The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, March 31, 1921, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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    union uep&rtmenx
Prepared Exclusively for The Journal.
At ilA- Bank the doer to the officers' room
i alwi.v':- ope-n, and this, in a sense, is
ivpleal of riie. plrit which pervades the
en!::': pL?:e. Austerity, that professional
whi-ili one sometimes connects
financial institutions, is forgotten
Ik:.- i t 'he general desire of every officer
to meet tl:3 people of this vicinity as tel
. ci::7-ns and to serve their needs, re
:...rJ!3. :-; o: whtiher they be little or large,
with tour-.c.-y and consideration,
i ::; ;erve yea in any capacity do not
; the- : dative smallness of yoi:r posses
r p.'v'vcnt v r.i from consulting us;
r..:'i-:r If.t it encourage you to do so.
. - ou wVi to coen a ravings account our
i;u i!iti are your command. Our ad-v'i-c
a::d experience- are yours to draw
j The way is to ju? i-t after the : fourth gnu!". whi! .Mi?s Xettie Mr- i
j.t '.posii inn ;i!id the coil' ! !!:on (if the C;i rrnll has ti first and sfciiiK1..
! '.vork nf orsnnizinic can .oon be a- ' 'makintr the total of t he facultv. aiu;
otupli-li'd. ; nn excellent complimen.t of instructor.
j '1 he work of the school is goin;;
Excellent Services Sunday J .iionjr nicely and the students mak-j
A i the Methodist ehurvj. last Sun-''"" excellent progress. j
ll:i" U ilS l.Ull I V. O er i:i:e in St S. U.Vro HTcre'ei-1 nt T innln
Lu her Mead and son I-rank were vico- delivered by the sM,r-! ,,.,.,.k s f.r
i .'.i.mi.i ' i 1 1 : j ii j i u v iv 1 11 T 1 1 I fTl T . I M 1 1 ' . .1 . K 1 :'h II.' - ' a i
i - v
' lUtf j )., "'it " VI r Cti.f t l,r . 1 turn !nn-
I i ' t .'II . tiLt'lil:. (I ll'l i ui nii'h
the aux-
3 P,
on tiieir truck l.r th.- intrpo.-e :,,;ci Omaha
n.niiinic huiN to i!.,. market. Mr. i i ompleTnenr of .-ervic - ),
T 4. -i ! . ! . . . n ,1 , I 1 . . .. - . 1 i ,i ,i . r, . I - . . l . -I. . . . ,
...... ...-4 u:-- .mui i.,u iiiaries oi i ne cuiuni. I ?:e i;t-V. K. . jlt.R1 (.nl
iiii.i i!u- r. v;u,i iiKiKe reu- . li..uii.i ni u! ( oU!ir;i v. as
!ar v! it- at his iir.inr in tbe fu:ure. (also in attendance :a.d in company
-- . W" : JV lI1" !-!,u ; returned to surprise their friend
i . no :; stud-!: t m t!ie r ight-.n ..t v. ''iim 'i wlifie a da-F-t n ic ; i . i
..... . - . .. mm .i .i.i. r. I jiu-.l' . ,(. . aJUi S!l"f TiOU-'fl II V.TlR IlldeCl
"'if lie u-M ..i i inner in t ne cm n-ii r.ui iirt- tail
the car .est on O str-er, soon found
r.u the ' itv of Line (In
where tMy secur-d p r i m : T to wed.
