The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, December 25, 1919, Page PAGE SIX, Image 6

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1 4 Merry Christmas
i to i4
Please accept our Best Wishes for
A Merry Christmas
With the city of Plattsmouth we have prospered,
due in no small part to the friendship and kindly acts of
all. We are duly appreciative of this spirit and trust it
will continue in the future as in the past, assuring you
we stand ready at all times to do out utmost to assist
growing Plattsmouth.
Permit us, at this time, to express our wish that
the coming New Year may bring you all permanent
prosperity and lasting happiness.
Petiers IPairker,
General Contractors
To all our patrons and friends:
We extend to you our heartiest
greetings for
A Merry Christmas
and A Happy New Year
Popular Variety Store
The Christmas Store.
A Merry Christmas
A Happy New Year!
At this season of good cheer we feel exceeding
ly grateful for the liberal patronage we have en
joyed during the past year as well as for the
manner in which our patrons forebore with us
during the recent coal shortage, when we could
not supply them with coal.
We have a limited sup
ply of Coal and Coke cn
hand now.
Fred Verhule. Who Was Wanted.
Makes 'Escape Last Night Three
MoreAre Secured by Officers.
Journal. This year is keeping with
the kindly custom the (.'. K. Wes
cott's Sons has presented each male
member of the force with a hand
some piece of neckwear while the
ladies were also pleasantly remem
bered with handsome tfit'ts. It is a
rare sensation for the humble news
paper man to be remembered in this
manner and certainly the gratitude
of the members of the Journal estab
lishment is to be expressed to the
members of the C. E. Wesoott's Sons
for their remembrance on Christmas
Frr-m "VtVdnv-.iday's Paiiy.
The raids on persons who have on
their person or possessing: intoxicat
ing liquor continues in the city and
the state agents, K. X. Fulton and
('.. A. Sherman, have added three
more to the list of those who have
been caught with the possession of
the. joy water that Is prohibited by
the law of the state and nation.
This morning George Forbes wa
tuought up before County Judge Al
len J. Hee.oii charged with having
in his possession on the streets of
Plattsmouth on December 22 intoxi
cating liquor in violation of law.
The gentleman entered a idea of
guilty and under the law the court
assessed a fine of SI 00 and costs
amounting to 510),. HO. rending a
settlement of the fine and costs the
voting man was turned over the cus
tody of Sheriff O.uintou.
Last night C. A. Sherman, one of
the state law enforcement agents
who has been here for the past few
davs. in company with Officer Hen
ry Trout, made their way out to the
Missouri Pacific station to await the
coming of the midnight train from
Omaha and on its arrival stopped
"I'miey" Harris. Fred Verhule and
Wesley Kalasek. On the approach
! of the officer Verhule did not stop
to argue the matter but maile a
quick getaway and while shots were
fired at him he made his exit in the
darkness and so far is still at lib
A search of the two men revealed
me tact that tney were in posses
sion of liquor of more than one half
of one per cent ami they were ac
cordingly taken to the county jail to
remain in the custody of the .sheriff.
Kalasek had on his person a half-
pint of alcohol while Harris was in
the possession of the "kimmeletauine
the possession of a lxdtle of the
''kimmel" that has proven the undo
ing of the men.
This morning shortly before noon
John Harris and Wesley Kalasek
were brought before Judge Ueeson
to face a complaint filed by County
Attorney A. G. Cole charging them
with possession of liquor on the right
of way of the Missouri racfici rail
way company and also on the second
of liquor. Doth Harris and Kalasek
count of the unlawful transportation
were assessed a fine of $100 on each
of the two counts and as a result
will be compelled to pay over the
sum of $206.70 each or lav out the
fine and costs in the county jail
Both men entered a plea of guilty to
the charge preferred against them
by the state.
Yesterday afternoon the
agent, u. .N . Milton, armeu witn a
search warrant visited the home of
Young Ladies of Local Telephone Ex
change Give Pleasant Surprise
for Miss Anna Sievers.
From "Wednesday's Pally.
Last evening when Miss Anna
Sievers arrived home from David
City to spend the holiday season she
was most agreeably surprised by her
friends and former associates in the
office of the Lincoln Telephone &
Telegraph company. The guests
were awaiting the coming of the
guest of honor at Sievers home and
a.s she entered the room she was
greeted bv the jovous welcome of
the friends and completely surprised.
The looms had been very prettily
arranged with the Christmas decor
at ions of holly and bells festooned
throughout the rooms and adding to
the holidav spirit or the occasion.
The chief feature ot the evening was
ft. very dainty and enjoyable banquet
served in a very delightful manner
and wa.s followed bv an evening of
rare enjoyment. 1 here was a num
ber of musical selection given dur
ing the evening by the members of
the party as well a.s games of all
kinds that served to make the hours
pass all too rapidly. A grab bag fur
nished a great deal of amusement to
Cue guests and each one received
some remembrance of the happy oc
casion. During the evening the
ladies of t lie exchange joined in the
presentation of a very handsome cut
class bowl to Mrs. Helen Wallick,
chief operator of the local telephone
office and which will be treasured in
the y-ars to come by the recipient.
