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Cbc plattsmouth journal
Entered at Postofflce. Plattsmouth, Neb., as second-class mall matter
R. A. BATES, Publisher
Listen girls, love maybe blind, but
the neighbors are not.n;
; :o: ;
It begins to look lika-New York's
crime had a permanent .wave to It.
Love laughs at locksmtihs, but of
late has been taking gunsmiths seriously.
If women can elevate politics as
well as they do their skirts, all will
be well.
As an extra inducement, Uncle Sam
ought to offer trading stamps for
Income tax payment.
Perhaps Harding called off the
inaugural ball because he does not
know how to shimmy.
:o: .
Harding confesses that naming a
cabinet is a hard Job. Warren's trou
bles have Just commenced.
Customs wax and wans with the
moons all except that of increasing
the cost of government.
Lots of people are roaring for more
money, but you hear mighty few peo
ple roaring for more work.
Every soldier attached to the Amer
ican forces in Germany is a member
of the American Red Cross.
The kinds of tea imported the last
fiscal year were as follows:''" Green,
34.756,779 lbs.; Oolong, 15,390.546
lbs.; Black. 46,715.530 lbs. Total,
96.S62.S58 lbs. '
A European critic says Americans
eat too much and drink too little.
That's the fault of the Volstead act,
old chappie, and not because of our
desires in the matter at all.
The largest rifle range in the world
Is at Valcarter camp, Quebec. It is
three and one-eighth miles long.
M. Briand is finding that the man
ufacture of a French cabinet is not
what It used to be before the war.
Under a military law commanding
officers In the French army have the
right to perform marriage ceremon
ies. :o:
More than 11,000 bodies of Ameri
can soldiers have been returned to
this country and delivered to rela
tives. 0:0 -
The exclamation "Oh, dear me," is
a corruption of "Oh, deus meus," and
equivalent to the French "Oh, mon
A learned scientist says blonds
are notably irritable in the day time.
But nothing to compare with their
irritability in the night time when
a "date" fails to show up.
Under the provision of the United
States Warehouse Act," the Secretary
of Agriculture is authorized to license
warehouses for the storage of cotton,
grain, flax seed, wool, and tobacco.
Girls used to be anxious for the
day when they could wear long
skirts. Now they wonder whether
thye will' be able to wear them as
short as mother's without blushing.
A Tennessee constable was held up
the other night and robbed of his
watch and 710 in cash. He was
darned lucky in leaving his gun at
home, or the robber might have tak
en that also.
The rejections of tea offered for
import were smaller for the last fiscal
year than for any of the seven preced
ing years.
Desertions in the American army
now average 1.27 per cent as com
pared with the pre-war average of 4
per cent.
The Nebraska college of agricul
ture carried off the lion's share of the
prizes at the national live stock show
at Denver.
There is said to be more coal in
the country than is really needed, but
it is hard to convince the dealer that
such is the case.
The movement to make liberty
bonds worth 100 per cent has the best
wishes of the citizens who are still
holding these securities.
Senator Harding says that with
the advice of the best minds of the
country "we cannot go wrong." That
man has a lot of confidence.
"Only One Thing
Breaks My Cold"
That's Dr. King's New Dis
covery, for Fifty Years
a Cold-Breaker"
T HUE-TRIED for fifty years and
never more popular than today.
Nothing but the relief it gives from
stubborn old colds, and on-rushing
new ones, grippe, and throat-torttirinsj
coughs could have mq,l Dr. King's
New Discovery the standard rcmedyit
is today. No harmful drucjs.
Always reliable, an gwd for the
whole family. Has a convincing, hear
ing taste with all its good medicinal
qualities. At all druggists, 60 cents,
$1.20 a bottle. -
Far colds andcoughs
ISTew Discovery
Jake Coxey, head of the new Cox
ey's army, has a date for a conference
with President-elect Harding. Prob
ably he wants Harding to furnish
the equipment for the new march
to Washington.
