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vol. xxxvn.
No. 45.
Private Stock cf Ira Bates Raided
Owner and Nephew Forced to
Accompany Them in Car.
Frrv.Ti Morrta:-'s Ia;iy.
The fact that u person has any
amount of intoxk-ating liqatr in
s-Tore (n his premises has 1 .-come
very dangerous in this state and the
'"high jacks'" are n tl;e alert for
anyone ho look as thougii they
iiiight have a little stored up t.
l!:eir n u.-e. The rohh. ries t
this nature in Omaha have l-.-r. very
frei,ur.t of late and now ('.is;-
ty ha been 'nvadt '!
Ira Kates, r-siJ:ng
of I'oiar t'retk is tl.
t he iitat ions of t !.e
I M:
;ti the n;.',:!y
e suffer ''r fr.."r
rohhers ai d .is
--u .'
dtprived ()f eleven 1.
i-- ! ' ra- ! that he ha i L.-e.i
in j f. -r us.- of iiis family, as wt II as
having a vtry exciting exper; ;:.e
a? t!;- hands of t!;e liquor thi-.s.
The rul.t , ; y i ;-u i r-d on Thur-.h. ".
t-.i-rii.-'. i".' :". was not until la'-'r
That it was rep irtd to the sheri.i.
'!"!; i.- arrived at the Ua"es
l.ot.i- j-i-t as Mr. Hates was prepar
itig to re i ire l'..r ti.- nit: lit and on
hearing ii;e one r.ip (-Ti the d;ol
he stippsej it to he one of the neigh
bors ai:d txtetided a general invita
tion to the j.artv to walk in which I
th-y di-1 and bn ::ght with them a
large an'! dangerous assortment of
firearms which were pulled on Mr.
I Sates and his family and tht y were
ordered to ke.p still on penalty of
being shot. The lea(-r of the band
informed the head of the household
that they were r. pre-enta'iv-js of 'he
law e;Ji: cement division of the htate
and had c me to s- arcli the place for
booze. Mr. Hates allowed them to
proceed and v hen the brandy was
discovered he orTeted to come with
the men to Flat!.-mouth and rut up
a bond for his appearance hut this
proposition was turned down and Ira
and hi- i-eph-w. Vernon F.ates. were
ordered to get into the car of the
ers which was standing in the
road near the Fates place.
To prevent followed
robber.- put the car of Mr. Fates' out
..f commission and af'er warring the
oih.r n:--mbei's of the family from
attempting to follow the party start
ed out for Omaha. A-
soon as
car starfe-d awa
Mrs. Fates secured j
a horse and started to tide to the
farm of M. L. Williams nearby, where1
she sought to secure help but had:
only proceeded a short distance when shown by the members in the ;:d
i,n armed man appeared in th'- road dress and in the discussion of th'.
and requested h r to turn around p'mns for the work of the campaitni.
and return home or he would 1:11 her
with a larce assortment of lead.
The men had informed Ira that
they would leave a guard on the farm
to see that no otie left, and who
would join them late-r. and made
good their threat.
Tlie party drove on into Omaha,
the occupants of the car keeping a
run on F.ates and his nephew to pre
vent an outcry and on reaching the
1 ig city, the nephew. Vernon Kates,
was turned loose near the Windsor
hotel but Ira was kept a captive andjclub held one of their very interest
was not re-based until 1::!0 in the in and pleasant meetings on Wed
morning after he had been forced to nesday. November Huh. at the
sign small checks which were retain-.charming home of Mr. and Mrs. Ar
ed by the men. jthur Sullivan, south of this city.
As soon as Kates was released, he) The occasion was quite largely at
called up Kd Mason in this city who tended by the ladies who whiled
drove to Omaha and brought' him away the afternoon hours with a
back to this city in the early morn- short business session folloved by a
inc hours and instead of notlrying most delightful social gathering.
Sheriff Quinton o-f the outrage, re-1 Musical selections on the Victrola
turned to his home in the country afs well us social conversation served
and it was not until later that the to pass the time very pleasantly mi-she-riff
was informed cf the affair, til the close of the afternoon when
whereupon he left at once for Omaha
in Company WlWl -wr. Iaies aim sr -
eral of the members of the Omaha
underworld were rounded up. but
none could be identified as the men
securing the booze.
Read the Journal.
From Monday's Paifv.
The dinner parry yesterday a' the
heme of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Harvey
at their farm home eight in i !es sou" h-wc-t
o:" this city, was a vn y pleas
ant gathering and sniut- thirty !' the
i r ; t lids of their so::. Oliver H n r .
were present to attend the pk-a.-'arit j
t'V'i.t, which was in the nature e.f a
reception in honor of Oliver ar.d hi.
char:ni::g bride.