and w-r- mail" n;an and wife. The-
a surpri-
lir iiianv failed to
and .Mr.-, .i. ( . Uoddy. : ! "t , isi ,;, t suuerinteiul.-n i-::vered an 1 . ....... ... .. . ,
:ii(:n aiid retum-u to their sttj:! mUir' ss and serv-d ca!.,!:,u:iion. The
a? Omal.a cv. ! u. train hi-" .Mon.uty j 'i.trio; .-uperintend-!; u 111 conduct
aft (-loon. ! ).., n erly con fi reli'" a: l.e Mefh-
Mrs. Jof-jdi ilauer. who h.'.s hef-n:,;; t cuiirch of IMa t f u : h. At the
-ick at her home for soni tlni" pust. : -,!. riling s-rviee in I'ni-.n there was
aiu! v.hof' ill heaitli
I,,,.,. ro- jici- sati!.- 1 . the chor-
'i e;e in-;
cirded i-i ti.ese (.! imti--. is repcr: j-d us. and. in the cvei-ii
a- ln-itiv in i( It it:. proved a ti'i- !, 'iuar' tie. all of v.
-:r;t ir.T and it I.- ex peered ti.a' in'j.-.w-d.
a -i.i.r- ti'i.t- ;if will :.) to lie;
up . i d arotiud avair.. Ponnlar Youriff People Wed
!.-it W..-t ti 4-.l.i v a: I' : f . T .
olo hy
of the file!. 'i'he have ;;one
ho'U--k"ep:!ir at the home of Mt.
fare S. S:o:tler. while the other
home has h'en rented to the son of
Mr.-. Sio'tir. The friend- o''
the we. Is are extending coti- I
Here vou Are!
We have several pood used Fords and aUo nv ones
as well, for immediate delivery. Three pood u-."'! tiucks.
Better get tho5.e cars attended to before the rush of Sprinc
We Do Aceieline Welding!
me V
f mis
! ru t uu : ions
and nianv of iheit ai:irei! hi-: Morolay nij
Tro-i'" will he serviee at the.
.Mi ; !'0.i.-t :nd I i . : i i i T churches n-xt '
S.r.n'.av t i.e uul hours. )xt h
rii'.rnin.': ;:n.-! evening. The I5:ii
!- and a ixiliarv services liot h
'he niot.'i'.-r of the i
!-"t ans ,,f I'u ion. and
arid xjv the napjiy couple a ranc
j dd timt- s ran a fie. They w ill make
itheii home .a-: of l"nion atnl will
o; ! er.Mare in farm ina.
' h
ci: a r
a Hi a!o Iv- held -ai-.d ;h"-e
, reus, the hei.ut if ill und
uiiu.uhter of Nicholas ;;i,
;. Mr. John 1
Lena KhiTi- J
c firnplished !
! : i .-! v. o " - h 1 1 1
1-4-u 1,4-re aro ii.v
wife of NVhaw ka. w- i .
to Oi i;e.- ehureh --rvif"s. j
.Mr. and Mrs. John r..nni:r '
I.i!..i-ay. N'eh.. arrive,! ;n ''nion h.-t 1
week, called hr-- on accounT of the
.:':.e ii the si.-ter of the forn: r. i
M.'.-s ('..trie Ha-nninir. who ha- n-
keen enjoying the pe-t of health f r I
na.-tur of the Ilaptist c-t.-jrch "f t"n
i n. The younc folk- a r i"iy i-x-ti-Ti.-iv-!y
atid popiiia':-. known hy
i;o.-ts o'' friends in 'io-;i eo::: m un i-
Mr. John I'ran-
in Vnloti an-
some titne ar:
d lias het n rat h r s,-r-
ent the younfr people
iou-ly ill for sonie time past
Business z Gcod, Thank Ycu!
!-ureiy appreciate the excellent Irusines0 that
-f.. v..: have been handling cream, but-
i v: .
i .4.i. ci.iu wi r. i.ivj: vj i r . c iiic
iC.oh'-.ile ( .'
atjci all kind; of produc
.he ii!-est cr.;"ii r.rites. Call us on
31 ; vviien -oa want to know trie
.. i.l.r.. we A 7a in vc thank you.
