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be piattsmoutb journal
Kntprct! ut I'oiUotTice, I'lattsmouth. Neb., as second-class mall matter
R. A. BATES, Publisher
Spain's king to visit Cuba, says a
news line. Is Spain so dry?
The true measure of kindness is the
certainty of its continuance.
Sugar has lost its sweetness to
the man who must .sell it cheaper.
About the only thine: that will
make gasoline drop is a leaky tank.
Nine governors in the United States
have faced impeachment proceed
ings. :o:
Mighty few lead double lives now
adays, because mighty few men can
afford ir.
Take it good-naturedly, boys, if
you are beat,
tions coming.
There are other elec-
John Ilarleyeorn stays in his grave
just like a planted grain or corn af
ter a gentle rain.
"Will You Ive Mp in the Winter
Time of Life." Sure, if you will
build all the fires.
: o :
The most attractive thing about
the attractive window display is the
reduction in prices.
Somewhat of a paradox; but since
dollars have become mare valuable,
they are harder to get.
Ormany is now making money
nut of porcelain. That's just like
;prniany handing the world some
thing easy to break.
What has become of the little girl
who used to be so anxious to change
from short to long dresses?
Civilization is slowly but surely
advancing. They are devising laws
to make marriages more difficult.
So far as has been obsend no
one has criticized the movement back
to normalcy begun by Henry Ford.
Pon't worry about the south. They
will have plenty to eat while wait
ing for the prices of cotton to go up.
The spirits in the other world may
not be so friendly when the great in
ventor is perfected and we tell theiu
our troubles.
The per capita wealth of the
country has advanced to $51.06
almost enough to buy a tolerably
fair suit of clothes.
While in a minority of some 40.
0'o ;ov rnor MeKelvie wins on the
split vot of the opposition from the
face cf the returns.
: o :
Since a monkey baa bitten a king,
and killed him. cats probably may
continue to look at them hut their
motives will be subject to suspicion.
While it would be impossible to
improve on the brand of autumn
weather we have enjoyed in Nebras
ka, there's no use in carrying autumn
on through the winter.
For some unknown reason in the
old days, people were always polite
to a drunk man. But now the
drunk man has disappeared, and
people aren't polite to anybody.
The barbers in Los Angeles have
started something, in reducing the
price of hair cuts from 50 to 25
cents. It's a long way to Califor
nia, buf Nebraska may let their locks
grow until the cat prices reach the
middle west.
In Hawaii they make alcohol out
of pineapple juice and sell it for
eight cents per gallon. This alco
hol, however, is used for running au
tomobiles. Why doesn't the United
Stages send some missionaries to Ha
f waii to tell the natives what alco
hol is for?
:o: '
If it's in the card lire, call at
the Journal office.
Still Sawing Wood!
And giving a reduction from
on all men's and young men's suits and overcoats and
More Good News!
We have added our entire stock of boys clothea to this
sale, and starting today, boy's suits are 20 off this
should mean something to you.
After accomplishing some good
things it takes a lot of watching to
keep them accomplished.
The new relish cabinet contains a
minister named Grabski. We will
watch his career with interest.
Turkey's new minister of the in-
teror is named Izzet. Well, Izzet,
what is it that troubles you today?
The local democracy can find a
crumb of comfort in the victory of
Fred Gorder as county commission
er. : o:
Generally speaking, "morganatic"
is the attitude with which most any
mother-in-law regards her son-in-law.
When a woman gets so old that
compliments no longer have any
charms for her but the time never
"What kind of a game are the pro
fiteers playing, anhow?" shouts a lo
cal orator. Looks like the o. f. game
of keeps.
Two small oil wells were opened
on city-owned property by one of the
recent earthquakes in Los Angeles.
. 0:0
It is estimated that from 500.000
to iSOO.OOO lives are needlessly lost
from preventable diseases every year
in America.
We won't believe hard times are
in sight until the drug store blonds
wear the same tint of hair for two
months running.
The longest bill, soon to be pre
sented to Congress, is the codifica
tion of the nation's laws, covering
more than 1,100 pages.
1 ' ' :o: V "
The meanest man we have ever
known met his little boy on the
street, gave the lad a nickel, and told
him to "go buy something!"
When you reach home and find
that supper is fifteen minutes late,
please remember MacSwinney, who
went days without eating.
After all. the business of cotton
gins is not so bad. In Iowa City
they are threatening to burn corn
on account of the slump in price.
"For better or for worse" is not
an idle phrase in matrimony. One
member of the matrimonial team is
always much worsT than expected.
Kxports of textiles from United
States to Canada for the first four
months this year exceeded those for
the same period last year by nearly
That Indiana youngster who fail
ed to notice that his neck had been
broken in a football game deserves a
whole corner to himself in the foot
ball hall of fame.
