The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, October 20, 1919, Image 2

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ALU NEW jfouring.
Announcing the arrival of the newest creations in
men's smartest overcoats.
The coat with quadruple guarantee - fabric lin
ing, workmanship, and 1 guarantee, which means
a new garment for one that give unssatisfactory wear.
Made by a house of national reputation - using
none but guaranteed silks and woolen fabrics, and
making nothing but men's overcoat 3.
Rain, wind, snow and spot proof.
Combined with all these, is pull, they will go thru
any place they are the top notch in coatdom, and
the superlative degree of class
$55 and $60 .
Others not making so much racket as low as $20
Farm Bargains!
1 2 40 acre farm. 12 Vz miles from town, fair improvements. 30
acres in cultivation and 160 acres more can be broke. $35.00
per acre.
2 320-acre table land farm, 14 miles from two good towns, three
quarters of a mile to school, two miles to church. Good Im
provements. 200 acres under cultivation; 80 acres in fall
wheat. This ia a bargain at $92.50 per acre.
3 320-acre table land farm, 15 miles from town. Good improve
ments. 160 acre3 under cultivation and more can be broke.
A hargain at 565.00 per acre.
4 160-atrc farm 9 miles from town and 1 miles from rail
road siding. One-half mile from school. Mail route and tele
phone rights. 80 acres cultivated; 10 acres alfalfa and 70
acres pasture. A bargain at $55.00 per acre. Good improve
ments. 5 720-acre farm 10 miles from town. Good Improvements. 150
acres under cultivation and 80 acres more can be broke up
very ea.sily. 1Y2 mile to school. Mall route and phone rights.
Subject to lease on 60 acres. 20 acres in alfalfa fenced hog
tight. Only $52.50 per acre.
6 475-acre farm, 9 miles from town. 60 acres cultivated. Fair
improvements. Thi3 would make a fine combination farm and
stock ranch. Only $17.50 per acre.
7 640-acre table land farm. Good improvements. 169 acres
under cultivation and about 100 acres more can be broke up.
10 miles from town and a bargain at $40.00 per acre.
S 4 SO acres of table land and pasture land. 14 miles from town.
70 acres brok and more can be broke. A good wind mill and
tank and fenced. A bargain at $27.00 per acre on easy terms.
9 800-acre farm 7 mile3 from town. Good improvements. 130
acres- cultivated and a lot more can be cultivated. Phone rights
ami a genuine bargain at $52.50 per acre.
10 1120-acre farm 6 miles from town. Well improved. 800 acres
of bottom land. Own ditch and appropriation for 630 acres.
400 acres under cultivation. Five sets of good improvements.
A bargain for the man who can handle this. $150,000.00 for
' all of it. Party wants half cash but would consider less.
11 160 acres of table land. 60 acres can be broke and is a real
bargain at $3,500.00. It is 11 miles from town.
12 4 80-acre table land farm. Good Improvements. 150 acres cul
tivated. 10 miles -from town. $80.00 per acre.
-625-acre farm 10 miles from town. 600 acres under cultiva
tion and about 400 acres in fall grain. Three good granaries
on the place and all fenced. A bargain at $80.00 per acre.
-51f-acre farm six miles from town. Fair Improvements. 160
acres in crop. Only $27.50 per acre on easy terms.
15- 320 acres close to Plattsmouth. Well Improved. Will sell
all or in part. An excellent farm.
Other Two are Still in Omaha Hos
pital One Unruly and Must
be Removed Soon.
From Saturday's DIU.
This morning in the county court
Acting Coun-ty Attorney C. A. Itawl3
filed a complaint charging Charles
G. Thompson, Fred Byam, alias Ja3.
King and Walter J. Miller with
burglary, as the result of their
breaking into the store of F. H.
Nichols at Louisville last Tuesday
Only one of the nieu charged in
the complaint were present in court,
Walter J. Miller being brought into
court while the other two men are
ttill In the Methodist hospital at
Omaha, where their wounds are be
ing treated.
Young Miller, who Is a mere lad.
just a little over seventeen, on
hearing the complaint read to him,
entered a plea of guilty and was ac
cordingly bound ove.r to the district
court to answer to the charge. The
other members of the party will be
arraigned aa soon as their condition
will permit.
