The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, March 01, 1920, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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li ' . " -
MONDAY, MARCH 1, 1920.
The Bank of burdock
Murdock, Nebraska
That all income tax returns must be properly made out, and
rdaced in the United Slates mails not later than March 15th. That
we are read- to assist all of our friends and patrons in making
correct return?, and will always use our best efforts to have these
returns correct, and at the Fame time, we are looking out for our
friends, and will see that they are allowed all proper deductions,
expenses, depreciation and exemptions. The Revenue Officers look
out for Uncle Sam and insist that all income be included in the
returns, and the tax payer is left to look out for himself. We do
every thin.; possible to see that he gets a square, fair deal, in his
income returns hen we make them out.
Remember, that we have been here a long, long time; that
we have always given excellent service in general banking, real
estate settlements and personal business affairs of our friends and
customers. Our resources are ample and our personal standing,
Loth morally and financially, enable us to take care of you in time
of plenty, as well as in time of scarcity.
Our settlements for March 1ft business transacted through
:his bank will tot:-l just about HALF A MILLION DOLLARS, per
haps more. We have at the present time over FOUR HUNDRED
satisfied depositors in our bank. Every year sees our number of
depositors increase, and this is because they realize that we give
all a square deal, and make their interests ours.
If you are not at the present time one xji our customers, why
rot drop in and talk matters over with us, and join the satisfied
list cf the customers of
"The Bank where You Feel at Home"
EEKSY A. TOOL, Fresidsnt J. E. GUTIIMANN, Vice-Pres.
II. A. GUTHMAKN. Cashier
of Murdock, Nebr.
Charter No. l."S6 in the State of Ne
braska at the close of business
n February 14, 190.
S. M. Cox was looking after some
liii-imv.s matters at Ashland last
Tuesday, driving up with his car.
Hurr Oak lVsts and IVdes Tele
j !...r M in-: a 274. li. L. Saycr,
i-lattsi.ioii'.ii. 11. V. 1). 1. -Jt?w-2-i
J-.idge II. A. Oast, who has been
f "cling rather poorly during the en
tire v inter, is much improved . at
th't writing and is looking after the
iiu.-iiuss with more zeal.
Frank Uoenow. who has resided
r.'Tth of M unlock for tome time, has
j ; : :.:ovi(i i ito town, o.cupying t he
building which he recently acquir
ed from Jacob Goehry. Kmil Miller
moved onto the place vacated by Mr.
Superintendent J. H. Harwell of
the M unlock schools, was a visitor at
rnn-e in the capital city over
Sunday. Prof. Willard and Miss
Lois Jack iit-tn. two other teachers in
the .Murdock schools, visited at their
home near Elmwood over the weekend.
Wm. Lourke, the shipper, sent a
car of stock to market from this place
last Thursday, shipping them via
the Hock Island.
Edward Thimgan. proprietor of
the garage, was a business visitor in
Elmwood last Friday afternoon,
driving over in a car.
Henry A. Guthmann, of the Bank
of Murdock, made a hurried business
trip to Omaha last Tuesday, going
early in the morning and returning
on the evening Hock Island train.
Wm. Rush, the dealer in threshing
machinery and engines, as well as
corn shellers, etc., was a visitor in
Lincoln last Friday, where he had
some matters in his line to look af
ter, returning home on the "Jersey."
Mr. G. Mcrcley, who has been con
fined to his hoirie for some time past
with a case of pneumonia, was able
to be up a short time the fore pari
of the week, and is showing very
satisfactory improvement at this
Exclusive burdock Agency
ip-1 op
10 - 15 CENT SIZE
This bakery runs 24 hours per day three shifts
of 8 hours each.
Out of your oven at 1 2 o'clock and on your table
for supper.
We receive fresh bread every day on the evening
train from Omaha. If you hayen't used Tip Top bread,
3'ou don't know what you are missing. Try one loaf
cv.d be convinced.
luidook mercantile Go.,
JERRY E. McHUGH, Manager
Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Pothast were j
guests of the former's parents at i
Lincoln last Sunday and Monday, en-
joying a vacation with the folks at j
home during the holiday occasioned (
by Washington's birthday. j
Elsewhere observe the ad of Mr. 1
A. J. Tool regarding the agency for
one of the most popular lines of har
ness being put 01 t, and which is
considered as being the best har
ness for the price manufactured.