: o :
It really isn't right to search the
baggage of foreign ',;plomats at
Washington for liqucr. The prohibi
tion officers ought to be able to get
all they need from the natives.
The British government may be
thoroughly competent in many
branches of endeavor, but it is easy
seen it never was properly ground
ed in the rudiments of funeral direct
ing. 0:0
A German airship concern has ask
ed permission to establish a line of
dirigibles between Germany and the
United States. It's all right If they'll
bring over a keg of beer occasion
ally. :o:
Abe Attell. who fled to Canada
shortly after being exposed in the
baseball scandal, says he will return
voluntarily when he gets ready and
will tell all he knows. The present
delay, presumably, is due to Abe's
difficulty in deciding just how much
he'd better know.
our regular prices of
m 1
W. C. T. U. HAS A
Large Attendance Present to Enjoy
Observance of Temperance Pro
gram at W. II. Newell Home
From Tuesday's Daily.
Vi.(n.lti 'iflAfllMfttl i It rk lTlliflC llf
1 lKIUll UlUll"""1 .- -...
the W. C. T. U. enjoyed one of their
most successful meetings at the plea
sant home or Jurs. w. ji. .eweu on
North 5th street, and on this very
I enjoyable occasion Mrs. Newell va:i
assisted in entertaining by Mrs. II.
C. Leopold.
The occasion was the annual "Tem
perance" program and the ladies had
invited the ministers of thd city to be
present on this event and four- of (he
representatives of the church as were
in attendance. Rev. A. A. Hunter
of the Methodist church. 'Kev. Fath
er W. S. Lcete of St. Luke's church.
Kev. A. G. Hollowell of the Chris
tian church and Kev. 11. G. McOlusky
of the Presbyterian church.
The meeting was opened with t!i"
devotional service led by Mis. A. (.
Hollowell and in which the member.
of the party joined and was followed
by the short program of the after
noon. Each of the ministers yaw
a bri f resume of the temperance
movement and their opinion as to the
benefits of temperance to the nation
and to the people.
During the afternoon Mrs. K. 11.
Wescott. gave two of her de
lightful vocal selections the ac
companiment being played by Mr.
Wescott, while Father Leete also
gave a vocal numberthat was much
enjoyed. Mrs. A. .1. leeson. one !
the talented cdt.Mitiunirts ot the city,
afforded the members of the party
two verv high - class readings that
were much enjoyed by the numbers.
Mrs. W. S. Leete read the history ot
the temperance movement in the eas!
in the vcar ISOS and in which her
grandfather had been actively en
gaged and which v as one of the til -I
of its kind 1:1 the I nited Slates.
The hostesses at a suitable hour
served very dainty rciresiunent.
which proved a pleasant feature of
the afternoon's entertainment and
brought to a cbse one of the thor
enjoyable gatherings of the
Omaha's Leatiiiii
Pro Football
Team Clamcring for Armistice
Day Game Here.
There is strong probability that
Omaha's crack semi-pro football ag
gregation, the Nonpariels, may be
seen in action on the local grounds
this season. ' At any rate the stars
from the Nebraska metropolis are
clamoring for u game with Platts
mouth's American Legion team Ar
mistice day.
The Nonpariels are one of the
classiest teams in the state and by
defeating Havelock the local team
has been favorably mentioned in the
Omaha papers as a contender for the
state semi-pro championship claimed
by the Nonpariels.
The action of Governor MeKelvie
in publicly proclaiming Armistice
day a legal holiday throughout the
length and breadth of the state, for
celebrating the anniversary of the
ending of the war will mean the
closing of many enterprises for at
least half if not all day, and there
is little doubt but that the recreation
bent public would welcome the ad
vent of a football game of such pro
portions as might be expected when
an irresistable body comes into con
tact with an immovable force.
The Nonpariels are to meet the
Havelock Hoilermakers at Itourkc
park in Omaha Sunday.
While a definite meeting has been
arranged for Armistice day, it seems
quite probable the local fans will be
given opportunity of seeing the Non
pariel stars in action - hero this
From Tuesday's r:tlly.
Mrs. John Krady ami daughter.
Miss henna, arrived in the city this
morning for a short visit here with
relatives and friends for a few days,
as guests at the home of .Mr. and
Mrs. K. 1 1. Krady. Mrs. Brady and
daughter have been visiting at Chi
cago and also at Watson. Mo., with
relatives and friends and after a
short stay here go to Lincoln and
Iicnver for a visit before returning to
their home tt Casper. Wyoming.
They report Mr. Brady and Jei:u'
Brady and family as feeling fine and
enjoying life very much in Wyoming.
From Tuesday's Dally.
