf-a as heats
. -a nuiui and it is hoped that
Lev v. i'l rin he well again.
K. J. IIar;.-;r-)m. eashier of the
riirn:er.-v State Dar.k of Avoca. was a
' visitor in Murray last Sat
in day. driving over in his ear.
Win. Seyholdt and wife were visit
in atia Icokinp after s une husiness
mafers in Omaha last Monday, d.riv
inc i.i m.tiropalis in their ear.
.!..! : Iiohi'Ok hai had ne of h is
hi hirer: ill for 'ho past fe .v days.
!.;.' v i;h the ht r-t of 'are and atten
tion the little one i.- now improving.
SiierilT ". 1). Quir.ron was looking
after som-- busines- ir. the
r.-ortion of the ecun ty iist
pusrdn? through Murray going and
Mi-e Margaret Garri-on and Dor
is Fran?, of Virion, -p'-r.t Easter at
th- home of Mr. and Mrs. Glen Todd
-oirh of Murray, enjoying the va-i:
Miss Hazel Iovey of I ' 1 a : i -moii h.
a visitor at the home of Ir. and
.Irs. G. H. GilnKr- 'at Sunday, en
iiig the Ea.-tertide at their hospi
ra'de home.
L. O. Mitor of Plati.-mo uth. a
aU-smari for the T. H. Kollock Auto
v estern
company of that p!a;
1 oking
in Mur-
afier sotr,e husintss matter.-
ray la t Til- sday.
Mr. and Mr.-. Arthur Hansen and
family and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Val
entine of V.'yoming, ."eb.. were Eas-tf-r
guests at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Teru Hansen.
Albert Queen was a visitor with
!: I'M -1
.-- -
i mm i
' - ,Z .
i ( i$ Vi -X
,i j t. -. .--.. - -j i
Children's Stockings
Tell the Story
v They must be more than good
to stand the test of youthful romp
ing. IRON CLAD stockings Rive a
frooci account of themselves with
the Kiddies.
. 1he"Extra 7n-fc"-an exclus
ive IRON' CLAD feature-gives
adued strength to the honest yarns
without destroying their comfort
givmg: sohr.ess and elasticity.
And every stocking is re-eniorced
with extra threads w here wear is
Iron Clad hose for
the children in mercer
ized and plain yarns,
are made with the
double top, just where
the wear comes.
25c, 35c and 50c
Exclusive agency for
this Direct-from-the
Factory line at
this Store
Hi aft & Tuti,
Murray, Nebraska
friends in Muray last Monday, drlv- Miss Neva Latta c m
ing; down in his car, spending the j F.mersan last Frh'r y ;
day with Murray folks and return- j friends and to he pre-- -1
ing home in the evening. ter services in the
Jaras Lancaster was a visitor in i :an church an'l to .k
I'lattsmouth last Tuesday, hein-: en- I n.ii.-ieal program of t i
gaged in hauling some culvert t;h j Dr. G. II. Gilmen
out into the county for use in thegr to Omi.a Tlmr-d
construction of belter roads. wh re he w;i-; called l
C. J. Tilton is c ontinuing in the (an operation . ::ich ,
making of some very fine brooms at j formed on o:ie of hi-
his factory in Murray, and is adding: Prince from west ' I;.:
to the material welfare of t he town i he. n at the hospitfl i
by so doing. Push the matter along. J past in preparation i
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. S. Kay. Gleniti- n whi h was reei-.h
Thompson antl family, and Frank iu-r health.
M(a)re :T.d family spent Ka.-ter at i -
ttie nonie oi .Mrs. Asctie east oi .'iui- Hac Arlded Imt)lOT;
ray and all had a most delight tul : Thomas Kuby ha
time. ' m::hc substantial inipr
Joseph Mrasek was in Platt.-mouih ; farni north of Murray
last Tuesday, where he was in at- j ;;e Uipe of a wash ;
tendance at the meeting of the Klks j n;-Ci witii work-vloj)
lodge of which he is a member, and j Yh. has made it in:
remained for the banquet which they, Vtnient for doinu th.
ved. f;;m. both with
Mr. and Mrs. Aloert oung en-I
tertained Mr. and Mrs. I. A. Year.-.
