The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, July 12, 1920, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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    K03CAY, JTLT 12, 1920.
Uncle Geo. Skiles was in town
Charles Foreman celebrated the
4th in Omaha.
Perry Cook has recently purchased
a new Wallace tractor.
Ed Stroemer went to Omaha Mon
day evening: on business.
Ike Hollenbeck is entertaining a
brother and wife from Kansas:
Mrs. Chas. Rosenow and son Verl,
were In Lincoln Saturday forenoon.
II. Moore and little Miss Rosalie
Johnson, were in Lincoln Thursuay
' morning.
Ed Stroemer, Phillip Linen and
Alfred Stroemer were in Lincoln on
business Thursday.
Coalman Hardware
AtThis Season We
"Sell the Most .
I AST YEAR we had
mJ that experience, and
the year before, and so cn
back. People are out-of-doors
more-at their work,
giving their autos exercise
and indulging in other out-'
door "sport. . ' '
Common sense says that a
high priced delicate watch
had better be at home on
such occasions, and that
an Ingersoll on
active duty. .
We're ready with a compleJ
line of Ingersolls from tiife $2.5 J
Yankee up to the 7-jewtl Re-
liance in a gold-filled case ut
$11.50. Of course we have the
RaJiolites that tell time in tlio
The Bahb'of S
We believe we can render any service to our cus
tomers than can be rendered by a country bank. We
are always ready to make good farm loans for long
terms at reasonable rates. Our officers are well pre
pared to. advise on problems of farm finance, manage
ment, accounting and on the legal matters with which
a farmer must now deal.
Deposits in This Bank are Protected by the Guaranty Fund
of the State of Nebraska
The Farmers and Merchants Bank,
S. f. noVI.RS. Pre. HALE X. nOVLES, Cnnhier FLORA R. OAXZ, At.
A. M. IIOYI.ES, Vice-Prim. - CARL I). G AXZ, Vlee-Prea.
The Alvo National Farm Loan Association
S. C. BOTLES, 1'rtFldPnt IfALE S. BOYLES, Sec'y-Treas.
ItoYI.ES A r.lZ, Allornr).at-l.anr
Buying Grain
Farming only pays when the man who manages
the farm receives at least one half of the net income
from the farm. .
Grain and stock should be bought by individual
buyers who take an interest in keeping posted on the
Co-operative associations will never be a success
until they sell at least one-half their stock to their
Bring your Grain and Stock to us. Thirty-six
years' experience on "market conditions' and "grading
up" grain. Free to our customers.- .
Grain and Lumber
, J. H. Foreman, Jr., and wife of
Omaha spent the 4th with his par
ents. ,
P. D. Van Cleave of Lodi, spent
a few days last week with G, P.
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Boyleg of Lin
coln visited relatives here the lat
ter part of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. Ray King and daugh
ter of Lincoln, visited Sunday with
II. Moore and family. '
M. C. -Reefer and son Don, return
ed from Litchfield, where they spent
a week on Mr. Reefer's farm. .
Miss Opal Cook who is attending
the Nebraska Chiropractic oollege in
Lincoln, spent Sunday with the home
Mrs. Hattie Strain and daughter
Fern of Bethany, visited several !
days with their aunt, Mrs. D. A.
Vincent.1 !
Miss Belle Sutherland of Lincoln
and Messrs. John Inks and Floyd
Pedist of Shelby, spent the 4th" with
Miss Lois Reefer.
Mrs Cecil Phillips and daughter
of University Place, visited the. for
mer's daughter, Mrs. Iola Rennedy
a few days recently.
Homer Cook,' Walter .Vincent, Verl
Rosenow, Wesley Bird, Clifford
Stroemer and' Carl -Rosenow, spent
the 4th at Capital Beach.
Dr. M. A. Lauermone, Miss Virgin
ia Robbing and II. Leheigh of Lin
coln, wree dinner guests at the Perry
Cook heme Sunday evening.
