The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, September 29, 1919, Page PAGE SEVEN, Image 7

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    MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 1919.
1 Dozen Photos from Ghrist & Ghrist Studio
2 -Handsome Cut Glass Piece from J. W. Crabill, Jeweler
3 Electric Flashlight from F. G. Fricke & Co., Druggists
Following will be found a number
of brief p.iras;raphs. each bringing
out a few of the distinctive features
and characteristics of the city's bus
iness institutions or professional
men. There is a query or two in
each paragraph- To the person who
frsi answers tht-m correctly in de
tail will be given choice of the
prizes noted above. The next near
est correct ansr-er will be given
next choice.
rvalues must not be abbreviated,
bi t given in the usual styles of the
firm's advertising. All answers must
In- neat and legible. There is no
puessing about these; there is a clue
in every one of whirl! the identity
may be confirmed.
Any firm sketched here is privi
leged to answer questions, except to
1 1 11 that they are "It."
Answers may be sent by mail or
brought to this office any time be
fore Saturday noon. The sequel to
t'n is feature will be published one
week from today, at which time the
prize winners will be announced an3
they will then be entitled to call
and get prizes.
The competition is open to every
one except employes of this paper
and other relatives.
"B1NO." Journal Office.
A store of quality, progress and
I service. This refers to a large
" implement, harness and vehicle
establishment, where they are able
to supply your every want in farm
machinery, wagons, autos and trac
tors. If there is any tool that makes
t!i farmer's work easier you will
find it here that is if it has been
invented. Thy handle the I. H. C.
trucks a:ul grain drills. Titan and
Huber tractors. Just now they are
featuring portable grain elevators,
inside cup elevators and scoop boards
all useful articles this fall. Also
sell Uoike and Chandler cars. This
business has grown from a small be
ginning many years ago and is to
day the largest of its kind in the en
tire county? What ie the name?
"Values, like water, seek ttieir
level; the hat accents your beau-
tv 'treble.'" A fine eown does
not complete a woman's attire. She
miift b:iv rrrect millinery accom
paniments. We mention here a pop
ular hat shop which lays a good
deal of stress on quality goods. This
store has gained a reputation for
carrying the most dependable mer
chandise in the way of millinery and
hat trimmings. The new fall and
winter offerings are now on display
f .r the inspection of the ladies of
I'bittsmoiith and vicinity, i he store
tlsat sells "Kisk" hats. What is the
3 What is the name of the store in
riattsmotith that believes in pre
paredness when it comes to being
prepared to furnish its patrons with
everything they need in the way of
dry goods and groceries? This big
department store is not only prepar
ed to sell you everything you want
in this line but prepared to sell it
to you at a price that your poeket
bonk will be prepared to pay. The
dry goods department is most com
plete, where many of the most fash
ionable dress materials can be found.
The home of the American Lady
corset. Whf.i is the name? Most
everything to eat and wear.
jm Telephones have become a neces
1 sity in the hone as well as in the
shop. What is the name of the
tkphone company in Plattsmoth
that has been giving good service
ever since it has been in business in
this territory? The officers of the
company have not only been alert
to render the best possible service,
but have supported every movement
lor the advancement and growth of
the city and country. If you are
not using this good service you
should get busy and have them put
a phone in your home at once. What
is the name?
5 The ice man has had his inning
and it is now time for the coal
man to come to bat. What is
the name of the firm in this city
that makes a specialty of supplying
your every want in the way of coal
and wood satisfactorily and well?
Now rs the proper time to begin lay
ing in your winter supply. This
firm handles coal and wood in any
quantity desired. The service is
prompt and the price is always
right. The office of this firm is lo
cated near the Burlington depot.
What is the name of the good
bread makers in Plattsmouth?
It is the firm which has built up
a larirp business bv supplying the
people with the very best goods in naturally think of the "best place to
their line. v Only the most modern get them. They also do kodak fin
methods are employed at this bahery ; ishing and enlarging. Upstairs, on
and all products are kept up to a north side Main street. What is the
tifeh standard of quality. Besides name?