Frank L. Streets of this city re
ceived t)e announcement thu; morn
ing of the d'atb in Lincoln today of
his fther.Varon Streets, an old res
ident of that city. The deceased v,n
eighty-six years of a:e and has not
been seriously ill up to tbi: time al
though his health has not tieen of
the best. The death came very sud
denly and was a great shock to the
son in thir; city, who left for Lin
coln this afternoon fo attend the
funeral eervirep. Mrs. Frank S'rcrts
and children will leave tomorrow
morning for Li need n to attend the
servicer,, The, interment will be at
Lincoln where the first wife, of the
deceased is buried.
It is F;aid that Harding will make
General Leonard Wooij secretary of
war, which is all right, but what
I does he intend to do with the other
I battle-scarred veteran of many a mat
rimonial ngnt Lamm Kussen:
Good barn in the best of shape.
Inquire of Fred G. Egenberger. ti-d.
i.kcai. !sotm i: I mitk k of ii i:ri:n i:irs salt:.
In tliu County Court ut' e'ass couu- j 1 1 tin- IWstiiet Court of Cass cuun
ty, Nehrask.-.. I t.. N'eln asUa.
In the- matter of the estate of Adam Benjamin I- Goodman. I'laintirr. vs.
KaffenlerKer, deceased: KoKrt F. ilondmsn f t al. Defendants.
On readiiiLj and films' the application Notice is In-re by Riven that pursuant
cf Minnie KaiTeiilxTKi;!', administratrix to an order of sale issued to me by
of the oMate of Adam Kafl'en helper, ! tiio District Court of Cuss county,
deceased, ti-nderinp: her resignation as Nebraska, ein the 2Stli day of Septem
such administratrix, on account of ill ler. l'.ejo, in an actiorf pending in said
health and inability to act ;is such ad- court in which Henjamin F. Goodman
m 1 ii ist ia I ii x further, ;m. ren iu-st i nij was plaintiff am? l:ol.ert 1 Goodman
that Uenr;;i' A. Ka (Yen berner be ap- t al. were defendants, I will, on the
pointed in her stead 10 -um;l to thop'th day of November, at 1 o'clock
administration of said estate; 1 in the afternoon of said day at the
I C I I : i : I ' 1 1, That November A. D.'sontli front door of the court" house in
1iljc. at o'clock a. in. of said da y I "la 1 1 smou h. Cass county, Nebraska,
is assiine.t 'nr hi-.uitii; said a pplica- 1 offer for sale at public- vendue to the
lion, when all persons interested may i highest bidder for cash, tile following
appear at a County Court to lie held ' described n nl estate situated in the
i:i and 'or said county, ami show j City of Plat tsmouth, Cass county, Ne
cause why t lie prayer of applicant ; bi 'a ska, to-wit:
should not In- runted; and that notice ! Lots nine, ten, eleven and twelve in
of the pendency of said application I'-loe k one hundred ten, according to
an t tile bearing tl.ereon b j,-ivcn to j the published and recorded plat thereof,
all pei-sons interested in said matter; Said sale will remain open for one
oy pu !! i m. i :i cupv 01 tin.s order m
the 1 "la l i .-1.1011 1 Ii Journal. a stiini
ivockly news-paper printed in said coun
ty for time successive weeks prior to
said day of lu-ariu.
Datid this. I'tith dav of October, A.
1. 1 !.
Al.LK.N .1. ilKMSOX,
oj-:;w. ' County Jmle.
Notice To Non-Resident
To the !. f, nd.i nts. the west ha.T of
the northeast ipiarter ot Section S"en
I' 1 n (17) Tow ns.'. !! twelve ( 1 north
Ka'i'Co nine i ;i 1 east of the '"dh p. in.
in Cass county. Nebraska, and all por
: "lis claiiiiiii iciv interest of any kind
in said real estate or any part thereof:
S. N. .Mi;i iiin, whose firs, and full
t: mo- is Seidell N. Met l inm. Seld.-n
.M ri i. mi and l.dia Mcrriam. his v. i 1 ,
A. I'orbin. whose first and real name
1 ; Austin Ciihin and Hannah .M. Oor-
1 in. liis wi:.-. I. V. Newsum. .1. W. New-
siiiii. William Din!'
William I hi r fua ,
I'eniiis 1 'til 1 ; , :-amuei 1. 1 mm cimi 1
iinanovvn iiens, ti visces, legatees ami
, i-rsonal representatives, and all other
persons interested in tne stales ot e;i- ii
ot the a hove mimed "persons.
