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    TEUF.SDAY. MAT 27. 1S20.
rrav Ju
Prepared in the Interest of the People of Murray and Surrounding Vicinity Especially for the Journal Readeri
"'7 flirt' ' -r -J-s O'" T t" S -f: -?,7 - t
mi :d
fc'-..V -i ..."
Great Oaks from Little Acorns Grow
Four pr cent interest on time deposits.
Our deposits are protected by the State Guaranty Law.
All business transactions held in strict confidence
Your Personal Bank.
Roy C. 1 1 it chman. e xpert of the
T. D. Folloe k Auto a mpaiiv, was a
visitor Avtst (f Murray for a shrt
time la.-t Tuesday looking after some
business fur the finn.
Mrs. Oldham and Mrs. v'. K.
Dull were isitir.'-r v. ith lriciols and
looking after .-o:..e ".u-!r.r-.--s r::;'
in l'lattsm..uth l.i-' Tu-. dav. b. ing
drove to that .I.iee
Mrs. A. J. l;..x-cr
I.. II.
:' has resided
!y for ae:r!y
s!nrt time de
ii 7i. who: s'i -?
in the i'uiUie
in Murray and vie:
t hirty year--, will in
part for Il.ieiiie. Or
wiM m.-ke l.i-r horn
wiih her son.
A little child of
James IJrenher. was
Mr. a7id Mrs.
taken suddenly
si k last T:i( sday. and was att.
bv Dr. 15. I". Diendel. and after
ing )f.-n treated, appeared some what
better. It is hoped that the little
o;i" will seen he well a vain.
John F-irrie. who. while einp!;;y. 1
in filant inJT c rn. injured his hand
on ill" lifter which h- was using.
Ti" family were vl-iting in l'n- j
ion on Tue-sd y of this wee'.:, driving .
d-jwn in tlieir car. and being the
cu'sts of I.e.1 Farris. J. C. Snaveiy,
lilair and W. II. Poller as well as
at the home of Stephen Oopenhaver.
, ;W 2 2 & "
Always Ready fcr Sale
Dates far or near.
TVlfphon 1511
Wurriv F.vo ;an
14 L
Label and
T1 1
l hat is v. nat you pay
of coffee. LISTEN, is
you clo'incs tliat? Is tins your kind of economy? I laj'den
Iro.. of Omaha, feature BULK coffee, especially a
genuine Santos, at 3S cents per lb. We are not as big
a firm as they are but when it comes to coffee, we are
going to give you the very same Santos at the very
same price,
Coffee, per lb uU
A Sample if You Want It Buy Your Coffee in Bulk.
. . . St - s i
"Money makes money" is a
proverb that is old and true.
Big opportunities often corne
to folks with a little ready cash.
By starting a savings account
with us now, you soon will have
sufficient savings to enable ycu
to take advantage of some worth
while bargain.
To wait may be too late.
i K EC
&ik A Imam
and (J
in ford
car 01
!:eigs to the Omaha market last T;;.--day
A. L. UaLcr was vi.-iiing with his
daughttr at (hna.iia over Sunday ar.d
returned home to take uji his Work
in the store on Sunday night.
Peter lio t oi Pig Springs, wr.s
a visiter with iritoris in Murray for
a few days last v.'d-'.;, and was also
looking after tome iiusine.--.
I iarley Puis is recove ring from
a tussle with tbe mcaks. and his
si-ter, Miss Lcona. is just gripping
with the malady at this time.
L. II. Puis took a load ef eattl
calves and hfig.s to the Omaha market
for Cameron Cathey, they bringing
good prices considering the marked.
Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Smith attend
ed tiie bn e-alaureate sermon at
Plattsmonth last Sunday evening
and were well plea?ed with the ad
dress. Mis; Clara Young, Mrs. Ona Law
ton and son Lyie, and Mrs. Guy
White, were guests v.t the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Young last Sun
day. Last Thursday and Friday Dr. G.
H. (lilinore was looking after senne
business matters at the city of Over
ton, returning the latter part of last
W. 1L Puis and family ar.d Wm.
Puis Sr.. were the guests at the home
of P. A. Ilild and family on the farm
last Sund.iy and enjoyed the occasion
very much.
