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Union Department
Prepared Exclusively for The Journal.
is a word you often see in advertising
with many it is only a word here it is
an actual fact. Service means to us just
what it means to you. Service is some
thing wejjpractice as sincerely as we
a ok of
The I'.ecker txys. sons of A.
IU-cker. shipped a car of mixed hogs
Si ii d cattle to Omaha last Wednesday.
Mrs. L.. Morrison, who has been
visiting at the heme of relatives at
Syracuse for some time past, is still
enjoying her visit.
Thomas Cromwell of Lincoln was
a visitor in I'nion for a short time
last Tuesday and was looking after
some business matters.
Albert Hathaway and A. H. Austin
were very buisly eniraged last Tues
day repairing the pump at the well
at the school and putting it in condi
tion that it might be used.
Alfred Gansemer of Murray was a
visitor in I'uiou last Tesday looking
after some business matters for a few
hour., having purchased the M acres
of land advertised in the Journal by
J. I). Cross. The place will be occu
pied the coming season by James
Mrs. Klizabeth Kaster. who some
time since departed for the west
where she is spending the winter in
California, writes that the weather
there is as grand and warm as the
sprint time in this county. She is
spending the winter in California and
at this time is visiting wth friends
f c-in iiifcirn l rii Vaster will re
main until spring and thus avoid the j
cold weather of this clime for once.
Price $210.00 per Acre.
SO acre farm for sale. 4 miles
northwest of I'nion. well improved.
Will rent 160 for five years if de
sired, corn ground, two-fifths deliv
ered; acres alfalfa at $10.00 per
acre; 2" acres pastur' xt $4.00 per
scre. Will lease only u party pur
chasing the SO acre tract.
Call Phone No. 64
a complete general line of
When in need of anything
call on
Union, Nebraska
mi (Mi
A Union Business!
j Owned by Union People!
1 Managed by Union People!
We Solicit the Patronage of the
Entire Community.
Frans Bros.'
M Phone 38-A
Jesse Crook of Otoe county was a
visitor in Union last Tuesday coming
to look after some business matters.
lien Raymond was a visitor in Ne
braska City last Friday where he
was called to look after some busi
ness matters lor the day.
Glen Austin has been kept pretty
busy of late greaking weeds on the
right of way of the Missouri Pacific
and is making good progress.
Sheriff C. I). Quinton was looking
after some official business in I'nion
last Friday driving down and after
having looked after the matters
which call him returned home with
his car.
Last Friday W. S. Doughty and
Frank Trotter, both of near Ne
hawka. were in I'nion looking after
some business matters and being in
consultation with Attorney C. L..
E. H. Schulhofh of Plattsmouth
one of the foremost of piano tuners,
was a visitor in I'nion last week, do
ing some work in the city and ad
jac. it country remaining over night
and returned home the following day.
Miss Rachael Keudell. who has
been confined to her home Tor sev
eral Weeks with an attack of rheuma
tism aird with which she has had
a very severe struggle, is so far re
covered that she is able to be out and
around a little.
Charles Garrison and -wife were
visitors in Omaha over Sunday
where they were spending the day
with their daughter. Mrs. Ben Rod
dy, who is recovering from an illness
at the St. Joseph hospital.
lien Roddy and little son. John,
two years of age. were visiting with
the wife and mother. Mrs. Ben Rod
dy, who is convalescing at the St.
Joseph hospital after having under
went an operation there a few weeks
Exa Frans and wife and their lit
tle daughter. Miss June, and one of
the best natured babes at that, spent
last Sunday at the home of the moth
er of Mr. Frans. Mrs. Belle Frans of
I'nion. they all having a very de
lightful time.
Frank Boggs is limping around for
the past few days the reason of which
is a very sore foot, resulting from
the dropping of a large chunk of
wood which lit on his foot, mashing
it badly. It is getting along as well
as could be expected.
There will be an Epworth League
social at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Ray Cross the coming Friday even
ing and judging from the way the
young people enjoy themselves when
they get together we are assured that
they will have a very nice time.
P. I). MeCormick, who is the own
er of a farm northeast of I'nion
was a visitor here last Sunday and
also was at his farm to see about
the place is getting along. Mr. Me
Cormick is employed in Ralston
where he is making his home and de
sires to sell his place.
Lumber Co.,
Union, Neb.
Professor E. A. Ward of the Union
Fchools was a visitor at his home in
Pluttf mouth for over Saturday and
Lemuel Barrett was a visitor at
the home of his parents in I'nion
where spent the week-end and then
returned to his studies at the state
Geogre Shrader of near Union and
his father of near Murray, shipped a
car of cattle to South Omaha last
Tuesday. Robert Shrader accom
panied them.
