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    MONDAY, JANUARY 1 lfl-
We now have a Paint
ing Department and have
an experienced Automo
bile Painter.
Let us dress up your
old car with a new coat
of paint and make it look
like new.
Better stop in and ar
range fcr a date as our
paint shop is always in
T.H. Pollock Oar
week, and while there attended a
convention of prominent democrats
of the state, who requested him to
take the matter in hand of giving a
get-together banquet at the Lincoln
hotel in the capital city on Wednes
day evening. January Hist It is
planned to have a large number of
prominent democrats present at this
hauouct and a great deal of work is
expected to be accomplished toward
lining up on a program of procedure
for tlu coming months, when the
campaign will be waged with an ear
nestness seldom excelled.
Tie- democrats of this county feel
honored at the appointment of their
fellow co-worker, Mr. Ianghorit
who is an acknowledged organizer,
to the position of chairman of tin
committee on arrangements, which
fact alone ;,s:;ures the success of tin
banqiDt. A little later the list of
.speakers will bo announced. All
democrats in the count v who can do
so. ure urged to be in attendance at
this banqti't. And if a republican
wtio wains to be good and learn a
les. on desires tie can cone- too. witti
the hope that it will do him some
J ood.
Sfc Sfr Sfc 2fa 3 Sfi If Jfr sf
Pfc 3fi
( font inu'-d fro ml'ae ." i
q-iMrr. Jchn Dunkirk, at the Age of
' i 83 Years. Dies After Short
! Illness This Week.
ard Furnace company prod.:
Mr;. Marv i:usl:irk. widow of the
From Saturday's Daily.
Yesterday afternoon Clvde Mur
phy, a former l'lattsmout li boy. and
son of Fred Murphy and wife of
Chicago, was in the city looking af- Lincoln Man Takes Tanlac and Says
... ...e I.U.....K- He Has Gained Sixteen Pounds
ton railroad, departing on No. 2 for a a tps11i
im iiuuit- in v. niLiiK". v. IJUI" lias
neen locaieu in cnicago since nis ,,ever knew what a well day
discharge from the army in May lwas in eleven years till Tanlac
1D1H and is now married. During the straightened me out," said C. A.
war he spent nine months of his ser- Crawford, contracting painter and
vice in Prance on active duty and paper hanger, living at 222."! Q
enjoyed the experience of the boys of street. Lincoln. Nebr.
i.ncie nam in ine oki worm in Clean- -j na,j b,.en in sch a wretched
ing up the world war. For a por-LJato of l0aith fr n long." he con
n.-i; m n.e nme mc was sianoneo tiuuoSt -jUat I was a total wreck,
at Conlie where Matthew Ilerold of i (.ouldn't sleep wil and my stomach
this city was also stationed but fhey was in such u (lrpadful condition
did not have the opportunity ef ,Maf nothing I would eat a creed with
,,,nl,!,;; """"are oi eaca oin- lne ami x lost Wl .,,, t j W;ls iltle
t-rs presence. I he years s.nce the lnoro ,han a vi sUeloton. for i
removal of the Murphy family from had gotu.n ,htvn , on( hundn.,i
this city have developed Clyde into rounds. Kvery summer my vitality
b.g nusky young man and it was ...,., rn ,nu ,, , .1 ...
What Size Suit Do
You Wear?
bard for the old friends to recognize I . i.,
him as the lad who had been so well
known during his residence here.
il l,. ..I,., I.,.1 i -l, -il l.r
. :.i 11 : .pull II IIH.T. I I r.. u.ti't & i in ifin.
inn a uucm oi ine (uim i.nn . u u u 1 1 , ... . ,. ,,,,....
. , , , .... , about two miles north i 'unlock
expenses paid by them. 1 here , ... ..,...,., .,, ,
met the dealers from all over the
country engaged in handling this
line, and had as his boon companion
none other than John Hatter -genial
John of I'lattsmouth. who handles
the same line of good in the coun
ty seat. Mr. Tool wa' very favor
ably impressed with the way the
company entertained their guests.
, vjiii".' 1 age i f n-'arly s:; y ars.
