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Murray Department
Prepared in tbe Interest of the People of Murray and Surrounding: Vicinity Especially (or the Jouraal Readers
If tny of the reader of the
Journal knoT- of .ny social
frent or Item of Interest in
this vicinity, and will mall
I ime to this office, it will ap
pear under this heading. We
want all news Items Editod
m i i .toe
1, M
Ray MsMaken was down
! Plattsmouth assisting with his
j iu hauling wheat to market from the
threshing machine, r
A. L. Baker, the .salesman at the
Gansemer General store, was a visit
or at Lake Manawa last Sunday,
i where ho f-pent the day witlr friends
'and seeing the sights.
i Mrs. John Hendricks and son
Verne, returned home Monday from
.Grand Island, where they have been
visiting Mro. Hendricks' brother, W.
F. Chalfont and wife.
Mrs. T. S. Harrows was a passenger
lat Tuesday morning for Omaha,
where she was visiting for the day
with friends and looking after some
business matters as well.
A card from Glen P.oedakcr who is
in the wist" tells of the two hundred
acres of wheat which he. lias in the
west of making a yield of on the
average of thirty bushels to the acre.
I Mrs. J. H. IJutsor departed a few
days ago for Hadar. wliioli is in the
northern part of Nebraska, where
fn m which is conducted by A. Gansemer
tnuk I and Will Seyboldt. has just about
wound up their work for the season.
The yhad all tut one setting done
w hen, for some unaccountable rea
son the engine gave out and had to
be repaired. They were to have
threshed at the home of Win. Sporrer
last Tuesday, but on account of the
accident the finishing of the cam
paign had to be postponed for a day.
MS. 'W
.a. a r f
Business men know the ad
vantages of a savings account
with a good reliable institution
like this one.
They know that systematic
saving promotes prosperity. And
they know that money deposited
in this bank has sound protection.
If you haven't opened an ac
count with us yet, do it now,
before you forget.
Are Touring the West.
Dr. J. V. Iirendel and wife with
their son Richard, and T. J. Iirendel
and wife, departed last Saturday for
the west and drove toward the set
ting sun the first day 225 miles,
and the following days were ap
proaching the limit of where the
mountains could he seen. They ar
rived at Denver the first of the week
and have been enjoying the cool
breezes of Colorado during the boat
ed portion cf the past week here.
They will put in about two weeks in
the west and enjoy what nature his
in s;ore in the west at this time of
I year.
Great Oaks from Little Acorns Grow
Four pit ceat interest on time deposits.
Our deposits are protected by the State Guaranty Law.
AH business transactions held in strict confidence
Your Personal Bank.
she is visiting at the home of he
daughter, Mrs. John Cook, for fome i
T.att S:ititnlpv .W Scott and J
W. lierger. were in Plat j Very LlOSe tO an ACCiaeilt
wlu re they secured a load of ice for; A short time ago as the little
the use of the two firms, the hotel daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Morton
and store which is conducted by Mr. p.artlett, the'harber of Murray, was
Seott. playing along the walk and had
Ralph Kennedy and J. A. Scotten. stepped "into the street, an automo
the carpenters, have been kept pretty bile came along at such a rate of
busy in the threshing season, the speed, that before the lit tie one could
former as tender of the separator ' get out of the way the car was al
while the latter has been the en- ; most on her and missed the little
gineer. ' I one less than a foot. At the rate
Mrs. J. W. lierger and daughter, ! of spted which it was reported the
Mrs. J. II. Drown, and her twoje-ar was traveling, had it struck the
daughters, were spending tome time 'child, the result would have been
with friends in Omaha List Saturday the loss of her young life. Many
where they also looked after some 1 people think' the strets and roads
business matters as well. They re- j sre only for the purpose of trying
turned home via I'latismout n ia-:i cut t lie speeu 01 men it-imine
did not come and the program was
shortened to that extent. The Rev.
E. H. Pontius of the United Brethern
church of Mynard was present. The
meeting which has been arranged
for the coming Saturday is replet
in good numbers, there being plent
of music and songs.' Come and lis
ten to the numbers of good musical
songs and also to the discussion of
the question of the consolidated
school, as it will be spoken to from
all angles and is a very live subject.
The county superintendent will be
present and explain the workings of
the plan to all who would like to
know more about the matter. Pro
cessor Clark of Dincoln. will also be
present and make the principal ad- j
The program for Saturday rs as
Address by Professor Clark.
Flute solo by Miss Olga Minford.
Vocal duet by Misses Neva Latta
and Helen Todd.
Whistling solo by Miss Elizabeth
Vocal solo by Miss Helen Todd,
which will he accompanied by a
flute obligato.
Piano solo by Mrs. Hoy Cole.
Trio by Mrs. Pitman. Misses Datta
and Todd.
