The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, November 15, 1920, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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Cbe plattsmoutb lournal
Entered at Postoffice, Plattsmouth, Neb., as second-class mail matter
R. A. BATES, Publisher
Eskimos of Alaska are decreasing
in population.
If you are looking for a swell job
Btir up a hornet's nest.
It isn't fhe cost of living that wor
ries the man behind the bars.
If you would flatter a man tell
him he is proof against flattery.
Motion pictures are being used to
teach Danzig school children geogra
phy. :o:
Tho most -costly penknife in the
world made by Sheffield cutler, has 75
line steel blades.
Harding need n.ot worry about
picking a cabinet. Boise Penrose
will do it for him.
Teak wood contains an essential oil
which prevents spikes and nails driv
en into it from rusting.
After all, the republican party is
entitled to victory. They paid for it
in cold cash, didn't they?
Senator Harding carried almost ev
erything but the Canal Zone, and now
lie's going down after that.
Anyway, the democratic party can
go back to its old fashioned occupa
tion of viewing with alarm.
Manchester, Va.. claims to hold the
record in the United States for pro
ducing the largest diamonds.
This year's crops were not produced
by the fellowd who talked last year
about go ng back to the soil.
"IIardir.5 starts south, putting care
Aside.'' Or you may prefer to read in
place of care, "office seekers."
The current price quoted by local
coal dealers is 15 to $25 per ton
almost as costly as moonshin? liquor.
Not more than 10,000.000 horse
power, derived from the flow of wa
ter, is now in use in this country.
The reason truth lies at the bottom
cf an oil well is because it can't get
a hearing among those who lie at the
The campaign was objectionable in
many respects, but there was a com
paratively small output of campaign
The fool shooeth his neighbor's
hens from his backyard, but the wise
man fixeth up a snug place for them
to lay in.
The value of an average year's dia
mond crop is $60,000,000. So Ne
braska will stick to corn raising,
thank you.
A Boston man has patented a device
that enables a ship-to go backward
while its engines are running full
speed ahead.
The one government department
that can make no report as to how it
spends its appropriations, is the se
cret service.
A woman's idea of a dreadful alter
native is when she has to move into a
bigger apartment or else go without
a gateleg table.
Vctor Berger. socialist, was defeat
ed for cogress in Milwaukee. That
will save him the trouble of being
fired out of congress again.
Another thing democrats should re
joice over is that the California-Japanese
question is for the republicans
to settle. There's dynamite in it.
"SOME women
have learned
that there are two
i. -
ways to care for
clothes. They are
learning to take
care of tliem.
It is quite amannerly thing to take
care of your clothes investment and
protect it up to the limit. HaviD
your clothes carefully dry cleaned
will improve their wear and help to
pro! on? the life of their. stylish lines.
Getting" acquainted with our work
means -cttinjrin touch with a real
money saving service.
Goods Called for and Delivered
nal ofhce
Wisconsin leads the United States
in dairy products.
America uses ten times more
black tea than it does green.
It looks as though the coal situ
ation might be settled justly if any
body showed a desire to settle It that
More than 1,000.000 pounds of
dynamite were used annually in
subway construction work in New
The modern girl seems more in
terested in running a motor car than
a home.
The Atlantic Liner, Olympic, has
been converted to an oil burner, the
1 irgest in the world.
Fall is here all right, ell right, the
trees haven't any more clothes on
than some of the women.
If we're to have baseball war the
neutrals won't be a source of bother
to either side. There won't be any.
Thanksgiving will be celebrated on
the usual date providing somebody
will please point out something to
be thankful for.
The American people apparently
desired the prohibition laws as a
child wants toys for the pleasure of
breaking them.
Harvard must have been surprised,
r.t the end of the game with Prince
ton, to learn that this is not wholly
a landslide year.
Tenants and landlords seem to
have arrived at the armistice stage"
and consequently are still a long
way from peace.
The man who lve3 himself more
than he loves other people is likely
to find he loves himself more than
ether people love him.
The Department of Justice says
that 200 profiteers have been given
jail sentences. But the important
question is. are they serving them.
The death rate among the Hawai
ians is so much greater than the
birth rate, that it is believed the race
will live only about 75 years longer.
The election result once more dis
proves that ancient adage, "Vox pop
uli, vox Dei." The voice of the peo
ple is not. and never has been, the
voice of God.
The sugar planters of Louisiana
who voted the republican ticket, like
Eu?a of old, sold their souls for a
mess of porage and it is not at all
certain they will get the porage.
