The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, October 30, 1919, PART TWO, Page PAGE ELEVEN, Image 11

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TEVtLovAY, OCTOBER 30. 1919.
I have a good stock ofj
Munsing Underwear. This
aavance ana me present price
will look cheap when my sec
ond lot comes in. Ladies, gen
tlemen's and children's.
Try my Premium Blend
zr- . r 1Q .
conee at a price or to cenis
per lb. I know you will be
pleased as this classes with
the so-called high grade coffee
for which you are possibly
paying 60 cents a pound.
Just received a nice lot of
new dried prunes.
6 tall cans Carnation milk $1.10
3 tall cans Elkhora milk
3 tall cans Hebe milk
3 No. 2 cans Early June peas.
3 No. 2 cans sweet corn
3 No. 2yz cans tomatoes .50
3 No. 2y2 cans hominy .35
6 No. 1 cans pork and beans .45
6 No. 2 cans pork and beans .90
6 No. 3 cans pork and beans 1.10
3 large bottles tomato catsup- .87
12 boxes purple tip matches
6 boxes purple tip matches -
Eulk peanut butter, per lb
10 bars Lenox soap
10 bars Crystal Spark soap
10 bars Crystal White soap
L'ge box Seafoam wash powd'r
Large box Star Naptha wash
powder for .29
Large bottle bluing .10
Outflanked at Tsarskoye-Selo. But
Putting Up a Battle Entire Staff
of Trotzky Reported Captured.
Stockholm, Oct. 25. The bolshe
viki forces are making- a etrong
tand at Tsarskoye-Selo, which, ac
cording to advices received here, the
"white" troops outflanked. The en
tire staff of Ieon Trotzky, bolshe
vik minister of war and marine of
Russia. ha been captured at
Tearskoye-Selo, according to a
Iteval dispatch to the National
Tidende. Trotzky himself escaped
by clmgin to a railroad car and
lotor fiAPinc from the scene in an
J automobile. Troops of the North
i western Russian army pursued the
.50 minister and fired upon his car but
Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday
of Next Week Popular
Prices to Prevail.
Its Disappearance from Street Being
Connected with Julian Bank
Robbery Returned.
Trotzky succeeded in reaching Pet
rograd. The left flank of General
Yudeniteh's army is reported to be
under fire from the bolshevik dread
naught Poltava, which is lying in
the Neva river, inside of the limits
of Petrograd, and shooting over the
Heavy Fighting Going On
I London. Oct. 25. Heavy nguting
,35 is going on along General Denikine's
30 ' entire front. The fighting extendi
for 700 miles from Tsaritzyn to
Kiev. The chief of the British
military mission with General Peni
kine reports under yesterday's date
f the Fnrmm nln o-opcriitli r An
oiatln of (irn-awttoil, elir.
Th- name of tins rrjuratio!i shall
!- tif Farmers I'nion f o-oprative As-.-f-i
iiitioii, of lirrrnwouil, Nlr.
Tii rint-iial plaee of transacting
tlie busings of tb is corporation slutll
l. t tire e nwood. Cass county. Xt-hr.
Tlie lusin-sfi of tli corporation Khali
h- tiic Imvinir himI Kellin? for itself or
on commission as well as that of
InniliriK and shipping- grain, farm
jirodiue. coal. live stock and farm sup
plies: to purchase hold, or lease real
estate or other property for the use of
the corporation in its busi
ness: to direct, own, control, lease or
operate train elevators. warehouses.
tnrelniUKts and other buildines and to
acquire property in any terminal mar
kets necessstry in ennductinir said busi
ness: to purchase and to hold stock in
other corporations; to borrow money;
to make, execute and deliver convey
ances and to secure the same; and to
do. perform and carry on the aforesaid
business in the State of Nebraska.
The amount of the capital stock of
this corporation shall be "f..
which shall Ik- divided into ::." shares
of $JiMi.nn each. $ 1 .((). 00 shall be
fully paid in at the time of commence
ment of business.
This stock shall be non-assessable.
The highest amount of indebtedness to
which this corporation shall at any
time subject itself shall not exceed
two-thirds of t lie paid up capital stock.
Ttie term of the existence of this
corporation shall commence on the 1Mb
lay of June. A. 1. 191H, and the same
shall continue for a term of fifty (.".(
uars from said date. unless sooner
dissolved by a majority of the stock
holders or by operation of law.
The business of 1 1 1 is .corporat ion shall
be conducted by the following board
of seven 7l directors until the first
annual iiwlinK as piuvidcd by its laws.
The seven 7 directors are John
Iaie. John Armstrong, t'has. Martin,
llarrv V. Bricker, F. II. iCod fel low,
. F. ivters and C I). Fu liner.
