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Harry Welchel went to Lincoln
P. J. LInch. Clenn Sliger and Jesse
Hardnock autoed to Lincoln Tuesday.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ed
wards July 27, 1920, a daughter. All
doing well.
Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Wolfe and
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rosenow autoed
to Ashland Monday afternoon.
Mrs. Clara Prouty and daughter at Crete.
Margaret, of University Place, are
visiting: relatives here this week.
Alva Skinner has rented the Geo.
Althouse farm for next year, the
3! Brcra zx:m ib vi.b.::b :;,et; or:, ;.!;:! :.;.3.;r:ri; ::
from Tecumseh, where hehas been! wheat belonging- to Ed James that ' intended the construction, seeing 'r 'a
visiting- his son, illiam and family, tested 64. This seems to be the best that nothing but the most select ma-
visiting until Thursday evening with they have gotten yet. Most, of the terials were used in the structure.
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Rouse, when he wheat has been testing right around One needs to see and examine the
went to Lincoln to visit his son, ' sixty. Henry Brockman also has home to fully appreciate the model j?
Charles and family. isome wheat that tested In the of convenience and utility the place n
"j i-uirujau in u'""" a. i -. utjigii ouniuuu oi bisij-iuur ana a anorus.
ar. sample of this wheat showed that it
Uncle George Skiles. of Miydock. was the real thing. . . T. .
was In town Saturday. .T9m H9rr thP little nr ur Ixenerations Enjoy Visit.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Boyles, of Lin- Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Harper arrived! Last Surula' Mr. and Mrs. W. II. q
coin, were In town Saturday. I from Chicago last Thursday, making Frost and their daughter. Miss Ra-
Miss Lois Keefer left Tuesday forthe trip alone from Chicago to Lin- raona accompanied by Mrs. H. M.
a visit at Glenwood. Iowa. ! coin. The little fellow seems to be orie. 01 mcoiu. wi,o is The moth- ' ru-..,, E-,- A
Alfred Stroemer and L. Lauritsen very pleased to think that he had fr of Mrs- ro1 and has heeu visit- t OHO ChOVrOlet KoadStcr, gOOd 3S I1CW.
autoed to University Place Tuesday made the trip alone and savs he en-:1I1B ai lIie Ilonje 01 uaugnter. an
afternoon. loved It. He was met in Lincoln hv drove over to .Syracuse, where they -
spent me uay at tne nomo ot .lr.. fj
W orley's mother. Mrs. Geo. Y
near Alexandria in Thayer county.
Levi Park returned Monday from
. .4 - nil. am . '
piace Deing iarmea Dy uiue iion- a week spent at Sterling. Colorado,
man this year. Oswald John shipped three cars
Little Miss Alice Cook and brother ; of cattle to South Omaha Monday,
wesiey pave a party to meir mn.r accompanying the shipment,
neighborhood friends last Tuesday! Mrs. A. I. Bird and little daueh
all reporting a delightful time. ters. Iva and Eula and son Gayle and
Alva Skinner and wife, Mrs. Chas. I Leslie Coon went to Lincoln Monday
itosenow ana son en ana irs. w ai-. morning.
ter Rathbun autoed to Omaha Tues-i Mr. and Mrs. George Foreman Jr.
day, returning home the same even-land children, of Valparaiso, spent
1Ds- j Sunday with Mrs. Foreman's mother,
Dinner guests at the A. I. Bird Mrs. Belle Bennett,
home Sunday, July 20th, were the1 Mrs. Sam Cashner, Sr., was on the
Misses Gertrude Stroemer and Paul- sick list Sunday but is some better
ine Snavely and Clifford Stroemer, at this writing. Mrs. Sam Cashner,
and Carl Rosenow. The dinner was; Jr., of University Place, spent a few
given in honor of Wesley Bird's! days the first of the week with her.
eighteenth birthday. John Murtev went to Clay Center
A week ago Sunday Chas. Fore- Saturday to attend the funeral of
man. his cousin. Harold Baker from his friend. Mr. J. L. Campbell, which
Ohio. Miss Dorothy McKinnon. Mrs. was held Sunday. Mr. Campbell was
Isola Kennedy and nephew Vernon about sixty years of age and died of
Hinebough, composed a party that sunstroke while working in his
motored to Valparaiso to spend the garden.