Having already bobbed the skirts
at the bottom and the waist at the
top the dear things are now bobbing
their hair. Go to it, girls, the more
you take off the more dressed up
you are, anyhow.
:o: -
Middle western states, particular
ly South Dakota, Michigan, Colorado,
Minnesota, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa,
Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, and
Wisconsin, are fast coming to the
front in road development.
Just because there are big move
ments of workmen away from cities
like Detroit, doesn't mean that the
boys are going back to the farm. Just
yet. They likely will take a lot of
looks around in other towns first.
The United States army has 1,171
The ferret is a democratic variety
of the polecat.
Gallstones occur most frequently
in advanced life.
There are still living, 148 surviv
ors of the Mexican war.
Tame snakes are used in Morocco
to clear houses of rats and mice.
Galveston has the largest and
deepest harbor on the Gulf coast.
Admiral Farragut served in the
United States navy for 60 years.
Socrates paid but little heed to
the scolding of his wife Xantippe.
Death comes but once, but if you
have property the taxes come yearly.
Some fqlks act as if they were at
tending a continuous funeral service.
Sacramento, Cal., has suffered se
verely, twice from fire and twice from
The International Typographical
Union has a membership of nearly
Absinthe, while most used in
France, is made principally in Swit
zerland. :o:
The invention of beer is ascribed
to Gambrinus, a mythical king of
Clifford Brown was a passenger to
Omaha Friday morning and returned
Monday evening.
Mr. W. S. Hardway was-a Lincoln
passenger Saturday morning.
Guy Hinds was a Weeping Water
passenger Friday.
A couple of the young men enter
tained their girl friends at the hotel
Saturday evening
Premier of Baden Declares Draft
Dodger and His Chauffeur Are
Naturalized German Citizens
Uerlin, Jan. 28. The foreign of
lice has begun an investigation into
the attempt of two Americans -
Charles Ncaf of Baltimore, and Frank
Zimmer of Denver to seize Grover
The evening was Cleveland Bergdoll. rich American
rpent in playing cards. draft dodger, at Eberbach and the
Mrs. A. M. Van kvery spent a ! affair threatens to become an inter
week or so at the home of her son and ! national incident. Officials of the
family, Mr. and Mrs. Will Van Every. I foreign office said today, however,
Thursday morning she left for Ne- j that they sought more definite infor-
hawka, where she stayed until Sun- mation before taking action.
day evening with her daughter and
family, Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Jacobson.
Word was reecived that Miss Lois
Hess is improving. She is staying
with her niece, Mrs. May Maires of
According to a Heidelburg dispatch
to the Frankfurter Zeitung, Zimmer
declared that he and his companion
acted upon orders of the American
commander at Coblenz, headquarters
of the American zone of occupation on
Mrs. William Brown was operated ! the Rhine, and possessed papers al
on for appendicitis Tuesday. She is leged to have been issued by the Ger-
getting along as well as can be ex
Mrs. Porter of Minnesota, Is visit-
man authorities at Coblenz. It had
previously been reported that the
men acted on their own responsibil
ing at the home of her brother and ity, seeking to secure the $60,000
family, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Earls. reward offered for Bergdoll.
France now ha sa standing army
consisting of 40.5SO officers and
S-fO.700 men.
For one. month every year Moham-
medons fast by day but,' satisfy their
wants by night.
The ancient art of polishing a
whisky glass is among the things
that have been lost.
No wonder there are so many
blonds in Plattsmouth. Did you ever
count the drug stores?
When a man is in too great a hur
ry to acquire wisdom he is apt to
make a fool of himself.
Members of parliament are com
plaining that the English. poet laur
eate Isn't writing any poetry. If
parliament possessed a rpark of the
optimism of most American legisla
tures it would pass an act compell
ing the laureate's muse t: get busy.
