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    THUHSEAY. DECEMBER 23. 1520.
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1. D. BROWN,
at 3:35. Physicians immediately pro-
nnnnrpil bin-, dead !
States First Electrocution 1
So ended the first electrocution in
j Nebraska. So ended the most bit
terly fought criminal battle in the
! history of the state corrrts, lasting
rince Cole and Grammer were con
victed on July 12. 1918, two and a
half years ago and sentenced to die. ;
! Through every court in the land
rr rn tm: tw"tw Twr rrrfiTBTf from the district court of Howard
i nn a tu m- anwTxrn. TTsrxrn.
We wish you
Lincoln. Dec. 20. Mf.on IJ. Cole
and Allen V. Grammer are dead.
3:24 and 3:35
county to the United States supreme
court the fight was waged. It began
in the Howard county court and end-.
led at noon today when Judge T. C.
Munger of the federal district court
denied r. writ of habeas corpus and
A Merry Christmay
denied an anneal to the United
P. m. today tney paia ;,li4 ' t of QQ,
the penaltv for the murder of Gram-,.., . , , t . aA . T i
. - . , . . til the last Cole had hope and con-
mer s mother-in-law Mrs-.LuluWgt nce his att0rney. John M.
of fclba. Both went to the chair Grammer gave up over a
.without a word of excuse and ot.i, hjs
u4 V u J""-V" " missed bv the federal circuit court
which thev were convicted. appeals. That may have been the
Cole was the less composed at Grammer:s greater brar-
t.mes In the death cell for 0, f d fl
hour, before death he sat and talked nQ statement . He
to his spiritual advisers. Christian1 atement of the facts, as he
Science Practioners McFadden and . '
r- .,., ..-.. w, tk said, covering the whole case with
Ul rfiui , dim n 1111 ma onui iirj , ui'iiii
M. Priest.
His face was slightly drawn and j
a bit pale. Around him were a few
books among them the Bible. He
took tiny to write a letter or two at
intervals during, the conversation
Asked whether he cared to see news
paper men and make a statement to
them he said he did not.
Asks for Reporters
Grammr asked that the represen
tatives of the newspapers be called
into his cell. With him were his
wife, her roommate
Happy New Year
Fad den and Gregory
ney, J. M. Priest.
Jim and Edward
and his attor-!
Vogt, sons of.
Mrs. Lulu Vogt, whom Grammer and j
Cole murdered, and brothers of Mrs. !
Grammer, came down from Sidney, j
accompanied by County Attorney:
Dobry to attend the execution.
After an urgent request to the gov-;
ernor, the attorney general and tne
warden, Jim Vogt was allowed to
witness the execution. When Ms.
Grammer heard tha-t he was to be
The Bank of Cass County
Charles Gran.mer, Sr I warden and asked that her brother
Standing in the middle ot the floor . be nof allowed in the death cham.
urePbea in a re nwrai'T. nm-ii m
T5? Ti'3 Am
i ne iinoiY cts:-
of our many friends, we prize highest. Friend
ship is the greatest thing in life. Without it days would
be bleak, nights cold and dreary. We are wishing the
friends of Plattsmouth and vicinity the very best the
Holiday season can bring and thank all for their patro
nage, which has brought success tosour enterprise.
x j- v - -
Plattsmouth Storage Battery
Wm. Kettleson, Prop.
immaculate cleanliness. Ins shoes well
shined. and his hair combed sleekly
back from his forehead, Grammer
did not look like a man who was
about to die. He did rot sneak like
it. In t. clear voice, looking steadily
from one to another cf his hearers
as he spoke. Grammer told the world;
he was about to leave how he felt
toward it. He told of the statement
which would be given out. he said.
jut as soon as he was dead. He told
of how he would give it to hi at
torney for distribution and he held
the statement in his hands as he
spoke p.bor.t it.