Written by '"SING" HOOPER
carrying a fine line of bakery goods
and pastries, this store makes a
specialty of treating the customers
in a way that will make 3'ou jvant
to come back. The name is that of
a large city in the east. What is
the name?
ai,r,c" An tn fHtinP- elmn
f is the bane of man's existence
Corns have caused more misery
than war. There is a shoe store in
Plattsmouth, however, where you
take no chances of this sort. This
is an exclusive shoe store and car
ries standard lines. They pride them
selves on being able to fit any mem
ber of the family. They have ex-.
pert sales-people who know how to
fit feet. Headquarters for Ralston
shoes for men; Bilk in shoes for
kiddies and the products of the Utz
& Dunn factories. What is the name?
When anything goes wrong with
your automobile, who are the
best people to see about it? The
mechanics at this garage know
. . 1
eccentricities of all makes of cars
and can come as near making them
run on their reputation as anybody
in the state. They do a general line
of repair work and overhauling, elec
tric welding and battery work. They
have the agency for Reo cars and
trucks and have a large list of new
and second hand cars for sale at
bargain prices. Now occupying new
and larger quarters. What is the
9 Paint will make the old home
more modern and keep the new
home so. Painting is not an ex
pense it is an investment, an insur
ance against decay, for good paint
preserves asit beautifies. And it
pays to buy paint from a painter.
Plattsmouth has a painter who han
dles the best in this line. He does
all kinds of painting and decorating
and will be glad to give you esti
mates and offer suggestions about
interior decorating and color har
mony. He has just received a new
stock of wall paper in all the late
patterns. Also handles a stock of
high grade pictures in beautiful
:ues and does all kinds of picture
framing. Drop in and hear a dem
onstration of the New Comfort talk
ing machine. It plays all records
without changing anything. North
Sixth street. What is the name?
We mention here one of the
fast growing banks of eastern
Nebraska. It is a twentieth
century institution that is large enuf !
to accommodate you and not too
large to appreciate you. It is pre
pared to take care of your every re
quirement pertaining to the banking
business. The officers and directors
of this bank co-operate in every,
movement for the advancement of
Plattsmouth and tributary territory.
It is their object to make this bank
useful to all classes in every pos
sible way. Name includes a class
that feeds the world. What is the
name? 1
The subject of this .sketch is
a merchant tailor who makes
clothes that fit from a care
fully selected stock in his own shop.
He has recently taken over an old
established business, and he guar
antees his work to give satisfaction.
He also does cleaning and pressing.
It is just as important that a tailor
press your clothes as it is that he
make them. And he is the "doctor"
for sick clothes. It is the idea of
the new management to give abso
lute service. You will get work
when it is promised. That means
something to the patrons. This gen
tleman is the representative in this
city of Detmer woolens and clothes
made by him will give class to the
one who wears, them. Located 011
north side of Main street. What is
the name? This good tailor does
alterations and repair work, also
dyeing of all kinds. Ladies work a
Can you name the building
and loan association in Platts
mouth that has helped scores
and scores of people who never had
the saving habit, but who are now
laying aside a portion of their earn
ings monthly and soon they will
have a comfortable sum for future
use? Hundreds of people are now
living in their owu homes and rap
idly paying for them with approxi
mately the amount they heretofore
paid for rent. This association is
composed of business men of unques
tioned integrity and it has never lost
a single dollar for its stockholdesr.
What is the name?
"If you have beauty, come,
I'll take it; if ydu have none,
come, I'll make it." This is
the incentive that is offered by a
certain leading studio, for man or
woman is yet to be found who did
not want to look well in a photo
graph. This studio is equipped
with modern appliances and that
enters into the making of luxurious
photographs the kind that give
satisfaction from all standpoints.
When you think of photographs, you
Can you name the big store
in Plattsruouth which, by its
progressive policy and fair
dealing over a period of many years
has grown year by year, until it is
one of the big stores of this section?
This success has been gainedby giv
ing right merchandise, right prices.
neui service ana rigui ireaimem.
This store sells men's, ladies' and
children's furnishings and a general
line of dry goods. Headquarters
for Butteriek patterns. The big gro
cery department of this store carries
everything the appetite could de
sire in good things to eat. What is
the name?
Good meat is a treat that
makes a meal complete. Thio
number represents a market
that, takes a pride in its reputation
now well established, for furnishing
patrons with nothing hut the best :
obtainable in the meat line. They
have as complete an asortment as
ever found its way into a polite,
. r-i' r --. - ti -1 r'-..t i 71.1 tf.rvd Villi in H
.ll 1 1 M L. 1 I 1VV I UI1U -: - - - -
r.inl-nc- ' 1 unnitl 1- t li t. T-li '
iiiiiiiiiei nidi uiaivio puuiiiufc, iwi-i -
a pleasure. You can depend on it
that their meats are always iresn
and tender. Poultry
and cream. Phone 12.
bread, milk '
What is the
The best place of them all.