Miss Margie Walker spent a few
days last week at Kmerson, where
she was the tniest. of Mis Neva Latin,
w ho is instructor in music in the
schools at that plac-. Miss .Margie
a N ) assisted in the closing program
of the schools there. Mis Latta re
turned home with her friends.
C 1 1 .11
tor wnen you cuy a one id.
there any rjood reason for
l utt
Ora A. Davis was a victor in Oma-
ha last Monday, where he had .some
business matters to lock after.
Jlis Neva Latta will depart in a
few days for Lincoln, where she will
attend schoud for a few weeks.
Mrs. Jacob Minnier was viewing
at the home of Charles Carroll and
wife during the fore part of the
Charles Carroll was a visitor in
Plattsmemth Monday last, where he
was looking after so:ne business mat
ters for a short time.
Me4 dames O. A. Davis and K. S.
Tutt visited with friends in l'latts
tnouth last Tuesday, driving to that
ritv in t!ie ear of Mr. Davis.
Mi-ves Viol . t iei 1 and Nit a Cook
wire vf.-dtinvT in I'la'thiuouth last
Tuesday ami atiended tlie class play
( f the eui'jrs of the l'latt.-mouth
liish scliool.
Searl Davis. (). M. Minfoid and
-xlfred Ganemer were lookimj afWT
s( !iie business matters at the county
seat last Tuesday driving there in
the car r.f Mr. Davis.
Fred P. Busch and James Kuyden
dail v.ere visiting in Murray la't
Mondav for a short time looking af
ter some business matters and
visiting with their many friends as
K. T-:. Moore of Fnior.. vho i;' anjcharles lteod. All membors of the
expert auto mechanic, was in Mur- society, the church and their fiends
rav tor a short tun
n few days ago
to do some work em a car fcr a ciient
of the firm lor which lie works in
Herman Smith of near Nehawka.
was a business visitor in Murray for
a vl'orr tine dining the fore part d'
1 1: i s week, overhauling the car of
Daniel Clb-k. whieh he was put! ing
in un'nl shap?.
Mrs. Flizabeth Young, who ts m ik
ing her home at Tnion with the fam
ily of J. M. Patterson and wife wa--a
vi-itor in Murray last Sunday an!
the izut of her daimhtr-r, Mrs. Jo
seph (ook and children.
Leonard Austin and family who
e?:deaver to kee-n apace with the
times have had th. ir name added to
the list of subscribers of the Journal
in the Nehawka delivery district,
v.-hero (hey are row re-dding.
John Wi'.es and wife, who have
hern' visitinsr in tlie south and espe
cially rt points in Texas, relumed
tha other day and were well plensed
with they saw in the routh.
saying it appeared to Tie an excellent
Henry C. Long departed last Tues
day for the western part of the state
where he goes to ship his wheat to
the Omaha market. Mr. Long has a
large amount of wheat out at Hol
hrook. xv I) icli ho is desirous of get
ting te marked.
While removing the dirt from the
lister whieh h? was using, J. J. To
man had the mi.-fortur.e to cut on0
1; is hands badly, and had to have
'he ram e dressed by Dr. (Jilmore and
is rejoicing in the f:lt that it is get
iiiL': along as nic( !y as could be ex
pected. Our old time friend Joseph Cox.
who has been one e;f the foremc.-f
in?n far a nrmber of years in Cass
county, is staying at the? home of his
son. Frank Cox. s.eithw -st of Murrav.
and is not in the best of health.. We
are hoping that he will si on bo him
s .If again and abb? to be about as
in former times.
Win. Troop, who has not been feel
inr" b"t for ;-nn' time past, was
a visitor at Omaha, accompanied by
his physician Dr. Oilmore. where
they were consnlti! a specialist as
to the b-st method to pursuo in the
treatment cf his rase which is pe
culiar. Thev were at the metropo
lis last Tuesday.
