The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, November 17, 1919, Page PAGE SIX, Image 6

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Free!-Rodger's Silverware-Free!
We have made arrangements to distribute
Wm. Rodgers & Son
With Gash Purchases of All Auto Acces
sories and Goodrich Tires!
We furnish our business cards with cash pur
chases save them they are valuable. This is your
opportunity to secure complete sets of Rodgers Sil
verware FREE!
Gal! and Le! Us Explain!
T. H. Pollock Oarage,
Phone No. 1 Plattsmouth, Neb.
Car Load of
Good Dairy
From Saturday's Daily.
The tests fcr persons expecting to
take the census of 1920 will be held
in the court house in this city on
I Saturday, November 22nd. at which
time the applicants for this work in
the eastern portion of the county
ill be given the tests required by
the federal government. At present
the census bureau Is short census
takers in Liberty and Mt. Pleasant
precincts and would be much pleas
ed U have applications for these
There will be a public auct
ion of good dairy cows held at
Murray on next
Night Service without Being Incon
venienced in the Preparation
of the Festive Dinner.
C AT! IDHAV A CTCD VfAM North Fifth street and is
jni wiwrn m i L.inwvyi i ......
NTrrnDiTD --j the job in dispensing good.
From Saturday's Dally.
A new barber ha3 been secured
at the shop of C. A. Rosencrans on
right on
fast bar
ber work. Mr. F. J. Daly is the
at which time a car load of ex-i sentleman who is to make his head"
j j mi i quarters at this up-to-date shop in
tra good dairy cows will be , . i-, . ,
.j& , i l ij , the future. Mr. Daly comes from
Sold to the highest bidder. Columbus, Nebraska, and has had a
These COWS belong to Henry 'great deal of experience in the large
GHssman, and will be sold bn cities of the country and is in a po
tKe mnal trrmc. Tri cnf. will ' siticn to deliver the goods in his
start at one o'clock p. m.
line of work.
From Saturday' Dally.
In line with the experience of
last vear when an innovation wan
made in the time of holding the an
nual Thanksgiving services, the cus
tom will be continued this year, and
it is announced that the time and
place of holding them will be on
Wednesday evening. November 2Cth.
at the Presbyterian church. Rev. A.
V. Hunter, of the Methodist Episco
pal church, will preach the sermon,
and he will be assisted in the ser
vices by other pastors of the city.
It Is believed that the holding of
the services on the evening before
Thanksgiving day occasions less in
convenience than when they are held
the forenoon of the festive day. as at
tendance at that time breaks in upon
the housewife's culinary schedule
and necessarily serves to keep many
of the wemen away who would oth
erwise be glad cf the opportunity cf
Plattsmouth and Cass county peo
ple have much to be thankful for
this year, principal of which is the
fact that our boys many of whom
ate their Thanksgiving dinners from
mess kits last year, are home again
and can enjoy the feast of good
things around the family board.
Crops the equal of those anywhere
in the country (though a trifle short
of what they would have been had it
not been fcr the drought), peace and
prosperity all add to our enjoyment
at this season of the year and we
should all unite in the union ser
vice of Thanksgiving at the Presby
terian church Wednesday evening.
November 2Cth.
"F-e for Eye," a -creen drama of
the intense and colorful life of the
Far East, in which the supeme ac
tress, Naziinova, is seen in the fiery
role of Hassouna. a young and beau
tiful Arab girl, will be the feature
at the Parmele theatre on Tuesday
and Wednesday of next week.
One of the many unusual features
which this picture contains is the
real circus which was assembled bv
Director Capellani. All the phases
of circus life will be eeen by the
audience not only that of the ring,
where the performers are at work,
but that also of their private Hfo
and in the traveling wagons in
which they move from town to town.
All the acts which will appear on
the screen are known to circus, goers
of America and were engaged to per
form in their regular manner for the
benefit of the camera.
A large tent was pitched and then
the ring master opened his perform
ance with the usual grand entrance
parade and blaring brass band.
There were the clowns, the lions, ele
phants, camels, tigertj. bare-back
riders, and tight rope walkers. Then
came the fat woman, the living skele
ton, the two-headed man and all the
freaks with which circus goers are
familiar. The crowning act, how
ever, was the Dance of the Veils by
So realistic was the show that all
the small boys of the vicinity thot
that it was the real tiling and were
more than disappointed to learn that
they could not gain admittance. A
number of them did. however, by
the strategy known only to the
small bov, and to them it was just
the same as the spring arrival of
Darniim & Bailey.
t ttcs Tut Win l,:u S.u
3'.' i
l 5 6 1 8
n iz n n is
25 wzijiqzo
Last year many a good American
boy ate his Thanksgiving dinner with his mess kit, "somewhere
in France." This year we are all glad he can stick his feet un
der the home table and eat a real honest-to-goodness-American
Thanksgiving dinner. Last year you wore khaki thisyear you
will wear "citz" let it be one of our new stylish young men's
suits and to keep you warm "seeing Nellie home," one of our nobby belter fur collar
overcoats. We're thankful we have such splendid good ones to offer you and you'll be
thankful to get them. Let us show you now.
I A'
C. E. Wescott's Sons
Theodore Keim Hale and Hearty at
Age of Four Score Years
and Nine.
Mrs. Thomas L. Murphy departed
this morning for Omaha, where she
will attend the matinee performance
of Chauncey Olcott at the Brandeis
From Saturday's Dally.
Our good old .friend, Theodore
Heim. celebrated his eighty-ninth
birthday anniversay Sunday, No
vember D. Few men of his age are
as young as he. we say young
wittingly he is eighty-nine years
Mr. Heim was born in Germany.