-August Bauer, who resides north
west of town, was a Visitor in town
Friday and had the Journal sent to
his address at South Bend in order
that he may, in the future, keep
posted on the doings of Murdock
and vicinity.
George Boardman, living north
west of Murdock, in South Bend pre
cinct, was a visitor in Murdock last
Friday afternoon, coming to look af
ter some business matters, and while
here had his name placed on the
list of readers of the Journal.
In order that the house they have
been occupying might be had by its
owner. Mrs. L. Amgwert, Mr. -and
Mrs. O. J. Pothast have moved to
the horns of Mr. and Mrs. Matt
Thimgan. where they have apart
ments and will also board with Mr.
and Mrs. Thimgan.
Wm. Weddell and A. J. Bauer are
kept pretty busy just now loading
corn and at the same time unload
ing coal, as veil as conducting the
business of the lumber yard. They
are looking after matters at the lum
ber yard as well as at the elevator
and it keeps them on the jump.
Herbert Heaves is the pleased
owner of a new bicycle which he re
cently purchased from Ed Vander
berg, and which he is using a great;
deal, getting all the pleasure and use
there is in it while the new lasts.
And we could not help but notice
that he rides like a racer already.
1 Henry F. Schlueter, living somo
two miles southeast of Murdoch and
about the same distance from Wa
bash, was in town last Friday, com
ing to get some flour from the car
load which Me?srs. Kraft and Bauer
shipped into Murdock. Mr. Schleu
ter also had the Journal sent to his
address in order that he might keep
in touch with the news of the coun
ty and state.
Mr. J. E. Mellugh. while in Oma
ha a few days ago endeavored to se
cure a personal interview -with Mr.
Edminson, the man having in charge
tiie construction of the new high
tension electric line from Louisville
1o Weeping Water. but found the
gentleman coafined to his home on
account of an attack of influenza,
and not able to be seen.
! Joe Johansen is fortunate in the
j securing of a salesman in the market
I in the person of L. B. Goerthy, who
i began work in this business enter
prise a short time ago. Mr. Goerthy
is well qualified to look after the
salt's department of the market and
will make a valuable assistant to
Mr. Johansen. He formerly was em
nloyed with the Burlington at Have
lock. J. E. McHugh and wife were visi
tors in Omaha during the past week.
where" they were guests of friends
and also attended the events of Mer
chants' week. They returned home
Friday morning, having enjoyed the
visit greatly. During their stay they
also purchased a large bill of goods
for the Murdock Mercantile company,
of whose store Mr. McHugh is the
resident manager.
Carl Conrad, whe has made his
home between Weeping Water and
Elmwood for some years, has sold out
tuid departed last Thursday for his
new home in California.
Messrs. Art Bornemeier and S. M.
Cox had an excellent crowd ayid a
good sale at the home of the latter
last Thursday. Mr. Bornemeier was
down from Lincoln assisting with
matters pertaining to the sale and
returned to his home in the capital
city the following morning. t
John Gakemeier and G. Baur were
visitors in the eastern end of . the
county during the fore part of last j
week, being called to Union to look
after tzv.ia matters pertaining to a
farm in that neighborhood, and go
ing from there to Plattsmouth, at
which place they also transacted
some business matters.
Merchant T. H. Stanley, of Wa
bash and Mr. Homer Sylvester, of
the same place, were in Murdock
last Friday morning, looking after
some business matters, having driv
en over in the Dodge truck of Mr.
Stanley's to get some flour from the
ear which Messrs. Kraft and Bauer
received last week.
At the sale of S. M. Cox last Thurs
day the bidding was spirited and
everything sold exceptionally well.
Mr. Cox had purchased a Ford car
several years ago for $385, which
when placed on the block brought
$4 00", or $15 more than it cost when
new. The car was still in excellent
condition and since its purchase the
prices have so far advanced as to
make it worth more second hand
than it cost new.
Loans arul discounts $ 10.801. i'J
Overdrafts &6.5S
Banking house, furniture and
fixtures 1,607.00
Current expenses, taxes and
interest paid 30.29
Due from National
and State banks.. 9,931.16
Checks and items
of exchange rfi.28
Currency 2,615.00
!ld coin G.OO
Silver, nickels and
cents 1'79.".0 12,906.91
TOTAL I 25,402.30
Visited With Friends Here
Mrs. F. M. Spies and son. Bert, of
Louisville. Ky.. who were the form
er neighbors and friends of Mrs. L.
