The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, December 09, 1920, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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Union DoparHnmeiniil
Prepared Exclusively for The Journal.
Dr. Swab was visiting with friend
in Omaha the latter part of last week.
Jess Chambers of Murray, was a
visitor in Union last Monday for a
few hours looking after some busi
ness matters.
Kemper Frans. who is employed at
the county seat was a week end vis
itor in Uaion. a guest at the home of
his mother.
Glen Kline was a visitor at Ran
dolph. Iowa, for a short time, staying
over Sunday, where he was the guest
of a very dear friend.
Fred G. Epenberger of Plattsmouth
was a visitor in Union last Thursday
and while here was looking after
some matters regarding the insurance
line in which he is engaged.
Dan Lynn looking to the future
even if it is the near future, has a
large pile of wood sawed and ready
for the warming of the home when
the winter sets in in earnest.
Ellis LaRue was a visitor over
Sunday at home, spending the time
with the folks and returned to his
work at the Burlington shops at
Flattsmouth last Monday morning.
Mrs. Fred Kline departed last Sun
day for her former home in Illinois,
where she will, visit with the folks
for a short time. .Fred accompanied
Mrs. Kline as far as Omaha to assists
her in making changes in the trains.
Mr. Kline also while in the metropolis
locked after some business in con
nection with the telephone company.
Miss Mary E. Foster, who is with
the Omaha schools, having the man
agement of then vocational training
and where she has a position of much
responsibility, was a visitor at the
home of her rarents. Mr. and Mrs.
D. W. Foster of Union, spending the
week end with the folks and return
ing to her duties at Omaha last
Monday morning.
H. H. Decker, who has been at
Dunbar for the past week, where he
went for a visit and as the weather
was such that he could not do much
remained for the week and returned
home last Monday morning. He im
mediately got busy in the trucking of
two loads of hogs to the Nebraska
City market, one for Simon Grueber
ar.d the other for Byron Wolff.
A. H. Austin, who has been at Lin
coln fc.r the past month, where he
h is been staying at the home of his
d.iiigh'er and while there has been
having some work done on his teeth
which has ben giving considerable
trouble for some time past. He re
turned home last Sunday morning
ar.d is feeling pretty poorly on ac
count of the suffering which the bad
teeth have been giving him.
Clarence Armstrong, who has been
so very sick at his home for the past
week or ten days and of whose recov
ery there was some fears for a while,
is reported as being some better, and
hf.pes are entertained that he may be
Me to recover, with careful nurs
ing and medical care, both of which
is getting. Dr. Barritt is looking
aftf r the rase and Miss Gussie Kobb
is ciuirur the nursing, and the young
jnaii is receiving the best of care in
both re.-pc.-cts.
Yours for Best Service!
The Reo truck is built for service, being sturdy,
powerful, and having the action necessary for the dis
patch of business. Come in and we will be pleased to
demonstrate the wagon to you.
We also handle Reo cars, Goodyear cord tires. Ac
cessories of all kinds and Ford Repairs.
The Willis Garage,
The Community
Did you ever appreciate that this bank
keeps books for hundreds of the people of
this community?
You deposit your money and it is
credited to your account. You pay your
bills by check and they are charged to .
your account. At the end of the month
you have a complete record of your re
ceipts and expenditures and a statement
of your balance.
This is one of the hundred ways in
which this bank renders you an important
service. It saves you time; it saves you
money; it saves you inconvenience.
A strong bank is an indispensable as
set to every community. The present
banking system of the State of Nebraska
and of the United States of America is
the best in the world.
Consult our officers in regard to your
banking needs.
UaraCt off Ugddoct
Charles Hoback and -wife, with
their little child, were visiting at the
home of Grandfather and Grandmoth
er Taylor last Friday.
Mrs. Mont Robb and daughter,
Miss Gussie, were at Murray last Sat
urday, .where they were attending
the bazaar which was given by the
Presbyterian church of that place.
John Liggett, with the assistance
of Dan Lynn and Wise Woodard, was
busily engaged last Monday, sawing
up a large pile of wood for the use
at the home the coming year.
Misses Verna Harris and Edith
Frans. who are the clever and cap
able bookkeepers in the Sheldon Man
ufacturing company's office at Ne
hawka, were guests with the home
folks last Sunday.
Rev. W. A. Taylor and wife, Dan
Lynn and wife, and Mr. and Mrs.
