The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, July 12, 1920, Page PAGE SIX, Image 6

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    JiU 4 i f ' . mm
J-tcrehouse Staged Comeback , That
Threatened Good Lead of Op
ponents in the Sifth.
Finm Thursday's Daily.
In a close anil hard fought battle
last evening uhe Locomotives of the
Shop league crept nearer the lead in
the percentage column and are now
tid for rim plac- with the Coach
hop tea in.
The Lr.eomoti vej secireit a three
ru:i lead in. their half of the fifth,
but the ?toA-hou-3e came near tieing
up the battle in their half of the
ame inning by timely hitting. Mc
Carthy of the Storehouse out;an(i Martin were the features while
tMtlve of the Locomotive players and
rave one pass while Hu!a, who pitch
ed th fir;-t four innings, retired
four on strikes and gave 'two free
passe.. Herold. who officiated . for
the h,comoties in the lust three iii
iiines, retired six on strikeouts and
gave two free trips to tirst Jase.
In the opening inning Martin .of
ttn- storehouse, the first man up,
rapped a safe one to left for two
Lai-s and was followed by Brewer,
who hit safe to right and tallied
Martin. Schubeck was struck out
and Hed Newman drew a pa.s but
lied on the basvs as Cattleman and
Johus were both struck oat.
In the second the Locos tied up
the' score v. hen Janda hit safe to
left and was able to pilfer second
ami on a balk by .McCarthy was ad
vanced to third and scored later.
Hula and Schulhof were whiffed and
Kelly retired McCarthy to Cattle
man. There was nothing more doing un
til the tilth inning hen both teams
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it to our shop and ask
Uur Shop Foreman
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T. H. Pollock Garage
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Good Auto Roads
uhiimpered their batting eye and pro
ceeded to clout the pill for many
scores and in which the locomotives
were the most successful. Kelly was
struck out and Miller was given a
lease on life when Johns failed to
hold the third strike and Wilson,
who. 'followed, was passed by Mc
Carthy to first base. Skalak was
struck out and Burbridge broke up
1 the -festivities with a safe poke to
left that brought Miller In and when
Cattleman had a bobbte at first base
both Wilson and Burbridge scored
as Cattleman was unable to handle
the ball for what would otherwise
have been an easy out on Herold.
Janda closed the inning by retiring.
Brewer to Cattleman. In the Store
house half of the inning, Pete, who
had relieved Hula, was hit success
ively, which resulted in two runs
being checked up for the supply
handlers. Martin -and Brewer both
secured hits to center and on the
hit of Brewer Martin registered and;
Brewer came home when a fast one
tame through Schulhof at short
Red was walked and Cattleman
pained a lease on life when Kelly
failed to handle his fly and with the
bases full Pete proceeded to pull out
of the hole by striking out Johns,
Harry Newman and McCarthy.
For the storehouse the pitching of
McCarthy and the batting of Brewer
the battinx and catching of Bur-
bridge for the locomotives was the
feature and in the batting depart
ment Herold kept a good record for
his aggregation.
The tabulated score of the game
was as follows:
Wilson, lfl a - 0 0 0 0
Skalak. cf. Sb 3 0 1 1 0
Burbridge. c 3 1 10 I 0
Herold. :ib. p 3 2 2 0 0
Janda, lb 1.5 0 0
Hula, p. rf :J 0 0 1 0
Schulhof. ss 3 0 12 1
Kellv. 2b 3 0 112
Miller, rf. cf 3 0 10 0
Niel. cf 0 0 0 0 0
27 5 21 6 :$
Ait h r a i:
Martin, .ss 4 2 1 1 0
Brewer. 3b 4 3 1 2 0
Schubeck. cf 4 110 0
Newman. K. rf 2 0 0 0 0
Cattleman, lb 3 0 5 0 1
Johns, c 3 0 13 1 0
Newman. H. If 3 1 0 0 o
McCarthy, p 4 10 2 0
Weaver, rf 3 1 0.0 0
28 9 21 6 1
Former Plattsmouth Young Man is
Married to Miss Ruth Pilcher, For
mer Student at Nebraska Uni.
From Thursday's" Dully.
The marriage of Miss Ituth Pil
cher and Mr. Clarence Staats oc
curred on Wednesday at the home of
a sister of the bride at Seattle,
Washington. The young people are
expecting to make I heir home in
the Washington city where they
have both been making their home
for several months.
