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VOL. NO. xxxvn.
NO. 60
From Monday's La!Ty.
After an illness of one week's du
ration. William McCauley, one of the
old and highly respected residents of
the city parsed away last evening at
his home on Granite street, having
in the past few days suffered a heni
orhage of the brain that made his
ncoery impossible.
Mr. McCauley is one of the vet
eran employes of the Burlington in
this city as he has since his arrival
here in l.S7, been employed in the
paint department of the shops and
was cue cf the imxi highly esteem
ed men in that department, being
loved and cherished by the many
friends with whom he has been as
sociated for the past years.
William McCauley was morn in
Philadelphia. January 4, 1M5. and
when a hoy came west to the state
of Illinois and at the outbreak of
the civil war enlisted in Co. I. 124th
Illinois infantry, serving for three
years and a half in that organiza
tion and at tne eise or tne war re
turned to Illinois and at Mai-omb. in
the year 1 S 7 1 . was married to Miss
Harriett Latham. To this union
three children were bom. two of
whom with the wife am1, mother sur
vive the parsing of this good man.
The children, are Fred and Charles
McCauitv cf this city. One daugh
ter, Mrs. Stimuli Patterson, preced
ed the fatVr in death a number of
years aeo. To share the grief of hb
deaih there are also three grand
children. Mrs. Doris Tnli.-alo. of
Rockford. 111.: James Patterson cf
iK-nver and Donald of Arap-hoe.
The McCauley family came to
Plattsmouth in 1S79 and during the
foity-two years of their residence
here have been numbered among the
most highly respected members of
th community. Personally of a quiet
and unassuming nature Mr. McCau
ley has lived his life in the peaceful
manner of an ideal citizen and strove
always to see that he nieeted out to
his fellcw man the same treatment
that he might expect in turn. His
death is a loss to the community thtt
will be hard to replace. The fun
eral services will be htli from the
First Pre?byte-ian church on Tues
day afternoon at 2 o'clock and the
interment had at te Oak Hill cem
John T. Sheffield Who Failed to Com
ply With Court Order to Pay for
Care of Children Receives Jolt
From Monday's PeHv
This morning John T. Sheffield,
formerly of I'nion. was in the dis
trict court to answer to a complaint
of seventeen counts filed against him
by County Attorney A. G. Cole and
in which he was charged with hav
ing failed to comply with the order
of the district court made on Sep
tember 10th in which he was requir
ed to pay the sum of 515 per week
for the care and of
hi children.
The information was read and the
court decided that under the law the
defendant guilty on each of the
counts. th punishment of which was
three months imprisonment in the
county jail and the seventeen counts
in::de a total of four years and three
months that will he coming to Mr.
Sheffield ar.d he was turned over to
Sheriff C. I). Quinton to take up the
ta-k of serving the sentences. This
oftense is one that is regarded very
lightly by many, but the law has
ve-y severe teeth in it for the party
vl o violates it
and in the case of
this your.T man he will have plenty
o itime to meditate over the. failure
to comply with the court order.
Sheffield has been in Omaha for some
time end was brought back frora
there Saturday by Sheriff Quinton.
From Tuesday's Daily.
Tiie service class of the Christian
church was very pleasantly enter
tained yesterday at the home of Mrs,.
J. K. Stine and the occasion prove!
one of the greatest delight to the
members of the party. The home
was very charmingly arranged in
uV' orations of red hearts in keeping
with the valentine season and fur
nished a pleasing setting for the
happy gathering FoTlrtu-in o- tfco
business session the iai.oc wiaiid Thomas Wiles of Plattsmouth in
some verv Dleasine- numhore rm ii,0
Urunswick as well as games of var
- - MuuUN.kfc til V I
ious kinds in keeping with the sea
son. The broken heart contest was
especially interesting and each mem
ber of the party was given one of
the hearts to mend and in this con
test Mrs. G. E. Decker won the prize
oflered. being the first of the party
to complete the task. Other games
were played and at a suitable hour
dainty refreshments were served and
it was with the greatest of regret
that the members of the party de
parted homeward.
If it's in the stationery line, call
at the Journal office.
I From Monday's DaI2v.
Miss Tillie Lehnhoff, who has been
at Lincoln for the past few weeks,!
.taking treatment at the home of her1
cousin. Dr. Henry Lehnhoff, return-
ed home yesterday, accompanied by
( her mother. Mrs. F. I). Lehnhoff and!
her brothers. Fred W,
and George 15.