John Liggett, were all visiting for
Sunday afternoon at the home of
Joseph Liggett, who has not been
feeling the best for some time past.
Joseph Liggett, who has been
kept at his home for the past week
or two with an attack of bronchitis,
was feeling better during the past
week, but during the fore part of this
week was not feeling so well.
Mrs. Rachel Pell, who has been
visiting for the past two weeks at
the home of her sister, Mrs. Jacob
Opp and other relatives at that place,
returned home last Monday morning,
having had a most enjoyable time
while there.
Edgar Morton received his new
Hart-Parr tractor last Saturday and
drove it over from "Weeping Water
and will used it for the heavy work
which he has to do. The Hart-Parr
is one of the best and is handled by
the Burbee brothers of Union.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Merritt were
visiting at Plattsmouth last Sunday,
where they were the guests at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Lewis,
parents of Mrs. Merritt and at the
home of Wayne Lewis, who is a
brother of Mrs. Merritt.
Delbert Irwin and wife were call
ed to Nebraska City last Monday
on account of the death of an aunt of
Mr. Irwin, who had made her home
at Nebraska City and, whose funeral
was held there on Monday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Taylor were
in Council Bluffs last Sunday, going
to visit with their son Elza Taylor,
who is receiving treatment at the
Jennie Edminsten hospital at that
W. G. Cheney, who has been con
fined to his home near Union for the
past week or more with appendicitis
and who has been attended by Dr.
Barrett, is reported as being consid
erable better and with prospects of
continued improvement.
Miss Mary Becker, who has been
kept at home for some time, where
she has been assisting during the
illness of her mother in caring for
her. With the return of the health
of the mother, she returned to her
work in the store last Saturday, look
ing after the sales at the store. Miss
Mary is a very clever saleslady and
can well handle the work.
1. W. Crawford the carpenter, and
Ira Clark, were both veyr busily en
gaged last Tuesday in the construc
tion of a coal house for the barber
Mont Robb, who is traveling on
the road, was feeling so bad when he
came in last Saturday, that he did not
return to work for the first few days
of the week.
T. H. McCarthy has been num
bered as one of those on the sick list,
but has continued to get down to
the elevator and look after the busi
ness just the same.
Earl W. Keedy and wife were vis
iting in Omaha for a short time Sun
day evening, going up on the early
train and returning home on the
train at midnight.
Mrs. James F. Wilson is reported
as not feeling the best and while not
down in bed has been a long way
from enjoying the best of health. It
is hoped she will soon have her ac
customed health again. m
Miss Rachel Pell, daughter of Jesse
Pell and wife, has been kept from
school during the past week by ill
ness, but is reported as being some
improved, and it is hoped that she
will have recovered her health in a
short time.
Lemiel Barrett was a visitor in Un
ion over Sunday, coming to spend
the day with his parents. He re
turned to Lincoln on the evening
train Sunday, where he is attending
the state university. He is a hard
worker and is making some excellent
regards in his studies.
Operator McCowen, who works at
the Missouri Pacific station, while an
excellent railroad man, sees an oppor-
unity to make an extra dollar when
not on his regular task and is looking
after the dray business during the
day. He is a hustler and is making
good at both lines of work.
A. L. Schumaker is having a very
substantial hog barn constructed
which is beng built of brick tile.
and is to be 38 by 60 feet in dimen-
ions. W. H. Porter and a mason
from Omaha are doing the mason
work, while the Frans Brothers Lum
ber company, who are very popular
umber and building material dealers.
are furnishing the material.
A. J. McNatt and two sons were
n town for a short time last Monday
morning looking after some business
and also renewing acquaintances. Mr.
C. J. McNatt. the eldest son. is just
at this time visiting here from Den
ver, where he is stationed by the gov
ernment where he is being treated
for his lungs which were affected
while in the service by being gassed.
He is slowly recovering but the gov
ernment thinks he is not sufficiently
over the injury to be allowed to re
turn to work. . .
Will Have New Bridge.
Last Monday the county commis
sioners. J. A. Pitz of Plattsmouth,
Wm. Atchison of Elmwood and C. F.
Harris of Union, accompanied by C.
F. Vallery, the highway-commission
er, were inspecting the site and look-
ng after some work that was being
done on the new bridge which is to
span the Weeping Water creek some
four miles southeast of Union. The
work is being done by the Monarch
Engineering company, under the di
rection of O. W. Kinney as foreman.