A. J. Brotst and family drove to (
Bradshaw, Sunday where they visit
ed relatives and spent the 4th. They j
returned home Monday evening. J
Elmer Ingwerson and sisters, the
Misses May and Elma, and brother .
Clayton, drove up last week from '
their home near Pawnee City, spend- i
ins "the 4th with friends here.
Grandma Rosenow and son August
Rcccnow and family of Elmwood,
and sou Dan Rosenow of -Omaha,
were dinner guests Sunday evening
st- the home of the formers son,
Chas. Rosenow.
Mr. and Mrs. Lauritsen and child-
ren ana tneir guests mt. ana airs. ,
Georee P. Jepsen and children, vis
ited Mr. and Mrs. George Blessing at
Elmwood Monday. The three fomi-,
lies were formerly resiaents oi nus
kin. Neb.
Mrs. Sally Wellsleiger and sons
of Hannibal.. Mo., visited Grandma
Uptegrove and other relatives here
last week, returning home Saturday,
accompanied by Grandma Uptegrove.
who will make an extended visit
with relatives.
Mrs. Hattie Rear entertained at
dinner Sunday a week ago. Mr. and
Mrs. H. Moore and daughter.. Miss
Blanche. Mrs. Jessie Johnson and
daughter Luella. and son Cecil, or 1
Lincoln. Mr. and Mrs. A. O. Sanborn j
of Clay Center, Kansas. I
A birthday dinner -was given for 4
M.iss Irene 'Friend," Sundar. June
16. at her home In honor or ner u
birthday. Just before dinner her
uncle. John Skinner, took them au
to riding. The evening, was de
lightfully spent at the Frank Cook
and Stock!
Alvo Nebraska
V s
home. There were eight guests
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Sllger and
children and Miss Golda Bird, Mr.
and Mrs. Jesse Sliger, and Mrs. Sli
der's sister, Miss Margaret Henn of
Northboro, la., Mr. and Mrs. Arthur
Skinner and children and nephew
Carl Rosenow, autoed to Lincoln
Monday enjoying a picnic supper at
Antelope park and later taking in
the sights at Capital Beach. .
Mr. and Mrs. George P. Jepsen and
children pf Cedar Falls, la., visited
a few days with their old friends.
Mr. and Mrs1. L. Lauritsen and child
ren. They left Tuesday, morning for
a visit at their former home town,
Ruskin. where Mr. Jepson was in
the banking business in former
years. Mrs. Lauritsen . accompanied
them to Lincoln. They picnicked
Sunday at State Fisheries at South
Bend, Miss Mildred Bodley accom
panying them.
A reunion of the Reefer fam'ly
was held June 27, 1920 at the
heme of Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Reefer.
Those present from a distance were
M. L. Reefer and family. Oris Fore
man and family and Miss Ethel
Hoagland of Valparaiso, Mrs. Captain
Groff of Utica, Mr. and Mrs. Roy
Cole, Mynard, Mrs. Enid Bruen.
South- Dakota, and Mrs. Mitchell
Stoner of Waynesboro, Pa., the lat
ter leaving that evening for her
home after spending a few week.-?
with relatives-here.
On June 26, sixteen girls of the
live wire Sunday school class of the
M. E. church enjoyed a picnic at the
park at Wabash. They autoed down
and after a period of investigation
they ate their picnic dinner (which
we know was excellent, as these
girls have been trying for honors
in domestic science.) In the after
noon those who were brave (?) went
wading In the lake. Later they
went to Weeping Water creek. Al
together the day was Jolly and well
Wm. Hoffman, accompanied by
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Shaffer, autoed
to Hastings Saturday afternoon vis
iting Mrs. Shaffer's sister, Mrs. A.
Dier and family, an on to Rearney
Sunday, where ihey spent a short
time with Mr. Shaffer's sister-in-law,
Mrs. Ned Shaffer and son, where Mr.