Mrs. W. Scott was a Lincoln Tisltor
Rev. M. A. Keith spent Sunday in
University Place.
John Skinner was in Lincoln Sat
urday afternoon.
Ed Stroemer and son Clifford were
: -. t 1 1 - - k
iu ,iui-uiu .uonaay iorenoon. afternoon. Joyed it.
-Miss Alta LInch returned home' P. J. Linch has been wirine his hie
t'luim) mgui irom a weeirs outing residence for electric lights during her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry
the past week. Plann. Sr.. and her brother. Mr anil
-irs. eert ivitzei left on Tuesday Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Boyles spent Mrs. Henry Clapp, Jr. He will re
morning for a visit with her folks Saturday and Sunday with Will main hprp th rpst of the summer
Boyles, of Lincoln. . On last Thursday afternoon as Dan
ine Jolly Neighbors club met on Fentiman was returning from hi
TT--.1-. a - . -1 1 .. .
ueuufsuay aucruuou ai me nume 01 rarm soutn or town ne run up
Mrs. Aug Johnson. I against the bank at the side of the
Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Richardson road near the bridge just two miles
and children spent the week-end in south. The result was a busted
Omaha with relatives. wheel. Of course Dan figures that
Mr. and Mrs. George Curyea and this was better than a broken head
r 3 w , . . . . . -
-ir. aau -wrs. j. i: uouse motorea to but he Is still wondering now in
South Bend Friday. July 23rd. j "blazes" it all happened. Now Dan
The Misses Ella Vincent and Flor- is a careful man and we are quite
ence Taylor came in Thursday even- sure that he was not speeding. The
ing to visit home folks a few days. only way that he can figure it -out
Miss Doris Arnold of Excelsion Is that someone threw a banana
Springs, Missouri, is visiting Misses peeling in the road and when the
Mane Appleman and Clara Dicker- wheels struck it. the car slid to the
Special Bargains in Automobiles!
One Ford Touring Car, 1918 model motor.
One Chevrolet 490 Touring, 1918 model.
One Velie "6" Red Seal Contcntial Motor,
1918 model.
day with the former's brothers and
Friends of Miss Genevieve Lowry,
former teacher in the Alvo schools,
will be pleased to note that she has
returned safely from Hang Chow,
China, where she has been doing Y.
W. C. A. work, and is visiting her
parents. Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Lowry
at their home in Omaha.
Mrs. George P. Foreman went to
Lincoln Saturday morning and from
there she went to Valparaiso Sunday,
accompanied by Mr. Foreman 'and his
cousin. Joe Baker, of Ohio, who y. ill
visit the homes of Albert Foreman,
Oris Foreman and George Foreman,
Jr.. at that place. Mr. and Mrs. Fore
man autoed home Sunday evening.
T. X. Bobbitt came in Wednesday
Mrs. M. C. Keefer and son. Donald,
bank with the above result,
have been visiting her daughter, Mrs. I a,vAA.!W'-V-V.,,v,',a
Koy u. coie, or -Mynard, for the ;
past week.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Marshall. of(S
Glenwood, Iowa, visited friends in.J
Alvo and vicinity a couple of -days
last week.
Mrs. George Xoyes and daughters,
Irene and Edith, of Lincoln, spent
Saturday and Sunday with Mr. and
Mrs. E. M. Stone.
Mrs. Grace Thuresson. of 170 Ban-
dini avenue. Riverside. California, is
A. H. Humble and wife were visit
ing for a short time at their old
home in Slater, Mo., recently.
Wm. Shehan was threshing his
wheat last Friday and placing it in
new subscriber to the Plattsmouth ,he Manley elevator to await ship-
G!Iow is the Time
fto PSowS
It's the early plowing that makes the
big wheat yield. We have a full line of horse
drawn plows; also engine plows. We will
be glad to give you a demonstration with the
Titan Tractor if you are interested.
Coatman Hardware,
Semi-Weekly Journal.
John Quellhorst and daughter.
Miss Bertha, came up from their
home in Kansas to visit the former's
son Orville and family, this week.
Word comes from George L. Stone
to his parents. Mr. and Mrs. E. M.
Stone, that he is now in Buffalo.
Xew York, where he is working at
C. M. Andres and W. H. Frost were
looking after some business matters
at Omaha last Wednesday, driving
up in the car of Mr. Andres.
