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    MONDAY. FEBEUAHY 23, 1920.
The Bank of Murdock
"The Real Service Bank
Yes, we have been rather busy during the past
several weeks, but we are here for business, and being
busy with work which is helping the town and com
munity is exactly what pleases us the most.
Make this your place when needing our assistance,
in the drawing of papers, or filling out your tax
schedules. Come in and see us; we are always glad
to serve you.
Yes, business is good, and that is what we are
here for. Yours for service,
The Bank of Murdock
"The Bank where You Feel at Home-
HE2EY A. TOOL, President J. E. GUTHMANN, Vice-Pres.
H. A. GUTHMANN, Cashier
H. H. Lawton has just coniplet- Burr Oak Posts and Poles Telc-
cd a flue piece of interior decorating phone Murray 2704. H. L. Saver,
v.t the home of John Schell north of rUttFinouth. IC. F. D. 1. 4tsv-2 i
town, and will in the course of a . II. P. llines hat; accepted a pjsi
few clays legin on the j-jh at theition with the Missouri Pacific and
liome of T. R. Rager. northwest of ! is assisting in the track work bc
Murdcck. which includes the entire I t ween Elm wood and Weeping Wa;
prenmes. the house inside aad out. er.
E. II. Miller was a visitor at the
county seat lust Thursday on busi
ness, driving down in his car.
Cliarle Long was called to Ash
land last Thursday where he had
Eome business matters to look after.
Rev. A. H. Schwab was called to
Milfcrd last week to look after
some business matters for a short
Henry Wcndt was looking after
tome business matters at Ashland
last Wednesday, driving Here with
his car.
William Rush was shelling corn
during the pas! week for S. M. Vox.
Horace Reeves. Will O. Sehowe. Frel
Towle. and E. E. Marshall.
O. E. McDonald. E. E. Marvolill
and I.eo Rikli were selected from
Elmwood precinct as fur the
coming term of the district court.
M. P. Agent Langhorst of Wa
bash was a buinecf visitor in Lin
coln last Wednesday where he was
looking after some railroad bus Lie?.-,.
II. A. Tool, who was in atten'
ance at the funeral of his brother-in-law
at Ackley. Ia.. hist week, rc
turred home last Tuesday evening.
A number of young people of Wa
bash and community were in at
tendance at the box supper v hich
was given at Elmwood last Tlmrr
day evening.
H. I. I'.ands of Lincoln was a viti!
or in Murdock last Tii-.irsday, corning
to look after some of his work hero
in placing the pianos in this sertien
in nroper order.
Fred Leuchens and wife denirr
ed lact Friday for Mn.-kogee. Okla..
where they went to vi:it with rcl--tives
and ".ill be the guests while
there of Mrr,. Georg? JV-auhu rter.
E. I-. PoJhast cf Lincoln vns a vi -
itor in Murdock from his home in
Lincoln last Monday, coming to f-o
about some matters connected wiin
Are Entering; Transfer Business
Clarence Heebiur and Alfred An
derson of Xehawka have entered in
to the transfer business, making the
j purchase of a Patriot truck through
j the firm cf St. John & Cunningham
; and going to Lincoln where they re
i ceived the truck from the Hebb Mot
j or Co., driving it to their home in
! Xeliawka. The two young gentle
men started ia on their work Fri
day morning, having a weeks' work
ahead of them on the initial day.
They will do a general, trucking
business, hauling cattle for the
farmers to any of the nearby mar
kets av.d will endeavor to arrange
for ieturn leads in order that it may
become a paying institution from
the beginning.
"oF salt," A. J. Bauers, shall have
the honor of being the first cap
tain, while Harry Gillispic is slated
for first mate, Lacey McDonald for
second mate, with no one as yet
to claim the honor of bos'n. The
boat is to be launched in the early
spring when the daffodils are in
bloom. We are mistaken if, before
the summer has faded into autumn,
that the captain, Mr. Bauers, will
not think that iomc one has wished
on him' the position of a galley slave
if he has to furnish the propelling
power for the craft.
