The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, February 05, 1920, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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PAGE Tl.: 71
The undersigned will sell at pub
lic auction at his home on the C. II.
Boedeker farm, 4 miles west of
Murray, on
Commencing at 10:00 o'clock a. m..
the following described property, tow-it:
15 Head of Horses 15
Colt, 1 year old; colt, coming 2
years old; bay mare, 2 years old,
weight 1175; bay mare, 15 years
old. weight 1275; horse mule, 2 years
old; mare mule, 1 year old;
gelding, 6 years old, weight
black mare, 13 year old, weight
lanO; sorrel mare, 5 years old,
weight 140; bay mare, 5 years old,
weight 14 00; dark mare, 14 years
old. weight 1250; bay horse, 5
old. weight 1300; bay mare, 7
old. weight 1300; bay mare, S
old. weight 1300; bay mare, S
old, weight 1400.
8 Head of Cattle 8
One milk cow, to be fresh last of
May; one roan Shorthorn bull, 3
years old; one cow to be fresh in
June; two coming yearling calves;
three suckling calves.
Duroc-Jersey Hogs
Two registered male hogs; four
resristtred sows, bred; twelve extra
lino "rilts. all of them bred.
Farm Machinery
Acme 7-foot binder; Deering corn
picker, new; Van Brunt press drill,
with grass seed attachment and
chains and press tubes, nearly new;
I'. A; o. wide tread riding lister, near
ly in v; John Ieere corn planter,
check or drill; three-row stalk cutter
with :ngue truck; Overland riding
cultivator; Perfection riding cultiva
tor; ieupatcher walking cultivator;
Bradley walking lister combined;
Bradley rising lister; 3-section har
row: John Deere disc, 7 foot; walk
ing P. & O. lS-ineh plow; walking
P. '). 12-inch plow; McCormick
mower; hay rack. 8x14 feet; hay
rack. -xl4 feet, with truck wagon
gotii as new; stock pump; John
Ie re wairon, good as new; Inter
national teed grinder for ear corn or
shelled corn; set l.-inch harness;
set biigizy harness; two sets 1-inch
harness; tank heater; spring wagon;
Acme hay slacker, complete with
sweep; corn box; Dain hay stacker;
Emerson disc. 7 foot; Badger riding
cultivator: John Ieere Stag gang
plow; "One Minute" power washing
machine: "Old Trusty" incubator;
size 4 Sharpies cream separator, al
most new; Continental tractor. 20
horse power, for gasoline.
Lunch Will be Served at Noon
TERMS On all sums of $10 and un
der cash: on all sums over $10 a
credit of to s months will be given,
purchaser giving good, bankable note
hearing S per cent from date. All
property to be settled for before be
ing removed from premises.
VY. C. BOEDEKEK. Clerk. ' i
K. YOUNG, Auctioneer.
Havinu sold my farm and going to
move to Colorado. I will offer for sale
at public auction, at my late home
1 mile west and 1 miles south of
Union; 2 miles south and 3 miles
east of Nehawka; 7 miles west and 4
miles north of Nebraska City on
commencing at 10:00 o'clock a. m.,
all my personal property, consisting
of live stock, farm machinery and
household furniture as follows:
One span of mouse colored jenny
mules, well matched, weight 2500.
coming 5 years old: one brown span
iennv inules. coming G years old,
well" matched, weight 2.500; one
span well matched jenny mules, with
smooth mouth. 11 and 14 years old.
weight 2 400: one span of mules, 9
months old; one black mare, 9 years
old, sound, weieht 1200; one grey
mare 9 years old. good saddler, sin
gle driver, sound, weight 1050; one
black Shetland family pony, 4 years
Tweive head of Duroc gilts, due to
farrow between March 1st and April
1st; three barrows; seven head of
good milk cows. 3 to 6 years old; five
rows giving milk. 2 to be fresh soon;
ten head of short yearling heifers;
two steer calves, one veal calf; one
3-vear-old Red Polled bull.