Sheriff C. D. Quintou has beeu no
tified by the head of the Methodist
husiMtal al Omaha ' that the man
ISyam, will have to be removed from
that institution as his conduct ia
unruly aud cannot be permitted in
the hospital. The sheriff will be
compelled to have the man either
taken to the Douglas county hos
Dital or brought to this city anu
placed in jail v. 'h a special atten
dant to look af: r his case, but hvo?
not fully. dec: .?i what actiou he
will take.
From Saturday's Dally- ,
Yesterday afternoon Hon. E. M.
Pollard, of Nehawka, candidate for .
delegate to the constitutional con
vention, at the forthcoming election
on November 4th. came up from his
home and made a tour over the
business section of the city meeting
the voters and renewing acquaint
ances with the older residents of the
city with whom he has an acquaint
ance of years duration. Mr. Pollard
is one of the most prominent fcurej
in the republican politics of the (
state ana Has rrequenuy ueen men
tioned In connection with the gov
ernorship of the state. He was for
two terms the representative from
the First district in congress and
very active in working for the in
terest of his district. Mr. Pollard
is also one of the prominent farmers
of the state and keenly alive to the
progressive methods of farrairg.
Neither Mr. Pollard or his opponsnt
Attorney A. L. Tkld is making an
active canvass of the county for the
position of delegate, leaving it up to
the voters.
Wants Everybody To Know What
Tanlac Did For Him
Gains 30 Pounds.
F. G
Phone 108
Of fico Wagner HoUl Building.
Plattsmouth, Neb.
Ws wish to announce to the hog raisers of this vicin
ity that the hogs we will offer at our sale at Bartlett, Iowa,
on Wednesday, October 22nd, 19 19, are sired by the most
famous Sires in the Poland-China world and the Dames
are the same quality.
We are featuring a litter of Big Bone Leader, the boar
that was placed above the Grand Champion at the 1918
Svyine Show by many competent judges; and their judg
ment has been upheld by his wonderful litters.
We are also presenting a litter by Long Model Bob,
a son of Big Bob, a son of the famous Boar that Fred
J Seivers sold to Wm. Scar, and after he developed so won
derfully, Seivers tried to buy him back, but was able to
buy only a half interest in him and featuring him in his
fall sale. .-
This litter is out of a Smooth Jones Gilt that has de
veloped into wonderful animal.
The other Boars and Gilts are out of justly famous
sires and dams and meet with your approval.
. Write for catalog.
From Saturday's Dally.
The pleasant country home of
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Harvey, south
west of Mynard was the scene of a
most delightful occasion last even
ing when the parents entertained in
honor of their son. Oliver Harvey,
who has returned from service 'with
the A. E. F. in France. A laxge
number cf the young friends and
acquaintances of Oliver had been
invited to participate in the pleas
ant event and the spacious lawn of
the home was filled with the jolly
partyVjf friends who spent an even
ing of rare delight. A large fire of
logs had been prepared which cast
its lurid tints over the scene and
over which hundreds of the luscious
'wieniers w.ere roasted and prepared
Into sandwiches that were much en
joyed by the members of the party
The evening was spent in the pleas
ures of the roast and in visiting
with the returned soldier boy until
a late hour when the guests wended
their way homeward wishing the
guest many years of happiness and
From Thursdays Pafly.
The cool and wet weather of the
past few days while it has not been
greatly to the comfort and enjoy
ment of the average person has been
a source of delight to the duck hunt
era who are constantly on the watch
along the streams in this vicinity to
secure a few of the feathered beau
ties. There has not been much suc
cess in the number secured thus far
this reason as the ducks seem to
have passed up the Platte and Mis
souri as feeding grounds on their
long Journey south and the smaller
streams in the middle and westerr
sections of the state seem to be the
favorite spots for the game birds.
However the squirrel hunter is in
the midst of his greatest enjoyment
at his time of year and many hunt
ing parties are going out every day
in the pursuit of their favorite sport.
One hunting party that we noticed
a few days, ago leaving had all the
appearance of a big game party as
the array of artillery and accessories
pointed to a long and strenuous
hunting trip and it was a surprise
to learn that it was intended to be
a squirrel hunting party instead of
a bear or moose hunt.
The Statements of Plattsmouth Resi
dents Are Surely More Reliable
Than Those of Utter Strangers.
Homo testimony is real proof.
Public statements of Plattsmouth
people carry real weight.
Ask your neighbor!
What a friend or neighbor says
compels respect.
The word of one whose home is
far away invites your doubts.
