The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, August 05, 1920, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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    THURSDAY. AUGUST 5. 1920.
Murray Department
Prepared in the Interest of the People
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t AL - f f K'. '.
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-V, J" I II Jr '.111
Great Oaks from Little Acorns Grow
Four per ceut interest on time deposits.
Our 1eK.?it3 are protected by ihe State Guaranty Law.
All business transactiens held in strict confidence
Your Personal Bank.
Miss Clara Young arrived from
Den h North Dakota, where she spent
a I" 'v w i ck-. wit a her brother arid
Mi-' (Ha lys I. vie was the guest of
M;i turret Spannl'i- a!id others last
week. 'Pie many friends of Gladys
enji.ycd her visit lure.
Our Coiin iv A cent U. Snipes of
We ping Watt r. and his wife and
daughter, were in attendance at the
eonitiiunfty meetins Saturday even-
'e ;.re kef-pins In line with ail
dcrn .i.-rs in the prices of lumber.
S- e C.. .r-.. Nic-kles at Murray, for
limine; and estimates of cots.
Mrs. Helen ("iiri.-t. formerly MiM
lit !i a Marl in t.f Osalalla. hut now
of North I'laite. arrived Wednesday
fir a vi-it at the home rf Mrs. Jen
nie Kliinni. an old friend, for a few
Win. Sp- rr r family returned
hm:e la-t .Monday from Valperaso.
wh'Te they went last Sunday (o at
tend the funeral if, a hrotiit r of Mr.
Sporrer. They had been there and
l"ft their ear at another trip, and so
wejii via th. train, tr-iing through
Lincoln, hut returned with their car.
Atvtays Ready for Sale
Dates far or near.
Telephone 1511 Mnrnv Ext lance
that's the kind you like!,
They fit, they're made roomy and color fast. We
carry them in stock and have your size.
Gaiharlt Plain Blue Denim Ovprails
Hiatt "& Tutt
of Murray and Surrounding Vicinity Especially for the Journal Readers
Ill I
"Money makes money" is a
proverb that is old and true.
Big opportunities often come
to folks with a little ready cash.
By starting a saving, account
with us now, you soon will have
sufficient savings to enable you
to take advantage of some worth
while bargain.
To wait may be too late.
Miss Nora Latta came home Satur
day evening from her school in Lin
cvdn. - ,
Dr. Gilmore and family-and Mis.s
Mae LouKhridge drove oift west for
a ten days vacation.
John liobbins and family were the
Kuerts of friends in Omaha last Sun
day, driving up in their car and all
spending some time in Krug's park.
Joseph Cook, who is making his
home at Ord. was a visit-or at ho rat
last Sunday visiting withthe folks
and returned to his work last Mon
day. Joseph Marasek and J. F. Staska
and their families enjoyed an auto
ride to Omaha la-t Sunday and pic
nicked at Krug's park during the day
and had a very enjoyable time-returning
home in the evening.
.Oscar Shrader and family and Les
ter and Fern ill' and a friend or
Fern's and Harold Tolen and family
picnicked at Krug's park last Sun
day, driving up in their cars and en
joying very greatly the occasion.
Miss Kate McMann of Omaha, is
.spneding her vacation at the beauti
ful farm home of Mrs. Jennie Klimm.
east of Murray. Mi-s McMann is an
operator for the Western Union Co..
of Omaha, v.hen she has been for the
past IS years.
Willie IJintner. Leo IJintner,, Geo.
Wagner and "Barney" Smith, all
spent a very enjoyable tlay last Sun
day in an auto ride to Omaha and the
spending of the day at Krugs park.
One ff the young men lost his hat.
but you will have to ask them which
on? it was. .
When wanting "prices on lumber
and building materials, remember we
are keeping in line with all reduc
tions in materials. Estimates and
prices cheerfully furnished. See
l George Nickles at Murrav.
..Threshing' was in progress at the
homes of Ora avis and John urbin
west of town last Tuesday.
Curtis Lams' friends gave hini a
complete surprise on his birthday and
the ysurely had a good time.
Mrs. Fred Kamge was a visifor in
Omaha last Tuesday, where she was
looking after some business matters.
