The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, April 29, 1920, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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    THURSDAY. APRIL 29, 1920.
Passes Away at His Home at Fort
Calhoun, at Age of Seventy
' Eigut Years
From Wednesday's UaIy. ' .
William Heinrichsein of this city
this afternoon received a message an
Louncins; the death of his father,
, 1
fl II 11 H HP B
sor riatEsmoutJ
Li U U
om HAT PUS ens !
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Main Street,
Lee R. Hill Passes Away at Home in
S Jma, Kansas, After a SLort
From Wednesday's Dally.
The annonucement has been re
ceived in this city by relatives of the
death of Lee II. Hill of Selraa, Kan
sas, and who for a nuhiber of years
was a resident of the community
Jake is a black jack with white
points. Was foaled May 28, 1912.
Is. 15 hands high? weight 1150.
Sired by Big Jake, and his dam was
Lady Elgin, ne is an excellent jack,
and has a" good reputation as a foal
TEDDY R. 97680
Teddy R. is a fine Percheron Stal
lion, black with white hind feet and
right frcnt foot also white. He was
foaled March SO, 1912, and weighs
1900 pounds. His sire was Morton,
C7203; by Epateur, 5136, (64349);
by Riivar. 40111 (46462); by Amil
car, (19979); by Sultan.' (4713); by
Bayard, (9495); by Estraba, 187
(736); by son of Jean le Blanc,
Teddy R. and Jake will make the
season of 1920 at my home, six miles
weM of Murray and six miles east of
Mar.ley, every day In the week.
Terms for- Teddy R., $12.50 to in
sure colt to stand up and suck.
Terms for Jake, $15.00 to insure
colt to stand up and suck. When
rartics. dispose of mares or remove
from the locality service fee becomes
due arM mint be paid immediately.
All care will be taken to prevent ac
cidents, lut owner will not be held
responsible should any occur.
Phone 166
When in need of a fine
bok our tailoring department.
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t . . jv. it -. - f
. - . . - -. .
- - . "; ' '
Plattsmouth, Neb!
south of this city. The news of the
death of Mr. Hill came as agreat sur
prise to the" friends here who had no
intimation as to illness,prior to this
time.. As soon as the message was
received, Ed Beins.of near Murray,
a brother of Mrs. Hill departed for
Kansas to be present at the funeral.
The Hill .family moved to Cass
county some seven years ago and dur
ing their residence here resided south
of this city where Mr. Hill was en
gaged in farming and from here
movedl -to Oklahoma two years ago
and later removed to Kansas, where
they have since resided. Mr. ' Hill
was sixty-four years of age at the
time of his death:
The death of thi3 estimable, gen
tleman will be much regretted by the
old friends of the family throughout
the county and the widow and fam
ily will receive the deepest sympathy
of the friends here..
As far as could be learned Mr.
Hill has no immediate relatives in
this city and vicinity but a l?rge'ier'i the relatives ofMri. 'lil'.
who was formerly Miss Minnie Beins,
reside in this vicinity.
From WednesdayDally.
I. II. Dillon, chief of the state bu
reau of health at Lincoln, has ad
dressed .a letter to Couny Attorney
A. G. Cole in regard to the birth and
death reports from Cass county, Mr,
Dillon states that for the month, of
March the reports at his office In Lin
coln shows fourteen deaths and only
one birth. He is anxious tt know
if this is correct or have the physi
cians of the- county been neglecting
to file the reports as required by
law. If the conditions are true it
would "seem that there should be
something done to remedy the evil,
and if not then the physicians should
get busy with their reports. Certain
ly the arrival of our bright Cass
county babies should not be ignored.
Mr. Cole is addressing a" letter to Jhe
vr.riou3 physicians making clear the
law that provides a penalty for fail
ure to report the births and deaths
with a fine of not mere than $500 or
a jail sentence.
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Henry F. Goos, the popular shoe
dealer Is among the latest of the auto
owners of the county naving purchas
ed a fine new Dodge sedan and will
as soon s the .weather conditions
permit enjoy with his family the de
lights of travel over Cass county..