Miss Grace Bogenrief. one of the
teachers of the city schools, spent
last Sunday with friends at Nehaw
ka. where a few years since she was
one of the instructors in the schools
of that place.
Winfield Swan was a visitor last
Monday at the county seat where he
was in attendance at the hearing of
the consolidated schools, which was
being given an airing at the court
Miss Janet Patterson of Platts
mouth was a visitor in Union last
Tuesday coming down on the morn
ing train to visit at the home of her
brother. J. M. Patterson and family,
for the day and returned home in
the evening.
Little Jack Patterson, who has
been sick with bronchitis for several
days past, is so far recovered as to
relieve the apprehension which was
felt by parents and friends for his
welfare. It is hoped he will soon be
himself again.
Fred Nuizman living in Otoe
county just south of Nehawka was a
visitor at the county seat last Mon
day and stopped to look after some
business matters at Union on his re
turn home Tuesday, being met here
by his son Eugene then going home
with their car.
Miss Alice Crozier and Miss Ander
son. loth members of the teaching
force of the I'nion schools, spent the
week-end at their homes in Weeping
Water where they enjoyed the time
with friends and relatives and re
turned here Sunday evening to take
up their work in the schools here.
Dr. W. M. Barrett, who has been
kept to the house for a number of
weeks with an aggravated attack of
laerippe. is so far recovered as to be
able to be down town for the first
time last Mondry. It is desired by
his many friends that his progress
to final and permanent recovery may
be more rapid and that he will soon
be himself again.
W. T. Craig of Plattsmouth was a
visitor in I'nion last Tuesday staying
until Wednesday morning looking
after some land interests, having in
m'nd the purchase of a farm in this
neighborhood or the renting or one
preadventure. He did not find the
place to suit him to purchase. Mr.
Craig was wall pleased with the
looks of the lands here and thinks the
fertility of the soil unsurpassed.
Mrs. Merritt Pollard, who has been
sick at the home of her parents. Mr.
and Mrs. Harry M. Frans. has so far
recovered that she was able to return
to her home in Nehawka during the
week. Mrs. II. M. Frans. her moth
er., who has also been confined to
her bed with a severe attack of la
grippe, is also doing nicely and it is
hoped that she may soon be able to
be out again.
Attended Meeting: at Licneln
Rev. L. Morrison was a visitor in
Lincoln during the middle of the
week where he was a delegate to the
joint meeting of the Tecumseh. Fair
btirv and Lincoln districts of the
Methodist church. Many ihino of
interest to the church Vvork .-:"
taken up and considered at this
meeting and arrangement? effected
t" more comprehensive team work of
all the churches.
Officiated at Wedding
Last Saturday at Lincoln the Rev.
L. Morrison of the Methodist church
of Union officiated at a wedding
wherein Mr. A. C. Churchill of
Wray. Colo., and Miss Jennie Beutds
ley were united in marriage. Th-
bride was a very efficent nurse and
had been holding a position in the
Mayo Brothers hospital at Rochester.
Minn., while Mr. Churchill is a cap
italist having his home at Wray.
Colo. The newly married couple will
make their home at Wray. Colo.
Union Young: Man Married
Clyde B. Lynde. whose home has
been in I'nion. but who has b"en at
Oklahoma City for some time where
he has been with an iron worNs com
pany of Kansas City, was on last
Wednesday united in marriage with
Miss Maude Ieads. a very handsoi-ie
and attractive young lady of Wien'ta
Falls. Tex. The groom, who is well
known in this community, is a
young man of much sterling worth
and one respected bv all who have
had the pleasure of his acquaintance
and is the son of Mr. and Mrs. M.
Lynde of Fnion.
The bride, who is to share the
home nest provided by the young
man. is one of the beaut if ui daugh
ters of the south and is fortunate in
.the securing of such an excellent
young man for a life partner They
will make their home in Wichita
Falls where the young man is em
ployed. The Journal with the niany
friends in Union extend best wishes
and hopes for a long, hapy and use
ful life.
Showing Good Improvement
Mrs. Ben Roddy. who several
weeks since was taken to Omaha
where she underwent an operation
for relief from appendicitis .ind o'her
complications, is reported after hav
ing undergone the ordeal of. a suc
cessful operation as showing marked
Improvement and her ultimate recov
ery to good health is now locked up
on as being but a few weeks away.
'Mrs. Roddy is being treated Lt the
St. Jobeph hospital.
Mkiner Strides Toward Eecovery
Little John Taylor, J. B. Taj lor.