Hoffman purchased a thoroughbred
Airedale pup. They drove home Sun
day night. They were accompanied
as far as Sutton by Mr. Joe Arm
strong, who went on to Holstine to
visit his sons. Glen and family and
Ivan. Mr. Armstrong returned
home Monday, evening.
Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Jackman and
children autoed out to Rising City
Friday evening. Mr. Jackman re
turned Tuesday evening. Mrs. Jack
man and children stayed for a longer
Mrs. Theodore Miller was a Lin
coln passenger Friday evening. Mr.
Miller went to Lincoln Saturday ev
ening. They spent the Fourth with
their children of that place and re
turned home Tuesday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Van Every spent
Saturday and Sunday with relatives
and friends." Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Creamer took them to Lincoln Sat
urday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. M. E. McDonald
spent Sunday in Lincoln returning
with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Creamer.
Mrs. Lawton had a picnic out un
der the trees in her yard. Homer
and family, Grace and family and
Fred were all of the children that
were home. Several others were
there and a very nice time was en
joyed by all.
Mr. and Mrs. Lance Van Every
spent Sunday and Monday with
Lance's mother, Mrs. A. M. Van Ev
ery. Mr. and Mrs. Ollie 'Allis spent
Sunday and Monday with Ollie's
mother, Mrs. C. S. Allis. Miss Ruth
stayed and will probably remain a
A number gathered at the home
of Mrs. A. M. Van Every for dinner
last Monday. Those present were
Mr. and Mrs. Lance Van Every. Mrs.
S. A. Jacobson and baby, Mr. and
Mrs. D. R. Mitchell, and Mr. and
Mrs. M. E. McDonald
Among those who went to Lincoln
on the train Monday evening were
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Ohms. Robert
Reese, Walter Wood and Ella Ger
beling. Among those that autoed to Lin
coln Monday evening were Mr. and
Mrs. M. V. Woods, son John and
daughter Myrlte, Warren Richard.
Vrt and Albert Sylvester, Mr. and
Mrs. W. S. Hardway. Fred Grant.
Sdlth and Bettie Reee, Guy Hinds,
''earl Reynolds, Frank Wilson and
Frank, Rlncks.
Miss Ruth Davis is visiting at the
'.iome of Homer Sylvester. .
Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Richard are
:'pend the week here.
Mr. F. H. Burdlck has been sell
:ng his house houl goods. He is
coing to California with the boys.
They expect to leave Thursday morn
ing. L. R. Stanley bought the place
where they lived. Frank Colbert
bought the place south of the school
Mrs. Bucy and children left for
their home in Colorado Tuesday
morning. Ross Burdick, a brother
of Mrs. Bucy's accompanied her as
far as Lincoln.
Grover Otte was in town a while
Wednesday morning.
Mr. "and Mrs. Eugene Colbert was
In town for a while Wednesday
Suffered Intense Pain
"A few yers ago, when visiting
relatives in Michigan, something I
had eaten brought on an attack of
cholera morbus," writes Mrs. Celesta
McVicker, Macon. Mo. "I suffered
intense pain and had to go to bed.
I got a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic
and Diarrhoea Remedy and one dose
relieved the pain .wonderfully. I
only took two or three doses, but
they did. the work.
"Tanlac Has Brought Me Health
and Happiness," Says Mrs.
Mary Noble.
"I am now seventy years of age,
but I have actually gained twenty
pounds in weight In Just a few weeks
time," declared Mrs. Mary Noble of
914 South Seventh street, West Cedar
Rapids, Iowa, a few days ago.