Mrs. A. A. Young was a visitor for
a shor.t time in Nehawka last Mon
day evening, driving down in their
George Edson and wife of Lincoln,
were visiting friends and relatives
in and near Murray for the past few
James Hatchett was a visitor in
the county seat last Monday, where
he had some business matters to look
Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Young enter-
tained Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Mr. and
Mrs. Kennedy and Ralph, at dinnrr
W. A. Scott was looking after Feme
business matters' in I'lattsmouth last
Monday, driving up in his car in the
Miss Nita Clark spent last Sunday,
with her friend. Miss Ethel Alex, in
Omaha, they enjoying the afternoon
at Krug's park.
Mrs. Moses Hiatt. who has been
very poorly for some time at the
home of her son L. I). Hiatt, is re
ported as being some better.
John F. Gorder ot Plattsmouth was
a visitor in Murray last Tuesday af 'li. coining down in his car tt.
look ol'er some business matters.
Miss Blanche Scotton. who has
been assisting in the drug store as
saleslady, is visiting this week with
her friends, Miss Freda Lyle of Elm
wood. Frank Marshall of I'lattsmouth.
was in Murray last Tuesday with a
truck which he was assisting in the
marketing of oats for some of "the
T. S. Barrows who is the manager
of the Farmers elevator at Murray,
was a visiter in Omaha last Tuesday,
where' he was looking after some
T. J. Brendel was a visitor at
Weeping Water last Tuesday, where
he was looking after some business
matters at that place in the line of
auto insurance.
Master Gleu Cole of Weeping Wa
ter, is visiting in Murray for a few
days, being the guest at the home of
L. I). Hiatt antl wife being a rela
tive of the former.
Iiist Tuesday Mrs. L. H. Tuls and
family were visitor at the home of
her sister. Mrs. Louis Freidrich.
where Mrs. ruls was assisting in the
'.oeklng for threshers.
Mrs. Martha Baumeister of Tlatts
mouth. was a visitor in Murray for
several days past being the gifest at
the home of Mrs. W. E. Dull and re
turned home last Tuesday evening.
A. L. Baker and Otto Lutz spent
their vacation last Sunday at Omaha,
where they sat in the shade of the
trees in one of the parks a par1 of
the time antl went to a picture show.
J. W. Edmunds -departed last Tues
day morning for Schoolcraft, Mleh..
where 1 expects to spend some three
weeks visiting the home of his sis
ter and among acquaintance of many
years ago.
Dr. B. F. Brendel and Will Ho
man. accompanied by the latter's
daughter. Miss Ruth, were Omaha
visitors last Tuesday, where Miss
Ruth underwent an operation for the
removal of her toncils. which had
been giving her much trouble of late.
L. H. Puis and E. E. Sowers, the
latter district agent for the silent
Alamo Electric -farm lighting plants
fro m Ashland, throve to Weeping Wa
ter, where tliey were looking after
some business matters for a few hours
in connection with the sale of this
popular farm lighting plant.
Dr. J. F. Brendel was a visitor in
Lincoln last Monday, where he went
lo see his father-in-law, Mr. F. L.
Jameson, who is sick at his home in
that city. Mr. Jameson, while slight
ly improved is still very sick and is making the progress towards re
covery which is desired. Mrs. Bicn
del and Richard who were in Lincoln,
returned home with the doctor.
Last Monday evening J. D. Wurde
man and wife and their son. Sraf
ford. of Leigh, arrived in Murray
for a few days visit at the home of
Wm. Nickel and family, as well as
with George Nickel r.f Murray. Mrs.
Wurdeman is the daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. .Wm. Nickel and is en
gaged in Leigh in the harness mak
ing business. .They drove down in
their Hudson six.
Dr. G. II. Gilmore and family, con
sisting of Mrs. Gilmore and the two
children, with their car departed last
week for the western portion of the
r.tate where- they will remain for a
few weeks and while there the Doctor
is looking after some land interests
which he has in that part of the
state. During their absense Dr. R. J.
Lar-n of Omaha is looking after the
practice of Dr. Gilmore.
Our Community Meetings.
The community ub met wMh their j
usual success Saturday evening and
the big crowd tiftit-has usually been!
in attendance, was present. Miss!
Brinklow opened the entertainment I
with a piano solo and Mrs. Kennedy
and Mrs. Cathey followed with a
vocal duet. Mr. Newton Gaines was
at his best and talked for two hours
and the audience was willing to lis
ten for 2 hours longer. He spoke on
ce-operation and made a splendid
pointer in what was necessary for
community spirit.
