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    MONDAY. SEPTEMBER 8. 1919.
PLATTKMoirrn son-wrEKrr jouhnal.
Ma Ak M k i
Does Your Bank Meet With the
Following Requirements?
Are the depositors protected by the Depositors Guaranty Fund
of the State of Nebraska?
Has it proven to you that it is able and willing to take care or"
you ami loan you iiiney in "hard times" as well as when money
is plentiful?
Are its officers ami directors persons of ample financial means,
and ::re they conservative and proven practical bankers?
Io the oiiicers and directors own the majority of the Capital
Stock in the bank, so that by their investment they are sufficiently
interested to do their best at all times, and look after the interests
of their customers "through thick and thin"?
Are you given courteous treatment and prompt service and
made to feel welcome, and shown that your business is appre
ciated? If your bank meets with the above conditions, we
suggest that you continue doing your business where you
are at the present time, as you make no mistake in stay
ing with" an established, reliaoie banking institution,
which has proved to have made good.
P.ut should you be considering making a change in
yuiir banking connections, we shall Ik? glad to have you
call and talk matters over with us. We will treat you right.
Where You Feel at Home
I'tuier the present management for the past ten years.
11KNKY A. TOOL. President JAXETTK A. GUTHMAXN. Vico-I'rcs.
now about
l Herman Smith and wife, who has
'been visiting for some time at Hast-
ings, returned home a few days ago.
! Fred and Otto Lake were attend
ing the funeral of their mother,
who passed away a short time since
at her late home at Weepin
on last Sunday.
Carl Schneider, Fred Kupke and
Otto Wtitrnian, who are attending
1 j 1 ' . I u'linul at Concordia, Kansas, depart-
. 1 i e - 1 . !,.. T...-!..,-
II. P. Denning and family wore James Barry and W. O. Gillespie lur luu "lBL "u"""-'' -
enjovinsr tliL societv of their friends ' made a visit at Arriba.
during the past week, where they
The fall plowing is
John Gakemeier arrived home
from the western portion of the
state last Thursday.
Plattsmouth on Monday of last week
and found the office of the county
judge closed on account of it being
Labor day, so being unable to get
in touch with either the judge or
his obliging clerk, Miss White, they
were compelled to return home in
a state of single blessedness. Fri
day morning this couple concluded
Will Consider Lighting- Proposition
At the next meeting of the town ; they would try again, and went to
board of Murdock. which will be Lincoln, where they visited the state
held at an early date, there will be fair, and at the same time secured a
sonic parties present from Lincoln license and were united in mar-
1- ill . I . . l...rrtrt bn .1 a 1. rrr T'li tit w -rs s lit ls clir r Kaii
Jul"e H A Gact was a visitor at vuo w11 piace utiui i uu uuui u m aoc. ucj uc ntuc cnwm,
the state fair last Wednesday where proposition of furnishing electric it.-and were endeavoring to keep it
he did not go up in an aeroplane. lights for Murdock. The juice will from their friends until after the
be supplied over a transmission line ceremony nau oeen pertormeu ior
coming from the capital city via J some days, but close friends could
Greenwood. Murdock is in need of not keep the secret and so the cat
this service and steps will be taken . is out of the bag- They will make
to secure the lighting of the city if their home in Murdock and eventual-
C. L. Miller was visiting at the
state fair last Thursday and says it
was up to standard or a little better.
Prof. Burwell lias been secured
for the position of principal of the
Murdock schools, thus completing the
quota of teachers.
Miss Olive Burke, one ot the local j.St Saturday night and Sunday town. The Journal unites with their
teachers, is kept away by reason of jerrv McIIugh, Robert Williams and, many friends in extending congratu
lations and best wishes for their fu
ture happiness and success.
