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Union DepsirHsnenll
Prepared Exclusively for The Journal.
is a word you often see in advertising
with many it is only a word here it is
an'actual fact. Service means to us just
what it means to you. Service is some
thing we practice as sincerely as we
aimk off 0 mi do mi
Mrs. E. V. Keedy was a visitor in
Omaha a couple of days last week,
being a guest at the home of her
Fred Devorak, of Sioux City, was
a visitor in Union, the guest of his
Mrs. Sarah Eaton Succumbs to lin
gering Illness Came to Ne
braska in the Sixties.
this year for a span of mules, which
topped the market at the fancy
price of $810. The highest price
heard of heretofore was a case in
Iowa, where a team brought $800
Mrs. Sarah ' Raton, wife of John
Eaton, who has lived in and about
friend. Miss Mary Becker, over the Union for many years, passed away
week end. at her home northeast of town last
County Commissioner C. F. Harris Saturday evening, after a lingering
was looking after some business illness. J
matters at' Murray last Monday, hav-, Mrs. Eaton was born In Missouri,'
ing driven there in his car early, but came to Iowa when a young -that
morning. woman and in 1864 was united in
. Mrs. Harry M. Frans was a visi-, marriage to John Eaton, they com- j
tor in Nehawka, a guest for the week ing to Nebraska soon afterwards and
end at the home of her daughter, ' settling a few miles northeast of the
Mrs. Merritt Pollard, returning home present location of Union. They ac
Monday morning. I quired, through residence and pur-
Don Arries, of Plattsmouth was' chase a farm of some 240 acres,
a business visitor in Union on last J But it was located too near to the
Mondav. havine driven down from treacherous Missouri river and ere
Methodist Church Notes
At the Methodist church next Sun
day there will be all the regular ser
vices with the single exception of
the evening sermon, that hour hav
ing been given over to the young
people of the church, under the di
rection of Miss Crozier, superinten
dent of the children's leagues of the
church. The time will be improv
ed with songs and recitations by
the childrenand addresses by Prof.
E. A. Ward and other members of
the faculty of the Union schools. A
verv enioyable time is expected. You
had better get there on time if you
want a good seat.
Spring EVaillinery!
We have received a very beautiful stock of Spring
Millinery, including an appropriate hat for each woman
in the vicinity. They are now on display at our store.
Come and inspect them and get the choicest as they will
soon go at the money-saving prices we have put on them.
the county seat to look after some
business matters here.
Thomas Walling, Jr., of Platts-
long the stream began making en
croachments upon the land and at
the time of the death of Mr. Eaton
. UVUiUO V O AAA AA y Will VA. AUbWkJ i j I
mouth, was a visitor in Union last several years ago there remained butj
Monday, coming down to read the u""t" r "-," J
Miss Kdith Frans visited at the
home of Mrs. Merritt Pollard near
Nehawka a couple of days the fore
part of the week.
A. L.. P.ecker and son, John, were
visiting in Omaha last Tuesday,
wlurr they spent much of the time
looking after business matters.
Karl Morrit is kept busy these
days painting and papering. He was
employed during the past week at
the home of G. V. Cheney, where
lie was decorating the interior with
paint and paper.
Ki-v. J. li. Taylor was a passenger
for Lincoln last Monday, where he
we-I to attend the meeting of the
pastors of the different churches,
who comprise a committee in charge
of conducting the activities of the
Intcr-Clr.ireh World movement.
Uev. and Mrs. Morrison were visi
tors at Syracuse during a part of
la-it week. Ilev. Morrison returning
home for the Sunday services, while
Mrs. Morrison remained for a long
er visit with their daughter, Mrs.
St roils.
Cliarl'.'S 1. Spaugler, of near Mur
ray, was a visitor in Union on last
Monday morning, coming to meet
a f.d et a nurse who arrived from
Lincoln,, taking her to the home of
riarenee Murray, where the infant
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Murray is
very sick with the whooping cough.
Hay Becker drove to Nebraska
City last Monday morning, where he
had pome business matters to look
aftT and also visited while there
with friends, especially one friend,
who claimed his attention to the
exclusion of the others, and almost
kept him from looking after the
business (?) that called him there.
