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MONDAY, JUNE 14, 1920.
Cbe plattsmoutb lournal
E ate red at rostoffice. Plattsmoutb. Neb., aa aecoad-class mall matter
R. A. BATES, Publishe.
x otic is
mini time to commence
, . ... ,.! In the. li.trict Court of Cass coun-
worrying aiiout your tui mij.imv w ty Nt.iaska.
next winter.
Once in a while the greatest tru .Ii
is tola by the biggest liar.
The man who hasn't b en well
done by the prolit.-ers ' is rare.
: o:
Thirty billion dofiars for a place
in the tun. only to be laid iu the
' :o:
Its about time to call an armistice
on that war of words in the navy department.
Xever censure people because l hoy
are rich -they may be as respectable
as you art.
I would rather be beaten in the
rii;ht than
uccoed in the wrong
IJurglary is an eay profession,
generally speaking, because no Amer
ican householder can put up a very
courageous fmht when a ft runs light I
is turned on him in an old-fashioned
Dightsh irt.
A New York preacher says we j
One can lo .tiger find a.i appe
tizer 'fit, consido-ing the pric; u
food, it is perhaps just as wjl!
I'aderewski has accepted a seat in
the Polish parliament swapping pi
ano music for chin music, so t'j
:o: .
One rcasonvhy there are so many
divorces in this country is the large
number of people who are getting
Some candidate can win in a walk
four years from now if he can adopt
as his slogan: "lie kept us out of
tli. poor house."
i :o:
Something tells us that Governor
Low uen r-.ay never Ret back
part of his campaign fund which
was "held in trust"' by some of Mia
. onri delegates.
Whatever else there may be in the
platforms, there will be the usiTal
amount of bunk.
Still underneath all her paint and
powder, the. modern girl is alxuit as
pretty as the old-fashioned girl.
A waitress in St. Louis married
a guest after serving his dinner
Her haste was du.? to the fact that
she didn't care to wait any longer
Another hard decision for the
president to make was whether to he
rid of congress the rest of the siim-
weather. but evidently he has decid
ed he would get more satisfaction by
choosing the former course.
- :o:-
need a .Moses to lead the American
people out of the wilderness. Noth
ing of the sort. It took Moses forty
years to get the children of Isreal out
of the wilderness and ho didn't fin
ish the job, either. We want a
quick action chap for this undertaking.
are ironing out their summer
frills. They are having us at
tend to their cleaning and dye
ing anU their home made altera
tions are making their last sea
son frocks bow a new premier.
These girls wonder how their
town sisters and mothers and
are plaiiein;; to cut the high cost
of appearing well dressed. They
want this skillful, sanitary shop
to serve YOls. And Miss and
madam, we're mighty willing.
Goods Called for and Delivered
Vxii.rv opposite
The unpledged delegates will hold
the balance of power in both conven
tion. Also it would be well for all
candidates to remember that the un
pledged voters hold the bakince of
j power in the country.
j .. :o:
! 5-nator Ne w berry is t hi -ning
! to again run for the senate As he
paid the voters of Michigan an aver-
1 age of about $10 each, they ffre no
doubt willing to see him run every
few (ays. if he so desires.
Strikes are becoming so common
nowadays that even when a union
makes a mistake and goes -out un
authorized, it insists on staying out,
no mattre if the higher-ups do say
that strike is illegal. Sort of force
:o: .
The t'hicago packers announce
that the whoh-sale prices of heel
dropped from to 3 cents a poiiaa
during the month of May. Thanks
for. that information. We lever
would have guessed it if the packers
hadn't told us about it.
Who will the I'iiif rats nomin
ate at San l"i a ncisfo? Well, that
d'i'"ds. I'.ut whoever he is he
should have the undivided support
of all who call themselves demo
crats and thoe who find this impos
sible, should step into the rank
v, !ior" they belong.
Kcmning the ,;.n on danci--;. i ;
geing to be hunt tit- evang. li-t-',
who devo'o most :.f their erin vi-s on
the iilmso of tiie voting for engaging
in this "damnable" am i i'.-v.n at .
