The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, November 11, 1920, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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Cbe piattsmoutb journal
Kntere.l at I 'osf ofTIre, I "l;ttt rmou t it. Neb., as mall matter
R. A. BATES, Publisher
il n-
Will, at hat. f can spend four, ..' w York Nads the country with in r-p.-nt:in e. !:?." American Legion p-i-ts ami
To.'iOO !; i J up members.
I'.:,; bti.-ities.s is again in the saddle, i
Hope tin saddle is not i! u .1 bronco. With the election out of the way.
- - :: you may as well commence to think
.Missouri will have four dtiuocrat- about next year's garden.
ic congr ''.en when they had about j ;,: ,
! Kvery t'anadian soldier .settler U
--- - -:o: l(nti1lMl to a .soldier grant of 1MI
If ou don't think you can do i'. m res of laud in the Dominion.
try it anyhow. You may fool your-) :o
elf. " I Anions other clarifying reult.i the
:o: lection s-nis to liave delinitely .set-
Twicc as many w.inen as men il- t v I the .statu; ,f Victor lii-rger.
tain divorces. Certain! v, do you : .
In the t'ounty Court, of Cnsi-
ly. .Nebl.isl-.a.
J ri tin- matter of tin- estate of Ailam
Kn ffen bo' i r, le( as l:
n i. .i.l : ir.' ari'l fllilit: 1 1 - ppl i'-a I i .11
f Minnie Katli n l.ei 1 , a-1 m i n is 1 1;, 1 1 i
of I lie estate i. 11 a : I '. 11 1 .. rj; 1 r,
It riMsi-.l, ti reli'i in 1 1-r 1 esijinat iot, as
! Ii i 11 i s t ra ; 1 i v, on niiount of jtl
health ami inability to aet a.-' III h,--fi .1 -mi
ni.-1 1 a 1 1 i further, ninl r ;ui-.-i ina
II. at 1 liiii A. K a lTn l.ei i;.'r
pnjntt-,1 in inr steail to ei.ia i..-t ,.
mint in is 1 1 .1 f ion of .stji estate;
Hll i:il II p. Tlat November A. I .
I !.'. at I'iimi oV.!i a. in. of s;-i.l .lay
l. astlrm-il foi hcalimr sai.l np'liea
tiori. wlien all persons interest. .1 may
iiiprar at :t I'.hmiIv '.,nit to I hi hi
in ai.'l lor t-ail louirty, ami si o a
ame why I - liu-'f if applicant
V'shnulii nm I..- plant.!; ami tlat not :-
of !!; ;"inl.-iny of san! a i i! 1 .1 ' : . ,-.
ami tin- l.iaiia--; 1 1 1 . t . : 1 I..- -; i - 1 to
all persons itit erevtt-il ia saiil in.itl.r
by oi I.l i-1. 1 us a 10, A of this oi!ir in
tin- I 'la 1 1 siii.,11 t h .1 .11 1 1. a I. .1 .-tai-
wi . m v m- w spa p. r 1 1 1 i 1, t 1 1 in sai.l
tv lor time s ni-. - v i . v.t ; !cs prior to
saoi ila of l.eai ins.
I'.i't.l ihis 1: t; 1 1 . .lav of (iiioi,.i, A.
I . rj.(.
AI.I.KN .1 I I iN.
i---.;w. Co;, ni v Ju.h
I it
know whv?
: o :
Secretary Wilsan wired Coventor
Cox. among other condolences, that
"truth crushed to earth will rise
o ' o
If cold weather could hold on un
til March, it would find a lot of peo
ple still unprepared for i?.
:o: J'rince Paul who is sp.'kii: t lie
The winners are t-'oin. to liavs throne of Cieece. oiiubt to bear i:i
one beluva time deriding how they 'mind how Athens dealt. with anoth
Mand on the h-auc of iiatinn-. t-r man named Paul.
The new kiim f Or eee is only IfM Despite the elction results, the
league of nations is an issue that will
inii d'wn. No question is Mettled
until it is settled riht.
years old. Still, he orifht to have
j-ense enough to leave monkeys alone
Some of Dr. Frank Crane's won
derful sees: "Hird flying, kites, air
planes. Kills in pink. Pink what?
Countess will meet 011 December
".rh and remain in ses-ion until March
4. ami adjourn for th inauguration.
So different is the art of cutting
women's kid sloves that most of the
principal cutters in Paris ate known
by name and reputation.
The plucked ey brows have fjone
out of fashion. I Iowcvcr. ot her wavs
Now that it i, all hot with, let's j ( f foolish will l e dicoveieil by
clever people who set the silly styles.
If you are. as a 1 many oilier
people are. paying taxe; on more
property than you own. the only
i thing you can do is to grin and boar
forget jm lilies are all right in their
place, hu' too much of it is a h.mcli-
We know a woman who believes
everv word her husband tells her.
However, they have been married on
ly t hours.
.lack Demi.sev ivill get $ .iiu.mio i 1 : rd ing on his aath birthday was
will or lose, when ho fights Carpen- presidency. Now let us see if he
tier. . This old world surely does ra- ! h;,s s nse enough to appreciate the
Notice To Non Resident
'n '"I'-iii.i ii a re! '.!.-
i:::ri. let I a -i . I. r.-al name unknown:
11.-. i les ( n.iiwi !, Il..uai'l a n. I
I'owar.l. I.i- i. at iiann- i : -i k a. . n :
F:.:n V. M'C.inls ami - . .