Hustling fcr
The enterprising iVm of
c- Creuber of X"hawk. are
Ins themselves busy at this time in
making all kinds vf cement blocks,
having their working place in the
basement of the Xehawka auditorium.
Surprised Their Friends
Uncle Martin Waltz and Mrs. Jos
eph Miller, living betwean Elmwood
and Wabash, uuietly took a trip to
Lincoln last Wednesday and while
there secured a marriage license and
were united in marriage and on re
turning home surprised their friendf.
who congratulated them, and are
wishing thorn long years to enjoy
their newly found happiness.
i :
Dusterhoff Interiors
bear the distinctive mark of
They ars always recognized by those
who appracis-t? the BEST!
We strongly urge that you book
j-cur orders fcr SPRING WORK with
us no v. so that you may be sure to
have your work done well and -without
any delay.
the Farmers ard Merchants
Mrs. S;irsh Srhewc. who rereritlyj
rett'.rre home from - Lincoln 'vli !!
she was reeeivinsr treatment 'it r
institution, has been laved up on ac- '
count f an attack of the grip, fro.-' 1
which she is now recovering. j
August I'r.nka departed for Mi:-j
ford during the early portion cf 1j :
wteK wni re lie naa some bu-ine
matters to engage his attention an-i
remained there until Thursday en.
he had completed the work.
Richard Tool. Walter Meier an'i
John Schell weie in attendance at ;.
box supper which was given at Elm
wood la:.t Thursday evening ami
which was attended by a large crowd
Building Comfortable Home
John Shoe-man. wtio has made his t
home southwest of Louisville for a
long time, and who had a sale a few
weeks since, disposing of his surplus
stock of farming implements, live
stock and the like with a view of
making his home in town, has also
been a very busy man of late, in that
he has had to look after the matters
rr tbo f.irrr" for the folks Et
heme-who have the influenza, and!
suoerinten Jirg the construct ion of 3 i
"ov; in Lnui.-wille where the I
family will make their home in the !
future. The home, which will be a:i j hou-'. is now nearinT
cm1 pie ion. i n.--!orn in all re? pent ;
cud will make a most comfortable
heme for 'the Shreman family. Ele:-
t r if lights, fun. ate heat and water
, with lath beins among the thinui
; which go to make the home pl-:isrin.
j William S.valm and William Gra
i hnm being the carpenters, while the
olr.Ktering is being dine by Charles
; Vi'ii-iCtiyoc and James Alloway. The
i Hinting will be the work of Rilrh
Tv.iss which as.-ures a good job in
every respect.
Attend Convention at lincoln
Messrs. Henry Schulhof. Fred
Stcck and G. Baur were delegates
from the churches in and near Mur-
Millerjdock to the convention which met at
keen- i Lincoln during last week for the
consideration of the Intercaurch
World Movement which is receiving
much consideration at this time.
Many speakers of national and in
ternational reoute were in attend
ance and spoke at this great convention.
Merchants Bank
The Thing Needful!
To do the regular routine operations of banking
requires no uncommon effort by the banker, but to live
up to the slogan
"All Ways at Your Service"
means to do the thing needful, at the time needed, for
every customer.
This is our interpretation of service.
Isn't that what you expept?
Farmers anil Merchants
All ways at Your Service.
O. J. POTHAST. Cashier
-:- -:- NEBRASKA
Will Prune Trees and Vines
County Agent L. R. Snipes has
arranged to be at the home of Her
man Schwcpna. some three miles I fi
southeast of Murdock on February
27 and to give an exhibition of apple
tree and grape, vine pruning. This
will be a kind of school of instruc
tion in this line of farm work and
all are invited to come and receive
such instruction as can be furnish
ei. The demonstration will begin
at 2:"0 in the afternoon.