Mr. and Mis. Hex Young. .'.Ir-. Ona;
Law ton and .-.on Lyle, Miss 'h-.ra '
Young, and Mr. Guy White, at E.i'-.-r(
dinner. J
Woi d has been rei eivcd that 11 v.
Buchanan would spend the i :
in Murray again. This will be gaol
news for our community as Mr. !':i
chanau has many friends i:. :m:.T
round Murray.
Mesdames. G. H. Gilmore and .).
A. Walker and her daughter. Mis
Margie Walker, drove to Plati
mouth last Monday in the car of M:.-s
Margie, w here they visited w
friends for the day.
J. W. Prendel. M. L).. ii Avoca.
drove over from his hom t ovisii ':!
parents here, and aceom pa::a:e 1 by
nis fa liter. Dr. P. K. Pr. lolt-l. v-v-..-visiting
and looking aftt-r busine. s
in Plattsmouth last Tui-sday.
Little Elizabeth McCracketi ';a
had to miss school for a number of
dnvs because of having had a vt:;f
nd the men as w. i
oi building materia!
the enterprising ..
homo fro'.i
visit with
a i the K:-'-
d lu-osh tvr
part in '.'.to
- a pa .-- en
;" iu; tiling,
e ire.;e:;t at
ic-ing p.r
:ient.5. Mrs.
who has
sun';- days
the (!. ra-
1 to i '-si; re
.3 a. I
' c n? ly added
. e;.,ents at hi.
"'iiich rc in
. .ns; and gar
:a connection,
.c a more c-on-v.,
rk at the
( men folks
T'r.e lumber
v.-;!-: purchased
ii (:' Lianning
Pip.r.o Wanted
Standard make picf -rre.l. Must
pri 'ed riuht for a-h. No deal
s. Address Journ-.l o.Tic-e.
Surprised Their Trlend.
fVc 'veT:iT!iis :.:. t!
Mi.-s Mar:- Puis wh-- !
hio.w -vh n her l:r' I:
:r a crowd to her h
I. .-wed their frit nd
i-Vt r. ing with gam"-;
.-. .11 :.s wishing th--!:..-.-:
merry return
:'- r nmnv y. ars to
For Sale.
Whit.. China G-h. . :
r.i. Albert Y ting.
fro nds of
bar pened to
- camv. wen:
v.ive they
most merre
:.' :.:us1e. as
e:::g lady a
t!iv occasion
, f i
bad of tooth ache, being
to tar: with the molar, she ha
compelled to miss school.
T. S. IJarrow-.-. the manager
Farmers Klcvator cc-mpai.v if
ray. was a isitor in (Una is a ;. :
Wednesday, w lie re he was looking al
ter some business in connection with
the elevator business in Murray.
Everybody is saying that the n
ter'ainmcnts on bath evenings :;.
'. el! worth w hile w hich, w a.- giv- ;
by Cap:. Mr.nsrn. which was he'.!
here last Friday and Saturday, in
the interest of the community ,lub.
The new house which is l.e;n c. n
s true ted f' r Robert Shroler is b-ir.:T
pushe-I towards completion very
idly, it being completed as far a
iinishir.g of the plas'ering. The
ancl painting of the s; rue tin e
e Kept steaaiiy m lew.
The finishing touches have r . en
put on the new oil station a' Murray !
Will Entertain Aid
The me!.!- -s of i he
i h-ty of the ChrViati
: tail:- d .,: t!:- lo :
Mrs. R. W. fP.od on
March Cth. v.h--!i ii h
:: ii :h ni tiers lie in a
! t'.ie oec::
P.. W. Good.
: fie
: d
-o-.. . " a 4,
( ;n-r li will b -of
Mr. and
n Wednesday.
d .-sired that
eioiince. The
n will be Me.
T. S. Farrows
Mi-s U.rth.i Xieklc.-. ing
v;i' -.
Will fgafiize Classes.