'.nils. I : i h wife, nam.- u n w n
William N. M.-Cii.!.- - ami V.--iJinlev,
hi; if.-. rial iiarm- n n I; e o -,v n ;
fi'st.r Ann l'iar;..n ami -- l'iar
s. ii. I.r I: t- La t,i, ral name unknown:
.l..s. T'li I-'. Pears.,, ami -- I 'e.-i rsori.
I iv if.1, ri al name iinkii.i n; M..r
A. I'afrav ami Iml'ray. l.u-.
I.'i i.'t. i-ial r.anie nnk'i"Vn: .1 V. Ai
Ii ivi.n. ri al name unknown, amU
A ii'!'isi.. I i . i fe. i-eji ! i.iim- nii-
kno'Ali: li'iilv i; ii,.!.-rs..i an. I -
Ail!, is.'ii. l er loisl.:ijiii. r n 1 liMm- nn
'ai'.va: lin'-li . !nil'ia- a;. l - - - -i-ufi..
lis wife, leal nam.- u , ,, , , u-;
Kl.em X'-r .1. o. aia'i ami -- i.....
"lan. I'i'; wife. :! naim- unknown:
M;irv W ill leu ami Wane:'. l,. r
I- ii I a nil. I I n: in . iinK l.ow - ; I i a I ! v
I). I'.-I.pi.n ami - 'i . le m .- a . l'i'
.ii'.-. real 'tame i n k lr . n ; H-llcn I;. ,
1 "Ti,... ami I,, rm.a. I n-. ! a nan).' 'i i. n.'H : ni:i!il;i C Saun
ters ami - S: !.-. h. r l...s a 'i.l.
I . a! name luikinn' n: : I i. W'elion
aa! - - V. M(..r. hi-, wife, real,
. n a i. r.o w n : ' 'a t . r i ne II. aiev ami - -
I I. .-at. I. h.-i ! i. .(..-.I. r.-a! n.-m.-
; known: Ti A. 1 .a .t i 1 1 i n are! -i
r.Mielin. ' it .,,,,1 real r.-.m-- imi-!
I'iiiiu n: la'.wai.l I). 'l a"in an I - !
'is i ". . :eal ii.iiin a nk now n .
l-'iinw n :
iViii in.
I.l 'l:a;in a,.. I - - i'liamn.
To (! ilefemlaiits. tae west lall" ol' v.'le. real nam.- nnknnvn: !:..-, ; t.
I In- ii'.i l hi-:::t 1 1 ii a r t -1' i . f Set Hot) s .eii- !'in am' - (lauiii. !;is .-,.,
t in (III Ti.H n.-iiip ui'l -r- i i j i ii ii I ! i- a I na me e . i :.. .. ; Ma I : '! a i .
Kan;;.- nine i :i ) of lie . t i : l i.. : -I i I.e.- I.n ! ami r -:
: ii 'a.-s eoiuity. Nebraska, ami all i - ..mie u n n v . ; i-"l. t em-- ': i"la.;-
soa.s i l.-iiming a n v i.;:. r.-t of ai,;- . i-,'i ! ni - ''la;.,'., h. r !:ns-,ainl. i . a i
i ii sa i.l i a 1 is tat . or a n part I . i f : I -i . .ii,linn ic ! i a ( !a i n ami
S N. .Verriatii. whose lie -I aai I i . 1 . ! i '! a pi a. I.i- x it".-, name nnk-i i-a
la n N. M.riiam. S..'. a N , i , , a r W. I .a 1 1: I . I r , ami l-aaul.
a.i l. ilni Jterri.'in. .. . i lin. I. is w ife. i.mI i.-n..- ankeow .
tli! an.! a . ae- ! V i,- a . I c.,n.-. ami" - i ...n.-v ' I i -
m l llannah M. i-..r- nam iMiknown 1.....' Il
..I. V. New - ' i V.. 1 ..ii ; Kol.ert i: .Ian- .V -i.iin
Dm I'ti. y, . an -. - .'!. . Ml. lar I iisl.atpl
A. i : : n. v. i...
is Austin 'i.IO
bin. his wile, I. W. N' W s.
sum. William lWlfee.
ll .
o : o
The nation's pieseut Senator
j gift.
: o:
ward brains.
- - - : o : -
It is pretty certain th.f T"
r.i.i ii ii i.ililur t?i tin. i-iinn: v u'li.
wont breathe sli-l. of r.ti.f II. .1 II... ! T nowadays, at th" outset.
eb -l ii itis a re o -r.
Kx ports liave figured that it costs
nearly $1imi to outfit a college loot-
I'roiu the D -lis vote, it appears thai
the American people do prefer a pres
ident who is in a position to give his
lull lime to his presiding, after all.
n dress
&m petter
O M 10 wittnen
have learneil
t b it t here ai e t wo
ways to care, for
clot lies. They are
learning" to take
care; of t hem .
It is unite iiinannerl' Miing- to take
care of your cl.jtliei in vcstmei.t and
protect it up to the limit. Having
yuir clothes carefully dry cleaned
will improve their wear ami help to
piohing- the lifeof their stylish lines.
Hetting- acquainted with our work
means etiiug-in touch with a real
nioiii y saving- serrice.
Goods Called for and Delivered
J I ' 1
1 1 '
i-nor4t i,lVu- oppositt:
JOUk'NAL orncE
exclmuve of the rfospital and bandage
. ,: o
Frankly, we have tried hard, I"
think up man thing mean enough to
say al.out t lie republican victory, but
up to this time the effort has been a
complete failure.
Deinoi rats of Missouri will per
haps learn something by their over
whelming defeat. They probably de
served it. People will nut stand for
dishonesty in ollice.
When Cent ral MeCleilan ran for
president against Abraham Lincoln
for his second term, in 1M1. he car
ried but one M;lte New Jersey. The
south did not vote.
