The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, August 30, 1920, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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    MONrAY. AUGUST 30. 1920.
The Bank of burdock
offers any legitimate inducement which can or may be of
fered by any legitimate bank, to its patrons and customers.
We earnestly solicit your business, and assure you
that we are not only willing, but able to take care of any
reasonable demands for loans which you may request of
Remember, we are the only bank in Murdock, in
which the depositors are guaranteed by the Depositors
Guaranty Fund of the State of Nebraska. Your money
is absolutely safe, and you get this free insurance, at no
cost to you. Do your barking wilh an old, established,
reliable bank, properly nd conservatively managed, and
you will never regret it.
rhe Bank of iviiirciock
"The Bank where You Feel at Home"
HENRY A. TOOL, President J. E. GUTHMANN, Vice-Pres.
H. A. GUTHMAKN, Cashier
Did you notice the bargains in!
r.prons at tnc Mercantil?? if.
Hou-e Jreses and aprons at bar
gain i rices, m the Mercantile. tf.
Charles 11. KeriTer of Lincoln,
has been in Murdoek during the past
few th.ys leokini; after the writing of
Mat; Thimcan and son Victor v.-ere
vi.-itiuu: and looking after some busi
ness matters both at 1'lattsinouth ami
(Omaha. Wednesday.
Jii'.Ie ii. A. Ca.-t ami wite were.
visiting at Malcolm and Seward at
the hoi'if- of relative?, who came in
an auto l'--r th
that purpose and the necessary seats
will be placed there in order to be
in readiness for the term which shall
open in the near future. There i.s
:-till a few vacancies on the teaching
force, which it is hoped wll soon be
filled. The lower grades will be
conducted in the old building .
I-Iusical Recital Much Enjoyed
Miss Catherine Tool, who has ac
cepted a position as teacher in the
science department of the schools at
Tirth. has concluded her classes in
need couple an ! also music, wnicn sne nas neen naving at
mis place ana at ahu ana ai me
rema'.'U-d tor upwards of a week, out eoTicii-;iii gae m ui at u.e
i. , X-' t!.iv..1 liolV tUi Iniin- .Ylflii JU1SFI C III! IX' II liJUibUdJ.
brought them home again. Mrs. Ca
J. II. i:uck was a visitor in Green
! wood last Thursday and Friday at
', tending the carnival which v.-as be
ing given by the American Legion,
lie attended the ball e.atne and en
joyed it as wtll as other interesting
feature? of the three day celebra'io...
Om-.ha last Thursday, driving cr
; in t heir car.
! Wm. MeXamara and wife with
.their children V.'illard and Jeanetu
.of Friend. 'visit-d here for a short
time at the home ef Mr. McNaniara's
I sister. Mrs. (). W. Uillesp'e and son
! Harry, and departed for Iowa, where
J they will visit for a short time at
;the home i.f a si.-ter there. Thev
will then return ar.d will visit at
I the State Fair before returning to
their home.
' good
I vtre
White Leghorn Cockrels
I have for sale a few White Leg
horn cockrels of the famous Thos.
Barron laying strain. The mothers
of these cockrels, under trap-nesting,
many laved 50 eggs during the
winter. Buy while they are cheap,
for the longer you wait the more they
tf M's s-v. Manley, Neb.
Celebrated Fourteenth Birthday
Miss Margarite McDonald enter
tained a number of her friends at
dinner on last Friday evening at her
home in Murdock, the occasion be
ing the passing of her fourteenth
birthdav. The evening was spent in
games and a general good time was
had, and the little hostess, with the
aid of her mother, served a most en
joyable repast.
of varnish on window sills and sashes,
front doors, etc., is only
A. I.. Tool and family were visit
ing at the home uf friends in Ash
jand last S-::ila
Jack Shields was a vN:t'r :.:
; i n w oo.l one day last week, where
u :i t:'k:i;g in one of the ball
. J. I'othast was a visitor ir. Lin
coln over Sunday, a guest at the
home of his parents. L. L. Fothast
and wife.
Kenneth Tool was a visitor with
tri'-t.ds and was attending the fall
festival tt t; rt-t n woil during the
hitler p-Tt of last w ek.
Jt-ni S'l e!i is i:-t t in.'r ainr.g with
his farm work, as with the assu t j nc
fi th.- boy, tiny plowed To acre? of
j' round in one day las' v.eek.
lN-rnuiii Kupk is the ir'. person
v, ii.. c hard of to j :t in wiiiu!
en far tiii- fall. Mr. Kup'i.e miiipln-
1 t ! m ".-ing of ten acres last Sat
urday. Aouu-' Pan ska d; iried last v.e.k
for Burlington. Colorado, where he
wcr.; to look afer the threshing of
r'; of wheat which he had i:i
that section.