Ijeslie Gansmer and sister, son and
daughter of Herman Gansmer of near
Murray, were guests at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Maceny of Man
ley one day last week.
Mark Wiles, of Weeping Water.
be lank of
We believe we can render any service to our cus
tomers than can be rendered by a country bank. We
are always ready to make good farm loans for long
terms at reasonable rates. Our officers are well pre
pared to advise on problems of farm finance, manage
ment, accounting and on the legal matters with which
a farmer must now deal.
Deposits in This Bank are Protected by the Guaranty Fund
of the State of Nebraska
The Farmers and Merchants Bank,
S. C. ItOYI.ES. rrn. IJI.K S. BOVI.KS, Caahirr FLORA R.GANZ, A out.
A. I. HOVI.ns, ler-Fm. t'AKI, O.GAXZ, Ylrr-IrM.
At the school meetine July 22 it 1
was voted to lew a tax of 50 mills but who has many interests in and
for general school purposes. Also to near Manley, was a business visitor
begin school on the first Monday in here last Friday, coming over to look
September. j after business matters.
Mr. and Mrs. Porter Appleman. of Herman Pankonin and Henry Xeu
Atlantic, Iowa, and their daughter. ' nian of Louisville, are busy doing
Mrs. Williams of Coon Rapids. Iowa, j lhe plumbing on the new home of
and Mr. Hammond, of Atlantic, auto- .c- E- Mockenhaupt. and are doing an
ed oved Monday visiting Harry Ap- j excellent piece of work.
Dleman and family and nthw rei. David O'Brien and wife, and Thos.
tives. They were enroute to Kansas
to look at land.
1 ; i ; i 1 1 1 1 ! I Ml Milt M
The Alvo National Farm Loan Association
S. C. BOVLKS. rres!lent PALE S. BOYI.ES. Sec'y-Treas
IIOW.F.S A. C;Z, Attornr.VM-at-I.atT
C. C. Carlson, the plaintiff in the
sheriff sale of the old Woodard liv
ery barn Monday was the purchaser.
George Halmes was here the first
of the week spending part of his va-I
cation and left Wednesday evening'
for Denver. He and his dad did
some fishing in the Platte while he
was here.
Lester Rader and -Miss Gladys La
France surprised their friends by go
ing to Council Bluffs and getting
married. Lester was back behind the
counter at the Meier Drug store Fri-:
day morning handing out smokes to'
the boys. The young couple are not
located as yet and Mrs. Rader has
been spending most of the week with
her parents in Omaha.
In a brief interview with Walter
As-hmun while he was here for the
burial of his father wo learned that
he was in the thick of the fighting
overseas and was so severely gassed
that he is partially invalid and is
Keckler and wife were visiting and
looking after some business matters
in Omaha last Tuesday, they having
driven up in their auto.
Daniel Bourke and Theodore
Harms were visiting at the capitol
city last Wednesday, where they
were called to look after some busi
ness matters. They made the trip
in Mr. Harmes' car.
Mrs. Charles Murphy and daugh
ter. Miss Anna, were spending a
short time in Omaha" last week, hav
ing visited with friends there Fri
day, when they were passengers on
the morning train for that place.
L. X. Davis, who has a contract
with the Capitol Bridge company, of
Lincoln, is putting in a number of
bridges and culverts in Cass county,
and was in Manley last Friday for a
short time, enroute from Weeping
Water where he had been working,
to dedar Creek, where he is to build
a new bridge.
John Fleishman, the contractor
and builder, who has but recently
completed the inside work on the new
home of C. E. Mockenhaupt, which
is an excellent piece of workmanship,
is at present engaged in finishing
the new home of Rev. John Oeh Jer
king between Manley and Murdock.
James H. Donnelly, state bank ex
aminer, of Omaha, accompanied by
F. R. Beebe, president of the State
Bank of Springfield, were in Manley
Messrs. J. G. Wunderlich and John H
Schwartz attended the funeral of J. It. ij
Vallery near Eight Mile Grove last -4
Saturday afternoon.
Mrs. Alvin McReynolds, who was
reported dangerously ill the latter
part of the week, requiring time
doctors, we are glad to state, is im
proving slowly and hopes are now f-n-tertained
for her recovery.
The annex to the old Xehawka
house, the main part of which
u One Ford Sedan, good running order.
