The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, April 05, 1920, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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MONDAY, APRIL 5, 1920.
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Cba plattsmouth journal
Katerol potolce. Plattsmoutb. Nakw. mj eo4-elsa mU matter ,
R. A. BATES, Publitbe.
J. 1 H L :'- i-"
Has anybody seen, outside of the
campaigfn literature speeches, any
si&n of enthusiasm over aay presi
dential candidate ol any party? Is
there anywhere in Nebraska, for in
stance, any great spontaneous Inter
est in any presidential candidate in
any party?
Mark Sullivan has lately toured
the middle west studying the presi
dential situation. He finds every
where the public indifference which
seems so pronounced in Nebraska.
The presidential candidates are not
By a I
interesting the common folks.
great furore of campaigning a large
vote was got out in South Dakota,
but the voters showed no positive,
trend even there. They divided al
most eveuly among the three leading
candidates. , . , . ,
Mr. Sullivan has an 'explanation
of this apparent public apathy, and
It is significant If true. The people
are not interested In the presidential
campaigns of the old type politicians,
he says, because they have lost hope
or faith in the old parties, or rather
in the ways of their politicians. They
consider congress and the politicians
behind the times. They do not deal
in the matters which the people have
at heart. They continue dealing in
political spoils when the people have
nothing but disgust for the spoils sys
tem. " They continue to run -politics
for pontics' sake, whereas the people
are anxious for a politics capable
of solving the social problems under
which they are bowed.
What positive form does this pub
lic attitude take? A disposition, ac
cording to Mr. Sullivan, to. grade a
presidential candidate up about in
proportion as the party politicians
grade him down. If" General Wood
has any advantage over Governor
Lowden, It Is because Wood has been
less identified with the old party pol'
itics. The real beneficiary of this
attitude of the middle western pub
lic, says Mr.' Sullivan, is Herbert
Hoover. Hoover has been no poli
tician at all. He ran the food ad
ministration without taint of poli
tics. He picked as his assistants
men of notable ability, disregarding
politics. Maybe a man so divorced
from the politics-for-politicians uabli
might do something to-set up a poli
tics for the public system. Every
where he went, says Sullivan, he
found this point of view strongly
The apathy which Mr. Sullivan dis
covers is self evident. . The existeace
of a widespread, spontaneous Hoover
sentiment in both parties Is equally
obvious. The relation between thi
two, as Mr, Sullivan sees it, is an
explanation of what hitherto has
been something of a mystery.
It is with devout satisfaction we
arrive this year at the final day of
March. There have been March
months which made us feel like apol
ogizlng for 'the bad name we give the
windy month. This has not been one
of the number. March has lived
down to Its reputation this year and
then some. It is impossible to imag
Ine any one being sorry to see it go
Here in Nebraeka the wind must
have traveled close to a million miles
this month. A great pendulum has
kept swinging north and south, an
alternation of bloirs. One day we
swallow South pakota dust; the next
we sample Kansas. The winds have
trimmed the trees and wherever was
a weak telephone pole, there has
- downfall The roaring ol
BLVU c . -
he wind has been so Ineessant we
have ceased to hear it-
Maybe March afforded one sweet
spring day and maybe two. B
surely not more. At least once it
na. with a zero chill. At no
LUUuv" "
time was it safe, o trust a bright
morning to lead ter a pleasant day.
After January and February had been
quiet and kind, it was truly disap
pointing to find March doing the
lion act the whole month through.
We have no special, complaint here
in Nebraska. We seem, Indeed, to
have been an isle of comparative
calm and mildness with raging
oceans of worse wind and blizzard to
the north, east, south and west.
Nevertheless, even our sort of March
was plenty. Begone, madcap month
and return no more till capable of
i better conduct.
Americans without regard to oth
er division of opinion will join with
President Wilson in demanding that
the Turk be ousted from Europe and
deprived of- any dominion over Chris
tian peoples.. The character of the
note to the allies with regard to the
treaty of peace now being formulated
for the Turk Is clear, emphatic and
resolutely American in its tone.
Along with it must go a perfect un
derstanding of what it involves. The
French government expresses perfect
concurrence in the spirit and pur
pose of the note, but asks "how these
ends can be achieved without the
force necessary to deal with the trou
ble certain to result among the Mus
sulman population."