Lehnhoff, of Omaha.
Miss Lehnhoff
has shown very marked improvement
since going t Lincoln and it is hoped
now that a short time will see her
well on the highway to complete re-
covery from her recent Illness.
Congressman Jefferis. of Omaha. Has
Taken Up Case of Win. Schall
Who is Known Here
From Monday's Datly.
The circumstances surrounding the j
denial of the application of William j well known in the city to a large cir
Schall of Omaha for citizenship, I cle of friends and both have been ac
which brought to Mr. Shall great ! tively identified with the social work
grief as his children were en route
to the United States and he was un-
der the impression that the five
motherless children could not be ad-,
niitted to this country owing to in-j
ability of the father to qualify for
citizenship at this time, seem assur-!
ed of satisfactory solution.
The press dispatches of this singu-'
lar case attracted the attention of,
Congressman Jefferis and he at once
called on the commissioner general
of immigration to discuss the propo-j
sition and as a result has sent the
glad news to Mr. Schall that the cir-;
cumsiauces are noi as uau as tney f
first appeared. J
Mr. Schall is a brother of Mrs. M.
Fanger and Mrs. V. Zucker, former-j
ly of this city. The letter of Con-'
gressman to the grief stricken man
says: I
"Permit me to state that accord
ing to the commissioner of immigra
tion here your fears are ungrounded.
T'ia i n- i r- v a ion rt rkrkfi A in
substance, that children mav come to , ?cnt Miss Alpha Petersen is engaged
parents, parents to children, wife to 1 Jn Preparing for distribution to the
husband, etc.. without being sub-! teachers of the county, literature n
jected to the usual requirements. I ?"pp.or,t . "Bltte' Citizenship
"Thus it would se2m that your V,ek thaL " to be e,d,
children will be admitted to the ; "f e from February 2Sth to March
United States without difficulty. YouiMfi;. . . ' . .
may be required to-glw a hoo! v. e V:m,en is poiwored by the
bond' to show that they will receive ' Nebraska State Teachers association,
proper education, but the test of 1 throuch their president J H. Bever
literacy is not applied, the commis- a?e' Omaha, and includes a series
sioner informs. j of Patriotic exercises that are pre-
"As to your citizenship. I
pleased to enclose a copy of a
which I seek to amend Section 10 of
the Immigration and Naturalization
act cf June 29. 1906. to allow for
naturalization in cases such as
yours. I am informed by the com
mittee on naturalization, house of
representatives, that a provision
along this line is to be included in
the next naturalization act presented
by congress, and there seems every
reason to suppose that it will be
come a law."
... . ner on Sunday in honor of Mr. and
The announcement of Xhe death ofjMrs Andrew Schmader. whose mar-Mrs.-
Carroll Leonard Friday at her rla&e occurred cn Saturdav after
home in Kansas City, was received , nooIli tne bride being a daughter of
here Saturday by the friends of the ( Wr and Mrs Rabb. The children
family. Mrs. Leonard will be well ; of the bost and hostess were all
remembered by the old residents of t preseIlt to enjoy the occasion and a
this city, where she spent her girl-, most delightful time enjoyed for sev
hood days, having been Miss Eliza- j erai hours while the members of the
beta Jacquette. one of the popular j party enjoyed the excellent repast
and talented ladies of the city while Drenared for them bv Mrs. Rabb. The
living here and quite act!
ive in liter- j
ary circles and an elocutionist of
more than usual worth and charm.
The deceased lady was a graduate
of the Plattsmouth schools.
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard have since
their marriage made their home at
Kansas City, and for the past year
Mrs. Leonard has been a great suf
ferer from cancer, from which mal
ady she passed away. Mrs. V. V.
Leonard of this city departed Thurs
day for Kansas Cily in response to
the news of the serious condition of Everett Rucker, Andrew Rabb. Jr.,
her daughter-in-law, and will re- and family. Miss Dollie Pries, Thorn
main until after the funeral services, j as Rabb and Harry Speck.
j o mourn tne ueatn oi mis iaay
there remain the husband and the
following children: Herbert, Eliza
beth, Ruth, Arthur, Edward and
Violet, all of whom reside at Kansas
From Monday Dally.
The CassCounty Soldier's relief
commission met this morning at the
court house for their annual meet
ing with E.1 C. ' Coleman of Green
wood. E. A. KiTkpatrick of Nehawka.
attendance as members of the com
mission. The plans for the year 1921
were discussed and the different cas
se demanding action of the commis
sion for relief taken up.