Mrs. O. W. MeCraokcn and little
daughter Elizabeth, who have been
visiting in Orient, Iowa, for several
w e-ks. returned lieime last Saturday
and jut in time to have the pleasure
ef riding home in the worst of the
storm ed that evening. They expect
to get into their new home some,
time in the near future. j
A small sized young lady, with
blue eyes and a very fair compac
tion and the most winsome smile
that you ev?r did see. arrived at the
home" of Mr. and Mrs. Fint Wilson
and announced her intention of mak
ing that her home also, to the de
Mnrht eif the fond parents. Pnth the
parents are de.ung well and happy,
and the little lady is endeavoring
to make life just what it should be
air them.
Now Liviii?- in Colorado
Miss Nettie Connelly, formerly
of Murray, but now making her
iom ? in Central City. Colorado,
which is some forty miles west of
Denver, writes very i tit crest ingly to
ner friend. Mrs. Joseph Cook and her
laughter. Nita. as to how she likes
.be country there. Miss Connelly
-.ays she is getting along fine in the
vest and feels better than at any
'ime in her life, but that she is neit
o heavy as when living, in the east.
tJio says there are many tourists
making their hnme in the mountains
during the summer.
Breaks Her Arm.
Mrs. Benjamin Dill stepped out in
the yard a days ago and slipping
she fell catching one arm under hsr
as she went down, sustained a frac
ture of her wrist and a sprain on her
arm. which placed this lady in such
a condition that she could not work
'and caused her much suffering as
well. The injury is mending as rap
idly as nature can do the work, anel
it Is hoped the will soon be able to
lock after her duties again.
! Bank Vill Close..
The hank will be closed on Mon
day next. May 31st. on account of
Memorial day and those who expect
to have business on that day can ar
range their matters accordingly.
Iftnyof the readers of the
Journal knoy of ar:.v socia.1
event or item of iiiterest in
this vicinity, and will mail
a line to this office, h will sy
pear under this liead'ng-. We
want all newsHems - Editor
i Will Held Memorial Service Sundav
Arrangements have been perfected I
tVir tli holiliiir of mcnit iri:i 1 servif-es :
at tlie Christian ehurch on Sundav
Mav'SOth. with appropriate music
and tlie pre. per observance of the day
yet aside for th? remembering of
those who have given sacrificing ser
vice for the gooel of tlie country.
Tlie theme of the discourse will be
'Three Great Wars" and tlie lessons
taught by each. The memorial ad
dress will be delivered by the Ut-v. F.
S. White, who a quarter of a ccntury
ago, was a teacher in the public
schools of Cass county. The speak
er s grandfather fouglu in the Kev
ol'.it iuiiary war. his ! it her in the
Civil war and his sou in th World
war. The latter being in the :i."th
division. The speaker is eminently
prepared to t-peak advi-tably on the
les.Mns tatitdil by these three reat
conflicts. Come and hoar the ser
mon at the Christian tl.ureh.
Ladies Aid Society Will I-leet
The ladies aid st . ;Uy of the
Chiistian church of M.irrav. will
! meet at the home e.f Mr.s. Robert
i Iiurr, southeast of town and will be
j entertained by the
; dames Robert Iiurr,
hostesses, Mes-
W. 'irgin and
re cordially invited to be in attend
ance. The meeting is to b' held on
Wednesday afternoon. June 2nd.
A Sunbeam i:r the Home.
There is joy at the home of Mr.
ind Mrs. Lee Hosiett'-r on aefount
iof the arrival a short time ago of
I the most charming little blue eyed
baby girl imaginable, and who has
, won the1 hearts cf all the household
I and there is more smiles for the
acre about that place than it
would be thought possible. This is
a joy that makes the heart glad.
Our wish is little Miss, that ou
m.ik. the hearts of all ou know
glad all your days.
Will Move to Elmwood
Mrs. Lucy Lyie. who has been
etlieient and courteous manager
th? branch office at Murray for
Lincoln Telegraph and Tele-phone
i-ompany, has asked for a transfer
from Murray te Klniweod and having
1 een assured that such a change was
agreeable to the company, has pack
ed her goods ami shipped them to
the new home. The podlion which
has been vacatenl thus has been fill
ed by the appedntnient of Mrs. Mor
ton 15artlett te the position, and Mr.
