The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, January 12, 1920, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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it at the home of Mr. Elwain'3 moth
er before returning to t,heir home ifi
the west.
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' I
20 Off All Ladies
Our entire remaining stock of Ladies and Misses Winter
Coats, we offer you for quick clearance at 20 discount. Coats have
been high they will be higher next season. We have always been
20 under city store prices. Now, with this 20 per cent discount,
you are really buying them at a saving of 40. This includes every
Ladies Coat in our line. You will find some splendid bargains at
these prices. No alterations; no exchanges; cash.
From Monday's Daily.
i'hilip Campbell of Omaha was a
visitor in this city over Sunday, re
t urn in? hst evening to Ytis heme.
Miss Rose Mae Creamer returned
this morning to Omaha after an over
Sui:oay visit i:i this city with rela
tives and friend.-.
Clarence Busche from near Cedar
Creek was in the city Saturday at
ttndint; to a few business matters
wlih the merchants.
.Mrs. Georgia Creamer of near
Murray was anion? the visitors in
tile city Saturday looking after some
trudi:? with the merchants.
John Kaf fen'ierger was a passen
ger this morning for Omaha where
he will viMt with his wife at the
7:i;tjuu 1 hospital for the day.
Will yv.y the following prices for
l ultrv delivered
Ik-is, Tier lb. 25c
Srivs. per lb 24c
Hooslcrs. per lb 14c
in Plaitsmouth, on
ft nasa m w. a , 'it :i few business n
ANUARY 15, I928i,''r
Winter Coarse
University of Nebraska
School of Agriculture
c.h Sfucly of seed selection, crop rotation, soil til 1
sc; Live Stock Fanninrj Judging of cattle, hogs,
snrcp and horses. Care of and feeding live stock;
Diseases of Animals r.nd Plants; Growing of Fruits
and Vegetables; Poultry Raising for Profit.
DAIRYING A Practical Training in the essentials of
the dairy business; Selection and Care of Dairy Cat
tle, feeding, housing and management; Butter Mak
ing, cheese making, marketing or dairy products;
TIilk Testing, preparation of milk for market.
RUR AL ECONOMICS Farm Accounting, bookkeep
ing, farm records: Farm Organization, farm equip
ment, cropping systems, marketing, grain exchanges,
cooperative organization. '
Fee for Agricultural Courses, $8.00
January 5 Four weeks Students enter Every Mon
day. Instruction for the Farmer who handles his machines; Lectures and Shop Work on engines,
ignition, transmissions, differentials, carburetors, etc;
Practice in operation, repair and care of tractors; A
New Building, splendid equipment, expert instructors.
Fee $10 Minimum Age Limit, 18 Years
For Further Information, Address
Principal, School of Agriculture
Walter Sans of near Murray was a
visitor in the city Saturday, driving
up to look after orae trading with
the merchants and to attend to busi
ness matters.
Joseph A. Kverreet of Union was in
the city today for a few hours look
ing after some matters of business,
coining up on the early Missouri
Pacific train.
J. H. Decker and wife were among
t!-;?e .i"g to Omaha this morning
to spend a few hours in that city
visiting with friends and looking af
ter some matters of business.
James .M. Kobc-rtson was a passen
ger this morning for Omaha where
lie will attend the meeting of the
board of control of the Nebraska Ma
sonic home that is to ne held in that
city today.
Harris Cook, who ha been spend
ing the holidays in this city. with
his parents and friends departed yes
terday afternoon-for Chicago to re
I sume his studies in the Northwestern
jla'.v school in that city,
j Kred and wife of Omaha
j who were over Sunday visitors at
tue home of Mrs. Rcnzer s parents.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Tarns, departed
this afternoon for their home. While
in the city Mr. Renzer called at the
Journal and renewed his subscription
for another year.
Miss" Helen Kgenberger. who has
been spending the Christmas vaca
tion here at the home of her parents.
Mr. and Mrs. V. G. Kgenberger. de
parted this morning on the early
Turlington train for Omaha and from
there will go to l)ubur;t;e. Ia.. to re
sume her studies in that city. She
was accompanied as far as Omaha by
her mother and MKs Mildred Schlat
or. Frrm Tiipsday's Hal I v.
W. !. Meistiwr was atvong tin-
visitors in tli" city todiy looking af
ter a tew business matters.
near Alvo w.- m
or a lew ncurs
attending to a few matters of busi
ness. J. L. Canticle, of South r.end. w'as
iii the city today for a few hours vis
iting with his son. Robert Carnicle
ind wife.
I5en Heckman came in this morn
ing from his home south of the city
to look after some trading with the
Attorney C. E. Teift, of Weeping
Water, came in this afternoon to
look after some matters of business
it the court house.
Martin L. Friedrieh was a passen
ger this morning for Omaha to look
after a few business matters in that
city for a few hours.
George M. llild and Crank Vallory
of Murray were in Omaha today look
ing after some matters in connection
with their land business.
Henry Meisinger drove in this
morning from his home west of the
city to look after route matters of
business with the merchants.
