The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, February 24, 1921, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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i Murray Department
Prepared in the Interest of the People of Murray and Surrounding: Vicinity Especially for the Journal Renders
i: yof tiie rctn of tlie
Jiurua.l kuor of t.v.y nocil
event or Item of interest in
this ricicity. and will miJl
nme to tbls otilce. It will ap
pear under this h-adirif. We
want U aewsiteiiis Editob
1 o
All Parties
It is necessary that all such bonds be
converted into permanent bonds of
the same issue, as the last coupon on
the temporary bonds of the fourth
issue is past due.
If you will bring such bonds 3'ou have
on hand to us, we will be glad to serve
you in the way of exchanging these
bonds for you.
mill 1 ujf
iy Wiles and family visited
: is in Aica Sunday,
r. and Mrs. J. Brendei entertain
. number of friends Friday eve-
M :-.
j ?.!'.! d visited friend. in
:i(-utii Friday and attended the
, program.
Hay R:vyl and yon Fredrick
d icr iheir home at Plainview
-d.:y evening.
ami Mrs. O. A. Davis and Mrs.
11. s. Tn't wire visiting with friends
;:i o-uaha !;:t Monuay.
Vee c!'i!;rt n at the home of Mr.
. is'! .'ir-. Edward Murphy are having
;. tu--'e v. i . ; i the measles.
Taking advantage of Washington's
;. l-rcal It liday. I.ouis H:.l
1 at his home in Platt-
tl !:-.
V.v a.-. till paying the highest !
i . ' s ! r i; :;i and country produce :
.'i :rr;...- i'rtam Station. J. A. ;
Frw-verine which was held i
ii'.r.if of .Mrs. Otto Puis Wed
r.f'erri.'io::. was well attended
MniTav ladie-.
a: 'he
i'V t!:r
' .!.-. ;.i
V ; i
te! - . .
i ! - i r .
r phe"!. i f near Cullcni,
atti-r seme business mat
Murray and al.-o attend
S (I. Stone.
'K-v .;ld. the sa h -.-m an for
Saturday, driving over with their car.
Harry Vantine cf south of TXehaw
ka. was a visitor in and near Murray
lcist Tuesday and attended the sale
of F. T. Wilson southeast cf Mur
ray. Messrs. Wayne Lewis. Robert
Fitch. Earl Kline and Lloyd Lewis,
were attending the sale last Tuesday,
driving down from Plattsmouth in a
car. ,
J. A. Smith and daughter. Mis
Lffie. from near Nehawka. were vis
iting with friends and looking after
some business matters in Murray last
A. B. Elrod. the horse trainer from
Lincoln, was a visitor in this vicin
ity last week and on Tuesday broke
a. team to drive and wcrk for Mr.
James Earhart.
John Durmin, who has made his
home just west of Murray for a num
ber of years, moved this week to a
farm near Otoe, where he will farm
the coming season.
Chester Sporer, who has been ill
the past few days with tonsilitis, has
,' recovered and on Wednesday was able
to resume his studies at the Platts
mouth high school.
E. S. Tutt of the firm of Iliatt &
Tutt. was a business visitor in Oma
ha last Tuesday, going to the metro-
i n :
IT i:
h i::
i -; t
' r
i 'l!
U n
H . .-:
" K . com pa
1 j a bn.-in.---.-. vi
i i: ;l"t v : ! i eni) n.
. )i. ('limere. '.v ho
l-e day was called
Tn"-l::v t;, give pro:
: t i ; i i jt t s t here.
y of Platts- I polis on the early train and return-
r in Mur-
:s very
to ln-
t - r i ;
-' v. :
' 1 !
visitor in
ing on tue mianignt.
Mr. and Mrs. ("has. Mutz, who
have recently moved onto the Davis
farm one mile west of Murray, were
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Torence Flem
ing in Weeping Water. Sunday.
Margaret Spangfer. who is a mem
ber cf the senior class of Platts-
v v
.- V.
r v.
! : V
"i ay
te oi
; h
ii. !
T W :S a
Fri ":.y.