You and each of you. as named and
b signaled above will take notice thai
n the I" It I, day of Auiiust. l:'0. the
s'-iinii:f. Koi.eit Kbit;:, lii'd his petition
.i.rainst vnii an 1 each of vou in the
i'-strlel Court of ("ass county. Nebras
ka, the obj.-.-t and pr.ier of which pe
tition ate that the court may find and
i'e- ree that plaintiff and his eta titoi s
have In en in tic- sole, op.-ti. adveisc,
notorious, .lusi .-, eon t in nous an I
I..L...I.I.. Ti.',.in of tlin Ml..... I.f
1 ' " ' '
is.. cc. f ..f Ii,.- multicast iiii.i rter
. .1' Sii.rl ii.M r. iit.'.n I I 7 I 'I'o w nsl. j '
twelve 1 1 ' north Katm- nine t east
.f tl.e t.M p ;n Cass county. .Ne-
'i.-i'ka. for more tha'i twenty veai"
! ist p.i t .1- i. in 1 ; i,. (ri'f. and have
made valuable and i-T-linc improvement.-
tie r, on; O at the i!"f.'i Is and
liolids upon t he p'allU tit's tit le lo sail
,'e; .stati. a- ! net. in bis petition
Slav be refiovd and the title iicjotel
rind i-oii '! ri 1 le.t iii Ihis p!a i n t i !.j tliat
iie e.-fecda 11 1 s ami each of ih.m and
;ill person-" e!aim:i:p, by. throiirun or
under them or at-v of them, may be
li'oimd from claimitisT o' asserti':-
title to said real e tate. or anv part
thereof, or from i . t erf .1 i n u with the
tuiet and peac ab! ' liessessioti of this
l.'aintiff therein, and for smh other,
fuither and different relief, as may be
lust and eipiiftlle in the premises.-
Vou and .- b of you arc re-.iniied to the ;,!"-Vc ln-titiop 1 n or be
fore Memlav ti-- Mo day ft' ! '.c.-m her.
1 ;eji).
i Mted tl i "Mil il.IV of October, f.lj'l.
i:i hi:i:t kt. it.
fl... nt iff.
.1 H. r. i;i:v.
c:i Iws. Atlorpe v f-y I M i -i 1 1 ( .
1. r.; 11. MiTici-:
li-e n-tl'lit-iit Ilefendniil
l'o Si!:is Huff. Defendant:
Von will take notice that on the
tl' dav of , . toher. l!iJt. the tdnintitT
: re 11, His. A. C. l!uiT, tiled her peti
tion in the Di.diict Court of Cass ( 11-
tv. Nebraska, against said defendant,
-iliis Huff, the ol-ct and praver of
vbich are to foreclose a certain tax
crtilicate di:iy i.-i-ud to the plainli'Y
hi the 4th d;iy of November. T.M.s. by
the treasurer of Cass county. Nebraska,
'or the taxes due and delinnuent on
Lots f"M. H''.- and in tb Vill:v.;e
if Louisville. Nebraska, for the sum
f ?s."v. and for the sum of $7. "7 sub
e.ieet til es prid diiiin-r the year
l'lis and JS.ii." snb-e.Ue!it t.ix.s piiid
'. pliiiptilT fur the year 1 :M :.
That the above descrih d leiil estate
h- charged with th" alove amoiiiii
wit'i lawful interet theicm. and tlv.t
'daintiiT be awarded f orc ,if-11 tin re
f. an I that eeuitv of redemption and
sli other interests of the defendant
-das Huff be . forever barred and fore
toscd. and Unit said real estate be
-old t'l satisfy the amount of the lien
'ue thereon, and for such other eijui-
l:.',li. lelief.
You arc re'iuired to answer saidj
netitioti on or before tho L'.nd diiy 01
November. I'.ejn.
Dated this lltli dav of October. T.l-O.
.1IKS. A. C. HFFF.
C. A. K.WVhS,
ill-? t v. for l'la int iff.
i.j:;.i. m th k
Thomas I ). l "p.b ; u ood
1 cfell-
hint :
Von an- hereby notii'od thai
'nd ii.iv of .1 Ml v. t:ij(. Sarah i-:
en Hi-
I ' 1 1 1 ' e r -
.v.....). Plaintitt. tiled lo-r pi
it ion and
0111 111-n ced an action agaiu-t
vou In
tie District Court, of Cii-s county. .Ne
braska, the object and prayer r which
ire to obtain an absolute divorce from
vou on tin- ground of extreme cruelty,
without piovocatioti or fault upon the
part of the plaintiff.
Vou are n-nui'sted to answer said
P'tition on or b fore the tith day of
November. I'.'L'O.
;,;.(-. l'laintilt.
n dress
SO M K wi
have ler
that there are two
ways to care ft
clothes. They are
Jearnint; ,( ti'ie
rate of them-
It is quite aruannerly thing to take
cu e of your clothes investmeiit and
protect it. up tf the limit. Hnv5n;
j "' elothts carefully dry deanen
will improve their wear mm ntip n
orolon the life of their stylish lines.
i at-nii.iint( (V-wtth OU1 WOl'k
I means gett ing in touch with a t oal j
money saving service.