Tk (iay was sp-:it in visit inn a-we-11
as in Uk enjoyni-r.t e-f tin- very
Dieasini; dinner that had been Tire-
!."" ''."
i ne in -ri j ru-rs oi i ne party. on ieav
int: for their homes, extended to the
u ni: pe-enie their best wishes for a
hmg and happy married life and OI:t.
free from cares and sorrows.
Car Belonging; to Charles Earl
Near Wabash Taken Saturday
Night No Tracs of It.
From llondav's Pailv.
Saturday night the Ford louring 1 1 lit- use of kt-rasene. but in getting
car belonging to Charles Karl, one ot the oil can . ;e cade a fatal mis
the residents of near Wabash, wa j t;..,-. s.-c-urig instead of the l:er.
taketi from the streets of ilaie : a vuu t,- u.-oiine atid had no
shortly after in o'clock am! : f-r no Soun-.-r jou:ed in into the .-n:.-nlder-::ace
if 'he machine has lieei: dls-,;;;- coals tf the fire than the hqukl
i ne car nau :.een tin . en 10 n;iin."
by the sotis of Mr. Karl, who v. ere at
tending a dance there and it ua- no
until they w t r- ready to start fo
their home that the theft of the ma
. h lie v-a.- discovered.
running gears ;
body on it. All ;
The ear has 1 1 7
and fend- rs and 1 i 1
f 'iir ceat.-r braces are hotix-m
and tlie boards under th- carpet
the r.av al are all liono manuft
tured and blue in color. The two
rear tires are new.
There is a reward of Sl'.O for the
arrest and c nvicticn of the thief and
return cf the car. The card carries
a state license, number 1 .4'.',.'.
the engine number is 1 .."'. i S.14
Services, at St. Luke's Church in the.
Interest of Naticn-Wide Cam- ..
paign Well Attended. j
Fr'.rn Murifia.'f t'ailv.
Yesterday morning
church. Mr. John L.
at St. KukeV .
J led el unci, of :
linaha. occupied the morning vvcr-
ship hour with a brief statement to:
'the members of the church in mak-;
mg the .Nat ton-v. joe campaign a, nomination .tr.tertainea in ais-succes-s
in every way. The addre.-s j t:-r City to the South,
of Mr. lledeltind was divided iniol
thie-e parts, that of loyalty, unity
and service and in each phase thei
speake r
v- very telling points to!
the member.- of the congregation. j
The attendance was quite large;
and the irreate-t of interest
Home of Mrs. Arthur Sullivan, South
of This City Scene cf Very
Pleasant Gathering-
From Mrniiiay'i" Pallv
The ladies of the Social Workers
ja delicious luncheon was served by
i ine iieisivss nunii v tia lrraiiy injur
ed by the members of the party.
The members of the club, as well
as the visitors, were loud in their
praise of the splendid hospitality af
forded them by the gracious hostess.
Krs. Roy Wiles Victim of Exploding
Gasoline which She Poured on
;mouluririg- Coals.
From Monday's Pally.
Mrs. Hoy Wiles, residing one mile
east and a mi!" south of Man ley. was
burned to death hot evening as th
result of an explosion oea.-ion by
iiourintr t:asi line on the smoulder::. ;.'
lire in the stove.
Mrs. V.'iie.-. was about to prepare
the evening meal and as the lite had
idled down thoucht to revive it l v
exploded ihe unfortunate
an in a .-h.-.t ! and in a
ie .-(, n-.i.-- ilt.r c! thin-' was Purn
i o: on at-.U tor nouv aiol lace nuvn
: eci in a terrible manner.
! The tl ranidlv spread : thei
room and .-non the house was ablaze;
u!ui ,!;iy t u. prompt work of thei
neighbors arriving on the set ne s:.v-l
od the Jan v 1 roM in-niic I in :;:! lo
a crisp as w.-ll as the hoii -e being
Ci .n. p'. e! 1 V d. si r. ed .
Tlie victim of the accident was
t t 111 alive when rescued and it was
thought to get her to tlie hospital at
Omaha. but while enroute
jouisviile to Omaha she died
Wiles was t hirty
!ca es- a hu. band
years of a:e at:d i
and t w o small ;
cniKiren to m..urn ner ueatn. i
Since an attack cf the ;iu ia:--t win-'
ter. Mrs. V;s has be-en having a j
en j: deal of mental trouble an:! it'
i-; th-. unlit -io- was m this condi'ioti
. when t he accident occurred.