The largest high school basketball
tournament will be held in Lincoln,
Neb., March 10, 11 and 12, when
over two thousand high school ath
letes are expected to gather to decide
the basketball championships for
If trousers were beautiful, women
would have donned them long ago.
nl spite of aesthetic failings, they
must have uses. No Filippino re-
It is easy to induce the world to
laugh with you; all you have to do
is to laugh at yourself.
Yes, Herman, insanity is said to
be akin to live but a man in love
doesn't care if he is crazy.
Iis the habit of the bees to place
their honey in the coolest place in
the hive and the young insects in the
' A good name is rather to be chosen
than great riches, and loving favor
rather than silver and gold. Pro
verbs XXII, 1.
If Bam Gompers gets home from
Mexico without being held for ran
som mebbe we can afford to recognize
the new Mexican government.
Edward Jones of Columbus, is vis
iting at the home of Mr. and Mrs
Chas. Earls.
Mrs. II. II. Gerbeling. daughters
Ella and Alice, and son Glenn, were
Elmwood passengers Monday morn
ing. L. R. Stanley and P. T. Otte are
on the sick list this week.
Al Lerning of Elmwood, is here
with his brother Joe, who Is on the
sick list.
A number of the school children
are out of school on account of the
smallpox, others on account of the
vaccination for the smallpox, others
on account of the scare of the small
pox, and others on account of the
Miss Ella Gerbeling is staying in
Elmwood on account of the roads
being so bad that she can't go in the
Walter Lane is getting along Just
fine. He is able to be up and around.
With the departure of the Fresi-
Earl Judkins of Crete arrived in
Eagle the latter part of last week for
visit with his brother, B. F. Judkins.
He is one of the old timers of Eagle,
having built one of the first business
houses, a restaurant and confection
ery where the cafe now stands.
Hon. H. K. Frantz was out from
Lincoln over Saturday and Sunday.
He has a full-sizVd man's Job in the
legislature this term, one of his heavy
committee Jobs being the re-districting
of the state, not only for con
gressmen, but for the legislature and
An enjoyable family gathering was
held at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Geo. Lanning on Sunday, Jan. 23, the
occasion being their 20th wedding
anniversary. Mrs. Lanning served a
sumptuous six o'clock dinner in her
usual pleasant manner. Those pres
ent were Mr. and Mrs. Guy Wemple,
Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Schultz and fam
ily. Mr. and Mrs. M. V. Lanning, Mr.
and Mrs. F Lanning, Mr. and Mrs.
Ross Read and Mr. Floyd Bunten.
On account of sickness several of the
guests were unable to attend. The
evening was spent with music and
visiting. At a late hour the guests
departed, leaving a small token of
appreciation and wishing Mr. and
Mrs. Lanning many happy returns
of the day.
Fred Spahnle and Henry Ewerth
returned Tuesday from Nuckols
Premier Remele, of Baden, an
swering interpellations in the Haden
diet regarding the attempt to kidnap
Bergdoll and his chauffeur, Eugene
Steecher, said:
"This showed Germany's helpless
ness and what affronts foreign pow
ers can permit themselves to offer the
German people without risks and
wtihout making reparation. These
two Americans (Bergdoll and Steo-
cher) became naturalized German
citizens. The assailants were all
armed and carried chloroform and
handcuffs. All six of the men in the
party (two Americans and four Ger
man companions) have been jailed
The public prosecutor has taken a
hand in the affair and the foreign
office at Berlin has been notified of
the circumstances."
All the facts are not yet clear :n
the opinion of foreign office officiaia.
It is pointed out. however, that the
situation would be a very difficult
one, even if the facts as first reported
are true. Technically a state of war
still exists between Germany and the
United States for America has not yet
ratified the treaty of Versailles. Offi
cials pointed out that "American ag
gressions" on German soil, under the
present circumstances would create a
complicated international legal situation.
Prominent Hog Raiser Says Prices
Charged Are Unwarranted Makes
His Own Hog Food, With
Better Results.