Goods Called for and Dsliverea
f I Ob .LO
no l-.1v.-.
.M)iif i-. to nii:i)i'iiii(s
Mint 1:
Notice t ?ion-ri s.dent n- fciida n t s.
To the i'li'v Baptist Foreign M,s.
-loti Soc j. t, a coi pora t ion : American
!. .V; Trtis t'ompanv. a mi ,oi a 1 ion :
west hall of (be 11 ulM'.'i: t Muaitef ,f
Section t..ent ("Jin. Township eleven
Mil. N'Oth Kanue ten 1IO1. east of
the t'.th I". M., Cass county, Nebraska,
and all p' rsons elati'im:r any interest
of any kind in said 1 I estate, or
any part llnf if: e
Von and each of you jmo hereby
notihed that Henry Mei r j u rj-ren. as
plaintiff on the L'Otii day of September,
!9."i, tiled his petitiin'in the i-trit
Court of (' -:: county, Nebra.-ka. where
in yon and each of you are defendants,
f'.i. nhi.'i'l nil. I lir-i'-j.i- ..I e-!i-l. t...ti-
I 1 1,,., .,,.'.. n,.., ..... .,,',,1 ..-.,!, ,,r , ,, .,,,.1
t,,j iierson
liiiiMiiiii; l.v. or
under yon adversely v, plaintiff, be
adjudged to have 110 interest, ril.t,
estate, or lien in or to;
West I, If of the -tiort be;., t
ipiarter t Section twenty C'li.
Township cl ven (111. N-rl'i l.'.-inue
t 11 (oi. east of the ',(,, '. M .,
Ca:-K e-iiitity. Nebraska-
r a n v part or portion thereof, and
that the plaintiff H-niy M i 1 i u ru n,
to'- etlier Ii his trrantois be adjudg
ed to have been in the adve-rse pos
session of stPI t; ml for uio; e than ten
Vcar.'. I. ist past, and that the Uual
title thereto has Income tc.liv ves'cd
' : 11. , : . . : . .. . .. I . ..
I ie:ii .n 1 j 11 1 i; . 11 11 .. 1 1 1 1 is 1 .1 11 -1 1 1 1
I ' 1
11 ml
:i; bv.
:-!i of you.
r any one riHimnx' hv. through or
Mtidi-r mil. ;i'nl that the title to :aid
hind be forever ipiitted in the sriid
Henry M i t j n 1 n 1 ti. as against you and
i-.'ii Ii of you, and that ia'-, an! all of
sii.l defend.! nt : above named, and those
wlin. - names ate unknown, ate! not
stated, be f i-r barred from cai:n-
in or iisi-.-iti'itr any title, inn-rest
or stale in and to said real
estate or anv part thereof, and for si;.-:i
other and further telief as to the con! t
uiiiv seem just and en 11 i t a Ide.
Vou and each of yon are further
notiihi! .011 are required to answer
said petition on or before Monday, the
L'-'Iid dav of November. 1 !'!.
jiknkv .11 1:1 IMC I l-A'.
c. a. i:wls.
.ill-lv,'. . Hi- Attoinev
Stat" of Nebraska, ('ass
t v.
In the Countv On. nt.
In the matt- r or the .state of Sarah
I . niack. deceased.
'l'o the creditois of said estate:
Vmi ate hereby notiit.d. That I will
sit at the ('oimty Court room in T'latts
iiiniit Ii in laid coiintv. on the loth day
of November, A. D. l!-'(i. arid on the
Mt!i day of l-'cbruary, A. D. C'Jl. at 1
o'clock a. m. each dav to receiie and
cvaiuiiie a!l elain: against said estate,
w ith a vii w to tlicir adjustment and
aUowaneo. The time limit d for the
presentation of clai-ns against said
tsate is tliree months from the loth
day of November. A. D. llej'. and the
time limited for paym nt of ddts is
one year fioni said lcth day if No
vember, r.tjo.
Witness my hand and the seal of
said County Court this Oth day of
October, l'l-f. j. ni:i:snN.
iSeali oll-lw. County ,1nlne.
1'iiini cm: mh k i:
In the Count v Com I of Cass dilu
te. Nebraska
in the 111. liter of the estate of S.lill
u I A 1 1c v , deceased.
Nt TI I-!'
