The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, September 20, 1920, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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Cbe plattsmoutb lournal
Kntered at I'ostoflfice, Plattsraouth, Neb., as second-class mail matter
R. A. BATES, Publisher
Kven the pessimist can see the
bright side of a silver dollar.
It will be a lucky man this win
' trr who finds himself between two
If only the cheaper shoes lasted
longer, as do the cheaper cuts of
The rtiorus of presidential ouija
IwmhIs is beginning to betray a dis
cord here and there.
The immigrants to this country
are never popular until they become
democrats or republicans.
Holding up the millions for the
ln'nefit of the few is not a healthful
sport fur profiteers of either capital
tr labor.
The price of brooms la coming
down, but you have to raise more
Must" to get a hired girl to sweep
the room.
Cas strong enough to run an auto
is being made from straw. That's
nothing. They make a liquid from
com strong enough to run a locomo
tive. :o:
It must give the tightwad a lot of
pleasure 'to Uiok about and notice
what a line time people are having
(-pending the money of some other
tightwad who has gone before.
The eiahthwife of Kid McCoy, the
pugilist, is suing him for divorce,
after a matrimonial experience of
four months. Perhaps Kid uses his
wives as (-pairing partners, and they
don't like the rough treatment.
The national prohibition commis
sioner admits that some of the
country's big cities are still pretty
wet. Ultimately it may occur to the
national prohibition commissioner or
t-otnehody that prohibition is not
It is said that Germany is dumping
inferior goods into the United States
and labeling them "Made in Amer
ica. " If Germany can outdo the
clothing manufacturers of the United
States in using shoddy material, she's
the champion adulterator of the ages.
The question of maintaining our
public utilities is too large to be
marred by political palavering. The
company is either entitled to higher
rates, or it is not entitled to higher
rates, and that is the question that
can be easily settled through a board
of arbitration consisting of fair
minded experts.
Concerning Harney TJaruch, the
Wall street financier who came out
to Kansas to find "the cat that gets
the cream" of the nation's, produc
tion, many Kansas editors are
amazed that such a wise old dog as
Harney should have gone such a long
way from the cat center of the coun
try in his search.
T. c
We've just got through reading
what Harding said, what Cox said,
what Harney Baruch said, what Cool
ide said, what Franklin Roosevelt
said, what Teddy, Jr., said, what
some of the labor leaders said, what
capital said, what the lady who kill
ed her husband said, what the rail
road said, what Babe Ruth said, what
MacSwiney's wife said, "what the
neighbor said her neighbor said, and
were leaning back in the comfortable
old arm chair to hear what the wild
waves said, when the telephone rang,
and we heard what our wife said.
We've forgotten what the others said,
but we're going to get some meat
and brejd and butter and get home
p. d. q.
m$ better
O M E women
have learned
that there are two
ways to care for
clothes. They are
learning to take
care of them.
It is quite a mannerly thing to take
care of your clothes investment and
protect it up to the limit. Having
your clothes carefully dry cleaned
will improve their wear and help to
prolong the life of their stylish lines
Getting acquainted wjthour work
means getting in touch with a real
money saving service.
Goods Called for and Delivered
Debs probably hopes there Is no
truth in that Salvation Army Slogan,
"A man may be down, but he is never
So long as Miss Alice Faul cannot
vote In November election, wh-y not
make her the stake-holder for all
campaign bets?
- :o:
The exact age of the woman voter
may not be vital, but most folks will
agree In the conclusion that a woman
who is reluctant about telling her
age hasn't sense enough to be a
Political observers are wondering
whether husbands and wives will
vote aiike in the coming election.
Well the old saying is, "coincidences"
will happen in the best regulated
A California scientist and slave to
the interest of truth and accuracy,
says that Eve was really Adam's sec
ond wife, an unpedigreed woman,
Lilith, having preceded her. And
Isn't that Just like a man. not to say
anything about the previous affair?
: :o:
If th republic leaders are telling
the truth when they say that they
knew nothing whatever about the
enormous slush fund, then who is
getting the big wads of cash that are
being mulched from the people, and
under whose direction Is it being ex
pended? :o:
"LaFayette, we have quit," has be
come the republican slogan. And
under that slogan the republican
party purposes not only to win the
election, but to deprive of their ti
tle of loyal citizenship all Americans
whose conscience and Judgment im
pel them to vote as their sons shot."
It is difficult at this distance to
size up the case of Mr. MacSwiney,
the lord mayor of Cork, who decided
to commit suicide by starvation rath
er than undergo a two year sentence
in an English prison.