Th- re will he nrrangenieiits for
r-M.m. i.-n.s and ' ;ii.r -!a-sts wiil be
c rca?o;Zed at t:;e 1': ff byte ria.n Sunday
.-chool :i tie- ccnnri'i Sunday. April
it is des:r d that all members of
hi ---ho d u"l tbos.s v.'.:m have an
i'.ur.s- n the well Ring of the
hureh and .-chool. he in at;., ndance
and let u- mak" :-n ftort to make
'hi- the be,' 1 ;l k- in the
ot g:;so.
J-n.. 1,
1 1 the .-ta t i n . ecriilui-;
.rmined i:i ::
's" :
and the first e
plnced in t he tank
matter ed" whom
station will lie ue
W. L. Hoback. wim lias been ba :.:,
nuich trouble with his eye: and ho
has been treated by Prs. Urer. del t'.
Pre nde! of Murray, and Dr. Gi:':,.rd
of Dmalia. is making very sarisfa -
tory re'-overy and paw. it is h 'ped.
on the highway to recovery.
Toaster Waiker Gilmore. who i- at
tending the state university is en
joying a visit at home during the
week and is assisting with the chre
about the home and oiR-e. a well
as having a very nice time visiting
v.iMi the folks and other friend.-.
T. J. Prendei. Louis I ! a I la - and
W. li. Puis were at'ending th" initia
tion of a class of nine into t he E'.ks
Good Oak Fcst?
We ha'. a viant i'
oa k po. : - for s . i a! c
: r s ' us if ;. a t io;
r.Ing A: Xici.e-ls. Mut
for Sale.
v of ecLM.
X. b
Cantain IIunEon.
1 1 1
!1 llsell v )1
: e
and remained
U .-da v
even in
ejue: v. hi"h was s-ervt d after the
ferring of the mysif-rie.- of the
gre e.
Geo. Smith, living ea-t of '.(
dtr tlo mana.o-m-.":: t tiu- eiiii;
i;y eioii - suri".' t treat for both
oungai.d old. Car.;. Mr. :is on visited
'he school Tuesday afternoon and it
" a- (-a ' to see t ':..-t he lu- J the g-:"il
wi'.l of every chit!. The attention
titio-ng the cbihiren wa- perfect.
Tuesdav evening'--'- pre gram w a-
vet each
'. osophy.
mo.-'lv fi
rie;; -am-- phi
aight gave you f.
t ;.(-( v. i: . wt re
th.e b;.n-
to be ther
t cia more
'u:-r. He
this. life
others if
out "of
v.-iiich is
can ij'i
n this
is o.ily :
we wi-,
it. and
joke car-Saturday
i for th. -ugi;t and
fortunate enough
::'t help but want
great hisr world e;f
- on .'trong that
lite of service- to
. to ::' the- lao-t
true i.-
t ti ,-,
10112 tit
that we
eh; if wc
wnat we want to
is naving tne carpenters Kept ut of
tu-ichief as l:e i- keeping them ;
work shingling his home. The r--duction
of prices are such as has
guaranteed him havi-nir a ro w roof.
The shingles were furnished from
the lumber yard e: Panning ez
J. A. Scot ten and family were the
guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
James Hatchet for dinl'ner Sunday,
as was aha) Mrs. K. J. Wussim.
daugl ter of the host and ho.-tc-.-s. who
makes her home in Havelock. Mr..
Wasson departed last Wednesday for
her home, being taken to Omaha by
her parents in their car.
L. H. Puis has just completed t lie
wiring of the residence of C. X. Par
rows, who has had lights in-tailed
and tells of liking the se rvice ve ry
well. Mr. Puis also wired the resi
dence of U. A. Root, which is being
used as a dwelling by Mr. and Mr.-.
J. K. G ruber, thus adding two more
places to serve by the electric lighu
in Murray.
Uncle Win. Puis and wife, who
have been visiting at Long Peach.,
California, during the past winter,
expect to start for the east on Apr;!
1, but will stop in Oklahoma for a
short visit on the way home and ex
pect to arrive in Murray during the
following week. They have enjoyed
a very pleasant time while they were
in the west.
Mrs. Spangler with the help of
Mesdames. Joe Diet!. Wm. I'atte r icui,
Cameron Oakley. Joe Stuska. Louis
Hallas. G. M. McCracken. Wm. y pur
er. Allied uansmer. win. itoyal. and
Messrs. Glen Todd and Wm. Gilmore.
put cross one of the best suppers
yet given at the library. The suc
cess was far from promising and
the rain iu the morning looked dis
couraging, but everything turned tun
fine and a goutl big crowd was in at
tendance. Xext Saturday evening
will be a greater sutce-s, ij be on
vant to.
