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Prepared Exclusively for The Journal.
is a word you often see in advertising
with many it is only a word here it is
an actual fact. Service means to us just
what it means to you. Service is some
thing we practice as sincerely as we
Banh off Ugh 5 on
Kodaks and supplies at E. W.
Keedy's the druggist.
Ben Roddy and family are enjoy
ing reading the Journal, they having
arranged to have the paper make
their home semi-weekly visits iu the
J. B. Roddy was a passenger on
the evening Missouri Pacific train
last Monday for Omaha, where he
was looking after some business
D. B. Porter, living In the west
part of the city, is having a new roof
added to his home, which makes a
good improvement and will be an ex
cellent investment.
K. D. Clark, Jr., son of Wes Clark,
an operator for the Union Pacific, at
Omaha, was a visitor at his father's
home over the week end, returning
to the city to resume his work on
I. J. Balfour and brother. X. E.
Balfour, both from southwest of
Union, were in the city last Monday
afternoon, departing from here for
a stay of some time in the western
part of the state, where they plan
ned to look after some business and
view the lands there as well.
Frank Pace is nursing a very
sore hand caused by a thorn having
scratched it to start with and later
being further aggravated by his hav
ing accidentally struck it against
the corner of a door, which
Rev. L. Morrison, pastor of the
Methodist church, was a visitor at
Syracuse the fore part of the week,
driving over in his auto.
Miss Grace Bogenrief, of Elmwood,
was a visitor at her home over "Sun
day, returning to her duties as teach
er in the Union schools the first of
the week.
Attorney W. A. Robertson and Jas.
W. Holmes, of Plattsmouth, were in
Union looking after some business
last Saturday. They drove down in
Mr. Holmes' car.
C. D. St. John, of Nehavrka, was
looking after some business matters
in Union last Monday, having driv
en over from there, where he is pro
prietor of one of the best flouring
mills in this part of the state.
Herman L.. Swanson, the affable
agent of the Missouri Pacific, is nurs
ing a very sore thumb, which he in
jured while at his work. He also is
enjoying the reading of the Journal,
which he recently ordered sent to his
Jack, Chalfant and Roy Upton de
parted last Monday for a few days'
stay at Ariba, Colorado, where they
are looking after some lands and at
tending to other business matters.
They will also visit at Burlington,
Colorado, while in the west.
Joseph Volfe, formerly or near
Union, but later making bis home
near Pierce, in the northern part of
the state, was in Union the last of
induced blood poisoning, and for a j the week i00kjng after some business
time it has been in a very serious
condition. Dr. Swab treated the in
jured member, which is now showing
very satisfactory progress although
it is still sore and painful.
Union Postoffice Mail Schedule.
a. m.
p. m.
p. m.
6:00 p. m.
2:35 p. m.
9:30 a. m.
Lincoln Branch
m. 3:15 p. m.
matters and visiting with old friends
as well. He drove down with a
larse truck. t?king back with him
a truck lead of apples from the
commercial orchards hereabouts.
Jnir"" Buster and wife, of Black
well. Oklahoma, but formerly red-
dents iit-ur Wyoming, where they
farmed for a number of years, were
visiting with friends in Union dur
ing the past week, being guests at
the home of Dean Austin and fam
ily. Mr. and Mrs. Buster are now
on their way home after a seven
weeks' visit with friends and rela
tives in Nebraska, Iowa and Wiscon
Frank Boggs'
and Lunch
Short Orders a Specialty
We Keep Open Until Midnight
In the Modern Woodman Building Also Operating Lunch
Counter and Hotel near the Depot
Ideal October
the best time of the year to paint!
Invest in quality paint and you have saved dollars.
Both in the purchase and preservation of surface.
We are handling
Siiemin-Willlams Products
They are quality products.
Now is a good time to paint your implements
before storing them for winter.
Frans Bros. Lumber Go.,
Phone 69-A
Union, Nebr.