The Bolshevist government is col
lapsing again. The only rations are
raw apples. Inasmuch as we paid 10
cents for the last raw apple we had,
it seems to us the K :ssians are living
"I would rather be defeated in a
good cause that so: le day will tri
umph, than triumph in a cause that
some day will be defeated," says Pres
ident Wilson. That's the spirit of a
true fighter.
Just to show that there is no ill
feeling in the matter, there are thou
sands of deserving democrats through
out the country who are quite willing
to serve in ofiice under a republican
The controller of the currency says
the average man nowadays carries ten
or fifteen dollars in his pocket all the
time. Hang these statistic bounds!
We've never yet met one who did not
make us out a subnormal.
British wives are declared to be
unusually discontented and the courts
are flooded with divorce proceedings.
War may be a good thing for the
physical development of men, but :t
doesn't help to make good husbands
of them.
Backache is usually kidney-ache
and makes you dull, nervous and
tired. Use Doan's Kidney Pills for
weak kidneys the remedy recom
mended by your friends and neigh
bors. Ask your neighbor.
Mrs. V. N. Rauen. 1109 Pearl St..
Plattsmouth, says: "I believe Doan's
Kidney Pills can't be beat as a remedy
for any kind of kidney ailments. A
number of years ago I was in bad
shape uith my back. I was laid tin
so I had to have hot poultices put on
my bank and sides to relieve the
pain. I could hardly turn over in
bed and vas sore all through my
back. I would have awful dizzy
spells and specks would come before
my eyes. Many times I would have
to sit down and wait for these at
tacks to pass off. It was only a
little while after I commenced to use
Doan's Kidney Pills that I began to
improve. I got several boxes from
Weyrich & Hadraba's drug store
and they finally gave me permanent
relief after other kidney remedies:
had failed. I always keep Doan's j
on hand and use them when my kid
neys need attention. They keep them
iu a btrong condition."
G0S at all dealers. Foster-Milbum
Co., Mfrs., Buffalo, N. Y.
Nebraska people will continue pay
ing three cents per mile railroad fare
until the legislature meets and en
acts a new railroad fare law or the
United States court renders a new
decision. The federal court, with
Judges Sanborn, Wade and Wood
rough, yesterday afternoon rendered
a decision making an injunction of
the temporary restraining order is
sued some months ago preventing the
Nebraska state railway commission
from enforcing the Nebraska 2-cent
fare law.
Following the decision of the court
Commissioner Thomas L. Hall said
the state commission will hold a
meeting next week and decide upon
the further step to be taken in the
fight to keep the rates down.
"Two of th commissioners are in
Washington this week so we cannot
outline our future actions until they
return," said Mr. Hall. "The way is
now open for a hearing of the case
on its merits."
Every Road Represented
The hearing opened yesterday
mormng with every railroad m Ne
braska represented by from one to
three attorneys. The state was rep
resented by Assistant Attorney Gen-;
eral Hugh Le Master. No witnesses!
were called but. briefs were sub-;
mitted and arguments made by all!
During the hearing attorneys
tated the 2-cent fare was equal to
confiscation in the cases of the
Northwestern, Missouri Pacific, M. '
& O. and Kock Island road. The
railroad attorneys also made the!
point that If the restraining order;
was dismissed, every station agent
Tiid conductor in Nebraska was sub-!
ject to arrest and fine or imprison-j
incut for disobeying" the 2-cent law.;
The court ordered that each rail-!
road give bond for f 50. 000 and that!
should the final trial of the case be j
decided in favor of the state, a re-!
fund be made to every purchaser of,
tickets who makps annticntton for ai
receipt at the time of purchasing the
tickets. The receipts will not be
ssued to all purchasers of tickets,
hut only to those requesting such
Decision in Point
In rendering the decision. Judge,
Sanborn, who presided, said in part: l
"The rates which had beeu in ex-i
istenco before the war had been in-!
creased by an order of the director
general to a large amount, but the'
expenses or waged and materials;
had increased so greatly that the
new rates thus fixed were not stiff i-;
cient to pay the railroads a reason
able compensation and enable them
to operate. It was expected that !
high rates still would be necessary
and would be granted and this sec-!
tion 20S was enacted for the purpose
of fixing the time when the proper
authorities might make those rates. I
It was not. enacted to exercise war;
powers, nor was it enacted for the;
purpose of raising rates. It was en-:
acted for the purpose of fixing the;
time when the war powers should
cease to be an expedient, when the
rates fixed by the director general
should cease and that time was fixed :
by saying that they should cease,
when these rates which were in!
force on the 29th of February, should
be changed by action of the regula-.