From Tuesdays Dally.
This afternoon Mrs. T. H. Kahou
tek departed for Cullon, where she
goes to spend a few hours at the
home of her sister, Mrs. John Blot-
zer, who has since the the birth of
the babe on last Friday been quite j ported as doing as well as could pos
sick. The babe died at birth andiniblv be emected under the circum-
the passing of the little one has
brought great sorrow to the parents
and members of the famllv.
Miss Elizabeth Wynn
Craig Are Married
and' Mr. Elvin
Craig Are Married at Home of
Rev. and Mrs. A. V. Hunter.
1 Prom Monday's Daily,
A very simple and ruiet weddlng
occurred on Saturdav evening at the
residence of Rev. and Mrs. A. V.
Hunter, when Miss Elizabeth Wynn
i and Mr. Elvin Craig were united in
I the bonds of wedlock. The beautiful
and impressive ring service was used
uy tne pastor, itev. Hunter, in join
ing the hearts and lives of these two
lappy young people.
creation of white georgette with u
picture iiai 10 maun aiiu uiintu a
shower bouquet of bride roses. The
bridal couple were attended by Mr.
and Mrs. Hallie Perry, who with
Mr?. Hunter witnessed the ceremony.
Beth the contracting parties are
of the Methodist church of which
they are members. The bride is a
daughter of William Wynn of this
city and has grown to womanhood in
this community. The groom is a
son of Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Craig
and has been employed us a carpenter
in this city for the past few years.
Mr. and Mrs, Craig will make their
home here for the present at the
home of the groom's parents and will
be at home to their host of friends.
Lit Ul I ILL llunlr
State Teachers' Association to Boost
Americanization Movement in
the Public Schools.
The office of County Superinten-
DHTPII Willi M View LIVIlli: LI1C
-the true value of citizenship and
he inspiring lessons that America
.teaches to her son3 and daughters
In the letters sent out by the su
perintendent, there are quotations
from the works of eminent American
statesmen as well as patriotic songs
and instructions on the proper and
improper uses of the American flag,
in which a grea.t many are deficient
through lack of knowledge of how to
use the flag and for what purpose.
From Tuesday's Daily.
The home of Mr. and Mrs. An
drew Rabb, Sr., in this city was the
! stpti( of a verv rlelip-htfnl familv Hin-
bride wore at the dinner, her bri
dal co6tume of dark blue crepe de
chene while Miss Dollie Pries, who
had been the bridesmaid wore laven
der crepe de chene, both ladies car
rying American beauty roses. The
bridal party was completed by Thom
as Rabb, brother of the bride, who
had served as groomsman at the wed
ding. Those who attended the event
were Mr. and Mrs. Mike Rabb and
family of Omaha. Mr. and Mrs. Mike
Opperman of Lincoln; Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas Spahnle, son of Mr. and
Mrs. .M. V. Spahnle. met with an ac
cident last Saturday which might
easily have proven fatal, and as it
was threw a 6care into his family
and proved a very painful injury. In
company with Jasel Bogenreif he was
riding In a wagon east of town when
in some manner he fell out. cutting
the side of his throat on the brake
rod. The blood spurted vigorously
and it was thought for a time that
the juglar vein was cut. but this was
not the case. He was placed into an
auto and rushed to Dr. Longacre's of
fice where the wound was dressed.
He will doubtless be all right soon,
but it was a close call. Eagle Bea
The friends of Mrs. Ward Clark
will regret to learn that she is still
confined to her home as the result cf
an attack of small pox but is re-
stances of the disagreeable malady.
btu will be forced to remain in quar
antine for some time.
Among the valuable reading mat
ter contributed to the Legion club
rooms library is a copy of Attorney
Matthew Gering's book containing
speeches which Mr. Gering has made
from time to time, and which has
been so favorably commented upon
by eminent jurists over the country.
Mr. Gering's gift is highly treasured
by the members of the post and will
be read by all of the more studiously
inclined young men who frequent
the club rooms. The book is nicely
bound in genuine leather and con
tains on the frontispit ( a striking
picture of its author.
Geo. L. Meisisger cf Near Louisville
is Given Very Pleasant Surprise
by His Old Friends.
From Tuesday's Daily.
On last Friday evening George L.
