The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, January 13, 1921, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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    THURSDAY, JAHPA&Y 13, 1621.
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Oe piattsrnoutb lournal
Entered at I'ostoftic. Plattemoutu, Neb., as vecond-claas mall matter
R. A. BATES, Publisher
Cheer up! Eu3iness will get bet
ter. It always does. '
There are now more than 82,000
Girl Scouts in the United States.
It takes a clever woman to refrain
from passing as a clever woman.
Nowadays one not only pays as he
goes, but also after he gets there.
V.'hat a man Is and what he might
be are as different as day and night.
It is estimated that nine-tenths of
the coasts of the World are covered
with rand.
Some girls are called "giddy" be
cause they make the young men's
heads swim.
Calm courage and common sense J
win soon restore normal Dusiness auu
industrial conditions.
News of a reduction in the price
of soap creates no enthusiasm in the
mind of the small boy.
Well, 'another year is at hand, so
we may as well make up our minds
to make the best of it.
European relief workers have ob
served that a woman can live longer
without food than a man.
Mri. .-r tcSwiney is ahi.ut to return
to Ireland Thus far she failed to
tell u way she t Jtce ever.
: i) ;
.Tudging from the syje illustra
tions, commercial artists never know
that there are any fat ladies in the
If it i3 any consolation to Uncle
Sam, we hereby inform him that he
is not alone in having urgent finan
cial needs.
Wo ought not perhaps to be too
hard on 1920. Charity calls rpon
us to remember that it was a presi
dential year.
"We wish you a happy and pros
perous New Year," says a C02I com
pany. Is this anything in the way
of a promise?
Nobody seems to be worrying
about what I'ostmaster-General
Burleson is going to do after his term
of office expires.
Io a little saving during the next
twelve months, and then you can
look Christmas in the face next year
without flinching.
There are some people, so goldarn
ed partisan that they'd rather starve
than to have prosperity under the
other administration.
The courts of Kansas are prosecut
ing prominent citizens who dare to
buy cigarettes. In Kansas it is a
question of be sood or die.
Kansas farmers will also stop and
wonder why membership in the Non
partisan League was $ 1 when wheat
was $2 a bushel, and $18 now.
It is generally known that Mme.
Galli-Curci is to marry her accom
panist, but nobody has announced
who is to be her new accompanist.
Speaking of styles, the cub report
er assures us the more he sees of
the wool stockings the girls are wear
ing now the more he wants to see.
0:0 7
If you can't talk anything but
pessimism, keep your mouth shut.
Get your optimistic smiles in working
order, spit on your hands and go to
A good New Year resolution to
make is to quit lying to your wife.
When you lie to her once you've got
to invent a million more to back it
. :o:
Congress has so many taxation j
plans before it and they all look so;
inviting it cannot make up its mind
whether to take the light or the dark
meat. 1
There's one sustaining clement in
this report that the latest Irish peace
move has failed, and that is that ev
erybody was fairly well prepared for
the shock.
It is estimated it will take ten mil
lion dollars to enforce the Volstead
act next year, which reminds us:
What did it cost last year when it
watn't enforced?
A ; f uatt committte is going to in
vestigate goveruiueiil expenditure
during th- war rn the "ccl plus"
basis. With particular reference,
probably to the pluc.
: r. :
Ncv York's Commissioner of IV; li ex
claims that that city i:; no worse than
other big cities of the country. May
be so, but that is saying mighty lit
tle for the other cities.
IJ kind to bill collectors. Re
member they arc only human beings
after all, and they don't enjoy ask
ing you for money any more than
you enjoy being asked.
The largest farm in the world is
managed by a former American.
Charles Noble, at Nobleford. Alberta,
Canada. It has more than 18.000
acres under cultivation, and a re-
turn of oue million dollars is ex-! felony to fail to stop before the acci
pected on it this year. 'dent.
The more fcol questions one asks
the more one doesn't learn.
In the olden days, knockers werelmunity on Christmas day. That was
found only on the outside of doors.
D'Annunzio. the poet, J now spe
cializing in adverses instead of vers
Minr mpv fee! thpv are called to
HardinVs cabinet, but onlv ten can
be chosen.
"The thief who steals a motor car
never accommodating enough to
take the mortgage with it.'
"Watch and see if the old saw.
Ahen days begin to lengthen cold be
gins to strengthen' comes true.
There's a Santa Claus, all right.
No doubt vou have already discov
ered him in your monthly batch of
The days are growing longer, but
they're still short enough for a man
to get up before sunrise without be
ing crazy.
Another reason Ireland and Eng-
Innr) a ro en rr-T 1 1 nl a n t to lifht 11 r t hp
pipe of peace is that each remember
having loaded it.