Making Some Special Low Prices.
In order to aid in the readjust
ment of business which has been
going on from the peak of the high
prices during and following the war.
to the pre-war standards, Joe Ban
ning, the hustling furniture and im
plement man is making some very
deep cuts in prices and while the
holiday season is here he is offering
some very substantial goods which
at the same time make elegant pres
ents and furnished servable and last
ing necessary household articles as
well. Step around and see what he
has to offer and at prices which will
surprise you.
Things Are Looking Better.
The smile came back to the eleva
tor men and to the farmers as well
with the receiving of the market for
grain last Monday afternoon, when
it was announced that corn had
shown an improvement of 4 cents and
wheat 9 cents, this enabling the ship
pers to pay 55 cents for the corn and
all the way from $1.45 to $1.50 for
wheat, according to the grade. This
is congratulatory and we are pleased
to note the fact of brighter prospects
for the farmers.
A New Industry for Union.
Charles Bordman, who has been
preparing for the opening of a dairy
for Union, had his cows tested last
week and state inspector being here
and out of the seventeen which he
had, fifteen were in excellent condi
tion. The remaining two have been
separatde from the herd and will
be butchered and the ones pronounced
as in the best condition will be kept.
His first day he disposed of 36 quarts
of milk in Union and is a thing which
the town has needed. It would be
well of other towns were so favorab
ly conditioned. He ships what he
does not sell at this place and thereby
has no loss when the herd produces
more milk than the market here de
mands. Manifest Some Enterprise.
The ladies of the Methodist church
are active and greatly interested in
the matter of a bazaar which they
have planned to give at the church
in a short time. They are busy work-
working t at y fancy work v and mayiy
oth'er tblngswhich? they wlll have
when 'the"V time comes, i They have
placed the time of holding the en
tertainment on December 18th, when
they will expect to serve supper as
well as sell their goods consisting of
fancy work and other goods, succh as
aprons, bonnets and baked goods for
the table. The coming Sunday they
will have services at the Methodist
church In which many will take a
part. They will devote the morning
preaching hour to the program which
will be given by the ladies of the
Womans Christian Temperance union
and in the evening speakers will be
provided, and the entire day will be
made most interesting for all who
may choose to attend. The Epworth
League will assume a portion of the
days services.
Are Offering Solid Bargains.
Johnson Brothers, the general mer
chants of Weeping Water, of 'whose
ad will be found in this paper, are of
fering some very attractive bargains.
and of lines the most staple, and the
best of goods at that. See the at
tractive lists that they cfuote and at
prices which cannot be duplicated
elsewhere. These goods are all ser
vicable and just in time for the
cold weathr that is coming, as well
as the list of groceries which is an
advance step in the readjustment of
prices from the high prices which
have prevailed during the past few
years. Unless you see and know of
the real values which this firm is of
fering, you are taking a direct loss
in the goods you are needing. Bet
ter take a look and save some money.
This is the dollar bill sale and you
have no idea how much the dollar
will purchase.
Union School Notes. j
Miss Bogenrief's Room. J
Lena Rakes is still out of school
but is improving in health.
Miss Gogenrief's Room.
Rachael Pell is absent on account
of illness.
We have been very busy the pasi
week making our Christmas decora
tions and taking tests.
The following pupils have been
neither absent or tardy the past three
months: Beulah Niday. Evelyn Ful
ler, Sara Upton, Mable Burbee and Al
lison. Clark.
Freshman Notes.
In Domestic Science class it is said
that Ina LaRue has a "sterling Sil
ver" thimble and while sewing she
has punched only four holes in it.
Vera Upton and Ina LaRue have
a table in the northwest corner of
the Domestic Science class, where
they sit and sew and sew. thinking
that some day they will be profes
sional dressmakers.
Mildred Clark and Florence Thack
er are making dressed scarps in D.
S. class. We wonder if they will
soon start housekeeping.
The delightful weather we had this
week has given a number of the Oth
grade gifts.
We have noticed a decided change
in Stacey Xiday. He has had his
hair cut sometime since yesterday.
We thought all week he had a secret
but we could find out what it was.
Bessie and Bonnie Copenhaver
were absent Monday morning be
cause of the bad roads and weather.
Florence Thacker was absent the
first part of the week.
" Okla Albin and -Clara Gobleman
are now staying in town on account
of the bad weather and roads.
Did you know we had a poet in our
class? This is the latest composition:
The Mud.