Vocal solo by Miss Neva Latta.
Good Truck Record.
Earl Lancaster has been making an
extra good record with his' big Keo
truck for the nast few days in deliv
ering wheat to the Plattsmouth mar
ket from near Murray. One day last
week he hauled seven loads in one
day averaging 63 bushels to each
load, and on each round trip covering
a distance of twenty-eight miles
which we would consider a pretty
good days work. Earl is well pleased
with the Heo in the handling of his
farm work and heavy hauling.
Ve are keeping In line with ail
decrea.-es 1n the prices of lumber.
See c.enrpe Nickles at Murray, for
figure-; and estimates of cost.s.
Mr. Kelly Khoden. who was kicked
some time ago and from w.nich he
rcv-eived some severe injuries, is mak
ing gotwl progress and while :i:ie
w'nat sore yet, he is able to ge!
Frank Marasek went to Omaha
last Monday evening to bring W, H.
Honi.iTi home', where he had gone
with his son. S.mford. who was in-jun-d
by having fallen on a pitch
fork tlitt a f i ( r:i oti.
Charles C. Carroll and wife were
the guests last Sunday at the home
of hi son Earl Carroll and family
near 1'nion. driving down and spend
ivir the day in an outing, returning
home in the evening.
Allert Young completed his
threshing last Tuesday morning and
fet l like he has a load off his shoul
ders. He had some forty five acre1
of oats and when the returns were in.
found that they yielded just 2.24
busluls and :'.'. pounds. which is just
two pounds less than fifty-five bush-
Is to i lie acre.
Always Ready for Sale
Dates far or near.
Telephone 1511 Mnrr.iy Ex range
Mrs. Phillip Lambert was a vi
wit htrienns in Omaha last Saturday.
The little son of Mr. and Mrs.
John Earris was reported as being
on the sick li.t last week.
(Iny H. Wiles complete. 1 the
threshing of his grain last Tuesday
and like all the others, is well
pleased with the results and that
the job is completed.
Geo. H. Decker of Plattsmouth. the
representative of the Standard Oi!
company, was a business visitor in
Murray la-t Tuesday, bring a load
of oil and gasoline for their' custom
ers here.
J. 11. Drown, and family. Walter
Sans and family and Roy Henry and
family, are having in contemplation
the making of a merry party, who
will take a two week souting at lake
Okoboji, Iowa.
Miss P.lancho Scotten. who has
been visiting at Elm wood for some
time at the hom of her friend Miss
Lyle. returned the latter portion of
the week and is again at her place as
saleslady in the Murray drug store.
The parents and brother of Mr.
Morton Dartlett of Imoget.e. Iowa,
were the guests at the home of their
son and family last Sunday, driving
over with their car and h-ivinc an
excellent time while there, and re
turning in the evening.
David K. Kbersole of Plattsmouth.
was a visitor in Murray for a short
time coming down to meet and t;:ke
to Plattsmouth a traveling man who
is selling goods which is handled in
Murray and Plattsmouth by W. H.
Puis and I). II. Ebersole.
When want fug prices on lumber
and building nyiterials, remember we
are keeping in line with all reduc
tions in materials. Estimates and
prices cheerfully furnished. Sec
George Nickles at Murray.
Saturday evening.
Oliver Davis and family
been making their home
ness room o:i West Main street, 1 ave
moved to the residence which wat
recently purchased by Mrs. J. W.
lierger of' Mr J. Baxter, prior to her
departure for the west. Mr. Da is
who is employed with the Missouri
(Pacific railway, will, by this move.
be mu?h handier to his wor..
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Woodard. Misses
Mai le and Dorothy Johnson, all of
Omaha, and Glen Johnson of 1'res
cott, Arizona, were visiting for the
past ft-w days at the home of their
sister. Mrs. Phil Lambert, and her
estimable husband. While here they
all took their dinners and went to
i'orj.i, w.kuIs where thev enjoyed the
day by having a picnic. They
parted for their home in Omaha
Tuesday afternoon.
j Hut when they shall have struck and
, who have 'killed some one they will look after
i-i a h'.i-i- 1 t be matter nerhaps in a. more sane
light. 13etter be a
ful now and save
little more care-
trouble in the fu-
W. G.
port ion
Representing Kirschbraun & Sons
Highest Market Price
and Meet All Competition!
Ho Long Waits for Your Check!
-1 i
Tourine the West.
P.oedeger who has a large
of wheat in the wtvtern
of -the state, being located
near' Grant in Perkins county, de
parted with his family in their Hud
son Speedster car for the west last
week and after looking after some
business matters regarding to har
vesting of the wheat, departed for
the mountains where they will
spend some time at the famous sum
mer resorts of the we-t. They vis
ited at Estcs park, and from there
wil! visit at Denver and Colorado
Springs and other points in the west
andvwill enjoy an extended visit.
