The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, May 17, 1920, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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    ONDAY, MAY 17, 1920.
Cbc plattsmouth journal
Entered at Fostofflce, riattsmouth. Neb., &a aecoad-clasa mall matter
R. A. BATES, Publishe.
It doesn't
break a man.
taker nine tailors to
The new way spelling potatoes,
frd$" these days.
A girl is not an artist just be
cause she paints, but she ought to
be one if she does.
Strikes have become so common of
late that you may count that day
lost which has no walkout.
It's a very small part of the trou
ble in the world that is caused by
keeping one's mouth shut.
Kven if we can t get sugar it can't
prevent us from smiling sweetly on
the ladies. Just the same.
A law requiring that all shoes be
made of leather might help some
to relieve the paper shortage.
. :o-
It is too often the case in modern
business methods that the dictates
of humanity are "dictated but not
Down in Mexico it is jwst one pres
ident after another, and this time
old Vic Carranza is said to be on
the hike.
Of what use is a key to a city to
a party of visitors nowadays? Un
less it is accompanied with a cellar
map of the same city.
:o: :
Of course there are others, b,ut
one kind of a simp is a girl v.i o car
ries a muff in the summer ant' mar
ries a mutt in the winter.
The result of the California pri
mary appears to be another indica
tion of how the country wants, a
business man for president.
The plan, for saving daylight
makes but indifferent progress. In
its present state of mind the public
is disinclined to save anything.
The break in silk prices is doubly
encouraging as 'showing the decline
in living costs has hit the necessi
ties first. The luxuries can wait.
promisedfor the
have been our
its immediate consideration to the
problem of future taxation. Sim
plification of the income and profits
taxes has become an immediate ne
Though that necessity is vastly
greater now than it was then, no
step whatever has been made to
meet it. Instead, congress is debat
ing new complications in the tax
system to raise money for a sol
diers' bonus.
"The congress might well consid
er whether the higher rates of in
come and profits taxes can in peace
times be effectively productive of
revenue, and whether they may not.
on the contrary, be destructive of
business activity and productive of
waste and inefficiency."
Events have fully answered that
question; but no moderation of war
time taxation has been even at
tempted, or is now
immediate future.
"Whatever may
views during the period otgrowth'of
American business concerning tariff
legislation, we must now adjust our
own economic life to a changed con
dition growing out of the fact that
America is the greatest capitalist in
the world."
Congress has taken and proposed
no step which shows its realization
of this vital fact.
"Other items, such as improve
ments in marketing, studies of farm
management, better forestry meth
ods, federal aid to good roads, the
marking of all goods in interstate
commerce with the price at which
they left the hands of the producer,
and laws requiring federal licenses
of corproations engaged in interstate
commerce so as to prevent uncon
scionable profits in the method of
marketing, are all unacted upon."
Today, six months later, these and
many other measures are still un
acted upon. The republican con
gress, too busy killing the hope of
organized world peace and lay
ing the foundations for a cam
paign to perpetuate its control, has
stamped all over its record of fifteen
months the word "failure". Duluth
If the man who has bad most a
nerience in running could run best.
the democrats would have no trou
ble in picking their man. Bryan
also ran" three times.
"Uncle Joe" Cannon's advice to
"take life as it is and make the best
of it. And work", is an improve
ment on the old-time expression:
"Take things as the come." Both
however, are vastly different from
that other old saying: "Let's take
things easy."
Fine stationery, Journal office.
tit Petition for Determliiiitioii
i ll-lrhii
Estate of Uarbaia J. Wiles, deceas
ed, in the County Court Cass coun
ty. Nebraska.
' The State of Nebraska, To all per
sons interested in said estate, credi
tors and heirs take notiee that Cash
I. Wiles has tiled his petition alle
invr that lUrliara J. Wiles died intes
tate in Cass county, Nebraska, on or
about April 3, i:n7. being: a resident
and inhabitant of Cass county, Ne
braska, and the owner of the follow
ing described real estate, to-wit: The
south hnlf (S!i of southwest quar
ter (SWM,1 of Section three ('J). and
the northeast quarter NE'i) of the
southwest quarter (SV'i of .Section
four (4. all in Township twelve tlU).