.Mrs. ISusl.irk was born in the state
of Xew York and lived, there until
j she -Miis abom thirty year:; of age,
ihti'ng i hero onited in marriage to
John I'.uskirk. Liter she and her
husband came west, settling near
South Lend seme f.2 years ago. and
jthis go:id lady has made i r home in
I this vicinity ever since--more than
! ! If a -entury.
j To this union vt re born eiSht
' children, all of whom survive their
Guest of Omaha Tealcrs
Wm. Gehrts. the i.i.phTi.ent d-:'.ler.
and who is a hustler when it come;
to handling all the well known iiii-l i l"r,'if- M"- Hu.-kirK preceded his
wife to the other world b- some
twelve years. Since that time.
best selling lines of machinery, was
a suest of the Omaha dealers :ir n,
three dav convention held in t he ' l' lsk irk h;is resided on the home
metropolis last week. He and f has. Place, being comforted and cared for
Schaefer. who is again in his cm
ploy, were both in attendance, t'lev
having- none to Lincoln and fn,i!-,i Ti e children who mourn the do
to my bed ;;nd be laid up for
three or four tnor.ths at a time.
"Finally I got a bottle of Tanlac,
ami soon after starting on it my ap
petite improved so I could enjoy my
food and I started up hill again. I
have already gotten back sixteen
pounds of my' lost weight and am
still gaining rigl.t along. My nerves
are so much stronger and I have im
proved so much in every way that li
feel like a different man.' I have
been working hard everv day the
From snt irrtnv's ra:iv I pasi summer, sieep line a log every
Judge James T. Hegley. of the night and leel fine all the time. I
second judicial district. has beenlam now full of life and energy and
asked by the district bench of Doug-J I don't hesitate to say Tanlac has
las county to hold court in Omaha done more for mo than everything
during the next two weeks and as- j else I have tried put together."
sist in the task of handling the nu-1 Tanlac is sold in Plattsmouth by
merous cases that are on the docket F. (J. Frioke & Co.; in Alvo by Alvo
as the re-ult of the indictments Irug Co.; in Avoea by O. E. Copes;
found by the grand jury against the I in South liend by 7.:. Sviirzenegger ;
District Judge James T. Begley to
Preside m Up-River City, Try
ing Riot Cases.
participants in
the riot there in in Greenwood by K. F. Smith; in
there to Omaha. Mr. G-hrts
handle the famous John leer
this season, as well as the Interna
tional products and Case separator.
This will enable him to suppiv the!
farmer's everv need.
by her son. Krvin and family,
have provided her with a home.
Ti e children vho mourn the
will ! ' ' ' ineir momer are .trs.
i .-virali iMlgore. IVrtland. Oregon:
l;le l.UKirk. LI m wood: Arthur
Buskirk. living in Wyoming; Wil
liam Luskirl:. Uloomfiehl. Nebraska;
I Louis Liiskirk. Ashland. Nebraska:
James Luskirk. living near South
Lend; .Mrs. Viola Franklin of Madi
son and Krvin Iluskirk. wlio lives
nortli of this city on the farm.
The funeral was held at the First
.;:hodi.-t church in Murdoch last
Sand iy afternoon at 2:M!) o'clock.
Electric Wires at South Bend
The transmission line which is
to carry the electricity for use in
operating the machinery at the sand
pit at South liend. has been complet
ed, the wire being strung along thojih' Itov. Larnhardt. of Ashlnnd. f-
losiai iciegrapn company s line oi uci.i ing. in- remain" .v",'t laid
poles on the Rock Island right -of-' rest in the Wabash cei.utery.
way. Lverythuig is therefore ready
for the turning on of the current at
September that resulted in the lynch-1 Weeping Water by MHer Drug Co.;
ing of the negro. Will Hrown. n Klin wood by
The second tlistrict is not holding Murdoek by II.
A. Tyson;
McDonald ;
in I
Everybody has the invoicing fever. And we started yester
day; first thing we "took" was our west window. Perhaps your
wardrobe needs one of these
SIZK :i7 Uough mixed bluish grey material, all wool, aud a
splendid buy for a young man"
SIZK 37 A good m ear-risisting suit, if ever one was made. It
will fit a tall slim man it's a dark grey, hard finished
cloth and the man who buys it will get better service Irom
it than from any $05 suit ia the shop. If you're a slim
take it along and try it out for a year.