Here's a Plattsmouth man's state
ment. And it's for Plattsmouth people's
Such evidence is convincing.
That's the kind of proof that
backs Doan's Kidney Pills.
Edward Martin, machinist, 1409
Vine St.. says: "When ever my kid
neys get out of fix or act irregularly,
a box of Doan's Kidney Pills relieves
the trouble. Occasionally my back
starts aching bnt it requires only a
few doses of Doan's Kidney Pills to
relieve me."
Price 60c, at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy
get Doan's Kidney Pills the same
that Mr. Martin had. Foster-Mil-burn
Co.. Mfrs., Buffalo. N. Y.
For Sale: Four room cottage, four
lots. Price for quick sale only
$1,000. Write P. O. box 607.
Plattsmouth. 14-tfd&w
From Thursday's Dallv.
Road Overseer C. F. Vallery, who
has been out in Chase county for a
few days returned home yesterday
and reports a very interesting trip.
Mr. Vallery made the trip with the
party in charge of W. E. itosen
crans and on their way out thoy en
joyed the use cf a private Pullman
car which was at their disposal and
mad the trip in' comfort and
pleasui'e. On reaching Imperial they
were taken by automobile over the
surrounding country and had a great
opportunity of viewing the land
that has become greatly in demand
in the past few years. While the
rainy weather interferred somewhat
with the trip it gave the members of
the party a fine chance of seeing
western Nebraska at the close of a
most successful crop season.
"I don't believe there's any medi
cine on earth can equal this Tan
lac," recently declared V. J. Rich
ardson, a well known switchman cn
the Rock Island, living at 60 South
Fifteenth St., Kansas City, Mo.
"I've gained thirty-seven pounds
since taking it and I feel stronger
than I have for many years." he con
tinued. "I suffered for a long time
from stomach trouble and indiges
tion and 1 tell you. I sure had a time
of it. I didn't have any appetite
and what little I did force myself to
eat would sour and form gai that
would get up around my heart and
smother me so I could hardly get my
breath. I had terrible headaches
and dizzy spells every now and
then, and I had such a pain across
the small of my back that it was all
I could do to get up when I sat
down. I just couldn't get a good
night's rest and I lost a lot of time
from work on account of the way I
felt. Of course I took a lot of medi
cine but no matter what it was
nothing did me any good.
"A few weeks ago I decided to try
Tanlac and I hadfl't taken one bottle
when I began getting hungry and
then I found what I ate didn't sour
and form gas any more. Now, I'm
eating anything I want and never
suffer from indgestion. I sleep
sound all night long and get up in
the morning feeling like a two year
old and ready to tackle any kind cf
work. Yes, sir. T sure do think a
lot of Tanlac- I've recommended it
to several of ray friends and when
ever they have given it a fair trial,
it's benefited them just the same as
me. As far as my own ca?e is con
cerned, if anybody doubts what I
say just tell 'em to come to see me
and I'll prove what Tanlac has
Tanlac is sold in Plattsmouth by
F. G. Fricke & Co., in Alvo by AIvo
Drug Co., in Avcca by O E. Copes,
in South Bend by E. Sturzenegger,
In Greenwood : by E. F. Smith. In
Weeping Water by Meier Drug Co.,
In Elrawood by L. A. Tyson, in
Murdock by H. V. McDonald. in
Louisville by Blake's Phariracy, in
Eagle by F. W. Bloomenkamp, in
Union by E. W. Keedy, In Nehawka
by D. D. Adams and in Murray by
Meier Drug Co.
w&n ail wMm&m ml lm -
MAKING baby comfortable isTlieone
fundamental law woven into Forest
Mills Babies' Comfort Underwear. Soft
and light as down and knitted so finely
ey caress baby s delicate skin as gtntly
a mother s kiss. T
A variety of fabrics for babies from
three months to three years
1005 Heavy cotton.
1008 Light-weight merino.
1009 Heavy merino.
1012 Heavy silkateen and merino.
1014 Silk and wool.
All fabrics may also be obtained in
button front or pin-back shirts :
also bands to match
Why pay $75.00 to $100.00 for a new ovej
coat when 1 can rebuild your eld or.e for a fraction
of the price of a new one. After having it repaired,
cleaned and pressed you've got practically a. new.
coat at a nominal price. I am dyeing a grea : many;
army overcoats in navy blue, dark brovn arid black.'
