The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, March 18, 1920, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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page five.
Schmarder Takes First Fall from
Queen in Eleven Minutes Queen
Suffers Injured Shoulder
From Wednesday's Dally
The wrestling match last night be
twef-n Frank Schmarder of Louis
Tille and Jess Queen of Omaha was
terminated after the first fall had
b-en secured by Schmarder In eleven
minutes with a lxidy scissors and arm
lock that forced the Omaha man to
the mat, as Queen suffered a very se
verex injury to his right shoulder, the
ligaments being torn and bruised so
that it was impossible for the plucky
lad to remain in the match.
In the fast preliminary between
1a-v Tickler of this city and Ray Car
ten of llailan. Iowa. Lee wa9 the
winner of the fall in eleven minutes.
the head scissors and wrist lock be
ing used in the undoing of the Iowa
lad. Doth men were in good shape
and made a nice exhibition of this
manly sport.
The bovs wrestle between Joe
Schlater of this city and George Rei
hnrt of Louisville, resulted in a tie
as both boys were still hopping to
the match when the referee at the
close of eleven minutes decided that
the lads had given the spectators a
run for their money.
A challenge was received at the
match from Carl Woods, the Norfolk
wrestler, who extended to the winner
of the main event a challenge and
this will be accepted by Schmarder
for a later date.
From Wednesday's Dally.
Mrs. J. E. Yandercook, who for
merly was a member of the family of
the Masonic Home in this city, but
who went south accompanying L. A.
Moore and family to Lutz. Flo., and
who has been making her home there
for several years past, died at her
home there about March first this
year. Mrs. Vandercook will be re
membered as being greatly interest
ed in the work of the YV. (. T. U..
while here being their president for
some time.
Local Movie House Will Show Mo
tion Pictures of Match in Addi
tion to Washtum Film
The management of the Parmele
theatre have contracted for the
showing of the great world's cham
pionship wrestling match which was
held in New York City January 30th.
It is said that these are some of the
clearest movies ever taken of an
event of this kind, and have drawn
great crowds wherever shown.
Messrs. Moore & Cloidt have se
cured these at a great deal of ex
pense, but will show them along
with their regular Iiryant Wash
bum feature. "Why Smith left
Home." which, by thjs? way, is a cork
ing good comedy-drama, for their
regular admission of loc for child
ren and 25c for adults.
This big double bill will be shown
both Friday and Saturday, with two
Fl.ows each night, and the Parmele
will probably be taxed .to its ca
p tcity both nights.
C. D. St. John. F. P. Sheldon, Ernest
C. Giles. II. P. Sturm, J. W. Thomas,
J. II. Steffens, have filed for dele
gates and Mrs. Edith L. Palmer as
committeeworoan for the party from
that precinct. William Schneider
has filed as committeeman and dele
gate from Eight Mile Grove precinct
and T. J. Ilennings and A. O. Ault
as delegates from that precinct. In
Mt. Pleasant precinct Cyrus Living
ston has added his name to the list
of delegates.
County Judge Beeson Decided on Urg
ing of Friends to Enter Race for
Re-Election to Office
From Wednesday' Dally.
County Judge Allen J. Beeson in
response to the general demand of
his friends over the countv has de
cided to enter the lists at the forth
coming primary and election as a
candidate for another term in the
office he has so well filled for a num
ber of years. The petition filed
with County Clerk Sayles bears the
signatures of over 600 of the voters
of the various precincts of the county
and the judge is well pleased with
the very generous manner in which
his friends have raised and prepared
these petitions.
The filing of Judge Beeson leaves
the race a two-man affair with M. S.
Briggs as the candidate opposing the
judge and the primary will be a
preliminary heat as both candidates
will have a shot at the main chance
at the November election the law
providing that the two highest men
in the primary go on the ballot at
the regular election.
The election of judge Is non-parti-
son and the ranks of all political
parties are open for the candidates to
get in their best efforts in the cam
paign that will be soon stirring over
the county.
From Wednesday's Dally.