Visiters Return Home.
Miss Etta Nickels was a visitor in
Plattsmouth and Omfha last Tuesday
driving there in her car. At both
places she was looking after some
business matters and also accompan
ied her sister. Mrs. J. D. .Worthman
and husband and their son of Leigh,
who have been spending some time
in Murray auH vicinity. They trav
eled in their car and have in
Murrav for a week.
Business Coming His Way
At the garage of L. H. Puis we
noticed a half dozen excellent ma-
hanics busily engaged in doing the
Urge amount of repair work which
lias come to the business place of Mr.
Puis. Nothing short of the best ser
vice lias been the plan of this firm
and by always furnishing the best
materials obtainable and requiring
the best work be done Mr. Puis has
enjoyed an excellent quality and
quantity of auto repair work. Being
a capable mechanic himself, places
Mr. Puis in a position to know what
should be done, how to do it and
how much -a man should reasonably
do. There are besides himself, the
following mechanics: Amos Wright
r.nd brother, Harry Wright, both
good workmen, K. L. Kniss. George
llrinklow and Frank Marasek. all
capable workmen, while W. Marsh is
the man of all work and has heen a
faithful worker while employed here.
Gees West for Horses.
S. L. Wimmer. who came here from
I iii home in Virginia to attend the
' 84th tirth anniversary of I'ncle 3eo.
, Shrader last Sunday, departed Mon
! day in company with Homer Shra,
j der. for Riverside. Oregon, where
i they will load a couple of cars ot
horses, that will be shipped to this
i county some time about the firet of
August. The horses will be sold
here at a sale, the date of which will
be announced within a couple of
weeks. Mr. Wimmer is a nephew cf
Uncle George Shrader. and lias at
tended several of the birthday cele
brations of this excellent old gentleman.
Entertained Friends Last Sunday
Last Sunday at the hf;me of Mr.
and Mrs. II. C. long. they with Geo.
Nickels and wife, entertained for the
day and at dinner." a number ot
friends and relatives. Those present
were V'm. Nickels, father of George
Nickels, Lee and Etta Nickels, a
br ther and sister, all from east of
Murray. Mr. and .A?rs. J. 1). Worth
man and their son Trafford, of
Leigh, the former beingETAOL!IT
Ieigh. the latter bring a sister of
Mr. Nickels, are visiting for a short
time in Murray.
Will Hold Picnic Saturday.
The two Sunday schools of Mur
ray, the Ladies Aid society of the
Christian church and the Ladies
Missionary society of the Presbyter
ian church have perfected arrange
ments for the holding of the picnic at
the hotne of D. A. Young and wife
northeast of Murray. They wil!
meet at the Presbyterian and Chris
tian church at 11 o'clock in the
morning and will then he conveyed
to the grove at the farm of Mr. Young
where they will have a solid day of
enjoyment. Let every one come pre
pared to enjoy the day to the limit.
Community Meetings Popular
The community meetings which
have been held at the lawn of the
Presbyterian church for several
weeks past, have grown in popular
ity very rapidly. At the last meet
ing which was held last Saturday at
Murray, there were seme eight hun
dred interested people in attendance
A portion of those on the program
Befith of Mrs. Jane Lloyd Totten
Tuesday evening at the home of
her brother, George Lloyd, southwest,
of Murray, occurred the death of
Mrc. Jane Lloyd Ttvtten. one of the
old and highly respected residents of
the county. Mrs. Totten was seventy
years of age and has been in very
poor .health for some time suffering
from a eomnlication of diseases that
has made her recovery a matter of
crave doubt. The deceased lady
leaves rthree brothers. Joe Lloyd of
Plattsmouth, George of near Nehaw-
and John who resides in Nehawka.
Two brothers. Stephen and David,
have preceded the sister in eieatn.
Mrs. Totten was the widow of Clifton
Totten. a former well known farmer
of near Murray, and since the death
of the husband thirteen years ago.
she has been making her home witn
the brpthers.
The funeral of Mrs. Totton was
held this morning at the Presbyter
ian church. Rev. Iiuchanan in charge
and the interment made in the Mur
rav cenie4ery. Owing to poor heatlh
Joseph Lloyd of riattsmouth. was
unable to be present at the funeral
as he is not in the best of health at
the Masonic home.
To Clean Up Cemetery
Wanted: A man to clean up the
cemetery at the Lcwiston church,
southeast of Murray. Will pay good
wages. Call phone No. 1S11, Mur
rav, Nebr. Miss Etta Nickels.
Road District Number Ten
All who reside in road district
number ten, will take notice to cut
the weeds and grasses growing along
your lands before August loth.
Anyone who fails to do so, the weeds
will be cut and the expense thereof
assessed against the property abut
Road Overseer.