Meisinger, one of the prominent resi
dents of near Louisville was tendered
a very pleasant on the oc
casion of his fifty-fiftii birth anni
versary, when ninety of the friends
and neighbors joined in assisting in
teeing the event was properly ob
served. Mr. Meisinger had been
kept in the dark con-eming the
plans of the friends end on Friday
evening while he was se;;ted in the
house he was informed that one of
the neighbors was out in te road
having some trouble with his auto
and Mr. Meisinger. who is of a very
neighborly and obliging nature de
cided to go out and assist them.
When he started out h -.- found that
instead of the neighbor being the
center of attraction that he was the
one who was the chief feature of the
large gathering of friends, who sur
rounding him. showered hi in with
their congratulations and well wish
es. The evening was spent in music
and games in which many card
games were enjoyed until a la'e hour
when the well filled baskets brought
by the members of tne party dis
closed many dainties to tempt the ap
petite. It was quite late when the
gue?ts departed wishing Mr. Meising
er many more snch happy returns.
Those who attended Vftie: Mr. and
Mrs. William Wendt and family, Mr.
and Mrs. Andrew Stoh'.man and fam
ily. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Sehoemann
and famih'. Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Voightnian and family. Mr. and Mrs.
Aueu't Stohlman and family, Mrs.
Albert Kraft and family, Mr. and
Mrs. Fred Stohlman and family, Mrs.
George Stohlman and family, Mr. and
Mrs. August Jochim and famliy. Mr.
and Mrs. Ed Jochim and family. Mrs.
Henry Bluma. Mr. and Mrs. Louis
Krecklow and family. Mr. ;:r.d Mrs.
August Krecklow and family. Mr.
and Mrs. John Rohrdanz and fam
ily. Mr. and Mrs. William Rohrdanz
and afmily. Grace Noves. Almeda
Haddon. Anna Hartman. Rose Scheel
and. Mr. and Mrs. George L. Meising
er and family.
While Visiting in Nebraska City LaHt
Week, Well Known Cass County
Lady Has Slight Stroke
From Tuesday's Daily.
While enjoying a visit at Nebraska
City at the home of Mr. and Msr. Emi!
Hopp, Mrs. Mont Itobb of Union, one
of the best known ladies in that por
tion of Cass county, was visited by
a slight paralytic stroke that has
kept her confined to her bed for sev
eral days past. The attack came on
very suddenly and the condition of
Airs. Robb caused a great d?il of
alarm for some time, but she is sow
showing iome improvement bin 's
&t ill in suci shape that she cannot
be removed to her home. Mr. Kcbh.
who is traveling on the road was
called to raskii Ci'y s-.s wa.- the
daughter. Miss Gussie Robb. and Laey
a - now iiged in caring for tha
vi fe ard rr.rthcr.
The many friends of the Robb iwy
ily i n this t. iy will regret very much
to learn of the illness. of this es.'ni
able lady ;.d trust that she mav
have a si-eccy recovery from her al
fliction. MRS. SMITH BETTER.
The conditio nof Mrs. II. W. Smith
has shown a great deal of improve
ment in the past two days and she
is now recovering nicely from her
attack of sleeping sickness. Mrs.
Smith is now awakened and able to
take nourishment and to understand
fully all that is occurring in the
home after a week of semi- conscious- J
ness. me many rrienas of r.irs.
Smith are pleased to learn of the im
provement and trust that she will
continue on the highway to complete i
Seventeen acres of land 26 miles :
west and 2 miles south of Murray.
Six room houre and small out-buildings.
Journal want ads pay. Try them.
From Tuesday's Dailv.
The city council last evening held
a very short and snappy session with
all of the members on hand when 1
the gavel fell and the grind of city
business was socn disposed of by the
One of the main matters of the eve
ning was tiie naming of a chief of
the fire department and for this po
sition the present chief. Dr. Oscar
Sandin. was named by the mayor
and confirmed. Mayor Schneider
stated that following the previous
meeting of the council when the
nr me of Dr. Sandin had been rejected
i y the council, he had laid the mat
ter before the members of the fire de
partment for their action, and having
no personal interest in the matter
bed offered to name the man the de
partment wanted. The firemen at
tr.tir last meeting had gone on record
favoring the naming of Dr. Sandin.
lie having been unanimously en
dorsed, and accordingly the mayor
presented his name to the council.
Cn the vote to confirm Iverson. Mc
Carthy. Ptacek, Lindeman, Mason,
Howe. Schulhof and Vroman voted
to confirm: Brittain no. and Maurer
Mayor Schneider informed the
council that he had taken the matter
of bridges in the city up with the
board of county commissioners who
had been very obliging in the matter
I'nd had made a personal inspection
f the old bridge on Maiden Lane,
the one near the second ward school
and the one at 17tb and Oak street.