"That he is all through paying
fancy prices for ttock foods and hog
remedies and that he is raising some
of the best hogs ever placed on the
market" was the statement made re
cently 'by E. H. Beckstead, well
known hog raiser and authority on
live stock
Mr. Beckstead's hogs are the envy
of his neighbors, and have "topped
the market" for several years in
Iowa. He states that for years he
bought high-priced hog foods and hog
remedies, but he is all through pay
ing extravagant prices for what he
can made himself. He states that
what the hogs need are minerals, and
To Joseph McCreary, if living, if de
ceased, his unknown heirs, devisees,
legatees, personal representatives ana
all other persons interested in his es
tate: Oran S. Thompson, if living, if
deceased, his unknown heirs, devisees,
legatees, personal representatives ana
all other persons ' interested in Ins
estate; Washington Deckins. if living,
if deceased, his unknown heirs, devi
sees, legatees, personal representatives
and all other persons interested In hw
estate: Washington M. Dickens, if liv
ing. If deceased, his unknown heirs,
devisees, legatees, personal representa
tives and all other persons interested
in his estate; Geor e Iiowe, if living,
if deceased, his unknown heirs, deyw
sees, legatees, personal representatives
and all other persons interested in his
estate; the unknown heirs, devisees
lXZ S nSe. haVe o interest, right, estate or 11
Notice to Non-Resident Defends
their Heirs, Devisees, Legatees, IP
sonal Representatives, and all tB
persons interested in their estate.
To the unknown heirs, devisees, le
tees, personal representatives an .
other persons interested in the eatl
of Lydia A. Brown, formerly Lydia
Barrow; the unknown heirs, devia
legatees, personal representatives
all other persons Interested In tha i
tate of Ainor Britton. formerly Alj
Barrow; and all persons claiming!
interest of any kind in the South hi
of the Northwest quarter of Sejt
thirty (30). Township ten (10), Npi
Range fourteen (14), East of the f
P..M., Cass county. Nebraska: f ?
You and each of you are her
notified that George L. Hathaway 1
Albert K. Hathaway, as plaintiff's. '
the 12th day of January, 1921, W
their petition In the District Court;
Cass county, Nebraska, wherein hr
and each of you are defendants, I
object and prayer of which are tl
you and each of you, and all perio
claiming by, through or under you a
versely to plaintiffs, be aajuageai
fate of William Stadelman. aeceaseu.
Tot onR n in Block two c2) in Start-
el man's Addition to the City of Platts
mouth. Nebraska. and all persons
,.! ir,ini- anv Interest of anv kind in
uih -.ifitt- or anv oart thereof:
You and each of you are hereby
n'ninrlfY. on
. .... . . i I... 1 t, (j an1
!21, tiled Ills petition in me uisun i i ,
?ourt of Cass county, Nebraska, where- I with their
In or tO'
The South half of the Nort
west quarter (S4 NW4) of See
tlon thirty (30), Township tc
(10), North Range fourteen (14J
East of the 6th I. M.. in Caa
county, Nebraska
William II Maonn as I or ny umi ui irouiuu uinrui,
llicll ........... . f T II.
i.a . air nf Tannarv. uiai me iiimiiiius vit-uiso xj. iia
l.r-l, linn in.-. ... . I I i.v- . 1. . I . l. 1
Cwri i,r Cass inimlv. Nebraska, wnere- n" "" k
In vim nnH each of vou are defendants, nave uern in vn nc (lurasiu
nrnvor of which oeti- said land for more than ten years
.i,. .. o,.i nr vnn and I title to said real estate be for
IM'II dir mai ' ' ' "ii" v. m- " l . , , , , . T . . ,
all persons claiming by, tlirougn or 'luitm in c
,.nw von n.Uerselv to ulaintiff. be and Albert E. Hathaway, as agafl
adjudged to have no Interest, right, you and each of you. and that .
estate or lien In or to Lot one (1) in and all of said defendants named, ft
Block two (2) in Stadelman s Addition I pasi. ani mai ine imai uue mew
to the Citv of Plattsmouth. Cass coun- oecome ruuy vesiea in eorg
v vuLraika or anv nart or nortion Hathaway and Albert E. Hathavn
thereof, and that the plaintiff Wliliam notwithstanding the claims of you.