Mustapha Kemal, - leader or the
Turkish 'nationalist faction, is busy
striving to arouse- Mohammedans to
a holy war, asserting that the occu-
pancy of Constantinople is an insult
to the Moslem world. He has de
clared the sultan no longer caliph of
Islam, an act of rebellion, but one
that must certainly appeal to the fa
naticism he is cultivating. Yet, in
the face of this, the United States
has a right to demand that the pow
ers of Europe deal firmly with the
Turkish situation, to the end that
the presence of this enemy of civiliza
tion in Europe will no longer irritate
and disturb the peace.
The proposal that Russia he given
a voice at such time as a stable gov
ernment is set up there, with a right
to review any action now taken at
Paris, is also sound. Russia's con
cern in the Bosporus and Dardanelles
exceeds that of any other European
nation. Only jealousy of Russia and
a desire to shut off Odessa from easy
communication with the outer world
by leaving the sultan supreme over
the straits connecting the Caspian
with the Mediterranean, has held the
situation as it has been for so many
When the Turk has been expelled
from Europe, and the important wa
terway he has so long straddled has
been internationalized, a potent bond
for permanent peace will have been
given the world. Omaha Bee.
Efficiency in the home is quite as
necessary as it is in the factory. The
home is, in fact, a happiness factory
for the family when its. mistress
gives intelligent attention to her du
ties. It Is,' of course, a moral obli
gation that the husband, In his .wis
dom, should aid to the extent of his
ability in making the home all it
should be, but alas! How often are
his well meant efforts spurned.
Take the case of William Economo
of Detroit, for instance. William is
a methodical man, a believer in time
schedules, who would have his wife
improve not only each shining hour.
but every precious minute. Know
ing that success is not attained by
haphazard methods, he devised a time
table for his new "wife. It required
her to rise at 5:45. At 5:57 she was
to be dressed. At 5:59 her hands
and face were to be washed.
6:19 breakfast was "to ibq ready and
eaten. ; ' : ' '..
William , went to-work then, but
the time table provided for sweepin
and other household work during his
absence. It was an admirable ar
rangement, in that it developed speed
in the performance of. home tasks.
One day William, discovered that 20
minutes of, his wife's time were un
occupied, whereupon he revised the
time table and suddenly found his
domestic accommodation train side'
tracked in the divorce court station
The Judge, acting as train dispatcher
ordered it run to Alimony, where the
brakes were set and the engine taken
to the round house.
What encouragement is there any
more for husbands to make them
selves useful about the house? Here
was a loving mate who might have
made wife a standardized model
of domestic efficiency. But she was
not clock-broke. She would't work
on a time schodule. Now she gets
up when she wants to, does as she
pleases, and her husband lias to pay
her J 10 a week after trying to run
her like an automobile faetory.
It is discouraging for husbands
isn't it?
:o: -.
vt i nmnnsed to make the first
" -
day of May "American Day". All
days, in fact, should be American
days in the United States.
In the District Court of Cass coun-
y. iseurasKa.
KK-naru jonnsun, i
"m. 1. Merriam and Merriam.
Iik wife (first real name unknown):
V. K. Speck, a slnffie man: v iiimm
ii .1 a. o inc1 man: Frank M. Price.
a slnsle map: Joiianathan B. Quln and
Quin.' lus wire inrsi rci
unknown): Harlan R. Quln and
Quln. his wife (first real name un
known): tne unKnown " ,.-c -..
innatccii. Dersonal representatives, and
all other persons interested in the es
tates oi the roreftoinff namea ueieu-
dants, and each of them: and the East
Halt ib'jl oi ine ui iiiconi .( n x . . .
(KEVt . less, however, a strip of land
one rod wide off of the south end,
twiner about one and one-half acres:
and also less a strio of land along the
west side of said East nair ua'
the Northeast quarter (NE Vi 1 ten feet
wide on the south end thereof and
broadening as the line Is extended
northward until it ia forty-Pine (49)
feet wide on the north end: and also.
he Northeast nuarter (n."4) or ine
Southeast quarter (SK4). all in hec-
ion tweniy-tnree yzn. iuwiimj
tion twenty-three (23). lownsmp
welve (12 V, Range nine t) hasi. Lass
count v. Nebraska, and a.ii persons
claiming any interest of ary mna in
said real estate or any part-thereof,
You and each or you are nereoy
notified that on the 31st day of March.