SIZK 30- .17 A plain business suit of a brownish plaid, hand
tailored by House of Kuppenheimer. This suit has good
looks, wear, 'nevery thing. The retail price on cheapest
Kuppenheimer suit we bought for spring is $55. This
suit will save you dollars.
RIZF. 39 This one is an unfinished brown worsted, with small
check. Most long wearing clothing is made up from this
kind of material. This one will give top-notch service to
the firit man that fits good In it.
SIZK 3S Rough blue, Society brand, diagonal, all wool, three
button plain business suit. If you are tall and slender you
will appreciate this garment. Come in and slip it on.
$25.00 ,
We have many others, if you don't strike what you want in
this collection. These won't take any prizes at a fashion show, and
just now we are not talking to the fashion fiend. We want every
man in this territory who wears good clothes, knows and appreciates
good clothes of plain, business, and staple models, to look over our
stock before paying the rent for the price hikers, at the present time
t onducting cut price clothing sales.
court at the present time and Judge Louisville by Blake's Pharmacy; in;
I leg iey has consented to assist his
colleagues of the Douglas county
i-.agie by k. . luoomenkamp ; in
I'nion bv K. W. Kmlv; in Nehawka
court and will therefore take up the by D. D. Adams; in .Murray by Meier
work in Omaha the first of the week.
The trials of these cases have re
quired some time as they are con
tested very bitterly and a large num
ber of witnesses are to be heard and
the process of the trials has been
long and tiresome.
Drug Co.. and in Mauley by Rudolph
Philip Zhiazcib
Frr.m Saturday' Pally.
On Monday will be commenced the
hearings on the proposed school dis
tricts and these hearings will be con
tinued through Tuesday and Wed
nesday. The commission will pass
South Rend
This step places the current
much nearer to Murdock and it is I
expected that steps w'M bo f ik"n in
a short time in complete th lon':
felt desire of the of Mar 'ook
to enjoy an electrically lighted city,
with an abundance of current for
both light and power uses.
Ale yini Taking advantage of tiie
le eu prices ;. r:.e .Mi.r.tocK .Ier-j
aith' company? i
Chairman of Committee
L. F. Langhorst. proprietor of the
Langhorst Department stores, was p
visitor in Lincoln a few days of last
I have f(
Iit;; roa:1
I -1: r tie Xc
h.-vwka. Neb
r sale
1 2T,.
William Atchison, one of the well
known and prominent residents of
I Stove Crock precinct, was in the city
ye.-terday afternoon looking after ngs as this is the method prescribed
some matters at the court hoiL'e. ly law and after the hearing the nt
Alr. Aichisou is an applicant for the ler passes out of their hands into that
j.edigreed short- j position of county highway commis-
tv.ii old. i-ioner and while here talked the sit
II J. Tiiiele. N-I tat ion over with the board of corn-
here for a visit between trains. Mr,
Wcscott was divisional secretary of
the Y. at Commercy, France, at the
time Mr. Farr was stationed as local
upon only the boundary lines and secretary at battle swept St. JlihicI
sites for srhool houses at these hear- B!1 mere iney uecame
Pa:- -About 200 split
-F. J. I.iliio, phone No.
of the voters. The d!stricts as out
lined will upon proper petition be
placed upon a ballot at the school
2tw i missioners. He has been a member eiecuon anu passeu upon uy me voi-
of the jury panel in the federal ers. it umavoraoie mere win ue no
court at Lincoln and has just com- change in the present district but if
pletod his work there and is enroute accepted the law makes it necessary
home to Klmwood.
To Combat the H. C. L.
Cracked rice, 10 pounds for $1.00
Brown beans, 12 pounds for $1.00
I 'into beans, 1 2 lbs. for $1.00
Navy beans, (small) 20 pounds for $1.00
Navy bans, (large) 2 pounds for 25c
Baby Lima beans. No. 2 can for J 5c
Pork and beans, 3 cans for 25c
Standard corn, per can 7Ac
Standard corn, per dozen cans $1.90
Tomatoes, No. 2z can for 20c
E. C. corn flakes, 3 for 25c
Lenox soap, 5 bars for 25c
Swift's Pride soap, 4 bars for 25c
Apples, per peck 25c, 75c and $1.00
Fine quality cranberries, special price, per quart 122C
for the superintendent to organize
such districts. All matters after out
lining the districts is set by law ard
the superintendent' merely followed
out the law instructions.