The Dress of Many Uses!
Attended Tractor Shew
William Gehrts. Chris Kupkc.
Henry Wendt and Gust Gakemeier
wcic all in attendance at the trac
tor show which convened at Kansas
City last week. The gentL-men
making up
! decarted v
the party
a Wabash
of jotinj; peapJe, ail having a i,ot d
II. W. Tool and wife visited for :i
short time at the home of the .sif
ter cf "Mrs. Tool. Mrs. f. 1". Stew
art and husband who for
merly resided in Murdock. having
taught school :ind published a paper
Among those who have ;id"i
their names to the .subscription lists
of th? Journal during the ux-. irv
Worked at Trad? Forty-Three Years
Frank Wheekr of Louisville cu
! last Wednesday completed 43 vt-as
of work at harness making and has
worked all the time at the 'business
with the exception of about eight
months. He b gan his trade a
February IS. 1! 77. at the factory of
Jacob Essex i-i Chicago, and hp
worked in many places, amongvhii h
he scent many years at Louisville
and Flattsmouth and withal an erc
cellcat workman in his line.
Call, write or
phone to Jay.
Exclusive INTERIOR DECORA TING and Practical
Painting for 23 years.
f Murdock, Nebraska
X We carry the newest and finest Wall Paper in stock!
Automobiles and Accessories
Our machine shop is especially well equipped
modern machinery and first-class workmen. We
0 all kinds ot repair worK, including
acetyline welding.
are ready to
Murdock, Neb.
days are K. C Twiss. Martin
gren. Hilli.-im M. Hc:er. .7. (;.
Shoernan and Walter Wake of Louis
ville. The Misses Roirkman. d;i;:r.;.ter
of Mr. and Mr:;. Henry i.
living southwest of Murdock. enter
tained a large number of their
friends of the Murdock r-:chool Ir "t
Thursday at which of lh"
teachers were also in nttFtidarce.
Mrs. H. K. H.-incn of Sioux "iry.
who has bee! visiting at the home
of her daughter. Mrs. O. .1. I'o:!ias
for tn p-i--t week o;- n ,ro. returned
to her homo in the noth l-t Thurs
day, after having enjoyed ?. very de
lightful time with the folks here. ;
Jacob Ooehry aid wi'f" have v:i
'ated the place- which they sr.'d to
G. Raur and Frank Roseno-.v ard a--making
their hr-me for the present,
at the home cf W. H. Tm! and wiil
in the sprirg depart for the conti
nent where they will vi: it for sev
eral months.
A. A. Lindell and family, who
have been havinc a tussle witli thn
influenza, are all down, having sr.f
fered a relapse and while thev n-e
all rather sick it is hoped that thr
will in a short time be able to be out
again and be on the highway to com
plete recovery.
Fridav I'aul Schewe was rejoic
ing in that he wa.s jut ;'S of
age ard has spent marv of tho-e
years in and about Murdock where
he has a host of friends and still
gaining more. May his birthday an-
untrisduus ie many ana nappy in j
t ne years to come.
The little daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Guy Lake at Wabash is .still
very sick with a gathering in one
of her ears, but is progressing nier
lv. Miss Agnes Rough of Weeping
Water, who has been assisting in
tbe crre of the little one, departed
for her home last Friday morning.
Jan es Rerry, who had a
sale of his Dersonal ff.ft i,r.