2tt. the. plaintiff in the above entmea
action "filed in the- District court pi
Cass countv, Nebraska, his duly veri
fied petition in an action against you.
and each of you. the object and prayer
of which is to obtain a decree of said
court adjudging JUchard A. Johnson
o be the owner In fee simple oi me
following described real estate, to-
wit: East half (E&) of the Northeast
quarter (XEV4 ). less, however, a strip
of lanV one roa wiae on oi me uni
end. being about one and one-half
acres, and also less a strip of land
along the west side of said East half
of the Northeast quarter ( N E V ) ten
to,. wide on the south ena tnereoi
and broadening as the line Is extend
ed northward until it is forty-nine feet
wide on the north end: ana also, ine
Northeast quarter (NEU) of the South
east quarter SEU. all in Section
twentv-three. Township twelve. Range
nine East Cass countv. isebrastca, anu
to enjoin you. and each of you. and all
other persons. from asserting any
riB-ht title, lien, claim. Interest or
estate, in. or to or upon said described
real estate, or any part tnereoi; 10
remove certain clouds from the title
thereto: to decree that Richard A.
Johnson, and those under whom lie
claims, lias been in open, notorious.
peaceable, continuous ana averse pos
session, under claim of ownership
thereof and title thereto for more than
ten years last past, made vaiuaoie
improvements thereon, paid the taxes
as they became due; and for general
equitable relief.
You and each of you are hereby re
quired to answer plaintiff's petition on
or before tne ltmi uay oi aiay,
or the allegations of said petition will
be taken as confessed - ana as being
true. .
attorney for Plaintiff.
al-4w. - Ashland, Nebr.
The State of Nebraska, Cass coun
in the I'nuntv uoun.
In the matter of the estate of John
Nichols, deceased.
Tii the creditors OE said estate:
Ymi nre herebv notified. That I will
slt'at the County Court room in Platts-
raouth in said county, on the zuttv uay
of April, 1920, and on the 20th day or
July. 1920, at ten o'clock a. m., to re
ceive and examine all claims against
said estate, with a view to their aa
justment and allowance. The time lim
ited for the presentation ox ciaims
against said estate is three months
from the 20th day of April, A. Ul 1920,
and the time limited for payment of
debts is one year from said 20th day
of 'April. 1920.
Witness my hand and tne seat oi
said County Court, this 22nd day of
Mar-ch, 1920. ' '
(Seal) County Judge.
and Aotlce of Probate
of Will
In the County Court of Cass coun
ty, Nebraska.
State. - of Nebraska, County of Cass,
To all persons " Interested in the es
tate of John Kraeger, deceased:
On - reading the petition of Jacob
Krager and William Kraeger praying
that the instrument filed lu this court
on the 22nd day I March. 1920, and
purporting to be the last will and tes
tament of the said deceased, may be
proved and allowed and recorded as
the. last will and testament of John
Kraeger, deceased; that said instru
ment be admitted, to probate, and the
administration of said estate be grant
ed to Horatio N. Dovey, as executor;
It is herebv ordered, that you and
AH persons Interested in said matter,
may. and do, appear at the County
Court to be held in and for said coun
tv. n the '23rd day of April. A. D
1920, t 10 o'clock a. m., to show cause,
if uny.there l'". why the prayer of the
petitioner should not be granted, anu
that notice of the utndencv of said
I ietitlon and that the hearing thereof
be given to ail persons interested in
said matter bv publishing a copy of
this Order in the Plattsmouth Journal,
a semi-weekly . newspaper printed In
said county, for three successive weeks
prior to said day of hearing.
Witness mv hand, and seal of said
court, this 12nd day of March, A. D.
(Seal) m25-3w. County Judge.
In the District Court f Cass coun-
. Elwood IL Buttery, Plaintiff, vs.
Plattsmouth Ferry Co. et al. Defen
dants. To the defendants Plattsmouth Per
ry Company; Abljah Harris; the unknown-
.heirs, devisees, legatees, per
sonal representatives and all other
persons interested in the estate of
Abljah Harris, deceased; Mrs. Abljah
Harris, first real name unknown; the
unknown heirs, devisees, legatees, per
sonal representatives and all other
persons Interested in the estate of
Mrs. Abijah Harris, first real name un
known, deceased; Mary Jennings; the
unknown heirs, devisees, legatees, per
sonal representatives and all other
persons interested in the estate of
John W. Jennings, deceased; and Lots
1. 2, 3 and 4 in Block 99, in the
City of Plattsmouth, In Cass county.
Nebraska. and all persons claiming
any interest of any kind In said real
estate or part thereof:
You and each of you are herebv no
tified that on the 19th day of March.
1920, plaintiff in the foregoing entitled
cause filed tiis petition in the District
Court of Cass county, Nebraska, where
in each and all of you are made par
ties defendant, the object, purpose and
prayer of which said petition is to ob
tain a decree from aid court remov
ing clouds from and quieting the rec
ord title to tlie following described
real estate in the plaintiff, Elwood M.