To all persons Interested in the es
tate of Samuel Alley. iIci-imsoI:
Vou aie heretic notified tl .it on this,
the i;:th day oi October. l!'.'n. the peti
tion of Mark White wns tiled in tli.s
Court alleging that !: Sai'i1.'! Alloy,
hte a resident and inhabitant of Cass
county, Nebti-.ska. departed this life at
Rock niuffs. in said county. 0:1 Decem
ber "ml. 1sT". leaving tin estate to be
administered and a Last Will and To-j
lallletll Ulsposum il si' in'-. ttiinii '-
now on tile heiein. and which was ad
mitted to luohate in this com t on the
Mh day of .lanuary. bl'ti, bltre Win j
II. Newll. then Ooitntv Juilcc ttr s.iul
eoontv iis shown bv :in order cntoic.l
Ion nag' -tn of Rntrv l5.ok "I!"' ;i roc-
lord of said court, but thiit by ovcr-
sitht or omission. the said eountv
.linlge failed lo endorse ins c.-iiinciue
of probate thereon, as reiiuiretl by law.
to entitle said instrument to be read
in evidence of title to real estate, and
I praying- that said instrument be allow
ed, established, probated ana aunieu
tie'ated, as required by law.
Vou arc further notified that said
petition and proofs t hereon, will be
heard at the County e'ouit room in
Plattsmonth, In Cass eountv. Nebraska,
on the 1.1th day of November. lOLMt. at
nine o'clock in the forenoon, at which
lime all persons interested may appear
and contest the same, a-pl unless ob
i.etions ere tiled on or before said
day -arid hour of bearing, the Court
mac grant the prayer of said petition.
Dated October 1.:, 10" 0
o14-3w. County Judge.
nitnrii ok iiimhim;
iii lrtltln f "r iiitin-ut of
Vilmf nintrntorN
Tli State of N"titiiski. Cuss cuiin
t v. ss.
In the Conntv Com t.
In the matter ot the estate of Ktn-ni"i-
K. Ri'f ic lt-i"t'a s-d.
n nnil fillnc the petition of
Sa-lie K. Rei'. Arthur It. aim
!' . ... . . . . C...-r ln .1.1 t t tl I
Philip - li-i'i- I'l.i.i'iiH. 'i'"1
trntiivn of sai.l i-state nmy h' Kiante-l
to Saiii- K. Reece anil Arthur Ii. Kftif
as AilmiriistiHtois:
tiriiPieil. Tliat N"ivr-m her 13th. A. I.
1"-(i nt 10 o'cloik a. m.. is as-iinfil
for lii arinc sanl petition. hch
persons intereKteit in r.airt matter mnv
appear at a County Court to he liel-1
in and f"r sntil county, anil show cam;1
why th praver of petitioner r.hoi'hl
not" he granted: and that notice of tli1
.,...,.(:..,, v nf ;aid petition and the liear-
int; thereof he Riven to all perrons In
tel (sled in said matter by puhiislnnfr
, c.uiv of this order in -the Mattsmou th
.l,n,ll. a Pvn.i-veekly newspaper
...i...i in '.aid eountv. for three mio-
'ensive weeks, prior to said day of ,
; hearinr.
I Dated October I."..
I Seal) olS-3w.
County Judge.
Mint i;
In the Iistrict Court of Cass coun
ty, .NeeraKa. T'nronertv.
eton-1!!11 j ' stoii: Wni. F Kropp."' Pe-
rendantp. ' .... . .
The ott.lecr oi me o"- nw
tion in which a summon:
suiiini""-- '".."V - .." i
served upon Henry J. Stull, i. J. stun;
nnd W F. Ktopp. and alt pernor., un- mam Jtiarr, was appoiniea as exeeu
known'who may have or -laitu to J'yo . tor D( tiie estate. The contest over
, o-ht tine or ln'i.tot to .t,-
tlVi.f r- !
il,. Vnrl i. 1,1 OI Hie. .Oi !!--
yji v vwi: of section t'v-o cji, tt3red by the neirs w
Township ten HO). i:angre twelve (12). thg member3 Of the
i-a county. NebrasKa. is xiie io t- omml division
r,V. nt Ta -r r-ertificatea O. 40it) "
C1USU1C1 -
owned by M. Drury, plaintiff, and cov-
ering the above described trac t of
land. j
That on or about the Hth dav of'
October, 1010. the plaintiff filed her!
petition in the District Court of Cass;
county, Nebraska, and the above nam- ;
ed defendants an- hereby notified that)
unless they answer within thirty days j
of the1 completed se-rvice of this notice, 1
exclusive of the day of such service, j
the petition of said Plaintiff tied '
against them in the Clerk s office of ;
said Court, such -tot it ion will be taken!
as true and judgment rendered ac
cordingly. M. DIM'KY,
l: Plaintiff.
1-:. L. DRUKY.
oil-? Her Attorney.
i.!:e;L .otick
Notice to nop-resident defendants,
their heirs. !e'ate.-s, devisees, persona!
lep-.i-stiiti-'i'.-es and all other persons
niTcresicii 111 tt'cir ostites.