Amgwert. when the family lived in
I the sunny south, was a visitor in
Murdock, guests at the home of
Mrs. Anrgert and son and daughter,
for a few days, while enroute to
.California for an extended visit. On
their return from the west they will
again stop here for a visit.
Visits Grandson
i La.-t week Mrs. II. V. McDonald
made a visit at the home of her son,
I Gale McDonald and wife, at Hamp
ton. The interesting part of the
visit of Grandmother McDonald was
'the greeting which she received
from her little grandson, who had
just come to make his home with
the proud parents. Mr. and Mrs.
Gale McDonald. While the parents
are happy over the arrival, they cer
' tainly have nothing on the grand
j parents who are as proud of the
i young arrival as they can be.
Install Furnace in Church
Messrs. John Crowley and Bert
Stoner completed the installation of
' a new furnace in the church of the
i Evangelical association at Murdock
i last Friday, the former one having
! served its purpose. The new fur
nace is one of the celebrated "Torrid
Zone" plants sold by L. Neitzel.
of Murdock. Nctr.
jCl. alter Ni. 07n in tin- State of Xi
' luaka at the close of business
I o:i l'tbiiuiiy 14. i:i:.
Automobiles and Accessories
Our machine shop is especially well equipped
witji modern machinery and first-class workmen. We
are ready to do all kinds of repair work, including
acetylinc welding.
less Usf B
li u
Phone 35-B
Murdock, Neb.
I,.;ins end il is ; i r 11 1 s
! v.m lra ft s
i:!!!s. .-i-c; lit i-s. .iudtrmcnt
; claims. t ., I intuit;
ir- rniiwn t iunis
Ilan'Kjar lion.'-, furniture ami
lix tu res
Cm rent expenses, taxes ami
interest ail
I 'ie front Xa t iona I
aii-1 State dunks.. $ oJ,7i !.!:
1 IK'.Ks anl Items
f exchange . . . .
Virreiiev ,
oil.l coi n
.Silver, nickels uml
j cents 0..5
$js.t;.". t.r,:i
7.0 I7.0'
i, rii.trt.txt
J, i!
C;itiitl Ntocl: nail in S :n noi (to
j Surplus Inrnl iV.Oon.Ou
i l'tilt iile! profits SJTi. -In
I tnli v iilua i il vjios its
j" snl.jeet to hot k . . $1 Jl'.VMt.tM
i Ti me cert ilica t es of
' ieposit l"j. i:: i
Cashier's clie:ks
! nitstaii.ii'i jr.:;. 41. vi 7
i e posit or s guaranty ftinJ..
! State of Xcl.raka )
I . ss-
j ' ninty of Cass J
I I. II. A. Cull.mann. Cashl-r of tlif
;ilov n:it:e-l l.;.nk lo hercl.y :.-vear
11. a' tl,? at.ove statement is n correct
,'in-l trje co;,v i,f thf report made to
11. e State Kunkii, l!oar.l
! li. A. rTIIMAX.V,
Attest: Cashier.
: JIi:Xl:Y A. TOLL. Oirrctor
! J. L. OI.TII.MANX. lMrector.
Sii.s( i i;,f.,i a-,'l sworn to before lne
this j:;nl luy ..t KVI.rnarv. i:ii-rt.
jkuky i;. Kiel iron.
SpuD Notary IMblic.
.ly Commission expires Mar. ZZ. 1920)
Wm. K. Bohn, Auctioneer
Have Excellent Time at Box Supper
At the box supper which was
hold last Tuesdaj- at the Murdock
school, there were a good number
of voting; people in attendance and
all enjoyed themselves, at the same
time bringing: into the treasury for
use in school improvement a hand
some sum of money, which will be
spent for books and pictures. It is
contemplated to buy a Victrola, but
at the present time not enough
funds are available. Among those
o resent. vere a number from out of
town, all of whom felt well repaid
for coining. In the neighborhood
of $70 was realized from the sale of
boxes, etc.