Buttery, to-wlt: Lots one (1), two (2),
three (3) and four (4), in Block ninety-nine
(99), in the City of Platts
mouth, Nebraska, as against you and
each of you and. to exclude- ana en
join you and each of you from ever
asserting or claiming any estate, right,
title or interest therein adverse to
plaintiff, .by reason of plaintiff's ad
verse possession of said premises for
more than ten years prior to the com
mencement of said suit, and for such
other and further relief as may be
just and equitable.
You are required to answer said pe-
tition on or before the third day of
May, 1920, or your default will be duly
entered therein and a decree entered
as prayed for in said petition.
Dated March 19. 1920.
m22-4w. His Attorney,
In the District Court of Douglas
county. Nebraska.
Doc. 172; No. 165.
In the matter of the Application of
Alice W. Kiewit. Guardian of the Per
son and Estate of Charles D. Wood
worth, a Minor, for leave, to sell real
Notice is herebv given that In pur
suance of an Order of the District
Court of Douglas county, Nebraska, by
Hon. N nils U. Sears, judge, made on
the 17th day of March. 1920, there will
bo sold at public vendue, to the high
est bidder, lor cash, at the front door
of the court house in the City of
Plattsmouth In Cass county, Nebras
ka, on the 12th day of April, 1920, at
ten o clock a. m.. the undivided one-
fourth interest in and to all of the
following described real estate, situat
ed in Cass county, Nebraska:
Lot four (4), being a subdivision
of Government Lot four (4); also
Lots ten (10) and sixteen (16),
being subdivisions oi Government.
Lot five ta) and accretions there
to, all in Section fifteen (15).
Township twtlve (12)." North Kange
eleven 11, east of the 6th P. M.;
also Lots twenty-seven (27), twenty-eight
(28).' twenty-nine (29) and
thirty (30). Inthe Village of Louis
ville. Cass county. Nebraska.
subject to all unpaid taxes thereon.
Said sale will remain open one
Bated this 20th day of March. 1920.
Guardian of the Person and Estate
of Charles D. Woodworth, Minor.
In (Jie District Court of the Coun
tv of Cass, Nebraska.
Joe Felthauser and Glioma E. Hath
away, Plaintiffs, vs. Henry 11. Wilson
et al. Defendants.
To the defendants Henry H. Wilson:
Mrs Henry H.' Wilson, first real name
unknown: John Harvey: Mrs. John
Harvey, first real name unknown; Jo
seph L. Heel: Eunico L. Reel; Mrs.
Thomas K. Faniniore, first real name
unknown; James R. Humble; Eveline
M. Willson; Willson, first real
name unknown: William Dorrough;
Wm. H. SDratlin: the unknown heirs.
devisees, legatees, personal representa
tives and all other persons mieresteu
in the estates of Henry H. Wilson;
Mrs. Henry H. Wilson, first real name
unknown: John Harvey; Mrs. John
Harvev, first real name unknown; Jo
seph L. Reel; Eunice L. Reel: Mrs.
Thomas K. Fenlmora. nrsi real name
unknown: James It. Humble; Eveline
M. Willson; Willson, first real
name unknown; v illiana u.orrougn.
Wm. H. Spratlin. each deceased; the
northeast quarter (NEU) of the north
east quarter (NK 1 ) and the north
west quarter (NW,i of the northeast
quarter (NE all in Section twenty-
five (25). Township ten tiui,
Range thirteen (13). east of the 6th
P. M., in the County of Cass. Nebraska,
and all persons claiming any interest
of any kind in said real estate or any
part thereof:
You and each of you are hereby no
tified that on the 17th day of March,
1920, plaintiffs filed their suit in the
District Court of Cass county. Nebras
ka, to quiet the title of plaintiff Joe
Felthauser to the following described
land, to-wlt: the northeast quarter
(NE'4) of the noitheast quarter. (NE
'4) of Section twenty-five (25). Town
ship ten (10), North Range thirteen
(13), east of the 6th P. M.. -in the
County of Cass. Nebraska: and to
quiet the title of piaintlff Thomas K
Hathawav to the following described
land, to-wlt: the northwest quarter
(NVH of the-northeast quarter irnr
14) of Section twenty-five (25), Town
ship tun (10, North .Range thirteen
(13), east of the 6th P. M., in the
County of Cass, Nebraska, because of
their respective 'adverse possession of
said respective tracts of land by them
selves and their grantors for more
than ten vears prior to tne commence
ment of Kaii unit and to enjoin each
and all of you from having or claim
ing any right, title, uen or inicreni.
either lecrnl op ecmitable in or to Said
lands or any part mereui; i icnu.ic set forth your right, title.
r-inim lien or interest therein, if any.