The officer of the corporation are
O. F. IVters. president: John Iale, vice
president: Harry V. JSricker, secretary
and John K. Wiedeman. treasurer.
The State of Nebraska, Cass coun
ty, ss.
In I lie fount y 'ourt.
In the matter of the estate of Mich
ael Timmas. deceased.
To the creditors of said estate:
You are hereby notified. That I will
sit at the fount J- Court room in T'latts
moulh in said county on November
1!H! nrnl March L'R, lOlIO, at ten (10
o'clock a. in., of each day, to receive
and examine all claims against said
estate, with a view to their adjust
ment and allowance. The time limit
ed for the presentation of claims
asrainst said estate is five months
from the I'.'.th day of .October. A. I .
1W1P. and the time limited for pay
ment of debts is one year from said day of October, 1919.
Witness my hand and the seal- of
snid County Court this "Dtl day of
OctoUr. 1319.
Count v Judge.
(Seal) Clerk.
Advertising is the heart or trade
Everybody uses It in some form ot
other to advance their business. But
newspaper advertising is the cheap
est and best. Try it.
The ccEat-leie Eleric Lilt
Power Plant
Safe for the children. Brings
lasting cheer. Bene tits the whole
Pyfjr' rP-jn y. n, u n
Tel. D. 5093 OmaLa, Neb.
l.t- i l..itili f-t f. U m i n IT SUC-
II 11 il l lur I I IV
cessfully for the anti-bolshevik
A wireless message from jwoscow
announces that the bolsheviki have
captured Elizabepol. killing a large
number of Finns. Official denial is
made, in the same message, that bol
shevik warships were unk in a re
cent engagement in the Gulf of Fin
land, although admitting that two
armored ships were damaged.
Leon Trotzky. the bolshevik min
ister of war of Russia, in describing
the soviet counter offensive and
capture of Pavlovsk. south of Pet
rograd and the repulse of anti-bolshevik
forces in the Pskov sector,
says: "The danger tanging over
Petrcgrad has been driven back, but
not yet definitely removed," accord
ing to a wireless dispatch received
here from Moscow.
The northern Russian government
in a communiquie issued today,
claims the repulse of a bolshevik at
tempt to " capture Povientetz. on
Lake Onega, with great losses, in
cluding a bolshevik vessel. The
bolsheviki were driven thirty-three
miles from the town of Onega and
several villages were captured.
Savage Attack Begun.
London, Oct. 25. Rallying under
the command of Leon Trotzky. bol
shevik minister of war and marine,
troops of the Russian soviet govern
ment have savagely attacked the
lines of the Russia northwestern
army and have succeeded in parry
ing, for the moment at least, the
thrust of the latter against Petro
grad. according to reports reaching
this city. Tsarskoe-Selo and Paval
ovsk, south of Petrograd. have been
recaptured from the forces of Gen
eral Yudenitcli. it is claimed." and
the advance of the bolsheviki contin
ues. South of Moscow, where Gen
eral Denikine's advance has menac
ed to a certain degree the bolsheviki
on the ancient city of the Czars,
fighting is going on but nothing as
to the results obtained has been
learned. Reports indicate, however,
consideration by the soviet leaders
of a plan to withdraw all bolshevik
troops into Turkestan and to aband
on Moscow. Serbian forces are on
their way to Odessa to assist Gener
al Denikine in his campaign.
Tobolsk, western Siberia, is said
to have been captured from the
Kolehak army by the bolsheviki.
This report, if confirmed, would in
dicate an advance of the soviet in
that sector, as last reports showed
them quite a distance to the west
ward of Tobolsk.
Has Made No Apology.
Vladivostok. Oct. 18. General
Rozanoff . the Armenian commander
in the far east, has not apologized
for ho nrrst and floecinc of all !
American soldietr at Iman. Septem
ber 4. according to the American!
army authorities here. The Ameri
can command declares it knows
nothing of the apology, which ac-,
cording to press reports from the
United States, Ambassador Bakh
meteff in "Washington said that Gen- j
eral Rozanoff has submitted to
Major General Graves, commanding
the American forces in Siberia for
the Iman incident involving the ar-'
rest by Cossacks of an American of
ficer and enlisted man and the
flogging of the latter.
From Wednesday's Daily.
Ycsterdav afternoon Sheriff ( I.
jQuinton was notified that a Iiuick
touring car belonging to John IJick
ert had been stolen from the streets
of Elm wood during the abbence of
the owner. The sheriff at once
'started preparations to notify the of
ficials of the surrounding counties
of the fact that the car had been
The car, it is claimed, was taken
by a young man named lirinton. who
had been using it for something
ilike two hours and then returned
the machine to the place from which
it had been taken.
