The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, March 07, 1921, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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    MONDAY. MARCH 7, 1921.
The Bank of burdock
Murdock, Nebraska
Has been under the present management forJie past
eleven years, during which time we have served and
are still serving over four hundred depositors. These
deposits are all protected by the DEPOSITORS GUAR
at no expense to the depositor, who gets this protection
as free insurance, when depositing in The Bank of
We solicit deposits, be they large or small, either
checking accounts or time deposits, on which we pay
4' interest if left six months, or 5r if left for one
We are here to serve our friends and customers,
and are always ready to give our time to their personal
Come in and see us at any time, whether on busi
ness or just to pass the time of day with us.
he Barak of EVjurdock
"The Bank where You Feel at Home'
HEITEY A. TOOL, President J. E. GUTHMANN, Vice-Pres.
H. A. GUTHMANN, Cashier
completed, and will be very conven
ient and comfortable.
Transformer Not Yet Here.
The delay which the non-arrival
of the fiii'ge transformer is causing
in turning on of the lights, is hoped
win toon be at an end as the trans
former is expected every liny,
gun for one of the most elaborate
celebrations which has been witness
ed on the banks of the placid Platte
for many a moon. The craft has
been nanml the "Minnahaha," be
cause of the laughing waters in
which it is to be launched. Captain
Gillespie will have charge of the cer-
The ) emonies which is a thorn in the side
little one which is to eervi? A. II.
Oehleking, Gust YVendt and Carl
Schlaphoft", has arrned and hee:i put
in place and is ready for service as
scon as the large one arrives.
of the former captain, J. A. Bauers,
who also had an ambition to remain
Entertained Friends Tuesday.
Miss Viola Everett, who passed a
milestone in her life last Tuesday,
had a number of her friends at her
home with Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Gil
lespie for supper, after which the
evening was very pleasantly spent in
music and social conversation. Those
1 to enjoy the delightful occasion with
i Mr. and Mrs. Gillespie, were Jes3
Landholm and wife, and Mr. and
Mrs. Harry Gillespie.
Washington, D. C, March 4. War
ren G. Harding was today inaugur
ated twenty-ninth president of the
iu the position. But like everything United States, the ceremony taking
eles, it went republican. Mr. Bau-1 place under favorable weather on the
eis was the democratic candidate, ! east portico of the capitol shortly
while .Mr. Gillespie was the republi- after noon.
can aspirent, and you all know how j Pressing his lips to a historic bible
things have been going. Well, Mr. J used at the inauguration of George
BJuers, you may hope for recognition . Washington, the new president took
when the next boat is built. The : the oath administered bv Chief Jus-
launching will occur April 15th.
Dog is Lest.
Lost, a spotted yellow and white,
heavy builit dog answering to he
name of "Bruna". The dog had.
when lost, a leather collar on. is pug
faced like a bull dog. Please call
me if, found. Herman Luetchens.
Jt Landholm and wife were look
ing after some business in Lincoln
la! Saturday.
Win. Gehrts was looking after some
hi: :rie;s matters in Omaha for a short
tin. last week.
r- L. H. Reeve and children
have iiii e,l to Kin:v.-otl. where they
will niie their h:;ne in the future.
The Order of Kasetrn Star will meet
wkh Mrs. Frank Buell at her coun
try l,..:;ic Wednesday of this week.
"j'ss Landholm instiled electric
liuht fixtures in his home during the
w;?k and is new ready for current.
j.:':in Gakenieier ami Wm. Stachis
kie'wfro looking after some business
n:at;--rs in Elmwood Friday morning.
Siil erint nrient of the Murdoi-k
-i I'n N. J. li. I'urwi 11. was a visitor
t hi home in Lincoln for the week
Georpe I t' was visiting for
the day last Friday with friends at
S.:uth Bind, making the trip in an
Judge I f . A. Gast- is kept busy
these days with the work which
oiiies t.U-his-' phop in the way of
oiling names. Kuehrt- and M. P.. Thiele.
both of Lincoln, were in Murdock
last Friday evening looking after
s-xme business matters.
