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its toasted
Doubt is Expressed as to Ability of
Friends to Get Measure Through
Eefcre Adjournment.
Thf I'r.r.ed S'ates senate finance
committee after a long and vigorous
disi ii -sin of t!ie four f 1I compensa
tion hill for t!u- relief cf the former
service men. yesterday failed to reach
a state where the hill might he re
ported out of the committee and sent
to the of the senate for final
actio... 'I'i ; ir.tasure was passed by
the ol representatives $1 the
last session and has been awaiting
action for t'.o p.Nt two months from
the committee and from the
present indications the measure will
be for- ed to await the coming cf the
new con;rress before final action is
Th.- l.iH brought forth consid
erable ;pjositirn in the committee
as s;( ii .for Snioot. republican of l.'tah.
and Senati-r Thomas, democrat of Col
orud ). were strong in opposition to
the ii'f'iiMiri" as was Senator McCum
ber, r p'lhlic. :: of North Dakota. On?
.1" tin- chief supporters of the bill has
!e a S naf-.r I' nro-e of Pennsylvan
ia. t!ie chairman of the finance com
: .ittf-i- in i vr.-.iMican leader in the
n.:!-. I-:' his real position on the
ill ha- b-. -n 'rationed by the repre--:;tat
ivr of the servic e men who
ii.ii'i' Imn en tiie scene of action and
A.iiciiint' C'o p pig re".-; of the fight.
This i., tin- one that pro
four plans fnr compensation.
!;;it of land settlement, insurance.
. i cat ioiia! training and cas'h settle-
. . : i t bit of which the bill
art '' '. a ir':uon for the payment
: "; f each day in foreign
. ! . : r r.n-l SI for each, dav in
.- t;
- ".veil ,
hour !
trvice i
ic during the world war.
i: n iy the American Legion
a- Stars and Snipes lias
i t fully S' ju-r rent of tiie
i' n are in lavor ot the cash
i and e'vciailv anions
had Ion:
t erm of ser-
1 1
cash settlement
the set tie men is
for t'vp vears
those who
vice during t :if
The friends
have poirfd .' that
will not i.e availahb
and by tiir. Mr.:- the pre-ent condi
tions will have been eased and permit
the payment without .-erious effect on
the tr a.-ury or tl:n 'iimtry.
While the :o; :ii.iit. was battling
among themselves the ofbees of the
various en.itors were flooded with
telegrams irom tiie post.: of the Amer
ican .l liinn
organ izati' ns over ti
the rupport of the i.'.e
braska sta!-? li'j .:.-- oi
yetenlav vt-n'
the bill : nd reiiit
t:d Hi t ho. k to
mi! oth'
r service men';;
country urging
i -tire. The Ne-ivpre.-entatives
D. Graham of Denver Speaks
Masonic Temple and at
Presbyterian Church.
The citizens of Plattsmouth will
have ample opportunity to hear
Robert D. Graham, of Denver, one of
the eminent Masonic lecturers of the
country tomorrow, when he returns
to give the third of his very inter
esting lectures on the work of the
order as well as general Christian
In the afternoon at 2:30 there will
be a meeting held at the Masonic
temple to which all Masons, their
families and friends are welcome to
attend and at this time Mr. Graham
will speak on "The Mission and Pur
pose of Freemasonry." This is a
great opportunity to enjoy one of
the ablest addresses on the Masonic
order that has been given to the
general public in the city and will
make clear the aims and purposes of
the great fraternity of Freemasonry.
In the evening Mr. Graham will
speak at a union service of the var
ious churches of the city .which will
be held at the First Presbyterian
church and at which time Mr. Gra
ham will speak on the subject. "The
Measure of Achievement" and the
address is one that will be inspira
tional to every man. woman and
child in the community.
The residents of the community
should make it a point to attend
these meetings and hear this gifted
gentleman Who has made such a pro
nounced impression on his previous
visits here to speak to the menmers
of the Masonic lodge.
Elmort Preston Taken Back to Buf
falo County to Answer to
Charge of Adultry.