The Kastern S; ; r Kensington held
a lie eting at the home of one of
men: Its. Mrs. Carr Mueller Frai.s.
iO'Hh;-t .f Wabash, where they all
mjyed the occasion greatly. A mini
! r of the members living in Mur-do-k
-i- prcM'ti'.
I. II. Kelly ar.d wife of Lir.c in.
who have liter, working at Sunder
land in the beet fields, arrived in
Murdock for a short visit at the
home of O. L". McDonald and wife,
w here ti.ey have visited a short tiiue tetuioing to their home in
Lineo'n. wkre they will make their
The Murdock Telephone company
h:o durin;: the pj.rt w lit en mak-j
in:: snpM- extensive iir.p-oveiuents toj
the exchange h.iii'i ' ng. eii'argir.g th" J
rat in u ri t;; and otherwise rear-j
r -jt.iiiru things with a view to ban-,
!!:.-.. rr;i;;raitcr Depti'T had choree
of tii" work which means that it wrs
we'.i done.
lo-nrv iieineman v. nr as mane i
Itush was ass
'.auer c Kraft
istinu at
last Sat-
Miss Mary
th.e store of
Artliiir Bornenn-ier of Lincoln was
a visitor in Murdock for a rliort thm
last week.
Goiiiir fast and not many left.
Aproni and house dress s at the
Mticantiie. , tf.
Home A era in
Kichard Tool ard Wiliarn Jack-
iiuan. w '..- were witn tlie stannarM
I Chautau m for th" summer with
!the closing of the ch.iu' auijua se;
' son ivliicli coticluded the necessity
lot' their assistniice. returned home
! la-t Thursday. The boys liked the
, woik an;' the chance to see tl;e caun
'tr. bin h seemed gcod again a-
nmnber of people attended and
well pleased by the excellent
manner in which the students per-
j formed. Many were th.e encores for
another number of the excellent mu-
: si - by her pupils. The following is
j the program rendered:
Duet, Dance Kustique Margaret
j To. I and Irene McDonald,
i Innocence Virginia Shewe.
j Sleep. My Daily, Sieep Krma Wil-!l:am.-;.
' Good Humour Hildegrade Baum
' gartner.
Dear Little Dallie Alice Girbling.
I Jack in the Box Carl Gaumgart-
! tier.
Loves Caprice Mrs. Charles For
ma n.
Shimmering Moonlight Irene Mc
Donald. Spring Flowers Marvel Amgwert.
Morcean Caractcristique Margar
et Tool.
Cachoaclia Caprice Catherine
Attended Christening Ceremonies
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Gillespie were
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Land
holm at Omaha last Sunday, where
they witnessed the christening of the
little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Land
holm. The ceremonies were held at
the Swedish Mission church in Om
aha. Mr. and Mrs. Gillespie made
the trip to the metropolis in their
Stop the Decay.
While driving through the coun
try 1 rind many homes and barns
needing painting badly. Ask us for
estimates on work, also see us for
paint if you desire to do the work.
We will cheerfully furnish estimates
either way. New building standing
exposed to weather, unprotected, be
gins to decay at once. Protect them
now. "Save the surface and you
save all." Paint and varnish. This
is a fine time to have your paining
done, weather being all one could
Do iici forget that Max Dusterhotf
always has a good assortment of the
best floor wax.
Frank raum. v. no nas neeu woii-.-j
ing in Murdock for several weeks i
with Ma DusterhofT. the decorator
and painter, departed a short tin."
w el
That Township Line Read
since for Omaha.
Louis Uuhmiin. wife
ter, Josephine, c-f On;:'!'.
Murdock Saturday and
It h.!
! th" (.:
i or the
no: t :i
and dauuh
. arrived i i
visited over
Sunday at the home of Mrs. Iiuh
:: an's percnts. G. Bauer and wife.
For Sale: One Parriott tractor.
12-2." in good condition; al-o on-1
Hubert tr; etor good as row and only
used a few dys. Come and see tl.vni.
Prices will be rade right,
tf. W.M. GKHUTS.
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Kikli and lit tie
son. Vernon, have been '. isiting and
attending the camp meeting which
is being held at Milford. They wit1
joined Sunday I y Joe Johanna who
went up to spend th.e day.
Max Dusterhotf. with his assist
ants, have jut concluded the r"
varnishinc of the building u.e.I by
'the Murdock Mercantile company.