Five thousand actors are Jobless,
t according to a New York press die
patch. Wonder how many of thern
are reai.y actors;
We know a modest young man in
a lucal restaurant who refuses to
iook in the ice box when it is full
of "undresied chickens."
"No possibility of cut in our pric
es for the next two years." say the
tobacco manufacturers. Where have
we heard that speech before?
Noting other papers devoting col
umns to the cause of the Great Un
rest, the Journal undertakes to state
it in two words: Dollar itch.
There is talk of introducing jazzCussion of its merits. Mr. Gompers
into church music, but the Boston
Transcript believes the amount al
ready in the pulpit is sufficient.
Spring clothing will be cheaper,
say a Chicago dispatch. If the pro
phecy, comes true we are going to
buy at least one new pair cf pants.
The war department has a num
ber of old army posts for sale. If I
y,u want an army post all your own. J
jou maj De aoie to get cne at a Dar-
After paying federal tax. privilege
and advalorem taxes the average cit-
izen i3 in a good mood to understand
why taxation has always been un-1
' .. J
It's a wonder somebody hasn't
pointed out that the gathering of I
great minds in Marion. Onto, hasn t
njifneru wini u iuh fcuenuance in
King Constantino's s'-eech to the
Greek parliament was road by him
nailing maimer. h news uis-
patch says. Sort of lame duck man
ner, we suppose.
NOW Judge Landis is after the f el-
ios who are maxine real neer in
Chicago and thus it is that some one
is always taking the Joy out of life
in the Windy City.
: o
Probably the only noticeable re
sult of increasing the membership of
the lower house of congress to 483
will be that the Congressional Rec
ord will weigh more.
"Tall nd blushing brunette
breaks up golf match game." says a
headline. Trust these vampires to I
break up anything, not barring pas- j
turo pool tournaments
Tiie reform of feminine styles is no
doubt si paramount issu. but if it
were twice as paramount there prob
ably would be the same hesitancy
about proceeding with the reform.
In relating the story of the Chi
cago man who compelled another
men to give up his wife at the point
of a revolver, be sure and have the
revolver in the hands of the right
Woodrow Wilson will quit the
presidency with a sigh of relief. It
is the most gruelling job in the
world, and it has never been harder
to fill than during the past eight
Another advantage of the new ad
ministration io a now postmaster
general for paragraphers to shoot
at, and even if he turns out all right,
they can go back and shoot at Hurle
son any time they want to.
Those mysterious signals from
M.ars which we failed to interpret
several months ago haven't been felt
for some time, that planet having
turned to other pursuits. The base
ball season probably has opened,
A new Kansas law is proposed mak
ing it a felony for motorists to' fail
to stop after an accident. Motor
ists certainly cannot complain of the
unreasonableness of such a law. A
stern government would liiako it a
Many young folks in the middle
went bare sever Keen an open saloon,
but by standing on the corner where
the saloon used to be, they can view
a good many other eights.
Among other blessings that ac-Jpr0gram is developing and taking j with the agonizing suffering it en
rred to Father Adam he didn't have ! j tailed, was taken up at home, and
to fork over for income tax every
year nor lose his reasous every Jan
uary making returns therefor.
, j:c
More people are punished for petty
thieving than for grand larceny.
What would be more natural and pro
fitable, then, than to divide motor
car stealing Into petty and grand lar
Holiday Marriages" is the cap
tion used by a contemporary over
the -weddings reported for that com-
a baa neaanne.
No marriage is a
A Chicago dice dealer says the wo
men of that city have taken up crap-
shooting because it is 'something
naughty and doesn't take a lot of in
telligence." By a strange coinci
laence. tnat is ine reason 11 was pre-
1 viously taken up Dy wnite, alter its
perfection for similar reasons by ne-
&ro roustabouts.
Recurring reports of women who
take up cigarette smoking, poker
playing, home brewing, crapshooting
and other masculine vices cause one
to wonder why women desiring nev.
