The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, May 20, 1920, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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THURSDAY, MAY 20, 1920.
Cbc piattsmouth journal
Entered at I'ontolTice. Flatttunouth. Neb., aa second-class mall matter
R. A. BATES, Publishe.
Nine months 1 more of Wcxlrow!
After that, what?
Hcyond the Rocky mountains lie3
the California real estate man. .
The main question now is, what
else is good for a cold?
What gavo Mexico the notion that
ft was created to be a permanent
war cloud?
If you have worn your heavy suit
all winter it ought to be thin enough
by now for summer.
Preachers say that money is the
root of all evil. Vet everybody
keeps digging for the root.
Present day fashion makes it hard
for a bow-legged girl to conceal the
fact, and still be in style.
Probably the best use ever made
of the muzzle is when it is put on a
barking dog which never bites.
Money will doubtless talk again
in the coming campaign, but there
will be women not to be denied the
last word.
Ore way to beat the high cost of
living is to raise it yourself plant
a garden.
There is enough lime in a human
body to whitewash a hen coop. How
useful some of us would lu with
proper handling.
P.u-iness is practically at a stand
still in the city of Mexico. Any
how, the dispatches say all gambling
has been stopped.
The news that there is a fur
shortage i.s a blow, coming as it does,
right at the .start of what promises
to be a hot summer.
The railroads are asking for a few
millions. There is one nice thing
about the railroads, they are always
modest in their wants.
The government is at present go
ing on like a negro lodg. with
I'-atening fuss and gabble and noth
ing in particular accomplished.
Kvery profiteer is certain to go
to hell", says a Baltimore preacher,
Hut he will not be so certain of find
ing a house to rent after he gets
: :o:
What profit eth it housewife if this
season's fruit crop turns out to be
the biggest on record when she hath
not sugar enough in the house to
season a cookie?
The Paris style o going without
stockings was short-lived. Women,
it seems, French or not, arc simply
obliged to have some place in which
to carry their money.
It will not help the sugar any for
our law n;akers to keep on wasting
it in futile efforts to sugar-coat our
war taxes. Good sugar should b
put to a more positive purpose.
The weather expert's responsibil
ity has not diminished, now that he
has disposed of the fruit crop. There
is the base ball fan to reckon with,
not to mention the fellow who
struggles with an unpaid coal bill
and short credit with the ice man.
:o:-. .
Governor Edwards give out two
tips. One is that he will not be nom
inated for vice-president. Ilie oth
er is that the supreme court v ill de
clare the Volstead act unconstitu
tional. It is possible that the gov
ernor ma- be half right.
Those who hoped bad luck would
follow the ex-kaiser all the rest of
his life will be further enraged to
note that when moving day came,
he not only had a house to move in
to, but also had a van to do the moving.
There is no doubt as to the un
popularity of the profiteer.
:o: .
Abundance consists not alone in
material possession, but in an uiicov
ctous spirit.
It might facilitate fir. Carranza's
flight through the brush if he would
do his whiskers up in a net.
Speaking in regard to the economy
tf things, the auto fills everywhere
and on the farm most of all.
For the first eleven months of
1919 our trade balance with Europe
was $4,102,000,000 in our favor.
While the report is freely circu
lated that jazz music is going out of
style, the jazz bands evidently have
been too busy to hear the good news.
The new government in Mexico is
inviting Americans to "come down"
and visit them. Thanks, we'll wait
a while until we see what they want
to do to us.
Bonnet strings, says a fashion pa
per, will be worn by debutantes this
summer. Apron strings, v.c gather,
will continue to be unfashionable
with our flappers.
Investigators at Salt Lake City
found that sustar speculators had
How would you like to be left hold
ing the sack, when the sack contain
ed sugar?
A medal has been suggested for
soldiers in the c.ld clothes army. The
patches probably will render the
medals 'superfluous, but no doubt the
pins on the medals will come in
handy at times.
According to a recent newspaper
statement, the man who invented
suspenders is still living. Don't
vender what may be his means of
"tupport", since so many have gone
to wearing belts?