North Kanfie thirteen (i:t), east of the
6th 1 At.. Cass county. Nebraska, now
owned bv Canna . Kinch; also the
south half SVa of the northeast
oeaiter iNI' and north half (N'it
of north half N2 of north half t.N'i)
of southeast iuarter (Hi:'4 ) of Section
four 4 ami the north half (N'M- of
the southeast !"aiter (SK'i) and the
north half l X ',i i of the northeast
quarter NK'4 f the southwest quar
ter SV',' of Section fourteen (It),
all ia Township twelve (1.'). North
UaiiKo thirteen (i:s. east of the Cth
P. M.. Cass countv. Nebraska. now
owned by Thomas Wiles. Jr.; also the
south half (S'a) of the north half
(N-i of the north half (N'-) of the
southeast quarter (SH'-i of Section
four t. and the south half (S'L.) of
the southeast quarter tSE) and the
.vouth half (S'a) of the northeast quar
ter (XK'i) of the southwest quarter
(SV'4 of Section fourteen (14), ail
in Township twelve 1J. North Kansro
thirteen (lo. east of the tit li P. M..
Cass countv, Nebraska, now owned by
Cash L. Wiles: also Lot forty-fowr
III), in Section .thirteen (13). east of
the fitli V. M.. Cass county. Nebraska,
now owned by Luke L. Wiles: also
the south half (S'fe) or the northwest
quarter (XW'J) of Section five ",
and the east half (Klj) of the nnrth
tast quarter (XK'i) of Section six
( R ) all in Township seven (7), North
Latino twenty-nine (L"J), west of the.
tit It 1'. M., Frontier county, Nebraska,
now owned by .lames lsurnett;- also
the northeast quarter (NKli'i of Sec
tion twenty-nine, and the east half
(i:' of the southwest quarter (SW't )
of Section twenty-nine (I'll) and the
southeast quarter (SK'i of Section
twenty -', all in Township ciiht (M.
North Canire twenty-nine I west
t.f the ;t!i P. M.. Frontier countv. Ne-br:vs-;a.
now owned by Loren M. Wiles,
and leaving as her solo and only heirs
at law the following named persons,
to-wit: Thomas Wilts. Jr., widower,
and Loren M. Wiles and Cash L. Wiles,
sons, and Canna I. Finch, daughter:
and pray ins? for a decree barring
(hums: that said decedent died intes
tate: that no application for adminis
tration has been made and the estate
of said decedent has not been admin
istered in the State of Nebraska, and
that the lo irs at law of said decedent
as herein set forth shall be decreed
to be the owners in fen simple of the
above described real estate, which has
been set for healing on the "f'th dav
.1" May. A. I . l'J.'", at ten (10) o'clock
a. in.
Iated at Plattsmouth, Nebraska,
this :Mli dav of April, A. 1 . IHJO.
Seal) in:!-tw. County Judge.
oiidi:h !" II RAISING
on Petition for A ppolntmeut of
The State of Nebraska, Cass coun
ty, ss.
In the County Court.
In the matter of the estate of Cath
erina Tains, deceased.
On reading and lilinj? the petition
of Hans Tarns, praying that adminis
tration of said estate may be granted
to said Hans Tains, as Administrator:
Ordered, that May 20th, A. I). 1920,
at nine o'clock a. m., is assigned for
hearing said petition, when all per
sons interested in said matter may ap
pear at a County Court to be held in
and for said countv. and show cause
why the prayer of petitioner should
not be granted: and that notice of the
pendency of said petition and the hear
ing thereof !. given to all persons in
terested in said matter by publishing
a cony of this order in the Platts
moutli Journal, a semi-weekly news
paper printed in said county, for three
successive weeks, prior to said day of
Pated April 24th, 1920.
(Seal) County Judge.
John m. ley pa,
a2C-:iw. Atty. for Petitioner.
The eastern papers have been re
ferring to California as Mr. Hoover's
home Mate, a piece of information
which evidently hasn't yet reached
The census shows that Punxsu
tawney. Pa., has increased in popu
lation 13.8 per cent. Of which it
is believed .001 per cent know how
to pronounce it.
: o:
The cash value of a husband's love
is fixed at $40,000 by a wife who
H sueing for alienation of affection.
Is she in love with him, or is it a
case of profiteering?
Romething unusual occurred in the
bank robbery line in East St. Louis
the other day. One bandit was
killed, another was captured, and
the robbery failed.
Several Good Re-built Fords
Priced Right!
on payment plan casn,
balance in 12 equal monthly
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Phone No. 1
On December 2, 1919, the presi
dent of the United States sent a
message to the republican congress,
which had then been in office nine
months without distinguishing it
self otherwise than by the fact that
it had its eyes glued on the 1920
campaign and couldn't take them off
long enough to meet the nation's
vital and pressing needs.