vices don't invent some of their own
How can they expect to achieve
quality with men if they merely ap-
propnate all their indulgences in
stead of originating a few for them
Samuel Gompers, president of the
American Federation of Labor, vio-
lently assails the United States Su-
preme Court for its decision against
I the so-called secondary bovcott. in
which the court held that labor or
ganizations and their members were
accountable under the akti-trust law
when they engage iu an actual e n
bination or conspiracy in restraint
of trade. The court held that labor
unions could not boycott customer
of a business, concerns with which
they were at war. In short, the
could not extend their efforts to win
a dispute by attempting to prevent
any one from doing business with
those who deal with the principal
employer in the dispute
Not having the full decision at
hand, we shall not enter into a dis-
says it shows the court to be in ac
cord with the most ardent wishes of
predatory greed, and that the de
cision is "a blow at the movement
for human freedom and progress
Recently President Grace of the
Bethlehem Steel Company, admitted
before a congressional investigating
committee that his corporation rc-
fused to sell steel to contractors in
New York and Philadelphia who
(operated under the closed shop rule
In other word3- the Bethlehem Steel
Company boycotted contractors who
did not comply with his open-shop
There was a general outcry against
this policy of trying to enforce the
open shop, but the loudest protest
came from representatives of uuion
labor, who pointed to it as an ex
ample of tyrannical extremes to
which the opponents of union labor
wruld eo t dstrov labor oreauiza-
If it is "a blow at the movement
for human freedom and progress" to
restrain lahnr nrMn!iatinn from flp-
stroying the business, by boycott,
of any employer who refuses to co
operate with them in winning strikes
and thus strengthening union la
bor's power to enforce the closed
shop or any other rule favorable to
the unions, would it not be a blow
at ."the movement for human free
dom and progress" to restrain an
employer from enforcing his open-
ehop policy by boycotting all em-
pioyer:; who operate closed union
In this matter consistency does
not seem to trouble Mr. Gompers.
He is against all wrongs except his
own, which he holds to be the only
righteous wrong. "My tyranny is
in accord with human freedom and
progress," says Mr. Gompers in ef
fect, "but yours is. against human
freedom and progress." He can see
why the labor union is justifiable in
destroying business generally to ac
complish its object in a dispute with
one business concern, but he cannot
see any justification for a business
generally in order to accomplish its
object in the matter of what it re
gards as an advantageous employ
ment policy.
There must be a rule of reason and
rule of right for all. It is the part
of the law and the courts to protect
the right and the freedom of all and
to restrain wrongs which strike at
the welfare of all, in order to gain
selfish or tyrannical ends. It is fair
to assume that the court which is the
ultimate tribunal of the American
people sought this rule of reason and
right for all in its decision.
Cheapest accident insurance Dr.
Thomas' Kclectric Oil. Fur burns.
scalds, cuts and emergencies. All '
druggists sell it. 30c and GOc.
Blank Books at the Journal Office.
We read in a Chicago Tribune dia
patch, related to Mr. Updike's Ouia-
ha Bee. that the republican tariff
The popgun tariff bills to "pro
tect" the farmer are, as was antici
pated, merely a preliminary method
of greasing the big high tariff bill
so it can more easily be forced down
the throat of the patient. After the
farmer has "got his", it stands to
reason the farmer will be a-'hamed
to complain too loudly when still
bigger pills are fixed up for the ben
efit of the great manufacturing In
terests. ,
After the farmer has been "sopped"
then, according to the dispatch, the
Payne-Aldrich tariff law will be re-
enacted, as soon as possible after
March 4. "The plan," we are in
fnrmod ic tn nca tYio Pavnp. AlHrirh
law as a temporary dike against the
flood of foreign goods that Europe
is preparing to rush into American
markets now unprotected." And the
Payne-Aldrich act, thus revived au
an "emergency" stop-gap, is to "re
main effective until the Fordney-Pen-rose
tariff can be carride on the sta
tute books, probably late in the sum
mer." There you see the scheme in all its
sublime simplicit-.
The great industrial interests
steel, textiles, machinery, imple-;
ments. leather goods, crockery, and
r 1
the long line, are hungry
clamoring for pap. Since early in
Wilson's first term they have been
denied the benefits of a special privi
lege to mulct the consumers. They
were unable to make all the money
they want during the war. Like
Oliver Twist, they are calling for
more. It is the province of the in
coming administration to give it to
them. It was to further this purpose
that the interests turned in. as on 2
man, and helped elect it. With
drooling chops they feast their avid
eyes on the approaching pay day.
It would take too long to wait for
the formulation and enactment of a
brand-new high tariff law, dealing
generously with all interests that are
deserving of republican recognition.
Therefore they must have the Payne-
Aldrich law back again, at once.
This, the highest tariff law ever en
acted, will serve to stay their stom
achs until, under the leadership of
Senator Penrose and Representative
Fordney a brace of worthy surviv
als of the old regime a still better
and fatter one can be prepared for
For a return to t he "normalcy" of
a system of protective grand larceny
a new excuse is offered. And such
an excuse!