Independent binder: Deering bind
er; 2-row John Deere lister; new
edge drop combine John Deere lister;
St. Joe lister; walking lister, com
bined; John Deere planter; Yan
Brunt 3 -disc wheat drill; Camel corn
drill; 16x16 Janesville disc; 16x16
Budlonir disc; two 3-section harrows-
wood stalk rake; 2-row stalk
cutter: 2-row Sterling corn plow
three New Century cultivators, good
as new ; three Jenny Lind cultivators,
almost new ; Avery walking cultivator-
two sulkv plows; 16-inch walk-
it,,. rir.w r.-shovel carden plow; 1-
hole corn sheller; John Deere hay
THkp: road drag; grind-stone; Bain
wagon, good as new; three other
ffnl w aeons: truck wagon, with hay
rack; top buggy; set single harness;
two saddles: two sets of li-inch
harness; two sets of 1 V inch har
ness; steel grain bin. 500 bushel ca
calvanized water tank. 4 6
j.rri- fMlvanized water tank, 13
iarrrl: two theJled corn Economy
vrr fneriors: two hoe oilers; two
t:.t.k heaters: 100 rods woven wire;
700 hedge posts; about 15 tons tim-
cthy hay.
Three iron bedsteads, full size,
with springs; two ?4 size beds, with
bpriugs and matresses; three mat-resr-es;
wood bedstead: dresser; book
case; commode; writing desk; two
dining tables; kitchen table; center
table; couch; kitchen cabinet; kit
chen safe; six dining chairs; three
rocking chairs; arm chair; three
kitchen chairs; heating stove; double
washer with gasoline engine; single
washing machine; three steel oil
barrels; wood barrel; 100-egg Trusty
incubator; 220-egg Berry'E Biddy in
cubator; 24-foot step ladder; wagon
jack; cross cut saw; new buck saw;
heating stove; wheel barrow; 20
gallon iron kettle; bee hive; De
Laval cream Feparator; pitch forks;
shovels and many other articles too
numerous to mention.
Lunch Served on the Ground
TERMS OF SALE All sums of $10
and under, cash in hand. On sums
over $10 a credit of 6 to S months
oiacK.wm De given, purchaser grving
1f AA nnnJ V, 1- I. 1 . . . , .
(,uuu, Lmmvciuit iiuie oearing eigni
per cent interest from date. All)
' property must be settled for before
'being removed from the premises
COL. Y. R. YOUNG, Auct.
The undersigned will offer for sale
at Public Auction at his home, 32
miles northwest of Plattsmouth and
4 mile west and i mile south of
Oreapolis. on
commencing at 10:00 o clock a. m.,
the following described property, to
wit: 7 Head of Horses 7
One team gray mares, 9 and 10
years old. weight 2250; one brown
mare, 2 years old, weight 900; one
black horse, 2 years old. weight 950;
one team mare colts coming 2 years
old; one black colt, 7 months old.
One full blood roan Durham cow.
fresh; one heifer calf. 4 months old.
Farm Machinery
single harness; Weber wagon with:
two sets of wheels, one high and one
low; wood churn; low truck wagon
and hayrack; buggy; Sulky Bradley
plow. 16 inch: Moline walking plow,
16-inch; 8-foot, 16-inch disc; Moline
edge drop 1-horse drill; 3-section
harrow; New Departure cultivator;
Deering mowing machine. 5 foot;
Little Dane hay sweep; Deere 11
foot hay rake; sleigh; 6 rods heavy
corncrib wire; two butchering ket
tles. 5-gallon "barrel" churn; some
chickens and a nnmber of other ar
ticles too numerous to mention.
Lunch Will be Served at Noon
TERMS On all sums of 510 and un
der cash: on all sums over 510 a
credit of six months time will be
given, purchaser giving good, bank
able note, bearing S per cent inter
est from date. All property to be
settled for before removed from the
FRANK C. BOYLES, Auctioneer.
(Rex Young's Assistant)
Having rented my place and quit
farming, I will have a public sale
on my farm 21" miles northwest of
Nehawka. 6 miles east and 1 4 miles
south of Weeping Water, and 4 miles
west and 4 miles south of Murray
Sale to commence at 10 o'clock, the
following property to-wit:
6 Head of Horses 6
One black horse 8 years old. wt.
1500; bay mare. 7 years old. wt.
1400; team of bay mares, smooth
mouth, wt. 2500; black mare, 7 years
old. wt. about 1000; black mare 7
years old, wt. 1000.
5 Head of Cattle 5
Two milch cows; one heifer; one
roan Durham bull calf six months
old; one heifer calf one month old.