Deputy Sheriff S. G. Parr, of Kear
ney. Xett., arrived in xseorasKa city
vesterday morning with a warrant
ith a warrant for the arrest of El
for the arrest of Elmort Preston, says
the Daily News of that city.
Preston was convicted last week in
district court at Nebraska City on a
charge of child desertion, and ,upon
being sentenced by Judge Begley to
a year in the state penitentiary, suc
ceeded in perfecting an appeal bond.
and was just about to step out into
a state of freedom once more, when
word came from the Buffalo county
authorities to hold him.
The warrant issued for his arrest
there charges him with living with
a Miss Hayes, of Pleasanton, Nebr
ar.d being the father of a child that
was born to her last month.
This charge is a more serious one
than that of child desertion and he
stands to draw a long penitentiary
sentence if found guilty. The officer
who came after him. said people out
there had ben waiting some time to
make the complaint until his case in
Nebraska City could be disposed of.
the utoe county officers offered no
objection to turning him over to the
Buffalo county deputy sheriff to face
the more serious charge.
The News says it is probable the
hard fight he put up there to go free
on the child desertion charge may be
accountable to his realization of the
developments that would follow if
he did not get back out to Buffalo
county and make some attempt to
smooth matters over there.
Clothiers 150
ful stripes and
some with soft
14 to 18. There
These shirts
We offei you unrestricted choice of the en-
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the story W(e've just received from the United National
fine dress shirts, made of Garners percale, beautt
patterns on white grounds; some with neck bands,
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VVo'ro a bit "chesty"
these fin shirts.
.Mr. (lus Olon. who has been at
the St. Catherine's hospital in Oma
ha for th-3 pa.t few days, was oper
ated on this morning at the hospi
tal for an illness of some duration.
It is not thought that the operation
will be serious and the family and
friends are hopeful that Mrs. Olson
may be able to return home in a
pliort time.
reor! favoring
! tv.-nat'Ts orri.'i ; first
vote for the mea- : this
iire when it reached th" senate floor.
Their indorsf-men? wa u follows:
"To give to the vet runs stub belated
compensation as may be rendered for
devotion and :-acrif;f'os."
The V.'.'-on hill tor te relief of ser
vice mn dM"us:d and reported
out favorably prior to taking up the
compi-n: it:; n bill.
One of til i .rovi-i:;!'..-, of tiie U'aon
bill. spirr-or d by llepreentatj ve?
"Wason. reublifan. New Hampshire,
would give in'i'-fin jf (. fitC medical,
dental and other care t' honorably
discharged men injure 1 in th'- l'ne of
duty. The bill al-o v. uild extend in
mi ranee, b; nefits by removing some
administrative1 re. t rl t ions and would
relieve per-nns rce.uving hospital
treatriir-nt ".- -ca t iorri I training from
paying ",'rcmiuins iu renewing term
A big event occurred at the Merl
Launing home last Monday one
which has caused some high stepping,
not only by Papa Merl. but also by
Grandpa Frank. And even Grandma
Manning's countenance beams with
a broader smile than tiie every-day
one she usually wears and she ap
pears as happy as a mother with her
born. As will b gathered, all
comes from the arrival of a fine
oung lady .at Merl's home. Uoth the
mother and babe are doing nicely
ami of course enjoy the situation,
while the proud father placed a box
of cigars on tap at the bank. Grand
pa Frank is already figuring bow per
fectly stunning the granddaughter
win look behind the steering wheel
of a twelve cylinder Premier. Eagle
Commandant Alfreda Swanson, Hep
resentiner Brisadier Win. Andrews
Receives 'inal Sum for County
T;;e following is a brief account of
the I i l r of Hev. Frederick Spriegel.
formerly a well known minister of
the Lutheran faith in Cass county:
"Frederick Spriegel was born in
aiisheim. Wurten burg. June 27.