Wei!, such is life.
Kay and Carl Cross and families
departed Monday of this week in
their car for Arriba, Colorado, where
they will make their home in the
Henry Born and family were
vjsitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
L. G. Todd over the week end, driv
ing down in their car to visit with
friends here.
E. E. Leach was a passenger on
the early passenger train a few days
since for Eagle, where he was visit
ing with his mother and looking af
ter some business matters.
W. C. Clark, the proprietor of the
Union hotel, was a visitor in Mur
ray last Saturday where he was look
ing after some business matters and
consulting with Drs. Brendel &
Brendel regarding his health.
Henry II. Becker is keeping pretty
busy these days. Monday he had
a force of men sawing wood at the
home of Oscar Hoback, while an
other was shelling corn for Fred
Clark northwest of town. Mr. Clark
delivered the corn to the Farmers
elevator at Union.
Emery H. Bauer, who has been
visiting for the past week with his
brother, Frank Bauer, and whose
family are still visiting in Florida,
departed a short time since for his
home at Nadeby, Alberta, Canada,
where he will engage in farming as
soon as it can be done there.
Misses Anderson and Crozier, who
are teachers in the Union schools,
were guests at the home of Mrs. J.
M. Chalfant last Friday evening at
a six o'clock dinner, and from their
account of the affair we are safe in
saying that Mrs. Chalfant is not only
an excellent entertainer, but one of
the best of cooks.
30,000 Acres
We are making trips to Colorado every week.
Come and make a trip and see the country. Special
prices on farms to March 1, 1920. Prices $17.50
to $50 per acre, according to location and improve
ments. One wheat crop will pay for the land. Land
already sown in wheat. Have 60 acres 3 miles east
of Union for quick sale at $135.00 per acre. Good
terms. Phone L. R. Upton, phone No. 39.
Box 11.
Union, Neb.
Hens 29c lb.
Eggs 40c Doz.
Can you afford to let your chickens roost in trees
and sheds and deposit those gold nugets called
eggs under some barn or out in the weeds or no
telling where some place where they may never
be found, or will be spoiled when you do find them?
Now is the time to build Biddie a new bungalow.
Let us furnish the material and Mr. and Mrs.
Rhode Island Red, yourself and we will all be
Frans Bros. Lumber Co.,
Phone 69-A
Union, Neb.
light meters of the customers of the
Nebraska Gas and Electric company.
S. C. Keckler, of Arriba, Colorado,
was a visitor in Union last Monday,
coming to look after some business
matters in connection with the trans
fer of some lands he. has been sell
ing. George Stander and son, Russell
Since then it has all been eaten away
by the river, whose waters roll in
relentless fury where the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Eaton once was. ,.
Mrs. Eaton was known to a large
circle of close and warm friends, all
of whom admired the noble charac
ter possessed by this estimable wom
an, and who now delight to honor
her memory. Her father, Joseph ra
V. Stander, accompanied by Col. W. j pjei.f wa8 a Baptist preacher in the
R. Young, came down from Platts-1 earlier days, and had a congregation
mouth Monday, while on their way 1 at what is known as the Sciota
to Avoca, where they went to pur-'school house, where he preached the
chase some cattle. gospel for many years.
Charles Bowdish was a visitor in' The funeral was held at the Sciota
Lincoln last Saturday, where he was school and the remains laid to rest
looking after some business matters in the quiet cemetery at that place,
and on his return came via Murdock, ' amidst the scenes which were part
where he had some business to and parcel of her life, and where the
transact with O. W. Gillespie. j every heart throb of the friends and
Roy Gerkin and wife and Miss neighbors is one of honor and re
Edith Frans were guests at the spect to the memory of this good
home of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Wolfe woman. Rev. W. A. Taylor, her per
for dinner Sunday, and in the af- sonal friend and pastor, delivered
ternoon all visited at the home of the funeral message of cheer to the
Mrs. James Frans, the mother of many friends who were present.
the three ladies. . j
Mrs. Applcgate of Omaha was a - ts js0 a rorkjnan
visitor in Union for the past f ew 151ar rorter whom all know as
days, being a guest of her numerous heinK a hand man has rigged up a
friends here. Mrs. Applegate said biacksmith forge at his home west
she expects to move to Lincoln soon, of Union and now can do work for
o 1? J ii nr l-i ai lni rrli tap t wa VtiD . . -
himself when it is needed, as well
as for others should the occasion
require it. Blair is a "good Indian",
and in addition is a cunning work
er or artificer in iron and steel
taking her daughter, Mrs. Wayne
Dickson with her, as physicians be
lieve a change of residence will
benefit the latter.