Farm Implements, Etc.
7 -foot Milwaukee binder; 2 grain
wagons; all metal low wagon; low
wheel wagon and hay rack; spring
wagon; top buggy; two Champion
mowers; 2-row stalk cutter; riding
lister; corn planter, with 100 rods of
wire; sulky plow; 2 walking plows;
3-section harrow; New Departure
cultivator; hay rake; Sterling 2-row
lister; broadcast seeder; Jannie feed
grinder; fanning mill; about 500 feet
native sawed oak lumber. 8x8, 2x6,
in 12 and 14 foot lengths; bob sled;
cutter; 1-horse corn and cane drill;
1-hole corn sheller; 50-gallon gas
tank; Janesville disc; manure
spreader; two sets of work harness;
set of buegy harness; single harness;
saddle; 100 feet of 1 3i inch rope;
canvas stack cover; 5 bushels of al
falfa" seed; about 15 tons alfalfa hay
in shed: a cream separator; some
household goods and other articles.
Lunch on the Grounds
TERMS OF SALE All sums under
$10 cash. On amounts over $10 a
credit of f. to 12 months' time will
be given ou bankable notes bearing
8 per cent interest from date. No
property to he removed until settled
REX YOUNG. Auctioneer.
F. A. BOEDEKER, Clerk.
The money you spend In a con
sistent newspaper advertising cam
paign will come back to you trippled
lu a very short time.
For a mild, easy action of the
bowels, try Doan's Regulets. a mod
ern laxative. 20c at all stores.
Information From Glenwood Tells of
Marriage in That City of Cass
County People on January 24.
Prom Tuesday's Dally.
The Journal is in receipt of a let
ter telling of the marriage at Glen
wood. Ia.. on Saturday, January 24
of Mrs. Margaret Hayes and Mr
Kobert Shrader. The wedding was
a vrv mi Pt nne the cnnfract n?
parties stealing a march on their
friends and having the nuptial cere-
mony performed m the Iowa city.
The bride is well known in this por
tion of the countv as the result of
her war work that has won her a
great deal of praise in the self-sacrifice
and hardships which she endur
ed while in the service of the Red
Cross in France where she served in
the field hospital section of the ar
my and assisted in the care of the
wounded as they were brought m
from the battlefield. She has the
esteem and love of all those with
whom she has come in contact for
her splendid service in the hour of
need. In keening with her spirit of
sacrifice Mrs. Hayes brought back
with her from France one of the
little war orphans who has been
making his home with her since that
time. She is a daughter of C. Jen-
i sen, a prominent rancher ot linn
Junction. Yyo.. and is a lady held
in the highest regard by those fortu
nate enough to know- her. Mr. Shrad
er has been reared to manhood and
is one of the enterprising farmers
of near Murray and well known to
a large circle ot warm triends. i lie
many friends will extend to Mr. and
Mrs. Shrader their best wishes for a
,on an(L h married life,
From Tuesday's Daily.
Albert Schuldice had a very nar
row escape last evening from a very
serious accident as his escape from.
being run down by a passing auto
mobile on the intersection of Sixth
and Yine street was too close for
comfort. A car was coming down
Yine street going east and as it n ear
ed the crossing Mr. Schuldice was
starting across and as the car at
fin-t gave indication of making the
turn south on to Sixth street he
supposed that it was the intention
of the driver to make his turn. In
stead the car continued on east and
swept by Mr. Schuldice who jumped
and the car struck the heel of his
shoe but fortunately with not
enough force to cause him to fall.
However the incident should be a
warning to exercise more caution in
driving on the streets of the city as
someone is liable to receive serious
From Tuesdays Dally.
Eugene Warner, who has been
sick for the past week at the Perk
ins House in this city suffering
from a very serious case of Brighfs
disease as well as complications of
heart truoble, has become so serious
ly ill that it is necessary to remove
him to the hospital and he will be
taken to Omaha this evening or in
the morning to receive treatment.
Mr. Warner was employed here a
number of years a;o at the Burling
ton shops and since leaving here has
been located in the west and later
moved to Chicago where he was first
taken sick and later given treatment
in the hospital there, coming from
there to this city.
From Tuesday's Dally.