This refers to one of the fin-
est candy shops in the state, i
This place makes real candy and can
fiimi.-ii von with anv ouantitv. Al-
tllOUgil Hie price ui law uiaiciiau
has advanced a great deal, this store
still maintains the high standard of J
its products and will continue to
sell at lowest possible prices. Yon
will Fnri n snirit of courtesv display-:
ed here that will make you want to,
come back. They have a fine se- J
ljtifiTi nnil n imv taken home from
this store will please
the whole
family. North Fifth street.
i the name?
This number introduces a
jewelry store that takes the
lead. It is a place where
good goods and proper representa
tions are always certain. It is a
stcre with metropolitan features
and carries an ixctllent line of jew
elry, diamonds. watches, clocks,
silverware, novelties, etc. An ex
cellen repair department.. Here is
also the proper place to have your
eyes tested and properly fitted with
glasses all kinds and all styles.
The place to buy Victrolas and rec
ords. New records first of each
month. The corner store. What is
the name
The building of a new home
is a pleasurable anticipation
and is an important deal to
anyone. It is usually talked of a
long time before it is undertaken,
and it means a great deal to every
member of the family. There is a
contractor and planing mill man in
Plattsmouth with a wide experience
in this line. He will be glad to
furnish estimates and will save yon
money by eliminating errors. He
specializes in the manufacture of
store and office fixtures and all
kinds of interior wood work. This
contractor specializes in all kinds of
cement, building and construction
work. Name starts with the 3rd
Tetter of the alphabet. What is the
When you arrive in Platts
mouth all tired and hungry
what cafe do you beat it for
to appease the appetite of the inner
man. whether it applies to a refresh
ing drink, a dish of delicious ice
cream or a good square meal? It is
centrally located and while there
are no waits there are plenty of
waiters to serve you promptly. While
there are no fancy prices they have
everything your fancy or appetite
could desire in the way of good
I things to eat. Once you try their
service you will become a member
of the "come back" club. South
side of Main street. What is the
Can you name the hustling
farm loan, real estate and in
surance firm in Plattsmouth
who represent the very best insur
ance companies? This company can
attend to your wants in fire, tornado
and auto insurance. They have a
large acquaintance in this section
and know land values, and have a
large list for your inspection at at
tractive prices. If you have prop
erty for sale, list it with them as
they have many inquiries for prop
erty. This is. a home firm, special
izing in farm lands in this com
munity. Phone 28. What is the
This number represents a
drug store which has always
enjoyed a good trade because
it has always served the public with
dependable merchandise and drugs
at fair prices. They have the ex- j
elusive sale in this city of that I
standard line of remedies and sun-.
dries that bears the Latin name
which means in English "King, of
AH". This name on any article you
buy is always a guarantee of qual
ity. Here you will find an excellent
line of cigars to meet the smokers
desire. Iu fact you can get any
thing that is carried in a first c!as
drug store. What- is the name." It
is the .place where you buy Sherwin
Williams paints.
What is the name of the meat
market in this city that has
been serving the public for
many a day in a most satisfactory
way? Everything is clean, fresh
and inviting, as it should be around
a first class market. This is the
; shop that sells "Supreme" hams and
Dacon ana ever lumg m iiku
1 meats. When you patronize this
market you have the satisfaction of
knowing you are getting the best,
i Fish, oysters and game in season.
I Five hundred block. Main street,
i What is the name?
What is the name of the con
cern which is the big buyer
and shipper of produce in this
leitv' Thev are wholesale dealers
in poultry, eggs ana cream. inej
buv in large or small quantities and
spII the same way. This concern not
only buys all the farmer has to sell
but. from the merchants as well
Their business includes a wide range
nf territorv and is a strong traae
puller for Plattsmouth. They al
ways pav the highest market prices.
Located on South Sixth street. What
is the name?
What is the name of the man
who is making good in the
automobile business? It is
get almost any of wants in the automobile line
filled to your entire satisfaction. In
the repair department you will find
no better mechanics in the country
ttmn those employed at this garage.