.. He studied for the ministry
St. Chriscliona. near Hosel. He
.migrated to America in the late
viMtics finally locating in Nebras
i near Nehawka' in Cas county,
acre he lived continuously until
This morning Commandant AM're-'a:
he moved to Platte coun
ty. He served at St. Luke's church
Weeping Water, "at t lie church
Mesdames Fred Kehne and Geprge
Keffenberger are Hostesses to
Friends on Thursday
Wants Secretary to Ee
Representative of Wcrkeis
Ignores Name of Davis.
da. Swanson of Des Moines, represent- rear Cedar Cree!
ing Ungadier William Andrews ot
the Iowa ami Nebraska district, was
in the city receiving the final sums
due on the Salvation Army drive
that has been made in this county to
aid in the work of this great so
ciety. Sometime ago Frank M. H'-s-tor,
treasurer of the Cass county com
mittee turned over to the state or
ganization the sum of $1,000 and to
day the final amount of $."iOS.S4 was
turned over that completes the
county's contribution to the funds
cf the arm-.
Ca.;s county ranks among the best
ir. the itate and is third in standing
ir the proportion of the funds raised
f( r their quota in the drive. Com
mandant Swanson desired the Jour
nal to express her appreciation on be
luif of the Salvation Army to J).
('. Morgan, Frank M. Uestor. W. A.
Robertson and others who assisted
as members of the advisory commit
tee in the drive and also to the kind
hearted and generous people of Cass
countv who have contributed to the
fundTor the helpfulness of the good
work of the organization.
This fund will be u.-erl by the Sal
vation Army in the securing and
maintaining of the rescue home and
maternity hospital that they are or
ganizing in Omaha, they having pur
chased the old Governor Saunders
home that will be transformed into a
hospital and home. Mere the un
fortunates who have taken a misstep
in life will be cared for and saved for
future years of good and useful life
through the kindlv services of the
Salvation Army that strives to heal
the wounds of the world as well as
saving tiie sould and whose mission
of good has accomplished wonder
ful results in the great cities over
the land.
for a time, preach
er m Avooa and since 1511 at the
s::ne church in Platte county.
us 1 1 rs t wile was ;.:agdelcna
!'. !! dell of Wittlingen, w!u died
J; r iary l(t, ISO:.'.
"! !!s second wife. Wilhelmina Link,
of A '.lmansfehien, who died Dec. S,
1; If.
"Two children died in infancy, Fred
(iid February 19. 15)15. Five daugh-
ttrs. one son four son-in-laws and
six kiaiulchildren survive him.
"He was active until the time of
th. He preached on the morning
of tl e day of hi.s death. He died
very suddenly Sunday. February 1C.
i .
. m. oi heart
Wedneda y.
Center beside
failure and was
February 1 (i at
his son, Fred.
:ro bred large
ingle comb White
i'h ;rn cockrels, for $.".00, or
:.0 each. Heavv laving strain.
F. D. No. 1 Cedar Creek, Neb.
of Plattsmouth, Nebr.
A very pleasant miscellaneous
oiiwut-i juursuay auer- Washington. D. C, Feb. 25. Or-
noon ai me nome oi .Mr. ana iirs. ganize(1 ,a5or called on Presi1ent
t red Kehne. west of the city. Mrs. j e!ect Harding today to appoint as sec
,xeui:t; aim .ui!,. oeurge ixanenoerg- retarv of labor a "recognized
er being the hostesses of the occa-! ePntativp of nnr.nho.i iv,ov
The little
lady whose arrival is
noted above is also the cause of much
happiness in this city as the parents
of Mrs. Lanning are Mr. and Mrs.
T. W. Glenn of Plattsmouth. and
Mrs. Glenn has been spending a
short time at the Lanning home
greeting the fine little granddaughter.
I.I ,
;i 'is
!;i ims,
l.l i
1 1,
'f lllsi!M
of Xl-
.i n.I il is ii mi -it s S.-.7 1.1 s.r.i
lis r., II-'.O
seen ri t i-s. j inlnnu-ri t s.
et-.. i 1 1 -1 in) ing all
'. I'll I'M i I Hie
Call P.. F. Wile-. Piatt'
tphone I'f.'U-W.
mouth, tel-24-ifd.
