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    MOHDiY, NOVEMBER S, 1930.
The Bank
The wise man, and the successful man. invariably is
very careful in the selection of his bank and his doctor.
He knows that; bis life may depend on the judgment and
ability of his doctor. He fully realizes that the life and
success of his business, be it professional, merchandising
or farming, may depend on his banker.
There is no question but that we shall pass through
an adjustment period, bordering on a panic, within the
next few years, present conditions foreshow this, and the
man who has not already tied up with an established, re
liable bank a bank whose officers have successfully with
stood times of stress, may shortly regret his lack of judg
ment. Select a bank that is able to take care of you in
times of plenty, as well as in times of famine, and you can
then rest easy. Remember the solid, dependable things
of life are not based op promises, but on deeds. Our past
record is what counts.
We have the above necessary qualities to offer our
customers, besides personal services whenever our opinion
is desired on business or personal matters of our friends.
All deposits in this bank is guaranteed by the depos
itors guaranty fund of the State of Nebraska.
The Bank of CUSurdock
"The Bank where You Feel at Home"
HENRY A. TOOL, President J. E. GUTHMANN, Vice-Pres.
H. A. GUTHMANN, Cashier
Murdock to the Fore.
Last Wednesday at the election in
Murdock for the issuance of bonds
for obtaining for Murdock an electric
lighting system, the people with one
accord, took the proper view of the
situation and carried the election by
a three-fourths vote. The ballots on
being counted showed that three had
voted for the proposition of issuing
the bonds while one had voted against
the proposition. The. vote stood 22
against and 86 for the advanced step.
With the coming of the electric
lights will also come other improve
ments, which will make the town bet
ter. The next step which will be
for the betterment of the town will
be the erection of a school building
commensurate with the needs of the
district. This building can be easily
constructed by the wealth of the dis
trict, which is one of the richest of
the rural districts and the building
will be a benefit to the whole com
munity as well as to the city proper.
Another thing which is needed by
the community is a hotel commen
surate with the needs of the city.
The business which has been con
ducted by Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Gilles
pie, has been a good one. and they
have been very accommodating and
looked after the traveling public as
well as possible under the circum
stances. With the quitting of the
business by them. Murdock is left
without a public eating place.
A move to organize a company
and construct a hotel in Murdock
should be vne of the first moves which
the men of money should do. The
venture should pay in dollars and
cents as well as be a move in the
direction of securing for the town
adequate facilities for the caring for
the traveling public as well as pro
viding a place for the people of Mur
dock to board.
Land for the purpose of a hotel
site can be had at a very reasonable
figure and at a location that will
make the best place in town for t lie
Mrs. John Amgwert was a visitor J
with friends in the capital city last
Wednesday for the day.
George Mills was the loser of an
excellent horse from an attack of
colic, the animal being valued at
about two hundred dollars.
Wm. Mayers. Gale, John and Paul
Pickwell, who are attending the state
university at Lincoln, were spending
Sunday at home last week.
Mrs. Win. Heier departed last Fri
day evening for Omaha, where she
visited for a few days and at Council
Muffs with relatives and friends.
John Amgwen was looking after
some business mailers in Lincoln
last Wednesday, driving over m his
car, being accompanied by C F. Hue.
Herman Schmidt was a visitor in
IMattsmouth last week, where he was
iu attendance at the meeting of the
county commissioners which was be
ing held there.
E. W. Thimgan, John Gakemeier.
Miss Mildred Sorick of Lincoln,
was visiting at the home of friends
for a short time last Friday and Sat
urday. llattie Miller, who has been em
ployed with the Murdock hotel, de
parted for her home last Sunday
since the closing of that institution.
T. S. Itager. living northwest of
town, had the misfortune to lose a
horse from the result of getting its
foot injured and becoming infected,
the animal being valued at about
All the teachers of the Murdock
schools, were in attendance at the
teachers institute at Omaha lat
week and the school was suspended
for the time.