The commissioners had found that
they could repair the bridge at Maid
en Lane by making an extension of
the bridge for some distance and also
r.t 17th and Oak street the bridge
could be repaired. The bridge near
the school house the commissioners
had agreed to replace with either a
wooden bridge or a concrete culvert.
On motion cf Councilman Ptacek it
was decided to ask the commissioners
to put in the wooden bridge near the
school rather than the concrete cul
vert. On motion of the finance commit
tee the sum of $700 was ordered
transfered from the fire department
to the fire equipment fund to cover
this amount that had been taken
through error from the fire equipment
The lighting company came in for
their share of attention from the
council when the monthly bill of the
eompany for street lights was read
as Councilman Howe stated that there
was a small difference between the
amount the light company had de
ducted for lights that were out of
commission and the amount that the
committee had figured the city was
entitled to and the committee had the
bill turned back to them for investi
gation. On the suggestion of Chair
man Schulhof of the finance commit
tee of the council the light bills
will hereafter go to the lighting
committee to investigate before they
are taken up with the finance com
mittee. Chairman Iverson of the
light committee reported that the
lights ordered installed several
months ago were not in yet and it
had been claimed that there was a
shortage of material to carry on the
work. Councilman Howe stated that
he had inquired of the lighting com
pany as to the costs of operation cf
their plant for the last month and
had been informed that to secure a
detailed report it would be necessary
to get a report from the main office in
Omaha, but the local management
had given him a rough estimate of
the result of the business which had
showed $300 surplus for the month
from the electric service and $100
from the gas, but the manager stated
that it would be impossible to reduce
the rates as the company had a large
amount of indebtedness that must bo
cared for before the rates could be
brought down to a lower figure.
Chief of Police Manspeaker report
ed eight arrests for the month of
January which report was turned ov
er to the police committee.
Judge Archer had been busy dur
ing the month just closed as his re
port showed $17 collected from two
arrests that had come before him for
judgment during the month.
City Clerk McElwain reported that
for the month he had collected the
sum of $301.27 which had been turn
ed over to the city strong box for safe
The following bills were audited bj
the finance committee ant! allowed "ov
the vote of the council:
E. Manspeaker, salary $100.00
Alvin Jones, same 100.00
M. Archer, same
Lincoln Tel. Co., rent phone
Neb. Gas & Electric Co.,
light city hall
Weyrich & Hadraba, mdse. to
J.F. Warga. supplies to city
John F. Wolff, repairs and
Ben H. Wiles, repairs fire de
partment Alvin Jones, care fire truck
Collins Oil Co.. 5 gal gas
Edward Toman, cleaning at
city hall
C. E. Hartford, coal to city
A " r I
4 . i U
42.10 j
10. '0
Blank Books at the Journal Office.
From Tuesday's Dally.
Yesterday being the twelfth birth
anniversary of Violet Begley. The
occasion was enjoyed by a very
charming valentine dinner party
heuest" orono he home.
on North 6th street. The dinner was
in two courses and served amid set
tings of the valentine season the red
hearts serving as the color scheme
of tiie table decorations and the oc
casion was one of the rarest enjoy
ment to the jolly party of young peo
ple who were present to enjoy the
event with Miss Violet.
H. F. Class of Presbyterian Church
Entertained Members cf Gideon
Class Last Night.
"'rem Tuesday's Dally.
Last evening the young people of
the H. F. class of the Presbyterian
t church with their teacher. Miss Clare
Weyrich, served as hostesses to the
members of the Gideon class of the
church, composed of the young men
cf the church.
The church parlors, where the
gathering was -held had been ar
ranged with the valentine decora
tions of hearts and streamers of red
and white which made an attractive
setting for the very pleasant event.
The evening wa spent in games of
all kinds that assisted in making the
hours paps pleasantly for the young
people while at a suitable hour dain
ty and delicious refreshments added
to the delights of the occasion. Mr.
and Mrs. George L. Farley and Rev.
and Mrs. H. G. McClusky were guests
of the young people on the happy
Members of Petit Jury Panel for
March Term of District Court
Are Selected.
From Tuesday's Dally.
The members of the petit Jury
panel for the March term of the dis
trict court have been selected by
Clerk of the District Court J. M.