Also new Chevrolet automobiles, all
models. You can buy now and pay small
payment down, balance monthly payments.
20 per cent discount on all Firestone
Come in
and look them over.
Warn- l
er, who is the great grand mother of lj
Miss Ramona. They enjoyed the P
trip and had an excellt-nt visit with
Grandmother Warner while there i
n g,000 mile Tires for 10 days only.
Garnge Phone 650
House Phone 502
w" 9 " n:
moved to east Xehawka some weeks
since, for a dwelling, is being wreck
ed this week for the good lumber
that is in it. When it is finally dis
posed of. it will remove from Xe
hawka its first hotel building and
one of the oldest remaining land
marks up to the present time.
Will Porter and daughter, Letha.
of Union, and Mrs. Gertrude Carper
and children, Lucian, Hazel 'and De-
line of this ploce, who drove to
York Saturday morning for a visit
with their sister-in-law, Mrs. Wal
lace Pittman and husband, returned
home Wednesday afternoon. They
made the trip in Mr. Porter's car.
Mr. and Mrs. Grant Klaurens an'i
son Willard, of Washington, arrived
here Saturday for a visit with Mr.
Klaurens' cousin, X. Klaurens and
family. The trip was made in 2?,
days by auto, the family taking sev
eral sidetrips and spending consider
able time visiting at each place of
special interest. They departed Sun
day . for Bloomfield. Xebraska, and
other places where they have rela
tives, but expect to return to Xe
hawka again later to finish their
The addition of one new home for
Xehawka was accomplished "almost
over night" as the saying goes, when
the east quarry boarding house, be
longing to Mr. . Xicholas Opp. was
placed on its foundation, on lots di
rectly south of the Mrs. E. A. Bur
dick place in southeast Xehawka last
Saturday morning. Mr. W. V,. Stokes,
the Xebraska City housemover. is
nam the fortunate gentleman, but
as we are not authorized to do so
will permit those who do not aln-adv
was know to guess.
The burning of waste paper, etc.,
!ack of Dr. Longacre's Tuesday
evening throw a scare into the com
munity. The fire bell was rung and
the department responded promptly.
Hose was lad aid the connection
made before many of them knew what
it was all about. It was good prac
tice for the boys, though, and it
would be just as well lo have a prac
tice run njor. often.
A co-operative threshing 6itfit was
purchased by several of the progres
sive farmers living north and east of
town last week. Ed Carr. Dan and
Fred Muenchau, Fred Schwegman.
Bill Copple, Andr -.v Heudrickson, Al
beit and Fred Wulf are members of
the company. They worked together
last year, but this season's business
demanded greater capacity so they
traded in the old outfit for a larger
Greyhound plant.
Minn: i' si rr to urnrr titm:.
r ti tii- list!ii.t Cmirt 1 1 f Cass coun
ty. Xi-lirasku.
Hiiliai-.l ii iissiiiati. I'laintitT. vs. I.u-'in-ln
Urittop. t-i a!. I f-n.hints.
To the 1 . f-n.lants: The unknown
liHrs. i'-vist-i's, l-rate-!, personal rep
resentatives atil all "other eisons
t-rese(i in the estate of John MctVnk
iv. uiciasoJ; Kiiza M'-i'onkey; the
uakmnvn heirs. Wevisees, eaie-s, jier
soiial l pre-enta I ives nrd all other
!" rsi'iis iiit' i -evtf.,1 jn the estate of
Wai ien i'('otik""-, (Vcoaseil ; Xora Me-
"likey; the unknown heirs, devisees.
h'Lrate-s. personal representatives and
ail oilier persons interested in the
estate of Ueorre Mcl'onkey. deceased:
the unknown heirs, devisees, lepatees.
personal representatives and all other
I want to trade my 7 room hou-e.
equipped with electric lights, gas
and water, good cellar, located on
west Main street, most desirable lot
in city, for work horses, harness and
farm machinery, or will sell a! a
great sacrifice for quick sale. See
F. M. Welshimer at once or phone
Xo. 5".r,. a2-Cd.2w.
Consisting of
10 rugs, assorted sizes, Wiltons
and Axministers.
Two oak dining room suits.
One duofold; one davenport.
Six rockers.
Birds eye maple bed room suit.
Two brass beds: four other good
beds, complete.
Two chiffioners; two library tables.
Three refrigerators.
One electric washer; tub, rack and
wringer. Many other articles.