Miss Catherine Tool, who has been
attending the teachers institute at
Omaha for a portion of last week, vis
ited the remainder of the week at the
home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.
J. Tol.
Messers Charles Schaffer and Or-
Resigns After Years of Service.
Harry V. McDonald, who has been
the city clerk for the village of Mur
dock for a number of years, at a meet
ing of the town board last Thurs
day resigned, and his resignation
was acted on by the remainder of the
board and a meeting called for the
following evening, at which time H
A. Tool was elected to fill the va
cancy. Mr. McDonald has served th.
city long and faithfully and ha
made a competent official and we art
certain the citizens feel grateful tr
him for hs good services. Mr. II.
Tool will make a good man for the
place as well.
and 1. G. Hornbeck were spending
. time at the hunting grounds vnie ingerson. who formerly were
-4 near Memphis last week and secured making their home at the hotel be
, jx quantity of ducks. fore lt dosed, are now making their
' x ; 112.. 4 . ... ... . n I. -
.miss Ionian Aui,rri i. ""home with their employer Wm.
been visiting in Murdock for the pa.-t
ten days, returned to her hjnu in
Council Bluffs, having had a very
pleasant stay while here.
Gehrts and wife.
Misses Ethel and Lola Schwab,
formerly of Murdock. but having
been located in Omaha for the past
Henry A. Guthman. cashier of the , vear were visiting in the city for a
number of days last week, the guests
of their many friends.
Miss Margaret Tool, who is attend
ing the Lincoln high school, was
home mot of the week on account of
the dismissal of the school for the
teachers institute which was in ses
sion at Omaha last week.
Mr. ami Mrs. G. Hupp, who have
l.een in Omaha for some time past,
where Mrs. Kuop was receiving treat-
Robert William, wbo has been in ' ment at the Clarkson hospital, stop-
Murdock for a short time from the . ped on their way home to Huntley
west, was a visitor at Lincoln, where j fr a short visit at the Markel home
he engaged with a firm at his line ; in Murdock and enjoyed the visit
which is that of a blacksmith, and i greatly.
will work in the capital city for the Peter Reuter and wife, with their
winter. (two daughters, who have been mak-
Miss Martha Gakemeier, who is a , ing their homes for some years past
student in the Wayne State "Normal. J at Annahein. California, arrived in
was a visitor at home for a short Murdock last Friday and will make
time last week, being able to get; their home here during the winter.
Rank of Murdock. was a visitor in
Plattsmouth last Friday, driving over
in his auto, where he went to look
after some business matters for a
short time.
Ralph Ueeve. who is engaged in
teaching in the public schools at
Shelby. Ia., was a visitor at home for
a short time last week, remaining
over Sunday as the guest at the home
of his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Horace
Gave a Good Entertainment
The Kelso company, which is com
prised of some half dozen young ladv
artists, presented at the M. W. A. hal'
an entertainment which was well re
ceived by the large and highly plei?e'
crowd of people who gathered to hej'
the excellent numbers which they
rendered. The next number will bt
given on December first and will l.e
"Tlie DeWilmn Concert Company",
which consists of three entertainers.
Mr. DeWilmo and wife, and La Naomi
Ci.ffin. all artists in their particular
Did Not Effect the Real Estate
The recurrance of Hallowe'en has
i caused the change of many pieces of
personal property, though it seeming
ly did not affect the real estate mar
ket to any considerable extent. Many
wagons and other personal property
changed places and positions to the
discomfort of the owners and those
interesreu in ine properiy.
awav when the schools closed in order
to afford the teachers an opportunity
to attend the teachers institute at
Omaha. -
Mr. Reuter. who has been engaged
In the fruit business, recently sold
bis farm and will again in the spring
purchase another place in the west.
Secured Many Patrons.
A committee of the city council
canvassed the two lines leading from
Murdock to east of Manley. where
(they are to attach to the electric ser
vice lines and received much incour
agement as to those who desired t
become patrons of the line and which
would assist in the defraying ofthe
cost of the line from where it is at
tached to the other service line tr,
M urdock.