The Irish mayor .could not be near
er starvation and death than if he
had been living in a third class
boarding house, and getting late to
his meals every day. And yet he
More than that one day he is re
ported to have rallied and to have
passed a good night and the next
day to be dying.
Every day when the Associated
Press wires close we are certain we
are going to find Mr. MacSwiney
dead the next morning, and the first
thing we do when we come down now
is to ask the telegraph operator how
Mr. MacSwiney is. and we always get
one of two answers he is improved,
or near death's door.
Suspicious persons insist that Mac
Swiney Is taking secret nourishment.
We don't believe this. We don't be
lieve MacSwiney would fein weakness
to his Irish constituents, and take a
couple of raw eggs and whisky to
day between times.
But there is one thing certain, if
MacSwiney Is going to get the British
government to release him before his
two year sentence is up, it is plainly
to his advantage to hang on as long
as he possibly can. If he passes out
what Interest the British government
takes is his case after that if of no
importance to him.
It may be the purpose of the gov
ernment to let Mr. MacSwiney com
mit suicide if he wants to. There is
where the uncertainty comes In for
Mr. MacSwiney. If the Lord Mayor
Just knew whether or not the Bri
tish government was bluffing, he
would have an .easy task, but not
knowing, Mr. MacSwiney has a dif
ficult road, and one that might prove
fatal to him in end.
A hunger strike is all right of It is
going to secure your release, but if
you are going to commit suicide by
not eating there are certain very ob
vious disadvantages.
Are the children of today being
consigned to pl&ces of littleness?
Will the efforts being made in some
quarters to destroy American ideals,
and enthrone radicalism, affect their
thinking and their lives?
These boys and girls have a right
to the best; the best homes, the best
educational advantages, the best mor
al training, the best social atmos
phere, the best civilization.
They not only have a right to be
born well, but to be reared well, to be
trained well, both In their thinking
and In their actingj
aiany a Doy starts uie with a
handicap too great for him to over
come and after a period of struggle
against seeming Insurmountable dif
ficulties he submits to the inevita
ble and sinks into the commonplace.
This i3 a tragedy.
It is tragic because the poor fel
low seems to be but a flicker of life
in the midst of Intangible forces
over which he has no control and all
of which seems to be conspiring to
thwart hlf. deevlopment.
It ought not to be so.
Civilization owes the coming gen
eration the proper environment in
which to live and the proper train
ing and equipment for life.
The making of the men of the fu
ture is in the hands of the men and
women whose hands now guide the
movements of civilization. It is
theirs to organize and direct the
forces which imping upon the lives
of the rising generation so that these
forces will make for and not against
soul development.
There can be no civilization
worthy the name that is not based
on education and culture.
But the growing life needs some
thing more than, intellectual train
ing, it needs that which religion has,
a heritage of ideals, expressed in the
eloquence of the soul and enshrined
in great lives.
"Religion alone can give the su!Ti
clent motive, spiritual motive, the
motive of self-giving love and sacri
ficial service, the motive that has
moved every great soul throughout
all the ages.
Character grows in the soil of hu
man conditions. What we are, does
not depend on what we wish we
might be. but on what we are set in
to, our social, physical and moral en
vironment. Grapes are not grown
on thistles, or water lillies on asphelt.
neither do men and women of the
right type grow in an environment of
ignorance, physical squalor, or moral
"To make the world safe for de
mocracy, was a slogan which mar
shaled a nation and hurled its forces
into the maelstrom of war. But more
important than any system of gov
ernment is the Intellectual, moral.
spiritual atmosphere of the nation.
Standards of life and living are vital.
A bench does not need atmosphere.
but a boy does. It is -not the air he
breathes alone that enables him to
live, the soul within him must inhale
the breath of heaven. Aspirations,
ideals, moral standards, spiritual im
pulses, hopes and beliefs, all. are
packed Into the compound that makes
the man.
Progress is not inherent in the
race, it Is an achievement. The ten
dency Is to retrogress. Each gener
ation must fight its way to the goal
of success. The achievements of the
past, the benefits of an advanced civ
ilization, all facilities for education
and established ideals in morals are
helps but not guarantees of a higher
type of life.
It is just here that the coming
generation encounters its greatest
The heritage which weighs the
heaviest is social. There is not much
difference in the brain-weight of
boys, but there is a tremendous dif
ference in their social heritage.
One boy has a social heritage
where every outlook on life is pessi
mistic and discouraging. The fath
er has narrow and cramped concept
tions. He is little in his opinion,
pessimistic in his attitude, bolshevis
tic in his currents of thoughts. He
has soured on the world and has
stewed for years in his own vinegar
until he is vitriolic. Around the
fireside he talks about the inequality
of things, pours out his disfigured
feelings and creates an atmosphere
destructive to every budding hope in
the minds of his children.