So much newspaper space is taken
up with Chicago murders that people
are beginning to wonder if Clip-ago
has forsworn all the lesser but equal
ly interesting crimes.
Yerily, these are hard times. This
morning we met a re. 'in so poor that
lie can't afford new inner tubes and
doesn't know where his next gallon of
gasoline is coming fr m.
There will he one woman in con
gress. Miss Alice M. Kobertson of
Oklahoma, who defeated Hon. NY.
Hastings, one of the state's oldest
democrat ic congressman.
! As the returns come in from ba- k
J woods counties in various states, it
i makes it worse and worse for the
j democrats. Why not make it un
animous and he done with it.
A Paris doctor says men could get
along very well without their siom
aches. Probably the women could,
too. having abandoned that well
"known road to a man's heart.
I A humane society o Hirer in Huston
says it is a shame to slaughter beau
tiful wild animals and skin them for
! their furs. it is not a cii I'umstance
to the way tame husbands are skin
ned for furs.
I .-t, n i s I lea n. Sa III uel (
llllkliov. II heirs. .1. i-i es
I rsoaa I I "! ri sent : I i - .
i i r.s.-ns lnti-rcsti '1 m t'.e
... Il e iji"le 1 1 :t II 1 . 'I pi-!'s. i m .
You iiml eneh el' on. as nam.-,: an.'
ili sis na t '-il ahoe will lake m!ie tin1
ill tin- Jlth ilav of Aii'sn-t. 1;ijn, the
plaintiff. Koheii Kbit!, lile. I i.i..; .-tilion
asauist von an. I ea. Ii of ..u in th--
I'islii.t t of Cass .oiinlv.
ka. the t iiii'l prayer : whiei, pe
tition ale that the eonrt mav tin I ami
il'-iiee that plaintiff ami his sianlos
have I., in in tin- sol.-, op. n. i s.-.
notorious. eliis 1 ve. nt ' neons- an-i
pi'.U i a hi.- possession l-f ti e ho f
tl.e half of the mutiieast eiiart'-i
of Siiiimi sevi iifeeii (IT i T.';;s I'.
twelve i 1 J i north Kan-;.- nine i i i a -
f the Cth p ni. in i'.i-s ,-,..mi. .,.
I.raska. lor mm.' twenty a -last
pa t as owners thereof, am! ' ive
iiiaih- valuable ami lastuis improve
ments thereon: that the .lefiets ami
eloiuls upon tiie plaintilT's title to sai l
r.-al i Mate, as- .set out. in hts i . litio-i
mav hi- n m.ivi .1 ami the title oniet.-l
ami lonliime.l in this plaliiti.T; I.
II e .1. I.-n. hints- ami laeli of tl imi ami
all person- la i m I n s by. throii-!. ."
nmhr t i 1 1 Ti i or a u " of them, ni iv I.
n ii'-.l ri.iin el. ilium". ' asseitin-.
I'!!.- to sa-1 I'-al state, or an- par:
Ihereoi. or from i n i ei fe I i i: ir with t'"
f 1 1 i -1 ami pi a --able tn" juti of t- ;
p!ai!.tiff therein, ami .for m Ii otl'-i
fnither an I ilitlerent reli.-i". as t - a '. !m
.nisi Mini e'lmtal.le' in the pi. ini-'-s.
Vim ami i-aeh of vie! nr.. I'.-ouii' t
.ITlswef III ahoy i t if I l oil V b
Ion- M-imlnv the .lav of -.-i:i hi-r
i :."'
I i.-i t ) this valh .la" of ntol. r. l''.'n
!: r i : i-: i :t k ! "."..
I -i.i i i.i v.
.1. il. i: i;l: v.
ii.'". I s. Attorney I'm' I 'la i n 1 1 '!'.
. i . .
'i -'.mi i . i . a I na im- 1 1 n K m
'' -a t -es a I!-I I ,., ,, -, ,.: ,,,e
.Mi l a I ;: . ,- v,.;-;en...i a. l.ei
i- lat, s of e... :. , ,,,,;:, own : Mai !
-I, i:.
i ri k no 'A' 1 1 . a
I iisb n .!. i
.ill I'. M.
Special 5 Day's Sale
46 new mattresses, while they last from $7.85 up.
25 rugs, large and small, most ALL new. Some
used rugs.
Sanitary cots; Duofolds.
Single canvas folding cots, also pads.
Cedar chests, dressers; comforts; blankets; brass
beds. Vcrnis Martins in full size and three-quarter size;
mahogany bed room suits.
Mahogany library table; settee and chairs; buffets;
dining tebles, both new and used; three sets genuine
bather seat dining room chairs; seven leather rockers;
two mahogany rockers; tapestry upholstered rocker.
Gil heatr and many other articles too numerous
to mention.
-jTLototed upstairs over the Gas and Electric oflke.
i.i i; t. Mini i:
Nolle.- o , on- r. - '.!. lit .h-fe:. !.. Ill s
I1 "ir lulls l. u:il.'.". ! :.- s. i . . ,a i
re ni ese v t i ; : e ami all other persi. tr
ial. r M ! in t e , ; i .- I a t . i.
To i;:..-it- "I'll ii.. K In.'i toa. if liia-
If ileee: M-.l. I is II hell s. .bl-M-i
s, legatee-, p. ISonal I p I . .- e II t . 1 1 i V
in.l all nihil p-i.-.-ns inteiest 'I in l ;s
i si a I e ; '. pi. i m- Th I nek mot t on. if I i -
im. if ! i-iiM'il. her unknown lei'.'
bvi-.i-. I.ealees. persoaal re . . r. s . n t a -lives
ami all otli. i I" --?-- it.t. r.-'..1
ill ) r est. itv. I'i I. r Me A fS ley. if In. in,
if !.-. ia-i.l. 1 is unknown Tens.