Some One Caught the Fish
ly will build a home of their own in
the city, thus adding to the attrac
tive new residences that grace the
receiving treatment in a hospital at Harold Tool sojourned at the "shack"
Omaha at present. on the Platte river taking with them
John W. Reasoner and A. D. Mc- all the known allurements with
Wright, both of Ashland, wre look- which to endeavor " to induce some
ing after some business matters in of the finny tribe in the river to
Murdock one day this last week. take hold ami be lifted out to a
of place of safety (?) but even the
Miss Esther Smith, daughter
suckers were too wise and so their
efforts were futile. They secured,
however, the assistance of an expert
Would Locate in Murdock
J. II. Buck, of Neiigh, and anoth
er man were in Murdock last. Friday,
endeavoring to purchase the black
smith shop of Robert Williams, and
while Mr. Williams is doing an ex
cellent business, the offer of a good
While the ne-
the matter
fisherman who. for a paltry sum of . price was tempting
silver, delivered some of tie fish negotiations were pendin
had caught, and they managed to 'of a place to live was thought of.
Water nav; a nsu suPPer despite the fact; and after a canvass of the city it
that luck was against them. i was lounct . mat tne oniy vacant
place in the entire city is the old
postotfice building. Just what the
of prospective purchasers will do re-
Cars Have Collision
the O street road south
few evenings since, while mains to be seen, but Mr. Williams
were looking after some land.
cleaned up on their corn, having
and seeing the new things at ttu
Ltate fair Wednesday of ia t week.
W. O. Gillespie and family were
visitors at the state fair for a day
this week and found the annual
meet fully up to or a little ahead of
former ones.
George Yandenberg, H. U". Tool.
Harry Gillespie ind Lacy McDonald
v.-ere spending the day Wednesday at
the state fair and report it the big
gest thing ever.
August Panska and family were
attending the state fair last Tues
day, where they enjoyed the ooc
hion to the limit, seeing things the
past year has brought out and uoi
ir.g the progress of the age.
Louis Neitzcl and wife were taking
in the state fair last Wednesday. humble bees, which immediately de
Colorado. they go to take up tneir work.
Albert Then, wno nas oeen
at the Saint Elizabeth hospital in
Both the elevators have entirely 1 1-inc)M' for some time, arrived home
r' about a week since, and is leeling
shipped the last they had in store ajSrea,l m.proveu as a resuu ei ....
i ireai iiifiu.
town a
passing over a culvert a large tour-j is kept so busy he hasn't time to
ing car and a Ford came together, j worry about whether the deal may
the fender of the large car catching t fall through on account of lack cf a
the front wheel of the Ford car and place to live.
tearing it off. The wheel was thrown
Miss Ruth Sorrick will teach what
is known as the Zoo school for the
coming year. Miss Sorrick is an accompli.-bed
young lady and withal an
excellent instructor. She will make
a success of thi. school.
H. Kell. who has been in the
!. ing the product-.; of th :tale on i-iarcd
tew days ago. and are now filled toi
the brim with wheat, and more to
John Amgwert has been troubled
with rheumatism for the past, few
days, interfering with his work, but
. ' v .... v . f . ... . ..v . . . - ' . f ' ' m . . ' j
It-it so miicn improved inursaav. , ..,,:.,
;otv lor some time past constructing
that lie deemed himself able to take .. ?
, . ia cold storage cave tor O-car Mc
a dav off am: attend the state fair. , ,, , , . . .,..: .. ...
i Donald, has completed his portion ct
in company with his family. I , , . . . . ; . ,-
' the work, and departed last I- nda
William Westfall was limping ff , , , t uaveiock.
i . . .- 1
arouuii m til weeh. on-aecouiii 01 ua - n,.,,.-,. MnvurinrciMi
Bornemeier accompanied-II. A. Gnrh-
ui.1 nn to Burlington, Colorado,
: good distance from the car and the
casing and inner tube were neither
one found. The impact of the c.;J
Visits Friends at Murdock
John Cook, of Beaver City, who
formerly lived near town, was a
. . i . . ......
lission turned the Ford completely I visitor in .Murdock tor a short time
around, the occupants being given last Friday, where he drove in his
the shaking up of their lives, but! car from Lincoln, he having been in
otherwise no great damage was dor.o. ! the capital city attending the state
other car never stopped, but fair. He was on his way to Elm-
wood to visit his brother George.
jar.d from there went on to Platts
mouth to visit another brother, C.