A. I). Zarr of South Rend came in
this morning to look after the dis
position of some ad work with the
board of entity ( ommissiners.
County Commissioners C. "F. Har
ris of Union and H. J. Mil'ef of Alvo
art- in the city at tem'i-.'g the me i
ing the county board at the court
William lCoute of Greenwood was
in the city for a few hours today at
tending to some riat'.ers at the court
houe with the board ot commis
George L. l-arlev. count v assessor
of Cass county, departed this morn
ing over the Turlington for Linco'n
where tic goes to attend the meet
ing of the Nebraska assessors which
is "oeing held in the capital city this
From Wlin-!-!;iy's I;illy.
Floyd Wolcott of W'eping Water
was a visitor in ihe city yesterday for
a fnv hours attending to a few mat
te;-:; ai. the court house.
Sam Giimoui came in this morn
i ig from his farm home south of
'lie city and doparled on the early
Hurlington train for South Omaha
where he will attend a number of
hog sales being held there todav.
Mont Kol.-b cam" up last eveniiii
from his home at I'nion where he has
been spending the holidays with
home folks ami will resume his work
on the road for his grain company.
Mr. Kohb departed this morning for
Oreenwood. Waverly and Lincoln to
look after the purchase of crain.
Kiom Friday's Daily.
Attorney Carl 1. Canz, of Alvo.
was in the city tod iv for a few hours
looking after some legal matters at
the court house.
Uilliam Xewman. of Louisville,
vas a visitor in the city over night
being called here to look after some
mailers of business.
Adam Fornoff and son Fritz from
near Cedar Creek were in the city
today looking after some trading
and visiting with their friends.
W. E. Rosencrans and George Snyd
er were among those going to Omaha
this afternoon to visit for a few hours
looking after business matters. t
Joseph Uowers, of Spencer, N'ebr.,
was in the ciiy today to attend to a
few matters at the court house. Mr.
Uowers is a former resident of this
county, having resided south of this
city for a number of years.
J. H. Tarns, superintendent of t he
county farm, returned home tin's af
ternoon from Ogden. Ia.. where he
was called by the death of his broth
er. Clans Tains, remaining to attend
the founeral services.
Hoy McKlv. ain and wife of Los j
Angeles, who have been visiting a!
Kansas City at the home of Myron '
McKlwain and wife, and also at St.
Louis, returned to this city for a vis-
From Friday' Dally.
Sheriff C. 1. Ojiintou was in Union
today looking ;it'tcr some business
for the county in the way of serv
ing papers.
Mrs. Otto 1'itz was a passenger
this morning for Omaha where .she
will spend the (';iy looking after
some matters of business.
Theodore Davis, of Weeping Wat
er was in tho city yesterday for a
few hours attending to some matters
in which he is interested" at the
court house.
Louts Lahoda of Scottsbluffs, Neb.,
who has in tho city visiting with his
relatives and friends departed yester
day afternoon for the west to resume
his work.
Karl Koessler. who is employed by
the Turlington at Alliance in .the of
fices of the company in that city,
runic in last evening and will enjoy
a few days' visit here with his par
ents. Mr. and Mrs. August Koessler.
J. R. C. Gregory, of near Mur
ray, was among those going to Oma
ha this morning to visit for the day
looking after some matters of busi
ness aiid will l.)k over the several
makes of tractor on display there,
together with tli commissioners.
Mrs. Fred Fiuelkemeier and her
daughter. Miss Rose, departed last
night over the Missouri Pacific for
Kansas City, from where they will
go to California to spend the win
ter at Long Tciuh and other points
in the southern portion of the gold
en state.
From Saturday's Daily
Last evening a number of Karl Ma
son's friends gathered at the Mason
home on Sixth and Granite-streets
to pend the evening. The gatheiir.g
w;:s in the form f a surprise party in
honor of the young man's lGth birth day.
The home was 'n complete si
lence when Earl had returned from
an errand. He was greatly surprised
to find his chums vitn beautiful
presents for the event there ready to
assist him in spending his birthday
Music and games were enjoyed I y
ail but the chief , features was "Th
Tales of Old Hunting Mid Trapping
During the evening his mother, as
sisted by Miss Catheiine. Rhitner.
served a delicious two-course lunch
to which all did justb;. On depart
ing the boys wished Earl many more
happy birthdays.
Those present wer? Farl Ma.-on.
Tenard Schrik. Fayn" Rumniornchl.
Johnnie Iverson. Herbert Tiens, Wil
lis Hartford. Howard Dwycr, Ku
dolph Iverson. Toy Tiens, Harry
licnner and Earl Marler.
From Saturday's Daily.
Announcement ha-s been received
in this city by Mr. and Mrs. Don (.'.
York from Mr. and Mrs. John L.
Uenfer, of McMinnville, Oregon, of
the marriage in that city on Thurs
day, January 1st. of their daughter.
Miss 1-Mith Latircne to Mr. Earscd
,,. sfovv. The Henfer family
residents of this city for many years
and the bride when leaving this city
was quite young as it has been quite
a number of years since the family
left for the west. Mr. and Mrs
Stow will he at home after February
1st to their friends at 233 LaFayette
avenue, McMinnville, Oregon.