- s. i...- .i.-l ri ; ., s e n t a t l v . .
ami all ..11.. i p-ison-- i o t . i . -s I I i'i la
bial': .1 p' im- M.-A I . it l:in-.
if ib-.-.i-ai-.l. her unknown inirs. lie,,
1 - - .-1 I ee-. personal I epl e.' ei, I a I i ' -ami
all oiler poisons i . 1 1 . i . . . I h(-.
state: !l. it I: .I.iiUiii-. II living, if
.'.ei ease. 1. i.i- link now n heirs, .l.-i is..- .
I t-.-s. p. I onal l epi i s. nl.i I i es an 1
all oll . r p.-i.-ors interest. .1 in hi ;
e.-Iate; tie motheasl .ptall.-f (Ni:',i
el' Si t I o'l el U h t e.Ml I 1 S I . Tull II: 1:1 .
I e n I I . North I ! a 1 1 t w i ' i ,
east of lie 1,11, I '. AI . I'ass I-..
i hiasha. ;ii..l all .i-i-i.,s i laimiT."
any ii:t re-t of aav kimh in
state, or .11:1 I al t thereof:
Voi, ami ia. h of oil ale la-re'
m.toie.l that I'r.iiiU .1 Spanubr, as
to a i ii t i II". on tin- lllh Iav of -tuber.
I !-. tile. s petition ill the iMstliei
'".tilt of 'as.- lonntv. Nebraska. vl -in
'...ii an. I aeii of von are b-1 uHa n t s.
Ilo- ol.fei t am! p;aer of w hieh p. ti
Ijou are tl at on an. I eaeh of you ami
all pets, ns i-l.-i imiii"; l., fhiouuh or
limlel Villi. ailelse- to pi. I ! 1,1 I II . he
.nl ; ml -; . I to have no inteiest. li-'hl.
state, or I i.-h. in or to:
The noithea-t ipiartei i N K ' , i
f Seil i . i u ri:;lit.'t-n ilsi. Towiishii
l.-lrll I 11 i. North llilhi- tW. e
i l-i. last oi' the l.lli I'. M , fass
l.illlllv. Ni-l.l ;i.-K.i
or an l or port ion Un-reof, an l
tlat plainlilf l-'iank .1. S';n n l; h-r. to
u'.'tl'rl iith h's cranlois. be ailju.lm- I
I" !l.le been in the IllIviIS.- lOS s I s - i o ti
i-f sai.l h'.ml. ami everv pai t of it, for
in. .re than t-n eais last past, ami the bual title tl.enlo has become
fi-llv vest, il ia I-' rank .1. Span.nler. 1 1 t -w
ii hMa ml trr-' the .hums of oil ami
eai h of on, or any one claiming b ,
thioouli '" nmh r you, ami that tl e
litle to saj.l l:in,l he foieer ouie:.! in
sail l-'iank .1. Spanuhr. as against o i
a' .l ea.-l. of oit, ami that ia. h ami all
of .-anl ! ten. hint:, n : 1 1 m 'i ! , ami tho.-,.
wlios.. names- are unknown ami n.t be .,i im r bai ri'.l I ri -m elaiiii
i a or .1 --i i I im; any I i I, I , title, i n -t.
ie.-t oi . -tale in ami to sanl i, al
late, or an' pail Ihei.ol, ami for sm h
other atol liiither i.lo-l as to the
i "in I may .seem just ami i. potable.
You ami I'.'ii'h ol ou are lurthei
Ilotitieil that oil ale t-i'i,tlll e.l to all
suoi sai. I p.-ii'ion on or In-fine M-oi-
hlV. the LI'Ill .lav ot 1 l.ei III l.ei , feju.
I'ua.nk .1 si am:i.i:i:.
I'laint (T.
a. i: w i s.
i "s - t -.. Atty. lor I'laint iff.
- Al hot t. his wife, i en I mini.- m -I
known: .''ii.hii l:---- I'.-ar-on an!
!- - r-iisin, l.-r ! ns ha :,.!. r- al naai--
i.iiK liown , I . Aia'ihla I'.ai.-on am!
I'earson, h.-i la. si. an I. i. al nam.-
i. r. known. Ail.-l.-sk-i I'.. I'l-afsoti anl
I". arson, her nus haa-l. r--..l nam.-
" -i ' :i. . 'v n . r .-a I'.. I'eaisoti am!
! ' .- : son. her lin-bai,.l. i ea I nam.- aa-l.'.-wti,
S;,--i,. n s Abbott ami --
1 1-1 I'll, l is " ite. r.-al nam., unkmiv. a.
I js m ;.i,ot t ;. n. 1 -- - i !,,. .
:'i i' if", i'-al nam.- unknown. I i ii.
'. A bl.otl a,-,, - - ', I.' ol t . l:-i -I
ai..'. leal a. in:.' an'. noun: Irii.a I '.
I. arson .- '..I - I 'ea . hi . ji. ,
a 1 nam.- a n s m ".. a . I-': . ! i i ',. K .
i hails ..,,.! - K... :. i !....,, I, is
w i!.-. t -., I name unknown: IMna
Sle'.llsoi, i- (a) . St .'ll.-.'l!, he!
1 i-!a,.!. na! name i : . I. p. . r : Kstelle
i '...'' i ai.o - I -I-. . m . i r 1 i s 1 a ; .. 1
1 . a 1 rain-- unknown. ' '.. I i I : i . .