! E. Cook. John, who has made his
About to ytars or so Ago. K. II. 1 home in the west for a number of
made haste to get out of the coun
try as soon as possible.
Sells Farm for Nice Profit.
ing come in contact with a nest of
state of war to exi .t" be-
exhibitioii. the auto races and the ;t ween themselves and Mr. Westfall.
I first of last week, where they
interested in some land, and went ! maneuvers which would .This resulted in the ultimate exter- ' 1(J(,k th( oomurv over as wt,n.
have shocked one nearly to death a ! m jilat ion of the bees, while Mr. WVst-
few years ago. but which are already I faji came out
regarded as commonplace sights.
Henry iteickman. Herman Smith
and II. A. C.uthmann and families'
much the worse for
Rev. Howard Tool and family, of
Lincoln, were visiting in the city
the battle. j;i!.t weoiif -nests at the home ol
John Bauer and wife, with their. Arthur J. Tool and family, w ho i?
children, are visiting in the neiii-:a Lrotiier of Rev. Tool, and also vis-
weie among those who attended the j borluiod of Murdock, Alvo and Eag'.e, ning with other friends here.
Uite fair last Tue: day and found ; driving down in their car, and ar- J The see. ling season is keeping
KMue forty thousand there. a big j visiting at the homes of Fred Mini- j William Gehrts busy furnishing the
crowd, but of such size as to aliord . chau, near Eagle and William West-; rai nhi- machinery and also looking
letter getting about than when the!fan between Murdock and Alvo. Mr. (after the marketing of traclors. H-j
crowds increased to over 70.000 thojjau,,r ., family are making their !las just disposed of one to the pr:-
ihomo near Pipestone, Minn., where
Gut!'-, they have lived for the past few
Jerry McIIugh. manager of the
MuruocI; Mercantile
Miller purchased a farm of eighty j years, has prospered and likes the
,,,, -M.,-,:,, acres, paving 175 per acre lor t lit-, couuu une ne lesiues veiy wen.
land. This is his third year to tarm ; e nau uriven co wuuuiu irum 111.1
the land and he has received two ( home at Beaver City in his car and
good crops and one partial crop, ar. l during his stay here was a guest at
r.ov. has sold the farm for $300 per ( the home ot Henry A. tool. ,
acre, clearing $125 per acre in ad- ; r.
dition to having the use of t in? ' NATION WIDE CAMPAIGN OF
land. The advance netted Mr. Mi!- THE EPISCOPAL CHURCH
ler exactly $10,000 more than hej
e Ti... ..ioi.t,- --rni iloin -i Fim Saturday's Daily.
pretty well on so small a tract. The
place wa
meier. who is an excellent judge of)
land and who knows the worth of
a farm.
day following.
Aiiusi Ruge and li A
maun were visiting in Plattsmouth
one day !a-t week, where they were
looking after some matters in the
probate court r!-.tiv to the si tiling
of the estate of the late Fred Ruge.
Y'.'iiiie there, they also looked after
the traiiEactie.n of some other busi
ness as well.
r. LcuHi'eii and August Kuue
were meeting with the county com
iiiissioners at the county seat last
Tuesday, where they were consider
ing the matler of having bridge
replaced northeast of town, which
has been out for some time, and
which make? it very inconvenient.
for tiie children attending school.
