The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, April 12, 1920, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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Sank of burdock
Murdock, Nebraska ,
Conducts a general commercial banking business .arid
is equipped to attend to your wants in every manner
consistent with honest and conservative banking. We
also draw up leases a- contracts for sale of real estate,
affidavits, wills and testaments, and other- legal blanks
as deeds, conveyancesmortgages, etc. Our land set
tlements for March 1st just past, totaled over half a
million dollars, and were for dozens of our patrons, and
every settlement had the individual attention . of the
president and cashier. We are here to serve you and
serve" you well, and invite you to join the hundreds of
satisfied customers doing business at this bank, and
who are the best testimonial we have to offer as to our
ability and willingness to assist in every manner pos
The Bank of Pi2urdock
"The Bank where You Feel at Home"
HENRY A. TOOL, President " J. E. GUTrTMANN, Vice-Pres.
H. A. GUTHMANN, Cashier"
From Satriay Pally.
Charles E. Thompson arrived
may well consider herself proud in
having such excellent men in charge
Wm. Nelson and George Utt were
looking after some business matters
in Omaha . Thursday, goings up on
the noon train. '
Wm. Stachinsky -and wife were
visiting with friends in Omaha for a
short, time during the latter part of of the supervision pi the
the week. . ; . ' . business affairs.
Joe Johanson and A. J. -Bauer were -
looking after some business matters
in the ..county seat for a few hours
last Monday. '
Herman Schmidt is reported as
having been on the sick list for a
short time last, week, but he is now
able to be out again.
. E. L. Pothast, of Lincoln, was a
visitor in Murdock last Thursday,
coming to look after some business
matters for a short time.
day at the meeting of the board Uncota yesterday to assume the po
were duly inducted into the offices sition of -field representative of the
made vacant by the expiration- of bureau of war risk Insurance for
their terms. The village of Murdock
Loses a Very Valuable Cow
Fred Deikman, living a few miles
northeast of Murdock, suffered the
loss of a valuable cow early last
Thursday, morning. The cow had a
young calf only a few days eld.
which had been placed in the pas
ture near the barn, and during the
night, hearing the calf bellowing.
the state of Nebraska. ;
'Mr. Thompson's work will consist
in straightening out all problems
between , the ex-service men and the
war department and other govern
ment agencies.
f ine oureau 01 war risn insurance
is connected with the treasury de
partment and the new Nebraska rep
resentative states that he will be able
to get quick action '.on; all matters
pertaining to allotment of allow
ances, compensation claims, all ques-
its mother became frantic and in
Mottled and Stippieu .wails of ex-- h. ,,n- ,o,i ..
charming colors and true r.'L ,..... lV. k F0T; 3l.coaTertl,18 V lnto term insurance,
ceedingly charming
artistic value. You will find them in
Max Dusterhoff's wall paper stock.
Miss Marie Schmidt was a visitor
in Lincoln for a short time last
week, being a guest of friends there
while looking after some trading. J
Jesse Landholm was a visitor for
a short time at the home of his broth
er at Duncan, where the latter is
train and killed, being found the
claim for back pay and travel
following morning near the road claims, and all other differences be
tween the former soldiers and the
Mr. Thompson attained the rank
of major in the army during the
world war, joining in May, 1917,
crossing. The cow was well worth
a-hundred dollars and her loss will
prove a severe one to Mr. Deikman.
Now Has a New Garage
engaged in the automobile business. purehased a part of the old building s and ing discharged two weeks ago tngienarai, iormeny ui jn jne south part or. town from Mr. iromine v auer fieea nospuai, wutrre
this place, but who has been away Frank Eveland. which he has moved he was convalescing from a serious
for some -time, is visiting at the to tne gite of bjs blacksmith shop. tiiinea He served overseas with the
uuluv. v. v.0- ana nas nau ivuy uaiuwiu convert i
is a productive force; it makes for better un
derstanding and the fullest co-operation be
tween a bank and its clients. This is the spirit
of the Farmers and Merchants Bank service.
How can we serve you? v
Farmers Merchants Bank
: ' All ways at Your Service..