The bride was for the past few
years instructor in -piano teaching
at the university school of music at
Lincoln and member of the, musical
sorority, Sigma Alpha Iota and ac
tive in the Matinee Musical club,
it was while both Miss Pilcher and
Mr. Staats were in attendance at
the school of music that they met
and the friendship ripened into a
real romance. Mr. Staats was in
structor in pipe organs at the school
of music previous-to his entry into
military service in 1917 and has
since his return last fall from Ger
many, been engaged in work in Lin
coln and Seattle. He is a son of
Mr. and Mrs. George K. Staats of
this city and his host of friends
will join in their expression of a
happy future Tor this estimable
young man and his charming bride.
Prom Thurixlay'n rAlly.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Godwin were
happily surprised at their pleasaut
little home which they have "recently
purchased on Silver street by a num
ber "of friends from the store de
partment of the Burlington. The af
fair M-as in the nature of a fareM-ell
to Mrs. Godwin who recently severed
her connection with then Burlington
at this place. At an appointed hour
the guests arranged a lovely spread
Miiich M-as much enjoyed by all pres
ent, at which time Mrs. Godwin M-as
presented with a beautiful cut glass
vase which was much appreciated as
a welcome addition to the furnish
ings of the new home.
Fred H. Gorder and wife of Weep
ing Water, were in the city today
visiting Mith relatives.
Mrs. O. A. Davis and Mrs. Ed S.
Tutt, of Murray, were In the city to
day for a few hours visit with old
Winners of Popularity Contest Will
Be Crowned as King and Queen of
Carnival in Triumphal Entry
As one of the features of the Bar
gains Circus now fast approaching,
the popularity contest bids fair to be
one of the most exciting events of
the big show and in which already a
number of the young men and ladies
of the community have been entered
The entries to the contests are open
to residents of Cass, Sarpy, Otoe,
Nemaha. Lancaster and Saunders
counties and Mills and Fremont
counties in Iowa. All that is ne
cessary to place a candidate in nom
ination is to mail their name to
Harry H. Harding, general manager
and director of the Bargains Circus
and their names will be entered.
Votes for the contest may be secured
during the circus from the 15th on
at the various stores that partici
pate in the festal occasion.
The winners of the contests for
the most popular lady and the most
popular gentleman will be crowned
king and queen of the carnival to be
held on Thursday. July 29th. and
the six highest ladies and gentle
men Mill be ladies in waiting to
the queen and gentlemen of honor at
the court of their majesties. The
winners will also be presented Mith
valuable prizes from the various
merchants of the city who are in
terested in the Bargains Circus.
This carnival is something that
will be new to this city although
the custom of the masked carnival
has for years held sway in the citfes
of the country where the custom cf
the gay and light hearted French
pioneers have been carried on by the
succeeding generation. For this oc
casion folly will be .the ruling force
of the city and the city given over
to the masked frolickers who will
have the time of their lives as they
parade the decorated and swarming
streets with their fancy costumes
and masks' that makes all equal for
the occasion and no questions asked.
Already many are planning their
costume for the event and a vast
array of attractive and dashing cos
tumes are being planned by the
young and old alike for the big fes
tival. If you still feel the flow of
the adventerous blood of youth, this
is going to be "some" time and one
that the city will long remember
and will culminate in the entry of
their majesties the king and queen
of the carnival and any of the young
people who are keen for the honor
have only to get busy with their
friends and they can wear the royal
purple of the biggest and bes.t car
nival ever seen In the city.
From Saturday's Dally.
Bandmaster Guest of the 20th In
fantry band of Fort Crook Mas in
the city today arranging for the ap
pearance of the band here on the
16th when they w'ill play at the
dance to be given-by the American
Legion and also for the series of five
concerts which the band will give
here during the two M-eeks festival
from the 15th to 31st. The 20th
Infantry band is composed of twenty
five pieces and all are musicians of
the highest ability and their appear
ance here will be M-ell worth enjoy
Methodist Ladies Review Work of
One of Most Successful Years in
Their History.
From Friday' Dally.
The ladies of the
Methodist aid
society met yesterday afternoon at
4li I. . . 1 1 r a 1 - m
mo tiiuiun pariors wun Aiesaames
U. C. Wescott. Frank R. Gobelman
and Joseph Hadraba as the hostesses.
lue main portion 01 tne afternoon,
was given over to the reports of the (
various committees or the society ( at the office of the county superin
and a review of the year's ' M-ork. , tendent. Mr. Everett and his par
From both a financial and social ents, Mr. and Mrs. George Everett,
standpoint the society has had their ( are expecting to leave in a few
most successful j-ear in the tM-elve j M-eeks for an trip to the Osarks
months just closed and the financial In Missouri, where they will visit
receipts for the year show that over
OAA 1, J 1
ouv uau wen eecurea Dy ine organ-
'isatioa and vrhicii "'ill so tCTrard
the vrork. of the church.