"Tiiis is my last word to the
world.'" he said. "I am going to die.
bcr. The request was refused by j
the warden, 'fedward Vogt remained!
in a room in the outer offices during
the execution. He said that if he :
could be where he could hear the' (Continued from page 5)
newr as it went out over the wires dressed to the hemes of Charles Rovee
i to the newspapers, he would be satis- and Charles Thacker, whose names
Ccd. As soon as the execution was were furnished by the 000a renow
office closed in the evening. Now
they have reduced the working forte
to the one man, "Joseph Stastka.
his ;
Our Picture
When Xmas Shopping
He was taken into the latter s 1 . , . - 4 , I extent
AI1C1 fACVlCU i-A Jill' iitl to"
Merry Christmas
and a Happy and Prosperous
New Year
is our greeting to the many friends
and customers who have contributed
to our success of the past year. True
friends are our best assets and wc
appreciate them more than words
can tell.
In a few minuses I will be gone. This
will tell you the facts of my case as
I s??te them now. on the brink of
another world and as I tske my oatli
so near to death, you may re sure
they are true. I ask that this state
ment be printed. I will never know
whether or not it is printed, but I
ask you here before I go that you
may giw it to the world.'
Vvarden Kenton read the death
warrant to Grammer at 2:15 and to
Cole immediately afterward. Neither
appeared materially moved.
Grammer Calls on Cole
At L' : 30 Grammer asked to see
cell which adjoined his on the one
side and the death cell on the other.
He v, alked firmly into the room.
When he entered the door Cole
jumped up and grasped his hand.
Looking Cole squarely in the eye
Grammer said. "Well, be brave, boy."
And Cole, returning.the gaze firmly.
sTswert'j. "I will. You do your part."
They shook hands and Grammer tle
pjrted. Five mirutcs later Cole
upkrf to see Mrs. Grammer. lie was
taken by the deputy warden ini"
ecli. The door was closed and what
was said remains a secret.
Grammer remained unmoved dur
'ing his parting from his wife, just
j before he began the march to the
death chamber. As he v.-as called by
,the warden she threw her arms
: around his neck ?v. kissed hiin sev
eral times. "Allen. I will remain loy
;8l to ycu while I live," she said. "I
I will try to lead such a life as you
would want me to live and such a
i life as will enable us to meet later
on." f Grammer did not answer, but
I kissed her the last time and went
iout to the death chamber.
I The rexcution was to have taken
place at :' o'clock sharp. lr:t ihe ar
i rival of I. C. Mui'ger, the peniten
jtiary physician, and his assistant
i was delayed fifteen minuter, and as
' r consequence Grammer was not
lstrr:jd to the death cell until 3:17.
'As he entered he shook hands with
newspaper men and witnesses, bid
ding them all good-bye in a clear
voice and with a smile on his lips.
He went directly into the death
chamber. As attendants fastened
th straps about him be looked, on
jwith all the interest and casualty of
i a man being shown a new game.
Greets Friend
Seeing someone at the door whom
he knew and had not seen before,
Grammer smiled and said "Hello,
there," in the manner of a man who
meets his friend on the street. The
death mask was placed over his face,
bis hands clenched, his teeth gritted
slightly, and the switch was thrown
,at 3:20. It was all over.
! Cole was brought to the chair im-
over. he immediately called menus department or me w oria-neraiu.
around Elba on the telephone, saying
'that he had given his promise to Will Work in Elevator,
the people up there to let them know j Ajtert JoneBi who nas ma(le
if Ccle and Grammer were electro- , jn Murav f;)r more than
emeu. I past year and who has ever demon-
History of the Crime Istrated his ability to work and his
Mrs. Lulu G. Vogt. mother-in-law deire to tackle anything which af
of Grammer. for whose murder the forded an opportunity to make an
two men were convicted, was found honest living, has accepted an offer
dead along a road near St. Paul in 0f employment in the elevator, which
July. 1917. , id manager by Mr. D. J. Pitman and
Mrs. Vogt. the prosecution charg-; -u ill begin his duties there the first
ed. was killed while riding with 'of the year.
Cole in an auto on the night of Julyj
4, 1917. It was charged that Cole!
Young Lad in Serious Condition.
Phillip Kaleisek. aged twelve
years, who has been making his
home with Frank Schlistemeier, -and
who has been troubled with appen
dicitis for some time, was operate!
upon at the Methodist hospital at
Omaha a few days ago and reports
frcm his bedside were to the effect
that he was not doing the best, but
houes are entertained that he will
show some improvement in the near
future. Phillip's case was very ser
ious as trre appendix had been ruptured.
had induced her to go with him on
T (T a 1 J TA iJ
I most .fcveryDoay uueresrcu
i The Federated Farm Bureau,
1 n A v V. A A CviAftW -V" TlAVO TWOS!