Miss Jessie Todd, who has been
sick at her home in the city for
cnniA tlma nact a lioinc
Timch imnroved and able to be no Installs a New Engine
and about the house. Mrs. J. W. Wm. James, who lives a few miles
Kinzslev and son Douclas. of Down- south of Union. was a visitor in
ers Grove. 111., are guests at the 'town last Monday, called here to
Tndrt hnmo iin.i Mis .Tussi.' w pii-l look after the installing of a new
iovinir the coniDanv of her niece engine in the car of Rue Frans
very much. which was put out of commission
Ralph Lindsay made a quick trip last winter by a sudden and severe
over the state last week, departing freeze. Mr. James, who is the Buick
from Union Thursday in his car for representative in this territory, brot
Grant, where he had some business a new motor with him ana installed
interests to look after. He return- it in the car for Mr. Frans, return
ed Saturday evening, having been i ing to his home the following morn-
away but three days and two nights. -ing. While in the city, he had ns
which is pretty good time in which add his name to the large and grow
th tr-wnt ormw tho ct-ito aiui haft 1 inir list of readers of the Platts
to sav nothinsr of stoDoiiiE at the ! mouth Journal, thus being assured of
other end of the line to give atten
tion to business matters.
Has Completed Business Course
Miss Edith Frans, who has been
attending a business school in Lin
coin during the past winter, re
turned home a few days ago, having
completed the course. She will visit
with friends here a short time be
fore beginning work in her new po
sition with the Sheldon Manufactur
ing company of Nehawka, as a mem
ber of the office force. Miss Frans
is well qualified for the position she
is accepting and will, we know, make
abundantly good.
receiving all the news of Cass coun
ty in the future.
Intermediates Elect Officers
At a meeting of the Intermediate
Epworth leaguers at the Methodist
church last Wednesday afternoon,
a very pleasant time was had when,
among other features of the meeting
there was held an election of officers
for the coming year. The following
officers were elected: Miss Letha Por
ter, president; Miss Edith Morton,
vice-president; Carl Suavely, secre
tary and Lucian Banning, treasurer.
Loses a Bull Recently
Guy Stokes, who with his mother
moved from their former home near
Union to a farm in the Murray
neighborhood, was in town on last
Monday, being called here on ac
count of the loss of a valuable bull.
which he had left at the home of
Matt McQuinn, while moving the
remainder of his effects.
Weather Was Very Bad
Last Thursday evening Messrs.
and Mesdames Wm. Baird and E. H.
Wescott, of Plattsmouth, came to
Union as per previous arrangements
to give an entertainment under the
auspices of the Senior Epworth
league, in which they themselves are
excellent workers. They gave the
program which was greatly appre
ciated by those in attendance, but
on account of the exceedingly severe
weather, which was bordering on an
old fashioned March blizzard, there
were not as many in attendance as
it was hoped there might be.
Two Jacks for Sale
I have two large jacks, one 6 years
and the other 8 years old, which I
am offering for sale. The younger
one especially large. Their colts can
be seen here. Address or telephone
me. E. E. LEACH,
tf) Union, Neb.
Eighty acres, 3 mlies northeast
of Union, known as the Wm. Albin
farm, ottered for sale If taken with
in the next four weeks; large brick
house. For further particulars call
on J. E. Shrader, Nehawka, Nebr.
Marketed Hogs at Nebr. City
Albert and Ruben Hathaway ship
ped their hogs to the Nebraska City
market last Monday morning, they
being hauled by Roy Becker in his
truck. Mr. Hathaway went along
to look after selling the porkers
They found the roads in fair condi
tion and were able to make very
good time on the trip.