This Week mily
Heavy Fleeced Out Double Thumbed
InJwsEtDinig Bowes
-Murdock Mercantile Go.,-
Murdock, Nebraska
Had An Excellent Meeting.
The Young Woman's Circle met
last Thursday at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Otto Miller some three miles
, north of Murdock, where they held
their regular monthly meeting which
consisted of business and social com-
bined. An excellent program had
been provided which was given after
the concluding of the business which
had accumulated during the time
since the last meeting. The sricial
hour was devoted to games and all
was climaxed by a delightful lunch
eon which was served by the enter
taining hostess.
Mrs. J. E. Mcllugh and children
were visiting in Lincoln for the big
ger portion of last week, they having
a holiday at school and took advan
tage of the proposition to visit the
parents of Mrs. Mcllugh, George
Towle and family.
Only One Thing
Breaks My CoIcP
."That's Dr. Kind's New Dis
covery, for Fifty Years
u Cold -Breaker"
TIME-TRILD for fifty years and
never more populir than today.
Nothing but the relief it gives from
stubborn old culds, an. I on-rushing
new ones, grippe and throat-torturing
coughs coull have made Dr. Kind's
New Discovery the st md-rd remedy it
is today. No harmful dns.
Always reliable, and Rood for the
whole family. 1 las a convincing, heal
ing taste with all its good medicinal
qualities. At all druggists 0!) cents,
SI. 20 a bottle.
For colds and coughs
New Discovery
The Results of Constipation
are sick headaches, biliousness, sailo..
skin, waste matter in the intestinul
system. Correct this health-undermining
condition by taking Dr. Kind's
Tills. reel pood everyday. Keep
the svstem clean and virile. Saras
old price, 25 cents. AH druggists.
Prompt Wont Gripo
( Republican
I have a number of fine Single
Combed Brown Leghorn cockerels for
sale. Phone 2712.
td d&w. Murray, Neb. v
A nail file in a Chicago policeman's
pocket deflected a bandit's bullet and
saved his life. Thus the nail file
gains commendation; but what has
a patrolman's powder puff to offer as
an excuse for itself?
A scientist asserts that criminals
are born, not made. And Judging
from tbe police records, the crim
inal nirtn rate must be right up
alongside that other birth rate the
late Mr. Darnum spoke of.''
N. C. llalmes was down from Oma
'ia Monday, settling up on the sale
if his house to Mr. Adolph S:ut'..
Xick seems to like Omaha tine.
YV. L. Ilohson went to Nehawk;
Wednesday to bury Mrs. J. W. Dough
y, who died Monday morning, aged
tiftv-four vears. Interment was at
Mt. Pleasant cemetery.
Henry J. Ruhga of North Platte.
visited his parents. Mr. and Mr:
lohn W. Ruhga over Saturday and
Sunday. Henry was in Omaha with
-dock and just ran down for a short
Mr. and Mrs. Les Gregory and fain
ly drove in from Ohas county Fri
day r.isrht for a visit with rela
rives. They will go home via lHir
.veil and visit Mrs. Gregory's sister.
Mrs. Pearl Long and family.
We are informed that Mr. and Mrs
Charley Countryman were in Omaha
last week, where ?.lr. Countryman
was receiving treatment for her eye
trouble, which is very serious, and
it is feared she may lose her sight
Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Cole left Mon
lay evening for Surprise to attend
he funeral of Mr. Cole's brother Lo
renzo Cole, who died very suddenly
Monday morning. Mr. Cole was out
o Polk county about ten days ago
and visited his brother, who seemed
it that time to be in perfect health.
Edward Murphy, Jim Carper and
George Stoll drove to Sterling las
Thursday to attend a Chester White
hog sale. The first hog sold brought
$1210 and the first five sold brought
a total of $3.S03. Prices were too
high for our boys and they came
home without buying.