The parties' interested in the case
were notified by the sheriff to come
in and lay the matter before the
county attorney in order that it can
be straightened out and the facts as
certained. The disappearance of the car oc
curring at the same time as the rob
bery of the Bank of Julian, in Nem
aha county, led to the conclusion
that the parties stealing the car had
driven to Julian where the robbery
of the bank occurred and the Nem
aha officials were hot on the trail
to locate the car, but the fact that
the machine has been returned does
away with the supposition that it
was used in the Julian robbery, as
the voung man was only absent with
the machine a little over two hours.
No story ever told in motion pic
tures has so thrilled the human heart
as "The Heart of Humanity." that
celebrated drama of the world war,
in which Dorothy Phillips and Wil
liam Stowell share honors of star
dom. Desides the dozen or so prin
cipals of the cast there are some
3.000 soldiers, marines, refugees,
civilians, etc., who take part in the
filming of the gigantic spectacle.
j Plattsruouth people should rejoice
at the opportunity of seeing this
j wonderful production which is being
brought to the Gem three davs next
week Tuesday, Wednesday and
'Thursday, Nov. 4. 5 and fill). Mana
! aer Petersen is highly elated over
j being able to book this super-attrac-jticn,
while it is yet comparatively
.'new in even the larger. cities and he
. is sure the box office demand will
tax the capacity of his house at each
; showing. The price is made ex
: ceptionally low, and within roach of
'everyone 33 cents for adults and
15 cents for children.
i In ;t little Canadian village live.
j Nanette, the ward oT Father Mich
i.icl. She is engaged to John, son of
John is one of
all of whom
Mrs. D. C. Morgan and daughter.
Miss Gertrude departed this morn
ing for Omaha to visit there for the
day with friends and relatives.
Mrs. A. L. Tidd was among those
going to Omaha this morning to
visit for a few hours in that city
looking after some business matters.
Having decided to quit farming I
will offer for sale at my home three
miles west of Mynard, three miles
west and four miles north of Murray
Sale To Commence at 1 :00 P. li
the following described property to-
wit: -Horses.
1 black horse, f. years old. weight
1 black horse, f. years old. weight
1 black horse. 7 years old. weight
1 roan heifer.
3 red cows.
5 fall shoats.
2 sets of double harness.
1 three and one-quarter Rock
Island wagon.
1 John Deere com planter with
eighty rods of check wire.
1 16-inch Oliver plow.
1 John Deere riding cultivator.
1 2 -sect ion harrow.
1 walking cultivator.
1 riding lister.
1 disk.
1 2-row machine.
1 2-row stalk cutter.
1 truck wagon. ,
1 hay rack.
1 Champion niojver.
q 21? horse I. H. C. gas engine.
1 Keystone hand corn shelter.
1 pump jack.
1 12-barrel tank.
1 10-barrel tank.
1 No. 3 Primrose cream separat
or. 2 a-gallon milk cans.
40 rods of 48 inch woven wire.
Red Elm four horse eveners.
Other articles too numerous to
All sums of f 10.00 and under
cash in hand, and on all sums over
$10.00 a credit of eight months will
be given, purchaser giving good
bankable paper, bearing eight per
cent interest from date. All prop
erty must be settled for before be
ing removed from the premises.
COL. AV. R. YOUNG, Auctioneer.
11. A. SCHNEIDER, Clerk.
t Li
N?,;iFs !! H! I'iii :;i i u ' j!!!i ! llu,,,:':,:," 'i: P b Ik
and ha. 1f-Rr ' f V ;:S ! :'!: ,!' .1". H I l.i ! ; ! f. .
- WWifv'
Tdddv rmd baB,
handmomm ooand
that clatey. practical pound
crystal gla numtaor uttn
mponge motmtenmr top that
Etmrtect condition. ,r?:-fJ' 'Sy!
CopyriBht Wt
by K J- Kt-ynutdC
v W:H I I ii hi
'ii;i:inn.iiiiimi i!iii''rtfiiln!W
Mil'! in !!l -I ill
I i i Ii IHSH.
iiillililHlilli! l i
tl;e Wid;w Patricia.
fur other brothers.
::Jore the little girl.
John returns from college, pick-
' tip on the way a traveling com
' rr-.nion. Oscar Strang. John and
Nanette are overjoyed to be reunit
ed, but their happiness is clouded by
Strang, who is attracted to Nanette
;!id makes love to her. Nanette,
however, remains true to John and
repulses the attentions of Strang.