O. J. POTHAST, Cashier
it into an excellent garage, which
'A. E. F.. and was with the. Forty-
short time. .
Rev. John Oehlerking was a visi- wjii nmv preat rnnvonipnrp for second infantry when discharged.
tor in Murdock during the past Mr Buck in the us Qf nis A!. He is a raember of Post No. 1 of the
week, driving from his home at West vin Bornemeier moved the building Ameriean Legion in Washington, D.
Point. He found the roads pretty for jtr Buck .
good until he reached Ashland, but C.. and also a member of the Veterans
from there to Murdock they were , ' ' t.. lof Foreign Wars, having served in
not so good, - Quarterly Conference Postponed the pnUippiaes from 1M8 to 19G2.
Miss Esther Schmidt drove the On account of the serious illness headquarters of the Ameri
can to Plattsmouth a few days ago, of Presiding Elder Sohl of Lincoln, , : . . , -
taking her Barents. Herman Schmidt who has charee of this district of tea is arranging a series of
The finest varnish that money can 'and wife down to lonk after some the PvonceiiMi nssnriatinn thi Dost conferences at which the war
buy at Max Dusterhoff's. j business at the court house. They vv&n no quarterly conference held aa risk insurance representative will ad-
Martin Bornemeier was a visitor were also accompanied by her sis- had been announced. It is hoped ,iry, h members in regard to ad
in the capital city last Monday, to ter. Miss Hilda. , that he will soon regain his normal , " ITa J.n,!
which place he was called to looks c. Obitz. of Binger, Oklahoma, health and be able to meet with the Jn tDeir claims and settling
after some business matters. ' j was a visitor in Murdock last week, church membership here at an early , their difficulties through his depart-
nev. j. w. .peters was a Dusiness lookms after some business matters flare. . .s ..naent. The first conference is ar-
You can get oor wax at all times
of Max Dusterhoff. tf.
Special Varnish - for table tops,
window sills, 'flutside doors. Won't
turn white under water. At Max
II. A. Guthmann was a passenger
on Friday morning for Lincoln,
where he looked after some business after concluding his business, return- home of his father, Arthur A. Rikli, '
visitor in Lincoln last Thursday, and while here and also visiting at the
matters for. the day, and also visit-jed home on the evening Jersey
ed with friends. . John Gakemeier was a business
Arthur Wellman, writing to his ! visitor in Weeping Water last Thurs-
returning to his home last Thurs
day evening via the Rock Island. :
James Gilmorc, who had his eye
ranged for the Lincoln post at its
regular monthly meeting Monday.
friend. Uncle George Skilcs, tells of j day, driving down to that place to ! Injured While working on the farm
- I " - - , . . IIIIUIVU V 1111V tl Ul BlUh VW , , - . ... . ,
ira hoirc frn7on t n o rlonth rf fmir ' Irkrtlr a ft or c.m c lnn1 npAls .ncnipn ! x - . . zcl. liAVfl rwPTi vifiitiner in ftlnrdnck
. "1 :;s A " V" V.r:r., 7r " nis uncie, j. j. uusun. ana wno -":,; . x-' :, "V
liiciies ill uurii:iiuu, cuiui auu, uui- uv was luieresieu iu tune.
Spending: a Few Days Here
I . Tlfra T T ArnftlH an1 liar twn
ing tha storm of a week ago.
"Sanitas," a superior quality of
oilcloth, on the walls of your kitch
en, wash room, pantry and bed room,
etc.. is easy to wash, strengthens
the plaster and is more economical
than paint. For -particulars see M.
C. F. Hite. the carpenter, depart
ed last Thursday on the evening train
in roivini trpiitmpnt n the Mpfhn-
Henry Amgwert and Dillar Utt' t ,n)!ri?ti in Omaha i rpnnrtoH
were quite busy last week excavating: a3 mkinff exceiient progress and
and preparing for the installation of ; . t ble , leave the insti.
a furnace at tne nome or j. h.. jmc
Hugh, which is being installed by
our enterprising dealer-A. J. Tool.
J. E. McHugh, of the Murdock
tution -at an early date.