- - ':.' h. her I ushaml. r.-al ; :,:m
aii I; mw n .'I.'i Ion A. I.1...I I au!
hbolt. hi- wife, ii:iiii.' unknown
.'.!a rv . I.I...I I a ! - A hi-..: . h.-i
hu- 1. ano. r a I i',m .ink iiiiivii l-aun,:
!'. Abbott an. I Abbott. I..T hes-
.iTi.'. ra-'i. 1 1 1 K . i 1 : t. M . .
lot;. ; ,-a 1 : : i : a I 1 . w a a .!
. , ... 1 t . I ' .' 1 ' e, 1 .-a ' m. in u 1 K now a .
I"i n ': 'own a ml Ihovn, i.js
: i 1 a 1 tia ! unknown: Na a.-' A
A'al.-i s V:.t.o !.: hi -
..ii-!. name u ; k i . .v it ; '. 1 ; .
":-'ii. ial 1 . im - i.aki.'.wn. ai., .- .
'" his w il'. imiii,. : . 1 -'
1: o v. n I 1 , I . 1 ' . 1 ! - a i . o '.' t - a 1 : . i -1
- A' 1-. ! 1 '.. si. ,,,. I. : . .,' a. -no- 1111
. 11 ' '1 : 1 . I 1 o . 11 a '.il I 1 u Ti 1 1 .
l -i' i n -. "-., I naim- u ! k now .:
i:h " A. I"' 'pin a',-! - - i'i::' :i
, v 1 ' . 1 . I nam.- 1 ', i r. 1 . i ! a ' . . -.
. .i-l t h.-i r :. -,k a . . a le i 1 s. .1. . i -
' : . hail..-. I ..' - . 1 r.- .('-. ; ,t ,i t 1
1 oil..:' p. ison.- i ' . 1. .-' .1 ia t. . ii
t 1 . .-Mat. . f e InllllU .Ili; '. -
1 1 hi ! 1 ... I 1 -til,.. 1 .. wit:
The .. I u e- ,.l:ll I . I ot' I 1 e
nni t 1 1 w est 11 a 1 t .1. 1 S V. ' , X U 1 , 1
ami th. muthwe-t ;uart.r of the
soul hw" t 'i'a.t.i i.NW', S'i,i
I Set i,.iu l . ;ii : a b t i .' V i , anl
the soi 1 1 hea s 1 . in.-iii- ; of the norlh-
..-t vuni t. r 1.- IV, Mil, . ami lla-
I I . . . s t .ill;, 1 1 . r if the south
east .punter i.Ml'i Si:', of Set -I
i 'u I i' e n t '. -11 1 a.- 1 :'!i 1 , alo 1 i 1 1 1 I
i.'h'i ii, n s ..;' !! east si.l,- of the
mo t ! e.i s t . 1 : 1 1 t.r of I , .. mu 1 1 -as!
ei'.n t. 1 N 1 '. ' . Nil1, 1 of Si 1
tea t '' 11 -ail..- 1 .'la, all in Tow 1,
hi'' i" . . : i N'.n th. Caae
ii : m I''. ' :a t 1 I la- ilt h IV M.
Th. ii.,i i'w , quarter of t he
....i:-e: I o ill.r I.Nl', N ' , I
off Hon IA , III', . i e i t l.'u, Tullll.
hi!" t -. -1 1 1 .' 1 '.,i t Ii. I.ani;.
nine ' '.' 1. I -1 of 1 ! . 1,11, I . .
. 'i pt ,e I ', j.-; I ! I ! f 1 1 U t o I , ,.
i.'iiin. ' I.. ..Ii..:, I ri'.;ht of way;
The ll.'l II ea - t . lla I 1 .' I' of t he
moth, a t oii.ul.i i N I-; 1 , Ml i , i of
.-'.'. i ho, i : i : i . -1 i i-,- i :: : i, Town-
:l.iu null, li . North. Katiife
illi'' '!'. lai-t '!' the Mil '. M ,
eept a pi ililte loa.l .ilee!l (111
'' 1 w oh- ou t I . top of t I,,- bank
"II I i :.- ea ' t : 1. 1 e of I.l'.'. II W ... I , I
(Trek, soiiii, from t!,e pi, I. lie hi-h-v.
a ' th,. m .: t h .- th' of sa i.l
ll"l t hl'.'lS! oualle: ot the n-ithea.-t
il'iait.-r. I'olbui'u th. me.i mlei i ii ,;s
of sal. I I reek so 111 to al! the I. Hill
1 . iija east ol s, al i r. ek helo'i'
inu 1" il..- e-; all' oi the m.rii.-
i a.-I .piait. r ot -ah! seetion. ail in
i ass eouni . Neb- a ska :
ni'l all persons , hi'miu nnv inten s;
of nnv kim I in -ail real estate of in
I, ait tl.elel t, a- Will as tie . 1 1 I e n I h 1 1 1 1 -
Walter A.!'in. a .1 la i a i s 1 1 a I or of
li e -ale of i:. i:l,.-n A. I'hapin. .1. -,
ease. I. ami loinhai.l I III . -I im-iil t'l.ln
p.iin. a eorpoi at ion. ih-f en. la u t .- :
on an! :: h of vou will take n . t i
that en the 'sti i'av of .luiv. 1 P J ;. i: l.amh. i! lile. I his ..etiliou in
tie l isliiit I'uiiil (a-s i"Oinl', Ne
braska, anain.-t v. u ami e.u li of ,.u,
as well as Kiank ,s. Ash. rail ami Ma'
. Xs'h- raft. his ii il,-: Niles i . folemar:
a".! Mv iib M. ("o .man. l is w ife, am.