Lester Vroman Formerly of This City
Writes of Life With American
Troops in Germany.
From Wednesday's Dally.
The Journal has just received a
very interesting letter from Lester
L. Vroman of Co. H. Sth Infantry.
A. P. O. 927 in which he relates
a few incidents of the life the boys
are having on this post in the occu
pied territory of Germany. The let
ter says in part :
"I am still in Coblenz. Germany,
and it is in the full spell of winter
now. with plenty of snow lying on
the ground for the past two weeks.
Things are very dead now and I wish
they would start a little fight of
some kind just to pass away the
"Hut as things are a soldier in the
American forces in Germany has
state plenty to do to keep him busy, as
there is plenty of guard to do. riot
calls, ar.d oarade everv nient nt ro-
james wynn in the south part of I treat in Coblenz which calls for tin
the city and unearthed a large hats, overcoat and belts washed
amount of the sparkling liquors that Isnow white.
have become outlawed by the state
prohibitory act and this assortment
of headache productngj beverage will
be confiscated by the state. Twen
ty-seven quarts of beer, nine gallons
of raisin whiskey, one quart of the
real Old Bourbon and one quart of j
T 1. - -J l n.i t .
i iici'j i niHiu i nansKgiving din
ner. in fact the whole American
force in Germany did. as turkeq
were issued to every company or de
tachment over here.
"Xow if the people of the United
...... ui neip me soldiers over
a.v.uliUi ua dUHjuK me uooiy secur-1 nere let tnem give their nfckels and
ea by the state agent. Mr. Wynn dimes to the little Salvation Army
Tiro a rt i 5 tm n4 4 1. Ir. - . I .
"o oun,Mu im uiurnuiK in ineigiri as sue Knows what a soldier
county court on a charge of possess- likes and sees that he gets it and
mg liquor and pleaded guilty to the that is hot coffee and doughnuts
charge and received the fine of Here in Coblenz thev have a reirnlnr
lUb.U. I little honiP f.r- .1
.... w.wivi.-. 111 IlifV
J- l .
iir. ruuon, ;a cnarge or the cases, I - urui me nest cottee made, eat
is one of the most effective workers I doughnuts like mother used to make
of the state law enforcement bureau I a,PO plact to write a letter home and
and has been working over the dif
ferent portions of the state.
Logan Covert, who was implicated
in the case of Edward Verhule yes-
attend church Sundav'morning.
mere Happens to be another
Plattsmouth boy in Co. H with me
and his name is Fred II. Moore. He
terday was also arraigned on thenas hecn in Kurope since .November
charge of possession of liquor and
assessed a fine of $106.70 which he
is arranging: to settle with the state.
9. 191 S, and I have been here since
May 22. 1919. and expect to stay at
least two years more. Well as time
is going. I must go too. Lester L.
Vroman, Co. B, 8th Inf.. A. P. O. Xo
927. A. E. F."
From Wednesday's Dally.
For the past several years it has Charles Jelinek. wife and children
been the good fortune of the mem-I came down from Omaha last evening
bers of the Journal force to Teceive I to visit over Christmas with their
from the firm of C. E. Wescott's Sons relatives and friends
each Christmas time a remembrance
or the day. and every member of the GET YOUR HARNESS OILED
lorce rrom the publisher down has
been given a token of the kindly Now is the time to get your har
feeling that is entertained by the Iness oiled and repaired. Brine thera
members of the Wescott firm for the! in now. J. F. GORDKK.
We Wish You
A Merry Christmas
A Happy New Year
The Bank of Cass County
o 1 sr
reasons uree
May your Christinas season be a bright and very happy one and may
the New Year hold for you all that you .nay desire and bring to you
God's richest blessings.
Pan! I
Si. Roberts
Cedar Creek, Neb.
v A
We are grateful for the many courtesies you have shown up in the
past, and hopeful that we may enjoy a continuance of your patron
age in the fuuire, we wist to take this opportunity to thank you for
past favors, and to hope that the holiday season and the New Year
will bring you success, prosperity and enduring happiness.
Plattsmouth, Nebraska
m Lflll plMm')l"J'
11 fiie
We appreciate the kindly feelings and assistance of all who
have co-operated with us in making "The Wagner" the best hotel in
this portion of the country, and now at this season of good cheer,
please accept our sincere thanks and the somewhat sierotyped, yet
heartfelt expression, for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
May the same spirit of co-operation we cherish so highly
ever continue to the end not only of making "The Wagner" an even
better hotel, but of also making Plattsmouth a better town.
The Wagner Hotel
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year