It rained last night hurrah!
We have had no rain for nearly a day,
The Fords still run.
We never see the sun.
But we don't care for we like the
By a Freshman
The Freshies had a class meeting
November 29, after school. The sec
retary and treasurer, also the class
reporter and vice president resigned.
George Green was elected vice presi
dent. Harold James, reporter, and
Mildred Clark, secretary and trea
surer. We have all vowed to work
together more, therefore we hope to
see more class notes than usual in
the paper. "
W. B. Banning visited school one
afternoon last week and spoke to the
U. S. History class concerning the
departments of the government. We
wish to thank him for his kindness.
One of the national workers, rep
resenting the Near East Relief, spoke
to the high school Thursday after
noon. The school editor wishes to thank
the Freshmen for their long column
of school notes and wishes the other
classes would follow their example
and help to make our school notes
interesting to the patrons.
Some of the 9th grade girls enter
tained the high school last Friday
morning with readings, duets, and
piano solos.
Perfect attendance: Habits of
punctuality and promptneess are al
ways to be encouraged for as every
where else, so in school, it is the
steady work which counts. The fol
lowing high school students of Union
have been neither absent nor tardy
for the first three months of this
school year: Alice M. Todd, Marie
Frans. Eula Frans, Geraldine Roddy,
Nina I. Dukes. Cordelia Roddy, Vir
ginia Harris. La Vern Frans, Alma
Frans, Vera Upton, Harold A. James,
Clara Gobleman. Ronald Dysart. Ken
neth Crook, Mildred Clark and Okla
Albin. We hope these students will
keep on with their fine record and
that man yother will be added to the
list in the nftw three months.
Washington, Dec. 7. Mrs. Warren
G. Harding was the guest of honor
at a luncheon given today by Mrs.
Thomas li. Marshall. wiff of tho rlfp
president- The .luncheon was. at
tended by about forty wives of sen
ators and other officials and was the
second social affair for Mrs. Harding
Hnrine- her two davs' stav in Wnch-
ington, Mrs. Wilson, wife of the
president, having entertained her at
tea at the wnite nouse yesterday.
'-Ben.Beckman of near Murray,-was
in',the :city today for-a few hours at
tending to some matters of business
and visiting with his friends.
Everybody's friend Dr. Thomas
Eclectric Oil, the great household
remedy for toothache, earache, sore
throat, cuts, bruises, scalds. Sold al
all drug stores. 30c and 60c.
Remaining Balance Vested in Officers'
of Hugh Kearas Post for Use
in Outfitting Eooms.
From Tuesday's Dal'y.
Ex-members of Plattsmouth Home
Guard company No. 1 last night in
called session to reconsider disposal
of remaining funds on hand, voiced
an expression of confidence in the
officers and members of Hugh Kearns
Post No. 5C, American Legion, when
a motion carried without dissenting
vote to turn the funds over to the
Legion to be used in buying furnish
ings and otherwise equipping their
new club rooms in the Leonard
Prior disposition of the funds had
been made by the Guardsmen when
they voted last June to give the
money some $330 to the Legion to
be applied on the purchase of a
home. A tightning money market
and prevailing high prices made
this step inadvisable, however, and
with the leasing of the present rooms,
Ex-Commander C. A. Rawls consent
ed to asain call the Guards in spec
ial session to reconsider their form
er action.
In this connection it is pointed
out that no lodge in the city at its
inception or during the early years
of its existance owned the building
n which its meetings were held.
Yet time has witnessed their growth
and the acquisition of property hold-
ngs of much value.
A goodly number of Guardsmen
responded to the call and were pres
ent at the meeting held in American
egion hall where opportunity was
given them of observing first hand
he needs of the Legion, as well as
he improvements already under
vzx. much of which are being done
by the members themselves in order
o hold expenses at a minimum.
Following the vote to reconsider,
L. G. Larson introduced a resolution
providing that the committee hold-
ng the funds in trust be instructed
o place them at the disposal of the
Legion officials, and after some dis
cussion of the question, none of
which came within the sense of op
position, the vote was taken result-
ng in unanimous approval.
The Legion boys are very grate
ful, both of the compliment paid
heir ability to administer success
fully the duties of keeping alive the
organization, and of the gift itself,
which will aid materially in the
furtherance of their club room plans.
Triner's Wall Calendars always
bring something new to your home.