Fhone 645 Plattsmouth
rrnir,, , Mieie.-ie,, ill Hie eiaie I I j I 1 a
t""'"" irinuaiurn iit'ie icr Md'onkcv, deceased- Kov
moving buildings. He has moved
several here in town the past two
months and the one above mentioned
is a fitting climax to the competency
and ability of Mr. Stokes to move
anything in the shape of a building.
Those who are acquainted with the
size of the above building, its loca
tion and the road over which it
I'iireotl :
.itssie 3l. Unpen (nee J'ippottt: Fred
M. Hapen; KKda JetTer: Charles Jef
lVrs: John fiupott: Ilenjamln I'ippott;
Mrs. J'.en.iamin I'ippott. real name un
known; llessie J'ippott hop, real name
unknown: John 1 Joe, real name un
known: TLose West fall: I)aniel S. West
fall: cViia Kapp: I"!. aide I.. Jiai.p: Mil
da Iier r Ki; nsimcr; William S. l;un
sim r: a-id Lets two ( L' t and three ( ;;
in JUocU tj.iv- ( ." t in 1 onelan's Addi-
1. J 1.- i:"i! i ii-r- :i Hi I liLll'-IIIMUKI, HI
n-u up uf inueu. marvel at me sue- cuntv. Xehraska; and ail persons
.e;.-iuj opeimjuii vi getting 11 to its tiaimmp any interest ot any kind in
new site. hat was once a useless,
deserted piece of property, owing to
its location, will, with reasonable ex
pense for moving and repairing be
come a modern and beautiful home.
expense to lit himself for a life work last Fridy looking after some busi-
that the condition of his health will
permit his engaging in
wtih the signal corps at Chateau
Thierry and the Argonne.
ness matters, having driven over
: ' from Springfield, and were in con-
cunauuu w 1 1 ii .hi . 111. J . xWall Ul
the Bank of Manley for a short time.
Miss Cathryn Thomas.' who has ! ft" which they returnel to Spring-
been doing office work at the Coun-I .,
ty Agent's office, left Monday morn-1 Edward tKfy s a visitor at the
inir for hpr homo nt nrhnrn in I county seat last Thursday, where he
" . . trti- tn Krt r it ln11
Minnesota, to consult the Mayo Bros
" T Of
mt i. .t. , ing the crowning as aueen of the Bar-
regarding the goiter on her neck. 1 fKa" .rcus of Ilss ern !eland
kuuu leiiov.s
mouth. Mr.
Miss Thomas has made many friends e L(
in Weeping Water during her stay of Thomas Walling both
tm i, k young people of Plattsmou
it to Rochester. Mrs. Snipes Zl JLt S T J i ? eX
d to take up the office work , ""t"1 le U"nglhIsfiv1I!lt-
Buying Grain and Stock!
Farming only pays when the man who manages
the farm receives at least one half of the net income
from the farm.
Grain and stock should be bought by individual
buyers who take an interest in keeping posted on the
Co-operative associations will never be a success
until they sell at least one-half their stock to their
managers. .
Bring your Grain and Stock to us. Thirty-six
years' experience on "market conditions" and "grading
up grain. Free to our customers.
Grain and Lumber
Alvo, Nebraska
of her vis
was forced
again at. the offtce when her sister
W. B. Race and his attorney, Geo.
L,jons, of Marshalltown, Iowa, were
here the first of the week looking
Mrs. Claude Breckenfield. who has
been staying for some time at the
home of her parents. John Group
,1 l m - mi. .
iiuu wue, oi ixjuisvine, arrived in
Manley a few days ago to visit at
Little Lucile Frantz ;s quite" ill
with typhoid fever. A trained nurse
has been secured in order that she
might have the best of expert care.
We are informed Charlie lienner is
not recovering from his recent oper
ation as rapidly as hoped for.
Miss Laura Vickers hi accepted
a place with the Farmers Sta'e bank
and is filling the position of assis
tant cashier.