ViXrA l vhtT for which some atrial workers have
sick and needed her help. hile ... , . , ,
tuppcsedly on this mission of mercy,
she was shot to death and her body
pitched out of the auto. It was not
found until the next day.
Cole accused Grammer of
hern in the vicinity of Murray for
several days past, has resulted in the
onlii ting .of a large percentage of
I the farmers in the order, with the
. .. j hopes of something being done for
hired him to kill her. as she was a ,. , n,.- -
, - . : ... j farm products. During the past tew
woman of considerable wealtli. and 5 r,i !.
Murray Christian Church.
The Bible school workers are pre
paring a Christmas program to be
given at the church Friday night.
Better come out and enjoy the eve
ning. Bible school next Lord's day morn
ing at 10 a. m.
Preaching services at 11:00. Sub
ject of sermon. "The Good News."
The public is cordially invited to
attend these services.
A. G. Hollowell. Minister.
Itate. -
After the supreme court affirmed
i the conviction Cole retracted his
accusation against Grammer, and
raised the pica that Mrs. Vogt had
caused trouble between Cole and the
girl he intended to marry. Attorneys
for the two men then tried to get
a rehearing by supreme court order,
bat failed.
Until today. Coif had lived thru
eighteen different days chosen for his
execnt ion. Grammer's reprieves num
bered fifteen. Their narrowest es
cape was February 6. this year, when
they were within two hours of the
The electrocution' was to have
taken place soon after 6 o'clock this
morning, but a short reprieve was M. Closes Night Omce.
given to 3 o'clock, when attorney Joe Stcstka. the agent at Murray,
Priest filed a petition for habeas is now doing all the work at the
at 1 o'clock this morning.' Missouri i-acinc. regming last aion-
that the grains and stock
I would not pay for near the money
which has bien put into either. The
farmer is net wanting any special
legislation in behalf of their industry,
but what he complains of is that the
ccnJiticns have been directly against
him. and he is asking a just and fair
show with the remainder of the pro
ducing and transporting industry.
, Rome ninety per cent of the farmers
i have been enlisted in the effort to
obtain a sauare deal for the farmers.
Frank Lillie and Scarle Iavis were
selected as the captains for the work
in the Hock Blnffs precinct while
Nick Fieidrich, C. D. Spangler, Har-
. ry Creamer and Will Scyboldt did
the driving graciously.
Priest contended that the require
ments of Federal Judge Woodrough's
order had not bee met, -and that
Cole was not under legal sentence.
Grammer took it very calmly and
said that he was ready to die.
Cole broke down for the first tme
and said. "If it had to be, it had to
be. I never thought it would come
to this."
Organized Gang Exists in Chicago to
Steal Valuable Furs from
Their Wearers.
day, when O. Wickham was sent to
Wyoming to act as the agent for the
company at that place. Last spring
it was arranged for three men to do
the work here, and each have an
eight hour shift, but some time ago
they took one man off, apd then bad
the night man work from' midnight
until eight in the morning, and the
Murray School Notes.
Blanche Scotten returned to school
Will Minford spent Sunday visit
ing in Lincoln.
Muriel Wickham -visited with'Haz
le Davis Friday evening.
Mabel Howard was a visitor in
Plattsmouth. Thursday.
Joe Dietl was absent from school
Monday on account of a cold.
Lecna Puis was a visitor a't il?
home cf Elsie Puis, Monday.
Eisie Puis was absent from school
Monday, on account of illness.
Doris Wright was a visitor at the
home of Leor.a Puis. Thursday.
Hazle Wickhsm was a visitor at
the home of Esther Puis. Friday.
Hazel Davis spent Simday in the
country, where she enjoyed a quiet
day. " .
Clara Mrasek was sick most of
:ast week, but returned to school
Monday morning.
Lester and Leon Cansmer visited
with Charles and Edward Howard
Saturday morning.
Hazle Wickham was a visitor at
the home of Grace Arnold last
Thursday evening.
Hazel Davis was absent from
s;licol part of last week, but return
ed to school Friday.