Mis Felrna Schleifert who has
been kept away from scehool on ac
count of the jneasles. returned to
her studies last Monday.
Horace Scott, a young business
man cf Klmwood. was looking after
some business matters in Murdock
last Friday afternoon.
make a most beautiful home, which
he has always maintained for the
Kenneth L. Sedman. who has been
with the Swift Company, has re
signed his position and moved to a
farm south of Greenwood, where he
will farm for the coming season.
Colen Sedman. who has been visit
ing in Murdock for some time past,
has accepted a position with the
Swift Packing Company, and is trav
eling on the road for that concern.
Mts. Amelia Kuehn of Malcolm,
has been visiting for seme time at
the home of Judge and Mrs. H. A.
Gast, and departed for her home last
Wednesday, after having enjoyed a
very pleasant time.
Mrs. W. H. Bush, who has been
sick for some time at her home and
has bnen nursed by her daughter
Miss Mary, is again able to look af
ter the household and Miss Mary
was able to return to ychool last
Herman Luetchens. living east of
Murdock, lost a valuable dog a few
days ago which he recently pur
chased at a "good price. See ad else
where in these columns describing
the dog, and call Mr. Luetchens if
the dog should be found.
Mrs. Wm. Gehrts. who has been
i,ck at her home for the past few
weeks, is reported as being somewhat
improved and is now able to be up
and about the house, though still not
as strong as fhe might be. Her
many friends are pleased with the
progress she is making and are wish
ing that she may soon be entirely
well again.
Appreciate Wcik cf Teacher.
Professor George Warren, of the
Murdock schools, was a passenger to
I his home last Friday, where he spent
' the week end with his family. Mr.
Warren has just received a letter
from Mrs. K. 11. Ueeve, who has just
moved to Elmwood, a?.-uring Mr.
Warren of her appreciation of the
manner of his instruction and the
influence which he had exerted ovtr
her two children. Miss Kdith and
Master Herbert Reeve, while in
school here under his instruction.
ing after seine business matters in !
Murdn.k and also vi iting with his' ttt-h r- -m t a
firend O. J. Pothan lat week. j WlU Give a Playlet.
Gln Creamer of Klmwood. who is ; At the high school the students
teaehii-g .-chord southwest of Mur- : have been arranging for a playlet
dork, wr.s in lewn f r a short time j which will be given at the close of
while t n his way home last Friday the school year. They have been
evening. I giving some time to practice, and
W. K. Palme'er was looking after i have selected a play known as the
seme bu-ine-s matters in Murdock 1 ".Vew Co-ed."
and north cf town last Friday, where
he has s-. me interest in land west of
South Bend.
Max lMsterhoff ar.d Jose .Wutrh
inek have ieen busy this week paint
ing the ! ome !' Ionis Xeils:n east
of Mur''nel;. and were also doing v, T.pntrrn i n v m'pplv
seme interior work at the home. under Jhe hands of Matt and Victor
II. II. Luwron has bt tn decorating . Thimgan. and Homer Lawton. The
the interior of the home of H. V. home will be one which will be a
McDonald and when completed will comfort to Mr. Rush and family when
Will Have Nice Heme.
W. H. Kush, who has been having
workmen remodelling his home for
seme time, is going to have a modern
and up-to-date home when completed
Young Pecp!e Had Gccd Time.
At the home of Miss Margarett:
McDonald 'lat Tuesday evening the
members of Y. W. M. C. met. a large
number of the membership being ir.
attendance. The business which, had
called the young people together
was firn attended to. after which they
enjoyed a season of games in which
all took part and the evening was
( no worth while f rem that stand
point as v.tll as the business side.
The "climax ;. ru when Miss Mai
garette served dainty refreshments,
thus giving a delightful ending of a
pleasant evening.