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Plattsmouth, Neb.
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John Heinrichseu, which occurred
yesterday mornla? at 10:30 at his
home at Fort Calhoun. Mr. He!r.
richsen, vho was seventy-eight years j
ct age, has for some time been suf- j
fering from Bright's disease and with! '
ris advanced ye:s waat unable to,
rally from the malady and has fcrad- I
i:ally failed until death came, to re-
J'eve his suffering. For many :ears ;
he has s.rved a-s the mayor of Jort
Calhoun and as such occupied a
prominent part in the 100 year cel
ebration held there which' markel
.the. foundation of the first .trading
post in the state. He leaves to moun
bis death a widow and six children:
Mrs. John Mueller, Ashland; . Lo-i's
Heinrichsen, Lusk, Wo.; Willi? m
Hejnrichsen, Plattsmouth; Mrs. Carl
Royer, Henry an 1 John Heinrich. on.
Jr., all of Fort Caiboun. ' The f- n
eral will be held at the home in Fort
Calhoun on Friday afternoon and Mr.
Heinrichsen 'and family will depart
tomorrow morniuj; for the old Jiia
to attenJ the services. ' ;
While Working Around the Barn at
His Farm Home South" of City,
Is Kicked by a Colt.
Fom Monday's Datlv '
Glen Perry, one of the Heading
farmers of this portion of the-"county
met with a very serious and
painful accident Saturday evening
at his farm home and as a result of
which he is now at. the St. Joseph
hospital in Omaha.
Mr. Perry was engaged in looking
after some work around the barn
shortly after 7 o'clock In the even
ing and as he was working near a
young colt that was tied in the barn,
the animal suddenly became unruly
and kicked, striking Mr. Perry in the
stomach and knocking him down
The blow was quite severe
Mr. Perry crawled to the door of the
barn and was able after a few min
utes to go on to the house and did
not at that time feel any serious ef
fects "of the Injury.
He was not complaining any when
he retired'for the night but after he
had been, in bed for some two hours
he was taken very sick and his suf
ferings became' Intense and a phy
sician was called by the family, who
found Mr. Perry in a' very serious
condition upon his arrival as he was
apparently suffering from an Inter
nal injury as a result of the acci
dent, v It was decided to have him
taken to the hospital and according
ly he was hurried by auto to the St.
Joseph's hospital in Omaha, where he
is at the 'present time.
Mr. Perry was operated on yester
day at the St. Joseph hospital and it
was found that a large bruise was
visible on the large Intestine but
fortunately there had been no rup
ture of tho intestines and the patient
should recover in a short time. The
fact that the injuries of Mr. Perry
is no wrprse will be very pleasing
news to his host of friends through
out the county.
There will be a hard time supper-
given by the O. G. Girls of the Unit
ed Brethren church Friday evening,
April 30th. at the M. W. A. hall at
Mynard. Everybody invited. Re
freshments will be served. 4d-lw op iiKAinsr;
un IVIilinn fr Ailntnirn( of
.ilmlnlt rat ris
The StJtto of Nebraska, Cass coun
ty. Hft. '
In the County Court.
In the. matter-of ihe .estate of Fred
Conden, doceased. , .
Un roadinef ami filiner tfce petition
of 1'auline Young prayinw that' admin
istration of Raid estate may be grant
ed to I'auline Young- ax administratrix;
Ordered, that May 25tli. A. r. 1920.
at ten o'clock a. m., is assigned for
hcarinc sa Id - petition, when all per
sons Interested in said matter may
appear at a County Court ,to be held
in and for paid county, and show cause
why t lie prayer of petitioner should
not be. granted; and that notice of the
pendency of naid petition and the hear
ing thereof le Riven to all persona in
terested in said matter by publishing
a Copy of this order. In the Platts
mouth Journal, a semi-weekly news
paper printed In naid county, for three
successive weeks, prior to said day of
Uatcd April 27, 1920.
a9-3w . County Judge.
Barly variety white corn, $3
bushel, shelled.
Mynard, tel. 4022.