. i . ..;kl who is- j mouth high school, spent the holiday
Thur-day. (Tuesday at home and was accompan-
'uttsmoiuh. was a ; jed by her friend Alice Pollock.
is in .Murray last j Walter Englekemeier. son of Mr.
anended tuf ale and Mrs. A. J. Englekemeier. is re-
U i
:s -I: : Ik; S. O. Smne.
r- W. '-hrader. whu has
t iii i i.; his SMI:. H.
r' jx rt . ! to i.f r
'Mi ; !i s:i centi: i;in.
and fi'inily wttf visit
itt:ws i:; riiiti-niouth
it Hi v sor,;e bus'ii'.;- last
Alv-ays. Ready for Sale
Dales far or near.
Telephone 423 Plattsmouth Eschamre
I ported as being confined to his heme
i on account of a case of scarlet fever.
i;ut is reported as getting along nice
ly. Mi-s Ivy Maugay cf near Union,
accomnanied by her physician. Dr. .
F. ilrenriel. went to the Ford hospi
tal at Omaha last Thursday, where
I site is taking treatment for her
I health
j A. C. Lee and son Roy. the latter
having his arm broken last Satur
day, were visitors in Murray last
Tuesday. Roy coming to have his arm
dressed, while his father was looking
after business.
John E. Schultz and Emil J. Wey
rich of Plattsmouth. were business
i-itors in Murray last Tuesday, the
latter delivering one of his splendid
Edison phonographs to a customer
vest of town.
J. E. Gruber. who recently moved
to Murray and is occupying the for
mer home of li. A. Hoot, has had his
name placed among the readers of
Qrharff anrl Efinof
The overall of certain satisfaction. It fits! King,
the big roomy fellow, made of 220 wt. denim. You'll
like it too!
Cariiarit suspender back bib overall $2.25
Qirhartt jumper to match above 2.25
King 220 wt. denim bib overall 2.00
King jumpers to match above 2.00
Carhartt Juniors, ages 2 to 6 1.10
Carhartt Boys, ages 7 to 12 1.25
Ca;hcitl Youths, ages 1 3 to 16 1.50.
receive ll.s pa-
the Journal and will
per in the future.
L. II. Puis and wife departed :jiuo
time ago fcr the wc.t and have been
si t-dnir.g the week at Otu. Colorado,
and ether places in that part of the
country, where ;hey have friends a' d
business interests.
C. V.. Clarke of the Hotel I'nion.
was looking after some business nii.t
ters in Murray last Ttusday, tlriviiit;
up fn his cer. and declared the wind
nearly blew him away as he caiao
over the top:; of the hills.
Waldemar Soennichsen of the firm
of II. M. Scennichsen of Platts
mouth, was a visitor in Murray last
Tuesday and was looking after some
business matters at the sle hicl
was held east of town at the home cf
S. C Stone.
Mrs. Alvin Wilbur, ac-ompanieJ
by their family physician. Dr. J. F.
Brendel and Mr. Wilbur, went U t'.:t
Ford hospital last Sunday, where .-. e
underwent an operatic:; for the :
moval of a tumor. She is now mi -ing
fair progress toward recovery.
Mrs. T. F. Jain-i.-Mii. who is visiting
in this city as a guest at the home cf
her daughter. Mrs. Dr. J. F. Pre: -del,
was a visitor in Omaha last Mon
day, accompanied bv Dr. J. P
del, where she consulted a sn ocialis-t
regarding the condition oi her health.
Mrs. V. A. Kennedy, who has been
confined to her home for several
weeic?, is reported to te in a serious
condition yet, out it is hoped that
she will soon be on the road to re
covery. The malady which is troub
ling her is a:, affection of the
heart, which teems very stubborn in i occ asions.