Sh was a daughter ii Chris.
was a daughter ot
'eO:. one of the leading farmers re
idin:-. near L uisvil ie.
Woman's Auxiliary of Episcopal De-
From Monday's Pally.
Over sixty women, members of the
Woman's Auxiliary of the Southeast
ern Pistrict ct the Kpiseopal Church
of Nebraska, attended a successful
convention in Nebraska Citv Satur-
jday, discussed plans for the coming
! vear and wet e guests at a luncheon
'and supper served by the women of j
jSt. .Mary's church in the Fndercroft
of St. Mary's church. '
Miss Gussie Kohb. member of
Christ church, of Wyoming, which
co-operateu with M. .Marys in ex
tending hospitality to the visitors,
gave the address of welcome. Mrs.
J. K. Jdiu-s made a report of the dio
cesan meeting in Omaha and gave a
short talk on organization. The meet
ing was one of the largest held in
years and local women who were in
charge of the entertainment feature
of the prog rem were elated Saturday
night of the success of the conven
t ion.
Itelegates were present from Oma
ha. Plattsniouth. Auburn and Ne
braska City, together with those from
Officers present were Mrs. J. 13.
Jones, president; Mrs. William 11.
Jones, secretary; Mrs. Charles M.
llaller. secretary-treasurer of box
work; Miss Katherine Hilliard. in
charge of the Nation-Wide work
among women; Miss Margaret Hil
liard and Miss Alice Frye. in charge
of junior work; Mrs. Merle, in charge
of the diocesan work at Omaha; Mrs.
Alfred Klundell, vice-president of the
district; Miss Jean Morton, district
The following delegates were pres
ent: Rev. and Mrs. Wilbur Leete.
M-Mlam-s. Lee'e. D.innelly. Io;:elan.
loJge. Iaw- Rates. Livingston.
i'a:er-oi:. e:.i:;t, Ik-sb-v and th"
?li - P.arbara Gei i:.; a n d 1 ira
i'l'irkc. .:' Plat wivu: !i ; M"d:. nies;
Hurgra'.es. J:is.-t n. nrun a:.d Mi.---
', se.-? liu'chins and Tanner. .f Falls
; it y.
Short Hie '.'v.rial service- wep- 1 - I
for the late Rev. W'oity V. P,.:r:.e-
! !r- l-V. Ht. I........ . . i u ..
.Mrs. f'o'Tor w a- form rly pr. M.:.
of the organ iza? ion .
L'.iiichfuii and supper served by
.i.i. . . . . i . . . i . , . .
ijie .noi::.-:i . : . e : I a s k a t ;.;:-ti
Wyoming in the w. r- v.i i!
" . : .
six' y-f .ur !",- .--
I having Keen pr'-ren; f t.,.
I meal. N'eh "-a.- j;a "i!v Pre -s.
Cscr and William WiJsor cf 'This
City Learn cl Sudden I-atli cf
Sister in Auto Accident.
From M.roiav's !;:iiv
Last i v.-ii i !; a t:
cei rt ,1 by Will "lata
son. conveying the s
d.'Mit o! their s:.-tt
Har.-h. of X-w Virg
. '.-.sage was re
al i i '-car Wil
ad n v.-s- of t he
r. Mrs Joiin F.
inia. Iowa, who
Alts killed
in an a'i'
The ines
.: ! e . c-: er'..: y a tl e
i.ol ,i U- a ccid-n t .
.' .-'e !:d no( t: i ,- .th-
I 11 1 11
titulars f the
:nei' announc
eve lit.
cidetlt i evo
-::t 'of tht
d the
t ragic
I This
mortiitit: William and Oscar
it.d tl'-e hitter's wife depart -he
old lo :ne in Iowa to be
.it the fnn.ral fervk-fs which
0 ld tomorrow. The death of
1 bus c( me as a severe blow
rt tiiefs in this city and in
row a' d irrief n: the death
d for
; resent
v., 11 be
the si.-;
to t!..-
! t hf ;r ;
of their hv.-J o:o
have the b-ep.--t f
ent ire cominunit
the family will
n:!.athv of the
Services Held Yesfrdav Afternoon
at Ghndale Church Largely
Attended bv Old Triends
rn Mojehix s pai'.v.