W. O. Gillespie and
Gus Wendt
as guests at the Neitzel home during ! I wish to announce that I am
the past few days. They stopped off candidate for the nomination for tfc;
here while enroute from their - home ffice f mtlrvt clerkf Bubject to
in Englewood, a suburb of Chicago. ... - . w
n Ran Pr.miUn u-Wo -a-iU . IH9 Will OI III TOierb HI IU Itp..u-
make their home in the future.
The husband, . Mr. Arnold, while
were looking after some business in rtl,rni-nr frnm 1rin h.l
last rnursaay ana t naay,,' ., : " " . r, C . one oi me luioeriy oona anves, naa i
j lican primary, to be held en April
. 2th. I served about eighteen
for Holyoke. Colorado, where he will business matters in connection with
work at his trade. He intended, to the business of which he is manager
leave for there sooner but wa3 de- here. .
layed on account of the prevailing Ed Vanderberg is a sure enough
w. . - ----- T -ihp nrtrthwest dnrin" the n&st week ' , . r ' " T, " monins as uepaiy Jjismtv utrn ii -
Mercantile company was a visitor in;'ue nortirwesi uurin& ine past een. was makinR addresses in behalf of . - ln TT - ....
r i. - tv,,,.. ., r ,wi ir-si-. l they having some interests in tne
Your support will be apprec?
where he was looking
snnip:" '" "l iimiub, t." nt mwrnrtnno .fn sin tin tha nlat. ' Tice.
promise oz developing into goou in- form and fall vUh his feet across ated
vestments, - as - mucn on is Being the traclCf ,n guch manner tnat they
xuuuu m iudi cuoii. Iwere cut off by a passing train. He
Miss Marie bchmidt, accompanied was at that time connected with
, rustler when it comes to work and' by her brother, Louis Schmidt and
In, 'as just as faithful as "can be, keep- wife, were visiting with friends In
bank in Chicago.
bad weather
Arthur Bornemeier. of Lincoln, ' as just as faithful as can be, keep- wife, were visiting with friends in Later, being, called to San Fran-
was a visitor in Murdock last Friday ( ing the masons supplied with mor- Omaha a few days last week, going Cisco on business, he liked the place
evening for a short time, looking af- tar and materials at the new bank . up Friday evening on the" Jersey, bo well he closed out his Chicago in
ter some business.matters.. He came building. As a hustler he is hard i The ladies remained until Sunday terests and engaged with the Bank
down on the belated noon train and j to beat. (evening while Mr. Smith returned of Italy, in Frisco, where he is now
returned home on the evening trainj On account of the impassable ' home Saturday to look after affairs interested. .
so his time here was necessarily of, roads and the inclement weather at home. Mrs. Arnold and daughters will
Sunday and Monday of last week, John Ramsey and son, Leslie, and soon continue on their way west
those teachers who spent the week-J. Clyde Funk, of Plattsmouth, who ward.
end vacation at home were unable to are employed by the Monarch En- ! '
reach here before noon Monday to ' gineering company of Falls City, f Attends Funeral of Cousin
resume their school work. (were working in tljis 'vicinity for a , , ,
George Toole was a visitor in Mur- short time, camping at the edge of , rs; L" Meln daughter,
dock last Thursday, coming down town, but departed , Friday morning Miss Jesse. were in attendance at
from his home in Lincoln" to look af- for Eairle. nt-ar whir thov. ri the funeral of. a cousin of Mrs, Mel-
ter some matters of business. While building a bridge. .vin, Mrs. John Shaw, who died at
short duration.
Chintz papers. Tapestry and plain
colors for beautiful combinations
arc part of our Cue wall paper stocks.
Let us show you how to make up
such combinations. Max Dusterhoff.
Robert Williams, who is -employed
in Lincoln, was a visitor at his home
in Murdock last Sunday, coming to
spend the week end. Mr. Williams
is an excellent workman and is well
qualified for the position he holds in.
the capital city and may later make
his home there.
Uncle Jacob Goehry was a passen
ger to Lincoln last Thursday even
ing, where he visited with relatives
and friends and looked after some
matters relative to a pass, port which
he has made request for, having it
in mind to depart soon for a visit
of several months in the old coun
try. Dr. and Mrs. Blattspeiler, of To
bias, was visiting in Murdock last
Thursday, guests at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. W. O. Gillespie for a short
time. Frop there they continued on
to Omaha on. the afternoon, train,
where they were looking after some"
business matters . and also visiting
with friends.