"During the past ten years," con
tinued Mrs. Noble, "I have suffered
all the misery that goes with stom
ac h trouble and nervousness. I. had
to be extremely careful about what
I ate for even the lightest kind of
food, such as milk toast, sometimes
made me nauseated so I was unable
to keep it down. Often I became
almost deathly sick and I could taste
my food for hours afterwards. Gas 1
would form on my stomach and press
around my heart so that it palpitat
ed terribly and I got so short of
breath I often thought I would suffo
cate. At night I was afraid to go
to bed, for when I would lie down
I felt like I was going to smother. J
My nerves were in a wretched con
dition and at night I would get to
restless I could not lie in bed and
would have to get up and walk the '
floor. As a result I began to lose
in weight and I kept falling off un
til I lost about twenty pounds and
was no moresthan a shadow of my
former self. I was almost a wreck
and the little housework I could do
was a drudgery and I became so dis
jourage'd I saw little pleasure in life.
"About two months ago I started
'aking Tanlac and it is Just wonder
ful how It began to build me up
.ight from the start. My appetite
returned and my troubles gradually
left me until today I have gained
Sack all my lost weight and am once 1
more enjoying splendid health. It
1 a T I T
naxes no amerence un i eai, i
.:an digest it properly and my heart
action is normal and my breathing
is free and easy. My nerves are
steady, my sleep is sound andvrest
ful and every morning I get up feel
ing refreshed and with plenty of
energy. Tanlac has given me health,
strength and happiness and I know
Df no better way to show my grati
tude than by telling others about it
so that they may benefit by my ex
perience." Tanlac is sold in Plattsmouth by
F. G. Fricke and Company and the
leading druggist in every town.
JUUII rtAC, Y liKJ uvea OWUIU u j
town, suffered a stroke of paralysis
Tuesday of this week, and another
this morning. His condition is said
to be serious.
Chas. Renner went to Lincoln
Sunday evening and entered a hos
pital, where he underwent an opera
tion for vericcse veins in his leg at
10 o'clock Wednesday morning. Re
ports Indicate that he is coming
along fine.
Wheat cutting commenced in this
section last Friday and on Saturday
several binders were at work, but
the rain Sunday night and Monday
forenoon put a stop to the work tem
porarily. From all local reports the
crop will be above the average.
Mr. and Mrs. Merle Lannlng mo
tored to Webster City. Iowa, to spend
the Fourth with Mrs. Lanning's sis
ter and family. Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas Glenn of Plattsmouth and
little William Glenn of Hamburg,
la., accompanied them. On their re
turn trip Merle expected to call on a
couple of his soldier friends.
A large number of relatives and
Modern Ho
Eight room house all modern. Has
steam heating plant, one-half block
of ground. .Nice location. This is
one of the best built homes in the
city, and we consider it a splendid
investment. If desired, we will give
you the following attractive terms:
$l,000i00 down, balance In monthly
payments. Deferred payment to draw
6 interest.
This is an exceptional oppor
tunity. Act quick!
J. P. Falter & Son
Real Estate PHONE 28 Insurance
I ,tl.,l.,j ,,.f.., l,,t, t.,t I fr.frifrifriffiifiiinti l,,a..l.,g.J
t Coates BIk. Phone 208 $
i u 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 in i ill 1 1 n w n
friends gathered at the hospitable
home of Mr. and Mrs.'E. P. Betts last
Sunday and thoroughly enjoyed the
Fourth of July. In the inviting
shade of the spreading bows of an
cient trees on the lawn tables were
spread and a bountiful picnic dinner
was served, together with an abund
ance of homemade ice cream and
other delicacies. The afternoon was
spent in the usual manner of sue.h
gatherings and in the evening fire
works were brought out ior the de
light of the little ones. Those pres
ent were: Mr. and Mrs. l.d Shack
ley and two children. Miller and
Daisy Pearl of Avoca; M.rsand Mrs.
Chas. Jacobson and family, north
of Eagle, a sister of Mrs. Betts; Mr.
and Mrs. Hortman and nephew,
Buddie McFadden, a ?is-er ut' Mrs.