-:- -:- -:- NEBRASKA
1 home here. I'ntil th
U- T 1 M . .. 1- .1 ...1 !.,.- I.' .; ,1 . . - ' 11
. -;wiI "' ,,': 11 are staving at t!o
ir L.:n-,o;n. wmri- r?" was i'h.kikk
after some hu-ine.-s rnat'ers ;md re
turn int in the': tr. wfnini;
V',rcr, '.'):' he was ioincd hy
Marks and rh'-v remain' d for :
M. Mr
1 nt ; 1 '
Mr. A. V.". I':;.ney an 1 children.,
v. ho- have h-.en visit in", in t'Tii":! for
th-- past f-vv i:y. leff Motiday a:"-,
t'noo;. for 'heir hoine ir. Auhurn.
h ir.s ac' oir.panied hy Mr-. !': d
1' irne. at v le'-e home tlo-y vi-iv-d
i.:.r: of - t:me while . re.
Fiuiit-y wotki?: f ir the Mi.-;o :ri
i';-ii:c 5'hu t .-niou t h .
1 ; room's mother.
' h- Journal joins v
: of friends ;t. wi-iiin:-
..." 1 ph aa;u an'! pro':'
i 'hfo-ii.-!; life and. that
: f : iends and
is eiiirai-'ed in
' T the pre--
ill mak-. their
c:-n arratiLre
dwell they
!iome of the
it!: their ho-:
'hem ;1
. hie j. ur:;e
h may hav
It'i.-Ottnte i .
Pteturned from Hospital
Mr. a nil Mr-. liiii;h Kohti and their
little (iaut'iiK r ioi. nelly, who have
iet-n at the infinite at Kirksville.
i.e little one underwent
an operation u:ne weks atii, re
turned home la-t w eek and report 1
-ome in. rnvement in ttie cotidition t
of 'he dauuh'er. which hopes are e n-j
tertair.ed will eventuallv entiie'v ro- :
(over her wonted health.
Our excellent selection ox r.-r. hat? for ladies
have arrived and are on di-p!av. Call and make jour
choice before the )in i-- hioken. AL-o pet in your
order for prass seed; betitr hurry ntoui this. Fxcel
lent gingham of latest patt; -.-m-. 13c per yd., cash.
Union School Notes
Second Primary Kooin
I..oui.-e Poster and Ih-ien Warden
I vf re ahsent Mondav on account of;
j Tins is examination v eek in our,
I room. Kveryl.ody is husy reviewing. :
Int t n.ed ia!e Hoorn ;
Hiar.ohe Shutts has keen ansent th-'
Union Schools Well Conducted
A r pros-f nta'ie of -h..
made a v;-i a' the n h ds
iiuri:.R this w-ek and foun-i the work
f in-tructinK the ytu'n ' f th:- city
past w eek on account of illn---.
Uarre:i- ha- keen ah-eni this
.-"'..11 i'..: v. I., f. .
V. ! Oi: . 1
Marjra re and Prank f lia-f are r..-w .
i v. pi Is in the t: 1 ;i Trade. '
Hirh Sciiool it ins !
A spellitiU match was helu -a-t
:;-,. I o. mmur.ity uoin-i ;;:nl vi'!.- i .v.onuay ntotr.inv tetvven tweive r p- '
.;r a hitch a:ni inakiia: ? r'.'.-.-n' pro- resep tat Ives from each the Uiv.i ;
-re--. T.-ie i!:-;;u;i n u hh-h is i ch'wl and. 7th and Sth t-.i'ade roosns. !
d. - The ci:.':-. . :' m. n ' ( '. Pearl P.jun '..;o th.- final victor. 1
fi. wrvn. ha- -0:1. e iinndie.i ; :.,; ! Mi". Alma Iienni.- visile 1 the 'ni.h;
Our tie w M'li h ;ok.- iiave arrived.,
:. . - !".(
t -r vard
d 1 and f ,:
drov t I.o-psvi '!-. whi-r-- 1 hev ' -.. w-rvti. ha- -0:1. e Iiuiim e
a ' tended the fun era 1 of 'he Lit ;.: ; -. ; t h i y uo - nt - v. h- : a!! int re-t-V.'o:
d. nii::!;. r "f Ce;T::e ar.d ' i : f: :. ! "d in ti:e v.ork of ac, u i t ; i n -j an e.-'u-'
Wood of t haT place, whi.ii had h- n ! ( a ' h n and have almauant facilit'e
i .-.'-ran '- 1 to have b' f-n held on S. i-;:'er this work. Mi-s i-'l Uo-ii.