Next Saturday evening we will
have a treat in store for all who will
attend. Two weeks from Stturday
evening Mr. Clark of the University
of Lincoln will talk on consolidation
of schools. This meeting will be
under the direction of Searl Davis
If any of th readort of th
Jouraal knov of any social
eot or ltm of i merest in
ttati TictBtty. and will ntil
me to this office. It will p
pear under this heading. Wa
w ant all MfilMnt- Editob
and at that time Mr. Davis will give
us many truths on consolidation.
Next" Saturday evening Miss. Helen
Pontius will give a vocal solo, Misa
Neva Latta will give a vocal solo,
Mrs. Roy Cole will give a piano solo.
A vocal trio by Miss Latta as leader.
Rev. E. H. Pontin of Mynard will
talk on community interests and An
drew Sturm of Nehawka will talk on
community interests. Make arrange
ments to attend.
Gives Reception in Honor of Mother.
Last Monday evening at the par
sonage of the Presbyterian church,
responding to invitations of their pas
tor, a large crcwd of members of the
Presbyterian church of Murray, aug
mented by a good representation of
the membership of the Christian
church and many Murray citizens,
called at the parsonage to pay honor
to the mother of the pastor. Mrs.
Buchanan, mother of the pastor,
whose home is in Monmotb. III., has
been a visitor with her son in Mur
ray for the past month and Just prior
tocher departure for her home, with
the son the large circle of friends
gathered last Monday evening to
greet this good woman and wish her
God speed on her way home, to which
she departed last Wednesday even
ing. During the college days and for
the two years when he was in the
service of his country the mother had
been separated from her son and she
was enjoying his stciety during the
past month and now departs for her
home in Illinois. Rev. Buchanan
will, in a short time, also depart for
the east where he is attending col
lege at Princeton. New Jersey.
TJie occasion last evening was one
particularly enjoyed by Mrs. Bu
chanan. Mrs. Harry Todd and Miss
Margie Walker, dispensed dainty re
freshments from the dining room,
while Mrs. Buchanan, who was in
her clement, entertained the crowd
as the hostess, while the evening was
enlivened by the many delightful
numbers furnished by a victrola.
Meetings of this nature where all
meet and mingle good naturedly with
each other and the social gatherings
liks the community meetings of Sat
urday evening, are cultivating a
neighborly interest in each other in
the hearts of our people.
Purchases New Veile Car.
Herman Reike of near Union .pur
chased last week a new , Veile car
from L. H. Puis of Murray and Is
well satisfied with the new wagon.
The Veile car whieh is handled by
Mr. Puis is one of the best cars made,
having abundance of power, with
very easy rading qualities, and at the
same time is one of long life and uses
fuel with great economy. These are
the qualities which appeal to the
purchasers and users of automobiles.
Will Live in Otoe County
John Durman, Gust and Walter
Manier and John T. Porter, all wel
known to the people of Murray and
vicinity, have arranged to move into
Otoe county the coming spring where
they will farm.
) This Will Help the Matter Much
As the community meet-igs are be
ing held at the lawn of the Presbyter
ian church and is directly en the
main street of the town, the moving
of cars on the street near the speak
er interferes with the meetings.
It is requested that those who
come in early, that is before 8:30 p.
.m.. can well park their cars near
and around the lawn and those com
ing later, that is during the pro-
Free Specials
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wonderful difference there is between the "GOLDEN
THROATED" Claxtonola and other makes of "talk
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after using.
gram, can as well turn north and go 1
around the block, which would not
in any way interfere with the meet- I
ing. Those of you who would, could
come from the south and west and
it will help in giving all an oppor
tunity to hear what is being said.
Then after the speaking has been
concluded the use of the cars will in I
no way cause disturbance.
Celebrates Fifth Birthday
Richard Brendel who passed the
fifth milestone in his life last Friday,
July 30th, "celebrated it with some
nineteen of the little friends living
in Murray. The afternoon was
spent in games and a very delightful i
time was had by the little ones. A
delightful dinner was served by Mrs. :
Brendel at about 2:30, which was
greatly enjoyed by all the youngsters.-
The birthday cake was a fine
one and contained five candles,
which represented the number of
years which Richard has passed.