Ed E. Leach is reported as being
confined to his home by sickness for
a short time during the past few
Dick Baker and wife, of near Mur
ray, were in Union for a short time
last Saturday looking after some
Mrs. Frank Kendall who has been
sick for the past few days is report
ed as being much improved during
. the past few days.
i Jacob Brown, of Weeping "Water,
who Is employed on the farm of Ar
thur Wiles, was a visitor in Union
for a short time last Monday.
Don C. Rhoden, of Murray, , the
manager of the Auto Livery at that
place, was looking after some busi
ness matters in Union last Monday.
O. A. Easter, living southwest of
Union, added to his reading matter,
a copy of the Plattsmouth Journal,
which will make regular calls at his
Nelson Martin has added a Pathe
phonograph to his place of business
and frequenters there may now en-
! joy the latest popular airs and other
music as well.
Miss Grace Bogenrief, whose home
is at Elmwood, was home over Sun
day, returning to resume her teach
ing .in the public schools here the
first of the week. .
Misses Alice Crozier, of Weeping
Water and Miss Petra Anderson, of
Lincoln, spent the week at their re
spective homes, returning to their
work here last Monday morning.
Mrs. Mont Robb and daughter,
Miss Gussie, who have been visiting
in the west for several months, re
turned home a few days since, after
having enjoyed their trip greatly.
T. A. Wiles and wife, with their
little child, changed cars here last
Monday afternoon while on their
way to Omaha to look after some
business matters for a short time.
Miss Elizabeth Rabe, of Lincoln
and Miss Anna Alhausen, of Otoe,
spent Sunday at their homes, return
ing to their work of teaching in the
Union schools the first of the week.
Miss Rachel Kendall, who has been
troubled with rheumatism for sever
al weeks past is now showing some
very marked progress toward re
covery, owing to the treatment by
Dr. Barrett.
F. A. Marler and son, Frank Mar
ler, Jr., were in the city from their
home near Murray, coming to deliv
er some horses which they were dis
posing of to some horse buyers from
Nebraska City.
Fred Montgomery and wife, of
Lorton, were visiting in Union for a
few days and were guests at the
home of Mrs. Alice Shumaker, moth
er, and Mrs. Jack Chalfant, sister of
Mrs. Montgomery.
Mrs. Ruth Roddy, who has been
somewhat inconvenienced through
having her tonsils removed, is pro
gressing very nicely at this time and
it is hoped will soon be entirely well
again. The surgical operation for
their removal was performed by Dr.
Mrs. Albert Queen, of Plattsmouth,
was a visitor in Union for a short
time last Monday and Tuesday, hav
ing looked after some business mat
ters at Nebraska City during Mon
day forenoon, and stopping off here
while en route home for a brief visit
with friends.
R. D. Stine is mourning because
of the fact that while working on
the farm for a short time a few days
ago he had the misfortune to en
counter a few sprays of poison ivy,
which inoculated his system and has
caused him much trouble. He is in
a way getting control of the poison
and hopes soon to be well again.
Floyd Bourtain, who Is employed
in Lincoln, was a visitor at his home
in Nebraska City over Sunday, stop
ping off here on his return for a
short visit with his friend. Prof. If.
A. Ward, who had Just returned
from a few days' stay at his home in
Plattsmouth. Mr. Bourtain, after a
short visit, returned to resume his
employment in Lincoln. j
While every endeavor has beenj
put forth to secure an additional
teacher to handle the increasing
amount of work in the Union public
schools, due to the addition of the
normal training and domestic sci
ence course, it does not seem pos
Bible to get one. The present corps
of teachers are making a heroic ef
fort to handle the work and are di
viding the added burden up among
themselves as best they can and it
looks like they will have to get along
that way until the board is able to
secure the much needed assistance.
department a new Oldsmobile truck,
which he will use on his farm, and
after the completion of his own
heavy work will engage in commer
cial hauling. Mr. Hansen is well
pleased with this new modern work
er and sees where he can greatly in
crease his earning capacity with it.
Mr. Willis is selling a number
cars and trucks just now.
Brandon, Stromsburg, stewardship.