Do you remember, brother farmer,
when you used to sell sweet pota
toes at 50 cents a bushel, and eggs
at 15 cents per dozen and butter at
25 cents a pound oh, well, we won't
say any more about it.
: o .
The Paris fashions decree that wo
men's skirts are to 1 e made shorter
and their waists to be cut lower, and
the public are already of the opin
ion that they are so skimp now as to
leave little room for imagination.
The Hon. Francisco Villa, Mexi
co's well known political brainstorm,
has announced that, with the suc
cess of the new revolution lie will
retire from the business of profes
sional revolutionist and "settle
down" on a plantation. .
The wife of the president of
France will not accept the $5,000
hat, sent to her by five hundred mil
liners of this country. Perhaps it
can be sold to the wife of some Amer
ican war profiteer, and perhaps
American women will observe that
in France friend husband has the de
ciding vote when it comes to an ex
pensive hat.
M(TI(i: !' IIEAItlXU
on Petition for leterniluntlo
of ll-irnhi
Kstate of Harbara J. Wiles, deeeas.
ed. in the County Court ot Cass coun
ty. Nebraska.
The State of Nebraska, T all per
sons interest I'd in said estate, credi
tors and heirs take notice that Cash
K Wiles has filed his petition alleg
ing that Itarbaiit J. Wiles died intes
tate in Cass county, Nebraska, on or
about April 2. !"i7, being a resident
ant! inhabitant of Cass county, Ne
braska, and the owner of the follow
ing described real estate, to-wit: The
south half (S'i of southwest quar
ter SW41 of "Section three (::). and
the northeast quarter NK'i of the
southwest querter (SW'i) f Section
four (41. all in Township twelve (11').
Ninth llange thirteen (K!), east of the
tlth I. Cass county. Nebraska, now
owned bv Can nu 1. Kinch; also the
south half S',2 of the northeast
qvarter iXK'il and north half (N1-.)
of north half iN'.i of north half (N-.)
of southeast quarter (SlO'i) of Section
four l4 ami the north half (Ni) of
tin- southeast quarter (SK'i) and the
north half (X'-i of the northeast
quarter XP:V of the southwest quar- j
ter (SW'j of Section fourteen (14 1. j
all in Township twelve (l'JI. .xoriii
KanBi' thirteen (1:!), east of the 0th
I M., Cass county. Nebraska. now
owned bv Thomas Wiles. Jr.: also the
south luilf (S1! of the north half
iXiji of the north half (Xi) of the
southeast quarter (SI-;1,.,) of Section
four 4. and the south half iSj) of
the southeast quarter (,Sl,i and the
south half S'i of tlio northeast quar
ter Xi;1! ) i t' the southwest quarter
(SW'-ii of Section fourteen ll). all
in Township twelve (I-'!. North Kanpro
tliiitun 11J, east of the tli 1'. M.,
Cass countv, Nebraska, now owned by
Cash I- Wiles; atso Lot forty-four
li(. in Section thirteen (13. east of
the Jllli I". M-. Cas.i county. Nebiaska.
iow owned by I. uke I.. Wiles; also
the south half (SUl of the northwest
quarter (NW'i of Section five (.",
ami the east half K', of the north
last quarter iNKi of Section six
(til all in Township seven (7, North
l.'anVe twenty-nine (l'!M. west of the
ttli 1 M., Frontier county, Nebraska,
now owned by James llurnett: also
tlie northeast quarter (NK'i ) oT Sec
tion twenty-nine, and the east half
iK':i of the southwest quarter SW',
of Section twenty-nine 2'.) and the
southeast quarter SK'i of Section
twenty ( JO , all in Township eiht (S,
North Kat:tre twenty-nine C'l'i. west
of the :th !'. M., Frontier county. Ne
braska, now owned by I-oieu Ji. Wiles,
anil leaving as her sole and only heirs
at law the following named persons,
to-wit: Thomas Wilis. Jr.. widower,
and l.oren M. Wiles and Cash L,. Wiles,
sons, and CAana i. Finch, daughter;
and praying for a decree barrim;
claims:- that said decedent died intes
tate: that ii" application for adminis
tration l as hi en made and the estate
of said decedent has not been admin
istered in the State of Nebraska, and
that the heirs at lav.' of said decedent
as herein set forth shall be decreed
to be the owners in fee simple of the
above described real estate, which has
In en set for hearing on the r.Hli dav
of -May, A. 1 . l:Jn, at ten (lOj o'clock
a. m.