Jr.. son of Rev. and Mr. .1. )j. Tay
lor, who has been sick at their home
for several days past with tonsilitis.
and whose condition was indeed crit
ical for a number of day,:, is now
on the road to recovery, and is mak
ing very satisfactory progress. It is
now thought and is the best wishes
of friends that he may soon he him-
. self again.
Bible School Elects Officers
At the last meeting of the bible
school of the Baptist church of this
place a business session va heid at
which the election of off ii rs for ti)(.
coming year was held ;md which
resulted as follows. Ruper
tendent. Rue Frans. a ung man
filled with init iat ivw and r.ergy, was
selected. As assistant. I! y Gerkins
was selected and which an ex
cellent choice.
For the position of sec:- tary AIJa
Taylor was selected and 1 r assistant
Miss Frances Bauer, bo- r: positions
reflecting the good jurgi ent of the
school in the selection.
Miss Mable Hanson wa.- the choice
for the position of treasm.r.
Rav Frans was chose!, as the li
brarian while Charles Garrison was
s (
given the position as h - assistant,
both being men adapted well to the
position and which will surely look
after In excellent shape.
For the bible class ( F. Harris
was selected as the teacl . r while H.
M. Frans was selected e- his assist
ant both gentlemen beii especially
suited and competent f r the posi
tions to which they have '.(-en called.
Miss Bessie La Rue w ;- chosen as
organist for the coming : ar.
Miss Elizabeth Rabe 1. ;s been giv
en charge of the young ; pie's alass
while Mrs. Jennie Fran will teach
the bovs' class.
Services at Methodist Church
There will be Sunday school at
the Methodist church i xt Sunday,
but no preaching in the morning as
Rev. Morrison will be ; Wyoming.
During the afternoon there il nc
a meeting of the memb-rs of three
younger divisions of tl Epworth
League they being the iMernuiiint".
the junior and the primary which, is
t in charge of Miss Crozier. The sen
ior league will hold their se.-sion
Just preceding the service.
Rev. Morrison has chosen for his
topic "Lessons from the i'latte." You
many wonder what this would be
but you will find it worth your while
to come. This will be a rare treat
for an excellent discourse is being
At the Baptist Church
There will be the bible school
which is starting out ut.der th. new
officers and they desire all members
, !
of the church and bible schoi to be
in attendance to assist in in a kin?
this the best school in the co:Tt.
F-llijwing this will be the meriting
service and will be well wortn while.
Tbe Baptist young people's society
will occupy the early evening hour
which will be followed by the even
ing services of the church. Both the
morning and evening services w:il
be conducted by the pastor. Rev. J.
15. Taylor.
Elevator to Have New Manager
S. C. Keckler. whe has beei the
manager of the Farmers" I'nion ele
ator of Union, has resgined his po
sition with the company to accept a
I oition selling land in Colorado. 3tid
:lfo will make his home on a quarter
restion which re recently purchased
through the agency of Charles Bow
dish and L. R. Upton. The resigna
tion was accepted with regrets aftti
a review of the two years' work of
Mr. Keckler. which has resulted in
much profit to the elevator company.
The company showed- their good
j idgmtnt in selecting L. G. Todd !
fill position and we are certain that
tlie new man will prove very populur
pnd will make an excellent showing
for the institution.
Will Take Advanced Lessons
Mrs. L. G. Todd a few days since
gave a reception in honor of her
friend. Miss Lula Raben of Nebraska
City, who for a long time has been
coming to I'nion to give musical in
struction to many here and who h.-'.s
bad as a pupil hiembers of the fam
ily of this lady who has given this
reception in her honor. The even
ing was spent in much pleasure :ir.d
not least among the evening's en
tertainment was the excellent music
which was the result of the instruc
tions given by this capable young
woman. Many of her close friends
and pupils were in attendance and
extended best wishes for a very suc
cessful trip to the east where she
will take a post graduate in
lessons on the violin.
Keeps Himself Pretty Busy
Superintendent McDonald of the
I'nion schools who is bending all of
his efforts to the making of the
schools a success and with the co
operation of the balance of the fac
ulty is making a good success, last
Tuesday made four addresses in the
forenoon besides sweeping the gym
that the other teachers could use it
Ik the afternoon. '
Had Splendid Birthday Party
Last Tuesday Mrs. L. G. Tood en
tertained a number of young people
at her home in honor of the birth
day of her daughter. Miss Alice. The
young people certainly en loved the
occasion which was one of much mer- '
riment. There was music, singing
and games which nil enjoved to the
full. The capping of the climax came
with the splendid luncheon which
was served by Mrs. Todd and which
was surelv enjoved the young people
who are loud in the praise of the
cooking of Mrs. Todd.