Makes Purchase of Two Farms
W. H. Porter, who has been in the
west for more than a week, and who
made the trip in a car which he dis
posed of while out there, returned
home last Saturday, coming via the
Missouri Pacific from Lincoln.
While on the way out Mr. Por
ter was storm-stayed for a day at
York, but made the trip in nice
shape, finding very good roads all
the way out. He visited at Grant,
Nebraska, and also at Holyoke, Colo
rado, meeting friends at both places
and then continued on his way to
Burlington, Colorado, where he re
mained a few days. The first man
he met there was Jack M. Chalfant,
who is busy with his tractors break
ing prairie.
Mr. Porter purchased two quar
ter sections of land while there, get
ting them adjoining and some six or
seven miles north of Burlington. He
traded his car in on the land and de
clares he rwill purchase a new car,
having got enough allowance for the
old one to almost cover the cost of
a new one. Mr. Porter is very fav
orably impressed with the country
out there.
Col. W. R. Young Has Good Sale
Col. W. R. Young went to Tal
mage last Saturday, where he held a
closing out sale of farm implements
and stock for one Edward Mesigotus.
There was a large crowd present to
participate in the sale which was one
of large proportions.
Mr. Young was well pleased with
the results of the auction, he hav
ing achieved the distinction of get
ting the highest price paid anywhera
a complete general line of
When in need of anything
call on
Union, Nebraska
Bakery and Food Sale
Mrs. J. B. Taylor will have charge
of a bakery and food sale which the
Ladies Aid society of the Baptist
church will hold at the Farmers Co
operative store on Saturday afternoon
of this week. Members of the church
and others are being asked to con
tribute to, this sale, by furnishing
Rnmpthins- or else bakincr some sale
able dainty. The townsfolks as well
as those from the country are invit
ed to patronize the sale and secure
their good edibles for the Sunday
dinner there, tnus neiping oui me
ladies and doing themselves a good
turn as well.
Ready for Spring Work!
I have paper books from three different firms, with
very beautiful and tasteful patterns contained therein.
I am prepared to do your interior decorating and out
side painting. Call at my home and see samples, or
phone me and I will call on you.
EARL MERRITT, Painter and Decorator
Phone No. 86 -;- -:- -:- Union, Nebr.
Many Receive Prizes at Show
The medicine show, or what was
best known as the "Indian show,"
which held forth in Union last week,
gave out many prizes to the citizens
of our village during the course of
the various entertainments which
they gave here.
The best prize was the diamond
ring which was given to the most
popular young woman, and which
went to Miss Eva Hathaway, with
a safe margin over her nearest com
petitor, and which is highly prized
by this young lady.
One evening a prize of $5 each
was awarded to the oldest man and
oldest woman respectively who were
present at the show. Dan Lynn was
able to pull down the gent's money
and Mrs. Chittester drew the five
spot as the oldest lady present. In
addition, Mrs. T. E. Hathaway re
ceived an elegant rocking chair as a
gift from the show company.
The show is holding forth in our
neighboring village of Murray this
Buys Cass County Land
Joe Everett, who recently pur
chased some land near Arriba, Colo
rado, has disposed of the same at a
right smart profit and decided to lo
cate permanently in Cass county,
purchasing the D. A. Eaton place
east of Union. Despite the handsome
profits that are being made in west
ern lands, Mr. Everett still thinks
Cass county dirt pretty good prop
erty to hold onto.
Camp Fire Girls' Picnic
The Junior Camp .Fire girls last
Tuesday took a hike under the gui
dance of their'chaperone. Miss Mary
Becker, picknicking at the Gruber
pond, where they ate their supper
and had a most excellent time. The
return trip was made at a late hour,
and upon arrival home all the lassies
were pretty tired, though happy.
Ralph Earnest Ross Arrives
Last Satuday at the home of his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Ross,
Ralph Ernest Ross arrived and gave
his parents a vociferous and joyous
greeting anent hsi first appearance
The household is wreathed in smiles
on account of the Joy which this
young man has brought. Ralph is
a bouncing big boy and the pride of
his parents. Here's to you, young
man, and may you ever be a joy to
the household of Ross.