Europe is preparing to trade with
us: Lurope, hungry, broken, bur
dened with debt, all but bankrupt,
is threatening to try to sell us some
of her manufactured goods, so that in
return she may be able to buy Amer
ican wheat and beef and pork and
so put food in her millions of empty
bellies. Europe is threatening again
to engage in world trade, as best!siz ot the Milky Way. the scope of
her blighted condition will permit. Alpha of Orion, the breath of the
in the hope of earning a little mon-
ev in nav interest nn the hillinn i,t !
debt she owes us. Europe, by a re
turn to the peaceful ways of indus
try and commerce, is aspiring to re
gain her feet.
At all costs it must be prevented
Pile the tariff wall against her.
stone on stone, mountain high!
Europe hopes to be able to sell to
our consumers certain of her manu
factured products cheaper than our
infant home industries are willing to
sell like goods for. A 'sacrilege on
one hundred per cent Americanism
to countenance it!
Thumbs down on Europe! Thumbs
down on all the rest of the world!
Thumbs down on the international-
in cf commerce!
It is important, of course, that the
hungry children of Europe be fed
but not at the expense of the steel
Not at the expense of the
woolen trust. Xot at the expense of
any trust that waves the American
flag and supports the republican
ticket! Iet them be fed by popu
larSubscription, rather, and, if this
ill not suffice, by good, warming,
filling editorials and public speeches
expressive of the deepest sympathy.
It is important, too. that foreign
markets be opened up for our surplus
agricultural products. But again.
cot at the expense of the steel trust.
et cetera. Give the farmer a pro
tective tariff, instead, and let him
fill his purse with its gentle east
wind World-Herald.
During the great struggle jtint end
ed the world was horrified when at
Vpres the Germans drenched the
o n i It u it - , !,! t rtt Ii i 1 1 '
waieue'i mem wrun in aouy, bays i
i T 1 x. I . I
the Literary Digest. The world
was horrified at this new and cruel
weapon of war and a great cry of.
protest went up.
The Germany were denounced as
uncivilized barbarians to use such
horrible methods of torture, and the
- f resentment , or me soiaiers agairst
j being "passed" against being "caught
j in a trap and smotWed like rats"
when Versailles conference was
held, out of which grew the treaty
of peace, a clause was ins-erted pro
hibiting the use of poison gas, and
the entire "civilized world applauded.
But our spasm of humanity quick
ly passed away, for chemists both in
! this country and iu England have
been requested by
their respective
government to experiment in the pro
duction of a more do?.d!y form cf
gas. and there is keen competition
for a chemical product -that wilhkill
ry the thousands, instead of turning
their great talents to the production
cf agencies for the alleviation of
- jienng anu ice icafeiaen:as o: me.
Be it said to the credit of cne;
j English chemist, he refused to ue Lis
j knowledge in any such inhuman pro-
j Je. but it is claimetl "many ,.f the
: Klost noted chemists in the United
btates are busily engaged in maurig
tests and experiments tl-at America
may have an efficient gas defense in
case of another war."
Doing the very thing that we de
nounced Germany for doing oniy a
short while ago. At that time Amer
icans were indignant with the nation
that would "zo far degrade itself as
to stoop to the use of such a horrible
instrument of warfare." Put now
it is claimed in a tone of "pride and
satisfaction that 15,000 have be?n
enrolled ready to enter the service
at a moments notice and are already
busying themselves with research
along these hideous lines"
In fact it is claimed that American
chemists have perfected a ras more
deadly than any before known and
quicker in its action; that had the
war lasted a few months longer this
gas would have been eliminated at
one fell swoop.
Truly, that civilization for which
we fought, must be advancing back
ward. :o:
One of Nebraska's few needs in
the way of new statutory measures
is a law making it compulsory for
drivers of automobiles to stop, look
and listen before going over a rail
road crossing. This is the princi
pal cause of automobile tragedies.
If the people will not protect them
selves it is the duty of the govern
ment to step in and see that they
do not deliberately commit suicide.
If there be any person in these
United States who are more interest
ed in Ireland than they are in this
country, then it is both their privi
lege and their duty to go back to
help settle the muddle, but we do
not want them trying to settle it
from this side of the Atlantic. Vv'e
have no more room in America for
Irish-Americans than we have for
: o:
Referring to this new dope the
scientists are feeding us about the
universe, anu ;w tnat sort 01 inins
the New York Times wisely re-
marks: "Give us back the heaven
which soothes the mind and doe.?
not make the head ache."
People who complain most of hard
times are those who are looking lor
a soft snap. But the days of soft
snaps are ended. Our financial de
baunch is over. Everybody must
sober and settle up.
In making out your income tax
return, care should be exercised in
order to avoid any unpleasant after
effect. The revenue sharps of Uncle
Sam have a nasty habit of checking
up your figures.
o: o
If we arc to make sui h pets' of
the farmers as the action of congress
implies, why not let every taxpayer
have one to do odd jobs of work
about the place?
