The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, May 20, 1920, Page PAGE SIX, Image 6

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    THUESEAY, MAY. 20, 1920.
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I ; litif .-t i t '. A fit. .11 the tt . . nd di ll
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i i in l lu' caiiip ii-.u uoik tor the
i i i. '.-. fill t lei t it-li.
'I ho tli'iiidi'ials as altirnate
i. t ;-itlt nl e'let lor Mi -i Mary I',
ft., tir it innah.i. former count v u-
j pfi iiti t-n dt i.t of r.i county for four
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Methodist Heads.
Pus Moines. Id., May IS. Three
nidi sert) elected bishops of ihe
Met hodict Episcopal Clilllill on the
eleventh general ohfel elice ballot
taken at '1 hey are: Anton
Hast, Copenhagen; EtUar lllal.e,
I'hitago, and linnuu li. lliikley,
t'hiladelphia. A total of niiu while now have been elei tcil and j
tP.iee more me to be cho-u-n.
Kitilit hundred and t w enl y-t w o
ballots vVele eu.-t. making a 1 S lie:.-
Miry to elect. The yole was an ol-
lovs: Anton lt.isl, f.iiTi; i:df,ar tin -ia, l.alin Aimiici, and ."-'.oith
Itlake, iieore. II. Itickl.y, .r.7S. J f , j, ;l tle oiit.-le I t-lahli-he.l
The three highest eandblalert, in inl- tbroinfli the aih.ption of tlii r
dilioii to those eK'clel, aie as f'i'i- , ,(,i's from the 11 inmuiiil ies on f.o
I-'. T. Keeney. Svracue, .'.iyn missions, in! i oiluccil by Ti'-is
V.. iilti; II. I.. Smith, hetroit, r';'. , j ,. ,,f tiinalii
a ml ('. L. Mead, Ueuv'ir, lot
Dr. U . C Itiirns of l i u in ;. . .1
ii in elected a bi-hop on the liliP
ballot taken l.t-.l ee!iini? lu- re-iu: '
oT which was annooiKcd today. The
sixth ballot ii'.-viUitt in none bei i. : '
elected. The eighth ballot was !ak
en this evenini,', and the rosuli v i'l
be aiiiioiuu t il tomori tw.
les Moines, lit., Slav IS. KnVi
tivelie-.s of the legislation pas ed ni
the ci'iifi-rence was unon in .t j
report of the judicial. v coin mi t It v- o- j
day. in which i was the ruling l' ai '
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-1 .'
pi ear-d in the lepoif of the coiiim;'-
ee upon Hie Hate of the chilli h,
and the r'edeiiil guvtl Iililellt and lilt
several Stales Wele 'requested l'
tak efleitive ah.l vigorous method
hy fcti irt enfiti i enieiit id' more strin
gent lav.s wlit i t- in'i't-Ktiury I" btamp
out the brutal and vicious jii.u li e
of lynching.
lu pulls tin-. te en and eifciit of
the Epimopal i mi 1 1 ee Were adopt
ed. Nuiuht-r live was a reply to me
morials askiiip that tlie appoimire
power of ilif Id-hops he pla ed iu
the hands of a minority of the di
liict enpei ii.l. ndciiH. 1 lie commit
tee l efomii'i n.i.-tl uoin oiH iirre'i i
which was ;nl..iiid.
n term oi ,;iw.- for hi -hops v
urnnted limit r report nnniher 7,
w hit h aim wa dwithoiit i!
Central (on it i vio o
ill soul li t
A Uteliiber "ot ; S t a II tl i 11 ! " ill
the M. lliodit l:pi . church i
iutain.t w 1 1 1 theiv is 11 1'
mul.tted coiiipl.nut or c h.irce. and n
minUtcr iias i... ii:ht to withhold
, ,.( t j fw;it e of n -mbi i sli ip unKss u li
ioiuihi i nt or .''f ha-, be -n lb. I
ol- 1 1 f mipisti i has kiiow! di;e lh;t
such is lo be ! ' I ett . in the opinion of
th.e judiciirv t :tii:iilU-e, the rep . I
of W hich VVa-. .itiopl etl.
Two ford I. n'ii: c.'.i ; one Tout
n.;nt i-'C. I i el!.
miis t coici'nu.
n'l V iJ "K
- a ; 1 !