To the Legal Electors of School Dis
tnct Number 2.
All the voters of School District
No. 2 are hereby notified that they
will have a hearing in regard to the
in-districting proposition at the
court house in the city of Platts-
mouth on Monday. January 12. All
those having anv objection to the
said proposition will please be pres
ent at this meeting. 2tsw-tfd
To the Dyspeptic
Would you not like to feel that
your stomach troubles are over, that
you can eat any kind of food that
you crave.' Consider then the fact
that Chamberlain's Tablets have
cured others why not you. There
are many who have been restored to
health by taking these tablets and
can now eat any kind of food that
they crave.
One hundred young Rhode Island
lied chickens. Thoroughbred birds
of Nebraska state farm stock.- $3
each or $5 pair. Write Mrs. II. L.
Gayer. It. F. I).-No. 1, Flat tsmouth.
or phone Murray 1704. lwd-L'tw
Cottonwood and maple block
wood $4 and $5 per load delivered, j '
Elbert Wiles, Telephone 3521. tf-dw
V '.7
j I ; '
I - ?. ! A
r 4 ,i
Out. of jiectimulnto'' :q '
tal have arisen all ti .'
PUL'eessts f industry and
applied science, al! the com
forts and ameliorations of
the common lot. Upon it
the world must dejiend for
the process cf reconstruc
tion in which all have to
share. - '
Prom Frhhiy'fi Pally.
County Assessor George L Failey
returned last evening from Lineo'ii
where he was in attendance at the
meeting of the assessors of the state
which was held in the capital city
this week. One of the biggest prob
lems discussed at the gathering Jfr.
Farley states, was that of the valu
ation of the farm lands of the state.
Since the valuation of the farm lands
four years ago the values have jump
ed to almost double and the lar.d 3
at a very high figure at the present
time. The law provides that the 'and
shall be listed at its cash value and
acordingly the valuation of the farm
land of the state will be advanced
this year and the assessors of the
state will endeavor to place it as fair
and just a valuation as possible. The
city property of the state has not ad
vanced at such speed as the farming
lands and consequently will not com
mand as high a figure.
I have for sale several good milk
cows, tubercunne tested. win pe
fresh soon and are good heavy milk
ers. See reil I. Cameron, uenevue
Blvd., block north of Childs road
Telephone South 3517, Omaha.
The Noyes farm, which is located
one mile east and one mile south of
Louisville, is offered for sale in order
to'settle the etsate. The farm con
tains 320 acres, has modern Improve
ments: an 8 -room house with light,
heat and bath, new basement barn
"6x50 feet. A 5-room house for-ten-
ant. ' ' - ' ' - ' - '
We print
everything but money
Let us serve j'ou.
and butter.
ftihe successful farmer raises bigger crops
and cuts down costs by investment in
. labor-saving machinery.
Good prices for the farmer's crops en
courage new investment, more production
and greater prosperity.
But the success of agriculture depends
on the growth of railroads the modern
beasts of burden that haul the crops to the
world's markets.
The railroads like farms increase their
output and cut down unit costs by ihe
constant investment of new capital.
With fair prices for the work they do,
the railroads are able to attract new capi
tal for expanding their facilities.
Rates high enough to yield a fair return
will insure railroad growth, and prevent
costl' traffic congestion which invariably
results in poorer service at higher cost.
Natiowal .wealth can' increase onlyas
ur railroads grow.
. Poor railroad terviee is dear at any price.
No growing country can long pay the price
ef inadequate transportation facilities.
c7to silvalbcmail a publhhed bij I lie
hiociatioii ofSlailiiHuj xccu(Lve.
Tfl'wr thMflnj infttruiatinn cunrcruiiiy thr rnUrtuttl '
tfwtliiiH VI nhtiriii l-ilrriiiurr liti trrlli.,,j tn Tin- !. -Hiiun
of JkuiliiKif .".iVriii.-r.i, i:i I!rijilit;i . .V :' York
No Great Act of Heroism Required
If some great act of heroism was
necessary to protect a child from
croup, no mother would hestiate to
protect her offspring, but when it is
only necessary to keep at hand a
bottle of Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy and give it as soon as the first
of Land! i
Under orders of the District Court of Cass county,
Nebraska, I will sell at Public Auction to the highest
bidder for cash at the south door of the Court House at
Plattsmouth, Nebraska, January 26th, 1920, at 10:00
o'clock a. m., the following described land:
This is the sale of the Dean Kamm Eighty which
"" Hum! ana
wes, of Alvo, Nebraska. This farm is j
sale will remain open one hour. The term, f ,1 1
' are .-00h .Mime otbid as earTs 1 u !
indication of croup appears, there
are many who nefiloct it. Chamber
Iain's Couh Remedy is within the
reach of all and is prompt and effectual.
Fine line of stationery and cor
respondence paper at the Journal
one anri nn0l..,u
D. GANZ, Refcree.
0 t