.m.l which had add.. 1 much to
appearance of the business house.
J The hoard of education 'f the
; new consolidated t-cho '. district hi--i
secured the services t-f Mis.; Laur
iBusliness of South B-T'l. to teach in
(the primary department, while V:-s
Mildred Bushings will also teach in
the 4th. .Tih and Olu graces.
Mrs. J'--:eph J.h.Hnsir. end broth
er. Fred Schuman and v ife. of Ma'.
ning. Iowa, who were visiting at the
Johansen home for a short time, de
parted early week for Iowa,
where they arc visiting. Mrs. Johan
sen will be gone about two weeks.
i we- T i
, county.
i it and 1.
, I.i t h e b
. ;:.;t . 1
; did bi. t
: a:ul h y
Sure we
: u and
i what i:
s bev iitne lifv." u ;ia n ituous t ha
iiiy line road, town line rorsl.
;.e which ias-es two ;nib.
t Murdv ek going e...-t an 1
the "A'tirst t ie-ce of road i;i the
We were akfd 'o travel -.;tr a itent ion chalhuig: '
bit of vi.ol w-iy. they seyi:i-
..':: i n ivi-ate it. W
ii i- !!. v w e drive a ? f
:i: l'.i :eiy where (rratlyt.
ave :ei :i better ro'id-. Well
the roil-' yourself and s:w
1 d:s like, then you wii'
It is NO' truth
in th" beginni
i t he w .rid. "i
tn live aloni
: Well for Han
enunciated eaily;
n g of t he r ist ory of
t is not well fi r man
St ill the worn :i
away f r a protracted vi.-it
leaving the -.nci to . e w mi their bu.
ton ; i :ike i.riil Me cakes, no no
to wa-1: tiie dih"S. lor they pile th.!:
up f: r t h? h .! r wife to v.
the ' she
r turiis.
many mer
at ion w :.!
; ,n v a re not :.
1: me .! ' ' o k t ;
son:", t : .-y hev. ;i
not .: j i ; o I-::i-.-s:
no picture shows
g to the "animal
est le whet: I
said that whilj
luraoel: who are
just nw. thi'.t
to sleep alone f t
fr; in h.-ing 1 !: -rl
and thin it is
me. As there are
they will have to
sh ;o.vs."
''iu- witr ti.rr.iar it:p.e ior .'xiarun :i'r::fi: -i. "-
tiei,- .tt n.-irte.' :i few i'..,is ao-tbe west with the intention (if iipv-
Golden Citv. Mo., his former: ing his wheat threshed. dctY
, where he with his brother. W. i matter v.w j.ecoui.t of ina!
f erred the ' air.l w i f c
iity to se-: Hessenflow
Enjoyed Visit with Triends
Mr. :-. d Mrs. O. K. McD uuibl
were su.-pris- I and delighted as wel'
last Sunday when Mrs. Myra McD- n
a'd. motliei- of Mr. McDomild. Frank
M u re rnd wife an1 two daughter-.
Mbxs M;:r;aret nid Vera, all of
Mrrrav. J. Hi!d and Mil-s Ali
man of Plat -men: ! . laude BIa k l v. nsas. waiter
:! faniilv and Jam"s
Libert v
mitv ir. vUitinj? t nre cirs- for sliimv.enf. !! lias r.o M'-sse:if!o-.v if ( t 1 ir ( re-K and .d:s
tlieir return they will all flop at place to store the grain there and asiKelWy and ("hri 'h ri -I e:i;.en ol .
home of Win." Heineman near; he could not chip it ha 1 to ret urn j Council B'.uiTs. Iowa, arrived. The j
where Henrv will aNo visit i home until such, a time as lie wm merry crown war, a joi: one an : i
nme :f
t ...1 bv
returning t' be able to ship the gram.
Mrs. O. J. Pothast departed a
Chirk Loth; be-: days ago for her old home at f
Matt Vpiingan I Citv. where she will visit with
th.e day
by all.
tion to
i'r a short time before
Th.e new
i"-g const ru
and bis .-en. Victor, is nearing erm-j parents. Mr.-and Mrs. H. K. Hanson,
plot ion. and will when it h; f.nishedand will also remain for the wedding
be ore- of the best homes in t hiss J of her sister. Miss Eva Hanson, who
portion of the country. I ne eilinee is to he marnea to .Mr. i-ee t ooper. -
v. ili on b" re,;i' v f r the- pb -t erers. cash ier of one of the leading b-mks t he-n.
who wmI con , 'eie their work before of that place. They will mai-:e the;
the setting in of cold weather. 'home at Leeds, Iowa, in the future.