Gladys Arnold was absent from
school today on account of a cold.
Blanche Scotten and Leora Faris
were visitors at the home of Grace
Long, Sunday.
Harley and Leona Puis were visit
ors at the home of Bernes and Hilda
Preidrich, Sunday.
Curtis Faris and . Earl Mrasek
were visitors at the home of Lester
Long Suxday afternoon.
We are very sorry to lose one of
our scholars. Florence Wickham
She is moving to Wyoming. Neb.
Miss Wilson will give a prize to
all the pupils who had a hundred in
srellinr; for t!:e last three weeks.
Harry. Marie, Elsie and Esther
Puis, and Gladys Mrasek went to the
bcx ;ccial at the Eight Mile Grove
school house Friday night. JThe pro
gram was very interesting.
Marie Puis, Margaret Dlttl, Har
ley Puis, Henry Hild, and LJoyd
Lcyd. and our principal. Miss Van
Duesec. went to Omaha, Thursday,
December 16, on a field trip.
. There was a farewell party at the
home of Mr. Leyda's for Mr. Tucker's
family Friday night. We are very
sorry to have the children leave our,
school. They are moving to, the
western part cf the state.
The school house is being decor
ated for the holidays. The primary
room has the Erd tables, which with
its decorations, makes one think of
Christmas. Santa -isi t ed the room
leaving a nice letter on the black
board. The high school and prm
misr rooms are getting ready for
their party by decorating the room
where the party is to be given. The
fourth, fifth ind sixth grades are go
ing to have a Christmas box. Thcs
drew names and the presents will
be put in a box. Some of the pu
pils are going to distribute them to
the owners.
Chicago, Dec. 21. Bandits have,
started snatching fur coats from the1
backs of Chicago women, according
to police reports, and many women
of Chicago's "Gold Coast" now leave
their expensive furs and wraps at
home nights, wearing garments of
ordinary texture.- '
"Five hundred fur coats were
mediately afterward. He had noth-1 snatched from the backs of women
ing to say except to shake hands and; last vear," said I. C. Greenburg, sec-
bid good-bye to those who stood about
the room. As had been the case be
fore Gramnier's entry into the death
cell, the chaplain offered prayer.
Then Cole, standing there with head
bowed, showed the first sign of
weakening. His hhouldtrs stooped.
his closed eyelids twitched and Le
retary of the associated fur indus
tries. "From present indications the
record will be equaled this winter."
Greenburg, whose organization was
formed to protect fur merchants and
manufacturers from burglary, said
that furs valued at $500,000 were
stolen here during the last year. He
swayed backward and forward like; alleged the fur thieves have the
a man who is about to collapse. He backing of a powerful thieves trust"
immediately steadied himself, how- that has "fences in all large cities.
ever, and from then until the nio- Police reports show that ten fur
ment the twitch was thrown on the stores have been robbed recently of
chair, he was -equally as composed i $70,000 worth of furs anf that'
as Grammer. many women and girls have had
I Just as Cole entered the death cell their coats stolen from their backs at
he asked for Charles Dobry, county! the point of revolvers.
attorney ior tiieyenue county. the ureenourg saia mat iur-snatcners v
man U li n TirMLnr'ii t ik! li i ... n,i,1 . .1 , anil lionHttu crct 1 T TiO- nnnt r f 4kn
tained his conviction, one of the men value of the coats from the "fences"
who arrested him at Janesville, Wis., throush whom they deal. He said
after he had made his escape follow- th "master mind" of the "fur
ing the murder. Mr. Cobry had been thieve:; trust" directs the places to
present only a moment before. He be robbed and gets most of the pro
had just stepped out of the corridor ce-eds.
when Cole asked for him. He could The "fur trust." according to
not be found. The switch was thrown Greenburg, guarantees legal aid iu
on Cole at 3:33 and was thrown off i case a fur bandit is apprehended.
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To Our Customers!
To our many friends, who by
their patronage have contributed
to our prosperity, we are extend
ing our best wishes for a Merry
Christmas and a happy and pros
perous New Year.
Clarke & Pickett
Greetings Of The Season!
li is our wish that all of
our friends enjoy a Merry
Christmas and a Happy and
prosperous New Year.
Murray, Nebraska