, urd.-iv. hut on accun of the ur.f.-v- who i.- urine: pal. l;a : caarue of Kn- ! exams
I i '' uiatlor the interment !:ad'-:i-h and history ar.d ha- much in- day.
; P. . n ;.o. tnone.l until S-.indav. I tor-: in the scholar- in the v.o-k.l Piorenc
I'.i-r. o -'ran- a. nil wife drp.M 'e.l
hi- Friday for Hnrlinutorj. '- d ..
j here i hey vil! make tlu-ir ri-.u '- iti
iti.e future and where they will n-
irace in farminir. The hest w i-!:es of
Pern Ie!es I tnier. Winona I -.n i
and Kula Praus took the "t eacher's
in Platt.-iiiouth on .-atur-
a as
ah -ent
th:r ho-t of friends and thai of
MN- Mahie Jo.h:..-ton has n:ath - ( Thursday morning.
matic- and sci-i.ce and wih the! Mr. Mun-on visi-e, school on -v.ork
of tlu supet inf i. ler.i com-j day aftertiooa anil pave a very nu
prsies the hiuh school. Miss Grace , morons and i merest in? talk.
Poiirnreif ha charire ofi the seventh j This has heen txaminaticn week
and ei'-'hth trrade. while Miss Pva , and the students are now pat.ent-
Pran- l!r"h-r !'
.0:1. -ay- ti-a: l-i'-ine. is showing so wi?h ti.m to tn,;r r w Sa-kley has t he f f h and sixt h i:ra d-s. I ly ? wait ins the return of the
- u ir.' rt a ' and wMle no hir-ue .(uu. jn t t -.-t. v"e ar" hop:u:r that j Mi-s Hr.nie P.Ilis tlu third and 1 dreaded papers.
i-- are a - ; iienm n-: r'ic; - t
e... !.'i-r,. t .j, iu4ti many .-maii jot-.-. '
a :r-:s and K i te
mav hot, have happit:
pi ".:Tir-; y ir ti.(:r n- .v home.
:av . v.-ho ha
P. 1
.- at-t i
he.-ti v; : i i : j
r.e of f. 1!. Pi;i.-r c f .V
i v. , , . i wi iiti. : i 0:11 i u i I' . M .
: in
la ' v. '-n
..I .... ... 1.. .1. !
-m.o ..... t::'. -:. l i ue . . . , lh(t ,
:i:.:i..u uirai:; ':. pa :.y o! ..( i v t
:.: r:a. .-p. n' Kaster at ' nt:r , ,v,.rT fo W(,rl.
' . '-. ' ,," , . ti.-n at the .Missouri -t it::-i
; - ,::!'"a"1'' 1,1 u'! l'.1"! h.. was viitir.K. that the .-prinu ha - t
l'iU; " "' ... .i.i. .-. v.a M-.i.o- !I! i i.-allv come, there. a:id that the r
I ::'!! a short t:me lat n..ay. .n,, j, fru!t t,.,( r,nt i:, ,lf,;r.
hrinuitii:- a load o! wheat to market . ;tn;i farviv cr-irii; aheail niceh-.
and at the :-:in;e ii;e i;ikint: ho:;o-
at hi- eld pr.
c stati:
to.-o e -a .h i
h 'lira -i :.le
i.e.-ded farm nuuhin-
v. ho ha-
Doinsr a Nice Business
; j-1 If. A. S'tuitli. the r.ev. produc '
.-a-t f- r -vera! .-..'.-. r-turned iat i '!(,r. is havir.c a very nice hu--.r.e.-s :
Saturday from a "business trip to'11' 'i:is tim. nd is distributmu a!