With the ban on dancing removed
and "old demon rn:.." out of the way,
it is easy to se that the tobacco
chewers ate going to get the wo--;:; of
it now,
sramsaa. .n inn amr-jua
on ran
zzs? thsL
l .11
- 1
i y h
Q S3 B & lira
In order to reduce our large stock of Tires and
Tubes, we will sell for
all FORD SIZES of Goodrich 6000 mile first grade
f-'abric Tires and Tubes
For Cash Only
For ten days, from
June 7 th to June 17 th
it'rRodgcrs Silverware Coupons FREE with all pur
chases of Tires and Accessories.
From Saturday s I"atl
This morning a sui! entitled
Henry M. Soennichsen vs. Kiley
Huddb'ston and .Ntaggie Huddleston.
was !ilcd in the county court and in
which tle plaintiff seeks to recover
the sum of $201. HO for damages caus
ed hy the automobile of the defen
dants running into ami injuring ' a
horse belonging to the plaintiff.
Suit has also been tiled in the
country court by Mary A. Taylor
against Abraham Cohen, in which
the plaintiff ;ib';s judgment in the
sum of So. for damage done to the
automobile of the plaintiff in n col
lision that occurred near I'nion
last week.
In tiie office of the c!t.rk of the
district court, a petition in the mat
ter of the application of Gertrude
Carper, guardian of Luciau Carp' r
et al. has been tiled in which the ap
plicant asks permission to sell real
estate for the use of the minor
County Attorney A. C Cole was at
Greenwood and Louisville this after
noon, looking after the burglaries
in that locality.
Sheriff C 1. Quinton was in Lin
coln today taking George Metcalfe
to the ttate hospital for care. Mr.
Metcalfe .is from near Weeping
b u ili
From Friday's Daily.
Wednesday evening at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. C. K. liucknell oc
curred the marriage of their daugh
ter. Jessie, to Dan Muemhau. Rev.
K. A. Knight lliciating, the ring cer
emony being used.
The room was decorated in ferns
and snowballs. The bride wore a
gown of white satin trimmed with
beads and carried a bo;i'j".ct of liliies.
The groom wore- a blue serge suit.
Tiie bride is a popular young lady
of Alvo and is well liked by all who
know her. Miss liucknell is a grad
uate of th.e Alvo high school.
Tht groom is a prosperous young
farmer of KagTe and is held in the
highest esteem by a large circle of
They will be at home to their
friends on a farm north of Kagle.
Those present were: .Mr. and Mrs.
Veryl I, inch of University l'lace. Mr.
and Mrs. Fred Muenchau, Sr., and
family, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence IJuck
nell of Klmwood. Mr. and Mrs. Wm.
Yaeger and John. Mr. and lrs. Geo.
llraun. Ilev. and Mrs. K. A. Knight
and Mr. and Mrs. C. C. liucknell and
family of Alvo. Klmwood' I.eader-Eeho.
lien.ininiit !:. Snodirrass. 1'laintiff. vs.
Klleji -M. White; Alattie Williams; Mary
K. Keitliley; Aim Miekelwait; Maud
Taeetti: the following' named persons
and also their unknown heirs, devi
sees, legatees, amt personal represen
tatives of eaeh of them, to-wit: Abel
i.. fiiiNls: Mary Wohott; Maty Z. Wol
( ntt. runt the unknown heirs, devisees,
legatees and ijctsonal representatives
..f Whealley .Miekelwait, lllisiailia
Mirkclunit and I'red If. Mickelwait;
Also that part f tlovoriimeiit Lots
one and two in Section 20. in Town
ship U, North, Kattije J4. Kast of the
tUh 1". M., in t'ass county, Nebraska,
ileserilied as follows: Commeneiiiff at
the northwest corner of said Section
L'O, and running thence east on the
north line of said section to the south
westerly line of the right-of-way of
the llurlinton it Missouri JUver rail
re. ait company in Nebraska: thence fol
lowing saul line of rifiht-of-way in a.