A pre-nuptial shower was given
Miss Xellie Trumble Wednesday af
ternoon at the home of Mrs. Ernest
Trumble. We presume we would he
violating no confidences were we to
i i real (state or any part thereof:
ion urid each or von are herehv nti
: d t! at on the Ulnd day of July. IVL'0,
the liaintift" in the foreeuirm entitled
cause tiled ids petition in the District
''"'.'it if 'as county. Nebraska, whvre
m acli at-.d all of you ;. re irtade par
it s defendant, the t. purpose and
raver of which said petition is to
t.tain a decree from said court re
lioviny: clouds from and ijuietini? the
record title to the following desctih
d real estate in the JMaintiff. Ililliard
'liassma n, to-wit: Lots two (J) and
three :! t in j:Unk three ( :; ) in rone
lan's .ddition to the City- of Platts
mouth. In Cass county, Nebraska, as
aiiainst you Mid eacli of you and to
xcltide and en.iiiin you and ea h and
ill of you from ever asserting or
'aimimr an estate, riirht. title or in
rest therein adverse to Plaintiff by
reascn of i'laintiff's iolxcrse possession
of said premises hy himself and his
grantors lor more than ten years prior
to the ciiiiiiiicm enient (,f said suit, and
for such other and further relief as
may I.e just and equitable.
Von are lOquired to answer said pe
tition on or before the i'Oth ilav of
September. I5i, or your default' will
be dulv entered therein and a decree
entered as prayed for in said petition., J'.ilv ::oth. irt.'fi
ii i T.lia i;d ( ; i ; a ssm a n.
l.y JOHN :,r. LKYIU,
a--4w. His Attorney.
, . , , t i ,
Coates Blk. Phone 203
Modern Home
Eight room house all modern. Has
steam heating plant, one-half block
it ground. Nice location. This is
one of the best built homes ii the
city, and we consider it a splendid
investment. If desired, we will give
you the following attractive terms:
$1,000.00 down, balance In monthly
payments. Deferred payment to draw
This is an exceptional oppor
tunity. Act quick!
J. P. Falter & Son
lieal Estate PHONE 28 Insurance
after matters regarding the settling hmeT ia5ernnV wd S1St,T'
of the H. G. Race estate. Attorney Ra",u5nlh,i8ba?d- , Mr
Lyons was very much pleased with
me ueauuiui scenery around our
urecKenneia, wno is empiovea in
Omaha, .was down for the week-end.
city and said when he and his wife ll fam,ly as wel1
take their antr, trln hP ia as the u if e and little son.
this way in order to let Mrs. Lyons
see the beautiful scenery from ceme
tery hill. Mr. Lyons said he didn't
think the people of Weenins- Water
realized the beauty of the place or
Much progress is being made by
those who are stringing the high
tension electric lines to Weeping
Water from Louisville. The poles
have been distributed from Weeping
they would make it a summer resort Water to Ju eas.1 f Manley and the
'".greater portion of them placed in the
IBflflliti ' ground- The matter of getting the
C ' service extended to .Manley is still
Leader-Echo t
;, ;;,.;.;,;, ....j. .;, ;. .j.-.
being looked after and it is hoDed
that the desire of the citizens to be
brought from darkness unto light
may be fully realized in the near
19 Years Tractor Building Experience!
The Tractor With the Most Power for the Longest
Time at the Lowest Cost
Weighs 5158 Pounds and Has Abundant Power for Three Plows!
Watch for Demonstration Dates to Be Announced Soon
Dr. J. S. Deerine- 1p
for Rochester. Minn., where he -win Is Makingr An Excellent Home
take a post-graduate course at the' Tne new home which is just being
Mayo Brothers Institute at that completed by C. E. Mockenhaupt is
place. Dr. J. R. Harger of Chicago au excellent piece of home building
will look after his practice durine and WU make Mr. and Mrs. Mocken-
his absence. haupt an elegant place of abode. A1-'J
On last Thursday morning the though not of large proportions, the ' t
stork made his arrival at the home house is of anmle size to euro fnr .V
i of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Rosenow and left .their wants and is so designed as
a fine baby boy. Both mother and to render the most ease and comfort
baby are doing nicely and Ed. of in the work of the home The t.0h
course he is flying pretty high be- house is modern in all its appoint-
ic"s,f lMthe happy eve-t. Iments. notwithstanding the fact that'
u- ,iiwuo mm ana elevator n is in a small town. The plan"
have been taking in a lot of -wheat were furnished bv W. II . Prnst the v
and on Friday they took in some lumber man, who personally super- 3M3M$MMfr
Plattsmouth Dealer
Phone 2304
l'Call at the Mason Garage and see them in Plattsmouth