Henry Ford i.? telling us what i.?
the matter with our finances. Many
folks would Le more interested to
learn what is the matter with their
tin lizzies.
A South American newspaper re
fers to Secretary Colby as "the great
est diplomat in the United States."
Wonder if that fellow is trying to
be funny?
o . o
The senate is taking its time about
passing the restrictive immigration
bill, and in the meantime the unde
sirable aliens are coming over m
"I'm going to seek some quiet spot
and, rest." says Vice President Mar
shall, Gee whiz, Tom! vhat have
you ,eeQ doing for the pat eight
. o:o-
A girl who declares that she :i!n
cook, and likes to do so, may he an
awful liai
but she greatly reduces
her chances of becoming an up
In the District Court of Cass coun
ty. Aebraska.
In the -matter of the application f
i.. ii. Ujii', administrator, for
u-enc to sell real fstate.
Now on this leth day of December.
-. j . isiu. t!.! cause came on
Liiiun nje pennon, unaer nam
the istatt- :f Jraie l-n Windisam, tie -
i-easetl. pi ayins for Mcne to ."ell the
o-scrihed real estate of naidUnd all otbr ;"" ..Za-' vr'n
lirai" In V. in.Uiani. to-wit: Wt nine I -tat of Kuther H , c ete
f in B!'rk rive :, . in the original J. Hyatt, dm D1 r-al him
tvwn of IMattmoutli. Cass county, unknown J.eirif. 'Jvutj. i
Nebraska, as the ame if shown on thejuonal reprenentatiyea. ana
published ar.d recorded plat thereof,
Bi,fr;..iin, .,. .,.
ti. ., . - .1- .
n.lOO.lO Vor the nt
wed nainft Faid estate,
es and co. H of adrnir.ifi-
of dehts a'.lowi
tration. f-r the reason that there i
inot p. sufricif-nt amount ,f itrora!
i property in the possession of paid I:.
I--, w inaiiam. administrator, belonging nrist i"J ;
to said estate, to pay ta:d ceM.. al-U:n'wn i. it". devUee. legatee,
and cot,ts s -r.l re;.rei.iixatlve. and 'J ,h'r.
It is therefore ordered that all pr- j.-r-on. lrtT-td tn l
srns interested in said estate appear K,t her Hyatt, dreaed : ur.known heirj..
before rrs- at chambers in th City of devisee. yt--. personal reprenenta
l'latlsmouth. in said countv," on the tlv and 11 other peri-oni. interested
Zrd dav of I-Vbnnrv. A. I.' l2l. at in the estate of Hyatt, deceased.
the hour of 10 o'clock a. m.. to how : Jame Ii- Kennedy; unknown t.eir.
caiijf, if inv there he. why a lkene ,jviee. ie-atee. perianal rpr-ien-s'-ouM
not he granted to said II. U- itative and all other lrcori
Wir.dl.jtro, admH.istrator. to s-ei: 'i estel in the estate of Jarr,e j,. her,
much of the above desc-rib-d real es- . r.edy. def eased; Ktsu-J Turner ar.'t
tat- f said de'-der.t as shall be nece- Mrs. Kt.ud Turner. I. in Wife, first anl
snrv to pav said debts and expenses, 'real name unknown; unknown beirs.
It is further ordered that a copv of dvises. legatees. repreenta
this order be served upon a!l person fives and a.'I other person interested
ir.!.-r. t, 1 in said estate Lv caufir.e ;n tl e estat- cf Kh'.;d Turner, deceased ;
the .' .it!. t- be published once each i ..k. n nelrs. -!., l-ae. p-r-w
e',c for t kuir -siv- wt-f-ks i'l :-o,;a.' repr-ntative aril all Mi'-r
the ri-:t-nio!!l'i Journal, n 1-ra! news- r,-roiis :. teer-d in the estate of Mrs.
; apvr pt irite.l. published and :r !- I Tirn-r. de Mf'l: John Morten -httinir
i:i countv cf Cass, Ne-ison: u:.l.r.own heir. fievi-e, latee.
I raska. pef-or.s-1 repreK r.tatlves and all other
JAMES T. B'wLKY, i ;,.ior, interested in the estate of John
Judrre of the District Court of i i!oi ten.-on. t'ecea-d: E!ifceet.i I'ruett;
di'O-t v.-
Cass County. Nebraska
To Raymond Theodoiski.
j-..-'.' "i:-w, I'rtin- u :! o ji ' 1 1 c
i'.r: T,il,t,v..r. t-t-al
i::i!ie unknown ( hn1,:i tl i.f ilracp
.1 1 tl-n s i in i : M trtli:i Tol-.r.ori
Johnson, real name unkr.o-vn 'husband
of Martha Joanson) and the heirs,
d visecs. leiattf-s, person?! represema - and all other per.-c.ns interested
in tl-. psIatM of 1 ffi iLU-mc n: mirl
iierson--. !:nii naraps j. re 11V. V n ow n
to-wit: I.'ayrnond Theodorski.
of Kavm-nd Theodorski); Henry J persons inieresiei in i r -ft- . .