southeasterly ilirection until said line
intersects the division line described in
a eitain deed made by Wheatley
Mickelwiiit and wife to s.jid railroad
eonipany. rconnli d in Tiook "11" of
deeds, at paire of the. records of
said county: t!, following said di
yision line in a southeasterly direction
to the south line of said tiovernment
Lot one; thence smith r:! W., 18 chains
and s:: links: tl.cuce west 12 links:
th.-nce north 10 chains; thence west
lit chains to the section line; thence
north on said se tiotj lin-? '-! chains
and' -: links to t! place of beginning
(e.veept Lots L'i anil as tudicatetl
on the plat books of said county) and
known, as sub lot one of iJovernnient
I.ots out? and two; ;l-o lots numbered
G and -11 In said Section -0. and all
persons claiming: anv interest of any
kind in said real estat or any part
t hei eof. I lefenda lit s.
To Kllon M. While, Mary K. Keitliley,
Maud Taittti a:id to tl: followincr
nataed jiersons and also their unknown
heir.-, devisees, legatees Slid personal
representatives of each of them, to
wit: Abel I.. Child-: Maty Wolcott and
Mary K. Woliott; and to the unknown
l;eiis. devisee b;itees and personal
re:iien ta t i ves of the following named
dee, as. d p; rsoris: Wheatley Mickel
wait, deceased: lllisian.i Mbkelwait,
deceased and Fred 1!. Mickelwait, de
ceased: and also to the above describ
ed real estate and all persons claim
inir any interest of any kind in said estate or any part thereof, De
f elida tits :
Von and each of vmi are here by-, not i
I'.cd that on the L'l:h dav of May, A. 1 .
ll' jn, I'.en.iainin I '., s'nodtrt as, plaintiff
herein, has tiled ids petition in the
District "ourt of "as county, Nebras
ka. a;,ai::st said f. mlalits, tlio object
and ;!;: er of which are to (juiet the
title of the above described real es
tate in the plain tin, airanist all claims
and oeiiiands. eaet. and nil of said de
fendants miiiht have in and to said
real -state or nnv part tlcreof, and
to ; maiieiit ry e.. nia each and all of
said defendants from making any claim
ii- cemand in law or in equity against
-. i.l real estate.
Yoa i-re re'iuii e i to answer said pe
tition i'H or before the 12 lb day of
Jaiv, lii.'o, or your iN fau t will be en
ten d and title ip.ieted i'i plaintiff, as
piaed for in tit- petition.
Dated this JJnd dav of M;iv, 1020.
DFNJAM1N .SN( )1 C1 1 LAS.S.
ni27-lw. Attorney.
m Petition 'for Appolut mrnt '
A l mi ii Int ra t rl m.
The State of Nebraska, Cass coun
ty, ss.
In the County Court.
In the matter of the estate of Oliver
James (Jilson, deceased.
On reading and filinj? the petition of
Sarah Kllen tiil.son praying that ad
ministration of said estate may be
granted to herself as Administratrix:
Ordered, that June 24th. A. E. 1920,
at 10 o'clock a. m.. is assigned for
Hearing said petition, when all per
sons interested in said matter may ap
pear at a County Court to be held in
and for said county, and show cause
why the prayer of the petitioner
siiouni not ne granted: and that notice
of the pendency of said petition and
the beating thereof be given to all
persons interested in said matter by
publishing a copy of this order in the
Plat tsmouth Journal, a semi-weekly
newspaper printed in said county for
three successive weeks, prior to said
itay ot hearing.
Dated May 27th. 1020.
(Seal) in31-Cw. County Judge.
Nearly new Minneapolis thresh
ing outfit, with tank and belts, 20
h. p. Straight Hue engine and 30x56
Xehawka, Neb.
New 192ti Keo touring car. Never
Leon run and will sell at a bargain.
Weeping Water.
Three head of horses, ii.
years old. broke to drive. Can take
about 40 head of cattle and horses
to pasture. Rates, cattle $2 per
month, horses $:j per month. Call
on M. K. Petersen, one mile wes of
I'Cllllom on lild l'tbiflf f'jrn, -.- iv
4 - " - - ' . ' tm-i lui 111. M . -
All the popular copyright books
on sale at the Journal office.
la tiie District Court Of the County
of Cass, Nebraska
T. H. l'oilock, I laintif:. vs. William
Craft' t al. Defendants.
