The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, April 26, 1920, Page PAGE SIX, Image 6

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    MONDAY, APRIL 26, 1920.
Some Real Bargains in
Farm Implements!
For the next few days, or until our present stock
and all goods bought at this time is exhausted, we will
offer the following exceptional bargains in farming
New Departure cultivators .....$ 24.50
Two-row New Departure cultivators 105.00
Jenny Linde Cultivators. 29.50
New Century cultivators. . 49.50
Badger cultivators 49.50
All two-wheel riding listers. . . 67.50
All four-wheel riding listers 79.50
All wide tread listers . . 104.50
High wheel corn planters 77.50
Two-row listers . . 79.50
Deering and McCormick mowing mchs, 5-ft.. 74.50
104 foot hay rakes. 32 teeth , 43.50
I. H. C. and Sterling loaders, with fore carnage 105.00
Deering binders 240.00
Two 7-foot McCormick binders 232.50
Per Pound
Three-bottom Titan tractors . .$1,000.00
. Ox b. Factory
The Implement Man Plattsmouth, Nebr.
One 2d hand Dodge touring car, 1918 model . $ 650.00
One 1918 Ford touring car 350.00
One Model E, I. H. C. truck, complete, grain
box and stock rack. 2,000.00
J as, and Nellie and Margaret Earls desirable lot fell through. Conae-
autoed to Plattsmouth Saturday to quently he opened negotiations wllh
attend the spelling contest.
I Park Otte was a Lincoln passenger
Friday evening.
t Miss Ella Gerbeling stayed at the
Jesse Landholm for the purchase of
the new home Mr. Iandholju con
structed last summer, and a dnil Ium
since been made. . This is'a.tery ln
C. C. Jackman home last Thursday siranie place, modern in evry r
evening. j spect and will make Mr. Potluist and
I Miss Pauline Miller visited-with
ther parents, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore
Miller Friday.
I A number of young folks gathered
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. C.
Jackman Thursday evening, April
1 15th, in honor of Miss Mary. It was
her seventeenth birthday. The even
ing was spent in games and con
wife an ideal residence.
on Pet It Inn for Aitpoiutniriit of
The State of Nebraska', Cu9 'nii
t y. ss.
In the County Court.
In the matter of the estate or.l'nlle
erina Tnm.s- deceased,
,,.6 a f "7 On reading ana lillnK tbe p.-tltl....
versation and at a late hour refresb-or Haiw Tains, praying-that miniln la
ments were served, after which all nation of wid estate may grann-il
departed, wishing Miss Mary many
more happy birthdays.
Mark White, who is at the sani
tarium in Lincoln, underwent an
operation last Saturday morning,
from the effects of which he is re
ported as getting along as well as
could be expected. He and his wife
went to Lincoln a few days prior to
the operation and Mrs. White called
from there telling friends here- that
her husband bids fair to recover- at
an early date.
Sfi 9fc p
(Continued from page 5.)
to said I lans . Tams. as Adminixtrntnr:
Ordered, that May 20th. A. I). 1J '(,
at .nine o'clock a. it... Is assigned for
hearing said petition, when all j r
srms interested in mild matter muy up
pfar at a County jL'ourt to be held In
and for said roiinly, anil fhuw cause
why the prayer, of petitioner should
not. he granted: and that notice of the
pendency of said petition and the hear
ing thereof he Riven to all persons In
terested In said matter ly publishing
a copy of this oj-ler in the Platts
mouth Journal, a semi-weekly news
paper printed in said county, for three
successive weeks, prior to said day of
Dated April 24th. 1920.
(Seal), t'ountv Judge.
a26-Hw. Atty. for I'etitioner.
M-Uill, MITIf'K .
In the District Court of Crps cotin
tv, Nebraska.
Robert Klotz, Plaintiff, vs. West half
of Northeast quarter of Section 17.