This is Not the Geyser.
Some one named the geyser in the
west which kept spouting water all
the time "Old Faithful", and it has
has been known as that ever since.
Now for the proper performance of
his duties, the geyser cannot get any
thing on Daniel Click for faithful
ness, for he is on the Job all the
time, carrying the mail and looking
afte rthe dray and express business
of Murray. He is just as faithful
as the ever-working geyser of the
From Tuesday's Dally.
Monday night is scheduled for
Plattsmouth. night at the Ak-Sar-Ben
den in Omaha and it is hoped to se
cure a special train for that event,
that will leave this city shortly after
the supper hour and return at the
conclusion of the show at the den.
Those who desire to take advantage
of the special train are requested to
get in touch with Jess Warga or
Frank M. Bestor and see that they
secure reservations.
Fro.-n Morday's Dally.
In the list of prize winning babies
in the Bargains Circus baby show,
appearing in the Journal Saturday
the name of Mary Margaret Kline,
the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Earl Kline was omitted from the list
through overslte. This fine little
lady was given the third prize in class
B and one of the finest children in
the contest.
To Clean Up Cemetery
Wanted: A man to clean up the
cemetery at the Lewiston church,
southeast of Murrav. Will pay good
wages. Call phone No. 1811, Mur
ray, Nebr. Miss Etta Nickels.
Road District Number Ten
All who reside in road district
number ten, will take notice to cut
the weeds and grasses growing along
your lands before August 15th.
Anyone who fails to do so, the weeds
will be cut and the expense thereof
assessed against the property abut
Road Overseer.
Fred Lutz. wife and children and
Otto E. LutK and Miss Laura Puis, of
near Murray motored up Saturday
evening to visit for a few hours at
tending to some matters of business
and calling on friends.
This Ueeltl
Pay When Cured
A mild system of treatment that cures ra
Flstuls, and other Rectal Itaas in a
time, without a sexere eurjical operation. ISO
f'hfnfnrm Vth At nthff T1 .r&.l thfitlO
thf nFrmsTSeM
omolete Lin
Of Summer Apparel
Family will be
Hoys' work shirts & ,
Men's broad, lotfg work shirts
Boys' union suits
Men's union suits
Men's Hatch One-Button union
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The Service Store
Keeping in Line in Prices!
To all who are interested in building wo would have you know
we are keeping in line with the market reductions mi luuii.-i.
Come to us for estimates and figures. We will furnish you tin
best of goods and at the lowest possible prices. Here you will al
ways get the benefit of reductions as they occur.
See H. 1. Banning at Union or George Nickels, at Murray.
Banning & Nickels,
Lumber Dealers - - Murray, Nc-br.
S ",--
f?. 4 3rvrS . -- -.-' - t- j ii I i t i - T "S
Electricity on the Farm!
The United States government is advocating tin
use of electricity more extensively on the fa: ms. It is
pointed out that where electricity is usel laborious farm
work is reduced and belter results are obtained. Many
things can be done on a farm with electricity, Mich as
churning, grinding grain for live stock, food for poultry,
washing dishes, lighting the buildings and other neces
sary tasks that now require brawn and sap vitality.
Farm life should be made as pleasant and easy as
possible, to increase its popularity. The work of the
women iolk on the farm would-be much less arduous
with the installation of electrical appliances, say t lie
government investigators for on their .shoulders falls
much of the most trying work on the farm. The aver
age farm woman works a few minutes more than' thir
teen out of twenty-four hours during summer, and her
daily average for the year is eleven hours and eighteen
minutes. Half of the women on farms, say tlx gov
ernment reports, are at work at 5 a. in. and get prac
tically no rest until they retire at night. Of every 100
women on farms thirty-six of them help with'the milk
ing, while seventy-nine of 'them trim and fill lamp,,
and all but four do the family washing.
As a labor-saver electricity, says the government,
has no equal, while the saving of vitality to both man
and woman is astonishing where it has been tried out.
Many farmers of Nebraska and Iowa have installed
electricity and few of them would do without it now.
There are many good makesof farm licfht plants
on the market now that will speed up machinery and
illuminate the buildings by the simple touch of a button.
E. E. SOWERS State Agent
L. H. PULS. .... Local AEcnt
for Every Member of the
Found at Our Store
' " -
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t I'll
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