. -. f . 1 4 1. .... '
lory powers oi me biaie ur me na
tion. "Out of abundant caution it was
added that no action should be taken
by these regulatory powers to dimin
ish these for six months.
Plattsmouth Visitors to Neb. City!
Delighted Over the Results of
Armistice Celebration.
Several hundred of the residents
of this city enjoyed the celebration
of Armistice day at our neighboring.
town of Nebraska City, where the
American Legion post had arranged
a very fine observance of the great
One of the big events of the day
was a parade staged by the members
of th,c American Legion, the school
children and various societies of the
city and which stretched over a long
distance along the streets. In the
parade were many automobile floats
depicting the various events in the
wars of the United States "and con
stituting a great living story of the
triumphs of American arms on land
and sea. The parade was witnessed
by thousands of cheering and enthu
siastic auditors.
In the afternoon the riattsmouth
and Nebraska City high school teams
played a very interesting football
game and in which Nebraska City
was the victor by a score of 31 to 7.
In the openlngvhaU the Plattsmouth
team played a strong game and cross
ed over for a touchdown . but were
outplayed in the remainder of the
game as Nebraska City got away
with four touchdowns and goals to
gether with a field goal and over
whelmed the locals. Brubacker and
Schneider were the chief battlers for
the Plattsmouth team. Those who at
tended the game were impressed by
the speed and skill of the Nebraska
City aggregation, which is one of the
best in the state.
Tn the evenine a bitr dance was
staged by the American Legion at
which Carl Lamp and his orchestra
were the attraction and offered a;
fine program of dance music.
After Long Illness Mrs. McBride
Passed Away This Morning at
Her Home in This City. "
From Friday's Daily.
With the wing3 of the morning,
Mrs. Charles K. McBride passed away
at her home in this city after a long
and protracted illness, the death mes
senger coming to her side at 2:45
this monring. For the past two
j years Mrs. McBride has been in fail
I ing health and for several months
was at the hospital in Kearney tak
ing treatment for tuberculosis from
whiah she was a long sufferer, but
feeling improved in health returned
home to this city and within the
last two months suffered a relapse
from which 8he failed to rally and
gradually grew worse until death
came to her relief. During the weeks
of her suffering she has been watch
ed with tender care by the members
of the family and it was in the quiet
of gentle sleep that she passed away.
Minnie Marie Tyler was born at
Moorehead, Monona county, Iowa, De
cember 27, 1876, and when twelve
years of age came to Plattsmouth
with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Clay
Tyler, and has since made her home
here where she has won a host of
warm friends by her kindly disposi
tion and thoughtfulness of those
whom she knew as friends. At the
age of sixteen years she joined her
life with Christ and became a mem
ber of the Christian church of which
she continued a devout member until
her death. On June 13, 1898 she
was united in marriage at Lincoln,
Neb., to Charles E. McBride, and the
years of wedded life had been very
pleasant until the ties were so rudly
severed by death. To this union
there were born five children, who
with the husband remain to mourn
the death of the wife and mother,
Mrs. E. G. Ofe. Edward McBride,
Glen and Hazel McBride residing in
Plattsmouth and Mrs. Dorothy Hamp
ton of Omaha. The aged parents re
siding in this city and three-brothers
and sisters also remain to mourn
her passing. The brothers and sis
ters are Sidney and Oren Tyler of
Omaha. Noah Tyler of Iowa Falls,
Iowa. Mrs. Thomas Line and Mrs.
Martha Delaney cf Omaha.
The funeral of Mrs. McBride will
be held at the Christian church Sun
day afternoon at 2 o'clock, conducted
by Rev. A. G. Hollowell and a short
service will be held at the home for
the family at 1 o'clock. The inter
ment will be at the Oak Hill ceme
tery. t EAGLE
Merl Lanning bought the residence
of Bruce Thorp and is moving in this
Frank Lailning last week disposed
of his garage business to George
Allen of Lincoln.
Miss Florence Manker, of Des
Moines, Iowa, arrived Monday night
for an extended visit with her grand
mother, Mrs. T. R. Adams.
Wm. tchison, of Elmwood, was a
pleasant caller at this office this
week. Mr. Atchison has done cred
ible service as county commissioner
and his section of the county ap
preciates his work.
Walter Hartsock was last week
rushed from Colorado to Omaha for
an operation for appendicitis. His
father went' up and they decided to
await another examination at Lin
coln, so he and his wife came to
Eagle. Later he was taken to Lin
coln and we understand the opera
tion was successfully performed.