Many Kinds of Business
Art Bornemeier, who some time
ago went to Lincoln to engage in
the realestate- business, has gotten
lots of business on his hands Just
at present. Iri addition to selling
lands, he has his farm here. and a
threshing outfit, which would seem
enough to occupy any one man's
time. Not SO with Mr. Bornemeier. Township 12 North, Range 9, In Cass
however, for he has traded some land epunty. .Nebraska. and all persons
" ... . . t . , claiming any Interest of any kind in
said real estate or any part thereof:
Also the following named persons and
their unknown heirs, devisees, lega
tees and personal representatives of
each of them, to-wlt: S. N. Merriam,
Selden N. Merriam. I.ydia Mrrlam, A.
Corbin, 'Austin Corbin. I. AY. Newsum,
J. V. Newsum, Israel V. Newsum,
William Durfee, William Durl'ua, Den
nis Dean, Samuel O. Bryan and S. (J.
lirvan, Defendants.
The above named defendants ami
holdings in the West for a hardware
business in Burchard, and has had
to go there and look after the busi
ness until he shall be able to trade
It for equities requiring less attention.
Spending: Some Time in South
J. E. McHugh. manager of the
V- ' -1 - f
- - - ....1.
MurdOCk Mercantile company, de- each of them are hereby notified that
parted last Wednesday for Falls Clt, J a.- .Jntm
where he spent a couple of days with , Cass t.ounty Nebraska, tiie object and
his mother, Mrs. Kate Mdlugh as purpose of which is to confirm plain
well as his brothers and sisters liv-1 tift's title in and to the West half or
. . j , !n,i , the Northeast quarter of hecMon 17,
lug there, after which he continued , TowwshiI 12 N-Jrth. Kanj?e 9. in Cass
on his way to Excelsior Springs, Mo., county, Nebraska, ami to permanently
intending to Spend a week or ten enjoin each and all of said defen-
tn ikt rvr, nonlth rpsnrt dants from haviner or claiming to have
days in that popular health resort right, title, lien or interest either
town Deiore returning 10 resume legal or equitable in or to saia real
work at the store.
Storm Extends Their Visit
H. A. Tool and family, drove to
Springfield last Sunday in their trus-.the order of said Court.
estate or anv part thereof, and to en
join said defendants from Interfering
in any manner with plaintiff's posses
sion, enjoyment and title of said prem
ises and for general equitable relief.
This notice is given you pursuant to
ty car expecting to visit briefly with You are required to answe r mm ye-
. , j 1 . v. v.,. tit on on or before Monday, the Hth
friends and then return home, but (lav of jUne 19::0 or your default will
the weather was not conducive to i,e entered therein against you end
the returning part of their program, each or you ami decree quieting title
so they were compelled to remain yo of you entered
over night. Mr. Tool came home on
the train Monday morning; Mrs. Tool
and daughter came in the evening
and Dick remained until Tuesday
By T). O. DWVKU.
His Attorney.
lUUlUillg W .w. "
J , , 4 , 4 . , " 4 . 4 " " k
Mrs. Burwell Imnrovins: Slowly
Mrsv J. H. Burwell. wife of Supt.
John Wood autoed to Omaha one - Burwell of the Murdock schools.
day last week. who had such a severe siege of
Grover Otte autoed to Lincoln on pneumonia during the past winter
Friday afternoon. and early spring is recovering but
l Mrs. Ollie Allis went to Lincoln t not' making the progress it was hoped
luesaay evening to live. she would. Froi. Burweu was a
C. S. Murfin was an over Sunday passenger to Lincoln Thursday even
visitor with his folks. t ing to see his wife and to consult
Ollie Allis was an oyer Sunday with the physicians, relative to the
visitor with his folks. " j advantages of a trip south at the
!Miss uerdeune Listen was an Kim- present, time. ,
wood passenger Friday evening. j ,
c ir j o u -u tr j a number of the ladies from here Spend Enjoyable Evening
Ssverai Good Ke-built Fords wont to Murdock to vote Tuesday. I The voune Deonle of the Wabash
Mrs. Henry Rugna and Eunice i n,c raoiAfn ho.
few days with Mr. and t.n anA there had a verv de-
Priced Right!
on payment plan J3 cashj
balance in 12 equal monthly
t. II. Pollock Garage
Phone No. 1
visited a
Mrs. Frank Marshall.