ilaiAe. I . I'olema . ami Mat s K. t'oh.:-
Iilall. 1 IS Wife. .'.'!. u ila I, t s. II:,. obi. a ;
aiul pia. r of wl i, '. js to i. aio.- i bonis
.lis! upon plaint,!, : (ii!e to the hl'l.'s
lamer) as il, lVii,l.:,ii ,v fal-e I'h'ims of
(!..- oei sona I hints ami .aai ol
I hem to .-..m,- i i- i., tit I,-. e-Mat.- oi
interisi thiii in m to -..nie pa : t th- li
ef, ami In uuhl am! e-uiiiriii the title
! tin .let. - Il I : l lit leal estate III the
plii'itllt ami lla! the personal L'f.-ti-ilanls
an. I ea. h oi ihetn an. I all pel
sons tlaimimv le. ihnnuli. or
in privily with t,.ni ami ei.h of them
mav he forever I, ail.. I ami enjoin.!
Iioin rl iiuiiiu. .- i v i'i-.. till.-. lien.
stale or ml. i,. i ,n ir I., saiil laa.l or
- 1 1 v part theiei.!, tl,. .t (he iiefeml.'t.l
real e.-'late ami al; persons ha i im , a n s
interest of an.v I-.' a, I in sai.l i stale .a
am. part t'o ion' m il he bonml an,.
. -m il ih . I b. . ,1..,-,... hi iein to
ill matt . Is he:, i 1 1 .;, I.i l .1 n a I e.h
H is a I b ,1 in - a i.l ,"! i ! i"'i thai
lie .!i f e:i. la a ' : - aei i lira i I v li'lUleil ill
this ai lioii .', h .aha-ly claim to hav,
'ill.' - l iifi t. title. .eu. ol.i'i' or ial'M --I
in sa'.l . -a! .-tale or ...tile part
II el. of. ti e-a, naiei. ami evtem
of w lliell eli.lUl' ale to the il.l il:t ili'
I 1 1 k ; I" W II but I , ;.' lie .-mile ale i-Iiii-
f.ral to ami .hi i i ; a eloail i ;n.u li e
ill' '" pl'inli'i to sai.l r.'.'i! i'.-';il".
I hut :i'.l .i. i.-.i.;. i's ami eaeh of I I ..-in
' i - to l i 1 I . I ;!,.. fieri. Ilil.i.-st ei
slate "i I .1 : 1 an . tie. , r I a. I I he
-.'I'I.- hilii I I ' '. .-,'. ,,. s,,',l l, the
: ei se j - .. , , r sa ,, la iii! b t he
I hi ia' I'i ami ',. i.ra.i' o- for m. i-
II in ten liar: h,-t -as; ami (he sauu
.1'', I'I",' 1 mote t.,.i: ;., ve ils piiol !t,
t b. .oiu m u fi-i. ,,;' t ' , :i t mu ;
tor 1 l II; . . '-! '" ;
Lowest r-s'''c
." , ; . ,
J. . -' i - . i ; .
:;-on :;ia
. J-Wl
hid puiTed
cr two.
Hr i:r.cvr ciailct:cs. round how coni'
fort:.:g ?. rood on:: ic?. Had 16 montlis
in France. And he lyici'.' what he was
talking about when he said:
XVfi i Art
"Alorj Like c
: o.MOKE
That's-xrcausc you can taste the good
tobacco in Spurr-. You get the aroma
of a new and CcLcious blend of the
finest leaf grown in Turkey, line Bur'
ley and other' hcrec-grown tobaccos.
Unmarrcd by starch because the seam
is cruvijped not pasted.
Longer and sweeter in the smoking
slower in the burning. Fresh and
fragrant as you open the pack, be
cause it's tripicwrapped.
Priced to be popular and packaged to
be select.
See for yourseii "'niorchla Smoke.
LisiUcTT Cr3 Myers Tobacco Co.
- k
S Cs.'
,1 Z L.
n ti
septi ln her 1."..
--'Ml. i"i ami i i .
1 :'T . a in..; I u
ti o w j. i ,, l ;
1V"'S. f.o the sum ,.f
'i i'ial in I '.....I; a at ; a .
s" e . f II t . ii , v J . j ,
'heft I ;. i'a i u:. r. .hi I. ,!
.ti v. m i: m i uu
;.,'. ..:' , 1 .; a-lol. Cass I
1 '
Ut t .
i" " i . i -. i ', i.i ir,- sim of f jir i"i
. or. I,-.! i i I k ' ! : a I ;
il'-l l-lls'' '''M l ilil'.l III ,M. I
'.'.ii' .vie.xeni. ii;ii.i! e.'em h, r Js, ;7l
" ir .s '.i! f:i. r. !. i.-.i in I:... k C, at
N i'IhI ! 1,1'i'ort in;: i'ro.n tie r. eor.i to
' a - i-' .i -i t -. -:. a. Win ua-nhorti.
le'l plai'iliii" avers that all i m ! I t . ! -less
i.'iiivb aiil tnort aai . s '.-r,- o.jv, ,,
o ;e,-ure l..,s in ,-ver,- instam-e hmu
ira e lio n f:i!!v pahl ami the sai.l
llOll ".a lies .siii'ulli le fuiiv "ailrehe.t
ml il.seu.-i,-';. i! of re, or,!. Ihal s.uu
:.'l'."l.!:(!lt': e.i. h of tl:,ti st j!i
'al-.l;- ilaim so".e rirl.t. title. Ii.--, ami istiite in ari.l ;.. sii.,1 real
stitte a r. uesa ul.
: o l ale I'i .tUlt'l'.l l-i IViT s..i.l p.--
:'li" i "-i or lii'l"!,. Aiua-hiv. tiie mth
'a. !'' L ni epl b,i'. I'i.'.i.