ONES 53 and 54
D.iinocratri of Nebraska last niht
in r ial ( o:ii nl Ion. in which the en
tire delegation from Lancas
ter I'.unty was .-eatid, unanimously
indorsed I'lisident Wilson's advo
cai y of the peace treaty and of the
1 .ic.iieVf nations. Thty called upon
the sinale lo ratify the treaty with
out niillifyinc. treaty reservations ami
( oi.iii nuieil the repubjk'au senators
who have opposed such i.ction. They
comiio uded Hk' democrat ie senators
who have upheld President Wilson
in his hard (iht for ratification.
lu addition, the ion vent ion adopt
ed :i resolution introduced by former
to.vtiiior Keith Neville, praisinjr
Sciialor Hitchcock for his "able and
h al leadership in the i-enate on be
half of the cove mint of the league? of
nations and support ot our president
in his noble efforts to e;tab!;-h per
manent peace and mwtl w ill ainoi:,"
ii a! ioiss."
The resolution also calls upon the
Nebraska d ion to the national
convention I ) f.ive its loyal and un-ii-vi-.le'l
.upiKrt. to Senator Hitchcock
ir the nomination for president in
at co
:daiue with the primary man
Thank's by Hitchcock,
n itor lliu-hcock. as chairman of
lommittce tf resolutions. :iftr
iideptioti !' Ui ' platform,
ked the democrat of Nebraska
i (li
the i hai
It l
their stand, declaring it would be
.-pread over the entire nation that
I he pai ls of N'tbraskn has "upheld
without i;iuilihVatiin the sreut pres
ident of the United States."
"NVlien the San Francisco ttmven
ti.'ii meet- ih. is i-.sne". declared the
s.-nator. "I have iu douht th.e action
then will he no more equiveeal than
voui's has been now."
The appearance of Senator llit.-h-eook
before the convention vestcrcav
.:t all sessions brought detnor.stra
tit.ns in his b.unor. 'h'': he walk
i. d i his place in the lVala cvuii
ty delegation the convention ap
plauded. When (.'haivuia'i Shalleti
o Tuer ineut ioJied hi:u as a leader in
the seriate and expressed the hope he
"would he Humiliated for president at
San Kranciseo. the delegates rose,
cheering for several minutes. This
was repeated with even more enthu
r iasm as he nave the report of the
t t'Ml ut ions committee. and later
when the Neville resolution of iti-doiem-nt
was presented, the de!e
a'.es a:;ai' vtio.l shouts of acel.:m.
Hitchcock Indorsed.
!'' llov.r!ior Keith Neville's reso
lution oi!' -red from the floor, indors
ing Seti. i tor 1 1 i'C'K'ock, was as fol
lows :
"Uesolved. by the democracy of
Nebraska in stare convention as
sembled, that we heartily indorse
the splendid record of our senator.
Cil'oert M. Hitchcock, as a democrat,
a statesman and a patriot durin.n the
iteriotl he has represented our state
in the national congress, and par
ticularly do we commend and thank
him f:' his able and loyal leadership
in the senate in behalf of the cov
enant of the league of nations and
support of our president in his noble
effort lo establish permanent peace
and ooil will among nations. Uo it
i urt her
"Ue-ulvod. that the vote of the
democrats of Nebraska in the pri
maries on April -L in support of
Gilbert M. Hitchcock for the demo
cratic nomination for president
tneeis our unqualified approval and
that it is the sense of this conven
tion that Nebraska's delegation to
the national convention give iis loy
al and undivided support to Senator
Hitchcock for the nomination, in ac
cordance with the primary mandate."
Profiteering- Condemned.
The platform adopted, aside from
features bearing on national ques
tions, condemns profiteering, de
clares for the S-hour day for labor
and collective bargaining; expresses
the hope women -sown may have the
full right to vote in the United
States; favors child labor laws, oo
opiralion lor production between
producer and consumer; condemns
the mutilation of (he state primary
law by the last legislature and ad
vocating repeal of the offending
amendments; opposes abuse of the
parole law of the state, and indorses
the candidacy of John H. Morehead
for governor.
A resolution passed offered by
Frank Warner of Norfolk, calls at
tention to the services of the sol
and asks the national convention to
take up the matter of giving them
necessary relief by the enactment of
suitable laws.
The convention yesterday seated
the Bryan delegation of Lancaster
and the regular delegation of. Doug
las eliminating C. J. Campbell, of the ,
diers of the nation in the recent war (
regulars, secretary of the state cen-
! Friday
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tral committee
from the Lancaster
delegation, and the Bryan delegated
headed bv Lysle Abbott and Eluier
Thomas from the Douglas delegation
This was accomplished after a lon.s
contest Uetore tae credentials com
mittee, duriag which the convention
marked time and listened to politi
cal speeches.