The ladies of the W. C. T. U. met
yesterday afternoon at the hospitable
home of Mrs. C. A. Troop on Chicago
avenue and despite the fact that the
unfavorable weather conditions kept
many away the ladies had a very in
teresting meeting. It is planned to
hold a great jubilee meetir.g at the
Methodist church on Monday. Feb
ruary 16. and to which all the vari
ous missionary societies of the city
are invited to be present and take
part. The ladies are preparing an ex
ceptionally strong program and re
freshments will be served.
From Tuesday's Dally.
Among the pledges announced by
the various Greek letter sororities at
the University of Nebraska for the
past week are a number of Cass
county young ladies who have been
pledged by the Alpha Xi Delta. Miss
Laura Lloyd, Murray, Miss Helen
Todd. Murray, and Miss Bee Garri
son of Union, who will enjoy the
social life of the sororities for tiie
remainder of the school year.
A number of the university soci
eties have not as yet completed their
li-sts at the close of the rushing season.
You'll find Sloan's Liniment
softens the severe
rheumatic ache
Put it on freely. Don't rub it is.
Just let it penetrate naturally. What a
sense of soothing relief soon follows!
External aches, stiffness, soreness,
cramped muscles, strained sinews,
back "cricks" those ailments can't
fight off the relieving qualities of
Sloan's Liniment Clean, convenient,
economical. 35c, 70c, ?1.40.
Cyril Janda. Sr.. Given Pleasant Sur
prise by Children on Passing of
Another of Life's Milestones.
9rom Tuesday's DaJV.
Yesterday marked tiie passing of
the fllst anniversary of Cyril Janda,
Sr.. one of the high esteemed citizens
:if this community, and in recognition
of this occasion the children of this
pleasant and genial citizen prepar
ed and carried out a most delightful
suprise on the father and grandfa
ther. The children of Mr. Janda to
gether with the grandchildren ar
rival at the parental home and en
tering showered the guest of honor
with their well wishes for many
more years of happiness and success.
Ti-i.; is the first time in ten years
that all of the children of Mr. Jan
da have had the opportunity of be
inp present at the birthday annivers
ary of the father and as they are all
now residing in this city they took
the occasion to make the event a
most delightful one in every way.
The evening was spent in playing
aines of all kinds and in instru
mental as well as vocal music, the
member of the family being excep
tionally kifted in their musical work
and this was one of the very enjoy
able features of the evening. The
luncheon which vas served had as
the centerpiece the large and hand
some birthday cake as a surprise to
the good father and was appreciated
to the utmost by the guest of honor.
It was a late hour when the party
dishanded to retire to their respec
tive homes wishing that the father
might enjoy many more such pleas
ant occasion with them The mem
bers of the party included besides
the parents the seven children and
12 grandchildren.
The children of this estimable
trentleman present were: Messrs.
and Mesdames J. A. Pitz. Edward
Rummc-ll. Sharles C. Janda, Tom C.
Janda. Vincent Slatinsky, Henry
Brinkman. Cyril M. Janda, Jr.
We have several farms and city
properties for sale that we have tak
en in on western Nebraska deals. Al-
o several eastern Nebraska farms
;0 acres. Joining Oreapolis on the
south. 14 acres wild hay, cuts twice
year; balance level farm land.
Joins up to Omaha and K. C. road.
Unimproved. Good terms.
TO acres, good improvements, one
iiid one-half miles east of Weeping
Water. Woven wire fence. This
will make some one a dandy home.
The ground is new. We have this
priced right with good terms.
HO acres, one mile and a half south
:f Valley, Neb., good improvements.
".-acre tract, south of the C. B. &
(. shops at Plattsmouth. Good 8
room house with furnace, well. Ixts
of fruit and alfalfa. Some pasture.
Woven wire fence. Priced worth
the money.
Good six-room house, in good re
pair, two lots. On N. 10th street.
Priced cheap.
Two houses :n Murras", Neb. One
six-room, new and modern; one acre
of ground, garage and other out
buildings. One six-rooni. good shape,
two lots.
Can give possession on above prop
erty on March 1st.
See us, and make arrangements
for Saturday nijuht trips to Perkins
county, where we will show you the
be: t bargain on ranches and farms in
that portion of the state.
Plattsmouth. Ncbr.
Murray, Nebr
Arc you, Mr. Business Man, tak
ing advantage of our stock of print
ing inks? Need letterheads, envel
opes, statements, invoices, checks or
cards? Let us print them lor you.