J. E.
here he also visited for a short time! , j. j. Gustin was on the Omaha- hospital in York after having un
at the home of his daughter, Mrs. 'market last week with a car loatf of "frgone an operation the day pre-
MfHneh and familv. - fine attio -.hin u-o fort n hi ous. . jurs. jvieivm ana daughter
Contractor Matt Thimgan assures farm southwest of Murdock. The aniJ'Uirned home Ust Sunday evening.
us that the new bank building with mals brought within fifty cents of .
good weather will be pushed to com- the top price paid that day. Mr.' " Notice to Patrons i
pletion at an early date. He had ex- Gustin is feeding a large number of To tl' Datrons of the Murdock
pected to have the building com- cattle this spring and has some eight R ura 1 Free DeH very route You will
pleted by May 1st, but owing to bad carloads more to market. These will pieSe oroVlde o7ral v ' wt luf -
weather this cannot be accomplish- not be in shape for some time yet. postage suV ' tor ni5ng
ed now. He also has a number of .. Fred Lawton. brother of Homer your letters and Dai4e4s. as it is in
other contracts on hand awaiting his H. Lawton, was released from ser- convenient-for the carrier to search
attention. vice in the navy a few days ago at the man hnv. fnr nMni noet.
Volt CIinonn n n-oa a uitltnr in njr.J i- A v.nn v .
uvuvviuBu . xvc-uxiu, a., auu iiao i ciui ucu iu age, as is necessary when
Murdock several days during the his home at Wabash. Mr. Lawton -hano-o to i,j .!L.t
pctsi uciufi umcu ucic vj i"- euiereu me st-ivite uu j une is, 1911,
death of his sister, Mrs. W. G. Mei-and during his term of enlistment'
singer, who died while on the op--has traveled about the world to a!
erating table of an Omaha hospital, j considerable extent. He was a mem-
where she was to have undergone ( ber of a submarine crew for several
an operation. Mr. Schoeman, who Is months and had some thrilling -ex-1
from Oklahoma, reports that things
Yours respectfully.,
in the south are" looking fine.
O.1 tftf. TIKI8CV3GAN
Automobiles and Accessories
Our machine shop is especially well equipped
with modern machinery and first-class workmen. Ve
are ready to do all kinds of repair work, including
acetyline welding. " -
Phone 3SB
Murdock, Neb.
Have Pleasant Evening
The Lucky Thirteen" club, which
periences. iseeuiess to say, he was is composed of exactly that number
highly gratified at getting home and of young misses about Murdock! met
being able to see the folks again. - at the home of their patroness and
Rev. A. H. Schwab and G. Bauer, friend. Miss Margaret Amgwert. last
one of our local merchants, attend- Thursday evening, April Sth, and en-
ed the Inter-Church World Move- joyed the evening greatly in games
ment meeting - which was held in and social conversation. They had
.Weeping Water Wednesday afternoon present with them as their instruc-
and evening. Mr. Bauer, returned tor in domestic science, their teach-
i home during the afternoon, while er la the. public schools, Miss Lois
Rev. Schwab remained for the even- Jackman, who demonstrated to them
ilng meeting, returning home the fol- the making of pineapple salad.. The
i lowing morning. The meeting was evening was a very profitable and
! productive of a spirit of co-operation profitable one to all present,
j among the workers representing the The young cooks in attendance
j various denominations, although each were Misses Marvel Amgwert, "Babe"
I church will conduct its campaign Bauer, "Tuts" Bauer,". Hildegaard
along the lines definitely mapped out Baumgartner. Irene McDonald, Mar-
oy its own organization. 4 guerne mciJonaia, rneima Kelly,
, Florence Thimgan and Francis H.
Fonnd a Lady's Pocketbook .TbeiJe. .r
Found, a lady's pocketbook,- near
j Murdock. Owner hay have same, by
proving property and paying for
this notice
Will Have Class at Alvo
Miss Catherine Tool, who is a stu-
Eesume Work on Bank Buildin?