Thpv have accessories and parts for
most all makes of cars. Home of
wni.rH hatteries and agency for
Studebaker cars. Maxwell cars and
trucks. Bargains in used cars. They
are ever ready to serve you
jS the name?
mmm If any lady is to look her
QC est gne mus wear a becom-
ML KJi . 1 Dlnicmrmlh Viae a
I I I' I I .1 I M I II I 1 ."111 I Ml I H u V
.... . . : 1 . 1 1 V II Q
rminnerv store wmvu wvuiu
creajt to any city in the state. You
wi 11 nria here hundreds of hats, all
pmartiv trimmed, suitable for wo
vmme girls, and also a
l;irge line of childrens hats. Repre
sented here are all the new shapes
so much in favor and all sorts of
new ideas in trimmings. ncie
will see stunning hats, modest hats.
snort hats and hats tor aii oiwmoh..
This is the home of the Gage hat.
t ; n oiwavs welcome. What is
the name?
4 Who is the live wire in Platts
mouth when it comes to furn
daV ishing amusement headquart-
ers for the men folks? It's the place
where the boys all meet and have a
riUincnnt hour together. Down town
looking for a friend you win neanj
oi'.vovu. find him here if he enjoys
the pasttime of pocket billiards for
vitt, anrl nleasure. Here you will
find several tables at the disposal of
thnw who eniov the sport of play-
;v nwi-nt billiards. They also
handle candies, soft drinks, cigars
and tobaccos. This is an old estab
lished institution and the name be-
gins wnn A . " "l -
A. M. Arries. Billiard Parlor.
The Advice of This Plattsmouth
Woman is of Certain Value.
Many a woman's back has many
aches and pains.
Ofttimes 'tis the kidneys' fault.
That's why Doan's Kidney Tills
are so effective.
Many Plattsmouth women know
Ask your neighbor!
Read what one has to say about
Mrs. Hettie Cummings, Chicago
Ave., Plattsmouth. says: "I suffered
so severely from my back at times,
I could hardly get about. When I
got down, I had to take hold of
something before I could straighten.
Sharp pains often caught me across
my kidneys and for a minute I
couldn't move, the pains were so
severe. I couldn't rest well, my
back ached so badly. I tried differ
ent remedies, but nothing did me
any good until I began using Doan's
Kidney rills. Three boxes over
came that awful misery in my back
and made me feel like a different
Price 60c. at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy
get Doan's Kidney Pills the same
that Mrs. Cummings had. Foster
Milburn Co., Mfgrs., Buffalo. N. Y.
Team geldings 4 and 6 years-old.
wt. 2800 lbs. sound.
Team mares 5 and 7 years old, wt.
2 4 00 lbs. sound. A. O. AULT.
29-4tw Cedar Creek, Nebr.
Harold Bell Wrights new book.
"The Recreation of Brian Kent"
will be found on sale at the Journal
The complete Electric Light and
Power Flant
Operates a vacuum cleaner the
modern and sanitary vray to sweep
Tel. D. 5093 Ojaha, NebT
L. C. Dunn of Omaha, rormerly a
prominent resident of Glenwood,
a-id captain of Co. I, 168th infantry.
a part of the famous Rainbow divi
fiou, was in the city yesterciay for
th- day looking after some busi
ness affairs. Captain Dunn has
dropped back into the civilian life
a-.d is engaged in selling a special
moving picture machine for use in
the public schoois. The captain has
had a notable experience 'n the
great war as his company was con
stantly in service from the time of
its arrival in France in the winter
of 1917 until tlie return home in
the last part of April this year.
There were a number of young men
from this city enlisted in the per
sonnel of Co. I, and served under
Captain Dunn.
The undersigned will offer for
sale at their farm, 6 miles west and
3 miles north of Plattsmouth; 3V
miles east and mile north of
Cedar Creek, just north of the
Dovey section, on
The following described property,
Seven Head of Horses.
One team of mares, 4 and 5 years
old, wt. 2400.
One white horse, 8 years old, wt.
One bay horse, 10 years old, wt.
One sorrel horse, 8 years old, wt.
1150. t
One bay mare, 3 years old, wt.
One spotted saddle pony, 4 years
old, wt. 800.
Three Mules.
One team of mules, 4 years old,
wt. 2700.
One mule, 12 years old, wt. 1250.
40 Head Of Cattle.
Two milk cows; one dry cow.
One Short-Horn bull, 15 months
old. ;
One white face bull, 12 months
Thirty-one head of yearlings.
One hundred head of shoats.
Farming Machinery.