Many Bay Land in West
During the latter nortion of the .
week L. R. Upton and Charles Row- '
dish, who were in the west with a '
number of men ") wrp loot--r i
over the country -with a view to mak
ing land purchases returned after
enjoving nearly a week there and all
are loud in their praises f tb snio"
did looking territory. All who were
I w ith the party were so impressed
with the country and its certainty
with which crops have come to en
' rich those who have held hmd then
that all made purchases. 1). A. Katui
taking :!L'0 acres and will make that
his home in the future. S. c. Keckler
also made a purchase of a fjuaricr
section and will remove to Arriba
i to make his home as soon as he can
get relieved from the position which
he at present holds with the I'ann-
' ers" Union Elevator company. He
will also represent Mr. Bowdish and
Mr. Upton in that part of the coun
try. J. M. Clarer.ce was ah the
purchaser of a hall" section of the
wheat growing land.
I '
Statement of Financial Condition
of the Fanners Mercantile Co. of
I'nion. Xeb.. at the close i b'i.-:i:ess
December HI. 3 It l i .
Merchandise inventory ? 1 1'. 2
Furniture and fixtures :: 1 . .s
Electric liuht Mock -:0
Cash on hand T"l.."l
Total Resources
. i ::.;;." i
l.i a 1 1 i
Capital Stock paid up
( upital subscriptions
Elevator trust account..
Account? payable
j Undivided profits
:: (i ().(.
l.i r. r..! l
Total Liabilities ? 1 . t; i; 2 . " 1
We hereby certify the al.o- is a
true and correct statement of the
Farmers Mercantile company for the
last nine months of 1!U!.---V. 11.
Porter, president: E. 15. Chapman,
vice president: U. L. Shoemaker, sec
retary : 11. M. Frans. director: L. F.
Fitch, director.
Fiddlers' Carnival January 23
The I'nion .social club will give
the people a new kind of entertain
ment on Friday evening. January
2?.. at Becker hall, the principal fea
ture of which will be a fiddlers' con
test and prizes will be awarded the
winner?. The list of contest ants is
not yet complete, but those who have
, signed up to play are Frank Hunhson,
Jesse Hughson. Lon Mead. Luther
Mead. Harve Miller. Oscar I)avi.
j Will Rakes. C. W. Clark. Will La Rue
and Jack Chalfant and it is certain
j that several others will compete,
among them being Joe Pukes. Wil
liam Balfour and James Fran.
In order that the entertainment
may not become monotonous ar
rangements are being made for a
number of specialties, among which
will be a boxing match by Clarence
Dukes and Fred Mead, a whi-!ling
match by Fred Clark. Blair Porter.
Earl Hathaway and others, a pulling
match by Allison Clark and l'at Rod
dy. Some of the members, assisted
by boys, will give the audience a
demonstration of what the turning
bars and rings are for. an exhibition
that will show what the athletic ap
paratus will do for the old and young
and the ""acrubats" being ert Willis.
Ira Clark. C. L. Craves. Charlie
Clark (four years old), l'at Roddy.
Allison Clark and others. It wLll ie
nice, clean entertainment which none
need hestitate to attend and the ad
mission price of o0 cents will be
charged to meet expenses and pay
the war tax. Remember the date
Fridav evening. January l'."..
Birthday Party
The evening of January if) being
the ::7th birthday ofMrs. John Lidg
tt of T'nion an invitation ex
tended to a party of friends and rel
atives to be pre.-ent and help cele
brate the occasion and partake of
the feast that had been prepared
for that puroose and it being leap
vears the ladies had the first choice
for a partner and bv being there Ij
noticed each lady had for first
choice not her own husband but an
other. Finally the table being spread
the company came forward as chos
en to partake of an old-fashioned
fresh oyster supper for the first
course with celery, pickles, olives,
candies, salted almonds all on the
table for each one present to supply
their own taste and capacity for con
sumption. The second course was then
brought forward consisting of aneel
food and mothers' old-fashioned fruit
cake and fruits.
Then a rest for a short time. The
visiting began which lasted but a
short time as all present were chuck
full of music which started as soon
as the keynote was touched on the
instruments and lasted until near the
we sma' hours of the night when
some one .suggested we should get
home before Sunday. All departed
to their respective homes, saying the
evening was spent with pleasure and
wishing another soon.
Those present were Rev. and Mrs.
W. A. Taylor. Mr. and Mrs. ban
Lynn. Mr. and Mrs. M. G. McQuinn.
Mr. and Mrs. John Lidgett and Mrs.