To Kheriy Tiirockiriorton. if livin
if ik-c-eiised, his e.nknovvn heirs, devi
sees, legatees, personal representatives
and all oilier persons interested in h!s '
1 state; .! est pi; i ne Th 1 mil niort on, if liv-j
in!;, if !!! asod. her unknown heirs, i
devistes. logat --s, personal rep 1 eson i a - 1
lives ar.l all olio r persons i 1 1! crest ed
in In 1 1 stale; Peter M.-Attrcy, if living,)
if ii.-ce.i- d, his unknown heirs ib.-vi-i
lis, legatee:;, ptlMllial e p t ( S e 11 fit t i V IS
and iill oiler persots i nt crest oil in bis;
suite: oscjili : at- MeAffn-y. if living, i
if ileceased, iicr iiiiknuu ii h.-irs. lil'Vi - I
Sees' l."-.ll t.e IS. .til. 1 1 I. ; O es i. '. t I i e..s
and all I'tli- r p'-rsons in'eresii-.l in fieri 'r
state. U. .ienki:is. if living, if!:
deci-as,!!. ): s l'tiknovvn heirs, devisees.) .1
le-'iiti-i p.r.-.insl i prcsen 1 a ! i ves and
all other i--:.o!,s intcrestiil in his
estate; i tie northeast quarter (.VK1., )
if Section c:::liteen (ISi. Township
ei .ven (111, North Range twelve 1U1,
ea.-t of tin- i. Hi P. .M.. Cass county,
Ni In ;is.i,i, ::!n! ail persons claiming
iiii.v interest of any kind in said real
estate, or any part thereof:
i-ii and each of you ale hereby
notified that Frank J. Spanghr, as
plaintiff, mi the lllli day ot October. pjed fijs pitition in the District
''out of ("ass eii'nity, Nebi-aska. where
in you aie! eii'-'i of on are defendants,
lie object ami prayer of which peti
tion arc that v on and i-a' h of you and
a!! persons it.iiming by, through or
under yon. adversely to plaintiff, be
adjudged to liri-.e no inl.iest, right,
state, or ! i.-n, j n or to;
'i In- te.) t !iea- t quarter CNF1,!
of S.itp.n i'-.litei-ii l IS). Towtishi i
eliv-ii (111. North i;ange twelve
tlJ). t s i ,,f (!,,., M., Cass
i on i t .-, Nebrnska
or i'nc art or portion thereof, and phi i n i i if Fi .ink J. Spangbr, to-;'.-her
Willi his giatitors. b- a d.iud g-d
t i i .'ii ' I i t n in the advetse jmti. ssion
of said hind, and very part of it, for
tii ; r - - than ten veai.- la.-t p.i.t, and
that tl-e le:;.il title thereto has become
fullv yi'te.l in Frank .!. Spa mi; ' r. not-i
vv 1 1 hi- ! a ml i ii t t In- i latins ot .ni and.
.oh of v on, os anv one claiming by.
t ' r, n i. a or under yon, and that the
t:t!- to said hind bo lore-er quieted in
said Frank .1. i-pa n It r. as against you
and ii i Ii of you, ami that each ami all
of said ib fondants named. and thus,,
whose names ale unknown and not
stat'd. be f.ii'i'Vi 1 barred f i mil claim
ing or .-, .--sen in g any right, title, in-leie.-l
or estate .ii and to .-ai.l real s
tate, or trny part thereof, and for sm Ii
othtf and f.isther relief as to the
to'irl. may seem ju-t ;ind i-quitahle.
Vou iuni eat ii of you are further
notified ti :it y i'ii arc required to an
swer saitl petition on or before .11m-
d.lV, the Jilth lht of Decembtl. RtJII.
te-liv. Ally, lor Plaintiff.
oupj-.ii oi" iir.i(!N;
and .olioe mi Petition for Scl-
I1-1111-11I of Account.
In the e'ourt of Cass coun
ty. Nebraska.
State of Nebraska. Cass county, ss.
To all persons interested in the es
tate if Oliver James Cilson, deceased:
on leading the petition of Sarah
KMen Oilson. administratrix, praying
a ti::i;l settb-nien i and allowance of
'let- iiccount tiled in this Court on the
l;:th il iv of October, licit, and for dis
tribution cf the residue of said estate;
It is hereby- ordered that yon and all
m i sons it ft rested in said matter may.
and do. appear at the County Court to
be !o PI in and tor said county. m tin?
Hth day of No ember. A. D. l'.'.'K at
1 ' o 1 bck a. m . to shw caue. if any
ii'.'ie i e. w h v the prayer of the peti
t .o.-r should not be matited. and that
net ice of the pcnd-riey of said petition
and the i.e. wine thereof be given to
s.M persons int, r. -ted in said matter
bv -nbl:s!-uig a ..! of this order in
ti e P!.ittm. ;i .Toii-n.i!. a s. tni-vveek-
111 v e-.ij., v printed in said county,
for t -it w , k prior to said day of
he. 1 1 ;:i -. .