';,-. aro." w!. r.- ).-. mad- purchase o! i l'Pe .-Hioun; of money anions; titc ,
: :;::. - :r. v'..ce oi urvoou., -.vnicn ; v. ....... ....... ......
t o
a v.
i!att '--ir,.', , pric- for w !:at he
I., -t
hr.d'iy h;
Ml-- Xaor.i 7.! 1 1 1- v. v.lio
of t he Wi-Ivvan universi'y a
ileMlei-eil a miXeu t:'.;f
;i s-t:- ! hia'i of poultry, cream atut es ;
1 ' ne Omaha dealt r.-.
. r
;. i- - pee. ijiu.. j wetk at T i 1 I
... of her p. r 'l.ts n.-rth of Pni'n.j
on a.-O'i.ra of a vc.cation of tliat e- :
a. 1.
1 '- 1 1
-r!l-'i"l where
Lid Not Know His Friend
Through Jack Xeitzel of Via'
1 ..
10: w,
:: 1
-':-. 1 en -.
:: I'm ...
the uest
Au-'ii -' '
': arid
'-. : u-'ny.
a -y .ore
V ".1 ' V. OT k -
njur. ! :.n m-M-
:'::: du-
had with the t;ood na:uiid ca;c'M
on tha" account.
nt'.'.ith. Tlienia.- Murnhy. c(-nnti'
from Palls fit v . was informed . f , :., !
J..mes i;, brother (f f n o . i t-ict of Xels Martin livin- in f t,-i
i! rd:nan. who ha- b---n tnakirs hi.- j ion ai.d called on his old fri no
h r.i-i- in Wv. mim- for -.n:e time, i w;,(,n, h-:- had known i r a b-m; t-nr. !
r(f:-::id t Pnian and will n;..l-e r,f years. When Mr. Murphv i-alh-i'.
his home here f -r tv ! resent ..' ! upon .Mr. Martin the lntttr "dii u..i
has :..ov-d -nto the h.ous. jui vi.ra'eo . i.Il0v hi--, iiletul atid some fun ..
y 1 . vilo- AifOiiiini.
Prank Clauhlitz and family recent
movid t Pnion and are makir?
ii. Ivme in the J. A. Talkinsrton
Mou-e. Mr. G'.auhlitz Iia.s accepted
'I.e po.-iti n of driver of the truck
or. the maintainor which i-1 have
h adquarters in Pnirm.
!.-..-; Saturday aft err.--on W. A
Taylor and wife, accompanied )y
Me-.Tan-es. Dan Lynn and John Lld
::e;'. made a trip to Nebraska Pity
.1; the car cf Mr. T:iy!-r. where th;-.
visited with frh:nds, and looked af e.--on.e
business matters as well.
Are Building a Barn
With, lumber which was botti;!r
at the reduced prices at the van; oi
Prans Uroi hers. Plmer Withrow is
having a barn constructed on tin
home place u few miles out of Pni.-n.
Mr. W. L. Crawford i.; doing- 'h-a
work. Tne pri .'e of lumber has In i'.:
placed v hi re the farmer can now go
ahead with the needed building.
111 O
V all products decline, especially farm products,
it wit! r,r necer..:ary that nothing be wasted if your aver
civ? inronie is tvj be maintained.
I l.r reiore you j houid provide barns and sheds for
ciock r.nd machinery.
Tri- 017: declines in Lumber and Paint make it
; -s if.'e for you to "Build Now" very economically.
! !ov about vour own comfort and that of 3-our
. new tiome would bring joy supreme to all con
c rned. Let us urnish you estimates and price.
X e appreciate your patronage.