One hay stacker; 2 hay sweeps.
One Deering mower; 1 Emerson
One McCormick hay rake.
One side delivery hay rake.
One Deering 7-foot binder.
One John Deere disc, almost new.
One John Deere cultivator.
One walking lister; 1 14-inch
stirring plow.
One Moline 12-inch gang plow, in
good shape.
One box wagon : JL truck wagon.
One hog rack, 14-feet long; 1 hay
One 3-section harrow; one 2-sec-tion
Three sets of work harness.
One set of buggy harness.
One top buggy; 1 carriage.
Many other articlesetoo numerous
to mention.
Sale to Commence at 10:00 A. M.
All sums of J10.00 and under
cash; on all sums over $10.00 a
credit of eight months will be given,
purchaser giving good bankable pa
per, bearing 8 per cent from date.
All property must be settled for be
fore being removed from the prem
ises. JEAN & HARGER.
COL. W. R. YOUNG. Auctioneer.
6 miles west of Plattsmouth on the Louisville road,
Friday, October 10 th, 1919-
These pigs are sired by such herd boars as Belle's Wonder Top, Sensation
Supreme, Mammoth Sensation 2d, King of Orion, Jr. and Sensation Wonder 5 th.
Will Also Sell Two Sows with Litters at Side.
Free Lunch Served at Noon
Col. W. R. Young, Auctioneer. G. O. Dovey. Clerk.
v ;- 1.
plant H
money in.
ojTLd. a row cl
From Friday's Daily.
The writer met C. A. Rawls last
evening and observed a more-than-busy
appearance about his move
ments. Inquiring how the homecom
ing celebration arrangements arc
progressing we learned that thing?
are moving along fine. Mr. Rawls
had a bundle of letters, one of which
is being sent to each ex-service man
in the county personal invitations
to attend the gala-da event in this
city next Saturday. Of course, as
is always the case, there will be a
few soldiers within the confines of
the county whose addresses are not
in the hands of the mailing commit
tee, and who therefore will not re
ceive one of these letters, but that
is no sign they will not be as wel
come as the rest. The affair is be
ing arranged for all ex-service men
and women and it is hoped every
one will participate in the good time
provided for them.
160 acres farm in Perkins coun
ty, Nebraska. All broke, one 80
acres being put into wheat now.
Bargain if taken soon. Call on or
write C. S. Trumble, Eagle, Nebr,
owner, 29-2tw
Opal B. Cole, of near Mynard,
Nebr., is among the Cass county la
dies enrolled at the Nebraska state
university at Lincoln this year.
Miss Cole is a graduate of the Tlatts
mouth high school and one of the
talented young ladies who have been
turned out from thia educaional in
stitution and in the state university
will continue her work along the
lines of higher education.
vmsmM. -
v: -V
State Bank
Bridge Bond Question.
Notice is hereby given that a
Special Election will be held, in tho
County of Cass, Nebraska, at ths
regular voting places in said coun
ty on the 4th day of November A. D.
1919. between the hours of eight
(8:00) o'clock in the morning and six
(G:00 o'clock in the afternoon of
the same day, at which time and
place there will be submitted to the
qualified electors of said County of
Cass,,, Nebraska, for adoption or re
jection the following proposition to
be voted upon, to-wit:
"Shall the Board of County Com
missioners of the County of Cass.
Nebraska, be authorized to is.Mie
coupon bonds to be known as Bridg'3
Bonds of said county in an amount
not exceeding $100,000.00, said
bonds to be payable to bearer and
to become due in five years from
date, but payable at any time after
three years from date at the optiou
of said county and bearing interest
at a rate not to exceed six per cent
(6) per annum, payable annually,
said bonds to be dated on date of
"And, shall the County Board of
Equalization of the County of Cass,
Nebraska, annually levy the neces
sary tax upon all the taxable prop
erty of said county in addition to all
other taxes to pay the interest on
said Bridge Bonds as the same may4
become due and levy a tax to pro
vide an amount sufficient to pay the
principal of said bonds as they may
become due and payable, for the pur
pose of constructing bridges in the
public highways of said county?"
Dated this 16th day of September
A. D. 1919. .
By order of the County Board f
County Commissioners of the County
of Cass, Nebraska.
Chairman of the County Board of
County Commissioners.
s25-4wdaw. County Clerk.
A line of stationery at the Jour
nal office that can't be excelled and
Is hard to equai.