Thomas. Svlvia C. Thomas fwife r.flCresser, deceased: Klizah-tn I nmt. y Thomas.: Anna C. Kv!e. M. H. ; unknown heir, devj.-ees. legatee P r -Kvl.-.
real name unknown (husband of soral repi esentat I ve and -11
Anna C. Kvle: W. W. Windham, truf -! Pror.. interested in the estate of
tee for M. I.. WoodrMff: M. I. Wood- Klizaltii Pruitt. .icea,ed. the un-i-:fr.
r-al name unknown: Max rrcis:iknown r.Hn-r and unknown t.airn-
I:-v. mond Theodorski); Henrv I braska. the object and purpo.- ..f
Tl oiras." Svlvla C. Thomas (wife o'f;whc:i U to o.ui-t and confirm plain
Mer.rv Thomps.; Anna C. Kvle. M. II. i'if title in and to lol and 10 in
KvK-.' real name unknown (husband of : HlO'.-k hC. in the City f Ilattmouti..
Anna C. Kvlei: W. W. Windham, trus- Cass county. Nebraska, and to (n;o:n
we for M. I.. Woodruff: M. L." Wood- each and all of you from having or
i-u't", real name unknown: Max I'reis: . laimfn' to. have any right, title, lien
'Jjaoe Johnson. John.-on. real! or inierert either lesal or equitable,
nui:.e unknown (husband of Grace !:n or to said real estate or any part
J oh n.' or. ) : Martha Johnson. ! thereof, aiid to enjoin you and each of
Johnson, real r.ame unknown (husband you from in any manner Interfering
of Martha Johnson); Lot three hundred w-ith plaintl.Ta possession and enjov
nine S'"5 Villasre of Louisville, as ; rr.ent of Eaid premises and for equitable
surveved. platted and recorded In Cass
county, Nebraska; and Lot siv 6) and
tic- south one (1. foot of Lot five (5),
in niot-k four Hi, in the Village of
Alvo, as surveyed, platted and record
ed :n Cass county. Nebraska: and Lots
!ev n (111 and twelve (12). Block two
hundred twenty-one (I'l) in the Citv
tf I'lattsmoeth. as surveyed, platted
and recorded in Cass county, Nebraska;
ami Lots one (1), two (:!), three (3).
four 4). () and six (6) in Block
eighty-five C-o. in the City of Tlatts
i:ioi:tii. as surveyed, platted and re
corded i.n (.."ass county, Nebraska; and
all persons claiming any interest of
any kind in said real estate or any
part thereof:
Vou and each of you are notified
that on the 6th day of December, 1920.
Harriett K. Wolfe. as plaintiff, filed
her petition in the District Court in
i.iid Tor (ass county. .Nebraska, an-i . arv, -A. 1 . J''l. and on the 3rd dav of
that you and each of you are parties J Va v. A. 1 . 1P::1. at ten o'clock In' the
defendant, th" object of the action so j forenoon of each dav. t receive and
broucht b intr to foreclone four sepa- I e amine all claim aeain.-t aid rslaf.
rate tax certificates, coverinp the fol-witi; a view lo thrir adjustment and
lowing described parc els of real estate j allowance. The lime limited for the
in Casa county, Nebraska, to-wit: Lot presentation of claims aeai.nt-t said
1 1 rt-c I tmdred nine (30:. Village ofjtate is three months from the 1st dav
Louisville, as surveyed, platted and re-iuf February. A. L- 1921. and the time
corded in Cas. county, Nebraska; and
Lot six (6) and the south one (1) foot
of Lot five o). in Biock four (4). In
the Villace of Alvo, as surveyed, plat
Wd and iecorded in Cass county, Ne
braska; and Lots eleven (11) and
twelve (12 1, Block two hundred twen-tv-one
(221. in the City of Platts
mouth. as surveyed, platted and re
corded in Cass county, Nebraska, and
Lots one (1, two 2), three 3, four
tli. five (T. i and six ( fi in Block
eiiriity-tive T in the City of Platts
moiah, as surveyed, platted and re-i-ordcd
in Cass county. Nebraska: and
that you and each of you be fore
closed of all title, claim, lien, right of
redemption or other interest in said i
"trupeity or any part thereof, and that,
the plaiu'lIT lave such other and fur
ther relief ns she' may be entitled to
and to the Court may seem meet. j
You and each of vou are required '
to answer tins petition on or before
the 21th d.iv of January, 1921.
liv PlaintiiT.