AAtwaca Tnn.n.t Dl.ito. Va.H
mouth, Nebraska. ; , . , " ' ;7 - ui uu'lc
at the state university in Lincoln,
while spending her Easter vacation
at home, visited in . Alvo and there
James Pilklngton and Douglas organized a class of pupils which
Stevens, the Alvo masons, who have she will instruct in music at the
been doing the work oh the Farmers close of the school year at the uni-vac .ift nr nre
miu i uaua uunuiug, Ac- I Oil J . x ww 19 nen IJUsLlllieU
turned Friday and resumed the brick to impart instruction - to the young
laying after an absence of nearly a people of our neighboring town.
Under the existing primary law,
but few voters have any knowledge
whatever of any of the candidate.-
for the various state offices. Mr.
Thorne A. Browne is up for re-elec
tion for State Railway Commission
er. He is about 45 years of age.
have known him for about 15 years.
and know him to be a clean, versa
tile and practical man, and believe
he will look after the interest of the
taxpayers. i
This is wholly without his know
ledge and I am responsible for it.
lt-w. CHAS. E. NO YES. ,
The Cass County Spelling Contest
will be held in the Plattsmouth high
school auditorium on Saturday af
ternoon, April 17th, at 1:30.
Two contestants will be. selected
to represent Cass county in the ctate
contest to be held in Lincoln, April
30th, 1920. '
The County School Exhibit, will
be on display in the ofSce of the
county superintendent at this time
Premiums will be awarded to schools
having the best exhibit. . '
This will Eive narents, teaehers
and pupils an excellent opportuaity
to get In touch with the work done
in the different schools of Cass
county. ... "
The nublic is cordially invited to
attend' the contest and to examine
the display of school work.
- . . ' Superintendent
If you are not a eubcrfber to the
Dairy Journal let us enter your nam
on our subscription list.
If it's in the stationery line call
at the Journal office.
Buff Orphington's eggs, fl.CO per
setting S7.00 per 100.
A 12-4w. Mynard, Neb.
Modern Wall Paper
v the latest,
the most exclusive
in Blends, Stipples, Mottles, Plains, Velour Engraveures
and Non-Fadable Inks. Colonial and Japanese Silk
Tapestry for Moulding and Border Panels'
A Good Assortment of
Prices Range from $1.75 to $6.00
Also a nice line of children's straw hats. Hats
for the little fellow in cloth and silks.
Our Line of
for every day wear is the most complete ,we
have ever had. . -
filurdocii Rliercantile
JERKY E. McHUGH,, Manager
.' Have one each used 'touring cars.
Dodge and Ford. See me at Once for
price on these.
dawtf) JOHN GORDEIt.
week due to inclement weather. Good
progress is again being made and
if the weather continues
favorable fHHW4"H-mW
it is hoped to have the work
pleted in a short time.
City Dads Reelected- :
The" popular aldermen, or more
correctly speaking, members of the
town board, William H, Rusf and I.
G. Hornbeck, were reflected at the
election held last week and Thurs-
La-wye r.
80 acres 1 miles of Iola, Kas.,
town of 11.00$. Prie 150 per
acre. 16V acres it nines oi uarp.
80 acres &
miles from Thayer, $75 per acre.
All size farms, from $75 to $150 per
4t-w 3t-d. Iola, Kas.
Threshers - Tractors Power Machines
J. L. Smith of Nehawka, was in
Eut ot Riley Hotel.
Coates Clock.
Second Fleor.
the city yesterday for a few hours.,
attending to some matters of, busi- .
neSs. . ,'
f....''.V".' ,
The Inlemaiional Lino. Complete!
Power plenty of power and elliciency at all times, reliable
and dependable is what all want. We h&ve it in the International
Wc carry a full and complete line of Kerosene Engines, Caro
line Engines, Kerosene Tractors, Motor Trucks, Cream Separator..
Farm Wagons, Farm Trucks, Grain Tanks. Manure Spreaders,
Stalk Cutters, Mills, Girnders and Binding Twine.
Dally Journal. 15c a weelc