1 1 Mason, together with his grantors eacn 01 you, or any one claiming
be adjudged to have been In the adverse tnrougn or unuer you, ana mat
i.osKossion of said land for more than those whose names are unknown
tnn'vpars last cast, and that the legal not stated. be forever barred
itie thereto became fully vested In claiming or asserting any right,
wiiiinm n M.ison. notwithstanding the interest or estate in and to said
claims of vou and each of vou. or any I estate, or any part thereof, and
on r-inimintr hv. throuirh or under you. I such other and further relief as to
nn.l that the title to said real estate I court may seem just and equitable
,a forever ouieted in said William H.I You and each of you are furt
Mason, as against vou and each of you, I notified you are required to ans
and that each and all of Baid defen-lsaid petition on or before Monday,
iiant. and those whose names are un- 28th day of February, 1921.
k-nown ami not statea. ne iorever nar-i urAmun i.
red from claiming or asserting any I ALBtRT K. 11ATHAW A i
riirht. title, interest or estate in or to I Plaint!
saiil real estate, or anv nart thereof. I C. A. KAWLS,
and for such other and further relief I J 1 -4 w. Attorney for Piaintl
as to tne court may seem juai unu
Vou and eacli or you are runner
notified to answer said petition on or
bt'fHre Monday, the 11th day of March,
A. D. vri
C. A.
The State of Nebraska, Cass co
ty, ss.
In the County Court.
In the matter of the estate of Ed
. Cook, deceased.
To the creditors of said estat
You are hereby notified that I
sit at the County Court room in Plal
mouth, in said county, on the 23rd
of February, A. D. 1921, and on
24th day of May, A. D. 1921. at
o'clock a. m. each day, to receive
examine all claims against said es
) ciocx a. m. eacu nay, to receive a
'xamlne all claims against said esta
vith-a view to their adjustment f
illowance. The time limited for I
iresentation of claims against
Atlanta, Ga., Jan. 28. Vice Pres
ident-elect Coolidge spent two hours
in prison today. He was the guest
nf thp warden nf the federal Deniten- estate is three months from the
U'ary and was accompanied by Mrs. ?r T?' riV Z?Z
Coolidge and Governors Dorsey ofone Vear from said 23rd day of Fei
Georgia and Parker of Louisiana. He ary. 1921.
aja nr toiii- with Qnv nf tho nrienn. I witness my nana ana tne sea
"1" ",V,"" :Vf-".:r 'I;;" aid County Court, this 0th da
trs, merely uiaiuug me luuuua ui iuc 1 January, 1921
big prison.
Mr. and Mrs. Coolidge, who are at
tending the southern tariff congress.
were guests at a reception today and
were entertained tonight at the Cap
ital City club. The vice-president
elect tomorrow night will deliver an
nddress at a neffro church, where! Leo Moore; Charles R. Moore; It
hp will be introduced bv Governor Gray ,3evins: Joseph Gray; Grace Or
lie win De lniroaucea oy governor Jolm Gray: Zenobia Gray Yott
ljuizk), uu aimuscu me uiuiib Krances uray; Bernlce liray and ja
County Judf
To the unknown heirs, deviit
legatees and personal representatt;
of Susanah Drake, deceased, eml'i
other persons interested In the et
of said Susanah Drake, deceased: If
at the request of a committee of ne
Gray, heirs of John K. Moore, decen
and the unknown heirs, devisees, 1
tees and personal representati verfj
said John K. Moore, decea
other persons interested i
cf said John E. Moore, dec
the following described lands si
in Cass county, Nebraska, to-wit
Southwest quarter (SW) of
Southwest quarter (SW4) and
Kast hair (E'a) of the Kouth
quarter (SW4 of Section twenty
(24). and the Northwest qu
(NW'4) and the West half (W
ased; an
in the ei
eceased; f
lands siti
Lawyer Leary wasted no love on
milk. The only "case" he had in his
office proved that.