succoinoing to the treatment of tnei
physicians. j
Geo. Parks ;nd family, aceonpar- J
led by Grandi'ia Wiley attnid.ed ti e- '
junior literary program at the hip'';
school auditorium in PlarN.-rm.uth j
Friday evening at which time their
daughter 'ilia. appeal ed on the'
Here They Are, Americans. i
A l:oy arrived at tie home of Will '
T. Hutchison's-. Febr.rary 10th. and
c: much exciteru' -n t at the home
where the hapuy pare. its received him
v.-ith much joy. Tl. mother and
young American are doing nicely, and ;
the father was able to attend the
rub this week. j
At the heme of Ray Henry and
wife- there is happiness on account ,
2f the arrival of a uon. who declares '
that he has found just the right place j
to li . c and the parent- are so rejoiced j
ever his arrival that they say that if'
he had known that he would have '
been reecived with so much joy. he
would have hurried his arrival, i
Opel Iloiuau of the third grade,
and Kathleen of the second grade, i
reecived prizes last week for having !
the most headmarks.
Hazel Davis came to school Men
day morning with sixtj- examples in
algebra worked for future lessons.
She believes in preparing for the fu-
ture. . -
Dick and Bud March and Carl,'
Henry and Joe Dietl. went to thej
wcods Sunday and too their dinner t
w ith them. They were hunting, and j
had good luck no one was hurt.
Several of the pupils of the Mur
ray school have been favored with
letters from Xellie and Viola Tucker.
They were formerly pupils of this
school, but are now living at Oconto,
We have planted lettuce and rad
h:heH in the hot bed which we made
last week and arp watching to see if
they have reached their full growth,
""hen they do, we may try our hand
at making lettuce sandwiches.
if some good fairy was to visit the
Murray school and promise to grant
each one with a wish, I think she
would not have a very hard task, for
every one at our school agrees beau
tifully. We only ask fcr more time.
Severrth Annual
The ether a'.d s:in ar
Sunday. February
the arrival of orit-
iii'Ie blue-eyed girls
wih to see, at the i.
Mrs. Eugene Fitch.
in extacy of joy a
v -y veil pleased.
that these three ii;
'lu v be blessings to ti
tin- vears to come and
doing nicely, j
-th, marked
tue daintiest
hat one might
me of Mr. and
The father
the mother
tor." view
is j Cabin.'
Margaret Dietl and Marie Puis
nnH ucu reading J he Prospac
and gave a j int oral book re
of this interesting book during
English period. Hazel Davis
a review of "Uncle Tom's
e are hoping j A specimen
tie American j pupil's writing
;eir parents in ' moraine: and a
t hat t hey mav
?r t--o-- ir . - VI
M 5000 Standard Dealers celebrating Standard Hog Regulator Week
;J Bi V1um for Every Farmer. ' You Can Get Absolutely Free
5 A Gallon Standard Stock Dip Value J2. r
r3 A le-!b. Pail Standard Protexo! Value .2S
Q with a purchase of 100 Iba. Standard Hog Regulator at our store hla week.
Li Standard Hoc Reculator is the best Hof Conditioner ever aaa 10t rur
B Drufs. A rl economy sale-This week only. Cet your coupon today.
The JVlurray Drug Co., Murray, Nebraska
be of service
to the world into
'eh they hae come so suddnelv.
:. n:' bless -all who they may know, as
wril as ii i vi a g prosp city themselves.
Wiil Have Services Sunday.
Tia-re will be services 'noth iu the
ii i rning and evening at the Presby
terian church Sunday, v.hen Dr. Ren
wick of Topeka. Kan. as, will conduct
the services. All are urged to be in
at'tndance. as they are assured of
having an excellent discourse for the
iti t a a '
i tlii
.Sat urua
r.-: i ing
Now Doing Nicely.
James Deles Dernier, who has
the St. Jos; ph hospital for
me. tit derwet.t an operation
removal of i;a!! stones last
of each high school
was taken Monday
fter about six weeks ;
practice they are to be compared with
a specimen taken then, r,o we can see !
how much we have improved. "Ig
norance is the only un pardonable
sin" is t!ie sentence which we wro'e
this morning.
Since we have started the study
cf science. I.lovd Lev da decided to
be a scientist at home. The result
iw;ii a broken window and magnet,
i Eianche Scotten has been attempt
; ing to be an astronomer. While
'studying the stars, she grew sudden
j ly frightened at the dark and made
a dive lor tn door, with the result ot
narrowly e-caping a serious injury
from fallirg on tlie steps.