I;;tei ;it 1 "la 1 1 smoii til. Nebraska,
this L'Sth dav of April, A. I . 1!
.hi.i:.N j. hi:i:sn.
(Seal) m:i-bv. County Judge.
i.i::ai, mitici:
In the 1'istrict Court of coun
tv. Nebraska.
kchcrt Klotz, Plaintiff, vs. West half
of Northeast quarter of Section IT.
To-.viiship lH North, Kauire !', in Cass
county. Nebraska, and all persons
chiimiiiLr any interest of any kind in
said leal estate or any'i part thereof:
Also. the following named persons and
tlo-ir unknown heirs, devisees, lejja
'es and personal representatives of
. ach of them, to-wit: S. N. Merriam.
Selib-n N. Mii-riam. I.ydia Merriam, A.
Corbin, Austin Corbin. I. W. Newsum,
J. W. Newsum, Israel W. Newsum,
William luirfee. William liiirfua, I ten
nis Iean. Samuel (J. Hrya'n and 3. !.
lirvan, I efetidants.
The above named defendants and
each of them are hereby notified that
on the l Ith day of April. 1!J0. plaintiff
tiled his suit in the District Court of
Cass county. Nebraska, the object ar.d
purpose of which is to confirm plain
tiff's title in anil to the West half of
the Northeast quarter of Section IT,
Township 1: "orth. Kanse S. in Csif?
county, Nebrnska, and to permanently
enjoin each and all "f said defen
dants from having; or claiming to have
any riirht. title, lien or interest either
lejral or equitable in or to said real
estate or any part thereof, and to en
join said defendants from interfering
in any manner with plaintiff's posses
sion, enjoyment and title of s.iid prem
ises and for general equitable relief.
This notice is friven you pursuant to
the order of said Court.
You are required to answer said pe
tition on or before Mondav. the 34th
day of June, lii'jo, or your default will
be' entered therein against ou ai.d
each of you ami decree quieting title
against you and each of you entered
in favor of plaintiff.
koi;i;i:t klotz,
al';-4w. Jlis Attorney.
- m
Delco-Light is more than
a mere lighting plant. It
give3 you electric power
too, for operating all of
the light machinery around
the house and barn, usual
ly turned by hand.
It will pump and deliver
water to all parts of the
house or barn.
Write for Catalog
Omaha, Nebraska
OI I i: TO l ltl'.IM TOItS
The State of Nebraska, Cass coun
ty. FS.
In t he County Court.
In the matter of the estate of Al
bert Vallery, deceased.
To the creditors of said estate;
You are hereby notified that I will
sit at the County Court room in IMatts
moiith, in said county, on the l'Jth day
of June, A. I . 1!ti, at 10 o'clock a. m.,
and on the j;;th day of September, A.
I . l'.'J". at I" o'clock a. m., to receive
and examine all claims afralnst said
estate, with a view to their adjustment
and allowance. The time limited for
the presentation of claims against
said estate is three months from the
Uth day of June, A. I . l'JJO, and the
time limited for payment of debts is
-n" year from said Uth day of June,
Witness my bond and the seal of
said Countv Court, this th day of
-May, 19 JO.
(Seal) County Judjie.
in Petition for Appointment
of AilminiKlriilrix.
The State of Nebraska, Cass coun
ty, .ss.
In the County Court.
In the matter of the estate of Jo
seph Zijka, deceased.