Held Kensington Thursday
The Royal Neighbors of America
held a Kensington at the home of
Mrs. Wm. Gehrts last Thursday at
which there were a large number of
the members of the order in atten
dance and alL enjoyed the afternoon
greatly, being well pleased with the
hospitality of their hostess.
Will Make Home in West
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Becker, who
have made their home southwest of
Murdock for some time, where they
were engaged in farming pursuits,
moved a few days ago to Grand Is
land where they will reside in the
Mt. Olympus to Be Some Boat
Captain A. J. Bauer is devising
some plans at this time for the en
forcement of discipline, as he fears
there is a tendency toward insubor
dination with some of the oificers.
He iu forms us that it is the inten
tion of the owners of the craft to
have her seagoing in as short a time
as possible. He says that Electric
ian W. O. Sehewe now has in hand
a plan whereby he will run the ves
sel by electricity, gathering the re
required juice from the clouds and
the water by means of a duplex set
of generators. The device which the
electrician is to install, will also
provide for a battery of lights to
protrude from the bottom of the
beat, making seeing in the water as
easy as in the air. This will also
attract the finny tribe and when
they come up in large numbers a
scoop net will be held in readiness
to envelop them. So, unless ade
quate laws are passed. : the entire
stream will soon be depopulated.
The discovery was made by the
electrician as a result of hours of
study of these appliances, while
others were enjoying themselves in
sports or sleeping the sleep of the
Truly, the Mt. Olympus will be a
wonderful boat, equipped with ev
ery desired convenience.
Capital stock paid in....
I niltvided profits
Individual deposits
suhject toclieck..$ 8,016. IS
Time certificates of
. $ 10.000.00
.$ ij,40.'.30
State of Xeliraska 1
County of Cass J
1. O. J. l'otliast. Cashier of
the above named .hank, do hereby
swear that the above statement is -i
correct JTnd true copy of the report
made to the State Banking Hoard.
Attest: Cashier.
hoflS XKITZKU Director.
Al'Ol'ST I'AXSKA, Director,
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this 1Mb day of February. I'Ji'rt.
11. V. McDOXA 1-1 .
(Seal i Notary l'ubllc.
(My commission expires March
See This Harness
You no doubt have seen the fam
ous "lioyt" harness advertised. You
can examine the harness for your
self at the store of A. J. Tool and
judge of its merits. Absolutely the
best harness in the world for the
money. ml-4w:
Farewell Surprise Party
Sunday afternoon the relatives,
friends and neighbors of Mr. and
Mrs. John Stroy gave them a very
pleasant surprise and farewell party.
Mr. Stroy has sold his farm and
other property and will move his
family tp Lincoln in a few weeks.
The party was planned by Mr.
Stroy's sister. Mrs. Conrad Baum
gartner, and it was a surprise to the
entire family. The guests arrived at
about 3:30 in the afternoon, bring
ing with them well filled baskets.
A four course luncheon was served.
consisting of sandwiches, cake and
many other good things.
Those present at this enjoyable
event were Ilev. and Mrs. J. W. Pet
ers. Hilda and Arthur; Mr. and Mrs
Charles Kupke, Carl, Paul. Louie
and Elsie; Mr. and Mrs. Julius Rein
ke. Magdalena and Gertrude; Mr
and Mrs. John Scheel, John. Rose
Anna. Clara and Alma; Mr. and
Mrs. Ferd Lau, Anna, Ella, Willie,
Sarah. Amanda, Elnia and Selma;
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gakemeier,
August and Magdalena: Mr. and
Mrs. Chas. Stroy. Amanda, Walter,
Eleanor. Irene. Hugo and Albert;
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lau, Aleda, Louie
and Leonard; Mrs. Conrad Baum
gartner, Carl and Hildegarten; Mr
and Mrs. Walter Thimgahn and
Ruth; Conrad Wherman, Freda, Lou
ise. Clara, Conrad and Louie; Mr
and Mrs. Conrad Reinke; Herman,
August and Walter Kupke; Henry
Heineman and Mr. and Mrs. John
Stroy, Arthur, Evelyn and Mrs.
Having Market Decorated
Joe Johnson, the market man, is
having the interior of his place dec
orated and placed in spic and span
condition by the painter, Mr. H. H.