. Miss Grace Staton was a Sunday
; visitor with her grandparents, Mr.
and Mrs. M. V. Wood.
Albert and Art Sylvester, Zella
Mitchell and J. D. Gerbeling were
Weeping Water passengers Monday.
Fred Lawton came in Monday
evening. He sure is looking fine.
It seems good to see Fred back in
Wabash again.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Keckler were
Omaha passengers Monday morning,
going up to see Ralph's father, who
is in the hospital. '
Mrs. James Taylor and son, Thom-
j lightful gathering at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Ivan McCorey on last
Thursday evening. They enjoyed
themselves immensely with games,
music and a fine program besides.
At a suitable hour refreshments were
served which also helped to liven
the spirits of those in attendance.
The Host
Comfortable Hat
in ihe World!
''In, 1 .
If you ever had a felt hat (hat lost its shape,
every time you pulled it down on your
head, then you will appreciate; one of the
extra tissue weight
, - - . v ...
that is light weight, but still retains its
shape thereby living up to the Stetson
Family record.
Your color and size awaits you here!
Will Move to Plattsmouth .
LeRoy B. Goerthy, who has been
employed by Joe Johansen for. some
time, has resigned his position to ac
cept the appointment of. rural mail
carrier on route No. two, running
out of Plattsmouth and departs this
week for the county seat to take up
his work Saturday, May 1st. He had
the Journal man drive a rig over
for him last week,
Attended Spelling Contest
Last week Miss Lois and Willard
Jackman, teachers in the Murdock
schools, accompanied by a number of
their pupils attended the spelling
contest which was held at the coun
ty seat. Miss Irene McDonald was a
contestant in the oral test and Miss
Margarlte McDonald took a part in
the written work, both showing ex
ceptional ability. ' ,
Philip yiumci
Makes Purchase of Home
O. J. Pothast, cashier of the Farm
ers and Merchants Bank, has decided
that it is best to have a home of
one's own", and while he was figuring
on the purchase of a lot and build
ing a home thereon, his deal for a
oitiiKK ok nr. m;
On Petition for Appolutnieut of
Ailminlxtral rl.
The State of Nebraska. Cass coun
ty, ss.
. In tiie County Court.
In the matter of the estate of Hum
phrey . Lee Oldham, Deceased.
On reading and tiling the petition of
Sarah M. Oldham prayins that admin
istration of said estate may be grant
ed to Sarah M. Oldham as Adminis
tratrix; Ordered, that May 17th. A. D. 1920.
at ten o'clock a. im.. is assigned for
hecirins' said petition, when all per
sons interested in saui maner may
appear at a County Court to be held
in and for said county and show cause
why the prayer of petitioner should
ot be granted; and that notice of the
pendency of said petition and the
hearing thereof be given to all per
sons interested in said matter by pub
lishing a copy of tills order in the
Hlattsmouth journal, a semi-weekly
newspaper printed in said county, for
three successive weeks, prior to said
dav of hearing.
Oated April 24. lfl.'O.
SeaI a26-3w County Judge.
More Power to your Tractor
Perfection Kerosene Oil is all fuel every
, drop packed with live, energetic power. ' Its
even vaporization and clean, complete com
bustion assure maximum power to your tractor.
There is no sediment in Perfection Kerosene
Oil to clog the carburetor and interfere with
efficient engine operation. It helps to keep your
tractor smooth-running and full-powered right
through from spring plowing to harvest
when delays prove mighty expensive.