In' all the addresses and lectures an
opportunity will be given for discus
sion any questions may be asked at
any time. A cordial invitation is
extended to all to attend whether or
not they be members of the Baptist
or any other church.
Observed the Liscovery
Those who are employed in the
I Bank of Union last Monday observed
the anniversary of the founding of
America, "Columbus Day" by closing.
the doors for the transaction of bus
iness. The anniversary this year
fell on Sunday, but the observance
by the bank was on Monday.
Buys an Oldsmobile Truck
M. R. Hansen, living near Mur
ray, last Monday purchased through
the Robert Willis garage and sales
Ghas. L. Graves
Union Bank Building
a complete general line of
Sermons to Make Men Think
This is truly a day and age of
thinkers. Are you one? Are you
thinking about the times the past,
the present and the future or are
you drifting idly with the tide of
human affairs, without even so much
as a single thought of whence of
where of when? Last Sunday there
was begun at the Baptist church in
Union a series -of sermons by the
pastor calculated to make men think,
and which are inquiries in a sense,
although they are answers as well,
Doing Satisfactory Business
i ne mercantile esiaousnment 01 1 7- " .; - , ,. ... .
Mrs. Thomas Cromwell, which is be- through c.ta tions from the ord o
management of Mrs. Mable Rey
nolds, assisted by J. F. Wilson, is
showing increasing patronage daily,
and is doing a very satisfactory
business. Both the manager, Mrs.
Reynolds, ' and her assistant, Mr.
Wilson, are able business people and"
are increasing the popularity of the
institution as time goes by.
Were Floating the Roads
County Commissioners J. A.
and C. F. Harris, the former
Plattsmouth and the latter of
town, with the assistance of
Vallery, of near Plattsmouth,
his tractor, were floating the
that have been graded during the
past summer and putting them in
good condition for the winter. It is
wonderful how a little work at the
proper time will improve the roads.
The commissioners are to be congrat
ulated on their efforts to keep the
roads in good shape.
Soon be Ready for Business
W. H. DivBois, who recently re
turned from the west to Union, has
leased the room formerly occupied by
Henry Becker for a garage, and will
use it for a battery service station.
As soon as the electric line from the
Plattsmouth Gas and Electric com
pany's plant at Plattsmouth is com
pleted into Union, he will open up
the station and will give special at
tention to the recharging of bat
teries. Mr. DuBois is a capable man
at this line of business and will give
his careful attention to seeing that
all work turned out is satisfactory.
Injured in Wreck Last Sunday
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Moray, of Den
ver, Colorado, who have been mak
ing the journey from their home to
Joplin. Mo., passed through Union
last Sunday on their trip south and
were proceeding, as they thought,
very well, when about five miles
south of this place, they ran off the
end of a culvert near the home of
Hugh Robb. Mrs. Moray was thrown
out of the car, which turned over on
its side, being quite severely injur
ed. She was brought to the hotel
at Union, where' she was treated by
Dr. Barrett and while suffering con
siderably from Injuries sustained to
her back, she is showing some im
provement. The couple are stopping
at the hostlery of Wes Clark, where
they will remain until Mrs. Moray
is sufficiently recovered to permit re
suming their journey.
to a full house probably the largest
sized gathering that has been in the
church since the coming of Rev.
Taylor to Union--and it was listen
ed to with great interest. The sub
ject of the discourse was "Signs of
the Times." and in it he discussed
the following sub-topics: "Is this the
war spoken of as that just preceding
the coming of Christ?" "Do we know
the minute he will come?" and "Will
the League of Nations establish per
manent peace?"
The series will be broken next
Sunday by the meeting of the con
vention of state workers, known as
the "Autumn Assemblies," and which
is mentioned at length elsewhere in
this department. The subjects for
the coming weeks are: October 23.
"Election;" November 2, "Heaven;"
November 9, "Hell," and the last of
the series on November 16th, "The
Second Coming of Christ." All are
live, thinkable topics and you had
better make up your mind to hear
Special Correspondence
Back at Ifcs Post Again
With all his usual good nature an 1
rested by the vacation which he has
just enjoyed. H. L. Swanson, the
genial agent of the Missouri Pacific
returned to his work last Monday
and with his family was pleased to
get home after having enjoyed their
vacation at Osceola, where his folks
live and at Eagle, where Mrs. Swan-
son's folks reside.