Looks Like Light for Elmwcod
Last Fiiday a committee iepreent
inc the city of Elmwood wire in Mur
dock to meet with the town council of
this city in conference as t term for
attaching to the Murdock electric
service lines in order to secure light
and power service for Klmwoid. The
electric lighting plant cf Elmwood,
which is taxed to its fullest capacity,
is r.nfo it can well be enlarged and
it is thought best to secure some way
whereby they can add to the service
without entirely rebuilding the plant.
Tentative plans were discussed by
the board and committee, win n the
committee returned to meet wilu the
council at Klmwood. and therg was
held another meeting of the council
of Murdock to draft the proposition
in order that Elmwood could work
on it intelligently. The committee
repree-rnting the Eimwood ity coun
cil, meeting here last Friday, were
F. C. Cooper, F. A. Hacker and P.
H. Tallerst.
tice White. He had chosen the
eighth verse from the sixth chapter
of Micah saving:
i "What doth the Lord require of
thee but to do justly and to love
'mercy and walk humbly with thy
Immediately after the administra-
A little babv girl was born to'tion of tne oath Mr- Harding turned
Mr. and Mrs. ilenrv Rueter on last , to the vast crowd, which stretched
Tucsdav evening. March 1. 1921.1 across the capitol plaza, and began
Doth mother and babv doing nicely. I th delivery of his inaugural address.
The happy parents have the heartv Sound amplifiers carried his voice to
'ongrat illations of their many friends the outskirts of the big assembly. A
in this, their happv good fortune, i chilly wind feebly warmed by a
On Trrir-sftav Roll Miller, while bright sun swept the broad space
cranking bis tractor had the mis
which appeared strangely in contrast
fortune to get hit
when it back fired. As a result he
had to have the doctor's care and
will be laid up for a short time.
Emil Ilnrnemeicr and family mo
tored to Lincoln last Saturday. Tliey
got there all right but the scribe
who also happened to be in Lincoln
met Emil and he was carrying a
new crank to his Dodge car and we
presume that he had to have it be
fore he could get home.
bv tiiP tiniwtiA of other years when it has been i!-
luminatea ny tne unitorms ot est
Point cadets, midshipmen from An
napolis and troops.
Immediately at the conclusion cf
the inaugural address, the small
party re-formed and took motor cars
back to the White house, escorted by
the cavalry troops. which had
brought it to the capitol.
Vice President Coolidge had taken
the oath at 12:21 in the senate chatn-
o.'car luzei nas jusi receiveu rrrn Tt- -kj ttt; t
two yearling sows
of Seward
- sows of Brfees I w"2o x.oCS ut nUb it.
'vTs " 'pififN Yielding to last minute entreaties
Nebr.. one by p,ig Bone - ... r.,.,-
Giant and patched to Mammoth Top Jent Wilscn'took -part in the in
Station the other a Watts Model ceremonjes tolav cther than
msted to Big Boi.e Giant. He also accolnpanv President-elect Harding
;lo , e 1n,:a v- fr01" r m riViLreTil from the White house to the capital,
at Richfield Nebr.. cf the Pathflnd- . The out.goinff prec,dent witnessed
P 1U'S' neither the ceremonies in the senate
L uaiuuci , vv ai iruiiru Lue inau
gural of Vice President-elect Cool
idge. nor the ceremonies on the plaza
outside the caapitol. where the in
coming president took the oath.
Immediately after signing some
, bills in the president's room, Mr.
i n returned to his motor car and
' drove back to his own new home on
: S street.
From Hctel to White House
President-elect Harding, with Mrs.
ILrding and the vice-president and
ana win stav witu oranuma Borne-1 , .
meier for a few weeks. Paul expects ' " "X JTi kL J Tui
. . . -11 t .i ai L Will LIU u nu o im. in i i viiv.
cO go soo nto Cridley. Kansas, where ?nn' ral onrnrnUte,a
On Monday Ed Gust in closed a
deal whereby he sold the fine town
property belonging to Mrs. Fred
Lenz to Mr. Barton, the considera
tion S3. 000. Mr. Darton and
hi daughter, Mildred, will move to
tlii ; place. Mrs. Lenz moved to her
farm and will live with her son, Wal
ter. Postmaster Hartlett had rented
the place but will now move into
the Robert Alford house.