To the defendants. Wiiliam S. Gnfff:
rl.e-ca Craft"; V. S. draff, first real
name unknown; Mrs. W. S. draff, first
rial name unknow i; D. Demick & Co.,
a do-l'artiiership a so known as David
i: miek Co., and eimiosed of Charles
llepmie and David J:eniick: Charles
Mend rle; Josephine ilendrie; Iavid
Kemick: Mrs. Iiavid Uemick. lirst real
name unknown: wunam Jieiioiio.
Mrs. William C. Ilendrie. first real
name unknown: Thomas JIallowell;
Mrs. Thomas Mallowell. tirst real name
unknown: W. D. Merriam. nrst real
nam.- iitikfiown; Mis. W. J . .Merriam,
first rit I name unknown; A. K. Alex-
i:o)er. first real name unknown:
Alexander, fust real name unknown:
the itiknown heirs, devisees, legatees,
personal prepreseti t a t i v l s and all .oth
er in rsons lnieresieu in ine -siaies
William S. draff; Kebecea draft; . S.
raff, lirst real name inknown: .Mrs.
W. S. draff, fust real rnnw utiKnon,
I'li-irb-.s ilendrie; .lusephine ilendrie;
i.ii.l Kemiik: Mrs. David KeniicK,
lir.-t real name unknown: William C.
lb ridri. : Mrs. William C Ilendrie. first
re.. I name unknown: Thomas Hallo-
(!:; ;.lrs. l nomas itnuowen, iu i.n
name unknown: W. D. Merriam, first
lea! name unknown: Mrs. W . I . .Mer
riam. lirst real nana- unknown; A. V..
Alexander, first real rattle unknown;
Alexander, lirst real name un
known, each deceased; the unknown
successors, granices ami iini-m 01 .
Uemick vr Co.. a d-Partnership also
known as David Ib-nikk A: Co.. and
composed of Charles Ilendrie and Dav
id Ucmick: Lot four (4l in Dloek for-tv-thiee
(i-'-K in the '""tv of IMatts
mouth. Cass -ount', Nebraska: and
all poisons having or claiming any in
terest of any kind in said real estate
or anv part thereof:
You' and each of ou are hereby no
tified that on the .'Kill day r May.
1 !.'). plaintiff tiled his suit in the Dis
trict court "of Cass ccunty, Nebraska,
to .inlet hi till- to the following de
seiibed lot. to-wit: Lot four Ml in
i:!o. U -fortv-three ( l !, in the City of
l-h.tlsmouth, Cass county, Nebraska,
because of his advise possession of
said lot bv himself and his grantors
for more than ten ve.-irs prior to the
commencement ' said suit, and to en
ioin ear h and all of on from having
or claiming any ri--ht. title. lim or
interest, either legal or dilutable, in
or to said lot or any part thereof. To
rr-.piire vou to set forth your right,
title, claim, lien or interest therein
if anv. either legal er equitable, and
to have the same a .Ijudged inferior to
the title of plaintiff and for general
e.iuitable relief. This not ice is niade
pursuant to the ot-.l.-r of the court.
Vou are requited to : tiswer said peti
tion on or before Monday, the DUti
dav of Julv. 1'IL'O, or your default will
be" duly enti l ed therein.
T. II. ro LLOCK,
W. A. : 'BRKTSU N,
m::i-lw Attorney for I lamtiu.
The State of Nebraska, Cass coun
ty. ss.
In the County Court.
In the matter of the estate of Fred
i linden. Deceased.
To the creditors of said estate: "
You are hereby notified, that I will
sit at the County Court room in Platts
mouth in said county, on the 22nd day
of June, IMjd, and the ""Ini'l day of Sep
tember, lDi'O. at 9 o'clock a. m. of each
day. to receive and examine all claims
against said estate, with a view to
their adjustment and allowance. The
time limited for the presentation of
claims against said estate is three
months from the "."Jnd rlav of June, A
D. ISC'O. andthe time limited for pay
m nt of debts is one year from said
iL'nd day of June, iy".'0.