The ladies of this society have
been one of the most vital factors
in the advancement of the ctmrch
in the city and their constant, efforts
have contributed greatly to the de
termination to have the new parson
age erected in the rear of the church
building. The ladies at their meet
ing yesterday decided to purchase
for the new parsonage a fine gas and
coal combination range which Mill
add greatly to the comfort of the
At a suitable hour dainty refresh
ments Mere served by the hostseses
that added greatly to the pleasures
of the event.
Great Interest Manifested in Tryout
of Several Makes of Trucks in
This City Yesterday Afternoon
From Satunlayi Dally.
The official tetit of two of the ton
and a half trucks that are contem
plated being purchased by the city
for the purpose of motorizing the
fire equipment of the city, were giv
en a tryout yesterday aiternoon
shortly after 5 o'clock and the test
of the trucks Mas made by members
of the council and the chief of the
fire department. Only two makes
of trucks M-ere present to enter the
test yestemlay, the Douglas truck
company having a fully equipped
truck with fire fighting apparatus
M-hlle the Master truck Mas also rep
resented, although not equipped with
the hose and reels as Mas the Doug
las truck.
The members of the committee de
cided to make the tet on the South
Fifth street, hill, ont of the steep-
est in the city and Miiich had the
added handicap of having been wet
by the rain which ottered a handicap
to the trucks but the trucks scaled
the hill Mithout difficulty and with
full load.
The Douglas truck seemed to im
press the members of the committee
and the fire chief very favorably as
it fulfilled all requirements and Mas
handled under the direction of John
F. Gorder the local agent. ,
However, there are - tests to be
made by the International and Pat
riot trucks before the selection t
made'and it is expected to hold these
later. The ton and a half trucks
seem to nil tne bill as regards to
speed and service in getting over the
hill and M-hatever make is selected
the motorizing of the equipment Mill
certainly go 'a long M ay toward mak
ing the fire department more elfi-
From Saturday's Pail v.
The officers of Mystic Encamp
ment I. O. O. F. of this city together
with officers and members of River
side encampment of Louisville jour
neyed out to Weeping Water yes
terday afternoon Miiere a joint in
stallation of the officers of the three
encampments Mas had: James H.
Short of this city, district deputy
grand patariarch conducted the cer
emonies and several of the grand
lodge officers M-ere present to take
part in the installation. The mem
bers attending from this city re
port, a most delightful time at the
A good friend stands by you M-lien
in need. Plattsmouth people tell
how- Doan's Kidney P1113 have stood
the test. EdM-ard Martin, machinist.
of 1409 Vine street, endorsed Doan's
four years ago and again confirms
the story. Could you ask for more
convincing testimony?
"Doan's Kidney Pills are all that
is claimed for them and whenever
my kidneys get out of fix or act Ir
regular, a box of Doan's Kidney Pills
soon remedies the trouble.," says Mr.
Martin. "Occasionally my back gets
to aching, but it only requires a few
of Doan's Kidney Pills to relieve me."
The above statement M-as given
February 22. 1916 and on May 13,
1920, Mr. Martin added: "I know
Doan's Kidney Pills are a good rem
edy after what they have done for
me. They have never failed to do
their work in a short time. I only
use them occasionally now as a pre
ventative to keep my kidneys in a
healthy condition. I have the best
of faith In Doan's and can recommend
them as a reliable remedy."
Price 60c, at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy
f" ?,any 1 "Is in,e rJme
I iuai 1111 iicttl. rusici-iiiiiuuiii
Mfrs., Buffalo, N. Y.
Leslie Everett came up this raorn-
ing from., his home near Union to
look after some matters of . business
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Claude,
Everett near Springfield.
Jk,. i.twiwawi-.mii mm m mini i n m m
Farming Demonstration
JULY 28, 29 and 30, 1920
Agricultural College Farm, Lincoln, Neb.
This will be the first complete Power Farming Demonstration Nebraska
farmers have ever had the opportunity of seeing. More than 50 Fordsons will
be in the field each day demonstrating all the uses this wonderful little tractor
can be put to plowing, discing, pulverizing, seeding, threshing, baling hay,
grinding feed, shelling corn, etc.
Make your plans to attend and learn more about
all the specially built implements for your Fordson.
T. H.
Phone No. 1 '
Program Oatlhted Will Mean a Day
of Delight and Pleasure to Many
Who Are Coming to Take Part
The management of the Bargains
Circus have fixed Monday, July 19,
as the day to be dedicated to the
Campfire Girls of Cass and adjoin
ing counties and every campfire with
in a radius of forty miles in invited
to come to Plattsmouth to take part
in the event. The day will be such
that young and old Mill be able to
fully enjoy and appreciate the big
event and everybody will find there
is something to please them. Ev
erything Mill be free.