The Paul Eornemeier family mov
ed o!i the farm the first of the week
he has an eighty acre tract of land
in the oil districts near that place.
There are a number of w-ells within
a mile of his farm that are produc
ing as much as SOO barrels. He ex
pects to make arrangements to have
drilling started j-oon. Here's hoping
that Ilaul will strike it rich and
get tome good wells.
congressional inaugural committee
and riding in columns-on either side
of the automobiles were four troops
cf cavalry from Fort Myer with
drawn sabres.
i Accompanying the president-elect
in the White house automobile, was
Senator Knox, chairman of the in-
. augural committee, and Representa
tive Cannon. Next came an autcmo-
Euilding Site f cr Sle.
I have an excellent, building site
for sale, the lies: location in Murdock.
75 fsot frontage.
T s-w tf. J. S. M'lirGH.
(bile, bearing Vic? President-elect
'SLLEirr CAX SEEZuS TO Coolidge. vice President Marshall and
SHUN THE SPOTLIGHT ! other members of the inaugural
-. I committee. In a third automobile
Washington, D. C. March 4. In were Mrs. Hording and other metu
fo!':? respects Vice President Coo- hers of the congressional committee,
lidge is a figure strange in American j in another machine rode Mrs. Cool-
nuLlic life, being taciturn to a de- i mge anu Mrs. .uarsnaii
gree and apparently
Reliable Farm
Our stock includes all kinds of farm machinery,
from the cultivator to the threshing outfit.
Power machinery of all kinds, as well as horse
drawn, displayed in our wareroom.
Watch this space for change of ad, as we expect to
make some important. special announcements soon.
shunning the
spot ligjit and the glamor which usu
ally surrounds high public ollicials.
To Ins most in'iiuate friends he is
Pennsylvania avenue was lined
with crowds, held tack behind wire
ropes. Several hundred infantrymen
from Camp Meade, Maryland, with
krown as "Silent Cal." It is relat- fixed bayonets patroled both sides of
ed in illustration of this character-j the street. The president-elect and
istic that a personal and political
friend who had conferred with him
in his exectuive offices at Boston
without receiving more than mono
sylnbles for answers finally quit the
wmi cr lii uium, tta id i ill I II cl Iltr j
came out: ny uearge. l u like to
be that fellow's stenographer."
Ecat is Finished.
The boat which has been under
construction bv the Murdock ship
yards, has been ccnpleted, and is j
now ready for the waters, and as soon j
as arrangements can be satisfactoril v i
completed, preparations will be be-J it tbs Journal office.
vice presicfent-etect were lustily
cheered by the crowds. The party
reached the White house in less than
five minutes.
If it's in the stationery line, call
El W I I lllli B.,. I ,.,11. ., ,
Kalburaie Zepii
32-inch; Fast Colors
These fine quality ginghams are shown in many
individual and artistic patterns in clear, bright colors
that are absolutely "fast." Kalburnie ginghams are
shrunk before leaving the mill, which overcomes to a
great extent the shrinking of the garment in washing.
You'll like these fine quality ginghams, especially for
afternoon frocks; they are so soft and smooth in finish.
Kalburnie Zephyrs fear neither sun nor water.
Priced at, per yd., 30c
Toil du fiord Ginghams
27-inch Widths
All manners of new patterns are shown in these
splendid ginghams to surprise and charm you. Finely
woven,, soft in finish and light and durable colors are
features which have made these ginghams so popular
among our customers. Mothers, many of them, insist
on Toil du Norde ginghams for the children's school
and play dresses. Give excellent wear.