.I'.'iix i:. i. pi:i:t.
: Tkoiitiis. V'ail A.. Stimi !'.
llm Alliii rii vs-.
1 t
t :
-'It at t l e
"i".:l '.. i'i
li. .1';
" 'IinK a . if. of ea , h , ,"..iini'--- all !;.
-Tate, nil': a v ! i w to t i
: i I I i :; st :i i e of .lull,1-'
U' -ei. .h . ea.-eil.
il. .is of sanl estate:
I . ! v n . ,! i .a .1 that I will
a!v I'i.'iil i.M'in :n I'iatts-
'.1 i villi!''. on I leei til her
I M.i ! . h 'j 1st. I'i ' 1 , at 1 il -. hej,l in
y , to i eee I ve
a l: a i n.- I sa i-l
a' a .Ijust tn.-n 1
: -ni : : ! v :'Te -. tiaie limit'"! for
' ' I : es. a i a 1 : i of i 1 : i m s laaiinsl - a :. I
'-I M.-. is t! fie month- from the J'ltii
i-f J in .-hthi r. -V. '. ' !-. ami tie
title li:i.:te! f r liiyt'i'-et of ih-hts is
'tie v.-ar f .e:i saiil Ji'tli ,!av of I ', -em
!'. : . 1 II. ".
U'.i Hi sa Ul' ! .-Mill illl.l tie sen! of
a'i.i r...:iih t .''. i t this I'M ! : .!av of
No' '.1 I':,: , ! ;e',i.
AI.I.KN .!. UK !!.-- N.
i .-' a ! i n I ' - : w. ('.,:; ii ! y .1 m! . -.
"I'lotrt Tlivmlnv'K P-rtilv.
A ereat ileal nf eleilil for tfn
u- unit manner in wliieli the lire at
the Hotel Wauner was liainl!eil vr;;-
erday. is due Mr. I'reil Warner, the
tro.i ieter of the hotel, w lin iinin -Jili::te!y
aft-r t':e (lames w re ilisrov
! ereil puiirit-.;: I'rntu the s'irway ir.
jt!t. I arli. r '-hop, took ehary;:' of I h
j lire fir.hti'iK forre until !r. Siiiliu
-!ii. f of tip- (ire l'ia rt me:i t nrrivfl
, .Mr. Wi'Kiii'r has his Im-c in the h, -
. t..i i I, I... I ..I' ,1 1 .. t
, - 11 'i p. ,, Ul . , .., fill,, ,.i., -, jiilhei albi;..s
I hail a si ren iii of water iiotiri iu". on 1 1; ; 1 1 . .. f "tl. !,. s .i ii. i-rotiti.
t tl.ltnes anil ill a short time hail the l.-mhai'l, ,....( ('..mpa.nv. ii i'.m-
i lire "tiller jierleet eontrol.-a. that ! '"','. 'V ,I:"V" ,: ,'"""-'' ' !"" , :" "
..... , , . , , ' .net I. A i ,u-. .,.i n . a.-li lal-e-
! Hill" i!,i'll,l.i;i' .!., il'Hli' ailllnllsll : .lain - ri i i.i. tin . Inn. estate !
jit mit;ht easily have leveh)eil intoo- i.,t i,st in ,.,1 ,,, anl nal istat-i
a vi'iv M'vrr.' tire. In aihlition " :l '" "' ' '" 1 -e'-e . H,-, !
Ms work .,, tm. m! o ,.. .in- Mi-. r:.;v;:.'1;,i;t;:-v:',;,:;;:;.;,;;,:.:;i;:i;,-;!
Wiisiu-r had two men talioned on in iit oil i,-e ,.t n,. i.'ei.i.r .a .,,.,is
lioth the seeoml ami third llools ol ' 1 'ass Nei rasha. ;is her.-in- ;
II. I .le.'-l a :'., t e,l all. I Whl. h e.ll'h eo, I' '
I leal . stale s.oale Oill t tin reel. .
III I I I e .-V,', I'li'il hi Mi: I
I'er i liojl. shall Vbhott ,.,, w if.- ,i i!,e ..e,i
. . ' .-ii"! I . i , men r I . i , i : .; i r i v . il l t e.l I ', 1-.
... , , "MO II. I -.s I. i ,. f j j :.,, .--. ..i,!o,! va
All the popular copyright loo.r -...ok ! at pi--. a i,,;
on tale at the Journal office. . ",f ;'l'!;a -" V r'
iki.'uii'il.Jiis ti Jl,n U. LH'tJU, Uatt-U
the hotel ready for aet i. in in ea: e
the tire : lioiild sprr.ul from the lar- to-wit1
tTnvi: ; iuaium;
I'lnl --: ' I'riiliiili' ' W ill I
UnTTfT la 'he Co.ialv r,n:rl of I'a.-:- i ::i-
-uUllOLi. y V( hl..lsK;1
J5t:' te ,-f .ehra.--Ua. ''oual y ,;f i'a-s. I
1 mrti.s. 1,....;..,. '
I I a I p. i - ' '; - i n ' i
ai.n-s aie i 'I ues i oil III eaii ami settle I tale of I'.lwin
at.le at the oltl stand With ('. K n nanaL' t
HOetor or HIV: elf. John !' fSor.ter 'o,,k. p. ;1 v i a :-. i 1 a
. , , ...- in t hts- a, -t l ,.
II ll .V v.
yr .r i' .rj rv.iffl I it i. v o"ier.-.i mat on. .