Such a home atmosphere is a han
dicap to any boy.
There is another social heritage
which is also a handicap, it is the
heritage of extravagance and dissi
pation, unbridled self-gratification
and mental oscilation.
There is but one salvation for the
rising generation, and that is re
ligion. Where the atmosphere is
sweetened by prayer and Godliness
in the daily life the souls of boys and
girls flower into beauty.-
Geo. It. Sayles, county clerk, wau
out over the county this morning cie
livering the hallo's for the electi-'i
which occurs net week oa the con
stitutional amendment.
C. M. Read and family of Murrnv.
were in the city this morning, driv
ing up in their car to look after
some matters of business.
Misses Nora and Anna Snyder, Es
ther Larson and Crete Briggs, v. ho
are teaching in Omaha, came down
last Friday for the week end at home.
Henry Rice of Murray, was a vis
itor in I'lattsmouth this morning,
driving up in his car to look alter
some matters of business for a short
Misses Alice Louise Wescott and
Grace Beeson were passengers this
morning for Camp Brewster, near
Omaha, where they will spend the
week end.
J. R. Jones, who has been visiting
at the home of his daughter, in Lin
coln for several days, and who whilo
there attended the state fair, arriv
ed home this morning.
Given by a Plattsmoutb. Citizen
Doan's Kidney Pills were used
they brought relief.
The story was told to I'lattsmouth
Time has strengthened the evi
Has proven the result lasting.
The testimony is home testinoanv.
The proof convincing.
It can be investigated by I'latts
mouth residents.
Mrs. S. L. Cotner, Marble street,
gave the following statement Feb.
23, 1916t "I am glad to recommend
Doan's Kidney Pills for I know from
personal experience the are a remedy
of merit. I have taken Doan's on
several occasions for backache and
kidney trouble and they have always
done me good. Doan's have been
used in our family for a long time
and the results have been very sat
isfactory." On May 13, 1920. Mrs. Cotner
saidt "The cure Doan's Kidney Pills
made for me a few years ago .has
lasted. I still have good faith in
Doan's and am glad to recommend
them to my friends."
Price 60tf, at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy
get , Doan's Kidney Pills the same
that Mrs. Cotner had. Foster-Milburn
Co., Mfrs., Buffalo, N. Y.
Phillip Joltz of near Klmwood, was
a visitor in i'lattsmouth tor the cay
having some business matters to ! :
after at the court house.
Loan and l.uildint?
Tobitlia Tlmcker.
II. Irish ct al, De-
In the District Court of Cass coun
ty. .Nebr;i.ka.
The Livingston
Association and
Plaintiffs, vs. O.
I e n a a 11 1 s.
To the defendants, O. II. Irish: the
unknown heirs, devisees. ltlHtfi-s,
personal reresentat i vi-s, and all other
persons interested in the estate of (.
II. Irish, deceased: John i. Hays and
Mrs. John i. Jl.tys. his wife, lirst ami
real name unknown: the unknown
heirs, devisees, legatees, personal rep
resentatives, and all other persons in
terested in the estatrt of John 5. Hays,
deeeased; the unknown heirs, devisees,
legatees, personal representatives, ami
all other persons interested in the
estate of Mrs. John CJ. Hays, deceased;
V. H. I'iikens; the unknown heirs,
devisees, legatees, personal represen
tatives, and all other -persons inter
ested in the estate of W. H. I'iekens,
iteeeased: Miehael K. Kalinin ami Mrs.
Miehael It. I'annin, his wife, tiist am!
real name unknown: the unknown
heirs, devisees, legatees, personal rep
resentatives, and all oilier persons in
terested in the estate of Miehael It.
I Ian 11 in. deeeased; the unknown heirs,
devisees, legatees, personal representa
tives, ami all other persons Interested
in the estate of Mrs. Miehael it. I'.an
riin, deeeased: l-tflie (iossard and
t'harles llossard. her hushand; the un
known heirs, devisees, legatees, per
sonal representatives, and all other
persons inn-rested in the estate of
Kffie (iossnrd, dec-eased; the unknown
heirs, devisees, legatees, personal rep
resentatives ami all other persons in
terested in the estate of Charles llos
sard, deeeased: Cheever Sweet iSi Co.:
the unknown claimants and all other
persons interested in Hot 7 in Itloek
in ritzgerald's Addition to the 1ty of
I'lnttsmoutii. Nebraska: Lot 7 in
3 in Kitzgera Ms Addition to the City
of I'lattsmouth. Cass county. Nebraska,
and all persons claiming any interest
of any kind in said real estate or any
part thereof: r
You and each of you are hereby no
titled that on tin- "-ttli day of August.