"i"""" ana iarmtnc fninlr-nnTis
I -i n:piti leu jar
j Arriba. Colo., where he has ourcho
i ed some land and will pn?aro in
id.juiing in mat country He
chaed a farm through" the a;
or Henry A. Cuthmann
i Mr. Hollister cf the firm of
Koenig . Hollister. consulting e-igf-
I neers of Lincoln, was in Murdock
.last week to talk over the proposi
tion of bringing the elertric line to
Murdock and met with the members
; of the town board with a view cf
selling his services as supervisor for
cue installation. Nothing
was decided upon as to his
Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Tool, who aro
spending some tim in the west
writes to William Weddell. telling of
the nice times which thev ure h3vn
and saying they were "going from
the time of writing, to Boise.'lda..
wnere tliey have ' relatives, for a!
short visit before tLev ro to 7?rew- f
cter. Wash., where thev will also'
visit. J
Were Married at Lincoln
Lat week Mr. Warner Rodger:,
who is well known in and about
Murdock. having worked at raai.y
;lates here, and among them for
Frank Rosenow. near Murdock, am
E. M. Jumper, near Wabash, wit'i
a Miss Schtikle. of ntar Waverly.
quietly went to Lincoln where thev
wcra united in marriage. They wiil
mske their home between Murdock
and Greenwood, luing on the farm
of I. Lee-d'-v. Mr. Rodgers dork
ing for Mr. Lefsley on the farm.
With the many friends in and nerr
Murdock the Journal extends ulc.t ions, wishing them a
and happy life.
at midnight. arriving at Kansas
City the following morning. They
found one of the most wonderful
exhibits ever shown at this meet, as
all kinds of tractors and for every
purpose were on exhibition at the
show. The attendant also gave
each man a schooling in tractor work
which was the result of demontra
tijus given during the entire time.
Entertained Young Friends
Mrs. Matt Thimgan last week en
tertained her young friends of Mur
dock at a 6 o'clock dinner at her
"beautiful home at which a very en
joyable afternoon was spent, and the
evening also passed with music,
games and conversation. One of the
most enjoyable features of the ev
ening being the telling of dream?.
With all of us there is a time when
we wish that our dreams may come
true. Those who were present and
enjoyed the social hours with this
entertaining hestess were Misses Ed
na Miller. Lola and Ethel Schwab,
Grace IJackemeyer. Selma Schlie-fcrt.
who all on their departure trounced
Mrs. Thimgpn one of the most pleas
ing of entertainers.
;. r;;i::r i
h If ;:
women know them for
sturdy quality and durability.
Olhers linger over their clever pat
terns their distinctive touches of
They all agree on the utter desira
Mina Taylor Dresses
For Discriminating Women
We are presenting them to you in
a wide range of styles which will per
mit you to select one for every ac
tivity. Daiker "service" dresses dainty
afternoon frocks dresses of the best of
materials, beautifully made, designed
by experts and perfectly finished to the
last stitch.
Await Ccming of Spring
imp .ut. iiivinmis has oeen con;-,
pb'ted. the boat which has be i '
constructed by four of the enterpri--!
iv men of Murdock and now only ,
awaits in the sheds-of the Tool Lu"i-
her company all glittering with th.
riew p iint and being a thing s
rare beauty when its cracefnl j
curves aru taken into consideration !
't een.s wonderful bow. remove ! j
f'O'n the marts of trade and shin j
building scenes, it could so scie"-'
tificallv and wonderfully built. It!
veem to b.i the common consent of
"11 the asocinted capitalists which.
have irtrro-tert themselves in the
construction of the craft, that the
Harried Forty-Two Years
On the ISth day of February.
ISTS. Louis N'eitr:cl and Miss Lydia
j iioenn were united in marriage in
j South Bend. Tnd.. where they con
'tiiuied to live for some time, and
i come to tin's state and to the vicin-
i'v of Murdock in arriving
about April 1. and have made their
I I'nme here ever since. They have a
j large numlcr.of very close friends
i who have enjoyed their friendship
here and here they have seen the
! family grew no around them
' mrVo homes for themselves while
they have also enjoyed a good and
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Wm. H. Bohn, Auctioneer
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will in
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eff.ciency at all times, reliable
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If your dress has the "Mina Taylor" label in it,
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lUadc only by The Iluber Manufacturing Co., Marion, O.
. The
Fhcne 16-B
-:- -:- Murdock, Nbr.
m. ,i id
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