Enjoyed Picnic Sunday.
A. Gansemer and family, W. H.
Puis and family. Fred Lutz and fam-
ilv. Herman Gansemer and family.
loaded wilh .good tilings to eat. made
a trip in their ears to th? home of
George Hanson, near Nehawka.
where in the shade of a friendly
grove, they picnicked during the
dav, enjoying the occasion greatly
and after the heated portion of the j
day had passed returned home ill ti.
cool of the evening.
Is Selling Many Cars.
L. H. Puis a id wife. w. II. Puis
were visitors in Omaha last Tuesday,
going with a traveling man'who pass
eul through Murray and bring back
with them a number of cars which
L. H. Puis has for sale at his garage.
Mr. Puis has just' dispose.;! of two
excellent cars, one being a Yeile. go
ing to a party near Union, while the
other was a Hudson was
sold to George Wiles of near Murray.
They were both delivered last week.
Mr. Iils is known far and wide for
the excellent cars which ho handles
and for the fair and cotirte-nus treat
ment which he gives his customers.
Free Specials This IVeek!
The only way we can get you to realize what a
wonderful difference there is between the "GOLDEN
THROATED" Claxtonola and other makes of "talk
ing" machines, is for you to come in and hear it play.
It is in a class by itself r but you will never know its real
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See our Oil Stoves for This Hot Weather
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Our line of shelf and heavy hardware if replete with your
every day wants. The stock contains all that any good hardware
store should carry.
'Titan'' and "Waterloo Boy" Tractors and
All Kinds of Gang Plows
1 F.conOmy Threshing- I-Ia chine Co.
The Economy Threshing company
of near Murray, which has been doiryr
a lot of threshing; ( this seas:n and
0 W
Fist u la-Pay When Cured
A curs
until cur
rr thfoi
K. tai:y
k Complete
Of Summer Apparel for Every Member of the
Family will be Found at Our Store
Hoys' worJv shirts
Men's bread, long work shirts 6i
Poys' union suits
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$1.00 and up
Also Local Agent for the Famous Singer
Sewing Machines.
The Service Store
Keeping in Line in Prices!
To all who are interested in building we would have you know
we are keeping in line with the market reductions on lumber.
Come to us for estimates and figure's. We will furnish you t lie
best of goods and at the lowest possible prices. Here you will al
ways get the benefit of reductions as they occur.
See H. P.. Panning at Union or Ceorgo Nickels, at Murray.
Banning Sk Nickels,
Lumber Dealers - - Murray, Nebr.
-Vm ;,-;'i!
Mv Mil ! 55
" I'',,. ...... 'T-1--J
VAX- -7-:S
i : - -
A mild svetem of treatment that cures Ptlea,
Fistula and other Rectal L'lfenxea In a h"r
Hm nirhmit n tn-frp vurzical operation. T-.o
Chloroform. Kther or other general
cuaran-eed In everv cao accented for treatment, and
ed Write for l.-ook on Ilectal L'iseaes, wan nanus
1 ono irn:i:inem neonle wiin have been erm;'
Sint.ilorttim. reter Trut lUilr. ( Ke 11
l)r. H. S. Jvlinstun, Medical Iirector.
no money to be
and testimonial
t Tired.
,lS.). OMAHA, tU.
Eieciriciiy on the Farm!
The United States government is advocating the
use of electricity more extensively on -the farMs. It is
pointed out that where electricity is usel laborious farm
work is reduced andjjetter results are obtained. Many
things can be done on a farm with electricity, such as
churning, grinding grain for live stock, food for poultry,
washing' dishes, lighting the buildings and other neces
sary tasks that now require brawn and sap vitality.
Farm life should be made as pleasant and easy as
possible, to increase its popularity. The work of the
women folk on the farm would be much less arduous
with the installation of electrical appliances, say the
government investigators, fcr on their shoulders falls
much of the most trying work on the farm. 'I he aver
age farm woman works a few minutes more than thir
teen out of twenty-four hours during summer, and her
daily average for the year is eleven hours and eighteen
minutes. Half of the women on farms, say the gov
ernment reports, are at work at 5 a. m. and get prac
tically no rest until they retire at night. Of every 100
women on farms thirty-six'of them help with the milk
ing, while seventy-nine of them trim and fill lamps,
arid all but four do the family washing.
As a labor-saver electricity, says the government,
has no equal, while the saving of vitality to both man
and woman is astonishing where it has been tried out.
Many farmers of Nebraska and Iowa have installed
electricity and few of them would do without it now.
Theie are many good makes of farm light plants
on the market now that will speed up machincryand
illuminate the buildings by the simple touch of a button.
E. E. SOWERS '. . , - State Agent
L. H. P.ULS Local Agent