C. C,
Duck eggs. Inquire of Andrew
Blurn, South Bend, Neb., R. F. D.
I f 4
'If 'HA
Birthday Anniversary is Observed by
'Friends and Neighbors at the
Home Last Saturday.
i i ii ii
From Monday's Dally. .
The relatives, friends and neigh
bors of Mrs. William' Ilunter ten
dered her a very pleasant ' surprise
on Saturday at the beautiful Hunter
home in the north part of the city.
The occasion was one that was thor
oughly enjoyed jby all those who
were in attendance and a delightful
reminder to the, guest of honor of
the pleasant occasion.
The home wa handsomely deco
rated with candle, American Beauty
and Ophelia rose.J, which made the
scene one of gret beauty, and rare
At 4 o'clock-, a delicious three
course luncheon was served by Mis
ses Marie Philpot, poris Hansen and
Helen Hunter.
The out-of-town cuests who were
present were Mr. aid Jlrs. William
Peters, of Weeping Water; Mr. and
Mrs. George Hansel and Jack, of
Nehawka; Mr. and II rs.. Jacob Hild;
Mrs. John Hansen aiil family of Ne
hayka; Mr, and Mrs! Ed Gansemer,
of Weeping Water; IMr. and Mrs.
Gus Hansen and familLof Nehawka;
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Plllpot and fam
ily, of Omaha; Mrs. Wllter Peters, of
Sheridan, Wyoming
From Monday's Daily.
I am reminded thatlwe are ap
proaching the day which lias, for the
last "decade been observifc as Moth
er's day, namely, the seelnd Sunday
in May.
"The first day of thol'week has
been selected ' f or this pitpose be
cause it is of af sacred rAher than
of a social nature, thus llifting It
out of the ordinary affairA of life
and placing it before u3 Ji an at
titude that calls into actitity the
best emotions of the human soul.
"Mother the one whtf are us
birth, we.tched over lis in ur in
fancy,' directed us during tie days
of youth and always polnte. out to
us the, best things in life--is cer-
tainly worthy'of the highest
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no matter-how busy she is. -7
Heretofore mothers have felt they could make them cheaper than they could buy
them and make them better, and ia many cases perhaps this was true. Behold, now this
is all changed. - , '
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C. E. Wescott's Sons
custom, I set apart Sunday the ninth
of May next as Mother's Day, and
suggest- that mention of it Tae made
iu.all the churches and Sunday
schools throughout the ftate, and
that subjects be chosen' that will
exalt the name of our best friend.
A suit has been filed in. the dis
trict court ; by David Rutherford
against C. Lawrence Stulf, et al, and
in which the plaintiff seeks to have
the title to certain tracts of real
estate near the Platte river inuiete
in the plaintiff. Mr. Rutherford is
represented in the action by Attorney
W. A. Robertson.
' Robert Klotz vs. S. N. Merriam, et
al is another suit to quiet title that
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preciate the finer points in
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has been filed in the district court
by D. O. Dwyer as attorney for the
Mrs. L. E. Todd, who has been
staying at the Immanuel hospital in
Omaha for the last five weeks with
her son Lee, who has been the unfor
tunate victim Of the sugar diabetes
disease, returned home Monday, April-
26. Lee, who is improving ac
companied Mrs. Todd. We extend
our sympathy to Mrs. Todd and hope
Lee will recover soon.
5 I Lawyer.
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j, x Coates Elock,
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From Monday's Dally.
J. N. IJarger and wife of this city
expect to leave the first of next week
for Los Angeles, California, where
they will make their home in the
future and enjoy the benefits of the
California climate. Their son, Earl
Barger and the daughter, Mrs. Roy
Rueland are now located at Los
Angeles and the arrival of the par
ents will unite the family once more.
S. C. Rhode Island lied eggs for
hatching. C. R: TODD,
2w d & w. Plattsmouth.
Harsh physics react, weaken tho
bowels, will lead to chronic consti
pation. D.oan'3 Regulets operate
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ere Underwear
You. have heard a lot of
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I . ' V
"Therefore, in keeping wi
. . J