T. W. Peterson has started up his
feed mill, which has been idle for
some time, and is busily engaged
grinding chop feed and corn meal.
The Beacon man Inspected the mill
in operation last Saturday and found
everything working nicely and a good
quantity of stuff being turned out.
This mill formerly did a fairly good
business, but conditions changed and
larger mills were permitted to crowd
out smaller enterprises, so it was
closed, down. Now with grain going
at ridiculously low figures and flour
and corn meal remaining unreason
ably high Mr. Peterson concluded to
try it tiut again and see if he cannot
give his local friends a good quality
of corn meal at a price relatively
near the price of corn. Up to this
writing we have not tested any of
his product, but from the looks of
things we expect to sample it and
pronounce it good.
If It is a Bilious Attack
Take three of Chamberlains tab
lets and a quick recovery is certain.
All parties having accounts or
notes are requested to call and settle
same at the old stand with C. K.
Bestor or myself. John F. Gorder.
tf d & w.
Let Falter take care of all your
insurance. We offer you real Insur
ance service. This costs you no
ol2 lm. J. P. FALTER & SON.
oTicn to i KKiirroKs
The Slate of Nebraska., Cass coun
ty, ss.
In the Coiintv Court.
In the matter of tie estate of
August Noltinfp. deceased.
To the creditors of Haiti estate:
You are hereby notified. That I will
sit at the County Court room in Platts
inonth tn sajd county, on the 7tli day
of 1 ic-niher, 1920. nd the 8th day of
March. 1921. to receive and examine
all claims against said estate, with" a
view to their adjustment and allow
ante. The time limited for the pre
sentation of claims against said estate
in three months from the 7th day. of
December. A. U. 1920, and the (line
limited for payment f debts la - pne
year from said 7tli day of December.
AVitness niv hand and the. Heal of
said County ' Court, this 9th day of
November, 1320.
(Seal) ul5-? County Jude.
To Joana Coleman and Cole
man, her husband, real name unknown;
Charles Greenwich Howard and
Howard, his wife, real name unknown;
Rezin w. McCombs and Mc-
Combs, his wife, real name unknown;
William N. MeOinley and Mc-
Ginley, his wife, real name unknown;
Hester Ann I'earson and Pear
son, her husband, real name unknown;
Joseph F. Pearson and I'earson,
his wife, real name unknown; Mary
A. Dufray and . Dufray, her hus
band, real name unknown: J. W. An
derson, real name unknown, and
Anderson, his wife, real name un
known; Emily 10. Anderson and
Anderson, her husband, real name un
known; Hugh A. Dufray and
Dufray, his wife, real name unknown;
Hbenezer J. Coleman -and Cole
man, his wife, real name unknown:
Mary Warren and Warren, her
husband, real name unknown: Harry
E. Coleman and Coleman, his
wife, real name unknown: Hellen K.
Lemon and Lemon, her husband,
real name unknown; Amanda B. Saun
ders and Saunders, her husband,
real name unknown: Albert D. Welton
and AVelton. his wife, real name
unknown: Catherine Bealcr and
Bealer, her husband, real name un
known: Tncie A. Laughlin and
Laughlin, her mishand. real name
known; Edward K. Chapin and
Chapin. his wife, real name unknown:
Jesse O. Chapin and Chapin, his
wife, real name unknown: liny M.
Chapin and Chapin, his wife,
real name unknown; May K. Chapin
and Chapin. her husband. real
name unknown; Florence It. Chapin
and Chapin. her husband, real
name unknown: Ira Chapin and
Chapin, his wife, rfil name unknown;
Oscar W. Laughlin and Laugh-
lin. his wife, real name unknown:
Michael Cooney and Cooney, his
wife, real name unknown: John H
Cro-xton: Robert E. Farmer: Jane Mc
Neill and McNeill, her husband
real name unknown: E. A. AViggen
born. real name unknown, and
iggenhorn, her husband, real name
unknown: Marshall D. Abbott and
Abbott, his wife, real name un
known: Meriden Hose I'earson and
I'earson. her husband, real name
unknown: D. Matilda I'earson and
I'earson, her husband, real name
unknown: Adeleska B. Pearson am:
I'earson, her husband, real name
unknown; Uosa B. Pearson and
Pearson, her husband, real name un
known; Stephen S. Abbott and
Abbott, his wife, real name unknown
Lewis M. Abbott and Abbott
his wife, real name unknown: Abijal
( Abbott and Abbott, her bus-
band, real name unknown: Dana C
Pearson and I'earson. his wife
real name unknown; Fredrick ICorli-
erhans and Koeherhans. his
wife, real name unknown; Edna
Stevenson and Stevenson, her
husband, real name unknown: Estelle
Doom and Doom, her husband.