Canipfires will be met at the depot
by a welcoming committee who Mill
take the visitors to the campfire
headquarters, where elaborate ar
rangements have been made to take
care of you, free rest roms. Mash
rooms, lounging parlors and in fact
all that it takes to make the guests
comfortable will be there.
At 1:30 p. m. all camp fires will
form for a great parade and march
past. all campfires are eligible
M-hether organized or not the par
ade will be reviewed by notable cel
ebratie from the larger cities and
an honorf prize presented to the camp
making the best showing. Judging
will be on the best appearance of
the organization and. the size of
campfire. '
After the parade and the' awarding
of the honors, the visitors will be
the guests of the load church so
cietiesat a "happy hour", where
they will royally be entertained and
treaetd to all the refreshmests they
can possibly care for.
Carnival of Campfire Contests
A scries of games of skill anil fus
for all.' the- canipfires. Valuable
prizes will be given to the winners
and renners up in'all these contests.
After supper the girls cf all the
camps Mill be the guests of Mr. 'J. C.
Peterson of the Moreland theater,
who will present for them, free, the
celebrated Fox feature, "White Lies"
featuring the popular star. Gladys
Brockwell, and another big special
Altogether this Is to be one of
the most pleasant get-together days
of the greatest of great celebrations
The program for the various con
tests and events is as follows:
Valuable prizes and awards will
be given
to the winners in each
1. 100 yard dasii, aw gins uuuc
16 years. 1st, 2nd. and 3rd prizes.
2. Potato race. A free for all.
and some new features are promised.
1st. 2nd and 3rd prizes.
3. 100 yard dash for campfire
criris nvpr 16 vears. 1st, :na ana
3rd prizes.
4. Nail driving contest. Free
iS j s
Pollock Auto Co.,
Plattsmouth, Neb.
for all. A contest that takes skill
and perseverence. 1st prize only.
5. Jumping rope race. Girls will
bring their own ropes. Distance 200
yards for girls 16 years and under.
1st. 2nd and 3rd prizes.
6. Hat trimming contest. Free
for all. A contest with as education.
Each girl will be furnished an un
trimmed hat and trimming. Bring
your own needles and thread. t No
scissors to be used, and the girl who
makes the neatest hat in the short
est time will receive the hat and a
valuable prize. '
7. Fire building contest. Camp
fire teams. Each camp Mill enter
two girls, who will build an approved
camp fire Mithout the aid of matches,
accordiny to the Campfire regula
tions. Prize to the wisning team.
8. Fifst aid contest. Campfire
teams. Each camp Mill make an en
try of a team of four girls, two a?
stretcher bearers, one bandage oper
ator and a patient, valuable aM-ard
to the best team.
.9.. Spoon race. Free for all. A
conetst of fun and skill. First prise
and booby prize. Come and see them
spill the beans.
10. Yelling contest. A funny
one. Each camp Mill enter a team
of ten girls, who will be Judges, ac
cording to their ability to give their
Campfire yell the loudest, and with
the most "pep". Honor prize to
the winners.
A tractor that will fit your
farm the Fordson
YOU can make your farm produce more at less
cost and with less effort on your part by
using the Fordson tractor. Not only will it help
you prepare your land and cultivate the crops, but it
furnishes power for many other farm jobs. jagJSHJH
t The Fordson tractor is the result of Idng sttidy of
farming conditions and it has proved a success. Burn
kerosene easy to operate and care for practically
There's an Oliver No. 7 Plow
for your .Fordson
Just as the Fordson tractor gives ideal power, the
Oliver plow means ideal plowing. It is scientifically
designed for tractor service and is backed by a half
century of experience in making plows. It buries all"
trash and weeds at the bottom of the furrow .
maintains an even depth of furrow and is controlled
from the, tractor seat. '
Corac in and let us show you this remarkable ftxm ,
T. C-3. Pollock Auto b.f
Phone No. 1
Fordson farming,
The campfire headquarters at the
corner of Fourth and Main streets
Mill be provided Mith a special nur
sery M-here mother's who desire to
spend the time at the Bargain Cir
cus may check the small children
and babies and they will be M'ell
cared for as there will be nurses
and attendants present to look after
them or a very small fee. "'
So far the committee in charge
has received favorable replies from
Sidney and GlenM-ood. Iowa, Blair,
Nebraska City and . Cedar Creek
campfires that they will positively
be here for this big event.
SO acres of good Cass county land
one mile south of Eight Mile Grove
cemetery. '...
Six lots, west Main street; 6-room
house; electric lights and good M-ell
and cistern. Some fruit trees.
Also4H acres -with good 4-room
house and barn; good .well. One-half
mile south ofvB.- & M. shops.
See Geo. M. Hlld or Frank Vallery.
Plattsmouth, Nebr.' - 3td; lw-tf