D. W. MUni'.OAV.
19-5w. Her Attorney.
niti)i:u of hkhi;
ou l'i'(l(in for Appointmeut of
The State of Nebraska, Cass coun
In the County Court.
In the matter of the estate of Jo
seph M. Koberts, de used.
(in nadintr arid tiling the petition of
Kittie C. Kohoits. inayinB that admin
istration of said csti'W- mf.v be prranted
to .1. .1. Kolti i ts as Administrator:
ordered. That January 31st, A. P.
l!'l. at in ..clock a. in., is assigned
lo, h.arin said petition, when all
persons int. rented in sai.l matter may
app-ai J't
( 'oe n t y
( ourr io ie iit-pi '
whv the praver of petitioner siiould j
l... L-r.,hll: andfhat notice of the
' " . ' i- !... 1 1 !
In.? thereof 'be given to all pel sons
interestel in said matter by publish-
ing a copy of this order in the Platts
moiitli Journal', a hem i-xveekl y news,
paper printed in said county. for
three successive weeks prior to said
day of hearing.
Dated December :;0th. i:2'i.
(Seal) j.l-.Tw. County Judge.
oitiii:it ! iii:aki;
mill .eller on Petition for Set-tieuit-nt
f X - hi I
In the County Court of Cass coun-
X braska.
the estate and detennination of heir- I
It is
t t I 1 !... 1 .
II nersons interested in said mailer
IU'ltK.1 t-iurit U Uidl Uil UIIII 1
0IMI l", IT1" ' ' Ml-T Vl1ll
order in me r-iansinuoti! journal, a
semi-weekly newspaper printed in taid
county, for one week prior to said day
of hearins-
(8eai) County Judj;e.
If you want good printing let ui;
1- Y1 A - J - , I
;do your work. Best equipped job,
shop iu southeastern Nebraska.
Stute of Nebraska. Cass county, ss. wit: Ielirv llir o,o- '"INVV'
To the h. irs and all persons inter- husband- Phil t. i iV- ,,v'nsed . Ur
ested in thoestato of KHzabcth Barry. Kimnn S llii-i u,i" i-:,'r so"- "'"
deceased: h, r dauhte lu.f' ,U',Wt1' K. llirx.
On' Lading he pitition of August is one of the lWiil Jt i U,r 'l"''',,l"'r
Haeli, a.lmir.isirator. praying a final ' . edeiit, KattiHi inM liir V" saUl J'
f ftM-'iient and allowance of his account ' tb- owner of .,.! V". "' n ,s
tiled in this Court on the Ctli day of interest in u nd t o -Li t J "i1 ,w,,-''nths
() toli. i. 1920. and for distribution of , i. ...... i . f d real estate: that
niHy. aim on, i'i"m i no: ciomiy ivrinlne x'M1 , ." , , tie-
Court to be liel.J in arid for said Coun- ceased tl, ir .7 '"dr of ,te-
lv, on the .lay of January. A. D. tl.,. X'K X ,,f ' t,f kinship and
1iL'l, at 10 o'cloc k a. m.. to show cause, , i t v of wl i,.i Ti . Prop.
If an." there be, why the prayer .if the , ' ' ' ,V' 's., ,1!,.,! sei.ed.
r.ctijioner should not be granted, and t w.-t,t y. ii 1 i ! r;T herlnK on the
that notic- of the pendeney of --a id ; I U2 1. 1 , V "f JUur. A. I.
petition and the hearing thereof be Dut" i'l.., , U M- !"
K!ven to all persons inteiested in sa i.l ! t ,Vt. , v .A ' ' " u tli Nebraska, this
matter by publishing a copy of this'M.. l ti J of December. A.
In the District Court of Ca coun
ty, Netra.ka. ,.fi,.
V.'iiutn J. Hyatt et a!. r,ef enfant.
To the defendant. William J- Hyatt.
. .. n t-la wif-' unknown
for heirs, devjue-e. ieai.-.. ;?-' ' li'
; rtv -"",.,. VLMM'm !
j Hyatt. rfei-eafcd;
! -ri, legate-. V
unknown heirs, devi-
...-.r.ns, I rrreentati ves
unknown ;
lgatee, pr
wi all other
or pernor, 1 a-reted J n tM i m.
t rt-resn--d : Mn. m. J. tl) at".