Perfection Kerosene Oil is clean, uniform and de
pendable the same high quality product you have
always used for household rirposes.
Telephone our nearest agent and he will arrange for
immediate delivery of Perfection Kerosene Oil in any
- quar.tiiy.
For t;asoline-burning engines use Red Crown Gasoline.
part with him but trust that he may
find success In the future in the
new location.
to their new home this week by the
Nehawka Transfer company via the
auto truck route.
From Friday's Dally.
. Anton Toman, Jr., departed this
afternoon for Kansas City, where he
expects to take up his work in the
automobile mechanical school in that
city together with Monte Franks of
this city. Mr. Toman has been de
layed in leaving for Kansas" City as
he expected to leave several days
ago, but In company with Mr. Franks
departed this afternoon. The friends
of this popular young man regret to
Mrs. Alta Candy, of Atlanta. Ga.,
a sister of the late Mrs. Bert. Lloyd,
who has been visiting relatives and
friends here for some time left on
Thursday afternoon for .Lincoln,
when? she will spend a few days be
fore returning to her home in the
south. ,
About fifteen members of the I.
O. O. F. order at this place went, to
Weeping Water Wednesday after
noon where the annual district meet
ing was held this year. The towns
of Avoca, Elmwood, Weeping Water,
Louisville and Nehawka were repre
sented. A big time' was reported by
the delegation from this place.
Herman Stoll, who moved from
this place to Grant, Neb., a couple
of years ago, held a . public sale on
the street here Saturday afternoon.
The stuff sold was odds and ends In
farm machinery and some live stock
left on the place when he went west.
The sale netted good prices for this
time of year. Mr. Stoll returned to
Grant Sunday afternoon.
B. J. Moore, who has been work
ing as clerk in the - Sheldon store
for several months left Tuesday for
Johnson, .Nebr., where he has se
cured another position. During his
short time in Nehawka he and his
wife gathered a host of friends who
regret very much to lose them from
our midst. Their poods were taken
The Ladies Aid society of the
Christian church of Murray will
meet on Wednesday, May 5th with
Mesdames Charles Creamer and Wal
ter Sans at the Creamer home; All
members and friends are cordially
invited. ' a26-3w.
Kesidence property ror sale on
East Vine St. Call phone No. 279.
From Friday's Daily.
The many friends of Mrs. J. B.
Archer, one of the old residents of
Plattsmouth, will bevsorry to learn
of her serious illness at the home of
her daughter at Springfield, Neb.
Mrs.-Archer has for several months
been making her home in that city
and in the last few days has become
quite poorly as the result of an at
tack of erysipelas. She Is eighty-six
years of age and the sickness has
proven quite serious in her advanced
77THEN you invest in that
Vlnew Spring finery which
you have already picked our,
don't forget that your friends
havs long been waiting for a
photograph of you and your new
spring suit would make a most
appropriate costume."
Sunday sittings by
Ghrist & Ghrist,
PHONE 64-5
1 2 Hour Kodak Service.
Plattsmouth, Neb.
320 Acre Improved
Cass Co. Farm
The Jacob Vallery, Jr. farm
for $250.00 per acre. Terms
to suit purchaser.
The unimproved 120 acres of the
Stephen Wiles estate sold a few days
There's no iise talking-
American boys are hard on their clothes. : Not
much use to buy them cheap or ordinary clothes
they'll go right through them, and it takes two suits to
. last them where one good one would do the job.
That's why we want to tell you about
f If you buy your boy one of these suits you know
it's going to hold him it's got to because it's guaran-
. teed for six months' service. Of course they cost you
more, but they are double at every point where the
: strain comes, which means double wear. Ordinary
clothes nowadays will cost nearly as much. These are
$14.75 to $20.75 for good quality fabrics.
a i
i )
ago for $295.00 per acre and is just
one mile east of the improved 320
acre's I am offering for $250.00 per
' acre.
Phone No. 1
sC E. Wescottfs Sons
l !