Lloyd Leyda usually rides to school
and keeps his horse in Minford's
b ;rn. Will decided to join the "kind
ness to dumb animals club" last week
i:d stor.r.pd on u? wav to sr-bonl to:
y and since i, reported to be fffii Kicv.l's horse With a fr.cp full
program. j i n.
John Eppinj.'s and Virgil Arnold i to
were making their initial trip toil.!
Plattsmouth and the Platte river!.:!-!
last Monday, and on Tuesday went
the Otoe county line. They are g
ting the rcad in very nice condit:
and we look even bette rroads
iw li as they m t. to work them.
The West lu-cl; Uiuhs Fain. I
rtau Fi deration will Le organised
Murray Saturday afternoon, Felru-j
ary at which time everv farmer I
nicely. It is hoped
she viii -con ! able to return
r hoiie near Murray and that
former god health mav be re-
' -1 1
Started Sav."injr Luinber,
)iiev Llcy J got his yaw
I'd up iast wee!; and
in tbe precinct is urged to meet at
the Puis liall at 2 o'clock. Tiie 1ovl i
and gir's oig club and girls sewing
or cooking club will also be organ
ized. O. T. Leyda and Col. J. Ii. Sey
boldt returned during the week from
a trip to Ocer.t.o in the western por
tion of tiie stale, where they drove
the tar of C. C. Tueke:. who a short
tin.e ago i::oc-i t t !u:t part of tiie
state. liot h Mr. Leyda and .Mr. Sey
iioldt tiiink tnat portion or the state
an excellent country.
Che-ter JM-.rcr. who has ber sit
ter.. ling school at Platt.-ni'.iu i:. was j
taken ili v hiie at hi- studies, and Dr. i
J. F. BrencIU, tiie family physician.)
went to mat city and trought tlie
young mar to I: is home near tins
place and is giving aim treatments.
which -are doing much to restore the
young man to his usual health.
Capt. Mur.son. of well known Chau
tauqua and lyceum fame, who wa:s to
have appeared in Murray on Tues
day and Wednesday evenings of ii.:s
week under the au-piee, f the com
munity cluli. was. by prevent
ed from coming, thereby greatly dis
appointing everyone, as a rare treat
vas expected. We are hoping to
have him with us a a later d.!te
Glen Perry drove to Lincoln Satur
day and was accompanied home by
his son Russell, who is a student at
the state university. Russell has
been suffering with appendicitis for
seme time and on Monday under
went an operation at St. Joseph's
hc:-pital in Omaha, from which he
rallied nicely and at latest reports
was getting along as well as couid be
The boys and girls pig club will
be organized Saturday afternoon at
2 o'clock at Puis hall." All girls and
hoys interested in raising a sure for
honest hog. be on hand. You will
have something for your .-ummer
work. Seme have manifested mere
interest in a girls sewing club than
cocking club. If it is tie wish oj
the majority Saturday, that they or
ganize a sewing club in place of cook-
lnET club, it will lie sewiner.
prepared to decide and have
which you wish for.
K gan saw-
' umber for Frank Vallcrv at th
i. Rhoden place. Mr. Lloyd
ird worker and a man who thor
hly unders.T.nd-- the running of
:'nv mill, and v.ill make a success
I'.. He i? in the lAiuess fcr mak
g tiie i.-"st of lumber, and will saw
e where after this contract is com
; e...
of and his arms full of!
good cats, he nr-hed into tlie barn
to bestow this feart upon the patient j
ar.imal. Put "Pp" hr.d failed to come '
to tchool thru, morning. Will threw,
the feed down in disgust and said. '
"What's; the use cf trying to be!
ie t
Ladies Aid Edd Meeting. j
c ladies cf the L.i'iieran church
h:b' h:-t Tuesday at the home of:
L. II. Pu!:-. where they enjoyed-
in a. very fine manner. It
George W. Shiader. Who Was Visited
With Stxcke cf Paralysis Two
Weeks Ago is Still Quite 111.
iig W
:.::: :.!