From Saturday's Dally.
Another suit for divorce entitled
Joseph A. Valois vs. Mable I. Valois
was filed yesterday in' the office of
the clerk of the district court by A.
L. Tidd, attorney for the plaintiff.
In his petition the plaintiff states
that they were married in Des
Moines, la., December 3, 1917. and
have for the past year resided in
Cass county. The cause of action
as stated in the petition of the plaint
iff is that of cruelty, the plaintiff
in his petition stating that the de
fendant had struck him in the face
several times and accused him of
committing adultery with other wo
men and by nagging had made life a
burden to him so that he seeks the
law to sever the ties of wedlock.
very close
friends as they made the crossing
over the Atla.itic on the same steam
er atifi their work being so closely
allied brought them in the closest
touch. Mr. Farr and family have
been visiting 5n Wisconsin and re
now enroute home to the west jr.d
expect to leav? from Omaha this ev
ening for the Pacific coast. The visit
here of the old friends was much en
joyed by both gentleman in their
ftories of the life In France.
Money to loan on city real estate
by the Plattsmouth Loan & Building
Association. See T. M. Patterson.
Secretary. S-2tM
Krom Friday's D!ly.
The Cass county commissioners
departed this morning for Omaha
where they will spend today looking
over a large tractor tliat Is offered
for sale In that city and If found ad
visable may secure this tractor for
the road work in Cass county. Com
missioners J. A. PItz, H. J. Miller,
C. F. Harris and J. R. C. Gregory of
near Murray were in the party to
look over the machinery and pass on
its fitness for the use on the roads
of this county.
E. J. Richey and wife departed
this morning for Omaha whex they
will look after some matters of busi
ness for a few hours.
Model Rose Comb Rhode Island
Red Cocks and White Wyandotte
Cocks; tingle male bird. $2,00. 1.
li. Reinke. Shady Spring Farm. Sonth
liend. Nebr. d29-lnid.
Ths complete Electric Light and
Power Plant
The Delco-Lighi stora?a batterj
is dependable, durable and efficient.
TeL D. 5093 Omaha, Neb.
Our Special Price on 3-pound can
Keid Murdoch &Ca
C H I C A G Op
We Like to Serve
Prom Friday's Dally.
A sutt for divorce entitled Erna
j E. E. Biggs vs. Berl D. Biggs, has
been filed in the office of the clerk of
the district court and in which the
plaintiff claims as the first cause for
action extreme cruelty, alleging in
her petition that the defendant had
called her names of various kinds
and accused her of being a Dutch
man, rne second cause or action is
that of non-support. The petition
Etates that the parties were married
at Nebraska City on April 14. 1917.
and that they continued to live to
gether until January 6. 1920. At
torney Charles E. Martin represents
the plaintiff in the case.
i Prom Priosv' Dally.
' This morning c. E. Wescott was
the host to an old friend and former
rssociate in the Y. M. C A. work in
France, M. J. Farr. wife and little
son of Yakima, Wash., stopped off
Only a Limited Number of
Ford Cars
There are mighty good reasons why you should buy your Ford car now. But
the biggest one is that there are only so many Ford cars just a specified limited
number allotted to this territory. Those who. buy their cars now will b wise.
They will have them to use whenever they wish.
Don't put it off next spring, even next month, is an uncertainty. Eten
now. we must have signed bona -fide orders before our monthly allotmtnt' is Md
ped us. So the only way for you to be sure of getting a Ford car, is to order it
now. Get your name on an order. It is your protection.
Again we tell you, the allotment for this territory is limited and you must
buy now while deliveries are possible. As evar, the demand for Ford can i awav
in advance of production. So, it's first come, first served. Spring, summer autumn
and winter are all the same to the Ford car. It is a valuable servant every darS
the year. Rain or shine, it is ready for your demands. Buy now and eet nromS
delivery. You won't have to store it. You can use it. Buy now while the h
ing is possible Phone us at our expense and we will have our salesman call L
you for your signed order. ' on
New is the time to have your car overhauled and tuned up We r
your work promptly now; later in the season ycu may have to wait your turn
T. H. Pollock Garage,
- Ill
A- . T I H