But he spurned a bribe from the
wicked Milk Trust; was waylaid the Northeast quarter (NEU) and
robber "vamped" by a wild woman Isoutheast quarter (SEi of the N(i
rhaspd hv rrnnlfB and pntis rented eas quarter lisiv." ) or section iw
the whole kaboodle, and kept the
world's first breakfast food pure, be
You'll want to see and laugh for
five (25), all in Township eleven
North of Kange thirteen (13). Ea
the 6th Principal Meridian; and
persons claiming any interest of
kind in said real estate or any
thereof. Defendants:
You. and each of you, are he
dent-elect the Journal believes that county, where they have been for
three weeks husking corn. Fred said
Marion, O., will now have an oppor
tunity to learn what normalcy really
Another member of the shipping
board has retired. Sometimes it
seems as though the shipping board
wasn't liked, though goodness knows
"A California woman, who is too j
timid to mention her name reminded
veiling in his unadorned freedom. I "3 that it's a tall little boy who can
The Results of Constipation
are sick headaches, biliousness, sallov.'
skin, waste matter in the intestinal
aystem. Correct this health-undermining
condition by taking Dr. King's
PiUs. Feel good every day. Keer,
the system clean and virile. Same
old price, 25 cents. ' All druggists.
, Prompt Won't Grip
can strkike a match on his bare skin.
When he goes shopping with his wife,
she must miss the lack of containers
for purchases.
Why do girls leave home? We can
account for at least one. A Texa3
farm girl, being poor and lonely, left
the farm and went to Chicago to fol
low highway robbery. She played
the leading part in 50 hold-ups it.
60 days. She found this more profit
able than milking cows and waiting
for the old hen to "come off."
The Economic and Financial Com
mittee has decided that there is no
special necessity for calling an In
ternational Conference during 1921
to deal solely with the financial or
ganization to be .established by the
league, but has not yet decided
whether a conference proved a budget
of 50,000 pounds for its own ex
penses during 1321.
hand on
his mother's skirts now-
he had the time of his life, and the
bunch out there are some "go-get
ters." Mark Frahm, one of the char
acters of the community, is a most
comical duffer and causes one to
laugh so heartily he can hardly eat a
square meal maybe this is his sys
tem. He is the strong man of the
county and often uses his remarkable
strength to good advantage on the
farm. Mark has a brother they call
Doc wno was supposed to De a
preacher, but Fred insists he is too
crooked. The other brothers, George,
Charlie and Jake, in fact the whole
bnnch are good fellows, even the
ReS-Headed Dane.
"Thi3 hero stuff is all bunk," says
Lieutenant Kloor to the press in re
torting on the balloon misadventure
in the polar bear country. Kloor
is not a bit sentimental.
The government has announced a
kid glove policy of dealing with for
eign reds, radicals, and rioting. The
department of labor might make it
even more uncomfortable for the
foreign brethren who are trying to
destroy a government they didn't
build and start distention in a land
that doesn't need the fuzzy face, un
washed riff raff of Europe to run it
and give them their breakfast in bed
each morning, let 'em sleep between
silk sheets, and hire a hall in which
to cuss your Uncle Sammy.
The Evidence is at Your Door
Plattsmouth proof is what you
want and the statement of this high
ly respected resident will banish all
A. J. McFarland, 306 Third St..
Plattsmouth. says: "Several years
ago I was doing some heavy lifting
which strained my back and kidney3.