.vki :b a
!"!!!' ho.-g
a. h ingle, ;Fr
;: patriotic
il present
ess serve !
b;ri belay, a pro
r.ature wa given
enjoyed greatly.
: vory dr-ligatful
it::; eh em and all declared Mrs. Vu '
a entertainer, and look'
P.r the tlT-c when they can meet at i
b!e heme again.
A few
Fcr Sale.
more Duroc Jersev boars at
a: so
)rcd p:!t3.
Albert Young, Murray, Neb.
JIurr?v School 27ctcs.
.ny Dit 1 1 v .is absent
William W.eils was abs:
s- h:;- i last Tuesday.
Ti:e first rade have been study
ing: about Peter Rabbit. They are
now making illist rated booklets.
We are preparing a ' f liort pro
gram for "IJeUer Citizenship Week",
which will be given Friday in lim
ine. March 4th.
The condition of George W. Shra
der, one cf the rione?r residents of
Cass county, and who was stricken
two week-; ago with paralysis, continue-
oui.'e serious and but little:
change :'n the condition of the pa
tient is to he noticed.
Mr. Sim. der has. since the acci
dent, hcen staying at the home of
iiis sen. I Tomer Shracler near Mur
ray and has been receiving the care- l
of the children, whp have been -tak- j
ing turns in caring fcr the aged fath- j
cr and doing all possible to bring j
aiiout his recovery.
Thc.msny friends over the county
cf this splendid old neighbor and
frirnd have beer, anxiously awaiting
wot d from his bsdsida and hoping
that he might be able to shake off'
th:? effects of the stroke, although
the ..f'vanced years of Mr. Shrader
makes this extremely di'Ticult.
There are
mc.i in the
the entertain
en at the M.
February l'o
while to see
t v. "tit y-t wo line young i
Weslejan Glee Club in:
ment which wjll be giv-
V.. A. Hall next Friday. I
th. It is worth your
of Murray, Nebr.
Good improved forty acres, one
mile east of Weeping Water. Posses
sion March 1st. Hurry, for I don't
keep these bargains long. Phone GOG.
FRANK VALLERV. Plattsmouth.
ii.iri r Nu.
i'la.-k.i ii
i I II! i
th.' li'..-
it i;;i ry
.- ..r in-it-,
1 1
:! .lis .mm!
Sti come
iu mind
Two at Hospital.
Mrs. Lee Prown, who ha-
i troubled for some time with ;
diciiis was taken last Friday
Je.-eph's ho' in Omaha,
she underwent an operation 1
' r re
lief of the malady, and is mfking
very fair progress toward recovery.
A iiiji!1 son if Mr Mrt fl,.-.
u.-ii ..i .. j '. '.;.i!;i!
iini oi.-u vo a iv ius ao FaKeil .' sn.
' ' r : nt c x ii :is. s.
l i'.-v. st p;i;. . . .
i 1- T .NHtillt'il
t.".! ,s;.-.... l.;.ni;v.
'lii-i-ks ;it:! itc:ii
el .-. h;. Hi;.- . . . .
I'm - .
i'"i'l .-in '. .
f 1. t ii i t u t i- ;t ii. t
s. Iav at:i
. s :; :.m,:i.jj
t::: !.sr,
New York. Feb. 21. Corporation
! Counsel O'Brien announced todn"
ilial. with approval of Mayer Dylan,
le bad engaged Senator Hiram W.
Johnosn of California to fight trac
tion bills now before the legislature.
l'. 11:
1. 1-:;.
ti i ke
:i te
witn appendicitis and he i progrcs
fcing under treatment at the St. Jo
seph hospital since his operation, and
promises to make a rapid and com
plete recovery.
J.a i.l t?i
VtX9 i j
sai an
I Tutt
Underrocs ar. Operation.
Russell Perry, the son of Mr. and
Mrs. Glen Perry, living between Mur- (
ray and Plattsmouth. has been trou-
bled recently with touches of appen-!
j dicitis and last week was i..l:en withi
i a very severe attack, and it was the!
advice of (heir family physician. Dr.