Lawton, who is painting the inter
ior of the market room in white,
and which, when completed, will
make a very presentable place of
business. Mr. Lawton is an excel
lent painter and worthy of doing the
finest of work.
Tractor Show Big Affair
Messrs. Wm. Gehrts. Henry Wendt.
Carl Kupke and Gust Gakemeier, all
of whom were in attendance at the
tractor exhibition in Kansas City
last week, returned a few days ago,
having enjoyed the show to the
limit, and feel that they were more
than repaid for the trip, though it
was rather arduous, requiring the
traveling both ways by night.
Can you doubt the evidence of this
Plattsmouth citizen?
You can verify Plattsmouth en
dorsement. Read this:
E. M. Buttery, stationery engineer.
Tenth and Walnut streets, Platts
mouth. says: "Pains caught me in
my hips so that I could hardly raise
a shovel of coal. At time3 there was
lameness across my loins. I had rea
son t6 btficve that the trouble was
caused by disordered kidneys so I
used some Doan's Kidney Pills. I
got quick relief."
Buttery said: "It has been several
years since I have had any trouble
with my kidneys and I have enjoyed
good health in every way. I recom
mend Doan's at every opportunity."
Price 60c, at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy
get Doan's Kiducv Pills the same
that Mr. Buttery had. Foster-Mil-burn
Co., Mfrs., Buffalo, N. Y.
Farmers s Merchants Bank
The Thing Needful!
To do the regular routine operations of banking
requires no uncommon effort by the banker, but to live
up to the slogan
'All Ways at Your Service
means to do the thing needful, at the time needed, for
every customer.
This is our interpretation of service.
Isn't that what you expect?
Farmers and Merchants Sank,
AH ways at Your Service.
O. J. POTHAST. Cashier
Are Changing. Their Residence
G. E. Steele, who has been mak
ing his home on a farm a few miles
east of Murdock, moved last week to
a place south and east of Elmwood,
where he will farm the coming sea
son, his breaks up tne oasuet oau
team cf the Murdock schools, as
Walter Steele, the son. will have to
quit the school and ball team with
the impending change of residence.
The neighbors who have lived near
this excellent family regret the los
ing t)f such fine people .'rom their
midst, but the people in the new
community will be gainers.
Are Enjoying the West
Friday Mr. and Mrs. II. Y. Tool,
who are visiting in the west, left
Brewster, Washington, where they
have been enjoying life, lor San
Krancisco to visit a brother f Mrt
Tool's at the Mare Island navy
yard, where he is instructor in
music and band master .s well. From
there they will go to Los Angek-i
for a brief stay before returning to
Celebrates 4th Birthday
Last Friday, Rev. A. I'.rauchle
passed the 7?th miN-stoue in hi-;
life, and in a very quiet and uuos
tentious manner passed the day in
recollection of the parsing years.
Mr. Brar.clile is well pn-serM l
for his age and his many friends
join the Journal in extending congratulations.
DO YOUR own threshing with your own
help when the jxrain is just rujht. Save
loss from sprouting if the season is wet
and save loss from shelling out if the season is
dry. Hitch your tractor to
M Mi
IP o?
The savin of threshing )V will soon pay for it. It
may pa; for ilt-rlf by .vjvinj y-)nr crop ihtx ienr. The
Ilubcr is known the world over .is the m:u Iii;r: th:it ' s;t a
the grain." The Junior Thrasher is larve cuo.i-!. to io
your own threshing and your n?uhbor.s if you like. It is
small enough to 12 run by a 10--20 tractor. The Iluber
Liaht Tour, the efficient tractor f,li:nv:i above, fur
nishes ample power for the thresher with all attachments.
Made only by The Iluber Manufacturing Co., Marion, O.
Phone 16-B
-:- Murdoch, Nehr.
Threshers Tractor Power rViachines
- -. -;Ti TTwgy rsj '".. fx IT - i.-'v- -
The International Line Complete!
I'ower plenty of power and ofliciency at all time-;, rcliaMf
and dependable is what all want. We have it in the International
We carry a full and complete line of Kero.;cne Kugines, Ga
line Engines. Kerosene Tractors, Motor Trucks, Cream Separator.-.
Farm Wagons, Farm Trucks, Grain Tanks, Manure Spreader.-;,
Stalk Cutters, Mills, Girnders and Binding Twine.
-:- Nebraska
j r