On read ins? and tiling: the petition of
Anna Zitka praying that administra
tion of said estate may be (granted to
Anna Zitka as Administratrix;
ordered. That June 3".th, A. I). l!2o.
at 1u o'clock a. in., is assigned for
hearing said petition, when all per
sons interested In sn id matter may ap
pear at a County Court to be hi Id In
and for said county, and show cause
why the prayer of petitioner should
not be granted: and' that notice of the
pendency of said petition and the hear
ing thereof be tiiven to all persons
interested in said matter by publish
ing a copy of this order in the Platts
innuth Journal, a semi-weeklv news
paper' printed in said county for three
successive weeks, prior to said day of
hearing. '
Dated Slav 13th. 1020.
(Seal) ml7-3 County Judge.
on Petition for Appointment of
A ilmi njt rn Iri
The State of Nebraska, Cats coun
ty, ss.
In the County Court.
In the matter of the estate of Fred
Conden. deceased.
l n reading and filincr the petition
of Pauline Yovint; prayinir that admin
istration of said estate mav be grant
ed to Pauline You if a: as administratrix;
. Onieied. that May Jnth. A. D. ltl.'O.
at ten o'clock a. m.. is assigred for
hearing said pition. when all per
sons interested in said matter may
appear at a County Court to be held
in and for said county, and show cause
why the praver of petitioner should
not be granted; and that notice of the
pendency of said petition and the liear thereof be srlven to all persons in
terested in s-:ii,l matter by publishing
a copy of this order in the l'latts
month Journal, a semi-weekly news
paper printed in said county, for three
successive Weeks, prior to said day of
Dated April l'T, 1020.
a-9-oW County Judge. TO SHOW ('AIM:
In the District Court of Cass coun
ty. Nebraska.
In the matter of the application of
liertha I. Stainlley, C.uardian of Hubert
Standley. Irene Standlcy, Mabel Stand-lev-
and Yerna Standley, all Minors, for
license to sell real estate.
On reading and tilinir the petition,
duly verified, of Mertha I.,. Standley,
Ouardian of Hubert Standley, Irene
Standley, Mabel Standley and Verna
Standley, all minors, for license to sell
the following described real estate, to
wit: An undivided eiirht-t wenty-seven-ths
(S1'7) or the following described
lots: I.ots sixty-three 6:i. sixty-six
it;i and sixty-seven (oT), all in Lenox
Subdivision of the northwest quarter of the northwest quarter
(NW'i, ) of Section twenty-nine (2:).
in Township tcii (10 North of I lunge
seven (7). east of the 0th Principal
Meridian, Lancaster county, Nebraska,
as shown on ti e published and record
ed plat thereof, for the purpose of
raising funds tor the education and
maintenance of said minors, and it ap
pearing from said petition that said
real estate consists of three lots on
which then- arc two bouses which are
in a poor state of repair, and that
there is verv little income from said
property alter payit g expenses for
keeping the houses in repair and the
It is therefore ordered that the next
of kin of said minors and all others
interested in s.iid estate appear before
me at chambers in the court house in
the City of Piattsmouth, Cass county,
Nebraska. on the l.ltli day of June, A.
D. I'.'L'O, at ten o'clock a. m., to show
cause, if any there be, why license
should not l.o granted to said liertha
1.. Standley, Caardian, to sell said real
estate for the purposes above set forth.
And it is further ordered that a
copy of this order be published once
each week for three successive Weeks
hi fore said hearing. in the. Piatts
mouth Journal, a b gal newspaper cir
culating in said Countv of Cass, Ne
braska. Dated at chambers in said Cass
o.inty this 1-lh day of May, A. D.
JAMKS T. 15K(5M-:Y.
" Judge ,, the District Court of
iil;;-::w Cass county, Nebraska.
notii i: to t iii:i)iiiiits
The state of Nebraska, Cass coun
ty, ss.
In the County Court.
In the matter of the estate of Kli
i'.abeth Harry, deceased.