David Child to Marry
David Child, who Is the agent for
the Missouri Pacific at Cook, and
who was formerly located at Manley,
has been enduring the inconvenience
of no home for some time, and has
concluded to take unto himself a
wife to double his Joys and divide
his sorrow. Taylor Wilson, the
traveling agent for the road, who has
just been looking after the business
here during the absence of Mr. Swan
son will look after the business at
the Cook office while Mr. Child and
his bride are away on their honey
Bucks are Now on the Wing
With two sharp frosts and the
October variety of weather with us.
it is evident that the duck hunting
season has arrived. Last Monday
Fred Clark and his nephew, Ira
Clark, proprietor of the Union bar
ber shop, departed for the Missouri
river and with the clouds plentiful
they enjoyed a few hours shooting at
the ducks on the river. Ducks as a
rule are pretty clever, but two got
directly in line with the guns of our
local sportsmen and the poor things
were killed. In this the ducks them
selves were to blame and no one
should accuse the hunters of wan
tohly killing the feathered creatur
es. A third bird was killed, and for
this the innocence of the hunters
cannot be pleaded, for they did it in
tentionally, both firing at it, and
then, fearful least it might get away,
beat it to death with a club.
The Autumnal Assemblies
Under the direction of J. D. Col
lins, Sunday school and B. Y. P. U.
worker, and C. II. Bancroft, secre
tary of beneficience, on the state
board of the Baptist church, there
will be sessions held at Union which
will bo for the church here and at
Nebraska City, as well, on October
lDth and 20th. An interesting pro
gram will be presented and the fol-
Dale S. Boyles returned Saturday
from a business trip to Wyoming.
Frank Doty of Weeping Water
was in town Saturday afternoon.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Glen Sliger
cn Friday, October 10, 1919 a son.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Stroemer were
in Omaha Friday night and Saturday.
Mrs. Ray Clark and little daugh
ters EDent the week end with her
Mrs. G. P. Kahler left Monday
evening for McCook to visit her sis
ter who is very ill.
Denny Finney of Omaha came in
Saturday evening to visit his moth
er Mrs. Willis Whitney over Sunday.
Chas. Gcdbey went to Kearney to
attend the funeral of his sister Mrs.
Emma Allhands which was held last
Chas. Appleman left Monday ev
ening for Mitchell. South Dakota,
to visit Mart Campbell who is real
Mr?. Hattie Strain and daughter
Fern, of Bethany came in Saturday
to visit the former's aunt Mrs. D.
A. Vincent.
J. A. Shaffer left Thursday morn
ing for a ten-days trip to Kearney.
McPherson county. Yes. chicken
and duck shooting.
Miss Lois Keefer came home for
the week end from Shelby and her
brother Maurice Keefer of Lincoln
visited home folks over Sunday.
M. E. Stair left Sunday night for
Plattsburg, Mo., to attend district
conference of the church of the
brethern and will visit relatives at
Elmira and Hardin while gone.
Dr. L. Muir accompanied Mrs.
Nellie Garcia and small son to Lin
coln Monday where the little fellow
will undergo an operation. Miss
Delia Sutton also accompanied them.
Mr. Sherman Wolfe and Mrs.
Bertha Shelton were married in
Omaha on Oct. 8, 1919. They began
housekeeping in the W. S. Jordan
residence recently vacated
and Mrs. Ray Clark.
best wishes.
Mrs. M. C. Keefer gave
Catnrrtnv Tilsrht in honor of
at i j
hpr daughter Miss Lois' birthday
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Cole
Marv Wetenkamp and
mer Wetenkamp
were guests.
Grandma Rosenow and sons Aug-
of an VmU nnd their wives of
UOt 1 1 v
Elmwood and the former's son Chas
F. Rosenow and wife of this place
ioff MnndaV evenins: for a ten-day
vanatinn with Ferdinand Rosenow
and family at Clay Center, Kansas.
and Herman Rosenow and family at
Howard, Kansas.