Making Improvements
gressive farmers. Klemme brothers.! The Murdock Mutual telephone
west of town. J company is making some needed im-
People in the neighborhood of provements. 'which include almost a
Murdock are wondering when they 'reorganization of their plant. They
ab'e to net more sugar as : re bringing the cables into the ot-
comnanv. was!will he
I ..... : .. .1 f.-..,.i
a visitor in the capital ciiy one day! the 25 cent allowance does not go hce iro:n tue iear, ihmv.iu i ..".
during the past week, together with i very far. The Murdock .Mercantile the front, and making tneir in ( rangements.
t.ii fn. ntv While there the chli- comnanv was aide to uet only one racuau; nom n. . -. iouows
ren took their parents down the line, sack during the past week. the street. When they shall have
showing them all the uonders that Joseph F. Gust in was in the cily gotten the changes completed they
were on exhibition at the fair, and last Friday evening from his home'wi!! have the plant in much better
-living the elder members of the near Murdock, and was looking al- condition for service
. c 1 .
fnn'itv a mrrrv time generally. Jer-itcr some business matters. While neieioioie uo.u
here he met the representative of Kenneth Tool, h rank and Koy uor
the Journal and arranged -to have they, Al Bowers and Diller Utt are
the paper pav hini semi-weekly ' ma king the changes for the com-
There will be a regional confer-
i i- A-ut Cake- " "l" ""'"1"'"
uuiiin. - - i . . ., . , . , ....
: "i ine episcopal ciuircu ai irumy
Cathedral. Omaha, Thursday, Sept
11th. The Rt. Rev. Dr. Hulse,
Bishop of Cuba, will preside. The
Rev. A. H. Lord of Milwaukee, Mr.
Philip Knapp. a prominent layman
of the church, and a noted woman
member of the central committee,
together with Bishop Hulse will ad
dress the conference. In the ah
Felice of the Dean, the Rev. W. S
Leete will be in charge of the ar-
The program is as
than it has
Laccv McDonald
Holy Eucharist in the
ry could not stand but cue day and
hud to hasten back to his work,
while Mrs. McIIugh and the children
remained for the week and
been visiting with friends in Lin
coin as well as enjoying the fair.
have , visit.s.
Will Have Plenty of Flour Soon
The Munlock Mercantile Co. will
Will Bring Clicer to Home
Word comes of the arrival at Onia-
9:00 A. M
10 A. M. Conference (held in the
auditorium of the parish house at
17 1C Dodge St.)
a. The Diocesan committee.
b. Parochial organization.
c. Woman's share in the campaign.
2 P. M. Conference.
Before the general convention.
a. The Unification of the Church's
b. Facing the problem The Sur-
Staple and Fancy
Only High-Grade Merchandise Handled
Also Pure Foods and Canned Goods. Chase & San
borns and Advo Coffee, Barrington Hall and Instant
Coffee. Fresh Fruits at all time in season. Blue Hill
Creamery Butter. We specialize on Good Cream
Cheete always fresh.
JERRY E. fVlcHUCH, manager
car load of "Gooch's Host" ha of a wee blue eyed baby girl, who
flour arrive about September 15th. is making Jesse J-aminoim anu vwie ey.
The. daughter arrived c. The Campaign of education
This will sell for $'J.1(). Iictter tele- both happy
phone your orders early. 'a few days since and the mother and
IlitMe one are doing nicely. The
Will Have Plenty of Flour Soon 'father is so happy be would whistle
The Munlock Mercanl ib: Co. will about his work constantly, if the
have a car load of "Gooch's Pest" .smile on his face would only feavo two or three day conferences in cv-
flni. -..rrivo hniit Pont pi n li'.r 1 T.t h lnno- ononirh for him lO OUCKer UP: Va,, " m.oaiuu.
This will sell for 10. Better tele- his lips to start. The- little Miss
phone your orders early. , Landholm will grace the new home
' which her parents are just having
The Lecture Course a Go finished.
- All members of the guarantee' .
committee for the lecture course will; Returns from Visit in West
! Vnrnfdi inl pnnfprpncins
j ... ... . ........ . .
After the General Convention.
a. The Budget.
b. The campaign of education-
4 p. m. Conference for
and leaders.
S P. M. Mass meeting in the ca
thedral with addresses.
In this connection. Mrs. Itae F.
Patterson and Mrs. J. T. Begley at
a meeting of the Women's auxiliary
nlon nmot t tho Miirilnrk Mpfcnn- Ilarrv V McDonald and family.