real name unknown: Belle Kicli and
U-ich, her husband, real name
unknown: Marlon Abbott and
Abbott, his wife, real name unknown
Mary Abbott
Abbott, her
husband, real
name unknown: Emma
D. Abbott and
band, real name
bott. feal name
Abbott, her bus-
unknown; L. M. Ab
unknown and
Abbott, his wife, real
name unknown
John Brown and
wife, real name unknown
Brown, li is
: Nancy A
Waters ami Waters,
her hiis-
band. leal name unknown: E. B. Cole
man, real name unknown,, and
Coleman. his wife. real name
known; Helen Cecilia Lewis and
u ii-
Lewis, her husband, real name un
known; Jane Dunn and Dunn
her husband, real name unknown:
Keuhen A. Chapin and Chapin,
his wife, real name unknown, if alive,
or if dead their unknown heirs, devi
sees, legatees, personal represent fives
or other persons interested in their
respective estates, the following: de
scribed real estate, to-wit:
The southwest quarter 'of the
northwest quarter. (SW'J NV'4)
and the northwest quarter of the
southwest quarter (NWU SW;
of Section twenty-eij?ht C'S, and
the southeast quarter of the north
east quarter (SE'i NE'4) and the
northeast quarter of the south
east quarter fNEU SEV of Sec
tion twenty-nine (29 . also thirty
(30) pcres off the east side of the
northeast quarter of the north
east quarter (XK!( NE'4 of Sec
tion twenty-nine ( "9 ) , all in Town
ship twelve (1L") North. Itanpe
nine (9). East of the fith P. M.;
The northwest quarter of the
northwest quarter (NW'i XW'ii
of Section twentv-eigrht ( -S). Town
ship twelve (12) North, Bance
nine (9). East of the fith P. M..
except the Chicago. BurlinKton i
Quincy Kailroad ripht of way;
The northeast quarter of the
northeast quarter iNK'i NK'J) of
Section thirty-three (.IS), Town
ship twelve li North. Kansre
nine (9), East of the 6th P. M..
except a private road sixteen (ltit
fe-t wide on the top of the bank,
on the east side of CSreenwood
Creek, south from the public hiRh
wav on the north side of said
northeast quarter of the northeast
quarter, following the meanderinps
of said creek south to all the land
lying east of said creek belorix
inp to the west half of the north
east quarter of said section, all in
Cass county, Nebraska;
and all persons claiming any interest
of any kind in said real estate or jiny
part thereof, as well as the defendants
Walter A. Laushlin. administrator of
the estate of Keuben A. Chapin. de
ceased, and Lombard Investment Com
pany? a corporation, defendants:
You and each of you will take notice
that on the L'Sth day of July. 19L'0,
John E. Lambert filed his petition in
the District Court of Cass county, Ne
braska, against you and each of you.
as well as Frank S. Ashcraft and Mary
A. Ashcraft. his wife: Niles O. Coleman
and Myrtle M. Coleman, his wife, and
Harvey D. Coleman and Mary E. Cole
man, his wife, defendants, the object
and prayer of which is to remove clouds
cast upon plaintiff's title to the lands
named as defendant by false claims of
the personal defendants and each of
them to some right, title, estate or
interest therein or to some part there
of, and to quiet and confirm the title
to the defendant real estate in the
plaintiff and that the personal defen
dants and each of them and all per
sons claiming- by, throusrh. tinder or
In privity with them and each of them,
may be ' forever barred and enjoined
from claiming any right, title, lien,
estate or interest in or to said land or
any part thereof: that the defendant
real estate anil hII persons having: any
interest of any kind in said estate or
any part theri-of may be bound and
concluded by the degree herein as to
all matters herein adjudicated.