Robertson and Sheriff C. D. Quin
ton, who conducted the drawing of
the names and the following were,
selected to serve: H. P. Long. South
Bend; V. M. Mullis. J. E. Wiles. C.
C. Wescott. Henry Horn". J. F. Clugy.
C. E. Cook. Peter Goos, James E.
Griffin. W. T. Hutchison. Platts
mouth: John Busche, Cedar Creek;
John Murdoch. Nehawka; O. A. Dav
is, Murray: Frank Gustin, Elmwood;
11. H. Gerbling. Wabash; Gus Han
son. Nehawka; Andrew Hoover, Lou
isville, Ed Jewell. Weeping Water;
Ed Jochim. Louisville; L. G. Lemon,
Greenwood: W. E. Pailing, Green
wood: William Peters. Weeping Wa
ter; Steve Taylor, Union; William
Wendt, Louisville. The Jury will
be called for service on the -opening
of court on March 15th.
from Monday's Dally.
Charley Tilton. the taxi operator,
has been spending the past week suf
fering from the grippe and has for
the greater part of the time been con
fined to his heme, but is now feeling
somewhat improved, but is Ft f 11 far
farm well. The friends of Mr. Til
ton are anxiously awaiting the time
when be can be with them once more
and in his usual good health.
Slronglb Ibo Groaiost Quality of a
Groa! Financial System!
There is one thought in the minds of people the
country over which is responsible for the high regard
accorded the Federal Reserve System its Strength, ir
resistible, dependable STRENGTH!
Here in Plattsmouth. the pleasure and the deep
satisfaction enjoyed by business men and farmers of
Cass county in banking with this bank a member of
the Federal Reserve System is that every request,
every test, every day-in-and-day-out demand, merely
demonstrates anew that changeless strength and reliability.
Wa Law WtTgBB V6LT EEfeT. At ufae
Eobert D. Giaham of Denver, is Pres
ent to Give Illustrated Lecture
on the Master Mason.
From Tuesday Dally.
The second of the illustrated lec
tures given in this city by Robert
D. Graham, the eminent M-i-onic lec
turer, was heard last evening at the
louse rooms of the local ledge No. o.
by some eighty of the members and
the very able lecture and illustrated
slide served as an inspiring illum
ination of the great v. ork of the
master Mason. Previous to the meet
ing at the lodge room Mr. Graham
visited the Masonic Home and poke
to the old people there on the work
of the order and which served as a
very entertaining and pleasing fea
ture of the illustration of the prin
ciples of Freemasonary.
The Plattsmouth Masons have
been very well pleased with the lec
tures of Brother Graham and plans
are now on foot to have him return
here on Sunday, February 27th for a
third lecture which will be open to
th Masons, their fa.milies ami friends
j and on the evening of that day Mr.
Uraham will preside at a union ser
vice of the churches of the city and
give a lecture along religious lines
in which the Masonic wcrk is so
closely in touch. That the Masons
niay be successful in fcecuring thee
two meetings is the hope of the pub
lic who have long heard of the splend
id work of Mr. Graham in the lec
ture field.
Services Held Yesterday Afternoon
at Home of Daughter, Mrs. H.
0. Ehlers in Omaha.
From Tuesday' Daily.
The funeral services of Mrs. Wil
liam Tuey were held yesterday after
noon from the home of Mr. and Mrs.
H. O. Ehlers. 3163 Fowler avenue,
Omaha, where Mrs. Tuey had passed
away on Friday evening. The
death of Mra. Tuey was learned with
great regret by the friends in this
city, where for a number of years the
family had made their home and Just
a few months ago they had removed
to Omaha to reside with the daugh
ter. Mrs. H. O. Ehler. for the winter.
For some time past Mrs. Tuey had
not been in the best of health and
her condition has gradually grown
worse until death came to her relief
and stilled ber suffering.
To the bereaved family the deepest
sympathy of the old friends in this
city will be extended In the loss that
has come to them.
From Monday's Dally.
This afternoon Mrs. Oscar Smalley
was taken to Council Bluffs, M'here
she will spend some time with rel
atives and friends in that city. Mrs.
Smalley has suffered a severe break
down in health and is in very serious
nervous condition and it will require
some time to restore her to her
former health. Mr. Smalley accom
panied his wife to the Iowa city.
Buff Orpington cockrels. Inquire
of John H. Behrns. Nehawka, Neb.
My, but she'd appreciate one of
those lovely boxes of stationery on
display at the Journal office.