In Matter of Guardianship of Doro
thy Hirz. Minor, District Court
Sustains the Judgment.
From Monday's Dally.
The matter of the guarianship of
Dorothy Hirz. minor, . which w as on
trial in the district court and which
had been taken under advisement by
District Judge James T. Begley was
decided this morning when thei
court handed down the decision sus
taining the judgment of the county
court which had decreed that the
child was to remain in the custody
of Matthew Sulser and wife until
further order of the court. The de
cision sustains the petition of the
applicants and states that the deci
sion of the court is that the child
shall remain in her present home
until further order of the county
court. The applicants are given 40
days to prepare and serve bill of ex
ceptions in the case.
This case has attracted a great
deal of attention from the residents
of this portion of the county where
the two children have a large num
ber of relatives. The child, Dorothy,
and sister. Helen K. Hirz. are daugh
ters of the late Henry Hirz. Jr.. and
were placed in the custody of their
aunt. Mrs. Nellie Sehultz. at the
time of the departure of their fa
ther for overseas as a member of the
United States army. While in ser
vice in France the father was killed
in battle and the child. Dorothy,
was placed in the custody of Mr. and
Mrs. Sulser. Later the anut. Mrs.
r!chutz, was appointed guardian of
the children and action was later
commenced to have Dorothy remain
in t lie custody of Mr. and Mrs. Sul
ser and this application was sus
tained by the county court to be in
force until the court should other
wise decree.
Fro n Mipday'p Ijaily.
V.'m. Baier, who lives a few miles
southwest of Nehawka, met with a
very serious accident Minuay morn
ing when his hand was caught in
the gears of a small gasoline engine.
ffer starting the engine and find
ing it required some adjusting, he
attempted to regulate the governors,
but his matten was caught in the
cogs and he lost the thumb and the
index and middle fingers, taking
them off at the wrist.
The aid of several physicians was
soon at hand and found it necessary
that he be taken to a hospital as
quickly as possible. In company
with his wife and II. Wessel of this
place, they went to Omaha Monday
afternoon, where the hand was oper
ated on the following day at the St.
Catherine hospital. Unless an infec
tion develops, the two remaining
lingers of the hand will be saved.
Nehawka News-Ledger.
From Monday's Daily.
Saturday afternoon Mrs. Jennie
Klimm and Mrs. Georgia Creamer
departed for Chillicothe, Missouri, to
which place they were summoned by
message announcing the death of
cousin, Mrs. Fay Murphy, who
pa.sed away there Friday evening.
Mrs. Murnhv was a visitor in Cass
county during the early part of last
summer with her relatives in this
portion of the state and during her
stay here made many warm friends
who will greatly regret to learn of
her untimely death.
From Tuesday's Ially.
George Barr was down town today
for the first time in ten days having
been laid up with the flu and reports
that Mrs. Barr and the children are
now dow n with the malady and while
in not dangerous condition are quite
sick from the effects of the malady.
Their friends will be pleased to
know- that their condition is not ser
ious and trut that they may' soon be
able to be up and around.
Frr.m Tuesday's Daily.
Walter Byers. assessor of Rock
Bluffs precinct, has filed with the
board of county commissioners his
resignation as assessor of that pre
cinct and requesting that another be
appointed to this position. Mr. By
ers has been a very efficient official
and the citizens of the precinct v ill
regret very much to learn that Mr.
Byers will not be able to look after
the work of making the assessment
this year.
For baby's croup. Willie's daily'
cuts and bruises, mother's sore throat j
and Grandma's lameness Dr. Thom
as' Eclectric Oil the household rem-!
edy. 30c and 60c. '
"We ought
i i
In t'.
t v. x-
In ih
J tli tn s
si r.IlM
-J -
i 1 1
mutr.-r f t:.