The K. K. G. club pleased a large
ilumber of the lovers of dancing at
their dance on Monday evening at
Coates hall, when the DeFord Jazzers
of Lincoln came down to assist In
the big dancing event. The remark
able success of these exponents of the
new style of raggy jazz has pleased
all of the young dancing set and the
dances have all been very liberally
lpatronized. George F. Dovey assist
ed as entertainer at the ball. To en
joy the occasion a large number of
the young people came up from Ne
braska City.
Ftotn Wednesday's Da My.
The republicans of Nehawka pre
cinct have prepared and filed a list
cf their delegates to the forthcom
ing county convention. John P. Stoll.
From Wednesday s Daily
The Missouri and Platte rivers at
this point are both showing an in
creasing volume of water following
the opening up of the river and this
morning the river showed a raise
of three feet over yesterday. The
Platte is now entirely free of ice. but
a body of ice is reported as floating
down the Missouri from the head
waters and a slight gorge was form
ed yesterday above the mouth of the
Platte. The channels on this side of
the main Missouri - river are filled
bank full of water and a much furth
er increase in the water will mean
that a portion of the land on the bot
tom will be flooded.
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edy. It i3 pleasant to take and you
are sure to he pleased with the relief
which it affords. This remedy has
a wide reputation for its cures of
coughs and colds.
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PHONES 53 and 54
PHONES 53 and 54
From Wednesday's Dally.
Action was filed yesterday in the
office of the clerk of the district
court by Attorney C. E. Martin ap
pearing for the plaintiff in the ac
tion, Grace Bell Stander, who is
seeking to have the marriage ties be
tween herself and Morris Lee Stand
er, sundered by the district court.
The parties in the action were mar
ried at Council Bluffs in January
L. A. Moore and wife who have
been making their home in the south,
for some time being located near
Semper, Fla., where they have had a
fruit farm, write to their friends
here and have Just sent a box of
citrus fruits to their friends in
Plattsmouth, among the members of
the W; C. T. U. and also included
some for the publisher of, this pa
per. The oranges and lemons, which are
grown at their place are wonderful
in size, and delightful in flavor and
quality. We are pleased to know
our old friends are prospering in the
sunny south.
from Tuesday's Dally.
This afternoon Paul Stadelmann
departed for Omaha with the inten
tion of making that city his future
home and engaging in business
there. Paul has made arrangements
to carry on his work of selling pa
pers and will have a stand on -one
of the principal streets of the me
tropolis, where he will be able to
Idok after the needs of the public in
the reading line. Since childhood
Paul has made his home in Platts
mouth and has long been a familiar
figure as he traveled over the streets
in his wheel chair, disposing of his
line of papers. Since the death of
his grandparents, Paul has made hist
home at the Masonic -Home in -this
city and leaves this shelter to do
battle with the world In the line of
business. That his brightest antici
pations of success may be realized is
the sincere wish of his many friends
throughout the city and vicinity.
From "Wednesday's Dally.
Yesterday was the ninth birth an
niversary of little Miss Catherine Mc
Clusky and in honor of the occasion
a number of her young friends were
invited in to spend a few hours with
the guest of honor and the after
noon spent most delightfully in the
childhood games and enjoyments. A
suitable luncheon with the tradition
al birthday cake was served at an
appropriate hour that served to add
to the delights of the members of
the party.
from Tuesday's Lally.
Ralph Haynie, w!io recently pur
chased the new bungalow erected by
Peters & Parker on Oak street, be
tween 7th and 8th streets, has made
a further investment in Plattsmouth
real estate and purchased the John
Rueland home just east of his new
home. Mr. and Mrs. Rueland are
expecting to remove to Los Angeles,
California, as soon as the final ar
rangements can be completed and
will join their son Roy, who is mak
ing his home there with his family.
The new purchase will give Mr. Hay
nie a nice piece of property as it is
well situated near the main portion
of the city and only a few seconds
walk to the business section. The
matter was handled by A. C. Mutz,
the real estate man.
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