Partlott. and family. ;,rj moving io
the telephone building. This also
makes a place for another family ta
live in Murray and helps solve a dif
ficult problem in that direction.
Ladies Aid Society.
The ladies aid society of the Chris
tian church will met at
Mrs. Robert Purr em
June "nd. Mrs. Iiurr.
and Mrs. Charles need.
the home of
Mrs. Virgin
Horses for Sale.
I have from erne to five horses for
sale, weighing from 1200 to DIOO
pounds, all good work horses, and
sound. Three mares, you can have
vour choice. Murrav phone li:;u"
M i:',-4v. A. D. UHODFN.
Osag-5 Pests For Sale
I have over two thousanel osage
posts for sale in wasron load or car
load lots. Call phone IGl."!. Wm
'porrcr, Murray, Neb.
4w s-w
Fer any itchiness of tlie skin, for
skin rasbe's, chap, pimples, etc., try
Doan's Ointment. COc:- at all drug
W. R. Young was among those go
ing to Omaha this morning to spen.T
the day visiting with friends and
attending a Holslein cattle sale' be
ing held in that city.
Noted French Draft Stallion
. i.
: A hi
E R ! C K
-Registered No. 21312-
Will make the season of 1920 at D.
C. Rhoden's barn at Murray, Nebr.,
every day in the .week. Frederick
is an excellent brow n French Draft i
stallion and lias been thoroughly
examined by the State Sanitary
Hoard and found to be sound in ev
ery way. lie was foaled June 24,
190S, bred by North fc Robinson, of
Grand Island, Nebraska, and has an
excellent reputation as a foal getter.
$15.00 to insure colt to
stand and suck. If mare
is disposeel of or removed from the
community, service fee becomes due
and payable immediately. All care
will be taken to prevent accidents
but owner of horse will not be held
responsible should any occur.
D. C. RHODEN, Owner,
- F B 0 i'l THE RACE
F. J. Libcrshal. Nominee cf Bsmccrat
ic Primary, Will Not Make ilace
Owing to Business Affairs.
The? democratic
coiiimittee which is
county central
to meet in this
t city
on Saturdi
y. June
fill the
".til, v.ill be
vacancy on
of clerk of
upon to
-the ticket
tlie oMIce
the district court, as Frank J. Libcr
shal the nominee of the primary will
not be in the race lor the position
at tlie November election.
Mr. Lihershal has since th5 pri
mary election engaged in business in
this city with August Pach in the
firm of Pach fc Lihershal and docs
not feel that he is justified in making
the sacrifice that will be necessary
in making tlie campaign this fall, a a
if would nece-sitate a great deal of
time away from his business inter
ests. There has been no one suggested
for th"? vacancy and unless someone
is desirous of dipping i!ito the poli
tical game if will be up to the coun
ty committee to draft someone for
the job.
SUS T. A. E. OF B.
The days when stomach troubles
were feared as an almost invincible
enemy are cone. They lose now al
ways. Their powerful rival, Triner's
American Klixir of Hitter Wine,
takes the game away from the-ni any
;ime the opportunity offers. Triner's
American Fiixir ed Hitter Wine beats
the stomach troubles and always
wins the pennant because its team is
matchless. The best bitter herbs,
roots and harks of eminent medici
nal value have been selected for the
formula of this remedy, and the re
sult is that it never disappoints. It
acts wonderfully in all cases of stom
ach disorders, constipation, poor ap
petite, headaches, etc. Ami Triner's
Angelica Fitter Tonic is another ex
cellent remedy. It builds up the
sapped health and stimulates the eli-ge-siive
eirgans to work. It is very
valuable in convalescence. Yoiy
druggist or dealer in medicines has
these lomedies in stock for you. Jo
seph Trine-r Company, 13:'.:!-4:; South
Ashland Ave., Chicago, 111.
Six large rugs, nearly new.
Four smaller rugs. 1 linoleum.
Oik dining room set.
Oak library . table.
Oak chairs. center tabic.
Six rockers, one extension table.
Four heather upholstered setces.
Six common chairs.
One good sewing machine.
One bed. springs and mattress.
Many oilier useful household
deees. You can see furniture any
ime. day or night. Phone (115.