Witness my hand and the seal of
said t'ma.ty Court, this ;5th day of
Mav, DtJf.
(Seal) in 27 -? County Judge
MITK i: 'TO ('HKDlTltllS
m km
The State of XcU'aska, Cass coun
tv. ss.
"in the County Court. n,,m
in the matter of the estate of Hum
id, rev Lee Oldham, deceased.
To" the creditors of said estate:
.You are hereby entitled that f will
sit at the County Court room -J
month, in said county, on the J2nd da
of June and the -nil i:y F1'
In r, 1P20. at 9 o'clock a. m. of each ' day.
... ....... i,-e unA evamine nil claims
against sajd estate. with a view to
their adjustment and a of
lime limited for t l";'"!1 three
claims against f1 f ,a f lnne V
months front the -ml day of June A.
D. P.eJU. and the tinm limited foi P
tu.nt of debts is Vne year from said
22nd day of June, i:2". . -
Witness my hand nnd lie seal of
sai.l County Court this 2oth day ot
May. U'-'U. j BIO 10 SDN,
(Seal) m2T-? ' County. J udge.
Phone No. 1
v Lawyer.
J Est ot Riley ITt: 4
J Coatea ElocK. 4.
Second Floor.
lianklnff. Shorthand, Typewriting.
Telegraphy. Civil Service. Cook-keeping.-
Demand for graduates
ursnt. Positions secured Students
mav work for board. Address now
tor' Catalog A. Boyles -College.
Omaha, Nebraska. m-0-hw.
In the District Court of Cass coun
ty. Nebraska.
Clark S. Newlon and Mary C. Ncw-
lon. 1 Ma in tiffs, vs. Culver L. Kobinson
Mrs. Culver L. IJotdnson. first real
name unknown; the unknown heirs.
uc isccs. legatei-s. personal represen
tatives and all other persons Interest
ed 111 the estates of said Culver I
llobinson and Mrs. Culver L. Robinson,
tir.-t real name unknown, both deceas
ed; the west half of the northwest
ouarter of Section r, 4; the southeast
iiuarter of the northeast quarter of
Section all in Township 11, Kang
12. Cass county, Nebraska; and all
other persons claiming any interest of
any kind in said real estate or any
pari thereof. Defendants.
The above named defendants will
take notice that the plaintiffs have
tiled their petition in said court, the
object and prayer of which are to quiet
establish and confirm their title, to
the above described premises, because
of their adverse possession with their
grantors for more than ten years
prior to the commencement of this ac
tion: to enjoin each of you from
claiming any right, title, estate, or
lien in, to, or upon the. premises; to
remove clouds cast upon the titles of
the plaintiffs by reason of your pre
tended claims and for general cqui
table relief.
You are required to answer Said pe
tit ion 011 or before the 19th day of
July, 1U20.
m"l-bv.- Attorney.
1.1 1. sotick
In the District Court of Cass coun
ty, Nebraska.
William Niekles. 1'laintiff. vs. I?er
hii 11I l. Wiley; Albert It. Eikenbary;
the Southwest quarter of Sec. 'in, Twp.
11. N. Kgc. I-,;. 10., in Cass county, Ne
braska, and all persons claiming any
interest of any kind In said real es
tate or any part thereof; the follow
ing named jiersons and also their un
known heirs, devisees and personal
rem csetitat ives of each of "them, to
wit: Claibourne F. Davis: Claybourne
V. Davis: Clarbonrne F. Davis; Frank
.st Cidgeway, Defendants.
The above named defend:-! tits and
each of them are hereby notified that
on the 1st day of June. 1920, plaintiff
tiled his suit in the District Court of
Cass county, Nebraska, the object and
purpose of which are to quiet and con
firm plaintiffs title in and to the
Southwest quarter of Section ::?, Town
ship ll.-Kange 13, east of the 6th 1.
M., in Cass county, Nebraska, and to
enjoin each and alt of said defendants
from having or claiming to have any
right, title, lien or interest, either le
gal or equitable in or to said real es
tate or any part thereof and to en
join said defendants and In any rrian
ner iron interfering with plaintiff's
possession and enjoyment of the said
premises and for general equitable re
lief. This notice is given you pur
suant to the order of said Court.