, , tcr fr on Thursday afternoon were ap-
t le company s store Tuesday, Sep- who have been touring the west iort
. x i i i u,., pointed delegates. Every member
tembcr 9th. to consider matters rela- the past week or more, arrived home .....
tive to the lecture course fo tho last Sunday, having enjoyed their,
coming year. The course as now ar- trip to the fullest extent. While!
ranged, will consist of tive numbers, away they saw, some very good coun-J
try with an abundance of crops and
Better Mail Service spent considerable time at Elsie, N-
Tho new train which was a short braska, as well as other places. Mr.
of St. Luke's Parish is earnestly
urged to attend.
Frntn Saturday's Dally.
Tomorrow evening Mr. and Mrs.
time since instituted on the Itock McDonald was operator and agent jonn fight and Mr. and Mrs. T. W.
Island, running from Omaha west, for the Burlington at Elsie before he (jenn cf this city will leave Omaha
has been designated as a mail train, came to Murdock to live and thcy,over tlie Northwestern railroad for
thus giving Murdock an added mail met a number of old time friends , Columbus. Ohio, where they will at
tend the annual encampment of the
Grand Army of the Republic which
is to be held in that city during the
to what she had before. The trains and enjoyed their stay greatly.
which carry mail now are No. ii 7 . ar-j
riving at 5:ni p. m. from Omaha, i Endeavored to Slil) One Over
and No. 3S. which arrives from the Many friends of William Stacket- J coming week. The party will travel j
west at 12:1S. just a few minutes sky and Miss Marjorie Burdick have on the special train arranged for the (
after the noon hour. The new train, noted with pleasure their devotion ' accommodat ion of the G. A. R. and
which is Xo. 33. arrives at S:02 a. to each other and have wondered if sons of veterans and their families,
in. from the east, and gives us much there was not going to be a wedding and they are anticipating a most
better mail accomodations. soon. And there was. They visited delightful trip and one filled with
m l &
i V 4
We sell International, Waterloo Boy and Parriott
Tractors the best. We are agents for the Interna
tional, G. M. C. and Patriot Trucks and Buick Auto
Our Machine SSiop
is especially well equipped to handle all kinds of Au
tomobile repairing as well as general machine repair
ing of all kinds.
the greatest of interest, in meeting
with their old comrades in arms who
they served with during the dark
clays of the civil war. There are
quite a number from this city who
will attend the encampment, Hon.
R. B. Windham and daughter. Miss
Ilermia, Mrs. M. A. Street and An
bury' Jacks and daughter, having al
ready proceeded to the Ohio city to
take part in the gathering of the
old veterans and their families. It
is expected that the Columbus en
campment will be the largest in
point of attendance of any in recent
bonds of holy wedlock by Rev. L. W.
Scott pastor of the church. The only
attends at the wedding being the
immediate family of the pastor. The
newly weds returned to their home
in Council Bluffs immediately after
the ceremony.
Mrs. Chris Metzger and children
of Omaha are in the city enjoying a
visit at the home of County Attor
ney and Mrs. A. G. Cole, for a few
"Riders of the Purple Sage."
'good story that you will fiud on
sale at the Journal office.
fmm Saturday's lailv.
This afternoon at the parsonage
of the Christian church occurred
the marriage of Mr. Arthur Pike of
Council Bluffs, Iowa, and Miss Stella
M. Wilson of Pacific Junction. The
young people were united in the
-I- Plastering. Stucco, Mason, l
and all kinds of concrete 4
.t. work. Strictly first class. J
Murdock, Neb. 2
and Make All Kinds of Mill Work at My
Planing Mill
Planing Eliil
located in north part of Murdock, Nebraska
Automobiles and Accessories
Mitchell, Dodge and Ford
Cars, Fordson Tractors
and Cushman EViotors
Our machine shop is especially well equipped
with modern machinery and first-class workmen. We
are ready to do all kinds of repair work, including
acetyline welding.
ED. U. TlIiiAl,
fllurdock, Neb.
Phone 35-B