It is alleged in said petition that
the defendants specifically named in
this action each falsely claim to have
some right, title, lien, estate or inter
est in said real estate or some part
thereof, the exact nature and extent
of which claims are to the plaintiff
unknown but that the same are effec
tual to and do east a cloud upon the
title of plaintiff to said real estate;
that said defendants and each of them
have no right, title, lien, interest or
estate and if any they ever had the
same has long been divested by . the
adverse possession of said land by the
plaintiff and his grantors for more
than ten years last past and the same
accrued more than ten years prior to
the commencement of this action:
That said petition further alleges
that the defendants J. H. Croxton,
Lombard Investment Company, a cor-
R oration. Uobert E. Farmer, Jane Mc
eil ami K. A. Wifrgenhorn each false
ly claim Home right, title, lien, estate
or interest in and to said real estate
by reason of certain mortgage deeds
hereinafter described, executed on dates
as hereinafter set forth, and recorded
in the office of the liegister of Deeds
of Cass county, Nebraska, as herein
after designated and which each cover
said real estate or some part thereof,
to-wit: A mortgage executed by Mar
shall D. Abbott and wife to the Lom
bard Investment Company, dated Feb
ruary 11, 1881, for $i;i.50. recorded In
Book P at page 639: a mortjrats'e or1
deed of trust executed by Frledrich
KucberUans to John H. Croxton, dated
September 15, 1858, for the sum of
$280.00 and recorded in Book A at page
107; a mortgage executed by J. L.
Brown to Kobert E. Farmer, dated
April 15. 1870. for the sum of $229.00,
recorded in Book E at page 16; a
Jane McNeill, dated November 28. 187-1,
for $261.00. recorded in Book G at page
158 and purporting from the record to
be assigned to E. A. Wiggenhorn,
and plaintiff avers that all indebted
ness which said mortgages were given
to secure lias in every instance long
since been fully r'd and the said
mortgages should bo fully cancelled
and discharged of record; that said
defendants and each of them
falsely claim some rlgli title,
interest and estate in amlto suid
estate aforesuld.
Yob are required to answer said pe
tition on or before Monday, the 20th
dav of December, 1920.
By Thomas. Vail & Stoner, a
His Attorney's.
The State of Nebraska, Cass coun
ty, ss.
In the County Court.
In the matter of the estate of James
Clement Stevenson, deceased.
To the creditors of said estate:
You are hereby notified that I will
sit at the County Court room in I'latts
mouth. in said county, on December
20th. 1920, and March 21st. 1921. at -
o'clock a. in. of each day, to receive
and examine all claims against said
estate, with a view to their adjustment
and allowance. The time limited for
the presentation of claims against said
estale Is three months from the 2f,th
day of December, A. D. 1920, and the
time limited for payment of debts is
one year from said 20th day of De
cember, 1920.
Witness my hand and the seal of
said County Court this loth day of
November, 1920.
(Seal) nll-tw. County Judge.
anil Act ice of Prolinte of Will
In the County Court of Cass coun
ty, Nebraska.
State of Nebraska, County of Cass,
To all persons interested in the es
tate of Edwin W. Cook, deceased:
On reading the petition of Mary
Cook, praying that the instrument filed
in this court on the 9th day of No
vember. 1920, and purporting to be
the last will and testament of the said
deceased, may be proved and allowed,
and recorded as the last will and tes
tament of Edwin W. Cook, deceased;
that said instrument le admitted to
probate, ami the administration of said
estate l.e granted to Mary Cook, as
executrix :
It is hereby ordered that you. and
all persons interested in said matter,
may. and do, appear at the County
Court to be held in and for said coun
ty, on the 1.1 th day of December. A.
D. 1920. at 10 o'clock a. m.. to show
cause, if any there be. why the prayer
of the petitioner should not be granted.
and that notice of the pendency of j
said petition ami that i tie hearing
thereof be given to all persons in
terested in saiil matter by publishing
a copy of this order in the Platts
mouth Journal, a semi-weekly news
paper printed in said county for three
successive weeks prior to said day of
Witness my hand, and seal of said
court, this 9th dav of November, A.
D. 1920.
(Seal) nll-3w. County Judge.
mid o(Icc tf Probate of Will
In tin- County Court of Cass coun
ty. Nebraska.
State of Nebraska, County of Cass,
To all persons interested in the es
tate of John Bergmaiin. deceased:
Cm reading the petition of John
Bergman n, Jr., praying that the in
strument filed In this court on the
th dav of November, 1920, and pur
porting to be the last will and testa
ment of the said deceased, may be
proved and allowed, and recorded as
the last will ad testament of John
Berginann, deceased: that said instru
ment be admitted to probate, and the
administration of said estate he grant
ed to Frank J. Bergmann, as executor
It is hereby ordered that you, and all
persons interested m said matter, may
ind do, appear at the County Court to
be held in and for said county, on the
Sth day of December, A. D. 1920, at 10
o'clock a. m., to show cause, if any
there be, why the prayer of the peti
tioner should not be granted, and that
notice of the pendency of said petition
and that the hearing thereof be given
to all persons interested in said mat
ter bv publishing a copy of this order
In the Plattsmouth Journal, a semi
weekly newspaper printed in said
count v. for three successive weeks
prior to said day of hearing.
itness my hand, unu seal ot sain
court, this 9th day of November, A
D. 1920.
(Seal) nll-3w. County Judge.
to on-ltesident Defeudnnta.