SS w. .-i I l. llU'i. al m i.Vl.ii'i; :.. in. to now.
v? 'iV--!:,:i.::v-;,!::::':'
h I o.n-ie.r
! U'-l::,' IU'.' ! .""ii il"" - ' ' '
f i ri. t..i- '' '. "! Xoy.
j ' ' " i.u;. -i !:;-:r..-'
, . .1 ! til l ' -v. '.:U! .!!
:n ;t e:N. ;
.-.! f I'lolat'' nl "A ill
i "i , u . i I '. I ')!!' I of I 'a . .- i" . 1 a -
I ... la a- I. a. 'ou-ll "!' 'ass.
, . I .' in il-,- . s-
t . .,' .-anl ,!. . . a si .1, tn a be
a! allow.,!, a !! re.-or, i.-. I as
1'e last v.i,! ami testament ol .outri
1:.."iii:iiiii. .1-'. :i.-e.i: that .sai.l instru
ment i.e ;i . I : n i 1 1 -. I to probate, a ml th''
.o'lu inlsl 1 a ! i ni of sai.l estate !
,1 to r'liiiil, .1. I : i :. m;i 1 1 n. as eoelltot:
li is hereby "rib i e.l that you. ami all
I I't'.-oiis i ;: teres; e.l in .-.i,.l matter, may.
ami ilo. alii.ear al lla- 'oiint' Court to
il lor sahl roiintv. "li the
f 1 ,,e. a: l.ei A. I'. I at I'I
m ., i k s I . .v ea u -,-. if a n y
why the player of the I" li
on hi not he e, ,a ii te.l. ami that
pelaie la V of sail pel I t loll
Ima ri a-: Il run' he a iviti
i 1 1 ' I i s ; i -1 i in sa hi ma t -
I.i- I.e nil, lisl, Ml-' a I'OllV I I Ills outer
in th- I ' i o 1 1 - : i : u 1 1 1 .1 m ri ,;i '. a s,t,n-Iii.-
lu vvspapei print."! in sanl
,-..:nt'.'. for t h r, e suie.s :vi- ivi i la
'.l ii r t" sael iliiy "f la a' lm-.
Wilm ss mv liaml. ami seal of sab!
.Hill, this lull day of Nov ember, A.
I', l'-'i. J. i:i:i:sin.
iSial ii!l-:iw. .'oiinty .Imlc.
sih e
oVP . !v
there b
tinner -
am! 1
to ."!!
of li
..ii ti'
! . . 1 s
is aUvays ready ta
case rliouixiatism.
AT tho very first twingo, down
.. oo:jjo3 My buttle oi Sloan's;
then qutok relief. ruhhir.?,
lor it'tj etimulatinjx ati.l pcattcra
r.irestion. Tho hnys use it for
uliii muscles!, nmlit Jielps l?"!!-,'s5
backaches, too." 3e, 70e,
This afternoon .Mis. Annie I'.ritt
ili ii irtiul for MiniK anolis. w here she
e I'.l l.'l li"' - - j , i,.,L-.i In l li.itili, for all in-
W. C.o. lie, ease.!. .AP-Vl.s ... ......vs .0. ...,.- .... .... .--
tl,. p. -iiij, n of .M ii ; (Uiinite time nu uas ciiiscu iiie noiue
t ti-- in-tt "mem n'.-.i ju.-,, for tho present at least. Mrs.
t ! : 'hi' "i .no- p.. nln,i,. 1, er luuiie lie re for
vemb.r. !!.. ami P u . I-i l i 11 ' t ' b- a,.,,,,, i,,,,. a,:P,. ,;,' ,i,, uitl,
the l::s( W'll ami t.-iaii'"it ol tie sa m j" '--. "-' t...... ....
iteeeas,..!. may he prove. i iiml a ! i . w i i . h e oxcep t i mi o f a few yoars spent in
.mi 1 .-. or.ii ,1' as -... 1.1. 1 " ill ami !..- !()malia, and her departure has oc-;i'':V''si:;nV:'e,n;-
uZT'lcU u iU teret anions the
p ,!.., ,;--,! c iMicirisi'-iitinii " .sai.l host of old friends who will greatly
.-state e - rai n .' !' Mary '"-ik. , miss !icr society. Mrs. l.ritt lias been
t'l-: . -.-on- net ive in the work of tho -St.
Lulu's church here and lur spare
time from her work in tlm ollices of
her hrot lier.s. Mrs. T. V. Livin.'ton
and J. S. Livingston has been given
r to the worK 01 tne ciiurcn ami nor ne
' ' Dart'ir,. will leave a plj"e in tho
church life that will In hard to fill.
Mrs. r.iitf will malce her home v ith
her daugh.ter. llrs. H. F. Ko'.lor.
; wlmse health has not boon the bet
l'f.r the pust few weeks.
Harding has a reputation through-
, v. four 1 ae iiiuiiu v neiiii; a M'cuiiu
j M Kinh y. He himself has often .-aid
j ho saw little resemblance, yet close
j friends of both see a parallel jn their
tnrilT-views and in their willingness
to .be guided by advise, and in some
of their inatnit-risnis. IJoth have
grave coin ten a noes anil probably no
i-i'-V ever slapped either on the hacK.
ill m t.-en: ini. r.
f John b-ra,mai::s. !, eas.-.i :
! , li, veellii tie po'lM.UI ol .l.'U'l.
i -il r:!jer. J . piiiViira iiui i:-f . ::--
"th ,.av oi yovtn-.Ver. I and ur. , - vu, uu,u-. aul AUS.
...jitnii to he the list will anl testa- Inquire, of I-red G. Eganbereer. tl-C.
a ml
I .1-: t
j I '-. N' I'
. ' : : t .
t .1
Coo.J barn iu tiie best of shape.