Receives Call to Further Service
Rev. W. A. Taylor, who has min
istered to the flock at the Baptist
church at Wabash for some time,
and whose term of service as supply
pastor expired the 1st of March, re
ceived a letter from the secretary of
the church board a few days ago, in
which was expressed appreciation of
the excellent service Rev. Taylor and
his good wife have rendered during
the time they have been connected
with the work at that inland point
The services there are what is known
as half time or alternate Sunday
In his letter. Secretary I. C. Mc
Crory expressed the feeling of his
co-workers on the board that Rev.
Taylor continue his ministrations in
their midst and stated that the con
gregation had decided to increase the
salary of the supply pastor another
hundred dollars a year.
Why Colds are DaEgerous
You are often told to "beware of
a cold," but why? We will tell you:
Every cold weakens the lungs, low
ers the vitality and paves the way
for the more serious diseases. Peo
ple who contract flu and the pneu
monia first take cold. The longer a
cold hangs on the greater the dan
ger, especially from the germ dis
eases, as a cold prepares the system
for the reception and development of
the germs of consumption, diptheria,
scarlet fever and whooping cough.
The quicker you get rid of your cold
the less the danger of contracting
one of these diseases. Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy has a great reputa
tion as a cure for colds and can be
depended upon. It is pleasant to
Any skin itching is a temper test
er. The more you scratch, the worse
it itches, Doan's Ointment is for
piles, eczema any skin itching. 60c
at all drug stores.
Things Good to Eat!
I am selling Staple and Fancy Groceries. Come in and we
will help you solve the problem of the high cost of living. We
have everything in the grocery line in season, and soil at the
lowest price, consistent with reliable lines of merchandise. Give
us a trial.
R. D. STm
That Baby Overland5
We have accepted the agency in Union and vicinity for tbe
"Baby Overland." which you must see and ride in to appreciate.
We also carry Olds-omobiio Cars and Trucks and Iteo Cars and
Trucks. We have a number of good mechanics ready for any work
that may be offered in t lie repair line. We also carry a full Mock
of tires and- accesories for all makes of cars. See us lor cars or
repair work.
Frid.'.y evening Mrs. Fr.-.nk Buell
and Mrs. Fred Zink entertained their
Sunday school class at the home ol
the former. A number of games
were played of which all took part
in a lively way. There were 30
present. A lovely 2-course luncheon
was served. All depatred in the wee
hours of the night noting the hos
tesses royal entertainers.
Mr. and Mrs. George Buell and
family and Mr. and Mrs. Sam Cox
were the guets of Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Buell Sunday.
Ruth t wo-month-old daughter of
Clarence Murray and wife, living
near Murray, died Tuevday afternoon
after a twelve days' illness from
whoopingcoush. The family just re
cently moved to Murray, Mr. Murray
being employed by Chas. Spemgler.
The funeral of little Ruth was held
at the home Wednesday Jit one
o'clock, conducted by Uev. K. 11. l'on
tiers. Interment was made at Oltor
bein cemetery.
A number 1 work mare I) years
old, weight loOO, in. shape Lo ;;o in
the harness and do her p:irt any
place. Also one John Deere ri.l':'..
combine lister practically new. S e
Howard Craves, one mile south of
Plattsmouth on the old fair grou:id.
Coitonwood and maple block
wood $4 and $5 per load delivered.
Elbert Wiles, Telephone 3521. tf-dw
Although Journal wani-aas cost
but little the results they bring ar
wonderful. Try them.
Cleaning and Pressing
en's and Ladies' Garments Hade as
Good as New!
Will call for garments when requested and will also
pay parcel post charges one way on all mail orders.
Prices Host Reasonable and Satisfaction
When in need of a fine hand tailored suit call and
look our tailoring department. We can save you money. 4
Phone 166
Plattsmouth, Neb.
tfll have purchased the Krecklow shop in
Louisville and am prepared to do all kinds
of Blacksmithing, Horse Shoeing, Etc.
J Bring me your work. I guarantee sat
isfaction. LOUISVILLE -:- -:- -:- NEBRASKA