Then conies the war. News of
;i:e opening "f hostilities comes on
tlje wedding day of John and
Nanette. John and four other sons
;;list for service with the Canadian
forces. One after another all but
John are killed and misery comes
into the home of the Widow Pa
tricia. Then Nanette's child comes
;o soften the grief of the mother and
the anxiety of the wife. Finally,
the fifth son of the widow enlists.
John's letters home tell of the in
tense sufferings endured by the
French and Belgian children in tlie
i.iH Vmicitp final lv determines ij
"" " " Kv
t?.. in their aid. She enlists in the,.
Red ("rots and is assigned to. duty
in a convent in France. She sees
her husband, now an aviator, but
soon afterward he is brought down
inside the German lines and is made
a prisoner.
In the meantime, Oscar Strang
becomes an officer in the German
armv. In the advance on Faris the
Germans take the convent in which j
Nanette is on duty and Strang meets j
Vnr.ette aaain. He attaCKS ner ana
a terrific fight develops. She finall:
succeeds in escaping to another room;
and bars the door.
Meanhile John escapes from the,!
e wm Pot &
PUT it flush up to Prince Albert to produce more smoke
happiness than you ever before collected ! P. A.'s built to
fit your smokeappetite like kids fit your hands ! It has the
jimdandiest flavor and coolness and fragTance you ever ran
against ! '
Just what a whale of joy Prince Albert really is you want
to find out the double-quickest thing you do next. And, put
it down how you could smoke P. A. for hours without
tongue bite or parching. Our exclusive patented process
cuts out bite and parch.
Realize what it would mean to get set with a joy'us jimmy
pipe or the papers every once and a while. And, puff to
beat the cards 1 Without a comeback! Why, P. A. is so
good you feel like you'd just have to eat that fragrant smoke!
R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, Winston -Salem, N. C
I have turned victories into routes.
I have trapped mighty leaders and
have crushed enemies.
I am without faith, and those v ho
trust me, I deceive.
Today I am fair to look upon; to
morrow a steaming bog.
I add difficulty to distance.
With isolation do I conspire to
unjoint the endeavors-of man.
1 tug at the wheels of the gristing
md b
I bumper
the r;ice.
I ; in an
1 ri- tl:e
I -i di-
I speed tin
ead n;
y i;e
in -my of church ;
":ib'T on his rt ;i : .Is.
::pter ot t:-- h';..e. j
!:rs! born In th'.' ciik'-l
when I ani fair to ff; and whui fi.'
would return I face him with my
forbidden depths.
I minister to bitterness and lay a
feo.; j tax on all the world.
There is none who lives who does
not pay me tribute.
When man plowed with a crooked
! s: irk. 1 wus t here.
I am the unimproved highway.
Men count me cheap I know the
price they pay who count me so.
Mv name is MUD.
i 15
1 P.
& 5223 ETra
German war prison and, in the uni-!J
f,.rn, i.r s I ;prni.i Tt soiuiri . w iiuiu
lias killed, starts for the convent, j
Nanette, safe for the time being be-j
hind a barred door stands in horror;
as Strang pounds on the door out-.j
li.if siio irrasus a knife, determin- J
ed to plunge it into her bosom if'
the door yields.
John, after killing two German!
guards, reaches the room in which
Strang is struggling to open the'
door. There is a fight and he kills j
Strang. Then he forces open, t he j
door to find that his wire has stab
bed herself. She does not die. how-j
ever, and recovers nun
weeks in a hospital.
Nanette is persuaded to go back
home, which she does after John
urges that their boy now needs her.
There is a happy reunion in the lit
tle Canadian village between moth
er and child, but their joy becomes
still greater when John, one day af
ter peace is signed, walks back to
" " t
' J
' 1
: :
the arms
of his mother, wife and
The foot that pattered in prime
val slime gave me birth, unchanged ;
while the ages pass. I have endured, j
Time has but. served to increase myj
infinite variety. fc-armoorn auu
without a soul, yet I live.
From the beginning, I have been,
man's enemy. j
A dust-colored python and I,;
stretching my length across hills and
awaiting ni time to cruh endeavor.
I have snared caravans and left
bleaching bones in laud now desert.
Empires have fallen because of
pi m i
"J u. I m m H ;-i -4 ..-1 v
lJ --r- I LJ m-2 fc J immmi fl K If
for O
13 c?osivenBon
om and raised in Cass county.
Farmer and horticulturaHst.
By education, training and experience
the proper man to represent Oass county
and aii its peopie.
Served two terms in the Nebraska leg
islature and two terms in the congress of
the United States.
El A
liiC i ion
ii rfi Mull miinriMirr fli i --
iii'i'i-iyniif m
4 Lm