Among the suggestions made by
the president were the following:
"I hope that congress will being
to a conclusion at this session legis
lation looking to the establishment
of a budget system."
There is yet no budget system.
"Another and no less important
aspect of the problem is the ascer
Jainment of the economy and effii- '
ciency with which moneys appropri- i
ated are expended."
Money is still appropriated and
spent in the same old way, only with
a wilder liberality than ever before.
"So one is authorized or equipped ,
to ascertain whether the money has I
been spent wisely, economically ana
effectively. The auditors should be
highly trained officials with perma
nent tenure In the treasury depart
ment, free of obligations to or mo
tives of consideration for this or any
subsequent administration."
Six months later, with congress
looking hopefully toward an early
adjournment for a season of political
campaigning, this unhappy fact is
still true.
"I trust that congress will give
In the District Court of coun
tv. Nebraska.
Pob.rt Klotz. Plaintiff, vs. West half
of Northeast iuirter of Section 17.
Township 1:! North, Karige !, in Cass
county. Nebraska. , and all persons
claiming any interest of any kind in
said real estate or any part thereof:
Also the following named persons ami
i heir unknown heirs, devisees, lega-
: ( es and personal representatives of
. ach of thorn, to-wit: S. N. Merriam.
Selden N. Merriam. Lydia Merriam. A.
Corbin. Austin Corhiti. I. "VV. Newsum.
J. W. Newsum. Israel "V. Newsum,
William Durfee, William DuiTua, Den
nis Dean. Samuel llryan and S. O.
lirvan. Defendants.
The above named defendants and
cadi of them are hereby notified that
on the Jlth dav- of April. 1DJ0, plaintiff
tiled his suit In the District Court of
i 'ass county. Nebraska, the object and
purpose of which is to confirm plain
tiff's title in and to the West half of
the Northeast quarter of Section IV,
Township l; "orth. Kange .', in Casr
county. Nebraska, and to permanently
enjoin each and all of said defen
dants from having or claiming to have
any right, title, lien or interest either
legal or equitable in or to said roa I
estate or any part thereoT, and to en
join said defendants from interfering
in any manner with plaint ill's posses
sion, enjoyment and titlf of said prem
ises and for general equitable relief.
This notice is given you pursuant to
the order of said Court.
You are required to answer said pe
tition on or before Monday, the Iltli
day of June, 1!)'J. or your default will
be -entered therein against -you ai.l
each ot you ami decree quieting mie
you and each of you entered
of plaintiff.
By Ii. O. DWYF.n,
His Attorney.
oui)i:it or m:itix.
on Petition for Appointment of
The State ot Nebraska. Cass coun
ty, ss. t
In the County Court.
In the mait-r of the estate of Fred
Conden, deceased.
on- reading and tiling the petition
of Pauline Young praying that' admin
istration of said estate may be grant
d to Pauline Young as administratrix;
(Jr. bred, that May i'tth. A. I). 11)0.
at ten o'clo. k a. m.. is assigned for
hearing said petition, when all per
sons interested in said matter may
appear at a County Court to be held
in and for said county, and show cause
why the piaxer of petitioner should
not 'be granted: and that notice of the
Pendency of said petition, a nd the hear
ing thereof be fciven to all persons in-
tcrt sted in said matter by publishing
copy of this order in the Platts-
mouth Journal, a semi-Weekly news-
ip r printed in said county, for three
successive Weeks, prior to said day oi
heal l ng.
A pi il
l'J-o W
L'7. lftl'O.
County Judj
In the District Court of Cass coun
ty, Nebraska.
In the matter of the application of
Bertha L. Slandlev, (Juardian of Hubert
Standlcy. Irene Stainlley, .Manet Marni-
y and Verna Standley, all Minors, for
license to sell real estate.
On reading and tiling the petition,
duly verified, of Bertha L. Standley,
Cuardian of Hubert Standley, Irene
tandlev, Mai el Standley and erna
Standley. all Minors, for license to sell
the following described real estate, to
wit: An undivided eight-twenty-seven-ths
(SJ7) of the following described
lots: Lots sity-three to! ). . sixt y-six
;:) and sixt -seven (;7), aM in Lenox
Subdivision of the northwest quarter
(NW'j) of the northwest quarter
NWi f Section twenty-nine i-'M.
in Township ten 1 0 ) North of Kange
seven (7, east of the tUli Principal
Meridian. Lancaster county, Nebraska,
as shown on the published and record
ed plat thereof, for the purpose of
raising funds for the education and
maintenance i f said minors, and it ap
pearing from said petition that said
teal estate consists of three lots on
which there are two house which are
in a poor state of repair, and that
there is verv little income from -said
property after paying expenses for
keeping the houes in repair and the
It is therefore ordered that the next
of kin of said minors and all others
interested in said estate appear before
me at chambers in the court house in
the Citv of Plattsmouth. Cass .county,
.Nebraska, on the day of June, A.