It was ail goru
night-" brought i
w er
there t:
and while the two
74. yet so many
at should of made
an cffeit to attend.
nt-rary a
Sat iirda v
Fed the Jouural Iilan
supper w'-i h the ladies of the
en. which was given
was one which was
signmert of biscuit-
We were in
vited to partake of a mid-afternoon
luncheon after the baking was con
cluded, and can testify that Mrs.
Royal is indeed an expert in this
Those pre-ent were: Mesdames
W. A. Royal. C. D. Spanrler. L. Hal
las. G. W. McCracken. Joseph. Dietl,
A. Gansmer. Win. Spcrrer. Glen Todd,
Wm. Gilmore and Cameron Cathey.
Nice Progress.
in a short time, as she is making fine
progio-s at this time.
Will Hake Heme in Plattsmouth.
La .si Monday John Eppings moved
to PlaitsuiGuth and on Tuesday came
back with the truck and assisted
in moving Virgil Arnold to the
county seat as well. They are the
road men and as the district which
they have to look after has been
changed they will have to make their
home in Plattsmouth.
Will Hold Service Next Sunday
The Rev. Dr. Renwick of Topeka.
Kansas, wiil deliver a discourse both
morning and evening at the Presby
terian church in Murray next Sun
day. Ail not worshiping elsewhere
are tordiallv invited to attend.
Kicked by a Colt.
Miss Hei-sie Mead, of south of I'n
irn. last Monday was kicked by a
playful colt, cutting a severe gash
over one of her eyes, which required
two stitches to close. Dr. J. F.
Prendei who was called, hastened to
the scene of' the accident and closed
the wound and the young lady is get
ting along nicely since.
Buys a Pleasure Car.
Morton Partlett has invested in a
F r 1 Coupe, which he .ecured from
the T. H. Pollock Auto company,
purchasing the same through L. O.
Minor, the salesman, and has made
an xcellent choice. He received the
car on Monday and on Tuesday drove
oPlattsmouth for the securing of
a license for the same and made the
trip in excellent time, getting back
the same day.
Kev. Whitmcre Delivers Service
Rev. Whit more of Omaha, was
present at the I. P. church on Eas
ter morning to conduct the services
of this glad Easter day. He preached
a short sermon especially to the Sab
bath school children, explaining to
them the reason hwy all Christian
chorches celebrate this resurrection
Mr. "Whit more had prepared a f-pe-r-ail
sermon for the congregation far
this festival, that strengthened the
faith of his hearers that Christ arose
from the dead by his own power.
Mr. S. G. Latta. accompanied by
Miss Xeva Latta on the piano, sang
ii. the Sabbath school the resurrec
tion song "Christ is Risen." and Miss
La; 'a. accompanied by Miss Margie
Walker, sang an "Oratorio" in the
chutch service that was very appro
priate. The choir sang several spe
i ial numbers.
The display of Easter lilies and
other flowers around the pulpit and
platform were very beautiful .
Hurray School Notes.
Glen Puis visited school Friday
alte moon.
Elizabeth McCracken was absent
fro nisehoo! Manila v.
Miss Gage visited the
room Wednesday morning.
Helen Read visited with
Sect ten Thursday evening.
Rose Read spent Friday
at the home of Leora Faris.
Hazel Wilbeir was a new pupil
in th.e Primary room Monday.
Marie Puis celebrated botn her
b:-!hday and Easter on the same day.
The high school are beginning to
study about Peunpey and the Caesars
iu Roman History.
The pi.piL of the Murray school
:-joyed a talk Friday afternoon giv
en by Captain Munson.
The high school are more cheerful
ibis week as examinations are over
and most of them weathered the
Up. 1 Homan. Elizabeth McCracken
and Wallace Arnold received prizes
Friday for having the most head
Many of the pupils of the Murrav
school went to hear Captain Mun
son at the hall Friday and Saturday
ev enings.