This put me in such Bhape I had to
walk with a cane for a number of
weeks and I couldn't straighten. It
felt as though there was a heavy
weight across my back that was Just
holding me down. I couldn't sleep
nights and it felt as though I had
been stuck in the back with a sharp
knife. My kidneys acted irregularly
and the secretions were highly color
ed and burned in' passage. I was
told to try Doan's Kidney Pills and
after the first box my condition was
much Improved. I put my cane
away and was able to walk straight.
I used four boxes from Fricke &
Co'8. drug store and they made a
cure that has lasted ten years. My
back and kidneys have never both
ered me since, and I believe Doan'n
will do the same for other people if
they will give them a fair trial."
60c. at all dealers. Foster-Milburn
Co., Mfrs., Buffalo, N. Y.
"The printed, announcement of the
holding of the Engclkemeier Broth
ers hog sale which has appeared In
the Journal has been in error as this
big sale will be held on Saturday,
February 5th, instead of the 15th as
had been announced previously.
Those who are contemplating attend
ing this fine sale of thoroughbred
hogs should note the change in the
date and make their arrangements
accordingly. Remember the sale oc
curs on Saturday, February 5th.
President Wilson transmitted tto
congress with his concurrence a re
port from the National Advisory Com
mittee accompanied by only a brief
letter asked for continuance of the
air mail service which the house re
cently voted against on the ground
that it provided a "necessary means
for the development, of the civil air
craft activities of the nation."
The air mail service, the report as
serted, had demonstrated the practi
cability of heavier than air planes
for civil as well as for military uses.
The value of "the service, the report
added, might not be apparent In the
terms of dollars and cents but would
be easily seen should the nation again
be called upon to mobilize its air
yourself! A howling five-act comedy
r V, fr.,-e J , ,' 1 bv America's greatest humorist Irvin notified that on the 17th day of j
tells the secret of his wonderful sue- y "?!rica s reaiesi numonst, irvin pollock Parmele and II
cess by explaining that he takes about I li'armeie Dovey as piaintirrs nied
fli-A rnrwic- f ,v,s..u.,n I ipenuon in me wisirici uourt or
V;X5 r r.r ::"?:. ! SHERMAN WOULD BOOST county. Nebraska, against you and
(nuaii la iuic tuuicuiiaicu Mjueiajai or vou and William t Rioore a 81
and cost only a couple of dollars) and 1 DAJLvLLb N UAiLNXil Ifendants. the object and prayer of
mixes same with enough bran or pot tion Deing to quiet ine tine o
' l l n alnt fr In and T r f ha raa I
uiier to make a nunurea pounas. ah i wasningion, u. Jan. zb. oena- alinv Heserihd and that th
nogs, ana especially nroou sows re- Iter Sherman, republican. Illinois, wno idants in said cause may be decre
quire minerals as they keep them free retires March 3, holds that cabinet have no estate, tine, claim or int
from worms, and in the pink of con- I officers and members of congress can't
dition, and are essential to the hogs I live comfortably on their salaries of
growth and a well balanced ration. $12,000 and $7,500 respectively. He
This inexpensive mixture placed in I introduced a bill today to increase
a sheltered box where the hogs ca jthe pay to $15,000 and $12,000.
get at it as they need it, will produce I ' ..
far better results than.iany high I UIIU fl I.
Send two dollars to The Mineraline
Chemical Co., 1638 North Wells St., I have two lots with a good seven
of any kind or nature in or to
real estate or any part thereof.
that the defendants in said causal
each of them may be iorever b;
and enjoined from having or clai
any right, title, estate or intere
or to said estate or anv
thereof, and for such other rell
may be just ana equitable,
lou and each or you are reoulr
answer said petition on or befor
7th day of March, 1921.