To the defendants, the west half of
the northeast quarter of Section seven
teen (17) Township twelve (12) north
Hange nine (9) east of the tith p. m
In Cass county. Nebraska, and all per
sons claiming any interest of any kind
in said real estate or any part thereof;
S. N. Merriam, whose first and full
name is Selden N. Merriam, Seiden N
Merriam and Lydia Merriam, his wife.
V. Corhin, whose first and real name
Is Austin Corbin and Hannah M. Cor
bin. his wife. I. W. Newsum. J. W. New-
sum, William Muriee, William Loiriua,
Dennis Dean. Samuel (1. Bryan and the
unknown heirs, devisees, legatees and
personal representatives, and all other
persons interested in the estates or eacn
or the a hove named persons.
You and each of vou. as named and
designated above will take notice that
on the 24th day or August, lyju. tne
nlaintiff. Kobert Kiotz. filed his petition
ncainst vou and each of you in tne
District Court of Cass county. Nebras
ka, the object and prayer of which pe
tition are that the court may find and
decree that plaintiff and his grantors
have been in the sole, open, adverse,
notorious: prliisivo. continuous and
nenrenble nossession of the wnoie ot
the west half of the northeast quarter
of Section seventeen (17) Township
twelve M-) north Hange nine (9) east
of the 6th p. m. in Cass county. Ne
braska, for more than twenty years
lajt past as owners thereof, and have
made valuable and lasting improve
ments thereon; that the defects and
clouds upon the plaintiffs title to said
real estate, as set out. in his petition
may be removed and tfie title quieted
and confirmed in this plainfifT: that
the defendants and each of them and
all persons claiming by. through or
. n tiiam or n v of them, may be
onioined from claiming or asserting
tftie to said real estate, or any part
thereof, or from interfering with the
quiet and peaceable possession of -this
plaintiff therein, and for euch other,
further and different relief, as may be
just and equitable in the premises.
You and each of you are required to
answer the above petition on or be
fore Monday the tith day of December,
l9L)ated this t'Oth dav of October. 1920.
J. II. BARKY. .' ti
O'-. 4wk Attorney for I'luuitifi.
Estray Notice.
Taken up. on the farm of Herman
C Ross, three miles, north of Union,
one estimated four year old steer of
the Herford breed, and having; the
following marks and brands: 'CE'
on left shoulder; 'D" on left hip
and "R" on back. Weight about
1200 pounds and in very fair condi
tion Owner can have same by prov
ing property, paying carnages anu
costs incurred. .
to non-resident defendal
ineir neirs, legatees, devisees, perso
i intereVted in their e?tateV
To jberlv Throckmorton If llvl
if deceased, his unknown heirs. d
sees, legatees, personal representati
and all other persons interested In I
.estate; Josephine Throckmorton, if )
'ing, if deceased, her unknown ha
devisees, legatees, personal represeri
tives and all other persons interea
in her estate; Peter McAffrey, if livj
if deceased, his unknown heirs, d
sees, legatees, personal representati
and all -other persons interested In
j estate; Josephine McAffrey, if livt
i if deceased, her unknown heirs, de
sees, legatees, personal representati
and all other persons interested in
estate: Albert B. Jenkins, if living,
deceased, .his unknown heirs, devist
legatees, , personal representatives I
all other persons Interested in
estate; the northeast quarter (NH
of Section eighteen 18), Towna
eleven (11), North Hange twelve (I
east of the 6th P. M., Cass couf
Nebraska, and all persons claim)
any interest of any kind in said
estate, or any part thereof
lou and each of you are herl
notined that Frank J. Spangler,
plaintiff, on the 11th day of Octol
1920, filed his petition In the Dlstj
lourt or Cass county, Nebraska, wha
in you and each of you are defendal
me ocject and prayer of which dI
are mat you and each of vou
all persons claiming by, through
under you, adversely to plaintiff,
adjudged to have no interest, riA
estate, or lien, in or to
The northeast quarter (NEU
of Section eighteen (18). Townshil
eleven (11), North Hange twelvl
(12). east of the 6th P. M., CaJ
county. Nebraska
or any part or portion thereof.
that plaintiff Frank J. Spangler.
get her with his grantors, be adjudi
to have been in the adverse possess!
ot saia land, and every part of it.
more than ten years last past, $
that tne legal title thereto has beca
iuuv vtstcu in ranK J. spangler, n)
. . . ...
withstanding the claims of you a
each of you, or any one claiming j
through or under, you, and that I
title to said land lie forever quieted
said Frank J. Spangler, as against ji
and each cf you, and that each and
of said defendants named, and thl
whose names are unknown and t
stated, be forever barred from clai
!ing or asserting any right, title, .