Cass county already has three
splendid consolidated school centers
at Alvo, at Nehawka and at Eaele
Wabash' and Murdock are new points
of consolidation, and from the talk
we hear, Manley is likely to be one
of the next. The necessity of send
ing pupils to nearby towns for their
higher grade work is unsatisfactory
md is one of the things that is lead
ing to consolidation.
Queen of His Harem Runs Away
With a Policeman.
Package on road somewhere be
tween Plattsmouth and Murray, con
tained ladies hat as well as knit doilie
and $1 paper bill. Finder please re
turn to Mrs. T. E. Fulton, Nehawka.
and receive reward. Call phone 39,
Nehawka. 27 2td 2tw.
Before placing your fire insurance
call on us and let us explain our
new method, both on city and farm
ol2 lm. J. P. FALTER & SON.
- If you need Insurance of any kind
-ee F. G. Egenberger. aent for all
lines of life. firp. health and acci
dent inssrance. The very best of service.
A Reliable Remedy for Colds
and Croup
It would surprise you to know the
number of people who use and recom
mend Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
Mrs. J. N. Rose, Verona. Pa., writes
"Chamberlain's Cough Remedy has
been used by myself and husband for
a number of years for coughs and
colds. I also gave it to my little
granddaughter three and a half
years of age when she had croup
last winter. It broke up the attack
at once. I have recommended this
remedy to many of my friends and
neighbors who have also used it with
good results."
Duroc Jersey Boars for Sale.
I have a number of "Sensation"
bred Duroc Jersey boars ready for
service, for sale. One mile south of
Murrav. Murray phone 1213.
If those new republics in Europe
really tbink that's what they are.
let's see 'em go ahead and hold an
election on the American scale. Then
then can talk.
Deeply Wounded Because a Christian
Filipino Disregarded the Sanctity cf
the Harem and Eloped With the
Sultan's Sixth Wife Jealousy cf
Newcomer Caused Queen to Bestow
Her Affection Elsewhere.
Like Achilles at tbe siege of Troy,
though for quite another reason. H-
niaJiil Kirn in, sultan of Sulu, sulks In
his tent in Rorneo. His life is blighte.!.
temporarily at least, and his sultani?
pride is deeply wounded, all because a
Christian Filipino, Fernadez, chief cf
police of .Tolo, disregarded the snnctlt
of the sultan's harem by running o.T
with Ids sixth wife, the favorite Tabay.
The elopers are now honeymooning i;i ;
Zaiiiboanga, beyond reach of Kiram's i
Ire. although It is Mohammedan t'erri-
torj and the most important city in
the sultan's religious domain, the
Lit era rv Digest states. In 101.", a
treaty was made with the sultan In
which he renounced his claim to secu
lar sovereignty in the Philippine archi
pelago, and recognized 1Jie supreme
authority in secular matters of the In
sular government. So Tabay forgets
her late lord and master, and smiles
into the eyes of the gallant policeman. .
Roy C Dennett, staff correspondent of
the Japan Advertiser (Tokln). writing
from Manila, tells the story of the sul
tan's bereavement. In 191.", KIram, in
continuing to maintain a numerous
harem, became a bigamist, leading wPh
him in bigamv many datfos who frtllow
the old Mohammedan custom and the
example of their sultan as well as the
teaching of the Koran, nnd live In
polygamous wedlock. The government
bns never attempted to uppres the
hn reins, but hns depended on the
phMie schools to wean the younger
generation from the old idea that one
spouse is not sufficient. The sultnn
managed to steer a middle course In
the affection of lite wives until he took
unto himself a seventh partner to
shnre his joys and sorrows. Thea
things began to happen. Taking xrf
the story, as related in the Japan Ad
vertiser (Tokio);
Flirted With a Christian.