Chicago, 111., and the ywill forward I room house, with good basement forlj$v Morsman Maxwell & likggar
. 1 : .1 1 . 1, I i .. t l .i ; l I ...
mineraline to make a full hundred I Has some fruit trees and is only onei24"4w-
pounds. (Adv.) I block from High school in good sec- notick to fHKiiiTim I
tion cf city. I The State of Nebraska. Cass j
I also have several other places in I bii
Lincoln, Neb., Jan. 28. The fol
lowing are some of the more im
portant changes in the pardons and
paroles law and the indeterminate
sentence law made in the new bill
prepared by Attorney General Davis
at the request of the joint senate
and house committee.
The board, composed of the gov-
Plattsmouth for sale that run from
one lot up to 12 acres.
Office, 265; residence, 487.
An action entitled William H. Ma-
on vs. Joseph McCreary, et al, has
been filed in the office of the clerk
of the district court and in which
In the County Court.
In the matter of the estate of If
Hirz, deceased.
To the creditors of said estate:
You are hereby notified, that T
sit at the County Court room In rl.
mouth, in said county, on the 7th
of March. 1921. and on the 8th ri
June, 1921, at 10 o'clock a. m.. of
day, to receive and examine all cl
against said estate, with a vie
their adjustment and allowance,
time limited for the presontatior
claims against said estate is t
months from the 7th dav of Mi
A. D. 1921. and the time limited
ernor, the attorney general and the I the plaintiff asks that title to certain payment of debts is one year from
real estate now owned by him, be
quieted. Attorney C. A. Rawls ap
pears for the plaintiff.
7th day of March, 1921.
Witness my hand and the ki
said County Court this 29th da
January, t)i.
-County Jtid
Dr. O. Sandin will be at the Man-
speaker livery barn in Plattsmouth,
commencing Monday, to make tests
secretary of state is to have supreme
All applications for paroles must
bo made in writing on forms desig
nated by law and no other written
or verbal application is allowed.
All hearings shall be open to the
Any person may testify before the
board under oath.
Five days' notice must be publish
ed of all meetings and a copy of the
notice must he served on the sentenc-
ng Judge, the county attorney and
the sheriff.
A reporter shall keep a verbatim
record of all proceedings and hear
ings. 'II am offering some fine Rhode
The indeterminate sentence law is I Island cockrels, this year's -tock,
repealed except as regards first of
To these it may be applied or
may not at the discretion of the I II:T.! a" notice of the
a .. w V I (irill't III If- I IT 1 k nl 1 .
- . . v auu
on Petition for Appointment
of cows that are used for diary pur-j. .The State' of Nebraska, Cass
juowo. iiuj yj iivi ucoii & Ivolg Ul kilt?
may call Dr. Sandin at phone 388 or
255. tf-daw.
In the County Court
In the matter of the estate ,r it
. llllt J . W
l aimer, nereasea.
On reading and filing the petit i
Rhode Island Reds Tor Sale.
Albert II. Miller, prayin that, a.d
Istration of said estate mav be grl
to Uatio Taylor, as administrator!.
Ordered. That Fehrnnrv- vu I
1921. at 10 o'clock a. in., is assignd
hearing said petition, when all pel
wwuu ujkAtctB, iuis year s "fciocs. I 1 " pemion, wnen all pel
Miss Etta Nickles. Murray phone 'teJve,?A? matter may a
1811 ,f ,,w a t-ounty. Court .to be held in
11 rss-W.lfor said-county, and i show cause!
the prayer of petitioner should n
Bead the Journal want-ads.
Judge, and the judge may fix the
minimum and maximum time any
where within the limits prescribed
by the law.
The board has the power to ap
point probation officers who shall
have the same powers over the state
as the sheriffs of counties.
! Coates Block Second Floor
ing thereof l.e given to all persori
ii:itrit-u iu kuiu mailer iv mi . i
a copy of this order In the I'lattsii
journal. a. semi-weeKly newi
printed In said countv. for thrJ
eessive weeks, pritfr to said
Dated January 27th. 1921
J?l-3w County Jut