Th the
m.s tthoroughly enjoyed
a tlelieiou.;
y were serve 1
kind which is
an invpa-
things by
ct "nprrrcnctrTtin-.l
Gr-hrts. who doesn't d
halves when he tackle:
one of the contestants in
Automobiles and Accessories
Our machine shop is especially well equipped modern macliincry and first-claco voikmcn. W'c
are ready to do all kinds of repair work, including
acctyline welding.
ED. W.
Phone 35-B
Murdock, Neb.
I tiie tractor demon-1 rat ion held on
the Henry !?ir: farm w est of Plat's
; mouth last Thursday. He drove his
1 Allis-Chalmer.s tractor to the farm of
Mr. 1 1 i r z. and won a favorable plsre
among all the competitors entered.
Althouch the distance was '22 miles,
he drove the tractor ther-" ar.d hick,
with tlfe four bottom plow as a
trailer, arriving home one hour af
ter midnight.
Have Great Trip in West
j W. II. Hu-h and wife, with their
i daughter. Mi's Mary, who departed
son-.-" time since for a trip in the
I west, and were joined in Omaha by
; Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hurt, the latter
! being another daughter of Mr. Rush
;;:'id wife, arrived home We-dnesday
of last week. Th" trip was male by
;at:to, the fjrst stop being at Alliance
I where they visited at the homes rd"
:Mr. and Mrs. J. K. P.rittnin -end Mr.
land Mrs. II. J. Westlake.. both fani'
jlies formerly ef Murdock, anel after
jth" eor.e'nsinn of their visit there,
;the party proceeded Vt Kstf-s par;,
j D nver. Cokirado Springs and other
, places ejf no'e in t!o" west, includin;:
'. a trio up Pikes peak, from whoso
jheinhts they saw the glories of sun
rise above (lie ciouas, but found it
pretty cold at that.
Taken Up A Lamb
T.'ikon up a small lamb on my farm
near Murdock. Owner please call
Conrad Wrhrman. ?.0 '.it in s-w.
TTr.til They Get a New TSuiMin
The board of education of Mur
dock. new district, has m de provis
ions for the conducting of the high
! school department of fhe consolidat
i cd district in the Methodist church,
the benches having been removed for
Take ,a
with you
Your speedometer tells you how far
you went a Kodak tells you where
you went and what you saw. The
pleasure of the trip can never fade with
clean-cut Kodak pictures to refresh a
laggard memory.
Better take along a generous supply
film. We have a complete assortment,
autographic and non-autographic, and
it is all kept under proper conditions.
Kodaks from $9.49 up
r'V -rfT
Murdock Mercantile Company
For That
This is the year in which we are blessed with
a full crop. The small grains have been
cared for ; some of the wheat you had to put
in the corn cribs. Now look for the biggest
crop of corn in years. Prepare now to take
care of it. We have an abundance of good
crib lumber. Do not allow "Husking Time"
to find you unprepared to properly care for
the crop.
Neuman & Murtey
Lumber Co.
of the varnish on protected places. Just
notice how water and sun heat attacks
it every day.
Save the Surface
Revarnish It Frequently
We have varnishes especially made
for this purpose.
Valentine "Valspar"
White Star "On Time Spar"
Pitcairn's "Water Spar"
The ideal varnishes for this purpose
11 .i . i i i
well as taoic tops, KJicnen caoincis,
refrigerators, porch furniture, boats, fish
ing rods, etc.
"Save the Surface and You Save
All Paint and Varnish"
Max Dusterhoff
Paints - Varnishes - Wall Papers
i )
I rl iCmbj IV
Jjy SW Si viv
Will Speak
The Hon. E. M.
at Murdock
Tollard will
thereon. lon't fail to hear him.
John (Jakenieier, v. !io was out at
ret ii rued
at Mnrilnrk -.n Woitnocilav iflnrnram KiTHIM. .NCI)"., IOr !l WC'k,
on the subject of the new eontitu- ; home last Wednesday and reports
tion. As Mr. Pollard was one of the (excellent crops of wheat in that sec
convention which drafted the newjtion ar, well as fcood prospects for a
constitution, he is well able to speak bumper corn c rop.
for Ail Purposes!
Wall Paperl
Painter - Decorator
Murdock -:- -:- -:-
tjj Keep in mind that wc arc handling the
famous "TITAN" Tractor, and have a
few on hand that we can deliver on short
CJAsk us for a demonstration, or any
thing pertaining to these tractors or the
work they will do.