D. lUi'O, at ten o'clock a. in., to show
cause, if any there be, why license
should not be granted to said Bertha
L. Standley. (Juardian, to sell said real
estate for the purposes above set forth.
And it is further ordered that a
copy of this order be published once
each week for three successive weeks
before said hearing. in the Platts
mouth Journal, a legal newspaper cir-
bra ska.
Dated at
county this
in said County of C
Uth day
A. D.
Judge of the District Court of
mlo-3w Cass county, Nebraska. v
State of
Nebraska, Cass
cou n-
estate of Kli-
In the County Court.
In the matter of the
-.a be tli Barry, deceased.
To the -creditors of said
You are hereby notilied that I will
sit at the Comity Court room in Plaits
mouth, in said county, on the 12th day
of June, A. I . mca. at 10 o'clock a. in.,
and on the 1::th day of September, A.
D. B:M. at 10 o'clock a. m., to receive
and examine all claims against said
estate, with a view to their adjust
ment and allowance. The time limited
for the presentation of claims against
j sa bl estate is three months from the
mil day or June, A. D. lllJO, and the
time limited for payment of debts is
one vear from said 12th day of June,
19 jo.
Witness my lrand and the seal of
said Countv Court this th day of
Mav, 1920. "
(Seal) county judge.;
in favor
State of
Nebraska, Cass
estate of Al-
Delco-Light is more than
a mere lighting plant. It
gives you electric power
r . 11 f
too, tor operating au or ti
ty, ss.
In the County Court.
In the matter of the
belt Vatlery, deceased.
To the creditors of said estate;
You are hereby notified that I will
sit at the County Court room in Platts
mouth. in said countv, on the ll'th day
of, June, A. D. l'.tjo. at 1 o'c lock a. m",
and on the P'.th day of September, A.
D. Pejt). at la o'clock a. m., to receive
and examine all claims against said
fstate, with a view to their adjustment
and allowance. The time limited for
the presentation of claims against,
said est'ite is three months from the
12th day of June, A. D. 1H20. and the
time limited for payment of debts is
c ne vear from said 12th day of June,
Witness my hand and the seal of
said County Court, this 6th day of
Mav. 1920.
(Seal) County Judge.
the light machinery arouna H'- ""J'1'
i n n
the house and barn, usual
ly turned by hand.
It will pump and deliver
water to all parts of the
house or barn.
Write for Catalog
Omaha, Nebraska
mtiiKit of m:itir;
tin' Petition for A ppointmeiit
if (liiiinitrlrl.v.
The State of Nebraska, Cass coun
ty, ss.
In the County Court.
In the matter of the estate of Jo-
Xitka, deceased.
reading and filing the petition of
Citka praying that Hdministrsi-
ion of said estate may le granted to
en 7itW us V it m i i i s t rt4 t ri v
b-j wjiiereii, inai aune i.iu, . . i . i-,,.
.at in o ciock a. m., is assigned ior
Si hearing said petition, whn all per-
i-.j i sons 1 in I'd in ?h hi mailer may ci&
K ! pear at a County Court to lie held in
RJ and for said countv. and show, cause
rs ' .1. . , r . .. i . i . .. . . i I
V 1 1 l i:r )lrti- o L oeiiLloiiei ' C II, 111 III
. not be granted: and that notice of 'the
pendency of said petition and the hear
ling thereof be given to all persons
i interested in said matter bv publish
Mug a copy of this order in the Platts
mouth Journal, a semi-weekly news
paper printed in said county tor turee
successive weeks, prior to said ujy or
, h earing.
Dated May 13th. 1H20.
! (Seat) -m.17-3 County Judge,
j ' Mow'd yam jude ml ? j
These arc the things that determine the true cosf of a motor
oil: the protection it gives the motor against wear, economy in
fuel consumption, the size of repair bills for operation and upkeep.
Polarine stands high when judged by these standards. It cush
ions all engaging parts with a wear-preventing film that kccjs
moving parts snug-fittittg, working easily with little vibration,
or noise. . ,
Polarine has unusual stability under high engine heat. It assures
a fuel-tight and gas-tiglU oil seal in the cylinders maintains full
compression and delivers maximum power.