A. 1. llt.o. Plaintiffs tiled their peti
tion and suit in the District Court of
Cass county, Nebraska, the? object and
prayer and purpose of which is to
tuiet and confirm plaintiffs', titles in
and to tl,e respective tracts of land,
to-wit." The south one-half of Lot 7.
in lllock ::. in Fitzgerald's Addition to
the City of I'lattsmouth, Cass county.
Nebraska, ami the North one-half m
Lot 7. in Hlocfc In Kitz?erabfs Ad
dition to the 'i!y of I Ma 1 1 smoii t h. Cass
county. Nebraska, and to enjoin each
ami all of yon from having or claim
ing to have any right, title, lien, or
interest, either legal or etjiiifuble, in,
to. or upon, said real estate or a n v
part thereof and to enjoin you and
each of you from in any manner in
terfering witli plaintiffs' possession of
said respective pieces of real estate,
ami enjoyment of said premises ami
lor dilutable relief.
is given pursuant to an
Court. You are- roiuired
lid petition on or hi fore
11th day of October. I'.i-".
fault will be enter d
This notice
order of the
to answer s;
Monday, the
e-r yiiu
The Livingston Loan and
I'.iiilding Association and
Tobitlia Thacker.
PI a in tiffs.
Tllili &. Hl'XP.t'KV.
. Attorneys.
State of Nebraska, Cass
c oil n-
talc of Jacob
ty. ss.
In the- County I'ourt.
In the matter !' the c
11. Vullery. deoi ased.
To the creditors of said e-state:
You are hereby notified. That I will
fit at the County Court room in Plat is
mouth, in said county, on tli 1 1 1 o.iv
of October. A. 1. P'U'O. and em tin- Mh
day of January. A. 1 . l'ei'l. at ten
o'clock in the forenoon of each day.
to receive and examine all claims
against said estate. with a. view to
their adjustment and
time limited for the
hums against said
months from the (
A. I. P'JO, and the
allowance The
prescn ta t ioTi i
e-state i three
day of e let t her.
time limited fur
acofotoojustcome Mygg y
fascinating bodily
Gooh ! lo
A A H w
ok. at mis
Yes! And on the next paije. some
thing equally exquisite, equally new,
equally old.
And on the next and the next and
the next.
You turn from Sheraton to Chippen
dale; from Gothic to William and
Mary; from French to Italian. In 17
beautiful designs, Mr. Edisons de
signers have expressed the best there
is in period furniture. You're simply
bound to find a cabinet that just ex
actly fits your home, your tastes,
your ambitions, your pocketbook.
"Edison a-tid Music" is the book of
13 J
"The Phonograph with a Soul"
No matter which cabinet you select, you'll
get a piece which has leen endorsed as
genuine period furniture by international
authorities, such as Lady Randolph
Churchill and Miss Elsie de Wolfe. Every
New Edison Cabinet is a period cabinet.
Ask about our Hudget Plan. It's new
wav of figuring the money part a common
sense way. (Note The New Edison has
advanced in price less than 15 since 1911.
This includes War Tax.)
payment of debts is one year from
said lth day of October. A. 1 . I'.eju.
Witness my hand and the s-al of
said County Court. this 1st day of
Septe-mbe r, A. I . l!'L'a.
(Seal) s;-lv. County Judge.
In the IMstiict Court, within and for
Cass count v. Nebraska.
Alida l;i;ir and Milan L. I'-Iair,
I'laintilTs. vs. ollie lilair. Administrat
rix of the olate of l-'red Clair, !e
eeriseil. it al, liefendants.
To Lhvd l'.lair: I ela Harry, form
erly I Vila llhiir; Victor Harry and
Lot uumb-r two htimlre-d and si-venty-eight
(1:7m in the Villnge eif (lit-in-wood.
in Cass county, Nebraska, aiel
all persons claiming any interest of
any kind in said re-al estate or any
part the reof, I c l'cult n Is :
You are hereby ne-titied that on the
lL'th itay of June-, r.i'O. plaintiffs, Alid.i
I'.l.iir ami .Mil. in L. Llair. tile 1 a peti
tion in i-iiiity in the Histrict Court ef
Cass county, Nebraska, naming you as
octe mlants. the oh.iei t and prayer oi
which petition is to compel the spe
e'itic perforimi nee of a contract of sale
of Lot numl" r two hundred and sc-v-e-nty-e-ight
:'7S in the Village of
i ! re-en wood, in Cass county. Nebraska,
between Alida lilair and Fred l'.lair.
deceased, an. I to ejtiiet the title of
saiel real estate in the plaintiffs and
for such other relief as justice may
reiiiiri-. You are notified to answer
said petition on the 1Mb day of Oc
tober, ID JU.