Prendel, that he go to a hospital at
Omaha, where he could nave the
treatment of a specialist and accord
ingly, accompanied by his parents
and Dr. B. F. Premie', he went to
i - k
fiin. I
I r.t. v in-..(i is . . .
! ti: i v .1 t.;i I i s
n -J.-. -t to .1. .-. k . .S '.'
Tito.- ( : tili. att s m
ii-t'"s it II
'1,;.t's in-c k .-
m I st a !! iii;r 1. 1 ! i. 1 7
! . piisit guaranty .ri! Hi . . .
i r,.iiii'i.ii'i
t, is
.$2 1-'
State- of
C.u.'it y
Vcl. rut lea 1
f Cass
I. W. i. Bue'i.-k.T. C'Hsliifr of the
iiHtncd Pank do herehy swear
fl' 1 1 tin- tlmvt! stntmetit !s a. corrt i l
, 1 1 iu- enpv of the report made to'
'tl:.- situte lautaii or tar,Kinjr.
I w. :. uji:i)i;i;i:r:.
. AU.-.- t: Caiil.ier.
t l.ia i.. iii ;:k i:k. iih.-. tm-.
! C'ilAS. C. l'AKJIEU:, Director.
! Omaha where he entered the Ford!
hospital and underwent an operation.-"
He m now cnu:g very nicely and
! hopes are entertained of his rapid
and peiruaneiit recovery.
Puis & Qanscmer Halt
Murray, Nebraska
Sn bs.-ri
this vl-; ,i,4i
Seal I
;iint nviiiii to l.ef'.ire
of f'li'iu;. i-v, 1!'JJ.
t:t;t. i'. t.- i:v.
-Notaiv Put..!
tiiy c.-:uniiJsiori expirt-t aept. l:
sSaturday, February 26
! Good Time Assurred! j
"Old Ben
I have a quantity of "Old Ben Cole," which is an
excellent grade of bituminous coal, from the noted
Illinois mines, which I am offering at
0 Per Ton
Better get in on this before the coal is all gone.
Banning $k tickles,
Murray, Nebraska
ee Japvss at Once!
Jarvis Lancaster is offering the following goods at
very attractive prices, and those who are needing such
article wiil find it to their advantage to see him.
One Ottawa "C" cylinder corn sbeiler; one Excel
sior motorcycle; one Reeves ?aw mill in good condition;
one Chalmers fix, 1917 model auto in good condition;
one Reo truck (1917 mode!) in good condition; one
1916 model Ford touring car.
We are offering a three per cent discount on all
cash purchases at our store.
We are also giving a t--o per cent discount on the
payment of book accounts received by March 26th.
This means we want the morie' and need it too.
Please see if you cannot get in and settle up. Unless
you and all the rest owing us come forward promptly
we wiil be compelled to pay interest on money borrow
ed to meet oir own obligations, and ?e are willing to
give 3'o-u the benefit cf not having to do so, in the form
cf a substantial discount.
Titan Tractors
at the same old price, $1 ,100.00, while they last. Better
see them. Price is F. O. B. Murray.
gyij We also have a few manure spreaders which will
go at a bargain. Now is the opportune time to buy them.
Special price on heating stoves.
The time for the use of paints and cleaning up for
the summer is at hand. We have paints, varnishes and
all necessary things in this line. Harness and farm ma
chinery will soon occupy the public e3re.
Buk garden seeds of all kinds.
W. H. FUL9, THE HARDWARE f.lflti',
Murray, Nebraska
Speoials a! the Service Store!
Here is an opportunity to save some of that money
by making purchases at our store. Money is not any
too plentiful just now and you should make it go as
far as possible.
We have a new line of the latest in oxfords. See
them; they will please you.
We are still making a 1 0 per cent reduction on
shoes and rubber goods.
Latest in Ginghams, Percales and Muslins now on
sale at 25 cents per yard.
A fine line cf men's dress shirts. See. them.
We carry a most complete stock of staple groceries.
Sugar is now $10.00 per cwt. Better lay in a supply at
once, against a probable advance in the near future.