Use Polarine and reduce motoring costs. It is sold where you
buy big-mileage Red Crown Gasoline at first class garages and '
service stations where this sign is displayed.
m mm
xiir- it- - i-r svslk
a u u a 'A a
""SfA n rs
B Druggist 'f.-X
F- ) frTk Tomorrow Alright l
In the County Court of Cass coun
ty, Nebraska.
In the matter of the estate of Mat
tie (;r;iy, deceased.
To all persons interested in said es
tate, creditois and heirs-at-law: You
are herebv notified that on the 1.1th
day of Mav. lii-'ii, Mattic Kgenberger
tiled her petition in this court, alleg
ing that Mattie ",ray, late of Platts
mouth, Cass county, Nebraska, died in
testate on the L'lth day of December,
t!ui.". while a resident of said County
of Cass, and left surviving her, as lier
sole and onlv heirs at law, her hus
band, Joseph' II. (Iray and Nellie S.
Avers, a daughter: Mary 10. Hooper, a
daughter: Matsie Kgenberger, a daugh
ter: William Carmack. a son: Bertha
I ,. Long, a daughter; John K. Carmack,
a son and Edith M. Gregg, a daughter,
all of legal age. and that said decedent
was .seized of the fee simple title to
the following described real property
to-wit: The north half of Lots one (1)
and two J'.lock seventeen (17) in
Plattsmouth. Cass county, Nebraska,
which was tin homestead of said de
ceased, and that on the death of the
said decedent the said title to said real
monertv descended according to the
decedent laws of the State
braska. to tin- said children
deceased. in common and
share and share alike,
vidual one-s. v'enth, but
right of bomestead of
I and. Joseph
petitioner is
decedent and
enth interest
iiig for a
the l-ath ot
Leader-Echo '
of Ke
nt said
to each indi
subject to the
the said hus-
II. ilrav. therein; that
om of the heirs of said
i he owner of a one-sev-i;i
said estate, and pray-
detei mination of the time -or
tlie said MatC.e (iray. ana
of her heirs at law, the degree or Kin
ship, and the right of descent of the
real property belonging to said de
cedent in. the State of Nebraska, and
for an Order barring claim.' against
said estate, nr. 1 for "'h other orders
necessary for a correct determination
of sa id rmatter. , "
-Said matter' has-been set for hearing
at the Countv Court room in Platts
mouth. Cass county. Nebraska, on the
1Mb dav of June, ln'O, at 9 o'clock a.
m.. at which time and place all per
sons interested may appear and con
test said petition.
Dated -May )Mh. 1920. -
ml7-3w. . County . Judge.
A fine little daughter was born to
Mr. and Mrs. Otto Fleischman Mon
day of this week. Both mother and
babe are doinj? nicely. The happy
parents have the hearty congratu
lations of their many friends.
Rev. Scott is assisting with the
work at the L. F. Langhorst depart
ment store. He is a good man at
this business and has had consider
able experience along the mercantile
Wm. Sack and a cousin who is vis
iting him from Illinois were in Elm
wood last Saturday. Mr. Sack was
advertising his Avery tractor demon
stration for Wednesday and Thurs
day of this week.
Mrs. J. H. Slothower of Lincoln
who recently underwent an operation
is reported to be slowly improving
which is good news to her friends
here. She is now at St. Elizabeth
The son of Rev. Scott, Who is an
expert automobile repair man and
who has been employed at a large
garage at Plattsmouth has accepted
a position at the Williams garage. He
is a fine workman and Mr. Williams
is fortunate in securing mm.
Friends in this city have received
announcements of the birth of a
daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Os
born of Hemingford, JCeb., on May
5. 1920. The little lady has been
given the name of Manda Marie and
weighed 8 1-2 pounds. Mrs. Os
born was formerly Miss Lydia Kear
and Mr. Osborn is the son of Mr. and
Mrs. Geo. A. Osborn formerly of this
place. Congratulations are extend
ed to the happy parents.
Last Saturday afternoon some ex
citement was manifest when the fire
gong was sounded and it was re
ported that Chas. Peck's residence
was on fire. The boys soon had the
hose carts on the scene but failed to
discover the fire- 11 was learned
that" the fire was on the roof of the
Peck propertv that is occupied by
the Rov Cole" family and had been
extinguished. The fire boys had a
good run and showed what quick
work they could do in case of necessity.
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