; terest or estate in and to said real
' tate, or any part thereof, and for su
loftier nil furtl-ifr relief a u tn i
court may seem Just and equitable.
You and each of you are furtl
notified that you are required to c
swe-r said petition on or before Mc
dav, the 20th dav of December. 192
nS-4w. Atty. for Plalntif
In the County Court of Cass cou
ty. Nebraska.
In the matter of the estate of Adt
Kaffenberger, deceased:
On reading and filing the appllcatl
of Minnie Kaffenberger, administratl
of tiie estate of Adam Kaffenberg
deceased, tendering her resignation
such administratrix, on account of i
health and inability to act as such a
ministratrlx further, and request!
that Oeorge A. Kaffenberger be 4
pointed in her stead to complete t
administration of said estate;
OKDEBED. That November 22. A.
1920, at 10:00 o'clock a. ni. of said
Is assigned for hearing said applit
tion, wnen an persons interested m
appear at a County Court to be hi
in and for said county, and shi
cause why the prayer of applies
should not be granted; and that notl
of the pendency of said appllcatl
and the hearing thereon be given
all persons interested In said mat
by publishing a copy of this order
the Plattsmouth Journal, a sen
weekly newspaper printed in said coil
ty for three uuccesslve weeks prior
said day or hearing.
this 26th day
of October,
D. 1920.
County Judg4
Management, Circulation, Etc., Re
quired by the Art of Con
( Krc of Aug 24, 1012.
published daily ami semi-weekly
I'lattsmouth, Nebraska, for October
State of Nebraska 1
t ss.
County of Cass J
Before me, a Notary Public, in t
for the state and county aforesi
personally appeared K. A. Bates, w
having been duly sworn according
law, deposes and says that he is j
publisher of the Plattsmouth JourJ
and that the following is, to the U
of his knowledge and belief, a t
statement of the ownership, manaj
ment (and if a daily paper, the cirj
lation), etc., of the aforesaid publj
tion for the date shown in the atj
caption, required by the Act of Aurt
21. 1912. embodied in Section 413, If
tal Laws and Kegulations, printed;
the reverse of this form, to-wit
1 That the names and addressed
the publisher, editor, managing ed
and business managers are:
Publisher R. A. Bates, Plattsmoi
Nebraska. I
Editor M.
A. Bates, riattsmoi
Managing Editor R. A Bates,
Plattsmouth. Nebraska.
Business Manager K. A. Bates,
Plattsmouth, Nebraska.
-That the owners are (Give na-
and addresses of individual ownera
if a corporation, give its name and
names and addresses oi itocKnou
owning or holding 1 per cent or rt
of the total amount of etock): I
Sole Owner It. A. Bates, Fia
mouth. Nebraska.
That the known bondhold
mortgagees, and other security hf
ers owning or nolding l per ceni
more of total amount of bonus, ml
gages, or other securities are:
there are none, so state)
There are none.
4 That the two paragraphs
above, giving the names of the
ners, stockholders, and security hi
ers. ir anv. contain noi oniy ine
of stockholders and security holder!
they appear upon the books of
company, but also, in cases wnere
stockholder or security holder appi
upon the books of the company
trustee or in any other nauctary p
tion. the name of the person or eoj
ration for whom euch trustee Is
ing. is given; also that the said
paragraphs contain statements
bracing affiant's full knowledge
lelief as to the circumstances ana
ditions under which stockholders
security holders who do not ap
upon the books or tne company
trustees, hold stock and securltiel
capacity other than that of a f
fide owner; and that this affiant!
no reason to believe that any ol
person, association, or, corporation1
any interest direct or indirect m ,
stock, bondef. or otner securities i
as stated oy mm. !
5 That the average number or i
ies of each issue of this publica
sold or .distributed, through the n
or otherwise, to paid subscribers it
ing the six months preceding the
shown above is 97o. (This lnforma
required for dally publications oj
Semi-weekly circulation .',iuu.
Sworn to and subscribed before
this 30th day of October. 1920.
t uni a a WAT.T.tva
(Seal) " Notary Pub'.
Zly commission expires March 21. 1