William Wells was absent three
days last week on account of illness.
Margaret Dietl visited with Marie
Puis. Sunday.
Friday morning the little folks
male some Easter baskets. 'In the
afternoon they were much surprised
to find they had been filled with
The school has recovered from a
serious disease, termed the "exams"
which is quite cantagious. and so,
if you other schools have not yet
had it. look out!
in ftnmsi
.11 . '"J
C rzr
Primrose Gream Separator!
Install a Primrose now and have your cream sepa
rator trouble ended for all time to come. It will be
skimming clean, running smoothly and easily turned
when you are ready to retire from the farm. Some
thing unusual for and machine but the Primrose was
built to do these very things. It is the very utmost
and the final salvation for the separator user.
It is handsome too, easily kept clean, different
from the ordinary greasy, bad smelling machirie. You
will be proud to own one. Ask for catalogue and come
in and see it.
been rendering professional services
The members of the Wohelo Sewing
club were unable to meet at the home
of Margaret Spangler last Saturday,
on account of the bad weather. They
are hoping the future meetings will
be successful.
On Thursday the second and third
grades took their quarterly examin
ations. Elizabeth McCracken receiv
ed an average of 94 per cent which
was the highest in the, second grade.
Opel Homan received 94 per cent
which was the highest in the third
A Very Practical Nurse.
Mrs. Eliza Young, who is a very
practical nurse, has but recently re
turned from Avoca, where she has
a tthe home of Mr. and Mrs. Oli
Harman. at their magnificent hi
near that place and had been n;
ing in their household f''r ;i tium
of weeks. Mrs. Young who is
excellent nurse, is remaining at hi
for a short time resting after
winter's task, but is ready at i
time, when called on to re-nde-r
most efficient service in lur line, t
of a practical nurse, and i- stopp
just now at the home of her dau
ter in Murray.
a n
I now have a car of fresh salt
barrel, plain and sulphur blocks.
22-2weod:sw Myanrd, Xebr.
Listen to What
This SaysS
For Saturday only, we are selling Omar and Puri
tan flour at $5.25 per 100 lbs.
An excellent broom for 50c. Can you beat it?
We also offer four boxes or spaghetti or macaroni
for 25 cents.
These bargains are for Saturday only. But we
have other bargains on tap for you at all times. Come
and see us. We welcome comparison.
11 ' UIIM I
v.el! worth while and besides the !a-
ii:is w ho w-re rested m tne serv- :
ing. they i::ipre-sed into the matter
to expedite, the work Messrs. Louis
Hallas. Ever-tt Spa n eer. Martin
Foorrer. Th.e gcntlr-men surely ad
d"d ela-s to the entertainment and
the whv 1 1 1 a t they went after the
work is surely significant of their
ability along that line. On the fol
lowing Tuesday a number e-f ladies
met for the purpose of cleaning up
the' building and washing the dishes
which it was not possible to get com
pacted on a'-cov.nt of the rush of
business the time of the supper.
Th.e holies ea-t lots and it fell
on Mrs. AY. A. Royal to cook a con-
Mrs. C. C. Carroll, who has been i
at the hospital at Omaha for some'
time and underwent an operation for
the removal of an abcess last week,
is making rapid progress towards
recovery. Mr. C C. Carroll, the
husband and their son Earl, were
vi.-i; at the hospital on last Tues
dav. driving up .to see the- wife and
mother m hum i ia expected v. ill be
well enough to return to her home
46 Registered Aberdeen Angus Cattle
By Nebraska State Aberdeen Angus Breeders Association, at
State Fair Grounds, Lincoln, Neb.,
'mimh teol ilik Dili
r u
Farmers should take advantage of this unusual opportunity to buy good cat
tle of this grand champion beef breed. Remember the Angus cattle have won
more grand champion honors at stock shows than all the other breeds combined.
The 46 head offered in this sale are an extra choice lot of individuals of the
very best breeding and include 19 extra good bulls and 27 choice cows and
heifers. The 15 consigners are offering the tops of their herds. Buy some of
these good cattle now while prices are low
Send for catalog to
WI. J. KE30TZ, Secretary
Col. D. Bryson, Auctioneer f Odell, Nebraska
.' ;. -'