Betts; Mr. and Mrs. Jessie West
lake and family; Mr. and Mrs. Ar
thur Adams and daughter, Eva
Pearl. At . a seasonable hour the
guests departed expre-sin delight
with the day's entertainment and
each looking forward to another such
W. H. Frost, the lumberman, and
uncle Joe. Macenry, are kept busy
these times building hay racks when
not otherwise employed. The mat
ter of a good hay rack at this "time
of stress of work is appreciated by
those who have to use them and to
meet the emergency and supply their
customai with an excellent article,
these men are putting in good time.
Frank Wanamaker and wife of
"Weeping Water, were visiting at the
home of Mrs. Isadore Flashman in
Manley last Sunday.
A. H. Humble was visifting with
friends in Weeping Water last
Tuesday evening and also looking fit
ter some business matters.
Herman and Otto Harms, who
have been visiting for some time &
the home of George Schaffer, Jr.. at
Benson, where they enjoyed the time
greatly, returned home last Thurs
day. Virgil Miller has accepted a po
sition as cook for the grading caiap.
which is doing the work on the ro;id
from Murray to Murdock. while Eli
Reckler is doing an excellent jr.b of
conducting one of the large machines
in the grading.
Adolph Strinkamp. who some
time ago had concluded to retire
from active farming, has again got
ten into the work, and is' making
a good man in the harvest fields.
Bert Mason was a visitor in Platts
month, where he visited with nis
folks for a short time and rc'unud
in time to go to work on. the rail
road, going down last Saturday and
returning last Monday.
John Routh. who has been kept
to his home -on account of an in
jury he received from a horse wnich
he was riding some time ago. Is sble
to be out again.
John Relly and familv of near
Greenwood, were visiting at the
home of friends and relatives in and
about Manley last Sunday, driving
over in their car.
Mrs.. A. .W. Neihart of Crete, avhh
a visitor for a few days last week
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. M. E.
Neihart of Manley, and returning io
her home last Saturday evening.
Mrs. Charles Gerlich and daugh
ter, Miss Vera, were visiting with
friends in Omaha last Thursday
Miss Minnie Peters of Brock and
who was one of the teachers of the
Manley schools during the past ypr.
has been visiting at the home ot
Theo. Harmes. and departed lact
Saturday for her home.
Rev. George Stohlnian, who is a
professor in one of the schools at
Fremont and who is spending his va
cation with his mother, Mrs. George
Stohlman of near here, is assisting
In the harvest fields during the har
vest season.
Herman Dall was a visitor in
Plattsmouth today, driving over in
his car to look after some business
at the county seat. '
Appreciate the Fact.
The farmers in the vicinity of
Manley, who, like those of many oth
er places, have teen, very short of
farm help during the stress of the
harvesting season and are expressing
in a very appreciating way the
thanks they feel towards county
agent 19. R. Snipes for the admirable
manner in which he has supplied
them with farm help and of a very
good quality.
Visiting With Friends Here.
Mjorgan McCurdy and Lyle Graves,
who formerly made their home near
Manley. but who moved some time
ago to near Witten, South Dakota,
are visiting with friends near Man
ley. They accompanied the father
of Mr. McCurdy, Mr. Daniel Mo
Curdy, to a hospital at Lincoln,
where he underwent an operation
for the removal of a cancer.
Returns From Retreat
Rev. Father Higgins, who, dur
ing the past week, was attending
the Retreat of the Priests of the
Catholic church of the Lincoln dio
cese, which was held at York from
July 5 to 10. returned home last
week and reports having had a very
profitable time in listening to the
missionary who was helding the Re
treat and in conference with the
Irage number o'f priests who were
In attendance.
The Fields are A'Smiling ,
From many a high knoll on this
county, one can get a view of the
fields well cultivated in Cass county,
where the harvest of, golden wheat, is
being harvested and where the cats,
only a few degrees different in colr.
are soon to receive the sickle, while
the darker shades of green which
tell of the well, tilled. cornfields and
the portion which has been allotted
to alfalfa and other forage crops,
tell of the bounteous love of the
giver of all good and perfect gifts
to man. The fields are a'smiling and
all 'nature . seems in accord with
the reward which is apparent for
the work o fthe husbandman. No
one can look In the scene which can
be viewed from many advantage
points and not be convinced that a
JiMfciKitlMI I 'inMt; .Mil tt '!