The active chapter of Alpha Chi
Omega was entertained haiuraay
and Sunday at the homes of Miss
Marie Appleman. Miss Marie Prouty
and Miss Clara Dickerson. Boyd
Edwards entertained the active
chapter of Delta Tau Delta at his
home and was host at a party Sat
urday evening given for both Alpha
Chi Omega and Delta Tau Delta.
by Mr.
a house
and Miss
brother El-
fnstrnctivA addresses In connection
Whn ..J C U: with other denartmental work of
... !tb hri.h nrt it auxiliaries:
lowing named gentlemen will deliver ! Sunday the guests were entertained J
informally at the home of Miss
Marie Appleman. Mr. and Mrs. Dale
Immunity by Means of Chiropractic Spinal
Chiropractic not only wards off disease, but in any
case attacks disease at its source. Read these few lines:
Health supplants disease whenever the mental impulses
have Iree and unimpeded passage from
fZ. SS the brain to thc tissue ceIIs- wnicn thus
Sfi receive the vital energy upon which they
f ' ' M. skly depend for their harmonious
kiHlftPIt flllfcil action. This done, disease cannnt evUf
t&Wm:$$, " ,mPSSItIe for a disease symptom
human body with
srfect Alignment
Chiropractic adjustments brine the
Spine into natural alignment and thus
open the way for health to supplant
Thousands have learned the bene
fits of Chiropractic.
Dr. Edwards lxan tho practi'.-e
of nifdicino J7 years ao. In
1911 hp took a doctor's dejjTpe in
Chiropractic and has conhn.d
his practice to that school, lie
was for several yours oHicial
physician of the Nebraska State
24th and Farnam Sts.. Omaha
ig Type Poland-China Boars
for Sale!
Fourteen Big Type Poland-China Boars
for sale. Black Prince is the sire of these
boars, and the dams are Waubonsie Girl,
Waubonsie Carrie Queen, Waubonsie 2d,
Waubonsie Queen. These boars dams came
from the Waubonsie Herd. These sows are
the breeding of Weatherhead Bros. & Wolfe.
Black Prince is the breeding of Adolph
James L. Terryberry & Son,
Cedar Creek, Nebraska
Insure All Motor Vehicles!
I have accepted the agency of the National Auto In
surance Company, and am prepared to write your insur
ance on all Automobiles, Motor Trucks, Tractors and
Motor Cycles. I will appreciate your business.
Office Telephone Building, Union, Nebraska
I Am Now Ready for
Business Again!
Having sufficiently recovered so that I can open my
business again, I am at the old stand leady to serve my
patrons as of former timec. Every courtesy extended to
the trade. Place of business under R. D. Stine's store.
DRS.'UACII & MAUII, lilt utlillla
The largest and best equipped dental offices in Omaha. Experts
in charge of all work. Lady attendant. MODERATE PRICES.
Porcelain fillings just like tooth. Instruments carefully sterilized
after usin?.
call on
Union, Nebraska
tuc viiu&vu auu 110 ou ww . wu. f
A. Cook, D. D., of Butte, Montana, s. tsoyies cnaperoneu me
stewardship specialist; J. McGurley,
Topeka. Kansas, Sunday school work-j For tasty printing yoo cun'l .gro
er: T. S. Youner. Denver, B. Y. P. U. . ty,a Tniirimi nfflca
director; Mrs. R. B. Favoright, Fre- " "w
jmont. intermediate work; Rev. B. B. turn out your job.
. Fistula-Pay When Cured
A mild system of treatment that curea Pile. Fistula and
other Recta 1 Diseases in a short time, without a severe sur-
aicml nnomtinn. No Chloroform. Ether
C " anssthetie nted. A core tioaranteedio every case aecentfd
for treatment, and no money to be paid until cured. Write for book on Recta 1 Diseases, with names
and testimonials of more than 1000 prominent people who have been permanently cured. ft
nrn n
I t J In II -v ST?.
11 '