When Tabay, described as a splendid
fem.-ile creature, full of fire and spirit,
found herself gradually being sup
planted in the affections of the sultnn
a Samson whV in signing the fatal
treaty, hr.d cut his own hair she
stood upon lier womanly righf.s, made
love (and to a Christian, too. Allah
save the mark!) In a womanly wny.
.nd set the eunuchs quite at naught
r.nd the poor, aggrieved sultsn quite
In s'lltnnie consternation.
And so he went to P.orneo, instead
of. as in the good old days, going to
his chief eunuch and ordering Tabay
and his chief of police killed. At
Snudakan. Rorneo, the sultan of Sulu
has a palace and lands and an annual
irrnnt from the government of Great
P.rit.iin. He has many Mohammedan
subjects there, and Is received as a
monarch by the r.ritish authorities.
The same obeisance and tribute are
paid to him at Singapore. Like a
prophet of old. he Is not without honor
save In his own country; for he is a
Filipino and until a few years ago hte
mere word was absolute law to the
million Filipino Mohammedans in Jolo
and Mindanao.
Now he cannot take a seventh wife
unto his bosom without a policeman
running off with the sixth! Flow have
the mighty fallen !
"Fernandez," the sad story from .7Io
reads, "because of his official position
frequented the sultan's palace, know
ing there, as few did, even among
Mohammedans, the numbers of the sul
tan's retinue and harem, particularly
Tabay, to whose charms he Immediate
ly succumbed. Tabay returned his
affection. The love profane, accord
ing to the Koran of Tabay and Fer
nandez came to the knowledge of the
watchful eunuchs.
"Hamnlul KIram, nobly bred and
noble monarch, notwltbsanding he was
the supreme ecclesiastical authority In
Sulu. controlled his Indignation first,
because he alone was injured, nnd.
second, because Fernandez was a
Christian. The civil authorities of
Jolo decided to discharge Fernandez,
but Fernandez preferred to resign hte
office. A few days later Fernandez
nnd Tabay, in a frail vlnta (Moro
sailing vessel) set out from Jolo for
Zamboanga. leaving the old sultan, the
old harem and the old times behind
"Tabay, a gentle and royal woman,
until a few months ago was queen of
Hamalul Kirnm's harem. Her manner
and beauty are seductive; she never
failed In obtaining her royal master's
favor and affection.
Jealous of New Wife.
"Rut recently the sultan brought a
seventh wife to the palace, a girl who.
though less splendid and regal than
Tbnyv. has th attraction of youth and
So the tale In romantic Spanish
runs on. The upshot of the whole mat
ter was that Tabay found herself
slipping, and decided to slip away
while slipping was easy: and it was
with the trusted chief of police. The
wounded sult.'in went to P.orneo. aban
doning his Philippine affairs to the
care of subordinates. .All the effoiT"
of Princess Sa!im KIram, his sister
. ' 1 '
Lou will lik Hie snap
and vitality of thQ
r nevr padej" and the
J fair and fearejy
editorial policy of the
We are selling Buicks, Dodgesjmd Mitchells. There
are no more reliable cars on the market. Ask for a
demonstration. We are always at your service. A full
line of tires and accessories always on hand. The best
of workmen for your repair jobs. Bring them in.
Phone 35-B
Murdock, Neb.
Violin Lessons!
I will give violin lessons during the winter months
for beginners and also the more advanced pupils. See
me or call phone 19-G.
Joseph tf tstschinek,
Take off your screens for the winter and store
them against the ravages of the weather. Do it now!
Cover them with protecting paint and have them ready
for use when you want them next spring. The paint
will keep away the rust and rot; prevent splitting and
breaking. We have the paints they cost but a trifle.
Their saving is great.
The Ousterhoff Shops
;7"If you wish we can paint them for you. Bring your
screens to our shop and save 20.
J Keep in mind that we are handling the
famous "TITAN" Tractor, and have a
few on hand that we can deliver on short
J Ask us for a 'demonstration, or any
thing pertaining to these tractors or the
work they will do.