This year "the spirit of reconstruc
tion" leads your mind from the world
war's destruction to the reconstruc
tive activity in all branches of in
dustrv and commerce. The idea is
congenial to Triner's Bitter Wine
which always helps to the reconstruc
tion of your health, if you suffer
from poor appetite, constipation or
thtr stomach disorders. All around
this centre picture fifteen maps of
European countries show you the
great changes caused by the world
war and the new boundaries of Italy,
Jugoslavia. Czechoslovakia, Polanfl,
Ukraina. Lithuania, Lettland. Rou
mania. Germany, etc. The beauty of
art and the actual interest are here
combined in a very striking way.
Send fifteen cents to cover mailing
expenses. Joseph Triner Company,
Ashland Ave., Chicago,
Good sized hog taken up at the
William Kraeger farm west of My
nard. Owner can have some by call
ing at farm and paying for this no
tice. Std 3tw.
County Commissioners Creed Har
ris, Julius Pitz and William Atchi
son and Commissi oner select G. L.
Farley, were in Omaha today at
tending the commissioners conven
tion in that city.
L. D. Hiatt and -wife of Murray,
came up this morning to spend a
short time. Mrs. Hiatt visiting with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hein
rich. while Mr. Hiatt was in Omaha
locking after some matters with the
wholesale houses.
Major A. Hall, who has been spend
ing a few days here attending to some
matters of business, departed last
evening for his home near Grant,
F. A. Creamer, for many years a
prominent resident of South Bend
precinct, but who is now living at
Ashland, came in yesterday after
noon accompanied by his son-in-law,
Ralph Hayes and spent some time in
the county seat.
You Can Eat!
We are carrying
Fresh Groceries
and Canned Goods!
Also Working Clothes and
Boots and Shoes!
We will have Fresh Meat from
this date on.
Bring in Your Fresh Produce
R. D. STlfOE,
Fro mi
Until After Holidays
I am making a big reduction on Rockers, Rugs,
Mattresses and in fact everything in the Furniture line.
Remember I am in a position to compete with any
firm selling up-to-date reliable goods.
Why wait and not be able to get as good a qual
ity of goods?
Highway Commissioner C. F. Val
lery departed this morning for the
metropolis where he goes to attend
the meeting of the state association
of commissioners, supervisors and
highway commissioners that is meet
ing there today.
Itching, torturing skin eruptions
disfigure, annoy and drive one wild.
Doan's Ointment is praised for its
good work. 60c at all drug stores.
Thoroughbred Poland China boars.
4t sw. S. RAY SMITH, Plattsmouth.
You Can Save Money
For Groceries, Husking Gloves and Mitts, Salt and
General Hardware. Now is the time to do that Painting.
We have it now. Better take advantage of the oppor
tunity. You know what it may mean to be without.
Our Store Will Save YOU Money
30,000 Acres
We are harvesting an excellent crop of wheat in
Lincoln County, Colorado, at this time. Come, see
land, where in many instances one crop will pay for
the land. We are mailing trips every Saturday. Call
and see L. R. Upton for arrangements and particulars.
The best land and at a price where any one can pur
chase and at prices where ane one can pay.
Box No. 11 - - - Union, Nebr.
Paint Prices Drop!
The Sherwin-Williams Paint company, whose line
we feature almost exclusively, announce a decline of
from 10 cents to 50 cents per gallon on the different
We therefore take pleasure in making the same
reduction on all items in stock as well as ones ordered
As the housed in season comes on there is no beK
ter time to have your interior decorating done.
A small quantity of paint or varnish will work
wonders on the walls and wood work of your home.
It is not too late to give the house, barn, sheds and
roofs a few coats of paint. It will prolong their life,
to say nothing of the improvement in looks.
We appreciate your patronage.
Frans Bros'.
DrsI Mach & MachyThe Dentists
w n
Girl for general housework. No
washing, good wages. Call Mrs.
John W. Falter, phone 3C7. tfd.
Nothing could be more dainty
than the beautiful hand made aprons
made by the ladies of St. Luke's
Guild, who will have for sale with St.
Mary's Guild in the Kilty block Fri
day and Saturday, December 10th
and 11th.
V7e can furnish you blank books
of all kinds. The Journal.
Lumber Co.
The largest and best equipped dental ofhees m Omaha.
Experts in charge of all work. Lady attendant. Mod
erate Prices. Porceln fillings just like tooth. Instru
ments carefully sterilized after using.