He came to Nebraska fem Wiscon
sin in 1S73 and located on a farm
southeast of Louisville. Since the
death of his wife in 1018, he has
lived alone in the east partof town.
He does his own cooking and come? i
to town frequently to do his own
The Courier congratulates its old
friend on having attained such i
grand old age. May he continue to
live many more years among us
Louisville Courier.
j Almost Three Months Elapsed Be
tween Time of Placing Orders
and Receiving Goods.
This Means You.
When. you get up with a bad taste
in your mouth, a dull tired feeling,
no relish for food and are consti
pated, you may know that -ou need
a dose of Chamberlain's Tablets.
They rot only cause an agreeable
movement of the bowels, but cleanse
and Invigorate the stomach and im
prove the digestion.
From Saturday's Da nr.
Yesteday afternoon the supply of
bacon and groceries ordered through
the quartermaster department of the
government, arrived in the city and
are now at the poKtoffice, where they
are being sorted. out for,the purchas
ers who have placed their orders.
These groceries will be ready for de
livery on Monday morning and these
who' have ordered them may secure
tthe same by calling at the postofnee.
Mrs. A. R. Stokes and daughter.! it has been almost three months
and sister, Mrs. S. A. Green, were;Since the goods were ordered, which
among those going to Omaha this 'shows the vast demand that has been
Council Bluffs. Iowa, Nov. 14.
Several hundred Shriner and neo
phytes were gathered here this af
ternoon and evening for their an
nual ceremonial and initiation in
this city. Des Moines, Iowa, and
Lincoln. Nebr., were well represent
ed by officials and members from
Haganig and Sesostris temples. Tan
gier temple of Omaha was also quite
largely represented.
The feature of the late afternoon
was a lengthy parade in which were
over five hundred Shriners, candi
dates two bands and a variety of
mirth provoking floats. A banquet
was served at the auditorium be
fore the meeting in the Masonic
morning to visit for a few hours
with friends and to look after some
matters of business.
C. G. Fricke was a passenger this
morning for Lincoln, where he will
attend the Nebraska-Kansas foot ba!l
game today.
made upon government supplies of
this nature by the residents of the
different sections of the country.
Miss Vesta Douglass was among
those going to Omaha this morning.
where she will spend the day look
ing after some matters of business.
George P. Horn, of Hay Springs,
Nebraska, arrived yesterday to enjoy
a visit in this city and vicinity with
his relatives and friends.
J. P. Falter was among those go
ing to Omaha this morning and from
there he goes to Valley, Nebraska,
to look after some matters of business.
From Saturday's Dal'v.
Reports from the Immanuel hospi
tal in Omaha state that John Pala
cek. Sr.. who has been at that in
stitution for several week3 past, hav
ing underwent a severe surgical op
ciation, is now to far recovered that
he will be able to return home Sun
day and complete his recuperation
at his heme in thi3 city. That this
splendid friend and neighbor has
progressed so nicely will be pleas
ing news to his many friends.
Mrs. Joseph Hadraba and daugh
ters were among those going to Om
aha this afternoon to spend a few
Washington, Nov. 14. The de
sign for the "victory medal" to be'Q
given to every American who took!.
part in the world war, was approv
ed today by Secretary Baker. James
E. Frazier, a New York sculptor, de
signed the medal, which will be cf
bronze about the size cf a silver dol
lar. On the ona side will be a fig
ure of victory, with the inscription
"The Great War for Civilization" and
on the reverse side the names of the j
allied and associated powers.
Marvin Allen and wife were among
those going to Omaha this afternoon
for a short visit with relatives and
friends. x
Adolph Cechal was a passenger
this afternoon for Omaha, where he
will enjoy a short visit with friends.
Have Fcrd Mechanics Repair
Your Oar
Th- me hanV-'in our shop who will adjuM or repair your Ford
car. or Ford truck. m-n who understand the Ford mechanism.
ni who know the Foul way of nuking repairs and re- lucfn:ent s.
Th y are t-M-rirt red Fotd mechanics and hei-itnse of their familiar
ity with Ford i-nrs '.-.n do your work more intelligently ncd more
quickly than can oih-r skiilt-d mechanics who lack Ford experience.
The work on your car will l done in a completely equipped shop
with i irae--arinir Fird tool nd equipment. Whether your car needs
an adjii-tiu-nL or a thorough overhauling, we are prepared to give
ou car eful and promp s And nothing but the Genuine Ford
made p-irtH :nd repl tcenvents will be umL When the work is fin
ished, the charge will be the reasonable, standard Ford prices.
Our stock of Ford parts is always complete. Ardour Ford garage
and Ford meeh an ies are aU jour service at any t'me. We are Au
thored Ford Dealers and not only repair Fords but also sell them.
Drive in or "phone. Be fair to your car and your pocketbook.
T. H. Pollock Garage,
Plattsmouth, Neb. Phone No. 1
i v i i i - n,. M M.wmi i I i r - " i L! i r II l c
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w L&A : n
a jj ii ll 1 1 1 h
i D Jm i inn i inn lv i
XL ?jk,.. .T:V? J U J I J U j Ikll I
( I 1 I 1 I J
A drama that is fascinating the world!
Parmele Tuesday and Wednesday, November 18th and 19th
At 7:00 and 8:45 Adults 40c - ADMISSION (INCLUDING WAR TAX)Chlldren 25c Two Shows Dally D
. .. fuwwi I i i ii I ii ii in n