Motor Cycle Vaulted Koad
One day la-t week while Carl and
Kimper Prans were riding a mowu
cyrle akng the road south of t'n.
the driver !c-t control of the ma
chine and cons'-quently it rim in 'lie
ditch, completely wrecking it. The
j boys were real lucky and escaped
wiinout injury.
Lincoln county, Colorado, farmers harvested an
excellent crop of wheat the past season.
Come, see land where in many instances one crop
will pay for the land. We are making trips every Sat
urday. Call and see L. R. Upton for arrangements and
particulars. The best land in the west and at a price
which anyone can afford to pay.
Ecx No. 11 - - - Union, Nebr.
2 2 52U
urzriQ urns7
1 a
.umber Go
j Was His Busy Day
! P. H. McCarthy, who is a jolly
I eld scout, is kept busy the.-e days
' receiving grain. Monday he
j had to look after the storing of four
different kinds of grain. Bert Ev
. erett brought rye. while corn va
! delivered by Charles Dysart, wheat
1 by Mr. V. C. Schriner. and oats by
: the renter on the farm of Jack Chal-
fant. With all it was a verv busv
: day.
j Want a Base Ball League
j Last week Manley was expressing
I itself as ik-sirous of having formed a
j ha.-e hal! league to include the teams
; of the county, and now comes Union
j expressing the same desire. With
; Xehavvka already organized and
working and a probability of Louis
vilie getting in and an assurance that
; Greenwood wlil have an excellent
I team, and Weeping Water already to
i piay ha'l. and Murdock. Eacle and
i Alvo . all with the fever, and Platts
. incuth waiting for the collection of
the other clubs, it does not look un
favorable fcr the consumation of the
much desired object.
Economy the Watch Word!
Yes, it is true economy to purchase your imple
ments of the Farmers Co-Operative Elevator company.
We purchased an exceedingly good line of John Deere
farming implements some time ago in anticipation of
this year's needs and can save you money on them.
We carry a good line of horse drawn implements,
which we are offering at a very narrow margin on ac
count of the prevailing high prices. We can supply
youn needs in plows, (walking and riding) harrows,
discs, cultivators and listers.
If you want power machinery we can also furnish
it. as well as home power plants. Let us know your
wants we'll do the rest.
Farmers Co-Qperaiicg Elevator Company
L. G. Todd, Manager
UNION -:- -:- -:- -:- NEBRASKA
I am prepared to loo!: after your battery wants,
in the way of recharging, repairing and f urr.i-iinr; of
needed parts, as well as providinr- you v ith new bat
teries. A. 11 v.ork has my personal cue and wi'l be iriveri
the minutest attention.
W. H. DuBIS,
Here are the
1 '-.-'.1
for 70c and two bars of Creme Oil
soap thrown in FREE
two bars
?0c. How'? thnt
Fcr Friday and Saturday of
this veek we are offer'ntr bargains
w:iich wi!l surprise you.
10 bars of Crystal hl'.e roan
packages Sea Foam washing f V:i.-j
j oars or vrvsrai nil? ana rr-,, ' v -. jv-vj
or uems .nl so. p nil ror - W-V; -dpi!.;:,'!
Friday and Saturday,
Four packages of Corn Flukes for 25c
Two pounds cf raisinc 5fSc
2 cans of corn 25c
New invoice of dry go ode at Money-Savliig Prices
, y 1
1; j
We Have the Ford Agsnay!
We are the regular representatives of ihe Ford
Motor Co., in Union, and have in stock all kind of cars
for sale the Sedan, Coupe, Touring and Rondter.
We also carry the Ford truck. Our phone number
is 20, and we urge you to call us for a demonstration.
We can sell and make immediate of any of the mcdele
of Fords, as we are carrying them all in stock.
See us fcr anything in this line.
1 J w mm 1
Phone No. 20
I PM jr.
-te. U& M tt kt kv Tii m
Union, Nebr.