The resolutions committee com
prised Senator Hitchcock, C V.
Bryan. Dan V. Stephens of Dodge.
Charles (J. Ryan of Hall, former Gov
ernor Neville of Lincoln. John Kine
ef Douglas and Con .McCarthy ot
Appeal for Funds.
While the convention was waiting
for the committee report, W. H.
Thompson of Grand Island was in
troduced to make an appeal for
campaign funds. His call for
pledges brought cash or subscrip
tions totalling $;;.12i;, with $100 sub
scriptions from the following: Sen
ator Hitchcock, Harry V. Hayward,
Henry Gering, Dan V. Stephens. A.
V. Sprague, W. H. Thompson. A. C.
Shallenberger. (. 13. Liver. Charles
Smrha, A. H. Hungerford, J. J, Har
rington, Douglas Cone, Keith Ne
ville, C. Vincent, Buffalo county del
egation. Polk county delegation.
Arthur Mullen subscribed $200.
A recess was taken at tl o'clock j
until S p. in. ;
At S:40 Chairman Shallenberger j
appointed the following committee j
to select nominees for electors: j
Judge W. P. Cowan, Stanton; Matt !
Miller. Hutler, Marvin Soinnierville, '
Ued Willow; Henry Gering. Doug
las, and J. A. Donohoe, Holt.
Arthur Mullen favored naming ;
four women electors and the commit- j
rt'i! was so instructed.
The committee recommended the :
following presidential electors and
alternates he nmninated. which was j
agreed to by the convention: j
V. Moran. Nebraska City:
James J. Harrington. O'Neill; George
Jackson. Nelson; Joseph Oberfelder,
Sidney; Mrs. Frances Holin, Omaha;
Mrs. Keith Neville, North Platte;
We carry a full and complete line of the reliable
John Deere farm machinery, and are ready to fill your
order for anything in our line. Plows and corn farming
implements of all kind, as well as haying and harvest
ing machinery. Also threshers necessities.
-Unusual Values
20 pair woman's black cabar--rta
pacips; 1-ather Louis heel,
(bjdyar welt. Friday's cash
Sizes 3 to S ; Widths A to D
for Friday Only!
let us fit you.
Mrs. Frank Bahcock, Hastings, and
Alternates C. J. Campbell. Lin
coln; Paul Jones. Benkleman: J. W.
Welch. Omaha: Patrick Dorsey.
Pender; Miss Hulda Woeppell. Stan
ton; Miss Mary Foster, Omaha; Mrs.
Gertrude Thomas. Seward, and
Marion Preece, Battle Creek.
State central committeemen were
reported as follows:
1 Ben T. Skeen. Richardson.
2 William B. Banning, Union.
:i E. E. Placek. Wahoo.
4 E. J. McArdle. Omaha.
John A. Kine, Omaha.
George Parks. Omaha.
Mrs. Harvey Newbraneh. Om
aha. Arthur Mullen. Omaha,
a John D. Eakin. Arlington.
G John Hurley, Ponca.
7 Douglas Cones, Pierce.
5 P. F. O'Gara. Hartington,
9 James T. Brady, Albion.
10 C. J. Hulac. Norfolk.
11 John C. Byrnes, Columbus.
12 W. H. McGaftin. Polk.
13 E. F. Suavely. Lincoln.
O. W. Meier. Lincoln.
14 Eugene P. Mumford. Beatrice.
l.r Luther Bonham. Fair bury.
ltf -W. S. Collet, rre-ie.
17 A. M. Glover. Aurora.
15 John E. Cavanaugh. Spalding.
19 L. A. Kinney. Hastings.
20 A. C. Ferguson, Franklin.
21 E. J. Lamhe, Beaver City.
22 C. E. Milhouse, Miller.
23 J. C. Roberts, Dunning.
24 J. F. O'Dounell, O'Neill.
25 Thomas F. Healey. North
2; Fred H. Crone, Haigler.
27 Joseph Oberfelder. Sidney.
2S W. L. O'Keefe, Alliance.
Will name women's committee.
In the names of adidtional jurors
drawn for service on the federal jury
at Lincoln during the coming session
of the United States district court
appears the name of J. A. Hennings.
one of the edd and well known citi
zens of Eight Mile Grove precinct.
Most disfiguring skin eruptions,
scrofula, pimples, rashes, etc.. are due
to impure blood. Burdock Blood Bit
ters as a cleansing blood tonic, i
well recommended. $1.25 at all