In v;.n, ss w'.., roof. 1 have hereunto
it i-iv band and the Seal of said
Coon this .'"f.i day of October, A. D
AI.I.KN .1 1:i:f.son.
(Sta'.i County Judge.
Iowa High School Team Will Visit
This-City to Engage Local Team
On Fridav Afternoon.
The next panie scheduled on the
list of the flat tsmouth Iu'rIi school
is that of tileenwooil. which will he
here- on next Friday afternoon to
take on the local warriors in an ex
liihi' of the enlivening fall sport.
The lilenwood team are well
matched with the locals and a very
pleasing hat tie is looked forward to
by the fans of the city.
The game will be scheduled a lit
tle earlier owinr; to the fact that the
teachers will be in attendance at
tlie teacher's institute in Omaha and
therefore a school holiday will be
The game will be scheduled for
2:30 at the Red Sox park and it will
be a good opportunity for the fans
to get out and assist their favorites
with their rooting and boosting.
From Monday's tally.
Tn the matter of the estate of Au-
p,ur.t I-Tolti n . deceased, a bearin g was
jbad today before Judge LJeeron and
the court appointed as administra
tor. Mrs. Katherine Nolting. the wi
dow. The estate is valued at $55,700
and consists of some $50,000 real es
tate, the remainder being in personal
in the application for the probate
of the estate of J Ross Barr,
ceased, which was heard on Saturday
t,.. 1, U
aiitrnoun vy tue
the codicil to the will which had been
as dismissed as
family decided
of the property.
Jas. L. Fullerton,
"My 5-ton White
truck makes a
round trip of 63
miles each day.
This truck was
using 17 gallons
on this trip. I in
stalled Zelnicker
Ever-Tyte Rings
and this truck
makes the same
trip on 12 gallons.
3 point txpantton
Right-Angle Interlock.
Ever-Tight Phfon Ring Co.. Si. Louis
Asfe forZelnickerKver-Tyte Picton
Kings at any garageor repairebop
or vet them Irou us.
J. F. Wolff
Pes Moines, la.. Nov. 2. Iowa to
(liy rolled up tremendous majorities
lor the .heads of both national and
state republican tickets, seemingly
breaking records that have stood for
With slightly more than one-fourth
of the 2,:'ti0 precincts of the state
heard from Senator Harding was
leading Governor Cox more than
three to one, indicating a majority,
if later returns maintain the pace
set by earlier ones, of from 400,000
to r00,000.
Senator Cummins, on the face of
returns from one-sixth of the state,
was leading Porter two to one and
Kendall, the republican candidate,
for governor, was leading Herring,
his democratic opponent, almost two
to or.e.
Cummins" enormous lead was a
surprise to his staunchest supporters.
Feldom in the history of Iowa has
there been such a strong battle
waged against a senatorial, candidate
as was waged against Cummins. He
was attacked principally for his part
in making of the Esch-Cumniins rail
road bill and two weeks ago many
republican leaders expressed concern
over the situation, although they
maintained the senator would win.
Results in the gubernatorial race
reported early also were a surprise,
it being believed that the race be
tween Kendall and Herring would
be much closer than present returns
indicate that it will be.
Latest returns follow:
For president: ?29 precincts out
of 2.360 give Harding, 175,142; Cox,
For United States senator, 449
precincts give Cummins (Kep.) 104,
r.?r: Porter (l)em.) 51.113.
For governor, 432 precincts give
Kendall. (Rep.) 95,643; Herring
(Uem.) 51.469.
There are not many good cows
left in this old world, but we have
most of the best ones and they will
be sold at auction Saturday, October
be sold at auction Saturday, Nov.
6th. at Plattsmouth. Neb. Sale at
2 p. m. at Gouchenour's barn. Herd
consists of 17 head of Shorthorns,
Jerseys. Holstines and Guernseys.
Some fresh now; others will be fresh
soon. Terms to suit purchaser.
For 45 years folks in your locality
have been buying pianos from A.
Hospe Co.. Omaha. They handle the
famous Culbransen Player. Write or
phone them for particulars. o28 4tw.
When you tnink of printing, yon
caji't help but think of ns.
Any man or woman who keeps
m Sloan'8 handy will tell you
that same thing
ESreCIAjLVtW .freqwntly
attacked by rheumatic twinges.
A counter-irritant, Sloan's Lini
ment scatters the congestion and pent
tratcs without rubbing to the afflicted
part , soon relieving the ache and pain.
Kept handy and used everywhere
lor reducing and finally eliminating the
pains and aches of lumbago, neuralgia -inuscle
etratn, joint stiffness, sprains!
t nnses, and the results of exposure
ou just know from its stimulating'
h ealthy odor that itri!l do you good
Sloan's Liniment is sold by all drujr-t;tsts-35c,
70c, $1.40.
; I