Vesterd.-.v afternoon at the
da.e church were laid the services
jov'-r the remains of otio of Cass cotin
t ty's 'pioneer c::i;.tn.-. Charles C. llen
Ininus. The tuneral was a' tended by
ja vast concourse of the old friends
I arid neighbors who gathered to pay
I their last tribute tf love and respect
I to the old friend called from their
J midst.
The church was Piled to its ut
most capacity and many were forced
to remain without the church. The
services wi re- in charge- of Rev. Rob
ert Kunsendorf. pastor of the Eight
M.!e Grove Lutheran church, who
spake of the life of the departed and
gave lo the bereaved ones words oi
comfort in the loss cf their beloved
husband, father ami brother.
A quartette from Louisville sang
a number of the well loved songs
that had been so much enjoyed by
the departed during his lifetime. At
the close of the service the body was
tenderly laid to rest in the church
yard nearby, tlie pall bearers being
tie six sons of the departed. John.
Nicholas. Jacob. Charles. Philip and
Ferdinand lle-nnings.
The wealth of floral remembrances
spoke of the high esteem and affec
tion in which Mr. Hennings had
been held over the entire county. A
large number of the old friends and
relatives from Plattsniouth were in
attendance at the services.
Yesterday one of the dusky hued
sons of Africa was noticed by Coun
ty Attorney Cole wandering around
on the streets and on the matter be
ing reported to Sheriff Quinton the
gentleman of color was brought up
to the jail where he was given a
feed and his conduct inquired into.
He stated that he came from Mon
tana and was going to Kansas and
the advice of the counjy officials was
that he should continue his journey
without delay and accordingly he
departed over the Missouri Pacific for
the Sunflower state.
Wall Paper, Paints, Glass, Picture
Frnming. Frank Gobelman.
Came Here in 1857 and Has Since
Made His Home in Vicinity
South of Plattbtncuth.
Fmn Tuesday's Puliy
William A. Taylor, one of the best
known and highly respected residents
of Cass countv. last evening, was call
ed to his final reward after an ill
ness covering several months, but
which was intensified by the fact t Ii y t
Mr. Taylor just a few weeks ago sus
tained a severe fall that resulted in
the dislocarion of his hip.
The patient had been improving
tiie past two weeks and haj
almost recovered from the effects of
the broken hip but his age and the
weakening effect of his malady made
his recovery a matter of grave doubt
from the beginning and so last even
ing as the twilight was softly fallinr
the spirit of the husband and fat tier
stole awav in the growing sh
to his long last rest.
The departed friend and neigh
bor was born on May l,r. 1S:',7. at
Ke-J Sulphur Springs. Monroe
Virginia, ,. and was there reared to
manhood. Coming to Nebraska In
March. IS.'T. and locating near the
town of Plattsniouth. Here Mr. Tay-
lor has spent the best years of his
life, assisting in the development of
the community and in the tender
care of the family. The period of
his life has cove-red the most event
ful years of the nation's life and
has been filled with splendid efforts
for the betterment of the community
in which he has made his home.
To mourn the death of this good
man there re-mains the aged wife and
six children, one daughter. Anna M.
Tayh r having preceeded him in
death in 1901. The children who
are left to share with the wife and
mother the grief and sorrow of the
parting are Charles E. Taylor, of i
Waukomis, Oklahoma; William H.
Taylor, of Gordon. Nebraska; Mrs.
Grace Pugsley. Persia, Iowa; Mrs.
Nellie Furlong. Steamboat Springs.
Colorado; Mrs. Evelyn Stamp. Plaits
mouth and Mrs. lsabelle Propst. ot"
Ralston. Nebraska.
The funeral services will be held
Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock from
the home.
Ul I I U I ULu A lylAnUn
Or. Their Friends by Being vVedded
in Kansas City, and Then Re
turning to Home Here.
From Tuesday's Pally.
The nianv friends of Miss Anna '
Ixihnes and Mr. John 15. Kaffen
berger will be surprised to learn
that these two estimable young peo
ple stole a march on them by quiet
ly slipping away to Kansas City. Mis-j
souri. where they wire married en!
last Thursday at one of the Presby
terian churches in that city.
The wedding was a very quiet one
with only the contracting parties and
the witnesses being present. The
bride wore a traveling suit of dark
blue poplin, while the groom was at
tired in a dark blue serge business
The young people returned to
their home in this locality last Sun
day and are now busily engaged in
receiving the best wishes of their
many friends.
The bride is the second daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. John G. Lohnes and
a member of one of the old and high
ly esteemed families of the county,
and a lady who is held in the high
est of respect by a large circle of
friends in this portion of the county.