Des M
the Jc
time a f
wa Cour,
to ucril
oiies. la.. Feb. '2 I. Harvey
foimer : porting editor of
Midn".- Capital and at o:.o
ture w riter on the (J'I'mu
er. died at his heme in l.j?
Cal.. V cflneoday. according here today.
This morning Rev. J. 1 1. Salisbury,
former pastor of the First Presbyter
ian church of this city, arrived here
to spnd the day with his tnany
friends and former associates in the
church work and the occasion or his
visit brought great pleasure to the
many old time friends who enjoved
the opportunity f meeting the gen
ial minister. Rev. Salisbury is now
iocattd at Iyjup City. Neb., and has
for the past week been at Ucllevue.
v here be been a-'stiDC" in spe
cial .-crviCs that are leiug conduct
ed in the interest ofthe extent '.on
cf the church work.
The ;irm alarm yesterday afternoon
called the fire department to the home
of Frank il. Shopp on west Marble
street, but before t lie arrival of the
chemical truck the smail blaze had
been extinguished. The fire was
caused by sparks alighting on the
roof of the house and burning a small
place on I he shingles, but prompt
action on the part of the family and
neighbors put the iirs out with prac
tically no damage to speak of to the
i' i . i i 1 1 1 ii r i i
! !;i n I: i : Imu
Ii 1 e i i s . . .
oi!n r r-;i I -s t :it .
Cii I i ;. t rx ii'iiss.
i:it- l st T'iiiil . . . .
Vsl: i i-llis
!"i i ; mi National
I'lu-i I;m ami i t i ius ol'
"ii i l i-iicy
iol.l loiti
Silver. :ii'kcs iirul i
T )T. t
I mi Stati'
7 ii.r.1
j.s oi. i;
:: l;
1 nt;!i. no
I." 7.r.0
. $; I ::. o.-
i.i. .
.-,1). (11)11. (MP
1". lo !..'.;
Effects of Constipation
lirirt v
itter that
Constipation causes a stoppage
the sewerage s-ystem of the
The poisonous refuse in
should be carried away is retained
in the system and often poisons the
blood and causes numerous disorders.
No one can alTord to neglect his
bowels. A dose of Chamberlain's
Tablets will afford relief. Avoid dras
tic cathartics as they take too much
water out of the system and their
use is likely to be followed, by chron
ic constipation.
Cap'lal sto.k (niiil in
Si. n in.- fuml
Cniiiv iilfil prulits
1 l:il I ill lia I (I'lmsits snliji-et t'
lick 9 1 !::.:::::.:s7
Turn' f "1-t i'n-a i.-s of iiclosit. jss.SII. 1 fi
t'asliifi's rlii'i ks on I s t a ml i n lt 4, Hi 1.7::
l.if to National ami State
lianks 7,"i'i(l.t K
I'.ilis I'.IV.ll.l" .", I .llOO.lMI
I )cios: 1 oi 's gearantv fiiiid... ."i.."i I ::.7 I
!"t TAI.
. Sc. i::,nr.
; ;o.i
ho uie of
".th wciiiin. App
Mrs. Ton: Paliert-jn.
Slate of NelirasUa j
County of Cass- J
I. U. !. I 'ii 1 1 iTs'.it. Caslii.-r of the
ai.fv. nafiieil Lank il liei'tliy swriir
tlat t!'f al.of stiitfMlelif is ; rrcet
ami Hi?" i i.iiv if tin- report luaili- to
I i Siil-- llm iao of HHiikin.
It. r". I'ATTCKSON".
.ie.--t: Cashier.
T II I ' l .1 . 'K. I lireetor.
.v. :. !: i:i i:k" i Dii ei tm .
i - :'
-ii the
:l I
swori' to I.e f ii re
l-'.-l.!lli IV. t".IJl.
m : '. ti.ssi'i:i:.
Xi.1,1 i' I'lil.l:
ip:!.!) -inn e
lij.'l-s Sept.
sion. The event was in honor of
Miss Klla Tschirren and the guest
of honor received a large number of
handsome presents in anticipation of
the "arly occasion of her marriage,
and .vhich will be held in fond re
membrance by her in her new home
in the years to come.