These we have priced at, per yd., 25c
-iurdock ieroantile
Murdock, Nebraska
The warm weather started the
flight of ducks and geese northward
earlier this spring and many hunt
ers all along the Platte slipped out
to the blinds and were seen coming
in with their game bags bulging.
The day after the big flight the
state game wardens were looking for
violators of the game law but they
found none.
; Mrs. G. P. Brown, of Omaha, came
V down last week to attend the farm
I talo rt Imr hrnthorc T?iirtlrki qiiH
d J'aul Heil at t he old home place east
I 4." Xl,l....,l.. . C 1 A 1
Mr T? ru'n l rnvn rl -ji-n oftr li
3 till A r ' w u u v 11
I in their handsome new Buick road
Ister. They continue to enjoj' living
I in Omaha, but say they miss their
'Louisville friends.
j The three little sons of Mr. ajid
j Mrs. Ernest Ahl are on the sick-list
and their grandmother, Mrs. Henry
i Ahl was called out to their home in
1 the country last Tuesday evening.
r1 1 Their, friends are hoping that their
! trouble will prove to be nothing
I more serious than the ailments inci
dental to children and that they will
, soon Le as well as ever,
j The Degree of Honor held au all
day session on last Tuesday at the
. home of Mrs. Henry Ahl. the guest
of honor being Grand Chief Mrs.
Frances D. Owens, of York, who vis
ited them for the day. The visit of
this distinguished officer was a great
pleasure to tin? ladies and also an
inspiration to them. Each member
present brought part of the dinner
and a grand banquet was spread at
noon which w-as greatly enjoyed by
tbe guest of honor and others pres
ent. The Degree of Honor lodge of
Louisville is not large as to member
ship, but each one is a live member
and they have a hustling organiza
tion. Mrs. Ahl was a charter mem-j
ber of the Cedar Creek lodge which1
was organized about thirty years j
ago and has been a loyal and good
worker in the local lodge as can be
said of every member.
Washington, March 4. The body
of Champ Clark lay in state tonight
in the hall of the house of repre
sentatives, guarded by capitol police.
In the chamber where the late dem
ocratic leader spent the greater part
of an active political life, funeral
services will be held tomorrow morn
ing. Speaker Gillett will preside at the
services and eulogies will be deliv
ered by Senator Reed of Missouri
and Representative Mann of Illinois.
A special train bearing the body
and the congressional escort party
will leave for Missouri at 3 o'clock.
It is due to arrive in St. Louis Sun
day afternoon and the body will be
taken to the city hall where it will
lie in state until midnight. Early
Monday morning the train will leave
for Bowling Green, Mo., where fun
eral services and burial will take
Mrs. J. R. Hunter of Casper, Wy
oming, who has been here visiting
with relatives and friends, departed
this afternoon for her home in the
west and ws accompanied as far as
Omaha by Miss Belle Speck.
When you tnmk of printing, you
can't help but think of us.
Shortage of Stock
Has Caused an Advance on Wall Paper
of from 20 to 25 Per Cent
Wc are fortunate in having placed our orders early, and
now have in stock a large variety of goods which came on
orders placed before the advance.
These goods are now in our shop and we are giving our
customers the advantage of the lower prices at which we
bought them. Come in and examine the goods, and avail
yolirself of the opportunity of enjoying low prices on artistic
wall hangings.
You May Use Shock Absorbers
and a hundred and one other contrivances on your car,
that are supposed to provide better service, but unless
you have the best oil, your car is bound to receive dam
age beyond the ordinary wear and tear.
We are selling the very best brands of guaranteed
motor oils. See us, when in need of any.
We also carry a full line of accessories and supplies
and maintain the best of service in our repair departm't.
Yes, Business is Getting Better, Thank You. And We
Appreciate It, Too.
The Automobile cMan
Landholm Auto Co.
We are especially well prepared to do repair work
on all makes of automobiles. Bring your car in and
we will look after your wants promptly.
We also carry supplies and accessories. Call on
us for anything in our line.
Landholm Auto Co.,