The groom is one of Cass county's
industrious young farmers and tne
only son of Mr. and Mrs. George A.
Kaffenberger, of Lincoln. He has
j Keen engaged in the conduct of the
j Kaffenberger home place since the
removal of the parents from the farm
and is one of the young men of the
community who have made a large
liiiniher of friends by his many sterl
ing qualities. The friends of this
young couple will join in wishing
them much happiness and success in
their future life.
, F r'-rn Monday's PaTtv.
I Saturday afternoon tit the co ir
house occurred ihe marriage of Fred
etifk Itoder and Miss Clara Sudduth,'
botii of Omaha. The young people
were united in the bonds of wed ck
!v County Judge lieeson in his usr..
pleasing manner and followins tnc
ceremony returned to their home in
! he met ropolis.
Establishment of Harry Smith, the
Local Monument Man. is Busy
Place Much Improved
The Cass County Monument Works
which was recently purchased by
Hairy Smith, of Flair, is now being
made into one of the best equipped
plants of its kind in this portion of
the state, as Mr. Smith and family
now reside here and are right on
the job in looking after the interests
of their patrons.
Mr. Smith is an expert in the
tstone cutting line and does the work
on the monuments himself so that
satisfaction is assured to the parties
placing orders with him.
The offices of the company have
been very tastefully arranged for the
display of the various types of suones
i handled and for those who are seek
ing anything in this line a trip to
this establishment will be well worth
From Wednesday's Pally.
The Woman's Missionary society
of the Presbyterian church held their
regular meeting at the manse yester-
( day afternoon. The text book, "A
Crusade of Compassion. ' began with
promising interest. The latter part
of the program hour given over
to the daughters of the members, who
showed talent as singers, players, de
claimers and in the art of story tell
ing. This part of the program was
greatly enjoyed.
In honor of the daughters present,
Mrs. McClusky setrved a Japanese
tea. The ladies, however, were ex
cused from sitting on their heels, as
the Japanese women would have done
while partaking of their tea. Miss
Edith Farley and Miss Ruth Shan
non, as Japanese mai'ens. assisted
, the hostess in serving and were very
pleasing in their mincing steps and
j many bows. There was a large at
j tendance at this meeting and all de-
noon of niinsled profit and pleasure.
See the show, "Boys' Clothes." in
1 6 Real Features this week at Philip
A Service message
It's Good
It's merely good business judgment on your part, to consult
your local merchants in purchasing goods. Get their prices on
articles listed by mail-order houses.
Many people who buy from catalog houses find out after
wards that they could have purchased more cheaply right here
in Plattsmouth.
If you get local prices every time on your intended purchase.
you'll find yourself trading at home.
First National Bank
"The Bank Where YouFeel at Home"
Use of Fuel Should Only be in Case
of Necessity Light and Pow
er the Same V.'av.
From Wefinesda y s pai!y.
The citizens of Plattsuumt h are to
feel the full tffect.-o! the great men
ace that is now confronting the- peo
ple of ihe nation w Ink the coal min
ers remain idle and the million- f
the men. women and children of Do
nation are facing the proposition of
The local coal dealers have so far
been able to supply he demands
made by the public but th- amounts
on hand are uncertain and it will be
necessary that they be handled in
such a manner as To e;iow th- great
est number to secure coal as is ; os-i-ble.
One of the greatest problems that
confronts the people of the city is
that of electric ligTit and power
which is supplied by the Nebra-ka
Gas and Electric Co. The company
has been securing their supply of
current from Omaha in the past and
are at present getting soric from
that city but the condition of th.- fin I
supply there is such as to make un
certain whether or not the company
there can continue their service.
The coal supply htre In possession
of the light plant is from five to c;x
days running, and has been carefully
conserved by Manager Ku ken Jail in
hopes that it might perrn't the plant
to operate even in ca-- of a shut
down of the Omaha plant. Coal has
been ordered by the local plant from
the west and as the mines of Color
ado and Wyoming are said to be op
erating on a 90 per cent basis it may
be possible to secure additional sup
plies but this depends on the greater
needs of other points as the govern
ment must distribute the small sup
ply of coal in as equal a manner as
possible to prevent suffering and
i hardship among the people of the na
The situation at the best is where
every precaution should be taken in
the care of fuel atic the savins cf
light and power by the people of th"
community in order To help save the
badly needed coal supply of the state.
Chester While koars for sale.
Prices reasonable and full pedigree
furnished free. Satisfaction guar
anteed or money refunded. Call or
write your wants. C. Bengen. My
nard, Neb.
Al the news in the Journal.