To the creditors of said estate;
Yon are hereby notified that 1 will
it at the County Court room in Piatts
mouth. in said county, on the 12th day
of .In tie, A. D. lyi'ii, at 10 o'clock a. in.,
and on the i::th dav of September, A.
1 . P.iJii. at l'i o'clock a. in., to receive
etui examine all claims against said
i state, with a view to their adjust
ment and allowance. The time limited
lor the presentation of claims against
: a id estate is three months from the
12th day f June, A. D. 1:1 20, and the
Time limited for payment of debts is
i :io vcar from said 12th dav of June,
Witness my hand and the seal of
.-aid Countv Court this tith day of
.Mav, 1920.
(Seal) County Judge.
MiTit i: ok in:iti;
In the County Court of Cass coun
ty. Nebraska.
In the matt, v of the estate of Mat
tie tlrav, deceased.
To all persons interested in said es
tate, creditors and lu-irs-a t-la w : You
are hereby n'otitied that on the 1.1th
day of May. 1120, Mattie Kgenberger
tiled her petition in this court, alleg
ing that Mattie Cray, late of Piatts
mouth, Cass county, Nebraska, died in
'.estate on the 24th day of December,
l!or,. while a resilient of said County
of Cass, and left surviving her, as her
sole ami oii!y heirs at law, her hus
band, Joseph if. (Jray and Nellie S.
Ayers. a daughter: Mary K. Hooper, a
daughter: Mattie Kgenberger. a daugh
ter: William Cat-mack, a son: Hertha
I.. Long, a daughter; John K. earmark,
a son and Kditli M. tlrcgg, a daughter,
nil of legal aire, and that said decedent
was seized of the fee simple title to
the following described real property
to-wit: The north half of Lots one (li
am! two (2, l'.lock seventeen (17) in
Piattsmouth. Cass county, Nebraska,
which was ti e homestead of said de
ceased, and that on the death of the
said decedent the said title to said real
property descended according to the
decedent laws of the State of Ne
braska, to the said children of said
deceased. in common and undivided,
share and sjiare alike, to each indi
vidual one-seventh, but subject to the
right of homestead of the said 1ms
1 and. Joseph H- rav, therein; that
petitioner is one of the heirs of said
decedent and the owner of a one-sev-i-ntli
interest in said estate, and pray
ing for a determination of the time of
ti e death of the said Mattie dray, and
of her heirs at law, the degree of kin
ship, anl the right of descent of the
real property belonging to said de
cedent in the State of Nebraska, ami
for an order hairing claims against
said estate, and for such other orders
necessary for a correct determination
of said matter.
Said matter has been set for hearing
at the Countv Court room in Piatts
mouth. Cass countv. Nebraska, on the
1Mb dav of June. 1920. at 9 o'clock a.
m., at which time and place all per
sons interested may appear and con
test said petition.
Dated Mav i:th. 1!20.
" ,LLKN .1. UK K SON.
m1-7-"w. County Judge.
William Riley York, brother of
John C York, of this city, passed
away at his hoinc at Bethany on Sat
urday afternoon at 1:30 following
an illness of several weeks duration.
Mr. York was seventy-two years of
age at the time of his death and has
been in critical condition for a num
ber of days and the brother of this
city and other of the relatives have
been at his bedside assisting in his
ca re.
The funeral services were held at
the home yesDrday and the body
tal;n to Cook. Nebraska, where ser
vices were held in the Mt. Hope
church and the body laid to rest in
the cemetery there. Rev. J. W.' Hil
ton of the East Lincoln Christian
church- officiated.
One way to relieve habitual con
stipation is to tac regularly a mild
laxative. Doan's llegulets are recom
mended for this purpose, 30 a box
at all drug stores.
If it's in the stationery line, call
at the Journal office.
The River is Higln
51111 Dili W W8&
Two Omaha merchants come to the front Sunday with 20 reduction
in all lines excepting patented articles and a healthy .number of other items.