.:. -Srt and real narr.e unKnown.
h wife, flrrt andrn nam. unknown.
unknown hir Viw . 1 'TLr
i-ona! rpr---ntati veil arid r
terror nt-rt-d l5'Z- i-.,y11
jlru. v, rn. J. nj. ''rr". . 'TJl" J
Hyutt ar-d IfyatU r.u md j,
i unknown i.eirr. nitr, j.-si-. '
t onal representative and ail
persons interested in tt.e eif.ate c.
Klisebeth Pruett. deceased; H;la. Cros
ser; unknown heire. devisee, legatees,
r.-conal representatives and all orr.r
i- - - . . .
BntS "I UOl S V ani I in DiU'. - ' '
tiif Cit v of I'lattsniOlltt
Cast -our.ty.
Nebraska: IotB 9 and
10 in Block fc
In the Cly or '!itsmouxn. ass c-in-
;ty, Nebraska, ana an persons ciairum
! any interest of any k:nd In said real
; esta te or any part thereof:
o uu'J ci-ii -u ' ' ...
! HO t i fied that O'.V the
lllh v ttt T if .
!. -ember. 19.'). piaintifT filed his suit in
-the uistrlct Court or ia-s c-ouniy. e-
This notice is sriven pursuant to
an order of the Court. Vou are re
quired to answer raid petition on or
before Monday, the 31st day of Janu
ary, 1921. or your default will be en
tered therein.
d2''-!w. Attorney.
The State of Nebraska. Cass coun
ty, ss.
Pn" the County Court.
In the matter of the estate-of James
Shepherd, deceased.
To the creditor of paid estate:
You are hereby notified. That I will
sit at the court room in Plat t smout ii
in said ounty, on the 1st dav of Febru-
uinuen ror payment or debts is one
year from said 1st day of Ftbruarv.
A. I. 1921.
Witness my band and the seal of
said County Court this 31st dav of
December, A. D. 1920.
(Seal) j3-tw. County Judpe.
(IHI1KK OK 1 1 K K I N (i
on Petitloa fur iioUtMrBt mt
. dfPiulMtrator.
The State of Nebraska. Cass rout..
In the Countv Court.
In the matter of the estate of Henry
Hirz. deceased.
On reading and rilinir Ibe lwtiti.m
of Pi.ilip J. Hirz praying that adminis
tration of said estate may he grar.t-d
to himself s administrator:
Ordered. That January rjtb. A. 1 .
1921. at In K'llmk a. m.. is assigned for
I eanns: said petition, when all persons
interested in said matter max- appear
at a County Court to be held in and
for said county, and show cause w),
the prayer of petitioner should not l-e
granted: and that notice of the pen
dency of said petition ar.d the hear
ing thereof be Kiven to all persons
interested in said matter bv publishing
a cony of this order in the PUttsmouth
Journal. a srmi-xveekly newspaper
printed in said countv for three suc-cess.x-e
xveeks. prior to said day of
hearing. J
Dated December 27th 1"0
.-i . - bounty Judge.
'- Attornev
OTU I" or neiuii,-
.'..! ; KM1M.
1 ' J-r ltriul.aioM
KUI,. f , , .
; ., . .. " . nn. ueceasc-j
vouri or Cass county.
T1 st.f.. ..f v i
.. ' heI S,at ,,f. Nvriiska.
T-. . -ll .
in w i est. j in said t-sn.i.. .....m.
j0'"!!,"'' 'T.'V iV'ke ,l01 ic,- ,l,al lii!t
,i . ' V " ' heirs .f
xvlio Is
rtt. i r . '""rested in muI,.
k;,iJ ; ,Z 1 "eKing that
;..T.. ... k- . . "itestale in Ca?
tt)U.. V ' 1.. and only 1.
uiipiii -at ion t.r i .1...1..V . , ;
iuuide .,,d ti. : ;u?" I:us ?"
HUM liitf 1,- ....., , . i
f v..i.r... 1, .. . . ,,.,,',.,,:r", '
1 ...... , . - iriniril
iiiiu u,e I'ourt .1. j. UKKSOX.
,0 County Judtrt
x IIA K. MAltTIN".
'Wood uli lit
, m j mail
of the desire for drink." 8olemnly
proclaims u i.,.t . .. '
ha, udded that the l-ure i p".
neat. perud-
-vuiim. ne
fnl iXitniT''. ,t in5r a ""nt i".
iniiaiolaiit ..f tl. rountv Hi vtute
leseiib,d real eslaf. to-xvlt:
lli.' MMitliwyst pirwr ISW',1
te VV-V'B ,IS'- Township
. , ,5ig- thirteen (I3i
east nf tie fith 1' M '-.
, - . i ininin ini, .........
1 ii