!;. ! 1 );. I. .-' .. ;
a!t:i.i., r: minor,
t" show iau.-i'
M't 1..- issued ti
ll estate.
ii'.iuin to
sell It
:i l
ti.'ii petition of I-Mna !... Si.a:iinn. sris.v
ii,a!i of lliuli, a -. tor
lieens.- to U the s!i:.r- a .( i r 1 1 v
of tin- said tninor in tin !" 'iov:i!t; .i.
scrilMcl renl r-staT.-. siti:at ! ill I'
(':!. m tii.- 'o::.iv of 'avm'
State of Xen'-asi;a. a n utel
one-t w.-lf t ii ti fit-of. to-wit:
! V." !,
H pittas h i$ e tel
Tli" w-st l.all I.ot t -.
il'i. jil'd tie east l.i.I K 2 of
l.'it t I' K i!l H:' k i, t e, n
! M. in ti.'- 1 M-ii! !!; ; Town
I'av;,... ';t. ;.' np!::u to ti,t
riT.i.-d :at thereof,
for tiie 1'inliiis- ; ;i j : . I - : r: : I! in ...
eoe'ls t i'.ei t I !!:, or as inn. h ti ef.-of
as may !. neeessare, to the Msj-j.t.rt
ami e.iu.atio!, of t e sa .1 iiuii'.r a'el
to rein eKt tie residue tin-re. .f for i!ie
I- !...::; of the ..i.i r.ur.o.-.
II is t i..-refo.. . er.;. r.-.i tat 1: ' In
.f kin '' sa id minor air'. ,-. .-..!..-
j t . 1 e. ia said i.-U-'." ; : ' 1. Tnis a
.. a I- ) f.,-e the ,,-,,! I :..;! .. i;.
! '. . t in -. : .. - . : -.
..i! tin. 1st .I-:' of MilVn,. 1"-". t t.-ii
1 (:' i o'.-io.-k a lis . to -:.o -a : j;
at.y there tie. why ii'-en-e should no!
!. a nt-'-d to said I-'.dr. a i si:
iMianLan of i-aid ; S ha r.i.on, a
n-.ite.r. io s. '! t! e sl. are! it.t- ; st oi
said :ii.ii"i in a;.d t-- a de-
S( lilted real estate for the I e; r;oses
s. t :-.rtii in said i;.. .;, : ana a
, .. of this .:.! r ' e .;lds.!.e.! ..e. .
.;.! wee',, for I ;.; : nee- v e. k-
in t !.- I '.: 1 1.- mo : t Ii Journal. a legal
' eii: ' - week ; ' ' ana
.i.l.!.-:-e.j in said ':.:.' v ..f .: s. , .. a !
of nerai i ! en i a t mm j tn.-r. i.i.
1 Med this -mi, d.i v o: Jan ::..r-, .
1. :-:.
.:. m ks t. i:i:cr.!;v.
.1 : t . i nsl ri. t t ( h
itii:it en- m:iciNti
on I'rlllion for I'fx.lnl men
of liiiiniMtrtor.
Ti.e State of Nehrasku, Cass ..
ii n -
In the Countv Court.
In tin- matter of t.- e.-tate of Mat
tie J. I'nrter. !-eeaset!.
n ;ah'i- and niniir tie jet ition
of WlUiatn JI. lru-r pra yit-.s that ad
ministration of said state tr.:iv l- en
gr..:,I.-l to hi! i i!s A i m in i-1 rat ! : i . f ;
rd-red. That Kel.i-.iary loth. - . 1 . j ; .
lf''i'. at 1" o'eioek a. m.. is ass '.riled ! . , .
for hearing said ii ei;. u h en ail per- j i r.. .
sons lntereste.! in sael ma .;'! mn
pear at a C.ifltv f'itllt to t.e heal liM;., :
and for said 'i ;: : ' . ai'd show oiun-i ;
wd-.y tiie prayer of p.-i i t j -r s.onid
liot l.e granted: ;cid trat note--, of the,
ia inn in oi sai-i i'ei:ti-n arai i v i i.u -
ing thereof 1..- r iveji to ad p is";- in-
t'-resied in said mat ter ! pa !'! is 1. i n g
a eopy ..1 ti:i- in the i 'ia 1 1 s'ti: ou t
.neiinal, a srii-unKii inwsj'a;
r !
printed in said e.o nty, for thre.. nn-.
essie weeks, pi lii to said day of
l;ited Jaueai v' t':nd, tie' A.