Clieaper Power ami Move of It
That's just what evCry farmer, rnd power user is looking for.
It will be well worth your while to as!: us to explain why Stover
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tO t&fl & iCm rj-SllLLATE. CRUDE OIL
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Cylinders and l iotona accurately ground cr.J fatted, saving wear and maintain
ing compression. Heavy enouf,li to eliminate vibration, but no excess weight.
Stover Good Engines arc parti': :!ail Ji-ri!nnl f t Ihn work you ere fAv ' to do. Th'-y are
built by fTpc-rts fxr-e.-rt n 'i-ti ;-;,;:" i .) and i..'i:d.M 1 'V"'1" fci;i2irtts. Dimension for tlinieu
eion, rating for rating, kzli m fur 6 Ion i t iml u Movt-r iOod Lntiiie af!urls cheaper power
and more v( it tfmn fe&y or.nitie yud c n t-o v. 'ihry come to you all ready to i-t up 'jJ Urdia
oiit at once. TTcir loristructioii, I .atc-nnl. wcrkiuujvliip and feuturtrg aflorj .-eJ)f user
fcf a Stover Cued LiigJiit iaay years of bbtisfactyry, tcououiical power bci vice.
We carry Stover Ramscn Windmills,
Pfamp Jacks, Saw Rigs, etc
I A ...v
living Father has spokt-u in an
j abundance ot crops to hLs children.
Clearing the Roads.
In putting in Letter sdiapo the
roads between Murray and Murdock,
it was found necessary to remove
some large trees on the Augur.'.
Stander place, which is o.-cupied by
Fred li. Hauer west of Manley. It
required the blasting of the stumps
as well as the felling of the trees.
Some thirty six large cotton wood
trees, as well as a large number of
hox alders had to be removed. This
will make the thoroughfare so much
better when the work has been com
pleted. Mr. George Supp from the
state engineers office, is here super
intending the work.
Reception Tendered.
The many friends to the number
of some half a hundred, gave a very
beautiful reception to t h neulv
wedded couple, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred
Kanalev, the bride formerly lx in;;
w:.:b ;!:!B.3,:a.:w::i:ti:::a tzz m ve :; is:. ;a
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One Chevrolet 490 Touring, 1913 model.
One Velie "6" Red Seal Contcntial Motor,
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One Ford Sedan, good running order.
Also new Chevrolet automobiles, all
models. Ycu can buy now and pay small
payment down, balance monthly payments.
20 per cent discount on all Firestone
G,000 mile Tires for 10 dnys only. Come in
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B. K. F. Timer Sold
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Main St. Garage ' Telephone 79
Block South of PostofFice
' " m ii 1 1 ft 1. 1 uli 1 1 i' i i i t ' "Vim in..
Feed Mills, Comiulonters, Ensilage Cntteri,
Mis 1'raucM Ash. The friends had
prepared at the Modern Woodman
hail and with a delightful luncheon
they had a most enjoyable afternoon
i.'st Sunday. .Mr. and Mrs. Kana
lev will make their home in Fails
t'itv soon.
Electric Lilit Question
TLe matter oi .the eciiriii-T of
electric lights f'.r Manley and Mur
dock is still unsettled and whil" tli
ones who art interested in the lights
are willing to do all they can, they
hardly know how to take hold :is no
dei'mif; information as to what the
cost would be can be obtained by
the people here from the company
and until something is known that
is tangible no progress can be mad.
He thoiiaht she was beautiful, but
was pop ubir? Well you ean tell
at Ho- f .iins Circii1?. Plattsmouth,
.Tnlv ir.!b tit aist.
: u
r :
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I imers
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r -