Joe Lidgett all of I'nion ; Mrs. Albert
Johnron. Weeping Water; Miss Knima
Harris, Omaha; Mrs. A. Chidister.
I'nion; Dr. Swab. I'nion; George
Hastings. Spearflsh. S. D.. and J.
W. Woodward. I'nion. Ry One of the
Frank Schlichtenieier, of near
Murray passed through Plattsmouth
yesterday enroute home from Omaha, j
where he had been with his fourth,
and last double deck car of sheep,
that he has been feeding on his
place near Murray for the past few
months. He says that he met with
a very satisfactory market, and the
lambs sold near the top. only one
other bunch bringing a higher price
for the eastern shipment. The aver- j
age gain was 28 pounds and Mr. i
Schlichtemeier says they were fed on
the corn fields. He fed a total mini- '
her of 950 in the four cars.
The funeral of Walter Meisinger
will be held Saturday afternoon at 1
o'clock from the Eight Mile Grove
Tiie National Chiropractic Association has
compiled statistics showing that last winter 8G5
doctors of Chiropractic professionally cared for
35,311 cases of influenza, of whom all but 41
This h a Death Ratio of One-Ninth of One Per Cent.
This low death rate is due to the efficacy of
Chiropractic Spinal Adjustments. There is
nothing known to the art of healing that can
compare with this record of Chiropractic in its
conn let with the "flu."
in onrcctic is no
t,f colds o:
ctlicr disorders
Chiropractic fortifies
C ii.SC.
;0 UlUgS.
All those afilictcd Ly disease would do well to inquire
into th: true merits of Chiropractic Spinal Adjustments.
Farnam Streets
pat. from near Cor-
r i ' I in I'lat tsmo'it h
lock. S. D.. a
J ll-. ..1
t m. i n g icr
, .- ;-.'! visit
vi'h p-r
Vi'.'l r"i ' v-s
; :m! oi in r friends
the "id 1-G!!! He
';'m t. Sor.'i:
h"gs an! 'oi.k ;.:!vai
w i ; h a ca r of
isc of th C'p-
i.rt 'l' . ; v 1 ' :i
II'- rays evr t!:ir.
i- v. : 1 plea !
a t t h visit.
: fi'iing tine r nd
; South I).,;:;tr:.
If it's in the card line, call at
the Journal office.
30,000 Acres
We are making trips to Colorado every week.
Come and make a trip ;tnd see the country. Special
prices on farms to March 1, 1920. Prices $17.50
to $50 per acre, according to location and improve
ments. One wheat crop will pay for the land. Land
already sown in wheat. Have 60 acres 3 miles wet
of Union for quick sale at $135.00 per acre. Good
terms. Phone L. R. Upton, phone No. 39.
Box 11. Union, Neb.
Things Good to Eat!
I am telling Staple and Fancy Groceries. Come in and we
will help j mi solve the problem of the high cost of living. We
have everything in the grocery line in season, and sell at the
lowest price, consistent with reliable lines of merchandise. Give
us a trial.
That Baby
We have accepted the agency in Union and vicinity for the
"P.aby Overland." which you must see and ride in to appreciate.
We also carry Oldsomobile and Trucks and Iteo Cars and
Trucks. We have a number of good mechanics ready for any work
that may he offered in the repair line. We also carry a full Btock
of tires and accesories for all makes of cars. See us for cars or
repair work.
Drs. ftlach & IViach, The Dentists
for treatment, end no money to be pcid nnul cured. Write for book on Rectal Diseases, witi name
and testimonials of more then I'J'JO prominent people who Lave been permanently cured. -
DH. C. R. TAKRY 240 Cea I.ulldiuc OMAJ1A, NEBRASKA
effective when applied to cases
incident to the changing seasons.
the system against the approach
From Monday's Ially.
While in the city today Otto Schaf
er, from west of Murray, completed
the arrangements for holding a thor
oughbred hog sale which will be
held on February 9. 1920. at the
.'arm of Fhilip A. Schafer and Otto
S-.hafer. This sale will be one of
the big events of its kind and with
the Philip Ilirz and F. W. Young
hog sales will dispose of a great deal
( f th" life stock of the county.
Read the Journal for all tBe news
The largest and best equipped dental offices in Omaha.
Experts in charge of all work. Lady attendant. Mod
erate Prices. Porcelain fillings just like tooth. Instru
ments carefully sterilized after using.
. Fistu!a-Pay When' Cured
A milrl system of treatment that cores Pile, fistula aad
other R'jcta lbiseases in a short time, without a sere re sor
fiical operation. No Chloroform. Ether or other general
anesthetic noed. A cure etmmnteed i n ererr caw tmntHi