-LLi.X .1. IlKKSoX,
Jtl-uW. I li;l!!!V Jli'tge.
iti:i i.i:r.i. svi.l
Noliee is !,.::
and ly virtue
tri"t Coi,ri in ;r
Xehriiska. made
ISth .!av of N'ov
ease of 1 1 a v .
order of sale i-si
said court on the
19Ji. the under.-ig
pointed Py the .
sale at ptilioC a
front door of the
v giv n C :
i", older of l!
nl for C:: -s
i nd on; : i .1
inn. r. !:!:,
e .'..
i la v . t a i. a i i! a n
n d "!,-.- ti e . n ri; . f
I h da v (. f .1 a n a; ry,
led. idi re,' ciiily
ouit. will ofter tor
:.'! ion at tii" s on : h
Court lioae in the
Citv of 1 'l.'it tsmont h. . ass coi n
Praska. on Saturday tiie 1;tn day of
Ketanarv, l'.iJO. at the hour f t. n
f.'elix k a. I.I.. the sa!" ! h ... hi ipi n
for two Imnrs o;. said day: ;i.e lollov. -ing
d.serih.-nl real estate. P-- thef v .tii
all apurtenanes thcrenn'.o !-ei..i,itig.
situated in the Connt of Cass, Slate
of Nebraska, to-wit:
Tli west one-half (ivh) of the
northeast one-fourlli nv. !i of Section
sewn 7, in Townsliip ten (lui. North
of Katiire rleven 'Hi. containing eighty
acres, more or less.
That said pni'.wii! ! made ttpii i the
following terms and conditions: :,..
third cash to he paid at the tinit- of
sale: one-third in one Vertr are4, oie -th.ird
in two years, said !. ' ;. d pay
ments t draw int r. st at the rate oi
six per eent ( 0 ' ; per s. tin nm. secure ..
I.v a mortgage on t:." rea I c; - ate nho.
a.-.seri Led. tiie t oi r. i .a s. r t'i have tin-
(.t.tiori .f pa. ing any gr. ai-t
m ti
on. -third in ( ash or tt- entire
phase price in a;! , ''i.t all
a mortgage tiO.i eitiu-; a M:risi
land lor the sura of $::. '..) d :
the 4th (lay s-epteino. r. i.;
li.tiil at 1 'in Usui' m t h. N
this tth day of .Ian nary, i:'-''h
l :t i.-reu.
We de.sire to thank the neighbors
;ind friends for the kindne.---; .howr.
us itt the loss of our loved otic and
we especially desire to thar'.; I'r. J.
S. Livingston for his kindness and
services during the illness of our be
loved wife and mother. J. I
Thompson and family.
ra fi "
f'ir treatment, anrl no ni'iripv to he p?id iia'.i 1 cored. l'.'r"ei r !. or Pefita ! Du ae;. jUi na lutt
and testimonials of more ttaa 1WC promirent r-ople who Lfc . tt- i-erxencntty cu.-e-l.
DR. E. R. TARRY 240 Bee Eulldlnj ONACiA, NEEIiASKA
to make a hit
AND why not? Never
- were fine toliaccoi
so skillfully blcnJed!
Chesterfields bring you
the best of Turkish and
Domestic leaf, blended
to bring out new de
lights of flavor.
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a t n ' -r
w! :
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1 N .
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lt: :: ! .- I
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l a- l ';
1 to! I 1 .i I
la I . I a ,.t
...lion 1 1 1 . -
1 1
) I . e InT
I ,i::iiH:H i -l ;i s. i , : t ! : :
t i! : t i: t, r. ets s-ai
a v snhna I.I to .
I 1. e..-t
e- t . lis
! r. dir. ri-.
. i -
tain i h t a
Tit on t h- en -1
1 :
: 1 1
ninir at a :
i ti. - i a : f of t .... in ! I h
. N 1 1 ' . of s ..: "ii"
t v. i ' v.- (ln l:.u.g t
t. i h t .- i --'. .:'
!: r of sa id v- .- t
a- ' ;r.. a t. . : I . ; . s'
!:.. of sr.i-l w.-.-t -.
i 1
t .
I .g!
I !
M !:
n .
i -
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i . v.
-f. .
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, -s,
1 .
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,fn d that
..; imp..
pr.i ..
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Poulfry Wanted!
I buy poultry ar.y day of the week
except Saturday.
0a account of sudden iruiikcl
changes, I cannot quote prices.
When having any poultry to s-'J,
please call Phone 2111.
. Fistula Pay When'Cured
A mild systrm of treatmect that cares riles. Fistula ane
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