A LI 1 . I'.LAIi: and
fO-ln-. Plaintiffs.
To .-ill whom it m
The Com miss ione
a road beginning
and about twetity
southeast corner i
T-wn.-hi:i ele-ve-n.
thence running due'
of one mile" t :.
ol'", has roporte-d j
ing theree.f: ami a
or claims for dam
in the County Cle-i
fore noon on the :
her. l!i.'i, or such
witheMit reference
slil- Iw.
oti i-:
iy e-om ei n:
r appointed to close
at eighty re ds east
rods north of the?
f Section niiiete-in.
llango fonrlee-n;
west t hree-f -uirt lis
K. I . loute- Number
n favor of the- elos
II objections hvreto.
ages, must be- HI oil
k's office on or be"
.'Oth day of N'y'm-
road will be e losed
:o. 1:. SAYLKS,
County Clerk.
OIIt I'. TO lil-'.lllTOKS
State of Ne braska, Cass coun-
ItOtl) mitk i:
To all whom It may e-o:icern:
Tin- Conim issioner appointed to npi n
a road beginning eighty rods east of
the southeast corner of Section nine-te-en,
(tit) Township eleven. (11. Lange
fourteen, llli in Cass county, Nebras
ka: thi-nii- running elne west to the-southwe-st
coiner of Section nineteen,
(LO Township e-leyen. (Ill Kange four
teen, (II) width, eif said road to be
feirtv (KM feel has reoorte-d in favor
of the opcniiiLr thereof: and all obioc-
tions hereto, or claims for damages,
must 1-e filed in the County Clerk's
office on or before noon on the L'nth
lay of Nove-nibe-r, l!-', or such road
will be opened without reference
c.i:o. i: saylks.
slfi-4w. County Clerk.
In the- County Court.
In the- matter of the estate of Wil
liam Heil, ebe-ease-d.
To the creditors of said estate:
You are hereby notified. That 1 will
sit at tin- County Court room in I'latts
mouth in saiel county, on the t'th day
of October, l'.t.'tt, situ! em the 1"th day
of January. 1!I21. at 1 o'clock a. m. of
each of said days to receive" and ex
amine all claims against said estate,
with a view -to their adjustment and
allowance. The time limited for the
presentation of claims against said es-st:ii-
is llii-ei- months from the '.Mil day
f October. A. I. 10JO. and the time.
pa vtnen t
said Mth
From Friday's Dally.
Officials of roads operating east
from i Chicago and St. Louis report
further improvement in t he moving
of freight and say that at most
points there has been a complete
clearance of delays shipments. The
movement of steel and iron keeps up
to recent levels, as the leading com
panies arc still shipping freely on
old orders.
The coal movement has reached
liberal proportions and danger
coal famine in any section is
regarded as remote. Shipments
lake ports have iicen heavy and j
continue so for some time. Offi
of southern roads report contiii
heavy export movements of whet
Ten acres of good prairie haj
miles west and one mile north
Murray. Inquire of It. C 1 1 itchi
at Pollock's Auto company,
phone number 58, riatt-smouth, I
13 2t
limited for
year from
Witness my hand
sai'l County Court,
September, 131M).
(Seal) si:i-lw.
of debts is ine
elay of October,
a nd
da y
County Judge.
Yesterdav Harry O. rainier, C. II.
Taylor and Arthur Talnier all attor
neys of Omaha and associated to
gether as a firm of Palmer, Taylor and
Palmer, were in Plattsmouth, having
drove down and were considering a
settlement of a matter of an estate in
the county court for which they
were the legal advisers.
Flue line of stationery ana cor
resnondence paper at the Journal
Farm Machinery!
We carry a full and complete line of the reliable
Jchn Deere farm machinery, and are ready to fill your
order for anything in our line. Plows and corn farming
implements of all kind, as well as haying and harvest
ing machinery. Also threshers' necessities.
.:. -:- ' NEBRASKA
I am back from the western part of the state
where I have been employed draining lagoons anc
have taken up my work blowing out stumps, hedge:
and trees of all kind. Let me prove to you with m3
ten years experience that I can do a cheaper and bet
ter job than any other method.
Weeping W?ater,
King & Hamilton drain Dump
yv- ' i it i etin i rn tr '
or anuimwA ohllllk. ir you wait tin you neei
them you will not be able to secure them. I also havj
a tew iirsi quaiuy rarm wagons leu at $lo5.0C
Act quickly.
Cedar Creek,