The hostesses served a very delic
ious and dainty luncheon at a suit
able hour that added to the enjoy
ment of the event.
Those who were in attendance
were Mesdames Henry Born, Chris
TVchirren, Ed Tritsch, Fred Buech
ler, Louis Meisinger. Fred Tschirren
Joseph rJierl. Philip Born. Louis
Born. John Buechler, M. P. Flem
ing. Herman Graham. John Halmes,
Julius Hilflickcr, Philip Hirz, August
Kaffer.berger. John Kaflenberger.
Sr., Philip Kehne. O. M. Kintz, John
P. Meisinger. Fred Kehne, Philip
Mei.-inger, August Nolting, Fred
NoLiiiig. John Parkening, Henry
Nolting. Otto Fetereit. Fritz Siemon-
eit. John 7.1. Kaffenberger. Henry
Starkjohii, Kd Steppat. George A.
Kaffenberger, Jr., Fritz Kehne, Mrs.
H. J. Livingston, of Weeping Water;
Mrs. Will Kehne. of Cedar Creek;
Mrs. Robert Patterson and Mrs. Al
bert Wheeler, of Murray; Misses
Adelia Tritsch, Ella Tschirren. Eliza
beth Tschirren. Tillie Halmes. Emma
1 1 in:. Elizabeth Hirz. Dora Nolting.
Mablc Rununell. Verna Stoehr, Edna
Born, Dorothy Simoncit. Martha A.
Kaflenberger. Dorothy Halmes, Ber
nico and Ellen Kaffenberger and Ar
nold Buechler.
and a
"real spokesman of the working peo
ple and who understands the toilers."
The request, made in a telegram to
the president-elect, was declared by
labor leaders to be practically an in
dorsement of the type of man as
James Duncan of Quincy, Mass.. a
vice president and member of the ex
ecutive council of the American Fed
eration of Labor, whom they regard
as the one candidate who is a "recog
nized representative of organized la
Reports that James J. Davis of
Pittsburg had been selected by Mr.
Harding as his labor secretary
net referred to in the
f-.ur r;iil-
ii v orgJii-
campa ign
the ialu r
was signed by President Gomper-.
members of the executive council
and representatives of the nathirial
and international unions affiliated in
the American Federation of Labor,
and representatives of the
road brotherhoods.
Plans for the launching
"Recognized j ized labor of a nation-wide
to onset the open shop
and alleged propaganda oi
of trades unionism, were
at tne closing session of
"It was the view of the confer
ence," President Gompers said, "that
every possible effort should be tr.ado
to make accessible to everyone tfie
fullest information about the work
and aims of organized labor.
"The course decided upon was in
furtherance of the aims and policies
announced by the conference yester
day. "It is the aim of '"labcr t.i ma!.e it
pocsible for everyone to under:-! a in!
fully what are the f.-.'ts about labor's
organizations, their efforts, their o;o
tests and their purposes."
St. Mary's Guild will meet next
were j Tuesdav with Miss IVir.i l-'riel... All
message, which members please take notice. old.
Shirts ! Shirts ! Shirts !
Attorney William A. Robertson and
Dr. R. P. Weslover Are Now Lo
cated in Dovey Building.
Among the changes made in the lo
cation of two of the professional men
of the citv is that of the moving of
Attorney William A. Robertson and
Dr. R. P. Westover from the Coates
block to the Dovey building on the
touth fide of Main street. Both gen
tlemen have secured nicely arranged
offices in the new location and which
givs them a frontage on the main
street of the city which they did not
have in their former location as the
offices of both are much larger and
suit the two gentlemen in fine shape.
Both the office of the doctor and
Mr. Robertson are now fully arranged
and they are in a position to look
after the needs of their patients and
clients as of old and their friends are
invited to call and see them in their
new location.
For the Liver and Bowels
When your liver and bowels be
come torpid get a bottle of Chamber
lain's Tablets. They will tone up
uur liver and cause a gentle move
ment of the bjv.els. They also im
prove the digestion.
2 for $2.4
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$1.25 each, or
$2.40 for the two
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