Another merchant comes up' closer Monday, with a 30 reduction with no re
strictions. Still others who do not choose to'be targets and who in their years
of business history have built up an enviable reputation of fair arid square deal
THEIR LOANS come forth with sane and sensible argument against this era
of Hysteria. We quote from Thomas Kilpatrick & Co., Omaha.
We believe merchandise should be cheaper.
We believe it will be cheaper. BUT
We believe that no lasting benefit can come from ill-considered or
irrational action. From creating an artificial stimulus to overbuying when
market conditions do not warrant it. THE EFFECT OF THIS IS TO MAKE
We fiave never secured from our merchandising any such profit as
would warrant a horizontal discount of 20 to 30 per cent. We shall from
time to time offer goods at such discount as will dispose of them, taking
into consideration every factor that enters into value.
We propose to remain in business, tell the truth, sell goods honestly
and satisfy our customers.
We advise our friends to buy such standard and staple merchandise
as they can reasonably use AND WITH THE VALUE OF WHICH THEY
ARE QUITE FAMILIAR, at the absurd discounts now being offered in
Omaha and nowhere else on earth.
Don't let any of this Monkey stuff get under your hat. No doubt when
they have had a chance to mark up everything in their houses, some Omaha' Kikes
will throw a 100 reduction fit.
Piattsmouth merchants in all lines are giving you lower figures and better mer
chandise than you will find in the price-juggling stores of uncertain quality.
We are' for honest dealings. To take 20 or 30 off means putting it
on somewhere or going busted.
Opportunity to Join in the Movement
That Will Preserve Traditions and
Associations of Great War
The "push" which the American
Legion is making this week through
out the nation is to be a success judg
ing from the interest displayed in
the enrollment by the local veterans
of the world war who are finding in
the American Legion the fullest ex
pression of the unity of the former
service men.
The time in which we live calls
for organization and co-operation
it has brought the greatest of success
to the vast business interests and it
has made the laboring interests of
the nation such as to secure for its
membership a just recognition of
their labor.. It is to fulfill this call
that the organization of the former
service men has been launched upon
the national life to give the men
who served by their personal efforts,
the needs of their country, an ins'i
tution that they can call their own
in every sense of the term. Each
day there are new problems arising
that confront the former soldier, sail
or or marine that required the need
of a strong organization to settle
to the just interest of the man who
served and it is to take this place
that the American Legion is laboring
and slowly but surely realizing itf
The American Legion is. distinctly
an organization of servico men for
the benefit of service men and how
fully it can fulfill their mission is
up to(the men who comprise its mem
bership. Aside from securing for the ser
vice man needed legislation in se
curing homes, an opportunity to
make up the years lost in service,
when the doughboy, gob or leather
neck was busy making the back jaid
cf the world safe for the rest of man
kind at a dollar and a dime a day,
while those who remained at home
reaped the financial reward, the Le
gion is striving to keep alive the
spirit of cofhradship that dominated
the men of the nation on land or sea.
Today we do not think as ser
iously of what this period of service
meant to the men in learning to
know each other better, to realize
through their common privations
and sufferings and service learn
ing to realize the true value of a
man but tomorrow with the pass
ing years we will realize what the
little blue and bronze button really
It means a comradship ' that has
been bought with tears and blood
and sacrifice. It means a spirit of
Americanism that has been fire test
ed and not found ( wanting at the
time when needed. It means a
higher conception of citizenship in
the nation of which its members
have been a factor in preserving to
the world as the beacon light of li
berty. Those who have served will find
that only through an organization
as strong as the American-Legion is
destined to be, can they fully impress
their ideals and t secure for them
selves and their comrades the jus
tice that they and the nation are
entitled to receive.
We have just nine Spring coats left
in fancy colors. To close them out, we
offer them to you at 25 discount. Six
of them are Poilu blue; two of them light
tan and one American Beauty. The cheap
est one is marked $29.75, the best one
$39.75 and at these prices are 20 less
than city stores. Now with 25 off these
prices you can realize the bargain. If you
need a spring coat here is a bona fide
C. E. Wescott's Sons