Mtlier legal or eijtiuanie, anu i
the same ad Indeed inferior to the
title of nlaintiffs and for general equi
tnVtlo lAllAf
This notice is made pursuant to the
order of the court. You are required
to answer said petition, on or -before
Monday, May 3, 1320, or your default
will be duly entered therein.
ml8-4w. Atty. for Plaintiffs.
political :;:du::cemeiits!
' Tor State Senator : ,
T dnslm to announce my candi-
darv fnr thf nnmirJation to the POsl
tion of state senator for the second
Konatorial district of Nebraska, com
posed of Otoe and Cass counties, sub
ject to the decision of the voters of
the republican ine pnmaiy
election to be held on Aprn zu. ivtv
Nehawka, Nebr.
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In the Dictrfct Court of Cass coun
ty, Nebraska.
1'latt.smouth Louse io. s. Ancient
Order of United Workmen, Plaintiff,
vs. Enos W ilKams ct al. Defendants.
To the defendants, Enos Williams
and wife. . Catharine Williams; the
unknown heirs, devisees, legatees, per
sonal representatives anil all other
persons interested in the estate or
Enos Williams, deceased; the unknown
heirs, devisees, legatees, personal rep
resentatives and all other persons in
terested in the estate of. Catharine
Williams, deceased:
You and each or you are nereuy no
tified that on the 19th day of Janu
ary. A. D. 1920, Plaintiff filed its suit
in the District Court or Cass county,
Nebraska, the object and purpose of
which is to quiet and confirm . plain
tiff's title in and to that part of Lots
1 and 2 in Block 42, lying, outside of
the boundary of Chicago avenue, in
the City of Plattsmouth, in Cass coun
tv. Nebraska, and to enjoin each and
all of you from having or claiming to
have anv right, title, lien or interest.
either legal or equitable,, in or to said
real estate or any part thereof, and to
enjoin you and each of you from in any
manner interfering with plaintiff's
title, possession and enjoyment of said
premises and for equitable relief.
This notice is given pursuant to an
order of the Court. You are required
to answer said petition on or before
Monday, the 10th day of May, A. D.
1920, or your default win oe eniereu
Ancient Order United Workmen.
By A. L. TIDD,
m29-4w. Attorney.
In the County Court of Cass county,
Nebraska. - . .
In the matter of the estate of hei-
win Kinkead, deceased.
To all persons interested in said es
tate, creditors and heirs at law:
You are hereby notined tnai on xne
23th day of March, 1920, James Kin
kead filed a petition in this court, al
leging that Selwin Kinkead, late of
Plattsmouth, Cass county, Nebraska,
died intestate on the 20th day of De
cember, 1911. In the State of Missouri,
while temporarily residing tnerein,
and left surviving him. as his sole and
onlv heirs at law, his widow, Jennie E.
Kinkead, and a son, James Kinkead,
and a daughter. Bertha L. Crisman,
nee Bertha Lu Kinkead. ail oi legal
age, and that said decedent was seized
of the title in fee simple of the fol
lowing described real property, to-wit:
I-ot lour (4) in biock sixteen in
Townsend's Addition to Plattsmouth.
in Cass county, Nebraska, which was
the homestead of said deceased, Sel
win Kinkead, and that same was whol
ly exempt from attachment, execution
or other mesne process, and not liable
for the pavment of the debts of said
decedent, and on the death of said de
cedent the title thereto aescenaea ac
cording to the decedent laws of Ne
braska, to the said widow and child
ren of said deceased in common and
undivided, that petitioner Is one of
the heirs of said deceased and as
such is the owner of an undivided one
third interest in said real property
and Is now the owner of the other two
thirds hv virtue of a conveyance made
by the said Jennie E. Kinkead, widow,
and Bertha E. Kinkead, daughter of
said deceased, and praying for a de
termination of the time of the death
of said Selwin Kinkead and of his
heirs at law, the degree of kinship
and the right of descent of the real
property belonging to said decedent in
the Sta'te of Nebraska. and for an
Order barring claims against said es
tate and for such other orders neces
sary to a correct determination of
said matter.
Said matter has been set for hear
ing at the County Court, room in
Plattsmouth, Cass county, Nebraska,
on the 2ith day of April, 1920, at 10
o'clock a. m., at which time and place
all persons interested may appearand
contest said petition.
Dated March 25th. 1920. -
JOHN M. LEYDA, County Judge.
Attorney for Petitioner.
m29-3w. ' . '
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