'latfsmouth. Neb.
of riattsmouth, Nebr.
Charter Nn. C, 1 2 in the State of Ne
braska at the. I ive of Onine'ss
on .May l.Mh,
i.ttis nm!
d isoou nts .
. . . . jc.m.r.L'S.Tfi
. . . . l'o.soi;..j7
-enl rat ts, s'-curit i-s. judgments.
claims, -.- i re i lid i ali
i.-ovi rur.H'iit ImitiiIs
; In-r jifse-ts
I'ai'Uije-T house, f u in i t u rc and
II x t ures
i io r real estate
"ii rri'iit ex;icus--s, ta s atnl
i n r pa id
'".i.-li items
I ae from National and State
'ie-oks and items of'e
i 'ill i-'!u-y
'eId coin
",i;s::. as
l i.js :.::
-'.; 1 7. 1 r.
17.S I",. I'e
at'L'.r. ti
Silver, nickels and cents....
T )TAT $7 1;
'.(!(. ;":
C.iTdtfil stock paid in $ r.O.OOfl.on
Surplus I'liinl "O.OiMi.Ou
CnUi i.leil pri.tits l.x.liS .S!1
I in! i v ill ua 1 deposits, stiPjec-t
t- cheek 256.."il.07
Time celtilieates of deposit. a;'.2.1 SO.O'.t
e'aslder's checks outstanding ::0,".y7.!' f
i me to National and State
hanks 11,S7:..7fl
Pills i-av!.le V, ei.000.0l)
1 icpositor's guaranty fund... ei.i'lu.SI
T )T A 1
State of Nebraska
County of Cass
1. If. V. Patterson. Cnslifer of the
above named bank iie liereby swear
that the above statement is a correct
and true copy of the report made to
the State Hanking Poar.l.
j:. f. pattkrron.
Attest: Casbier.
CII.S. C. PARMICLF, Director.
Subacid led and sworn
to before me
Notary Public.
! (Seal)
My commission expires Sect. 22. 1923.
Mrs. Ward Clark was among those
going to Omaha this afternoon to
visit for a few hours attending to
some matters of business.
Isaac Cecil is being compelled to
take an enforced vacation from the
Burlington shops Sue to an attack
of rheumatism.
Fred Stewart of Omaha, was in
the jcitj' today looking after some
matters of business.
Of Summer Apparel
Family will be
Hoys' work shirts
Men's broad. long work shirts
Hoys' u n inn suits
.ii.-n"s union suits
Men's Hatch One-P.utton union
Hoys' Hatch Oi.e-Iiutton union
Also Local Agent
The Service Store
We are closing out our line of House Paints, Darn Paint, Var
nishes, etc., and as we do not. intend restocking will give our cus
tomers the advantage of the price.
We handle the Paintall Products, manufactured at Lincoln
and especially adapted to this climate.
I louse paint, gallons $4.25
Vz Gal $2.15 Quarts $1.15
Small quantity red barn paint, gal.. . .$2.25
If we haven't enough of colors you select on hand to com
plete your job, will order it for you at same price. It will pay
you to sc us before buying your paint.
G. W. McCracken, Prop
Hardware and Implements!
We are carrying a full line of the John Deere
farm machinery and implements and our stock is most
complete just now for your selection. It consists of
plows, harrows, disks, listers, planters and every known
implement required in the corn farming line.
In addition we also carry a complete line of heavy
and shelf hardware; electric washers and general hard
ware. Our aim is to serve you always.
W- H.
There will be presented the seventh epi
sode of the serial now running at the Puis
hall, on next Saturday evening, and in addi
tion three other reels of fine and interesting
The show will begin promptly at 8:30
and the charges will be the same popular
prices 15 and 25 cents.
Remember Saturday evening, May 22,
seventh episode of serial and three other reels.
Puis & Company
Qood Home Carown
Soudan Grass Seed for sale. Soudan Grass is next to
prairie hay in food value. All mail orders filled same
day received. Price 15c per pound.
Phone 2321
for Every Member of the
Found at Our Store
suits (it
suits ti
50c and up
$1.00 and up
for the Famous Singer
Murray, Neb.