You are required to answer said pe
tition on or before Monday the 19th
dav of July, 1920, or your default will
be" entered therein and judgment
entered as praved for in the petition.
15v D. O. DWVER,
j::-lw. His Attorney.
mnl" Notlcr oil l'rtltlon for Set
tlement of .tminnt "
In the County Court of Cass coun
tv. Nebraska.
" State of Nebraska, Cass county, ss.
To nil persons interested in the es
tate of Herman Kupke. deceased:
m reading the petition of Ceorge
J. 10. Kupke praying a final settlement
.i..l qllnirnni'ii d t bis account filed In
this court on the 12th day of June,
192i. ami tor ins oiscnarge;
It is hereby ordered that you and
all persons interested in said matter
mav, and do. appear at the County
Court to be held in and for said coun
tv, on the 22nd day of June, A. D. 1920.
at ten o'clock a. in., to show cause, if
anv there be. why the prayer of the
petitioner should not be granted and
that notice or the pendency of said
petition and the bearing thereof be
liven to all jiersons interested in said
matted bv publishing a copy of this
order in the riatts-mouth Journal, a
semi-weekly newspaper printed in
said county, for one week prior to
said dav of hearing.
-In witness whereof, I have hereunto
et' mv hand and the seal of said
"court, this 12th day of June, A. D.
(Seal) jlt-lw. County Judge.
The State of Nebraska, Cass county,
In the County Court.
In the matter of tiie estate of Eulalie
Long, deceased.
To the creditors of said estate:
You are hereby notified. That I will
sit at the County Court room in Platts
mouth in said county, on the 12th day
of Julv. 1920, and on the 13th day of
October, 1920. at 10 o'clock a. m. each
day to receive and examine all claims
against said estate. with a view to
their adjustment and allowance. The
time limited , for.'.the presentation of "sid estate".' is three
rnontjfs from the 12th ' day ' of July.
A. D. 1920. and the time limited for
pavment of debts is one year from
said 12th day of July, 1920.
Witness mv hand and the seal of
said-Countv Court, this 12th day of
June. -1920.
(SeaD - County Judge.
To Keep American Ships
on the Seas
For the first time since the Civil War we have a real
merchant marine. It cost us $3,CK)0,trCKJ10i KJ to get it.
The farmer, manufacturer, laborer every American is
interested in holding our position on the seas.
As a first step In this direction it is necessary to modify
those articles of existin; commercial treaties which have
operated to thwart the upbuilding of our merchant marine
Ily giving the notice of termination for which the several
treaties provide.
This action is directed in the constructire Shipping Bill
now before Congress ;
Which declares it to be the policy of the United States
"to do whatever may be necessary to develop and en
courage" a merchant marine.
This policy deserves the support of every American.
J-ncking this support the present effort to maintain our
merchant marine may suffer the fate of many ineffective
attempts of the past.
Send for a copy of "For an American Merchant Marine."
Committee of American Shipbuilders
From Friday's Dally.
The home of Mr. and Mrs. A. K.
Shaffer on South lOtli street was
gladdened this morning by the ar
rival of a fine little daughter who
is in fine shape and th eobject of
much admiration from the happy
I). A. Young and wife came up
this morning from I heir home near
Murray to spend the day visiting
with relatives and friends.
j A A iO
But now, with a larger force of
workmen, we are in a position to reach
your work soon.
Also, wc arc in position to make
contracts for new work.
Better have us figure on your needs
at this time, while we can assure j'ou a
date, as work is crowding rapidly these
Decorating and practical painting.
Painting - Decorating
Wood Finishing
Max Dusterhoff,
Gift cards at Journal office.
Farm Machinery!
We carry a full and complete line of the reliable
John Deere farm machinery, and are ready to filT your
order for anything in our line. Plows and corn farming
implements of all kind, as well as haying and harvest"
ing machinery. Also threshers' necessities.
D. B.
..1 a. j uiiijju. !je?B":