They dye nicely. Look over your winter doilies;
row and have themput n shape to wear.
0333 &u&
Main Strest,
Wivnrla OM Stund
From Thursday's Ially
Edward Hennett, who has just re
turned home from a "long service in
the Philippines, tells of a very ser
ious storm which befell the chip on
which he made the return trip to
the states. He sailed on the army
transport "Sherman" which, was
new when Dewey captured Manila.
and consequently is now sadly out
of date as an ocean going vessel, and
this in itself was not much pleasure
to tho voyage and added to the se
ven? storm made tho trip last over
forty-three days from the time they
pulled out of Manila until reaching
the Golden Gate and home. The
storm overtook the transport 300
miles out of Manila and raged for
throe days with the fury that only a
tropic typhoon knows how to pro
duce. The vessel was at the mercy
of the storm and only the expert
navigation of the officers could keep
tha nose of the vessel toward the
storm in the long battle of the ele
ments and one of the officers, Mr.
Bennett states, remained at his post
in the navigation room over thirty-
six hours, battling the ship through
the terrific sea and the driving
wind, that threatened each minute
to shatter the ship in the intensity
of the storm. When the force of
the storm broke it was found that
the vessel had been forced far from
its course and was only sixty miles
off the rocks of one of the numerous
small islands that join the Philip
pine group and had the storm con
tinued for another day it is certain
that the Sherman would have been
swept into destruction upon the
rocks of the islands.
'r'."n Snf iirrtfv rullv. j
Yesterday being tho birthday an-j
niversary of Mrs. Peter F. Goos. the
lrdie. belonging to the lower Main
street birthday club gathered at the
Plattsmouth hotel to spend a few
hours with their friend and fitting
ly celebrate the happy event. The
parlors of the hotel rang with mer
riment for several hours as the la
dies spent the time in visiting as
well as in the plying of the busy
needle and it was much- loo soon
that the hour for departure came
that bade the friends part after a
most delightful time. As is the
custom of the ladies at their meet
ings, Mrs. Gcos was presented wijji
a .very handsome remembrance of
the natal day and one that will be
a token of the kind . friends. At a
suitable hour a very enjoyable
luncheon was served by the hostess
assisted by her daughtors which
served to bring to the close a very
enjoyable afternoon.
From Saturday'8 Dally
Last evening A. F. Moore, wife
and little daughter departed for
Ilucklin. Missouri, -in response to a
telegraphic message announcing the
dangerous condition of a brother-in-
law of Mr. Moore. The message
gave but little hope for the recovery
of the brother who is suffering
from a severe case of typhoid fever
and the relatives hoped to reach his
bedside before the end came.
Office Supplies? Thzts wUtrt w
shire. The Journal Printery.
From Thursday's Ia!lv.
Keports from Omaha as to tne
condition of Charles Jelinek state
that while the patient ia showing
some improvement the condition of
his broken arm is not as satisfactory
as had been hoped for. It has been
nfressarv to Derform two operations
on the arm in the hopc3 of securing
ttinir - of the Dones,
y f "
the last operation being performed
last week. Charley certainij nas
had his full share of suffering as
11.. T.f ho unfortunate acci-
IIIU lUPllib Ui ' "
dent over a month ago and his fam
ily and many friends In this city
are anxiously awaiting word from
the hospital that the youug man is
getting over the effect of the broken
arm In fine shape.
'tiroc-Jersey eoars
for Sale!
A number of extra fin2 Duroc-Jersey
Boars for sale, sired by Crimson Model,
22d; Disturber of Sterling, Jack Orion,
2nd, arjJ Jjc.hs King Orion, 3d. These
hogs will weigh from ISO to 300 pounds
each, owing to the age. 8 have a great
number of fine individuals to select from
and if you want the very best I bciieve
that I can please you. I will hold no fall
sale this year.
Cedar Creek, , Nebraska
Phone Weeping Water Exchange No. 2S12.
BigType Fo!and-Ghina Boars
for Sale!
Fourteen Big Type Poland-Chma Boars
for sale. Black Prince is the sire of these
boars, and the dams are Waubonsie Girl,
Waubonsic Carrie Queen, Waubonsie 2d,
Waubonsie Queen. These boars dams came
from the Waubonsie Herd. These sows arc
the breeding of Weathcrhead Bros. & Wolfe.
Black Prince is the breeding of Adolph
James L. Terryberry & Son,
Cedar Creek, Nebraska